Veiled Blood: Chapter Two


Veiled Blood

Chapter Two

“Oh God! Yes!” The blonde-haired dockworker screamed as she felt his cock stretch her to the point of pain. Her body sung with pleasure, and she clutched at her vampire lover while he pounded into her hard and fast. When she had gone into work that night, Annabelle never expected to end up in one of the cargo containers with a vampire getting the fuck of her life, but she sure as hell wasn’t complaining. She could understand why so many men and women threw themselves at anyone with a set of fangs if the sex was always as good as what she was experiencing.

“Do you like that?” He whispered into her ear as he snapped his hips and drove into her rigorously. “Do you like feeling my big, hard cock in your tight, little pussy?”

“Yes!” Annabelle cried, lost in the ecstasy he was giving her. He was a fucking God when it came to sex. Her husband never made her feel half as good. He never fucked her like she wanted, but this vampire was. He was giving it to her solidly. “More!”

“Scream for me, Belle!” he ordered as he increased the power of his thrusts, taking her more firmly than he probably should have, but the feel of her pussy fluttering around his rigid length told him she loved it.

“Fuck!” Annabelle screamed at the top of her lungs as her climax slammed into her.

Eric rolled his eyes as he listened to the blonde whore scream while Nero fucked her. The two of them were making such a racket that he wouldn’t have been surprised if they weren’t heard back at Headquarters. Eric already had to glamour three dockworkers that had come to investigate the noise.

He let out a sigh as he leaned against the cargo container. Listening to Nero fuck some whore wasn’t what Eric had in mind when he left Headquarters earlier in the night. He wanted to unleash his anger on some unsuspecting vampires, and he had done just that. Unfortunately, the rogue vampires hadn’t been any challenge to Eric and Nero, they had struck them down easily. The fight had done little to alleviate the rage burning inside him. Eric was fuelled by an anger he couldn’t quite explain, even to himself.

So now, instead of losing himself in some mindless violence, Eric was stuck standing outside a cargo container, listening to Nero fuck the woman who had come to investigate the disturbance. He never realized how annoying it was to listen to others fuck until that moment. Eric wondered briefly if that was how Bill felt when he was stuck outside the container, much like the one he was, while he and Nora fucked inside.

That seemed like such a long time ago now. Seven weeks in the life of a vampire was nothing, it was the blink of an eye, and yet for Eric it felt like several lifetimes. So much had happened in such a short amount of time, and Eric felt himself reeling. The biggest shock was the truth about Sookie and who she really was; that had taken some getting used to, but he had adjusted. Eric had accepted that his little telepathic fairy was truly the oldest and most powerful vampire in existence. Not only was Sookie the oldest vampire, she was also his Great-grand Maker. Eric was a part of The Blood of Lilith Bloodline.

That was something he never expected, and that was what he was having trouble conceding. It wasn’t the fact that he was a part of a sacred line that troubled him, but the fact that no one had informed him. Sookie, Roman, Nora, Ana, Thalia, no one had ever thought to tell him. Well, truthfully, in Sookie’s defense, she hadn’t actually remembered she was a part of the Line when they first met, and she had told him once she regained her memories. Still, why hadn’t anyone told him before she became immortal? He had been a vampire for a thousand years, he had met many of the Line over that time, and yet no one had let him in on the secret. Didn’t they trust him? Was that why he was kept in the dark? Did they question his loyalty?

Eric wanted answers to the questions that were plaguing his mind, but, at the same time, he didn’t. He didn’t want to ask the question and be given an answer he didn’t want to hear. Regardless of what he wanted, Eric knew things couldn’t continue the way they were. His relationship with Sookie was deteriorating with each passing night…

“Oh God! You’re so big…”

Eric arched a brow and turned his gaze to the woman who had spoken, recognizing her as Nero’s blonde whore. So lost in his mental musings, he hadn’t realized Nero and Annabelle had finished up in the container. Eric flicked his eyes over the woman and took in her rumpled appearance. His lips curled into a sneer as the scent of arousal rolled off of her. Nero had just fucked her and she was standing there, staring at Eric as if he was a large piece of meat. The Viking knew all he would have to do was snap his fingers and she would drop to her knees and suck him off. There was a time he would have done just that; he would have had her pushed up against the side of the container and had her screaming in pleasure before she could have even blinked. Now? The very thought disgusted him. He didn’t want anyone but Sookie. She owned his heart completely.

She owns my heart, so why am I pushing her away?

“… Do you want to…?” Annabelle trailed off as Nero spun her around and caught her eye.

Pressing his mind against hers, Nero took control of her before she could voice her offer. “My Lady would not approve of that, mia cara,” he said, a hint of humor infusing his tone. Like his Maker, Ana, Nero was well aware of the relationship between Sookie and Eric. It wasn’t as though they tried to hide it, but he knew it was different from any relationship she had with anyone else in the Line. Sookie may have shared her body with most of the Line over the many millennia, but none had captured her heart the way The Viking had. Sookie was in love with Eric, just like The Viking was in love with her. Now, if Nero could only make Eric get his head out of his ass, the former Gladiator would be happy.

Nero flashed Eric a smirk before turning his attention back to the glamoured Annabelle. He removed any memory of the fight she may have witnessed, and replaced it with a group of teenagers drinking and making noise. Nero decided to be nice and left her with the memory of him and their tumble in the container. “Now stop cheating on your husband,” he added as an afterthought. “It is wrong.”

Eric chuckled while he listened to Nero lecture the woman on the sinfulness of adultery. The Viking knew for a fact that Nero had been party to more than one husband or wife cheating on their spouse over the years. The word faithfulness and Nero didn’t go together when it came to sex. Ana was the longest relationship the handsome vampire had, and even that had never been exclusive.

Nero grinned while he watched Annabelle walk away, and turned to face his old friend. “I should have visited you long ago, Eric,” he said while he buckled up his belt. “The women here are so friendly.”

That was one way to put it; Eric would have replaced friendly with whorish, but that was just him. The women who visited his club were certainly friendly. They dropped to their knees quicker than Annabelle had for Nero. Eric combed a hand through his hair and wondered when women dropping to their knees in front of him had started to disgust him so much.

When Sookie walked into my life. No other woman has meant a thing to me since that night.

Eric couldn’t deny the truth of his thoughts. He might have fucked his fair share of women after he met Sookie and while she was still with Bill, but none of them had taken his interest away from the beautiful blonde telepath. They had been nothing more than holes to fuck. Sookie had captured his heart without him ever having realized it.

So why am I pushing her away? Eric asked himself again. He loved Sookie, there was no denying that, so why was he acting like such an idiot and avoiding her?

“Something is troubling you, my friend,” Nero said, noticing the faraway look in Eric’s eyes. He had a good idea what that something was, but he wasn’t going to broach that subject without a clear opening.

“I have plenty troubling me,” Eric replied bluntly, seeing no point in hiding it. “The biggest being the news that I have been kept in the dark and lied to for the last thousand years.”

“Kept in the dark? Yes. Lied to? No,” Nero countered with a shake of his head. “No one lied to you, Eric. For reasons I do not know, you were never told of your place amongst us, but you were never lied to…”

“I should have been told!” Eric growled, his anger returning as he finally voiced the thoughts that had been plaguing him for weeks, even if he was saying them to the wrong person. “Sookie, Roman, or even Ana should have told me…”

“It was not their place,” Nero replied calmly. He had been waiting for Eric to blow up for a while. As calm and controlled as The Viking usually was, even he had his limits and he had finally reached them. Nero was expecting fireworks, and he would be happy to light the fuse.

“Not their place?” Eric repeated, disbelief dripping from the words. Sookie was the true leader of the vampire world; Roman and Ana were her children. They held more power than anyone else.

“No,” Nero replied as he leaned back against the metal container, trying to appear non-threatening. The last thing he wanted was the fight to turn physical. He was a thousand years older than Eric and stronger, but not even his beloved Maker, Ana, would be able to save him from Sookie if he hurt The Viking in any way. “You blame Our Lady, Roman, and even Ana for keeping you in the dark, but when are you going to lay the blame on Godric? It was his place to tell you of your place amongst us…”

The need to defend his Maker rose up inside Eric, and he opened his mouth to reply when the words died on his lips. As much as he wanted to argue otherwise, he knew Nero was only speaking the truth. It was Godric’s place to tell him. Eric could argue that Roman, as Godric’s Maker, could have told him also, but he knew that wasn’t how things were done. A Maker may have complete control over a child, but it was seldom used, at least it wasn’t if you were a good Maker. A Maker would rarely interfere when their child became a Maker themselves. It had been up to Eric to tell Pam about Godric when he turned her. Eric hadn’t told Pam about Godric until almost forty years after he had turned her, and he hadn’t told her about his sister Nora until very recently. As much as he hated to admit it, Eric knew he was being a hypocrite. He had kept Pam in the dark about the Bloodline to which she was connected.

With that truth, Eric felt his anger crumble, rather, he found it redirected to its rightful recipient. It wasn’t Sookie he was angry with, or Roman, Ana, or even Nora, but he had been taking it out on them all. He had been acting like a fool, pushing away the one person he needed more than anyone else. He needed Sookie.

“Go… Go to her before it is too late,” Nero said, seeing the realization sweep across Eric’s face. He didn’t like seeing those in their Bloodline unhappy.

Eric nodded at Nero, wordlessly expressing his thanks. The former slave might not have said much, but it had been what Eric needed to hear. The Steward of Louisiana felt a weight lift off his shoulders, and he grinned at Nero before taking to the sky.

At least I no longer have to worry about mia amata Ana beating some sense into him and angering Our Lady, Nero thought while he watched Eric take to the sky. He chuckled when he saw Eric head in the direction of Headquarters. You are one lucky vampire, my friend. You have the heart of Our Lady.


Eric flew as fast as he could, pushing himself against the wind as he headed back to Headquarters. He had been acting like an idiot for too long and didn’t want to waste one more minute. Landing just outside the compound, he nodded at the guards on patrol and made his way into the building. He could smell the scents of at least two dozen vampires as well as the humans that worked for them, but through all of the scents, he could easily identify the sweet smell of his Lover. He could tell she had passed through the foyer recently, and he wondered what she had been doing. It had been far too long since they had a proper conversation and he found he missed it. He missed talking with her, he missed going to rest beside her, and he missed rising next to her. He missed her!

Eric tracked her scent through the building, tracing her footsteps as if she was just a few paces ahead of him. He chuckled as he found himself outside the door to the cell area. I guess she decided to play with Bill tonight. Like the rest of the vampires in the building, Eric had spent some quality time with Bill. The former Confederate vampire had been a great outlet for Eric’s anger.

As much as he would have liked to enter the cells and torture Bill more, Eric could tell it had been at least an hour since Sookie had been there. There was a stronger trail leading away from the cells. Eric spared the door to the cells one last glance before following the fresher trail down the corridor and toward an exit that led to the roof. I should have checked the roof first, he chided himself as he climbed the ladder leading to the roof.

Although she was a vampire and needed to seek shelter during the day, Sookie craved the outdoors. She hated being cooped up inside. She loved the freedom being outside provided her, even if it was just an illusion.

Pushing open the door, Eric grinned at the sight of Sookie sitting on the edge of the roof with her feet hanging over the side. She looked so peaceful that he hated to disturb her, but he also didn’t want to wait any longer either. It was time they sorted out everything.

Steeling his resolve, Eric stepped out onto the roof and moved toward the woman who owned his heart completely, hoping that he still owned hers as well. “Sookie…”


19 thoughts on “Veiled Blood: Chapter Two

  1. finally! i mean i understand his position, and Nero was right, it was Godric’s resposibility. of course Eric loved Godric so much that blaming him was never really an option. it’s not like Godric can defend himself. but i’m glad he finally pulled his head out of his ass and realize that Sookie is a source of comfort and love. that avoiding her is not only stupid but could only make things worst.

    great chapter. 😀


  2. I never thought about it that way but Godric should have told Eric about his connection to Sookie — I am glad that Eric removed his head from his ass and went to talk to Sookie 😉


  3. I’m so glad Eric was able to channel his anger. I thought he was angry at Sookie from reading the first chapter. I look for to their reunion.


  4. About time Eric pulled his head from his ass… But I also understand how he must have felt. Loyalty and love for his deceased Maker turned his anger to others. How could he be angry at Godric when he wasn’t there to defend himself.
    Hopefully he and Sookie can sort through what he’s feeling together.


  5. Yeah!!! Good thing he loves her so much, and that he misses her. But yes, he should blame the person responsible, Godric. Loving this and can’t wait to see what is going to happen!


  6. So glad someone was able to get Eric to see reason and he went to find Skokie right away!! Looking forward to seeing them talk and hopefully make out, err, I mean make up! Lol


  7. You did promise to resolve the angst quickly. I sense that they will need to be a united front for what may be coming at them..


  8. That was a good chapter, I am glad that Eric realized that it was Godric that should have been the one to tell him about their bloodline.


  9. I’m relieved Eric got some sense knocked into him. He needed to see that he couldn’t keep punishing Sookie for what Godric did. I wish you could bring Godric back. I really love him as a character. I am also super intrigued with what is going to happen next. I really love this series.


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