Further On Up The Road: Chapter Four


Further On Up The Road

Chapter Four

Just as Eric suspected, neither Sookie nor Willa was pleased to hear he was meeting Pam alone. Neither of the women trusted the seemingly deranged vampire and they feared for Eric if he went ahead with the meeting. They had both argued against his decision and pleaded with him to take them along. Pam’s behavior had shown she was unstable and couldn’t be trusted. They didn’t trust her to not do something incredibly foolish. Eric had to admit he had the same concern. And, the truth was she already had done something stupid. Pretending to be Nora, and Eric also suspected the scent of Tara at Jason and Willa’s home were meant to be a ruse. After hearing Pam pretend to be his sister, he doubted that Tara was actually still alive. Nora had been an attempt to torment him, while Tara’s scent was an attempt to hurt Willa. The two of them had been incredibly close, so making her think she was still alive was a way to try and throw Willa and by extension him off the track. Of course, Pam had overplayed her hand. The fact that she had used those two people, just led Eric and Willa to the conclusion that she was behind it. He would have been unwise not to have, but he could see no other option. Pam wanted to see him alone, and while he wasn’t happy about that, the alternative of not going and allowing her to hurt or kill Jason was unacceptable.

It was only the fear that Pam would kill Jason if she saw either Sookie or Willa that made the two women reluctantly agree to stay behind. Both knew Pam wouldn’t hesitate to kill Jason. She would derive sadistic gratification in doing so just to cause them endless suffering. Pam’s hatred of Sookie and Willa was pathological and boundless. She wouldn’t think twice before doing anything that would destroy them.

Thalia also hadn’t been happy to hear that Eric was meeting Pam, not only outside of his state, but alone. As his Head of Security, her place was by his side. She took her job very seriously, and she wasn’t at all pleased when she had been ordered to remain behind. The entire thing didn’t sit well with her, and she feared Eric was walking into a trap. He was walking into a neighboring state, uninvited, and unannounced. The Queen of Texas could levy charges against him if she discovered his presence. The fact that Queen Isabel had been making overtures for an alliance, and now Pam was discovered in her state seemed highly suspicious to Thalia.

Thalia didn’t believe for a minute that Pam was assisting Queen Isabel in her aid to convince Eric into a contractual vampire union. From what she knew of the selfish vampire, she would sooner cut off her own arm than to help another woman marry her Maker. However, Thalia did believe that the two of them were using one another as a means to an end. Thalia knew what Isabel wanted. She wanted to align her Queendom with Eric’s state. Louisiana was prospering while Texas was lying stagnant. It made sense that Queen Isabel would want to latch onto the vampire responsible for Louisiana’s prosperity to help revitalize her own state. It came as a surprise to no one in Louisiana when Eric refused all requests. He hadn’t even listened to Texas’ proposal to open negotiations. Everyone close to Eric knew he was just waiting for his love to return. Many of the vampires didn’t know who the mysterious woman was who owned The King’s heart so completely, but they knew he would never take another woman as his Queen. That role had been reserved since the moment he had accepted the throne. After meeting Sookie the night before, Thalia finally realized for whom he had been waiting. After watching her stare down a vampire in front of an entire roomful, Thalia believed he had chosen well.

Yet, Isabel’s plans were not the ones concerning her, but those of her King’s child, Pam, troubled her. Thalia could guess and counter anything the Queen of Texas could concoct. However, Pam was a wild card. Her obsessive behavior when it came to Eric made her most unpredictable, add in Chow’s betrayal, and Thalia was doubly alarmed. These were the reasons she decided, regardless of what her King had ordered, that she was going to Dallas as well. She could remain out of sight and shadow Eric, thus protecting her King and making sure nothing happened to him. When Eric set off for Dallas, Thalia was only several steps behind him, and well prepared to step in if the need should arise.


Being in Dallas only reminded Eric of why he hated it so much. The city had brought him nothing but pain; he cursed Pam for the games that had led him there. The city had robbed him of so much, he wanted nothing more than to leave it and return to Louisiana where he belonged. He had been waiting for over an hour for Pam to contact him to tell him where she was so they could meet. He wondered briefly if it was another one of her games and whether she would show up. He quickly switched that thought, however. He knew Pam well enough to know she would never pass up the opportunity to get him while unaccompanied. Checking his watch, Eric let out a sigh of frustration when he saw it was only five minutes to midnight. Pam really was dragging it out. Eric was just about to give up when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, signaling he had a message.

Fellowship of the Sun training ground. Five minutes. Alone.

Reading the message, Eric shook his head when he saw where Pam wanted to meet. He was aware of the significance that the location held for her. It was the last place he had truly chosen her. He thought back to the way she had placed a gun to her chest, forcing him to bite Sarah Newlin and take the cure to stop her from killing herself. If Pam believes meeting there will make me feel at all nostalgic, not only is she wrong, she is still seriously deluding herself.

After checking to make sure no one was looking, Eric took to the air and made his way to the Fellowship of the Sun training camp. He knew Thalia was following him. He had been aware of her presence from the moment he left Louisiana. As long as she hung back and didn’t interfere unless absolutely necessary, Eric was fine with it. His Head of Security was extremely adept at staying unseen when necessary. The only reason Eric knew she was following him was because he knew her… And he would have done the same thing in her shoes.

It only took him a few minutes to reach the camp, and Eric landed near the pole where he had held Sarah Newlin when he bit her. He knew Pam well enough to know that was where she would be. She was laying everything on thick, trying to get him to remember their happier times.

Leaning against the pole, Eric strained his ears while he attempted to lock onto Pam’s presence. He may not have been able to track her through the Maker/Child bond since releasing her, but he could still track her in other ways. It only took him a few seconds for him to find her, and he forced back a chuckle when he discovered that she wasn’t alone. He could hear at least five other people in close proximity to her. I guess I was the only one who was supposed to come alone.

Lifting up his head, Eric took a deep breath scenting the air trying to discern who or what had come along with Pam. What do we have? He asked himself. I smell vampire and Were. Oh, Pamela, you have been a naughty girl… The one person he couldn’t smell was Jason and he recognized he wasn’t with them. It made sense that Pam wouldn’t have brought him. She would have known that if she had, Eric would have simply grabbed him and took to the sky.

Fishing his phone out of his pocket, Eric typed out a few messages and sent them off while he waited for Pam to make her grand entrance. He had to hand it to his child, she was doing everything in her power to prove she had the upper hand and was calling the shots. Making him wait was yet another one of her silly games. Unfortunately for Pam, Eric had played those types of games before. He was a master at them. He intuited that Pam was expecting him to discover she was near and that he would be so enraged as to immediately go to her. She wanted him to chase her as she had once chased him. It was a shame that, once again, she wouldn’t be getting what she wanted. He could wait her out and make her come to him. He had the kind of patience she never had.

As the minutes ticked by, Eric only grew more comfortable while Pam grew more agitated. Just as Eric had suspected, Pam had been expecting him to come to her. She knew he was aware of her presence. He would have caught her scent and heard her moving around about a hundred feet from where he stood. She wanted him to run to her. She wanted him to seek her out. Instead, he had done nothing and she hated it. She hated that he seemed so unaffected by her presence. He hadn’t even so much as looked in her direction.

Having done enough waiting, Pam ordered everyone else to stay back before stomping forward and revealing herself to Eric. She couldn’t help the thrill that ran through her as she laid eyes on her Maker for the first time since she had been banished. She wasn’t a fan of the male species, but Eric had always been the exception to that rule. In Pam’s mind, it was only more proof that they were meant to be. She was willing to put aside her Sapphic desires to be with him… Or at least let him watch while she enjoyed them.

Stopping a few feet in front of Eric, Pam crossed her arms over her chest while she waited for him to acknowledge her presence. The longer he made her wait, the more agitated she grew, and she was just about to rip his phone out of his hand when he finally looked up. Pam felt a chill go through her as Eric stared at her. She didn’t need their old Maker/Child bond to know he was furious. It was an anger she felt was unwarranted. He had banished her. He turned her away. If anyone had the right to be angry, it was her. She was the wronged party!

“They let you come alone then,” Pam sneered, taking the offensive. “Did you have to ask their permission first?” Pam found the way Eric pandered to Sookie and Willa disgusting. He was so much better than them. They should have been kissing his boots; instead he was bowing down to them and allowing them to dictate whom he allowed in his state. She was his child for Christ’s sake! Her place was at his side, but because of them she had been banished.

“If you dragged me all the way out here just to listen to you insult Sookie and Willa, you can forget about it,” Eric replied calmly, refusing to rise to her bait. “You are just wasting your time. My relationships with them are none of your business…”

“None of my business?” Pam repeated, a hint of disbelief creeping into her tone as she stared at Eric. “I am your child. You are My Maker. Your business is my business.”

“No, Pam. Your business is my business, but mine is my own,” Eric corrected. “That is how the Maker/Child relationship/bond works. The child has no right, no control over the Maker. The child is subservient to the Maker, not the other way round. What I do and with whom I do it with it is no concern of yours; it never has been.”

Pam stared at Eric as if she didn’t know him, and, in that moment, she swore she didn’t. To hear him break the bond they shared into such basics was painful to hear. Their relationship had never been normal as they had been much closer than any other Maker and Child. She had been his confidante, his friend, his partner…

No, you just thought you were a little voice inside Pam’s head whispered. He may have been those things to you, but you were never those things to him. He never trusted or confided in you that way. He kept Nora hidden from you… And Godric. It took years for him to trust you enough to tell you who his Maker was, and introduce you. You were never his all. He chose Willa over you… And Sookie. She’s the one he loves. Not you, never you…

“Shut up!” Pam snapped, trying to silence the voice in her head. She refused to listen to it. She was important, she was. She was his first child….

But not the last. You weren’t good enough and he turned the lovely Willa to take your place.

“No,” Pam hissed as she lifted her head up and glared at Eric, blaming him for the words in her head. It had to be him as no one else was there; at least that is what she told herself. “I will not be replaced, not by Willa or by Sookie. I won’t let you. You and me; that was how it was always meant to be, but you broke that. You broke us…”

Eric arched a brow as he stared at his child. There was madness to her gaze that gave him pause and he realized she was closer to the edge than ever before. It wasn’t common knowledge that vampires could, in fact, go insane; most people believed a vampire remained unchanged throughout their lives, or deaths. Nevertheless, depending on the circumstances, a vampire could indeed lose their mental faculties. Despite what vampires themselves believed, psychological disorders could affect them. Godric had suffered from depression, and Eric himself had been suicidal at one point in his long life.

“I never broke us, Pam,” Eric replied his voice remaining calm. The last thing he wanted to do was say something that would set her off, but he couldn’t and wouldn’t lie to her and tell her something that wasn’t true and make her think she could play her games with him. “You did. Your actions have led us here. They were your lies…”

“No!” Pam snapped, still not willing to listen. It wasn’t her fault! She had done what any good child would have. She protected her Maker…

You protected yourself… That little voice hissed in her mind. The deal you made with the Yakuza was never about keeping Eric safe, it was about keeping him. He was never yours to keep though. You were never The One! He never desired you like he did Sylvie. He never loved you like he loves Sookie.

“I did what was necessary,” Pam continued. She wouldn’t believe anyone’s truth but her own. In her mind everything she did and would do was justified. Eric had betrayed her by choosing Sookie and Willa over her. “You would have done the same thing with Godric…”

“If I would have done with Godric what you did to me, he would have killed me,” Eric said, cutting her off. Pam didn’t know his Maker as he did. Eric knew for a fact that if he would have gone behind Godric’s back as Pam had done with him, and cost him someone he cared about; his Maker would have sent him to the True Death. Godric would have never tolerated that kind of betrayal. Looking at Pam, Eric shook his head as he realized nothing he said would make a difference. She refused to see things any other way than the way she had devised them. In her mind, she was right and he was wrong. She couldn’t accept anything else. “This is pointless,” Eric sighed. “Nothing I say will ever make you recognize you were wrong, and nothing you could ever say will make me agree with you. So tell me, Pam, what was the purpose of all this? Why drag me all the way here?”

A wicked smile spread across Pam’s face at Eric’s question. Why indeed… “I told you,” she said as she took a step forward. “It was supposed to be you and me. Just us. I won’t let that go. And, if I can’t have you…” Pam trailed off as a group of vampires and Weres surrounded them. “No one will…”


32 thoughts on “Further On Up The Road: Chapter Four

  1. Wow! She really has gone loopy. I’m glad Thalia followed Eric (and I’m glad he let her). I think he’s going to need the back-up!
    Another great chapter. Two more to go! Can’t wait 😀


  2. Is she going to put some sort of curse or hex on him. Oh exciting…can’t wait to read the rest of it.Sorry if I’m right and spoiled it for anyone.


  3. ¿Pam va a matar a Eric? ¿O va a hacerle prisionero por toda la eternidad? Aquí tiene que ver algo más que lo que se ve a simple vista. El ir hasta ella ha sido una pérdida de tiempo, desde el principio. Eric terminó cayendo en una trampa.


  4. Oh, so evil, stopping there.

    Will Pam make Eric choose between his life and Jason’s? That would match up with the choices she forced him to make in the past…only this time it would cause the women he loved to hate him for choosing himself over Jason, the man they both love.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!


  5. I saw that coming. Either Eric will have to kill her or Thalia will. Unless she goes after Sookie and Willa when her minions attack. I’m glad you post a chapter daily.


  6. Pam is totally whackadoodle if she thinks a group of Weres and vampires can take out angry Eric. What a nutjob! I will never understand these crazies that think killing a loved one is an act if love. No thank you, I’d rather stay alone.

    Please bring Thalia to the party so she can dance!


  7. Well, despite Eric’s feelings for Pam, there’s no coming back from this. Her treachery has reached the pinnacle. The jealous diatribe is one thing, but killing your Maker out of spite… She has to go.

    I almost wish that Pam has been spelled in some way, giving a reason for her escalating jealousy and hatred for anyone that commands Eric’s attention, other than herself.

    Poor Eric, i hope he doesn’t have to strike the killing blow.


  8. Goodness gracious! Pam wants to kill Eric? I’m wondering who are her allies?
    There’s no where to hide..Eric and Thalia will manage to kill everybody!?
    Aren’t there witches involved too! I’m so anxious now…
    .My dear queen more please!


  9. she is truly twisted, does she think they will best him. and i am sure the texts were to make sure he had back up, she gave him plenty of time, she truly is stupid. if I know Sookie and Willa they are not too far away either. until the next post KY


  10. I knew Pam was delusional, but I was hoping that she wouldn’t try to kill Eric. Obviously she has gone over the deep end. There’s no way Eric can allow her to live after this. He’d never have any peace of mind, always waiting for the next crazy thing she might do. It’s sad that their relationship has descended to this point.


  11. Pam, you foolish, demented wacko – you can’t win against ERIC! Thalia should just do Eric the favor and finally end Pam for him, it would be the kind thing to do. There’s no returning from the dark abyss she’s fallen into. Great chapter! Looking forward to the next update.


  12. So Pam really has gone mad. Damn. Very dangerous. And we know she’s been working with witches at least for the voice spell. I’m guessing she did more too. And we are about to find out what.
    But what is Isobels plan in this. Of she is helping Pam, is she hoping to trap Eric into a marriage as ‘repayment’ for something? Either a fine for being there and doing something bad, like killing her Weres and Vamps, or as payment from saving him from Pam?

    I can’t believe Pam thinks for a second that Godric would have allowed Eric to get away with what she has done. Really loopy!!!

    Geepers this story is addictive!


  13. Poor pam..I think the only way to help her is put her out of her misery and end her. Hopefully one of the vamps or Weres with her know where Jason is being held. Thank goodness Thalia came along to help although I’m sure Eric could end them all and or get away unscathed. I can’t wait for more.


  14. Holy carp Pam is so insane! She’s actually worse than Bill and I never thought that was possible. Pretty sure Eric can take care of this but worried about whoever is helping her with magic…


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