Wild and Wicked

Wild and Wicked

Wild and Wicked: The Girls

Sookie groaned when Willa pulled into her driveway and she saw all the extra cars parked in front of the house. It looked as if her mother was having another one of her “Let’s convince Sookie not to go away to school,” meetings. Ever since Sookie was accepted into NYU, Michelle had been on a crusade to get her to abandon her dreams and stay in Bon Temps. It didn’t matter that Sookie had won a partial scholarship, or that it was a chance of a lifetime for the young girl. Michelle wanted her daughter to follow in her footsteps by staying in Bon Temps and having a family.

Unfortunately for Michelle, her dreams were the last things Sookie wanted. The sassy blonde didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of her mother, aunt, and cousin to just get married and pop out a kid before she was out of her teens. She wanted a life outside of the small town and a career. She didn’t want to be saddled with a baby she couldn’t take care of simply because it was what the women in her family expected of her. It wasn’t fair that her mother was trying to get her to give up her dreams and all she had worked to accomplish. Sookie had worked her ass off to get good grades and win a partial scholarship. It hadn’t been easy for her, especially after she had been expelled from Bon Temps High in her senior year for slapping the science teacher, even though Sookie had shown great restraint by only slapping the perverted old bastard just once.

“What’s wrong?” Willa asked when she glanced at her best friend out of the corner of her eye.

“It seems like Mom’s havin’ another one of her little meetings,” Sookie replied, resting her head back against the headrest. “That’s Aunt Linda’s car,” she added, pointing to a beat up yellow Honda. “Now that one…” She flicked her finger to blue Ford Focus, “is Maxine Fortenberry’s, which probably means the old bat and Mom are tryin’ to set me up with Hoyt again…”

Willa frowned while she listened to Sookie. She couldn’t believe Mrs. Stackhouse was still trying to force her daughter to give up her ambitions and stay behind the way she had. Willa’s mother was only too happy to see the back of her. Rosalyn Burrell nee Harris couldn’t wait to ship her only daughter off to school. She had all but offered to pay for Willa to leave early. The redhead wanted Willa out of her house as soon as possible. Given the hurry in which she was trying to get rid of her daughter, Willa wondered if her mother knew she had fucked her boyfriend. Half the time she’s so drunk she doesn’t know what day it is, so I doubt she knows I fucked Roman. “You know, if your Mom is dead set on trying to get you to stay in this shitty town, the least she could do is try and set you up with someone’s who’s a good fuck,” Willa snorted. “Hoyt’s got a crooked cock and makes a squealing sound when he cums.”

“When did you fuck Hoyt?” Sookie asked, turning in her seat slightly. There was little she didn’t know about Willa’s sexual history. The two of them shared everything. She knew how she seduced her mother’s boyfriend, not that it took much effort. All the brunette had to do was flash him her breasts, and Roman had Willa bent over the breakfast bar, but that was the first time she heard about Willa fucking Hoyt. Not that there was anything wrong with the guy, Hoyt was sweet, but he was too much of a Mama’s boy. He was firmly attached to Maxine’s apron strings.

“During Easter break,” Willa replied, grinning. “I was left on my lonesome by the rents. Mom fucked off to a spa and forgot all about me while Dad spent it with the cocksucker in Aspen. So I decided to come to Bon Temps to see if I could find any trouble…”

“So you just found Hoyt?” Sookie questioned skeptically. “How the fuck did that happen? He ain’t your usual type, Willa.”

“When I said trouble I meant you,” Willa replied with a snort. The two of them were famous for getting in trouble, and there was little they wouldn’t do. The teachers at Shreveport High were happy to see their backs! The two of them might have been extremely bright, but they were also incredibly mischievous, and Willa could be downright vicious when she was provoked. Fucking with her was never a good idea as many of the students at the school found out. “Unfortunately for me, your Mom had dragged you to her parents in Dallas. I was so lonely,” Willa added with a mock pout.

“So you cheered yourself up by fuckin’ Hoyt,” Sookie snorted.

“It didn’t cheer me up,” Willa replied with a huff. “He was a lousy fucking lay. I didn’t get off at all. I had to take care of myself.”

“He was really that bad?” Sookie asked curiously. The blonde wasn’t as sexually experienced as her best friend. She had only ever had sex with two people. Her on again-off again boyfriend Kibwe, and her best friend Willa. However, that didn’t mean she wasn’t curious when it came to sins of the flesh.

“He’s a three pump chump,” Willa snorted, recalling her very brief tumble with Hoyt. “He squealed when he came… He squealed like a fucking pig. Do you know how unsexy that is?” Willa mimicked the sound Hoyt made and shuddered. “It almost destroyed my sex drive.”

“Poor Willa,” Sookie mocked while she fought the urge to laugh; although, she had to agree that the sound was not sexy. If Hoyt had really squealed as Willa had mimicked, Sookie definitely didn’t want anything to do with him.

“Yes, poor me,” Willa replied, nodding her head. “Do you know the damage that did to my sex drive? It was horrible. I thought I’d never have sex again.”

“What changed your mind?” Sookie queried.

“Roman was at the house when I got home,” Willa answered with a smile. “He kissed me and made it better.” She waggled her brows as she spoke, letting Sookie know just what he kissed. Willa moaned softly while she remembered the feeling of the older man’s head between her legs. Roman’s wicked tongue had banished all thoughts of Hoyt from her mind that night.

“You still fuckin’ him?” Sookie asked as she leaned back in the seat again. She knew she should probably go inside and put up with her mother’s latest attempt to ruin her life, but she wasn’t in any mood to put up with her bullshit. Michelle and her witches no doubt knew Sookie was there by now; Maxine was jerking the curtains in the living room, but Sookie was in no hurry to enter the witch’s lair.

“Roman? Yeah,” Willa nodded. “He’s a good fuck. He knows what he’s doing and gets me off every time.”

“Your Mom has no idea?” Sookie questioned skeptically. If Willa and Roman were fucking under Rosalyn’s roof and nose, Sookie wasn’t sure how the older woman couldn’t know. Willa was never quiet when she was fucking; she enjoyed making noise. Granted, Sookie didn’t know Rosalyn Burrell nee Harris that well, having only met her a few times, but the woman couldn’t be so self-involved she didn’t know her boyfriend was fucking her daughter, could she?

“Not a fucking clue,” Willa replied with a shrug. “She’s drunk most of the time these days. She climbed into a bottle when she heard Dad was marrying the cocksucker. She fucking hates Dad, but hates that he’s marrying the gold digging whore more. Plus, I think she’s fucking the pool boy. He cleans the damn thing four times a week now. She doesn’t know what I get up to, she doesn’t care either.”

“What about Roman? Doesn’t he care that he’s cheatin’ on his girlfriend with her daughter?” Sookie asked curiously, not that she actually cared. Willa was her best friend, so Sookie would always be on her side, and she couldn’t blame Willa even if she wanted to. Roman was fucking hot for a guy in his late thirties. From what she had seen when she had visited Willa’s house and Roman had been there, the older man was in great shape, and for the few times she had spoke to him, Sookie had thought he was a decent enough guy. He was always been nice to her, and didn’t treat her as if she was an idiot.

“He’s getting to fuck barely legal pussy. He doesn’t give a shit about anything else,” Willa snorted. The only thing the older man cared about was getting his dick wet in Willa’s tight pussy. He didn’t give a fuck about what Rosalyn would think if she ever found out. “It’s not like him and Mom love each other. I’m not sure they even like each other. I think they’re only together outta guilt. You know she cheated on Dad with Roman? I mean Dad was cheating on Mom with the cocksucker at the time, so they’re both as bad as the other, but Roman thinks he helped break up our happy little family. As if we were ever fucking happy. They only ever got married cause Dad knocked Mom up with me…”

“They didn’t actually tell you that did they?” Sookie asked, cutting Willa off. She knew the Burrells were majorly fucked up; Willa’s father, Truman, had actually hit on Sookie more than once since the two girls had met, but to tell your child you only got married because they were expecting her was beyond fucked up. At least Sookie knew for all their faults, her parents loved and wanted her.

“They did,” Willa replied with a nod. “Mom loves to tell me how she had to marry Dad cause he got her pregnant with me. She goes on and on about it. How she had to give up her dreams to raise me. She loves trying to make me feel guilty for being born. It’s one of the reasons I don’t give a shit about fucking Roman. If I have to put up with her bitching, I can at least get a good fuck out of it from her boyfriend.”

“He’s really that good?” Sookie questioned.

“Oh yeah,” Willa answered, smirking dirtily. “You should see him fuck. He’s about seven/seven and a half inches, not too thick, but thick enough that I can feel him stretching me. He feels so good inside me. He fucking pounds my pussy… Last time we were together, he stuck his finger up my ass!”

“No way!” Sookie exclaimed as she unbuckled her seat belt and turned in the seat. She crossed her legs and leaned back against the door as she eyed the brunette. “What was it like? Did ya like it?”

“It felt a bit strange at first,” Willa admitted truthfully. “I wasn’t used to it. I mean, it was strictly exit only up until that point.” Willa laughed and turned in her seat slightly. “Once I got used to it, it was nice… Good even. I liked it.”

“Really? D’ya think you’ll, you know?” Sookie asked, jerking her head as she spoke.

“Let him fuck me up the ass?” Willa guessed accurately. She smiled as she thought about it. She couldn’t deny she enjoyed feeling Roman’s finger up her ass, and she was definitely curious about anal sex. “I don’t know. Maybe… Probably. I mean, I did like it, and I’m kinda curious to know what it’d feel like to be fucked there. It’d be kinda cool, wouldn’t it?”

“It’d be wild!” Sookie cried, turned on by just the thought. “I bet Roman would just love to fuck you there as well.”

“Well, he certainly loves fucking my pussy,” Willa giggled. “He’d love to fuck yours, too, given the chance.”

Sookie rolled her eyes, but couldn’t deny the small thrill she got from her friend’s words. For an older man, Roman was quite sexy, and the blonde had touched herself more than once thinking about him. Despite fucking his girlfriend’s daughter, Roman wasn’t that sleazy. He didn’t eyefuck Sookie like Truman Burrell did, or make lewd comments like her other friend Amelia Carmichael’s father did. Copley Carmichael was a pig. Ever since Sookie turned eighteen, the disgusting old man had been trying to get her into bed. Every time they met, he was offering her a special position at his company.

“Kibwe’s the only dick I’m interested in,” Sookie replied with a naughty grin. “Mmmm… What a dick it is… It makes me wet just thinkin’’bout it.”

“You two back on?” Willa asked curiously. Last she had heard Sookie and Kibwe had called it quits due to them going to different schools. Sookie was heading to NYU, while Kibwe was heading to the University of Kentucky.

“Until it’s time to go to New York,” Sookie answered with a shrug. “We decided we’ve got a couple of weeks until we’ve gotta go our separate ways, so we might as well make the most of it.”

“When did you decide this?” Willa questioned.

“Yesterday mornin’ before church,” Sookie replied almost giddily. “We talked, and then he fucked me up against the wall.”

“While everyone was inside?”

“Oh yeah,” Sookie nodded.

“You bad girl,” Willa chided playfully. “Whatever would your mother say?”

“Ugh, way to kill my lady boner, Willa,” Sookie groaned and turned her head toward the house again. Sookie knew full well what her mother would say. She would be lectured on her wicked behaviour before being forbidden from seeing Kibwe… Again! Michelle Stackhouse had been trying to stop her only daughter from dating the young basketball player since they first started dating when they were fifteen. Michelle most definitely didn’t approve of the relationship. Kibwe was not the kind of man Michelle wanted her daughter dating. For a long time, Michelle had her heart set on Sookie dating, and then eventually marrying Sam Merlotte. Of course all those plans went out of the window when Sam got Hadley pregnant a month after they graduated high school. Michelle had been positively heartbroken when she found she wouldn’t be getting her dream. Since then she had her sights set on Hoyt Fortenberry as her future son-in-law. Sookie let out a sigh as she turned in her seat again. “I suppose I better go in and get it over with.”

“Why?” Willa questioned, stopping her friend before she had a chance to open the passenger’s side door. “Why the fuck should you go in there and listen to your Mom and Aunt bitch about you going away to school? I say fuck it, and fuck them. Why don’t we get outta here? We can go anywhere.”

Sookie bit her lip as she stared at the house. She could practically picture her mother, Aunt, and Maxine standing by the window, looking out, and watching them. Sookie really didn’t want to listen to another one of her mother’s speeches. She was beyond tired of hearing them. “Yeah, fuck it! Let’s get outta here,” she nodded as she refastened her seatbelt. Laughter spilled from the young women’s lips when they saw Michelle and Linda come running out of the house, screaming at Sookie while the car started to pull away. Sookie waved cheerily at her mother while Willa shifted gears and drove them down the driveway. “Bye, Mom!”


Sookie laughed as she watched Willa strip off her clothes and jump into the pond. Getting away from her mother for the rest of the afternoon had been a great idea, and Sookie was thoroughly enjoying herself while she lazed on the bank and her best friend tried to convince some of their other friends to go skinny-dipping with her. The impromptu party at the pond was just what the blonde needed.

Well, that wasn’t quite true. What she really needed was for her boyfriend to get there so she could get a good pounding. Sookie had sent Kibwe a message over an hour earlier, telling him where she was, and what she wanted him to do to her, and she was just waiting for him to show up.

“You not going for a swim, Sook?” Willa asked as she plonked herself down beside Sookie, startling her.

“Jesus, Willa, ya almost gave me a heart attack,” Sookie replied. So lost in her thoughts of Kibwe, Sookie hadn’t noticed her friend get out of the water. Sookie arched a brow when she noticed Willa was still naked. “No, I plan on gettin’ a different kinda wet,” she added with a smirk as she showed Willa the message she sent to her boyfriend.

Willa grinned as she read the message. “Nice,” she said as she handed the phone back to Sookie. “That’s what I need,” she continued, nodding toward the phone. “A nice hard cock in my pussy. It’s been over a week since I had one. I’m going through withdrawals.”

“What about Roman?” Sookie asked as she slipped her phone back in her back. “I’m sure he’d love to fuck you.”

“He’s away on business until the twentieth,” Willa sighed. “I don’t suppose you’re interested in sharing Kibwe, are you?” Willa asked, only half-kidding.

“No,” Sookie snorted. For the time being Kibwe and his monster cock was all hers. “I can see if he’s got a friend you can fuck, if ya like?”

“I don’t know. Isn’t that a little…”

“Skanky?” Sookie interrupted with a smirk. “Probably, but you’re fuckin’ ya Mom’s boyfriend… And ya blew that cop the other night to get out of the speeding ticket. So…”

“Good point,” Willa replied unashamed. She knew many people would call her a whore for the things she did, but she didn’t care. She was young, free, and liked sex. So why shouldn’t she enjoy herself? “Hey, that cop was fucking hot. He looked like a model, getting out of the ticket was just a bonus. I would’ve blown him anyway.”

Sookie shook her head as she stared at the friend. She hadn’t been surprised when Willa started flirting with the cop; he was as hot as Willa said. However, she hadn’t been able to believe her ears when Willa had come right out and offered to blow him if he would let her off. The brunette had absolutely no shame. For a brief moment, Sookie had been worried the cop would arrest her friend; instead he had accepted her offer and Sookie had watched from the car while Willa sucked the cop’s cock on the side of the road. They were lucky the road was deserted and no one had seen them.

“So, d’ya want me to call Kibwe and ask him?” Sookie asked, getting back to her original question.

“Ask me what?” Kibwe said, startling the two women and making them jerk round. He grinned at their surprised looks before raking his eyes over the still naked Willa. “Nice outfit, Willa.”

“Oh my God! Sookie, get him outta here,” Tara cried, ducking down in the water as she noticed the blonde’s boyfriend.

“We’re naked,” Amelia added. “He shouldn’t be here.”

Sookie rolled her eyes as she stood up. “If ya’ve got a friend that Willa can fuck,” She smiled at her boyfriend and threw her arms around him. “She needs a good dickin.”

“Is that right?” Kibwe smirked while he wrapped his arm around his girlfriend. He always loved the friendship between Sookie and Willa. The two of them were a blast to be around, always getting up to trouble. “I’ve got a buddy from the basketball team who might be interested,” he told Willa. “He just broke up with his girl. I could give him a call.”

“Is he hung?” Willa asked as she grabbed her dress and slipped it back on. She didn’t mind being naked in front of Kibwe or anyone for that matter, but she knew it would only cause gossip, especially with the way Amelia and Tara were squawking from the pond.

“Oh God!” Sookie snorted, burying her face in Kibwe’s chest. “Willa, give us your car keys, and then go get yaself off in the bushes.”

“What? It’s a reasonable question,” Willa replied, smirking as she grabbed her keys from her bag and tossed them to Sookie. “I like them big!”

“I’ll introduce ya later and ya can find out for yaself,” Kibwe promised with a chuckle.

“I’ll hold you to that,” Willa replied. “Now, go enjoy your fuck…”

Sookie laughed as she tugged on Kibwe’s arm, pulling him away. She didn’t doubt for a second that Willa wouldn’t find out whether Kibwe’s friend was hung or not. “I hope your friend doesn’t scare easy,” she joked as she led her boyfriend back to Willa’s car and unlocked it.

“Nah, Maxwell gets off on crazy,” Kibwe replied before pushing Sookie up against Willa’s car and crashing his lips to hers. He thrust his tongue into her mouth as he rubbed himself against her, letting Sookie feel his cock hardening in his tightening pants.

Sookie moaned into the kiss and wrapped her arms around his shoulders while she hitched one leg up over his hip. She rocked her hips against him, rubbing herself against the impressive bulge in his jeans. “Fuck, baby,” Sookie panted as she broke the kiss. “I wanna suck your cock so bad.”

Kibwe groaned as her words shot straight to his cock, and he swore he felt himself grow harder. He fucking loved it when she spoke like that. Spinning them around, Kibwe leaned back against Willa’s car and reached for his belt. “Get on your knees, baby girl,” he ordered as he unbuckled his belt and undid his pants.

Sookie grinned naughtily while she lowered herself to her knees. There was something about sucking Kibwe’s cock that turned her on, and she couldn’t wait to feel his hardness in her mouth. “I wanna feel ya cum in my mouth, baby,” she purred as she stared up at her boyfriend.

Pulling his cock out of his pants, Kibwe wrapped his hand around his dick and rubbed the head over Sookie’s lips, letting her get a small taste. “Open wide,” he ordered.

Sookie licked her lips before parting them wide and letting Kibwe slide the head of his impressive cock into her mouth. She moaned before wrapping her painted lips around his dick and sucking on it softly. Arousal pooled between her thighs, and she slipped a hand between her legs while she brought her other hand up and wrapped it around the base of Kibwe’s cock.

“Oh fuck!” Kibwe cursed as he watched Sookie suck his cock. His girlfriend had the perfect pair of dick sucking lips he had ever seen or felt. No one was better at sucking cock than his blonde bombshell. “That’s it, baby girl, suck my cock.”

Sookie gagged slightly as she swallowed around Kibwe’s cock, taking him further into her mouth. She paused for a second and drew in a breath through her nose. Although she didn’t have much experience when it came to sex, Sookie knew Kibwe’s cock was larger than most men’s. She wasn’t lying when she called it a monster cock, it was thick, long, and no matter how much she tried, Sookie could never take it all in her mouth… but boy did she like trying.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so good at that,” Kibwe praised as he started to rock his hips forward. Unlike many of his buddies, Kibwe wasn’t selfish when it came to sex, at least not when it came to Sookie. He might not have been so giving when it came to the skanks he hooked up with when he and Sookie broke up. As cruel as it might sound, he didn’t care about them, but Sookie was different. She wasn’t just a hole for him to cum in. She was his girlfriend and he loved her, it might not have been a Happily Ever After kind of love, but it was love nevertheless. The two of them had been on and off since they were fifteen, losing their virginity to each other a year later.

Pulling her mouth of his cock, Sookie smiled up at Kibwe before ducking her head and sucking on his balls. She revelled in the noise he made as she teased and tormented him. Sookie could feel her wetness through the thin material of her panties and could hardly wait to feel his cock inside her. “I need ya to fuck me, baby.”

Kibwe smirked as she pulled herself to her feet. He loved it when she told him what she wanted. He loved that she was comfortable to voice her desires. She wasn’t ashamed of her wants and needs. Spinning them around, Kibwe pressed Sookie against the car door, leaned down, and pressed a soft kiss to her lips. “Turn around, baby,” he ordered as he grabbed a condom out of his jeans pocket. He pushed his jeans down to his ankles and rolled the rubber on while he watched Sookie turn around and brace her hands against the passenger’s side door.

Sookie gasped when she felt Kibwe slide his hands up her dress, hook his fingers in her panties, and tug them down until they were around her knees. She felt a thrill of excitement spear through her while she waited, the thought that they might be caught turning her on more than anything.

Kibwe groaned as he eyed his girl braced against the car, panties around her knees and legs spread wide. She was an absolute vision. Stepping closer to her, Kibwe bunched up her dress, exposing her lower half to his heated gaze. “Mmm,” he moaned before dropping to his knees and burying his face between her legs.

“Oh God!” Sookie cried as she felt Kibwe’s tongue swipe through her dripping sex. She bit her lip to keep from making too much noise while her boyfriend teased and tormented her with his lips, teeth, and tongue.

Kibwe chuckled against her pussy before spearing her with his tongue. In the two years they had been having sex, he had learned so much about what she liked, and he used all his knowledge to bring her to the edge quickly. Given how they were out in the open, he knew he couldn’t spend as much time as he would have liked going down on her, it had to be quick.

Sookie whined as Kibwe pulled away and she was just about to curse him out when he rose to his feet and gripped her hips. Her moans of displeasure gave way to cried of approval when she felt the head of his cock slide through her pussy, and rub against her clit. “Yes!” She hissed, pushing back against him in invitation.

Kibwe smirked, tightened his grip on her hips and slid into her slowly. He took his time sinking into her, letting her stretch around him and get used to the feeling of him being buried deep inside her. He knew from the locker room he was larger than most men, and, despite the many times they had fucked, she still needed the time to adjust to him.

“Feels so good,” Sookie moaned, rocking back against him. She loved feeling him inside her. “Give it to me, baby.”

Kibwe gave her a few shallow thrusts before pulling out almost all the way and thrusting back into her hard. He grit his teeth at the feeling of her warm wet pussy gripping him tight.

Sookie cried out in delight as Kibwe slammed into her hard and fast just how she liked it. He was so large it hurt slightly, but to Sookie that just made it feel so much better. She got off on the pain. She wondered what that said about her; most of her friends preferred it slow and sweet. They didn’t like pain, not like she did. “Fuck… Harder!”

Kibwe’s thrusts became sharper as he snapped his hips and fucked Sookie like she wanted. His hips slapped against her ass as he pounded into her fierce and fast. “That’s it… Just like that…”

Sookie pushed back against Kibwe, meeting him thrust for thrust. “Yes… Yes… Yes…” She chanted as the coils in her stomach tightened, her release building and building until it exploded, sending her hurtling over the edge. “Holy fuck!”

The feeling of Sookie’s tight pussy fluttering around him was more than Kibwe could handle, and he snapped his hips, driving into her a few more times before following her over the edge. “FUCK!” He cursed, his hips jerking as he emptied his seed into the condom.

Sookie rested against the car, getting her breathing under control while she came down from her high. “Mmm,” she moaned happily. After putting up with the bullshit of her mother’s, she had needed a good hard fuck to help her relax. Sookie whimpered as she felt Kibwe pull out of her; she turned around and faced him, licking her lips as she watched him remove the condom and dispose of it.

Sookie smirked at Kibwe before turning around, opening the car door, and climbing into the back. She lay down on the back seat, pulled up her dress, and spread her legs as best as she could in invitation. “Kibwe…”

Kibwe grinned wolfishly as he ran his gaze over his girl, his eyes locking on her dripping pussy. He could feel his cock twitching and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he was hard again. I’m a lucky bastard, he thought as he climbed into the back seat and settled over Sookie.



Willa chuckled as she heard the cry echo through the trees. At least one of us is getting laid, she thought as she moved through the trees surrounding the pond. She wasn’t kidding when she said she needed a good fuck. It had been far too long, in her opinion, since she had been fucked good and proper. I should have offered to fuck Officer Purifoy instead of just sucking him off. Fuck, he would’ve felt great between my legs. I wonder if I can get caught speeding by him again? 


Willa frowned as the sound of grunting reached her ears, and she paused mid-step while she tried to discern from where it was coming. She spun around, trying to lock on the direction. What the fuck? She asked herself as she heard the sound again. Willa moved as quietly as she could, zeroing in on the sound. Her eyes widened when she realized she was moving back toward the pond where Amelia and Tara were skinny-dipping. Are they fucking each other? 

Willa’s feet were light on the ground as she crept closer. She wasn’t sure what she was expecting to see, but it definitely wasn’t the sight that greeted her. A look of disbelief spread across her face as her gaze landed on Bill Compton hiding in the bushes, watching Amelia and Tara swimming in the pond as he stroked his cock. I have to be seeing things. Bill is not really jerking off in the bushes like a Peeping Tom.

Willa bit back a curse as she pinched herself and felt definite pain. Okay, not dreaming. I should probably do something, but what? Willa grimaced as her eyes were drawn to Bill’s cock. “Is it broken?” She blurted out as she moved closer to him. “I’ve never seen one that small before. Did the rest break off?”

Bill startled at the sound of Willa’s voice and he hastily tucked his cock back in his pants. He had been so lost in his fun he hadn’t noticed the brunette getting closer to him. He stammered as he tried to think of something to say that would explain what he was doing. He sure as Hell wasn’t going to tell the truth and admit he had overheard Tara telling Amelia about the little get together at the pond and followed them, hoping to see Sookie go skinny-dipping with the others girls. That would only get me attacked by that thug she’s dating. I don’t know what she sees in him.

Bill opened his mouth to reply when Willa’s words registered with him and he glared at her. “No, it’s not broken,” he spat, incensed that she dare question his manhood! He didn’t have a small cock, he was average sized.

“Really?” Willa questioned skeptically, dropping her gaze to his crotch. “But it’s so small. I think my pinkie is bigger than it,” she held up her hand and wiggled her pinkie finger as she spoke. “Are you sure the doctor didn’t cut it off when you were circumcised? Accidents happen…”

“I didn’t have an accident!” Bill raged, cutting her off. He might not have been as big as some of the guys in the locker room, but that didn’t mean he had a small cock. His girlfriend never complained.

“Okay,” Willa replied with a nod before moving closer to Bill. She smiled up at the creepy little bastard before lifting her knee up and slamming it into him hard in the balls. “You have now,” she added as she watched him grab his crotch and double over.

Bill groaned in pain, his eyes watering as he forced himself to his feet. “Bitch!” He snarled before turning around and gingerly walking away.

Willa laughed as Bill slowly made his getaway. “Next time maybe you’ll think twice before spying on us,” she called out after him. Turning around, Willa’s eyes widened in surprise for what felt like the hundredth time that day as she noticed Amelia and Tara making out in the water.

Am I the only one who ain’t getting any today? Willa huffed. I gotta find a way to run into Officer Purifoy again.

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