Sex on Fire Chapter Four

Bill’s plan to speak to Sookie the following night didn’t go as he planned. He made his way over to the Stackhouse property as soon as he had risen, only to find that Sookie wasn’t home. He waited on the porch swing for her to return home. She pulled into her driveway just after two in the morning, exhausted from her night at work.

“What are you doing here, Bill?” She sighed, rubbing her forehead, trying to ease the tension.

“I wish to speak to you,” he replied.

“What about?” She asked, although she already knew.

“Last night. I wish you to reconsider. Eric is not here now; you don’t have to fear him. I can protect you,” Bill said.

“I’m not scared of Eric, and I don’t need you to protect me from him,” she stated firmly. “I asked you last night for some time apart Bill, and I’m sorry, but I still mean that,” she added before opening her front door. “Goodnight, Bill.” She walked into her house, quietly closing the door behind her, leaving a shocked Bill standing on the front porch.

Things progressed the same way for the next few weeks. Bill continued to seek Sookie out and she would refuse to back down. As much as he pushed, he couldn’t get her to resume their relationship. The only consolation he took was from the fact that he hadn’t seen Eric since the night Sookie asked them both to leave. Bill had taken to watching Sookie’s house from the woods surrounding her property, and he hadn’t seen Eric visit her. Bill wasn’t happy to see Pam visiting Sookie a few times. Try as he might, he could never get close enough to the house to hear what they were speaking about without being discovered. The two of them seemed to be developing quite a friendship. Something that he would put a stop to as soon he had Sookie back.

It was Sookie’s refusal to see him that lead him to Merlotte’s Bar and Grill on a busy Saturday night. Making his way over to Sookie’s section, he sat in one of the booths and waited patiently to be served.

“Good evening, what can I get you tonight?” Arlene asked.

“True Blood please, O negative,” Bill ordered, wondering where Sookie was. While Arlene was heating his True Blood, Bill scanned the bar, looking for his telepath. When Arlene returned with his True Blood, he asked, “Where is Sookie tonight?”

“She got the night off, said she had plans with a friend,” Arlene replied.

Thanking Arlene for her service, Bill paid for the bottle of blood. Standing up, he made his way over to the bar where he saw Lafayette. He caught the younger man’s eye; after making a few mindless comments, Bill finally inquired after Sookie. It didn’t take long for him to learn that she had gone into Shreveport with Pam.

Bill shot out of Merlotte’s and into his car at vampire speed, and headed off in search of Sookie. The bond they shared was weakened due to their time apart, but he could still faintly feel her. He sensed no fear in her; in fact, she was feeling the opposite. Whatever she was doing, she was enjoying herself.

Parking his car across from Fangtasia, he hurried over to the bar; going straight to the front of the queue he demanded entrance. The vampire at the door growled at him before letting him in. The scent of desperation and desire was thick in the air as he walked into the club. Bill pushed his way through the throng of fangbangers, searching for Sookie. He spied Pam standing beside Eric’s booth, dressed in her usual Fangtasia costume, and made his way over to her, getting in her face.

“Where is Sookie?”

“Have you lost her? That was very careless of you, Bill. Eric will be most upset,” Pam replied.

“Lafayette told me that she had gone to Shreveport with you,” Bill said through gritted teeth.

“Really? Maybe I should have a word with Lafayette about telling Sookie’s secret. She clearly didn’t want you to know, or she would have told you herself,” Pam smirked.

“Sookie is mine.”

“Your ‘Sookie is mine’ routine is growing tiresome Bill, not to mention inaccurate. She is not yours, not anymore.”

“Sookie is, and always will be, mine,” Bill growled. “Now where is she?”

“The little telepath was not feeling too well, so she went to rest in Eric’s office.”

“Where is Eric?” Bill asked as he made his way back to Eric’s office.

“Eric is… indisposed,” Pam answered, choosing her words carefully.

Bill barged into Eric’s office looking for Sookie but found it empty. Spinning around, he shouted at Pam, “Where is she?”

“Well, she doesn’t seem to be here anymore. Where could she be?” Pam said as she gave a fangy grin.

“SOOKIE!” he shouted.

“Really Bill, she is human. Do you really expect her to hear you over all this noise?” Pam sighed.

“Where is Eric?”

“I already told you, Eric is…”

“Indisposed,” Bill sneered. “Where is he?”

“He is in the basement, but he is not to be disturbed,” Pam answered.

Pushing past Pam, Bill headed to towards the stairs that lead to the basement of Fangtasia.

“Bill, wait. Stop… don’t go down there,” Pam said dryly before following him down.

Walking down the stairs, Bill froze at the scene that greeted him at the bottom.

Sookie was chained naked in the center of the room, her arms bound above her head, her legs wrapped around Eric’s waist as he thrust into her. Her clothing lay in tatters on the floor. The scent of sex hung heavy in the air and the sound of her pleasure-filled moans echoed off the walls. Eric’s hands dug into her thighs, pulling her to him as he slammed into her.

“Oh god,” Sookie panted. “More… harder.”

“Fuck, lover… so tight… all mineMINE!” Eric growled.

“ERIC! Please…” Sookie sobbed. “Bite me.”

“NOOO!” Bill cried out. Moving at vampire speed, he rushed at Eric and Sookie. Eric spun around the moment he heard Bill cry, and crouched down in front of Sookie in a protective stance.

The force of the collision caused the two vampires to go tumbling to the floor, leaving Sookie exposed to Pam’s appreciating gaze.

Bill landed on top of Eric and snapped his teeth at him in an attempt to rip his throat out. Eric laughed at the much younger vampire, inciting him further. Bill clawed at Eric’s exposed skin as venomous words spilled from his lips.

“Sookie is mine; you had no right to touch her. I will send you to rot with your Maker!”

The mention of Godric caused Eric’s eyes to narrow. He wrapped his hand around Bill’s throat and squeezed hard, crushing his trachea. He threw Bill off of him and stood up to tower over Bill, uncaring of his own naked state.

“Eric,” Sookie’s whimper drew Eric’s attention and he turned to look at her, still chained and naked in the middle of the basement.

“Pam, go get Sookie something to wear,” Eric barked. He reached up and released Sookie’s arms while Pam sped off in search of clothes for the telepath.

Using Eric’s distraction to his advantage, Bill attacked him again, this time taking Sookie to the ground with them.

Sookie’s painful cry tore at Eric’s control. Throwing Bill hard against the wall, he stalked over to him. Yanking him up, he looked him in the eyes. “You are a poor excuse of a vampire, and the only reason I won’t stake you right now is because it would hurt Sookie,” Eric said.

“She is mine,” Bill croaked.

“Not anymore,” Eric replied as Pam returned. He smirked at his child when he saw what she was holding; dropping Bill to the floor, he took it from her. Walking over to Sookie, he helped her up off the floor, checking her for any injuries before handing her his red robe.

Wrapping the robe around her body, Sookie stared at the three vampires in the basement with her. “This was not how I expected my night to go,” she said wryly. Taking a step forward, she addressed Bill, “What are you doing here?”

“I was looking for you. Lafayette told me that you had come into Shreveport with Pam, and I was worried about you. I thought you were in danger,” he explained.

“No, you didn’t. You would have known if I was in any danger, because you would have felt it,” Sookie replied.

“I have not been able to feel you as strongly since Eric tricked you into drinking his blood in Dallas,” Bill exaggerated.

“So you drove all the way to Fangtasia thinking that I was in danger, and when you saw that I wasn’t, you decided to attack Eric anyway?” Sookie questioned.

“I thought he was hurting you,” Bill lied.

“Did you not hear her screams of pleasure?” Pam smirked, thoroughly enjoying herself.

“I saw her chained up and knew that my Sookie would never consent to that,” Bill replied. “So I assumed that Eric was forcing her, or taking advantage at least.”

“You assumed wrong,” Eric growled.

My Sookie would never consent to being chained up like one of your common fangbangers,” Bill scoffed.

“I am not your Sookie,” Sookie said, “And Eric didn’t force me to do anything that I didn’t want to.”

“Sweetheart, you don’t know what you are saying,” Bill chided gently. “You would never consent to be with Eric, if it wasn’t for his blood. He is manipulating you into doing things you wouldn’t normally do if you were thinking properly.”

“Eric is not manipulating me,” Sookie stated firmly.

“Sookie, think about what you are saying. Before Dallas you would have never had sex with Eric, but now you are allowing him to tie you up and treat you like a common whore. That is not you, that is Eric’s influence.”

“That is not true,” Sookie replied, “I’m not with Eric because of his blood, I… I have feelings for him. I’m sorry that you found out the way you did. I should have told you that I was with Eric when we last talked. I never meant to hurt you, Bill.”

“Sookie, why can’t you see that this is Eric’s doing? I don’t doubt that you have feelings for him, or at least you think you do, but it’s not real. And don’t fool yourself into believing that Eric cares about you. You’re only an asset to him; he is incapable of feeling anything. He will treat you like one of the whores he uses for his entertainment, and when he gets bored, he will pass you to another vampire.”

“You are on thin ice, Compton: tread carefully,” Eric growled, feeling Sookie’s distress at Bill’s words. He refused to allow Bill to question his relationship with Sookie. “Sookie is not some pet, and for you to imply that, is an insult to both of us.”

“You had no right to touch her; you knew that she was mine. You tricked her into drinking your blood; you knew she would never want you without trickery. That is why you sent for Lorena in Dallas. Does Sookie know that you were responsible for Lorena being there?” Bill asked smugly.

“I know,” Sookie answered, “Eric told me everything before we left Dallas.” At that moment, Eric had never been more thankful that he had admitted his role in Lorena’s presence in Dallas.

“I doubt that,” Bill scoffed.

“He’s told me all I need to know. He’s told me more than you ever did. I know you don’t want to hear it Bill, but I trust Eric,” Sookie said softly.

“Then you are a fool,” Bill sneered. “He’s got you so twisted that you can’t see the truth. It is just his blood that makes you think you care about him.”

“Enough with the blood already,” Pam groaned. “It is a weak argument Bill, and you know it.”

“It is the truth, you know that if a human ingests vampire blood they become sexually attracted to the vampire,” Bill replied.

“Not quite. It enhances an attraction that is already there, it does not manufacture feelings,” Pam retorted. “But I do find it curious that you’re only telling Sookie this now, after she has had Eric’s blood. Anyone would think you didn’t want her to know before.”

“There was no reason for her to know before,” Bill said.

“You mean there was no reason for her to know, when yours was the only blood she had taken,” Pam smirked.

Bill glared at Pam, hatred burning brightly in his eyes as he realized what she had done. She had tricked him into admitting that he had been deliberately keeping things from Sookie.

“Bill,” Sookie said softly, “If I’d never had Eric’s blood, would you have ever told me what vampire blood can do?”

Bill moved his gaze from Pam and looked at Sookie, her lithe form buried in Eric’s robe. Her arms wrapped around her chest protectively as Eric stood beside her, offering her his silent support. A sad smile graced her delicate features. Bill never had to speak; she already knew the answer.

“You wouldn’t have, would you?”

“I love you,” was all Bill could offer in his defense.

“But did I fall in love with you, or was it your blood that made me think I did?” Sookie replied.

“My blood couldn’t make you fall in love with me,” Bill argued desperately.

“But Eric’s blood can make me fall in love with him?” Sookie retorted angrily. “You’ve lied to me for the last time, Bill. I want you to leave me alone.”

“Sookie,” Bill pleaded.

“GET OUT!” Sookie screamed.

Bill took a step towards Sookie, but was blocked by an irate Eric. “Get out of my club,” he snarled.

“I’m not leaving until I have finished talking to Sookie,” Bill foolishly replied.

“Sookie does not want to talk to you, and as your Sheriff I am ordering you to return to Bon Temps.”

“I am not leaving without Sookie,” Bill said stubbornly.

Eric growled at Bill. Addressing Pam, he ordered, “Remove Compton from the premises.” His only concern was the silently weeping telepath behind him.

Pam grabbed a hold of Bill and dragged him towards the stairs. He struggled in Pam’s hold as he called out to Sookie, and the last thing he saw before Pam forced him up the stairs was Sookie wrapping her arms around Eric.


4 thoughts on “Sex on Fire Chapter Four

  1. Loved this chapter. Beehl’s lies and manipulations came out. He really is pathetic. Yummy naked Viking and sexy Funtime in the basement. Glad Sookie saw the light when it can’t to Beehl’s actions.


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