A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Twenty-Three


It was just a few minutes later when Hadley let herself into Cameron’s office, having realized that’s where he would be. She smiled as she saw him leaning on the edge of his desk, obviously waiting for her.

“Do you have it?” she asked, not wasting any time. ”I do,” Cameron replied, as it picked up an envelope off his desk and held it out. “Everything you asked for is in here.”

“Good,” Hadley purred, her eyes lighting up as she reached for the envelope.

“Ah-ah,” Cameron chided, as he pulled his hand back and move the envelope out of her reach. “Not so fast,” he added with a smirk. “I’m risking a lot by doing this. I could lose my job and I have a family to feed.”

“Christian okayed this,” Hadley huffed out. “He’s the one who told you to give it to me. He’s not gonna fire you for it.”

“Vampires are devious by nature,” Cameron replied. “I doubt Christian would have any problem going back on his word and killing me. I’m not stupid, Hadley; I know how vampires operate.”

“So you’ll also know he’ll kill you if you don’t give me that envelope like ordered,” Hadley threatened. “You’re being paid a lot to give me it and look the other way.”

“I am,” Cameron agreed. “But,” he added as ran his eyes over Hadley in leering manner. “I think I want part of my payment upfront.”

“What are…” Hadley started, but trailed off as she saw a familiar look glint in his eyes. “Fine,” she sighed, as she stepped closer to him and slowly lowered herself to her knees. Hadley had to admit he wasn’t hard on the eyes with his chiselled good looks, dark hair, and green eyes. She had certainly pleased worse men. The King of Colorado sprang to mind. He was a horrid vampire; he was turned late in life, late fifties, and was portly and short. Sophie-Anne had no love for the king herself, and she usually denied his request, but on his last visit he had brought Sophie-Anne a present, an exotic looking woman who had a body made for sin. The woman, Camilla, had danced for the queen, removing her clothes as she went, and when she had finished, she had crawled on her hands and knees without prompting and pleasured her. Sophie-Anne had been quite taken with Camilla, and as a thank you to the King of Colorado, she had gifted him with Hadley for his short stay. It was Camilla’s arrival at the palace that had led to Hadley telling Sophie-Anne all about Sookie. Hadley had grown jealous of the amount of attention the queen was showing to the newcomer and had spilled the beans about Sookie to regain her favor.

Staring up at Cameron, Hadley gave him a stiff smile before raising her hands and undoing his pants. She took a deep breath before going about paying him in advance. Hadley used all her years of experience to bring Cameron to a quick release, swallowing once done.

Mmm,” Cameron moaned, as he tucked his softening cock back in his pants. “I can see why Christian likes having you around. No one has ever sucked my dick that good before.”

“You’re welcome,” Hadley said, as she rose to her feet. Crossing the room, she opened the door on the cabinet that stood against the wall and pulled out a bottle of mouthwash that she knew Christian kept in there for his girls. She took a mouthful and swirled it around before splitting it into the bin next to the cabinet.

“Can I have the envelope now?” she asked, as she popped in a stick of gum. She only had just less than twenty-five minutes to get everything sorted.

“Of course,” Cameron replied with a smirk, as he reached for the envelope and handed it to her. As Hadley’s fingers closed on the envelope, Cameron suddenly yanked her to him and wrapped one arm around her and held her tightly, preventing her from moving. “But next time,” he added, thrusting his hand between her legs. He raised an eyebrow as he realized she wasn’t wearing any panties, as he cupped her sex he continued, “I want this wrapped around my cock.”

Hadley whimpered as she felt his fingers rub her clit, her arousal beginning to grow. Raising her eyes to meet his, Hadley placed her hand over his and pushed it more firmly against her sex, as she clutched the envelope in her other hand. “If everything goes to plan tonight, I’ll come back and let you fuck me tonight,” she said, as she reluctantly stepped away from him before making her way to the door.

A quick look at the time told her she had just over fifteen minutes left, and she quickly hurried through the hotel to the elevator. She pushed people out of the way as she jumped into the carriage and pressed the number to the floor she wanted. As she waited for the elevator to reach the required floor, she quickly looked into the envelope, pulling out the two items before discarding it. Reaching the floor, Hadley peeked her head out of the doors, making sure no one was around before darting out and hurrying down the hallway. She found the room she was looking for easily and let herself in. A smile curled her lips as she had a quick look around before moving towards the large double doors that separated the bedroom from the rest of the suite.

Hadley’s eyes sparkled with cruel intent as she let herself into the bedroom and saw the blond haired vampire lying on his back in the middle of the bed, still dead for the day. As she stood at the end of the bed, Hadley let her eyes fall over him. “It’s a shame you’re in the way of my Mistress,” she said, as she tangled her fingers in the sheet covering him and slowly pulled it down his body. She pouted as she saw that he was wearing boxers. “I would’ve loved to have shown you all I can offer,” she added as she quickly removed her dress. “I could please you better than my little cousin ever could. I bet Sookie is still quite the prude and doesn’t let you do any of the things you like.” Seeing Sookie’s discarded nightgown laying over a nearby chair, Hadley smirked as she picked it up and slipped it on, attempting to mask her own scent with her cousins. She frowned as she realized the nightgown was too big in the chest for her.

As she stared down at Eric, Hadley briefly considered breaking a chair and driving a stake deep into his chest. It would solve all of Sophie-Anne’s problems. But as much as she wanted to, Hadley knew she couldn’t. Killing Eric in the middle of the summit would mean almost certain death for her. There would be no way she would get away with it. And neither Sophie-Anne nor Christian would be able to hide her involvement or protect her from the consequences.

“I guess it’s your lucky day after all,” Hadley sighed, as she climbed onto the bed and crawled up his body and straddled his hips. Another look at the time told her it was almost show time, and she set about setting the stage.

Moving her hands up her body, Hadley cupped her breasts as she started to rock her hips slowly back and forth. She was already worked up thanks to Cameron and she would only need the slightest touch to get her into the state she desired. History had shown her this plan worked; Sophie-Anne had had her do it before with a visiting diplomat from France. The visiting vampire, Marcel De Villiers, had actually been an old friend of Sophie-Anne’s and had simply come to Louisiana to visit her, but he had made the mistake of bringing a companion with him – a stunningly beautiful brunette called Amber. Sophie-Anne had taken one look at the young woman and decided she wanted her for herself. Marcel had refused Sophie-Anne’s request so the queen had employed more underhanded tactics. She had ordered Hadley to go into the room she had arranged for him minutes before sunset. Hadley had done everything Sophie-Anne had instructed; she played her part perfectly and before Marcel had even realized what was happening, he had woken, had Hadley on her back, and was buried balls deep inside her just as Amber had entered the room. Hadley had taken no satisfaction in hurting Amber like that, but as she stared down at Eric, she knew she would enjoy Sookie’s pain. She couldn’t wait for her little cousin to walk in on her fucking her husband. As she rocked her hips more forcefully, Hadley swore she would put on the show to end all shows. She would scream so loud the whole hotel would hear her once she had Eric’s cock inside her.

“Come on, baby, wake up,” Hadley purred, as she slipped the straps of the nightgown off her shoulders and pulled the top down, exposing her chest to the rooms cool temperature. “I want to feel your big, hard cock inside me,” she moaned, pinching her nipples. “I bet you’ll feel so good inside me.”

Reaching for the other item that was in the envelope, Hadley lifted it to her neck and let the small blade nick her flesh. A small trickle of blood slid down her throat and Hadley threw the blade to the floor before running her finger over the small cut and collecting the blood. She smeared the blood over Eric’s lips before pushing her hand between her thighs and rubbing her fingers over her clit. She could feel her juices sliding down her legs and grinned.

“I bet you’d love to taste me, wouldn’t you? I’d make you so hard.”

Blood and sex were the two things that could override a vampire’s senses, and she knew how to use them well. When Eric rose all he would be able to smell would be her blood and arousal. She was counting Sookie’s scent on the nightgown to fool him long enough into believing it was his wife in the room with him. By the time he realized she wasn’t, it would be too late. He would already be buried deep inside Hadley, and poor little Sookie would’ve caught them. Sophie-Anne’s glamour would hide Hadley’s true involvement and Eric would get all the blame.

“I bet Sookie never made you feel this good,” Hadley moaned, as she threw her head back. Hadley closed her eyes as she continued to masturbate on top of her cousin’s husband, her fingers moving faster as she neared her release. So lost in her success, Hadley never noticed when Eric stiffened beneath her, nor did she hear the door to the hotel room open.

“Oh God! Yes!” Hadley cried out. She was on the cusp of her release when she felt a hand wrap painfully around her throat.

“What the fuck?”


21 thoughts on “A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Twenty-Three

  1. She ought to know that Sookie will read in her mind that this is a set up I hope that Sookie beats the crap out of Hadley. Since Eric and Sookie have a bond they would know what each other were feeling. But since this happened right before the trial it could be a good thing. Sophie Ann won’t have a chance to fix this if they take Hadley to the trial with them. Update Soon


  2. Good grief! Did that dumb bitch think she could pull one over on Eric and Sookie? Yeah…I want Sookie to slap the shit out of her, but only if SA doesn’t try to retaliate. Both SA and Hadley are made for each other –ugh…..


  3. Somehow I doubt mouthwash would remove the stench of slut from Hadley’s mouth.
    And on a related note: Does that hotel carry Lysol? Penicillin? Wet Wipes? Just askin’…
    Hope Sookie and Eric have fun getting himself disinfected. Can’t wait for Hadley’s beat-down, and QSA’s, too! 😀


  4. Nope, skanky just doesn’t cut it. Slimy, disgusting, slutty, monumentally stupid, bowling ball-hole of an over used-up twat works for me! (All that and more!) Did she really think Eric would fall for that? Surely her blood & scent wouldn’t have near the aroma nor potency that Eric would recognize as belonging to that of his wife. Sookie knew she was up to something anyway. All she had to do was follow her grossly smelling cousin’s brain signature to her hotel room. For a conniving vampire, QSA is way out of element with Eric & Sookie. I wonder what Eric will do to Hadley; she may have more to fear from Sookie me thinks! Excellent chapter! You have such a terrific imagination! I can’t wait for the repercussions to be revealed in the next chapter!


  5. This was an absolute thrill to read, I got half way through and realised what you were doing and couldnt stop reading. That little skanky bitch is so so so going to regret this. Not that any of it will be her fault of course *eye roll*. I really hope that Sookie gets to deliver some home truths.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter hunny, I was so happy when you picked this back up 🙂


  6. Looks like Sophie Anne is getting desperate to go this far to try and break Eric and Sookie up. I’m glad he knew it wasn’t Sookie on him.. Can’t wait to see what happens next and what Eric and Sookie will do..


  7. This twit is totally whack-a-doodle! What nerve! She has a death wish fir sure!
    Sookie will beat her stupid for daring to mess with her man! She needs to plant her size 6 up her ass but the fool would probably enjoy that! Gosh I’m mad as hell, well done!


  8. You have scalded my eyeballs! I can’t get the image of Hadley assaulting Eric out of my brain! I am so screwed my head hurts! **going to my happy place, so dark and lonely**


  9. Wow! That nasty little cunt still hasn’t learned her lesson. I can’t wait for Sookie to beat the shit out of her. Lol! Lovely, can’t wait for more.


  10. Oh my! Poor Eric is going to have to bleach his skin to get her nasty, diseased, town bicycle scent off of him! If I was him I would burn the boxers he was wearing and spend at least an hour in the shower with said bleach and a box of brillo pads.

    I’m interested in seeing just who has grabbed the whore’s throat. Eric? Sookie? Is Godric perhaps making an appearance? Also, Sookie is going to kick her a$$ when she finds out whats going on!


  11. Ahhhrgh! Gosh I had a tight ball in my stomach and the hairs on my arm prickling up all the way reading this! Good job! One thing the skank slut didn’t think through is how much of Eric’s blood sookies had ie how STRONG Sookie is! I hope Sookie shock doesn’t last more than a second at seeing Eric pretty much being raped in his sleep and she knocks that bitch into the next state. She’s also forgetting the AP, providing she’s at the summit, will “see” it all! This deserves some major comeuppance. Honestly hope Hadley is put to death alongside her skank ass queen! Does Hadley know she committed an offense against a bonded/pledged pair? Oh please give us the next chapter soon.


  12. That freaking slut Hadley! Sookie’s mind reading only seemed to show that Harley hoped she’d leave the restaurant before dark, so she might not know Hadley’s plan. Still, I hope that’s Eric’s hand around her nasty throat so she’s off him before she gets off *smirk*


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