Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Eleven


Masque of the Red Death

Chapter Eleven

It was just before nine in the evening when Sookie pulled her car up outside the old Miller place just on the outskirts of Bon Temps. The old house had been empty for years, ever since the last owner had lost his life in a car accident. Well, that was the local law enforcement’s belief. The truth was just a little different. While the former owner of the house lost his life in a car crash, it was far from an accident. His death had come under the orders of the Calvin Norris, the Packmaster of the were panthers from Hot Shot, in retaliation for an attack against one of their cubs.

The house was sold to an unknown buyer a few short months earlier. Let’s just say the buyer was unknown to the “good folks” of Bon Temps. Sookie was well aware of whom the buyer was. It had been purchased through Only at Night. Sookie, Lafayette, and Jesus were planning on an expansion, and they needed the extra space for some of their, you could call it less than legal, business. The offices in Shreveport would remain the headquarters of Only at Night. They could never be seen to be handling any illegal activities there. Thus, the Old Miller place was the perfect property for them! The house stood in an isolated location, it was in relatively good condition, and was a cheap buy. Sookie had hired Herveaux and Son Construction Company and was dealing with Jackson directly. There was no way in Hell she would trust Alcide with anything concerning her business, not even to handle the renovations. It would be several months before everything was complete, but the old house was safe enough for her go inside, and made for an excellent meeting place when she needed to handle business that had nothing to do with Only at Night.

Grabbing her bag, Sookie climbed out of her car and made her way to the house. While she entered the front door, she took a superficial glance around, checking on the progress Jackson and his team had made. She nodded in satisfaction when she noticed they were further along than planned. “I guess suckin’ dick really does get results,” Sookie muttered to herself.

A quick glance at the time told Sookie it was just after nine and that Marcus would be there any minute. Reaching into her bag, Sookie pulled out a small device that oddly resembled a car remote. Pressing the button on the left side of the remote, Sookie waved it around the house, strolling through the property as she did. She may have trusted Jackson, but she would never blindly trust the crew members who also had access to the house. Sookie knew some of them were loyal to Alcide, and wouldn’t hesitate to bug the house if asked. The sweep came back clean, but, for her peace of mind, Sookie then pressed the button on the right side, turning the scanner into a jammer. She held the device securely in her hand and then made her way upstairs.

A smile spread across her beautiful face when she saw the almost completed upstairs. Jackson and his team had renovated two and a half of the four bedrooms as well as one of the bathrooms. Walking into the renovated bathroom, Sookie placed the jamming device in the window, turned around, and then ran her eyes over all the new fittings. Everything was coming along nicely and by the New Year, Sookie, Lafayette, and Jesus would be ready to expand one of the illegal sides of their business.

Sookie chuckled to herself while she imagined the reactions of the ‘good and proud residents of Bon Temps’ if they ever discovered what purposes her company had in mind for the old homestead. She sure didn’t think they approve if they learned the Old Miller place was going to be a supernatural bordello! Oh, it wouldn’t be a typical brothel, no one would be able just to walk on in. The new venture was an extension of their VIP club. It cost money to be a member, and lots of it, so there would be thorough screenings, and only a select few would get the chance to have use of the house.

There was still a great deal of work that needed to be done before that, though. This phase of Only at Night wouldn’t open for business until the New Year. A New Years Eve openin might work, Sookie mused. Ill have to check the bookins, but I dont think anyones hired us for that date yet. Sophie-Annes hired us for Halloween, and I think Minnesota’s got us for Christmas.

A frown creased her brow while she tried to recall Only at Night’s calendar for the rest of the year, and she let out a huff as she reached into her bag to pull out her phone. Tossing her bag into the empty sink, Sookie perched on the edge of the large claw tub and opened the calendar on her phone.

“I can remember the size of a guy’s cock I had a one-night stand with five years ago, but I can’t remember who hired us for an actual fuckin’ job,” she groused. “Michigan!” She nodded while she went over the clients for the rest of the year. “New customer recommended by Salome. Oh, speakin’ of Salome…” Sookie closed the calendar app, opened up her email, and quickly typed up a message to the Queen of New York, detailing her idea of an “Eat Off.” She knew Salome would love the idea. It was right up her alley!

Once she had her email open, Sookie checked to see if she messages from Desmond. She was anxious to hear back from her lawyer. The news that Eric had requested her services, although he didn’t know it was her he was seeking, was troubling. Oh, Sookie didn’t mind him needing them and, by extension, her. No, what troubled the blonde was that Eric wasn’t aware she was the person with whom he had made the arrangements. She wanted to be the one to tell him what she could do and of her arrangement with the Council. Unfortunately, the moment a formal request for her services was submitted, Sookie was locked into a non-disclosure contract that had been brokered by the Council after the telepath had revealed herself to them.  So, in short, she was unable to contact Eric directly and discuss her abilities. Doing so would void her contract she had with the Council, leaving any vampire who discovered what Sookie could do free to contact her whenever and wherever they wanted to request her services. Sookie sighed with irritation when she noticed there was still no message from Desmond.

Sookie might not be contractually permitted to speak to Eric regarding her gift, but there nothing was stopping her from messaging the Viking on the other matter they discussed. Portia’s attack had nothing whatsoever to do with anything Eric needed via contract, so she was free to discuss that with him all she wanted. From the brief conversation Sookie had with Eric the night before, in-between their video-chat sex, she learned the attack on Freyda had delayed his departure from Illinois, and he wouldn’t arrive that night as they had originally planned… I wonder if that’s why he needs me, Sookie pondered. The two of them hadn’t discussed what occurred. Freyda had suffered an attack, and that was all the information she knew.

Checking the time again, Sookie frowned when she realized it was almost 9:15 and Marcus were running late. There was no message from him saying he wasn’t coming, so the gorgeous blonde knew to wait. While she waited, Sookie decided to send Eric a quick message as well as the footage of her and Claudette.

A little present until I see you again.

Sookie chuckled while she sent the message. She knew her Viking would enjoy the video. Lord knows, Sookie enjoyed making it! A mischievous look entered the blonde’s eyes after a thought popped into her head and, before she could stop herself, she sent off another message.

I wouldnt mind a video of you for my collection. Can I tempt you into being a star?

The blonde telepath was a big fan of voyeurism. She loved watching people fuck, and the thought of having a video of Eric fucking a gorgeous woman, or multiple beautiful women, turned her on something fierce! She clenched her legs together tightly, trying to stifle the arousal that began coursing through her body.

Eric’s reply came seconds later, and a bright smile lit up Sookie’s face when she read it. Tempt or bribe? The answer will be yes, regardless. Please, tell me more.

“I knew there’s a reason I liked him so much,” Sookie muttered while she typed up another message. She could hardly wait until everything was settled and they could meet up again. Sookie desperately needed to feel him between her legs again.

Can I tempt you with the promise of a night or two in my playroom? You can film everything that happens in there, and Ill even invite Claudette to play with us? As for a bribe This could be your co-star

Sookie attached a photo to her message of a stunning woman. The lady in question worked for Only at Night and was always more than happy to be filmed. She took on specific jobs for the company, the dirtier ones, as well as ones that were very important to Sookie. Her role was that of an enforcer, and while she didn’t work as a donor, she would often sub if the need arose.

Consider me bribed. How soon can you set it up? I am eager to make my debut and join your collection.

Sookie giggled at his message. She loved that he was just as wicked as her! She hadn’t dated much in her life, preferring casual hook-ups than actual relationships. However, the few times she had tried something more than a long weekend with a man or woman, they had shown displeasure with her kinky side and tried to change her. It was one of the reasons she preferred one-night stands and fuck buddies. She didn’t want anyone trying to change her. Sookie was happy with whom she was.

Ill check with your co-star, but I think shell be able to cum Sorry, come to you tomorrow. Shell bring the camera and maybe even a cameraman or woman.

Sookie checked the message one more time before hitting send. She sent off another text to the co-star, asking her if she was free for a job the following night, explaining what it entailed as well as a photo of Eric. Sookie doubted the woman would have a problem with it, but, in case she was busy, the blonde had a second lined up.

The sound of footsteps on the stairs drew Sookie’s attention, so she dropped her phone on the windowsill and turned her head so she could see the door. A quick scan told Sookie it was Marcus. She relaxed and prepared to sell her idea. The blonde knew he might take some convincing, but hopefully, he would see what she had in mind was for the best.

“This going to be your new office, Sookie?” Marcus asked as he pushed the door to the bathroom open and stepped inside. He smirked at Sookie while he leaned against the sink. “It’s nice. I could see you having meetings in that bath.”

“I’m sure this tub will hold a few meetins once everything’s finished,” Sookie replied, a smile curling her painted lips when she imagined just how those meetings would go. “How’d it go with Claudette?” She asked, getting right down to business. Sookie needed to know if another visit from Shreveport’s finest was in her future.

“As expected,” Marcus answered. “She backed up your story, said you were together all night. When Pumphrey pushed, Claudette went into great detail about what you were doing…” He trailed off with a laugh, recalling some of the things the fairy had told them. “Pumphrey didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or aroused. Your friend had her all tied up with the amount of flirting she was doing. I think Pumphrey was interested, to tell the truth. Her headlights were certainly on.”

“Your new partner’s gay?” Sookie queried, intrigued. “I didn’t pick up on that earlier. I wasn’t lookin’ that hard though. That could turn out to be interestin’, especially if our paths cross again.”

“If she is, she’s kept it well hidden,” Marcus replied while he ran his cool gaze over Sookie, wondering what she was planning. “Not surprising, though. Shreveport PD isn’t the most tolerant police force…” He paused when a thought came to him, and he narrowed his eyes while he looked closely at the blonde perched on the edge of the bathtub. “You’re not going to blackmail my new partner over her sexuality!”

“Of course not!” Sookie snapped, slightly insulted he would accuse her of such a thing. She may have been immoral and done whatever it took to stay ahead, but Sookie would never blackmail someone over their sexuality! Sookie wasn’t a stranger to the ignorance of others herself. She had suffered her fair share of bigotry. It wasn’t as if she was a hundred percent heterosexual either. “I wouldn’t do that!”

“Sorry, Sookie, I know you wouldn’t,” Marcus replied, holding his hands up in defense and regret. He wasn’t sure why he even said it, he knew Sookie well enough to know. While blackmail wasn’t off the table with her, she wouldn’t lower herself to use someone’s sexuality as a weapon against them. “Anyway, Pumphrey’s convinced you didn’t have anything to do with Burnham’s attack now,” he added, returning to their original conversation. “She thinks Caroline Bellefleur pointed the finger at you for revenge. I doubt they’ll be any follow up.”

“Good,” Sookie replied, finally relieved. She never believed for one minute she would be charged with the attack, there was no proof after all, but she hadn’t needed the added stress and bother of a police investigation. “I really don’t need to be under police scrutiny… Well, more than I am already.”

“You could always try and live right, Sookie,” Marcus said, his voice taking on a teasing tone. “Become a law-abiding citizen and give up your wicked ways.”

“I could, but it’s more fun my way,” Sookie replied with a smirk. “You’d all miss my wicked ways if I changed and became…” She gave a mock shudder as she added, “normal. The thought alone makes me break out in hives. I need to purge the thoughts and be wicked.”

“I don’t think you’ll ever need to worry about being normal, Sookie,” Marcus said. Normal was not a word anyone would use to describe Sookie. The young blonde would never conform to social norms and just be one in the crowd. She stuck out, made her own rules, and lived her life the way she wanted.

“Much to the dismay of my grandmother,” Sookie replied with a grin. “Although I reckon Adele would prefer I was more of a doormat than normal. She’s already got her darlin’, normal granddaughter in Hadley.”

“You should’ve let me arrest Hadley years ago. A few years locked up in prison would’ve soon knocked some humility into her. I could’ve easily dropped a few kilos of weed and lifted her for dealing,” Marcus said completely serious.

He had meet Hadley a few times in the years he had known Sookie and, despite her best efforts to charm him, Marcus had little time for the selfish and spoiled woman. The fact she constantly talked shit about her cousin only soured him more. Marcus believed himself to be a good judge of character and even in the face of her illegal ventures, he knew Sookie to be the better woman. Unlike Hadley, Sookie was honest. She didn’t try to undermine Hadley, or act like a selfish, entitled bitch.

“Honestly, I’m wishin’ I’d let you now,” Sookie admitted without shame. She had declined the offer when he first made it years before, believing Hadley’s behavior, while terrible, wasn’t something that warranted a long spell inside. Recent events had her changing her mind, however. “It would’ve saved us a ton of trouble. Then again, Adele would’ve probably tried to mortgage the house to get Hadley a decent lawyer, and then blame me when she lost everything.”

“From what I understand, your grandmother blames you if it rains,” Marcus replied. “I’m surprised she hasn’t blamed you for the attack on your sister-in-law.”

“Adele doesn’t give a shit ‘bout Portia,” Sookie spat, remembering how the old woman hadn’t even bothered to visit her granddaughter-in-law after the attack. “All she cares ‘bout is fuckin’ Hadley. After hearin’ ’bout Portia’s attack, she ran to make sure Hadley was alright. I talked to my grandfather this afternoon, and he told me Adele has taken Hadley away for a few days so she can recover from the shock. Hadley ain’t in fuckin’ shock! That bitch is runnin’.”

“Running from what?” Marcus asked curiously.

“Me! If I get my hands on Hadley, I’ll fuckin’ kill her,” Sookie swore, not caring she had just threatened to commit murder right in front of a police officer! “That selfish fuckin’ bitch was involved in the attack on Portia! She helped set it up!”

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  1. You have no idea how pissed off I was today . Six days working without any rest was crucial and like it wasn’t enough everyone decided that it is fun to piss me even more. But when I saw update I decided – *uck them I better read it. It was even better than usual – so awesome that I actually feeling bliss right now 🙂

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  2. Ruh-roh….. Somebodies is in trouble!!! And what a well deserved come to Jesus moment that will be!!! Pure satisfaction in seeing what is coming to her, and we know you will deliver the goods!!

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  3. What will Sookie’s imagination lead her to do to Hadley? Hmmmm……thoughts are flying through my head….
    While I like Sookie and Eric and their various hook-ups, I can’t wait to read about them together, one on one, again!
    Love it!

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  4. So happy to see an update for this!!!! Liking Marcus more and more, especially since he offered to give Hadley a lesson. Cannot wait to see what Sookie has planned for her. Any chance Gran was involved too? Sookie could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak…

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  5. Love this story, happy about the update. Lets see we have Bobby, Hadley, Adelle, Pam, Bill and Amelia that all need a come to jesus meeting. Missing anyone?

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  7. Lord! Don’t get on Sookie’s bad side! Sookie could tell Eric she has a meeting coming up in NOLA and let him draw his own conclusion and hopefully he’ll guess right.


  8. just re-read this story and can’t wait till your muse lets you start writing on it again. Hadley is in such big trouble, but Sookie should let the baby be born before she kills Hadley though its not the baby’s fault Hadley is such a B____. I wonder if it was Pam who put the 1st glamour on Willa to get her away from her maker. Thou I prefer the Book Pam to the TV series Pam. thou the Pam you’ve written about really does need to grow up.


  9. Hmmm. Eric Porn. With or without Sookie. I like! Looking forward to that!
    Dang the non- disclosure agreement. Sucks that she just can’t tell Eric.

    And freaking Hadley. Damn that girl! She has to be the most… atrocious, selfish… ok I’m struggling here, and I never say this but the only way to describe her despicable ness is Cunt!

    Gah. This is not doing to go well.


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