Fool No More


Fool No More

After being staked, attacked, almost drained, nearly raped, dealing with a kidnapping scheme, and being assaulted again, Sookie decides that enough is enough. Taking her own life in her hands leads to discoveries, connections, and developments that will forever alter her life and its direction.

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven | Chapter Twelve | Chapter Thirteen | Chapter Fourteen | Chapter Fifteen | Chapter Sixteen | Chapter Seventeen


7 thoughts on “Fool No More

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  3. Is this story complete or is there still more? In the banner for this story it has a baby and a picture of a pregnant belly, doesn’t make much sense to me if this story is listed in the complete section.


    • I thought I’d changed that banner. Sorry. This particular part of the story is complete, but it’s going to be part of a series where the baby aspect will come into play. I thought I’d swapped the banner for the new one, and this banner was supposed to be for the whole series, instead of just for Fool No More. I will change that now. I’m sorry for the confusion.

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