6 thoughts on “Further On Up The Road

  1. Shoulda staked Pam and kicked Compton’s whiny-assed bloodlines outta State!
    Tara is Pam’s child, right? Although, keep your enemy close, shouldn’t be ignored. Look at the trouble Pam’s causing. Should have kept a closer eye out for her. I guess it wouldn’t be Eric if he so cold-heartedly got rid of all before Sookie came back.
    I still can’t figure out why Eric was so blinded by Pam. Men! or actually, Parent! Men can be stupid, and mommy/daddy can be oblivious to their kid’s short-comings.
    Or, Tara could be a cast of…..” The Return of the Zombie Ghost Vampire.” Ha!

    Do not let me go off the deep-end.
    Next chapter please.


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