A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Thirteen

“The Queen will see you now,” a feminine voice purred from the doorway in the waiting room.

Barely restraining from rolling his eyes, Eric stood up and walked towards the door, ignoring the young brunette who was eye-fucking him as he passed her. An hour after arriving in New Orleans, under the summons of his Queen, Sophie-Anne had finally decided to stop playing her silly power plays and see him. It was one of her usual ploys to make herself feel important. She loved making people wait for her; she was under the false impression it made her seem important. Everyone else thought it made her look childish and pathetic.

Strutting into the Queen’s poolroom, Eric sneered at the donors who were littered around the room. He blanked his face as he approached the Queen and inclined his head, offering her a respectful nod. Even though usual protocol dictated he should bow before his Monarch, Eric had never done more than nod at her since he took the position of Sheriff, something Sophie-Anne had never been pleased about. She had wanted him to bow to her; she had wanted him on his knees before her, but a command from his Maker had prevented Eric from bowing before anyone unworthy. Of course Eric had never actually told Sophie-Anne that; he had simply explained it away as his Maker (whose identity, she wasn’t aware of) had commanded him to never bow before anyone but him. Unable to argue with a Maker’s command, Sophie-Anne had no choice but to accept it.

“Your majesty,” Eric greeted.

“Eric,” Sophie-Anne purred as she ran her eyes over him in a lascivious manner. Propping her leg up on the chaise, she let the thin white dress she was wearing part, revealing her see-through panties to Eric’s uninterested gaze. It was no secret that Sophie-Anne lusted after her oldest Sheriff. From the moment Eric accepted the position of Sheriff of Area Five, Sophie-Anne had been trying to entice him into her bed. She couldn’t stand the air of indifference Eric portrayed around her. She was used to men and women falling over themselves to be with her, and yet Eric, much to her chagrin and anger, never batted so much as an eyelash at her. “I have been hearing some unusual and troubling reports about you of late.”

“Troubling in what way, my Queen?” Eric asked, playing along with her silly games. Oh, how he wished he could rip her head off and throw it in the swimming pool.

He wished she would finally get a clue and realize he wasn’t interested in her in the slightest. Her constant throwing herself at him was beginning to become an embarrassment, not only to him, but to her as well. Eric had refused every one of her pathetic advances, and yet she still tried. Eric was sure her continued attempts to get him into her bed were more of a pride thing than any real desire or feeling for him. She preferred the touch of a woman, but craved the protection of a man. With Eric at her side, Sophie-Anne would be practically untouchable. It was a shame she insisted on playing her foolish games; if she hadn’t, she would have had his full loyalty.

“Most troubling indeed.” Sophie-Anne tutted as she drew out the suspense, or so she thought. She ran her hand up her thigh, letting out a small moan as she stared at Eric. Her eyes narrowed in anger as she saw just how unaffected he was by her. She shifted on the chaise lounger, letting her dress slip off her shoulders. “It has been brought to my attention, by someone other than my Sheriff…”

Obviously, as I am your Sheriff, you pathetic, idiotic cunt, Eric thought derisively. And speaking of cunts, I don’t want to see yours. So please close your legs and spare me the nightmare.

“That you have gotten married,” Sophie-Anne continued, unaware of what Eric was thinking. “Now, I told my most faithful servant…”

The cocksucker Compton, Eric supplied helpfully.

“That he must be mistaken. My Sheriff would never get married without seeking the approval of his Queen first,” Sophie-Anne simpered. She tilted her head to the side and pursed her lips. “It could almost be considered treason to do such a thing.”

Only someone as self-involved and pathetic as you would consider getting married without your permission treason, Eric thought. Oh, how he was going to love wiping that smug look of her face. You are so far out of your league and you don’t even know it.

“I am not sure I understand, your majesty,” Eric replied, feigning confusion.

“You’re a smart vampire, Eric,” Sophie-Anne said, her eyes fixed on him intently. “It’s simple really. Are you married?”

“Yes,” Eric answered truthfully. There was no point in lying at that point. The papers had been submitted and approved by the council. Soon everyone would know he was married, so lying would only cause more trouble than it was worth.

“And you didn’t think to notify your Queen or seek my permission?” Sophie-Anne asked shrilly as she dropped her seductive tone.

“I am afraid that is what I don’t understand,” Eric answered carefully, his face showing a confusion he didn’t feel. “I informed you of my decision to wed before I married my wife. I sought your blessing.”

“Don’t lie to me,” Sophie-Anne shouted as she rose to her feet. She growled at Eric as she stalked towards him. “You had no right to marry my… You had no right to marry without asking my permission,” she added quickly hoping Eric had noticed her slip up. “You’re my Sheriff. My word is law, and I didn’t give you permission to marry. I demand you end this unapproved union this instant.”

“I am afraid that is not possible,” Eric said firmly, making it clear he wouldn’t end his marriage. He had heard her unintentional slip, and was well aware she was going to say my telepath. She will never be yours, he swore as he refused to cower under her angry gaze.

“I can have you chained in silver for this,” Sophie-Anne threatened, her eyes blazing with fury. It was bad enough he rebuffed her advances; he also refused her demands to break his ridiculous union with her telepath. “Is the pathetic little blood bag really worth the pain of spending years in silver?”

“Do not refer to my wife like that,” Eric growled, showing Sophie-Anne he wasn’t playing. “As I was saying it is impossible to break my marriage to my wife. I informed you that I was marrying a human over two years ago. You not only approved, you signed the contract I submitted to the council to make my marriage legal in our world as well as hers…”

“I did no such thing,” Sophie-Anne yelled, all pretense of a calm demeanor gone in her anger. “I would’ve never given you permission…” she trailed off as the rest of Eric’s words registered with her. “Council,” she uttered in a terror filled tone. “You submitted the papers with the Supernatural Council?”

“I did,” Eric replied, biting back a smile at the look of horror on her face. “I submitted them the night after we married. The Council was most gracious in approving them.”

“I never approved them, you, it,” Sophie-Anne screeched. “I will bring you before the Council for this. I’ll have you charged with perjury.”

Pam was right. She is an idiot. Perjury is the crime of lying in court under oath, you brain dead cretin.

“Your majesty, you signed the papers yourself just over two years ago when the matter was brought to your attention,” Eric replied smoothly. “The demon lawyer, Cataliades drew the papers up personally as I was to be the first vampire and oldest Sheriff in the state to marry.”

Cataliades?” Sophie-Anne repeated, her tone lowering at the news.

“Yes, your majesty,” Eric said.

“Andre,” Sophie-Anne said, calling to her oldest and favorite child. “Contact Cataliades. I want to know what he knows about this. If I signed these papers as Northman is suggesting he will have a copy. This should be easily fixed.”

“Yes, my Queen,” Andre replied, bowing before her. He sent a glare in Eric’s direction before speeding out of the pool room.

Snivelling little prick. Eric thought as he watched him Andre race out the room.

“You’re not leaving until we get this sorted,” Sophie-Anne growled as she threw herself back down on the chaise lounger. “You might as well get comfortable,” she added as she parted her legs in invitation.

I would rather fuck a silver glove.

Taking a seat on one of the other chairs, Eric stretched his legs out and waited. He was internally counting down the seconds until Andre returned with the news that Sophie-Anne had signed the papers. He could already see her reaction to the news and the tantrum she would no doubt throw. Sophie-Anne was already so far out of her depths, and he hadn’t even told her about the bond he and Sookie shared yet.

In was nearly an hour later when Andre returned; Eric knew full well it would have only taken him fifteen minutes at the most to confirm the truth of his words with Mr. Cataliades.

The snivelling little prick was probably hiding, knowing that his Maker is about to throw one of her temper tantrums.

“My Queen,” Andre said as he approached Sophie-Anne, his voice hitching as he prepared to tell her the news. He clutched some papers in his hand tight, the paper crinkling under his firm hold. “I have spoken to the demon…”

“And?” Sophie-Anne interrupted impatiently.

“Hehe,” Andre started. He swallowed hard as he held out the papers, “he confirmed Northman’s story. He claims he drew up the papers personally and was present when you signed them…”

“I never signed them,” Sophie-Anne screamed as she jumped to her feet and flew at Andre. “I would have never consented to him marrying.”

“Your signature is on the contract, Sophie,” Andre said as he handed her the papers he held. “I had Cataliades fax a copy of the contract over. It’s your signature. It also has your royal seal on it.”

Snatching the papers out of Andre’s hand, Sophie-Anne looked them over. Her eyes narrowed into slits as she saw not only her signature on them, but her royal seal as well. Checking the date on the papers, Sophie-Anne racked her brain as she tried to recall signing them. She had a vague recollection of the month in question. It had been a busy time for her; she had been meeting with Cataliades almost nightly as she had been under investigation by the human authorities for tax evasion of all things. She remembered signing a lot of papers that month.

Did I sign the papers without realizing? She asked herself, her brow furrowing. There was no doubt it was her signature, and no one but her could use the royal seal. It was spelled to only recognize the reigning monarch. I let my Sheriff marry my telepath without even realizing.

“I suppose congratulations are in order, Eric,” Sophie-Anne said through gritted teeth as she handed the papers back to Andre. “I must say I’m surprised that you of all vampires have married. We all know about your reputation. You’re not thought to be the settling type.”

“We all change, your majesty,” Eric replied smoothly. “And if you knew my wife, you would realize why I have.”

“I’m sure I would,” Sophie-Anne said, barely hiding the hostility in her voice. “She must be quite the woman to have gotten you to settle down.”

“She is one of a kind,” Eric admitted with a smirk. “My Sookie is a cut above the rest.”

“Well this calls for a celebration,” Sophie-Anne said suddenly, a twinkle entering her eyes as she stared at Eric. “It’s a shame your wife can’t be here to celebrate with us.”

“It is,” Eric replied as he regarded her carefully. He could see she was up to something. He saw her congratulations for what they were: hollow and insincere. She still wanted Sookie that much was obvious, even if she didn’t know he was aware of her real goal.

“I believe the humans have a tradition of toasting to the happy couple,” Sophie-Anne said. “Now champagne is of no use to us. But fortunately we do have plenty of high quality donors present. We will toast using them.”

“Your majesty that is a kind sentiment. However…” Eric started.

“It isn’t a sentiment, Sheriff,” Sophie-Anne cut him off, her lips curling into a wicked smile. “It’s an order. As Queen I insist you toast your marriage with me.”

“Of course, my Queen,” Eric acquiesced. As much as he hated it, he still had to follow Sophie-Anne’s orders, and fighting over sharing a donor with her was pointless, and would only lead to him being in trouble. Although he preferred to feed on Sookie only, they both knew there were times when that were not possible. Sookie had never begrudged him feeding on others; she saw it for what it was, just a means of sustenance. Donors to him were like steak to her, just food. Still, he didn’t like Sophie-Anne forcing him to feed when he did not want to.

“Good,” Sophie-Anne simpered as she clapped her hands in delight. “I have had some new donors delivered since your last visit to the palace. I’m sure we can find one who will wet your appetite.” Strolling towards the pool, Sophie-Anne cast her eyes over the donors; “No, no, no,” she added dismissing half of them with a flick of her finger. “Aha, you,” she pointed to a dark-haired woman who was floating on her back, “come here,” she ordered as she wrapped her hand around a brunette’s wrist and dragged her towards the chaise lounger.

Pushing the brunette down on the lounger, Sophie-Anne turned to face Eric and the donor, “Eric, this is Yvetta,” she introduced. “She is from Estonia and her blood is so spicy, it tastes like fire. I’m sure you will find her to your satisfaction.”

Realizing he had no choice, Eric crooked a finger at Yvetta and beckoned her forward. He ignored the hungry look she gave him as he cast his eyes over her. Shaking his head, Eric ordered her to turn around and stepped closer to her. Placing one hand on her upper arm, he held her still as he brushed her hair away from her neck. Flicking his tongue over her neck, he grimaced at her sour taste before sinking his fangs into her. Eric drew deep on the wound, her blood was as spicy as Sophie-Anne claimed and Eric didn’t find it altogether displeasing, but it was no match on the flavor of his wife. Sookie’s blood tasting like a gift from the God’s themselves, and no common whore would ever measure up to it or her.

Yvetta moaned loudly as she felt Eric pull on her wound. Heat spread though her and she found herself panting with desire as she tried desperately to wiggle against him. She felt Eric tighten his hold on her, holding her still and preventing her from grinding against him, as she wanted. She, like all the donors at the palace had heard of Eric. The older donors spoke of him like he was some kind of God, and it was clear from the tone in their voices they all desired him. They wanted to be his, but he had never shown an interest in any of them, refusing their offers and advances. But as she felt him continue to drink from her, she was sure she was different. She was different from all the rest. She had quickly climbed the ranks within the donor pool and was considered one of the favorites. Hadley was still the number one donor, or pet as she preferred, but Yvetta was most definitely the second most favorite. She pleased the Queen’s children regularly and was always willing to do as she was asked without question.

Taking one last mouthful of her blood, Eric retracted his fangs and sealed his bite mark before pushing Yvetta away. Turning towards the Queen, Eric didn’t even bother to restrain from rolling his eyes as he saw the Queen with her fangs buried between the other donor’s splayed thighs.

She is nothing if not predictable.

“Delicious,” Sophie-Anne purred as she pulled back from her donor. Her lips were stained red with blood. “I trust yours was equally as pleasing?”

“She wassatisfactory,” Eric replied, choosing his words carefully. He didn’t think “I’ve had much better” would be a suitable reply, even if though it was a true sentiment.

Mmm, that she is,” Sophie-Anne said as she ran her gaze over Yvetta. “Her blood and…” She trailed off with a giggle as she titled her head to the side. “Andre,” she called as she caught his eye, “escort Yvetta back to her quarters. She’s looking a little peaked.”

“Yes, my Queen,” Andre replied. He nodded at Sophie-Anne as he took Yvetta by the arm and pulled her out the room.

Eric frowned as he watched Andre escort Yvetta out. As far as he could tell she was fine. He would have known if he would have taken too much, and the way she was moaning like a porn star during a big scene told him she had no objections.

“So Eric,” Sophie-Anne said, cutting into his musings. “Tell me about your wife?”

Eric groaned at her question. The last thing he wanted was to tell Sophie-Anne anything about his wife. She already knew too much as it was. “What would you like to know?”

“How did you meet? What was your wedding like?” Sophie-Anne counted off the questions on her fingers. “Or, tell me if it’s true she is a telepath?”

Well, that was one question I wasn’t expecting her to come right out and ask. Eric thought, but then subtlety never was your strong point.

“You’re probably wondering how I know?” Sophie-Anne continued, mistaking his silence for shock and guilt.

No, I know how you know. Your favorite cunt licker told you.

“I have spies everywhere, Sheriff. Even within my own Queendom. Nothing happens in Louisiana without my knowledge.”

Except me marrying said telepath two years ago without you knowing. But apparently we are going to overlook that.

“So tell me Sheriff. Is young Sookie Stackhouse a telepath?”

You have no idea you just referred to Sookie by her maiden name, do you?

“She is,” Eric admitted, seeing no point in lying. By now the papers would be nestled securely with the Council, acknowledging not only their marriage but Sookie’s abilities as well.

“And you did not think to bring to my attention that I had a valuable asset living in my Area?” Sophie-Anne asked.

“You will have to forgive me, your majesty, but I assumed you were aware,” Eric replied. “I revealed her abilities at the same time I requested your approval for my marriage. I submitted the papers to the Council two years ago. Sookie has been on the books, if you will, as Louisiana’s telepath for two years now.”

Sophie-Anne clenched her fists as she listened to Eric explain. If the Council was notified of Sookie being a telepath two years ago, she must have been as well, she realized. She cursed not being able to remember that time clearly. She wanted to punish Eric for keeping a valuable asset from her, but it seemed she was unable to. She couldn’t even demand Sookie be moved to New Orleans due to the fact that she and Eric was married. She had no power to dissolve their marriage. She glared at Eric, hatred burning bright in her eyes. She swore he wouldn’t keep her telepath from her, and that was what Sookie was, hers, as far as she was concerned.

“It seems you have an answer for everything,” Sophie-Anne remarked with a grimace. Grabbing her donor by the hair, Sophie-Anne threw her off the chaise lounger and onto the floor.

She looked up as Andre re-entered the room, she smiled at her child before turning her attention back to Eric. “It also seems it’s too late for you to return to your area and wife tonight. You will never make it before sunrise. You will stay here,” she ordered as she flopped down on the lounger. Undoing the ties on the side of her dress, Sophie-Anne let it fall open as she spread her legs wide. “The Sheriff quarters are prepared for you,” she added as she reached between her legs and ripped her own panties off, “you’re free to retire.” She crooked a finger at the donor, smirking as the girl crawled towards her. “Unless you want to stay and play with us.”

“I will respectfully decline,” Eric replied, ignoring the donor who now had her head buried between Sophie-Anne thighs.

“Fine,” Sophie-Anne moaned loudly as she tangled her hand in the donor’s hair. “You’re dismissed.”

Sophie-Anne watched as Eric nodded and walked away. Her fingers tightened in the donor’s hair as she pushed her closer to her dripping sex. “Is everything set?” she asked, turning her gaze to Andre.

“It is,” Andre assured her, rubbing a hand over his hardening cock as he watched the donor please his Queen.

“Good. Join us, my love,” Sophie-Anne said. She smiled as she saw Andre free himself from his trousers and move behind the donor. She heard the rip of fabric as Andre tore off the donor’s bottoms. The small sound of pain mixed with pleasure telling her he had entered the brunette hard.

“Soon this will be the telepath between us, my Queen,” Andre swore as he thrust hard into the donor.

“Soon,” Sophie-Anne agreed.


Eric let out a sigh of relief as he escaped the pool room. He knew things weren’t okay, but for now Sophie-Anne was accepting his claims that he informed her of his marriage. He wasn’t fooling himself that she would accept that Sookie was his and beyond her reach, but like he had told Pam, he had made it more difficult for her. She could have fought his claims that he had told her, even if he did have the papers to back them up, but it seemed she was, for now at least, using her brains.

Approaching the Sheriff’s quarters, Eric keyed in the security numbers and pushed open the door and strolled inside. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he sensed someone else in the room. Moving with the stealth of a cat, he moved through the rooms towards the intruder. Eric groaned as he entered the bedroom and saw a naked Yvetta lying on the bed, her hand moving fervently between her legs as she played with herself. He could smell her arousal from the doorway, and he shook his head.

“What are you doing here?” Eric growled.

“I’m here for you, Master,” Yvetta purred, her accent thick with arousal. “I am, how do you say, a wedding present from the Queen.”

Eric rolled his eyes as he realized why Sophie-Anne had Andre usher Yvetta out of the room like she did. It was for this very reason. He had been given a toy to fuck. Sophie-Anne really was foolish if she thought this would work. He had no doubt this room was under surveillance; everything he did was being recorded. Sophie-Anne was expecting him to fuck the whore on his bed, especially after feeding on her earlier. And he was sure Sophie-Anne would arrange it so Sookie would see the footage of him betraying her and would leave her cheating husband. Sophie-Anne then would sweep in and claim Sookie for herself. As plans go, it was quite pathetic, Eric thought.

Rising to her knees, Yvetta crawled along the bed towards Eric, mistaking his silence for desire. Reaching out, she ran her hand down his chest. “I’m yours to do as you please,” she whispered. “I won’t say no. My body is yours.” She dragged her hand lower. “I will show you pleasure like you have never known before. I will do all the things your wife won’t. I will please you better than her…”

Striking out, Eric wrapped his hand around Yvetta’s throat. “You dare speak of my wife,” he growled as he glared at her.

“You want it rough,” Yvetta whimpered, her arousal coating her thighs. “That is fine.”

“I want nothing from you,” Eric snarled. “My wife, unlike you, is a lady. She is my lady. I have no use for disgusting whores like you. Have you no shame?” Pulling her off the bed, Eric tossed Yvetta to the floor. “You know I am married, and yet you still throw yourself at me like a common whore.”

Climbing to her knees, Yvetta stared up at Eric, fear and arousal warring in her eyes. “I’m a gift to you,” she said her voice shaky. She remembered Andre’s orders. She was supposed to seduce Eric. She was supposed to please the Sheriff in any way he desired. She was his reward, for what she didn’t know or care; all she knew was that the Queen and Andre wanted her to fuck Eric and make a show of it, and that was what she was going to do.

Crawling towards Eric, Yvetta lifted her hand and reached for his zipper. “I can suck your cock for you. I’m good with my mouth,” she offered. She smiled as she felt Eric’s hand in her hair, thinking she finally had him. Her smile turned into a grimace as she felt his hand pull on her hair roughly.

Grabbing a hold of her hair painfully, Eric dragged Yvetta towards the door. Pulling it open, he threw her into the corridor, uncaring that she was still naked.

“I don’t fuck whores,” Eric growled before slamming the door closed and locking it, leaving a humiliated Yvetta lying naked in the hallway.

Fucking Sophie-Anne, Eric cursed as he stalked through the room. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, Eric sent a quick text message to Pam, before hitting one on his speed dial.


Eric smiled as he heard the sleepy voice of his wife. “Hello Lover,” he greeted as he stripped the bed and collapsed on top of it.

“Eric?” Sookie questioned. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Lover; I am just getting ready to retire for the night and wanted to hear your voice,” Eric said.

“Sweet talker,” Sookie replied with a giggle.

“Only for Sookie,” Eric said with a chuckle. “Sleep darling. I will see you tomorrow.”

“Okay, love you,” Sookie whispered.

“Jag älskar dig,” Eric said before disconnecting the call. Closing his eyes, Eric let the image of his wife fill his mind as the sun claimed him for the day.


7 thoughts on “A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Thirteen

  1. I really hope that was the end of the plan with Yvetta. I was worried that they had plans for her to go into his room during his daytime rest and then edit the video to make it look real. Not that sookie would believe it – but still . . . .


  2. Hm….I hope Sookie has good protection during the day in the event that Andre has sent someone to “procure” Sookie while the vamps were at rest. Wouldn’t doubt they would still try to strong-arm Sookie and Eric at this point. Seems like Eric has a few heads to rip off in the near future.

    Great update!



  3. Sophie Anne is seriously demented; but crazy can still be very dangerous. Perhaps Eric should find a way to get out of that place and find a secure place to go to his day rest. Certainly don’t think you can trust Sophie Anne not to try something with humans or weres while they are out..


  4. Sophie Anne is obviously nothing but trouble. Hopefully Sookie will not believe anything that Andre, Sophie Anne, Yvetta or Hadley tell her about this night. Can’t wait for more.


  5. damn Yvetta was brought into this too, she was always a whore and nothing more and she proves it here, damn she is dense. as for SA and Andre, the games they play are childish, and soon their collective heads will roll , i am sure of it. KY


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