Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Nine

<<<Masque of the Red DeathChapter Nine

“So, will the yummy vampire be helping us with your little problem?” Claudette asked as she leaned back on the sofa in Sookie’s living room. Sookie had told her fairy friend all she had discovered from Bobby and just like the blonde telepath, Claudette was eager to make those responsible pay for their crimes. The pretty brunette had done a number of questionable things throughout her centuries, chief among them had been killing without thought, but to her attacking a pregnant woman bordered on the sacrilegious.

Children were considered the greatest blessing to the Fae. Live births were few and far between for their women, they didn’t conceive easily, and it was rare that a full-blooded female fairy would carry to term. Although Claudette didn’t want children herself, at least not at present, she still recognized the significance of protecting a pregnant female. Attacking a pregnant fairy was a crime punishable by death according to Fae law.

“He will,” Sookie replied, a smile spreading across her face when she thought about her yummy vampire. “Eric will be here tomorrow night and then we’ll go huntin’. The fuckers won’t know what hit ‘em,” A bloodthirsty glint entered Sookie’s eyes as she thought of the pain she would inflict upon the scum that had attacked Portia. She planned to go after the pieces of shit that assaulted Portia first, and after that she would hunt down those who were actually behind it. No one would escape her wrath. No mercy would be shown toward those who had hurt her family.

“I must confess, Sook, I’m almost jealous,” Claudette said, a playful look in her eyes when she caught the gaze of her boss and friend. “Your vampire is very yummy, and virtually a God when it comes to fucking. I’ve never been fucked as hard before. His cum was dripping outta me when I staggered outta Queen Freyda’s office.”

Sookie laughed at the near-blissful look on Claudette’s face as the fairy recalled her brief tumble with Eric. “Ya don’t have to tell me. The first time I met him, Eric practically bathed me in his cum. I’ve never met any man who can fuck like him,” she replied, seating and angling herself beside her friend so she could look into her eyes. “As ya mighta’ guessed from what ya popped into, Eric enjoys watchin’ as well.” A lusty grin spread across Sookie’s face as she recalled just what Eric had watched the night before.

“I got that,” Claudette said, nodding. “He certainly enjoyed watching me eat out the Queen before the party last night!”

“Eric and Freyda certainly had a good night last night,” Sookie remarked, thinking back on what the two of them had gotten up to before, during, and after the party. “They delighted in your talents before the party, fucked like it was an Olympic sport during the party, and then enjoyed my talents after the party…”

“So last night they fucked me, each other, and then you,” Claudette said, listing off all they had done. “I knew there was a reason I loved vampires,” she added cheekily with an impressed look. She knew Eric and Freyda were supposed to fuck during the party because the Queen had told her. The Oklahoma Queen had invited the fairy to witness the final consummation, but Claudette had been obliged to decline the invitation despite how much she wanted to attend the party. A prior engagement with her interfering Grandfather required her to return to Louisiana before midnight.

“Well, technically, only Freyda fucked me,” Sookie clarified with a pout. “Eric fingered me and I blew him, but we got interrupted before I could ride him until dawn.”

“That sucks,” Claudette commiserated, patting Sookie softly on the arm. She would have hated to have Eric there, hard and raring to go in front of her, and then be interrupted, forced to walk away. “At least you got to have his impressive cock in your mouth,” she added, looking on the bright side. “I bet he tasted amazing.” She waggled her brows while she spoke. She wanted to know if he tasted as mouth-watering as she imagined. She hadn’t had the chance to suck him off the night before, something that disappointed her because she loved being on her knees.

Sookie grinned saucily as she recalled the feel of Eric’s cock in her mouth, the taste of his cum as it slipped down her throat. “Fuckin’ incredible,” she said. Looking at her fairy friend, Sookie arched a brow while an idea formed in her mind. It wasn’t something she did often, and usually only with Warlow, but she had done it with Claudette a few times though never for fun. It was usually while they were working and suspected trouble. “Ya wanna see?”

Claudette Crane

Claudette perked up at Sookie’s words, knowing what she was offering. It wasn’t something that was done often by the Fae. Most of them had forgotten how to do it, having let their telepathic abilities become rusty and unused. Sookie was one of the few fairies who was proficient with the gift, essentially having taught herself how to both use it and shield herself off from other minds. Most fairies weren’t able to control it so they had simply silenced it, blocking their minds completely. Claudette had learned the basics when it came to controlling her telepathy, but even she wasn’t skilled as she should have been given her age. She could read someone if she had to and was able to communicate with other telepaths, but she couldn’t do half the things Sookie did. “Yes!” she exclaimed, practically salivating over the offer.

Sookie smirked at Claudette’s eagerness. Her fairy friend was a woman after her own heart. The pretty brunette enjoyed sex just as much as Sookie did, and was always one for sharing details. Repositioning on the sofa, Sookie placed one of her legs over Claudette’s while she rested her other against the back cushions. She took Claudette’s hands in her own and rested her head against the brunette’s as she closed her eyes.

Claudette moaned when the image of a naked Eric filled her mind. She closed her eyes and let Sookie’s memory take over. She saw everything through Sookie’s eyes; in her mind, she was in Sookie’s place. Claudette swore she felt the exact same things Sookie had. She could practically taste Eric on her tongue…

She hummed in pleasure as she wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked with delighted vigor. The time for teasing and taking her time would come later, but just then she needed to feel his stiff cock in her mouth, needed…wanted to taste his cum on her tongue right before she swallowed every drop down…

Claudette felt her body flood with arousal as she lost herself in what Sookie was projecting to her. She subconsciously began mimicking Sookie’s movements in her own mind. Even though she knew it was impossible, Claudette was positive she felt the chill of Eric’s cock in her mouth, felt as his head hit the back of her throat, and tasted him on her tongue. She shivered as the rest of the memory played out in her mind and Eric came, spilling his cum into Sookie’s mouth. Claudette found herself licking her lips, trying to catch a taste that she knew wasn’t there. “Oh fuck!” she cried, a shudder of fulfillment traveling through her. Opening her eyes, she met Sookie’s amused look and grinned at her friend, adding, “What I wouldn’t give to really feel his cock in my mouth!”

Sookie chuckled while she stroked her hands lightly over Claudette’s arms, easing her down off her mental high, “The only thing better than feelin’ his cock in ya mouth is feelin’ it in ya pussy…” Tilting her head slightly to the side, Sookie ghosted her lips over Claudette’s cheek before placing them next to the fairy’s left ear, “Or ya ass,” she added in a whisper. “That feels so fuckin’ good.” Sookie projected an older memory into Claudette’s mind as she spoke…

Sookie whimpered when she felt the head of Eric’s cock press against her ass. She couldn’t believe she was letting him do it, but the money was too good to pass up. Moreover, it felt right, as if he was supposed to be the first man to ever take her there.

The blonde dropped her head forward as Eric pushed slowly into her ass. She felt a slight discomfort as her muscles stretched around him, and she bit down hard on her lip to keep from crying out. The feel of his cock in her ass was strange, yet pleasurable. It hurt a little, but it wasn’t a bad hurt…

Claudette moaned as she watched the memory play out. Once again, she felt like she was in Sookie’s place, feeling everything that she once had, and she fucking loved it. “There’s no almost about it anymore, Sook. I am jealous,” Claudette confessed.

Sookie smirked as she projected more of her memories of Eric to her fairy friend. Sookie riled up Claudette, allowing her to see everything that had taken place in that hotel room six years prior. Sookie held nothing back, pushing the pretty brunette to the brink of orgasm without laying a single finger on her. She watched while Claudette shivered in delight, a soft, glowing light shimmering over the fairy’s skin as she reached her peak.

Sookie was just about to show Claudette everything that happened in the Queen’s office the previous night when her phone rang and broke the connection. She chuckled when she heard the fairy whimper in disappointment. A beaming smile spread across Sookie’s face when she picked up her phone and noticed who was calling. “Eric,” she greeted ardently as she answered the phone. “I was just thinkin’ ‘bout you.” Her tone was little more than a purr, letting her Viking know exactly about what she was thinking.

Eric could all but hear the desire dripping off her tone and he groaned, wishing he was there with her in that moment rather than having to deal with the fallout of Willa’s attack on Freyda. “Happy thoughts, I hope,” he said.

“Very, very happy,” Sookie replied. “I was tellin’ Claudette ‘bout how I sucked ya off after the party, and she was tellin’ me how hard ya fucked her before the party. I think she’s got a little crush on ya,” she added, flashing Claudette a teasing smile. “She was just tellin’ me how she wants to feel ya cock in her mouth…”

“Sookie!” Claudette cried, half-mortified, half-amused. Her telepathic friend lacked any kind of filter and while she usually enjoyed it, she wasn’t sure if she wanted her telling the vampire she had fucked the previous night that she had a crush on him! She didn’t have a crush on him, she was far too old for silly crushes. She wanted to fuck him, she wanted it hard, fast, and anyway he wanted, but that was all.

“I’m sure that can be arranged,” Eric replied with a chuckle. If his lover had no problem with it, he would eagerly let the fairy suck his cock. The brunette had certainly been gratifying to him the night before, and it had only been a hard and fast fuck. He hadn’t gotten the opportunity to enjoy everything she had to offer.

Sookie smirked at Claudette while she listened to Eric. She had to admit there was a large part of her that craved seeing her vampire and fairy together. She wanted to sit back and watch while they fucked as only a vampire and full-bloodied fairy could, violently and full of fervour. Then she wanted to join in. Sookie wanted to taste Eric’s cum in Claudette, she wanted to feel Eric’s cock stretching her pussy while she ate out Claudette. She wanted it all!

Putting her phone onto speaker, Sookie held out her phone out slightly in front of her as she reshuffled on the sofa again. “Would you like that, Eric?” She asked, a twinkle in her eye as she watched her fairy friend squirm in her seat. “Do you want to feel Claudette’s plump lips wrapped around your cock?”

Claudette shot her friend a dirty look, but she couldn’t hold back the whimper as the image of a naked Eric appeared in her mind once again. She knew it was Sookie who was projecting the image into her head, and the pretty brunette didn’t know whether to thank her or kill her. She could see Eric in what seemed like full HD quality in her mind, his cock jutting out, full, proud.

“I want her on her knees before me,” Eric replied, momentarily forgetting the reason he was calling. His blonde-haired Hellcat had the ability to shut his mind down with just the sound of her voice. She was the other half of him, the half that made him whole, and he was powerless to resist her, not that he wanted to resist her. He wanted everything she had to give him and more. It wasn’t like he could do anything about Freyda and Willa then anyway, so why shouldn’t he have a little fun? “I want to feel her warm, wet mouth wrapped around my hard cock…”

“Ya want her to suck your cock,” Sookie said, interrupting him. Her tone came out as a purr, increasing the arousal between the three of them. “Claudette is so good at suckin’ cock, Eric. She knows all the tricks, and she’s got no gag reflex. She can take ya down her throat. Ya wanna feel that, baby? Would ya like to feel your cock slidin’ down her throat?”

Claudette moaned when Sookie’s words caused the images in her head to become even clearer. Although, how that was possible, she didn’t know. However, at that moment she didn’t care, she was happy to just sit back and enjoy….

Eric laid Claudette on the top of his desk, and then walked around it. Her head hung over the side, and a jolt of pleasure ran through the fairy as she realized what he was going to do. She clenched her thighs together, trying to put off her arousal. Claudette shivered as she felt Eric move to the side of the desk where her head hung. Her mouth opened on instinct as she felt him brush against her….

“Oh God!” Claudette cried as the Eric in her mind slid his cock into her mouth. She swore she could feel everything as if it was really happening. Without conscious thought, Claudette’s hands began to move over her own body, cupping her full breasts through her plain white, low-cut vest. She pinched her nipples while the fantasy played out in her head.

“Fuck, yes,” Eric grunted, picturing the fairy on her knees before him with his cock in her mouth. He could hear Claudette’s small mewls of pleasure as if she was there with him, and it increased his own arousal. “I would fist my hands in her hair and fuck her pretty mouth so hard…”

“She’d love that,” Sookie replied while she ran her eyes over the horny-looking fairy. “Claudette loves being fucked hard. It makes her so wet. She loves it when it hurts. My little fairy loves nothin’ more than bein’ tied up and dominated. She cums so hard. She doesn’t usually play with vampires that way, but I think she’d make an exception for you…”

“Yes,” Claudette hissed, agreeing with Sookie. She would make an exception for Eric. As long as Sookie was there to protect, watch, and join in, she would allow the vampire to dominate her. She would allow him to do anything he wanted. She would happily be his whore for the night.

A devilish smile lit up Sookie’s face as she watched Claudette yank up her top and cup her bare breasts. As usual, the brown-haired fairy had gone without underwear, making Sookie briefly wonder why Claudette even bought the stuff. Nudging her fairy friend softly, Sookie held up the phone to Claudette, wordlessly asking her a question. The blonde licked her lips when she saw Claudette nod her head slightly, giving her permission.

“Mmm, a sweet little fairy completely at my mercy,” Eric growled, picturing the brunette tied to a bed while he did all kinds of wicked things to her. He felt his cock press painfully against his jeans, so he popped open the button and lowered his zipper to try to alleviate some pressure. Eric frowned when he heard his phone beep, signaling that he had a new picture message. Opening the message, Eric groaned when he saw a picture of Claudette leaning back on a sofa and playing with her beautiful bare breasts. “I want to fuck her tits,” he said, saving the picture, “and shoot my cum all over them. I want a picture of her wearing nothing except my cum.”

“That can be arranged,” Sookie informed him while she rose to her feet and made her way to her home office. She grabbed her iPad off her desk and quickly hurried back to the living room. “Claudette, what d’ya say? D’ya want it?”

Claudette’s eyes popped open when she heard Sookie’s question. They widened slightly when she realized what Sookie was really asking, and she nodded her head as she said, “Yes. I want his cum on me, in me. He can take as many pictures as he wants…”

“Oh, no, I’ll be the one takin’ the pictures,” Sookie interrupted wickedly, placing the iPad on the coffee table. Her body hummed with need as she imagined it. She wouldn’t share Eric with just anybody, but she didn’t mind letting him play with Claudette. Next to Maria-Star, Claudette was her best female friend, and it wouldn’t be the first time they had shared a man. Hell, they had shared women as well. The Queen of New York was one of their favorite vampires with whom they played. “I want to video you while you fuck.”

“Fuck!” Eric cursed, wanting her to do just that. He wanted her to video every naughty thing he did with the fairy. He wanted a picture of Claudette on his cock.

“Mmm, is the thought of all this makin’ ya hard, baby?” Sookie purred, hearing the desire in his voice. “D’ya want a picture of Claudette’s lips wrapped ‘round ya big, hard cock? Just imagine ya cum drippin’ outta her mouth. It’s makin’ Claudette hot,” she added as she turned her gaze to the flirty fairy. “Ya should see her, Eric. She’s got her hand in her shorts touchin’ herself. Did ya get to taste her last night?” She knew he hadn’t. Her Viking had only managed to get his dick wet in her fairy, but she enjoyed tormenting him. “She tastes so sweet, like the purest honey. I love fuckin’ her with my tongue and tastin’ her on my lips…”

“I want a picture of that,” Eric growled while he reached into his jeans and pulled out his hard cock. “I want to see your head between her legs. I want to hear her cries of pleasure as you fuck her with your tongue… I want to feel a pair of lips wrapped around my cock,” he added while he wrapped his hand around his aching cock. He was so hard it hurt, and he needed some relief.

“If I was there, I’d suck ya cock until you came in my mouth,” Sookie replied, shivering at the hunger in his voice. “Or, better yet, I’d sit back and watch while Claudette sucked ya off…”

At that moment, Eric wasn’t sure what he wanted more. Sookie on her knees before him, or Claudette’s lips wrapped around his cock while his Hellcat watched them. Eric loved being watched, he was quite the showman and having eyes on him made him bring his A game. Fucking was one of his many talents and he always loved to practice.

“Would ya like that, Eric?” Sookie purred. “D’ya want me to watch while ya get ya cock sucked? I loved watchin’ ya fuck Freyda last night. It made me so wet, I just wanted to finger myself in the middle of the ballroom.”

“Fuck, Lover,” Eric cursed, her words driving him mad. “I need to feel something other than my own hand on my cock,” he told her. Jerking off wasn’t going to cut it this time. The whole mess with Freyda. Willa, and Bill had stirred up his bloodlust and Sookie’s words had only added to that. He needed to sink his cock into someone. He would have gone to his child, Freyda, for some relief, but after being attacked with silver, she wasn’t in any real shape to help him work out his frustrations.

“Isn’t Freyda there to help ya out?” Sookie asked. She knew the Queen had been attacked after receiving the message Eric had sent her earlier, but he told her she was fine, just a little banged up.

“She’s recovering from the attack,” Eric replied with a grunt as he squeezed his cock a little harder. After tossing Bill in a cell, Eric had made sure Freyda had a number of donors whom she could feed on so she could heal quicker. He had left his child in the donor house to be pampered by some of the donors. The last thing he had seen before he left the donor house and returned to the main house, and his room, had been his child, naked, and feeding from one donor while another ate her out.

“She’s gonna be okay, right?” Sookie asked, concerned, temporarily forgetting her playfulness. She genuinely liked the Queen of Illinois, and not just because she was Eric’s child. Freyda was fun to be around, not to mention gifted at eating pussy.

“She will be fine,” Eric reassured her, pleased that she was concerned about his child. “She is currently being tended to by some of her favorite donors. Freyda is feeling much better.”

Sookie giggled, understanding what Eric meant. “Aww, poor Eric, hard as granite and left all alone,” she replied teasingly. Snatching her iPad off the coffee table, Sookie tapped on the screen a few times before placing it back on the table. “I’ve got a horny fairy here just achin’ to feel ya cock in her…”

Eric growled, his control near the breaking point. He doubted Sookie knew what she was doing, what she would be in for the next time they were face to face. Neither Sookie or Claudette would be able to walk straight by the time he was finished with them. The sound of his phone beeping again had Eric letting out a string of curses as he realized that Sookie had sent him a video file. He was almost hesitant to click on it, but he couldn’t resist. Hitting play, Eric’s fangs snapped down with a loud click as footage of Claudette appeared on his phone. He couldn’t tear his eyes off the screen as he watched the half-naked fairy playing with herself. He couldn’t see all he wanted since she was still wearing her shorts, but it was enough to make him want more. He wanted to see Claudette naked with her legs spread wide while she fingered herself. The fairy was fucking gorgeous, second only to his Hellcat.

“Sookie,” Eric snarled, half-in warning, half-in gratitude. He was so close to snapping, and, unfortunately for him, his Hellcat was nowhere near him so he could fuck her like he wanted. “The next time we see each other I am going to fuck you so hard. I won’t care if anyone else is around. I will bend you over the nearest piece of furniture and thrust my hard cock into your tight, wet cunt…”

“Promise?” Sookie purred in reply. She giggled when she heard Eric groan. She would be happy to take everything he had to offer. “Mmm, I can’t wait to see ya again. My pussy needs to feel ya big, hard cock in it. I’m gonna fuck…” The rest of Sookie’s words died on her lips when she heard a feminine voice over the phone.

“Eric, are you in here? Oh my, I guess you are…”

Eric smirked when he saw Nora enter his room. He had forgotten she was looking into helping Willa and was supposed to tell him if the mystery person would help them. His Hellcat seemed to have that effect on him.

“I would ask if you’re pleased to see me, but I doubt that…” she flicked a finger at Eric’s cock as she spoke, “is for me. It’s such a shame as I love playing with it…”

“Eric, who’s that?” Sookie asked curiously. She recognized the voice, but just couldn’t place it. Sookie wasn’t sure or not if she should be jealous. She knew it wasn’t logical for her to be jealous while she had a masturbating fairy on her sofa, but feelings were rarely logical.

“That is Nora Gainesborough,” Eric replied, leaving out his relationship to her for the moment. He knew his sister and Hellcat had fucked, and he wanted to know if Sookie would recognize Nora’s name.

“The spokeswoman of the AVL?” Sookie questioned, although why she was asking she didn’t know since she doubted there were two vampire Nora Gainesboroughs. If it was that Nora, Sookie knew her all too well. She had spent a very enjoyable night with her. She would have liked to have spent more time with the brunette, but Sookie had been in the middle of organizing a party for the Council at the time and couldn’t spare more than one night.

Deciding to tease Sookie like she had been teasing him, Eric mouthed instructions to Nora as he clicked on the camera on his phone. He snapped a picture of his sister and sent it to Sookie. “You tell me?”

Sookie frowned at the question, confused by what he meant until she felt her phone vibrate telling her she had a new message. She moaned when she opened the picture. “That’s her,” she replied while she stared at the image of a topless Nora. “Her tits are as nice as I remember. I loved sucking on them.”

“So Nora told me,” Eric said, eye fucking his vampire sister as he spoke. “She told me how much she loved feeling your head between her legs. Tell me, Lover, did you enjoy having my sister eat your pussy?”

“Sister?” It took Sookie a minute to realize what Eric said as she had been too busy recalling the taste of Nora’s juices on her tongue. Her tumble with Nora had been one of Sookie’s more enjoyable encounters, especially when Nora had taken out her strap on and fucked the blonde for over an hour. She had cum so many times she lost count.

“Oh yes. Nora is my sister,” Eric replied, his tone taking on a leering quality. It always felt dirty when he referred to Nora as his sister when he was talking about sex, and he fucking loved it. He loved how illicit it sounded. “Did you enjoy fucking my sister, Lover?”

“Yes,” Sookie moaned, a jolt of arousal shooting through her at the memory. “I loved fuckin’ her. If I was there right now, I’d bury my head between her thighs and make her scream.”

Eric growled at the thought of his Hellcat and sister fucking. That was something he definitely wanted to see. He briefly wondered if he should make a list of the things he wanted to see his Lover do. “It is a shame you are not here; I would love to watch you lick my sister’s pussy,” Eric smirked as a thought popped into his head, and he crooked a finger at Nora, calling her closer. “Perhaps I can take your place. Would you like that, Sookie?” He asked while he took one of Nora’s little hands in his larger one and wrapped it around his cock. He grunted when Nora started to stroke him slowly. “Would you like to listen to my sister scream as I eat her pussy? Do you want to hear me fucking her?”

Sookie whimpered as her mind was overloaded with images of Eric and Nora fucking. She could almost hear Nora’s screams of pleasure. “No,” she replied in a strangled cry. “I wanna watch,” she added before Eric got the wrong impression and put a stop to their fun.

A shit-eating grin spread across Eric’s face at her words. He knew full well what she wanted, and he was happy to give it to her. “You have sixty seconds, Lover,” he told her before disconnecting the call. Tossing the phone to the side, Eric reached for Nora, fisting his hand in her hair and yanked her to him, crushing their lips together in a brutal kiss. “Want to help me give my Lover a show?”

Nora grinned up at Eric before turning her back to him. She walked slowly to his large bed, stripping her clothes off as she went. Reaching the bed, Nora crawled onto it and turned to face her brother again. “It would be my pleasure,” she said as she kneeled naked in the middle of the bed.

Eric quickly stripped off his clothes and raced to the bed. Climbing onto it, Eric leaned back against his headboard and parted his legs slightly. He licked his lips while he watched his sister crawl toward him. It had been too long since they had the chance to play together and he was looking forward to enjoying her talents again. Grabbing the small remote on his bedside cabinet, Eric turned his TV on and waited for his Hellcat to come online.


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