A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Twelve

Bill watched with barely concealed glee from his hiding spot in the trees around Sookie and Eric’s property as Eric drove away in his car. The Queen having come through for him and calling the Sheriff away, left Sookie free for his manipulations. He grinned as he saw a sullen looking Sookie shuffle back into the house.

“Soon,” Bill whispered as he backed away quickly and sped back to his house.

He would give her a little bit of time to herself before he would take a steady stroll over to her house and disturb her under the guise of needing to see the Sheriff. Bill was well aware that he had to play this just right. He needed to give Eric enough time to get far enough away, and he had to make sure Sookie did not get the impression that he was lurking and spying on her from the woods surrounding their houses.

Bill paced back and forth, his injuries having almost all healed from Pam’s torture session thanks to the fangbanger he had found at the local bar, Merlotte’s. The donor Selah brought to him the next night hadn’t been suitable at all. She had been practically decrepit and wouldn’t have survived him feeding off her. Bill had briefly considered feeding on her regardless, but Selah had informed him she was her bosses mother and Bill had realized the old lady was someone who would most definitely be missed. Selah hadn’t been in any condition to feed him, so Bill had been forced to venture out into the town.

He had been pleasantly surprised to find a well used fangbanger working at Merlotte’s and hadn’t wasted any time in taking her himself, feeding from her the first time in the parking lot of the bar. With his strength slowly returning, Bill hadn’t been happy when Selah had informed him she was going out of town for a week; her boss had signed her up for a conference in Chicago and she hadn’t been able to get out of it. Bill had forced her to try, but her boss was unwavering. As much as he hated it, Bill knew he couldn’t prevent her from going if he wanted to maintain his cover, so he had reluctantly allowed her to go. He had been lucky in finding the fangbanger at Merlotte’s and had arranged for her to visit him nightly and for her to bring her friends, all willing fangbangers as well. Bill had fed well for the last three nights, taking his fill of at least half a dozen donors. He still hadn’t been able to become sexually aroused due to the silver and glass that had embedded in his penis, so he hadn’t been able to sate his other hungers, but that hadn’t stopped him enjoying them in other ways.

A smile spread across his face as he recalled the sight of the brown haired fangbanging waitress from Merlotte’s tied to his bed, her legs spread wide while a pretty little blonde ate her out. He hadn’t even had to glamour the brunette to do anything, she had been more than willing, and had done everything Bill had asked of her. Bill groaned as the memories played out through his mind, the brunette, Dawn, he remembered, had been even more willing to please than Hadley. She would strip naked as soon as she entered his house and do anything he asked and often offering suggestions herself. She loved sitting down on his lap, her legs thrown over his knees, spreading herself wide for whoever he ordered to kneel between them and eat her out while she offered him her neck. She would place his hands on his breasts and beg him to pinch her nipples to the point of pain.

Over the course of the few nights, Bill had learned Dawn knew Sookie, used to work with her, and also had dated Sookie’s brother, Jason. He could sense the bitterness in her tone whenever she spoke about Sookie. She resented the blonde telepath for having what she wanted, Eric. Dawn had tried to seduce the Viking vampire, but without any success back when Eric and Sookie had first met. Dawn spoke harshly about Sookie, happy to tell Bill anything he wanted to know about her. Bill considered briefly making her his companion instead of Selah; she had a history with both Sookie and Eric. It might make Sookie uncomfortable seeing her so close to Eric again, and he could definitely use that to his advantage. The only thing that stopped him was how crass and uncouth she was. Bill wouldn’t be able to maintain his mainstreaming cover if his companion was the local vampires’ bike. While Selah wasn’t as pleasing as Dawn, she was more refined and would benefit him. No, for the time being, Selah would be his companion and Dawn would be his whore. His very willing whore.

Checking the time, Bill smiled; enough time had passed for him to make his first move. Heading towards the door, Bill slipped out into the night and crossed the cemetery towards the old Stackhouse property. Climbing onto the porch, Bill raised his hand and knocked on the door. He ran a hand through his hair, straightening it as he waited for Sookie to answer. He already had his excuse for calling on her on the tip of his tongue, his need to see his Sheriff was as good an excuse as any and he doubted Sookie was bright enough to know he was lying. Bill frowned as the minutes ticked by without any answer, knocking again louder, he took a step back and cast his eyes over the house and for the first time noticed how quiet it was. Reaching forward, he tried the door and discovered it was locked. Bill groaned in frustration as he hopped off the porch and circled the house. He peered through the living room window and swore as he realized Sookie wasn’t there and the house was empty. Taking a quick look around the property, Bill cursed as he saw Sookie’s car gone.

“Inconsiderate bitch,” Bill mumbled under his breath as he stomped back to his house and climbed into his own car. Starting the engine, Bill paused as he wondered where she would have gone. From what he had learned from Dawn, Sookie didn’t spend much time hanging around Bon Temps. She rarely ventured out to Merlotte’s, having had an argument with her former boss years ago, and was only really ever there when she was meeting with her brother. Given that Eric was out of town for a couple of nights, she could have made plans to meet up with Jason, Bill theorized.

Heading to his car in the direction of Merlotte’s, Bill decided to start his search there and hope for the best. Pulling into the parking lot of the bar, Bill was disappointed to realize neither Sookie’s nor Jason’s vehicles were there. He turned his car around and headed towards Jason’s house, deciding to see if Sookie was visiting her brother. He struck out again when he found Jason’s house empty as well. Realizing he only had one place left to try, Bill turned his car and headed towards Shreveport, secretly hoping he wouldn’t find her at Fangtasia, where he had no doubt Pam was.

Bill groaned as he pulled into Fangtasia’s parking lot and saw both Sookie’s car and Jason’s truck. She would have to be here, Bill cursed silently as he climbed out his car and headed towards the door; he nodded at the unfamiliar vampire manning the door before slipping inside. He flicked his eyes over the inside of the club, looking for Sookie. He spied her straight away sitting in what he knew to be, Eric’s booth. He was surprised to see only Jason with her, half expecting to see Pam glued to her side while her Master was away. Heading towards the bar, Bill stayed at the edge of it, away from the hustle of activity, and he ordered a True Blood. Keeping Sookie in his line of sight, Bill sat down on the barstool; there was too much noise in the bar for him to overhear what Sookie and Jason were talking about, much to his chagrin. So lost in his observation of Sookie and Jason, Bill failed to see the other vampires in the bar watching him carefully.

“Is he for real?” Jason asked as he slammed his empty glass back on the table. “He’s about as subtle as a marching band.”

“He’s not aware we know the real reason he is here,” Sookie replied with a shrug as she flicked her eyes over the bar in a seemingly dismissive manner. She smiled softly as she saw Thalia molded herself against the wall behind Bill without him realizing.

“So he’s stupid as well,” Jason snorted.

“Uninformed and overconfident,” Sookie said as she turned her gaze back to her brother.

“Stupid,” Jason countered. “Even if I didn’t know what’s going on, I’d still find that suspicious. He’s staring at you like he’s a starving dog and you’re a juicy slab of meat.”

“He does kinda stick out like a sore thumb,” Sookie replied, chuckling slightly at how very obvious Bill was acting. “I guess he wasn’t as informed as he thought.”

“Fucking Hadley,” Jason growled as he signalled a waitress for another beer. “I swear Sook, if that tattling little bitch shows up like you suspect I’m gonna put her over my knee and spank her until she can’t sit down for a week.”

“From what I’ve heard about our dear ol’ cousin, she might like that,” Sookie said, waving off the waitress as she returned with Jason’s beer. “She’s always been a jealous, spiteful brat, Jas. It’s not like she’s changed.”

“You’re not telling me you’re not mad at her?” Jason scoffed. “She sold you out, Sook. It’s her fault we’re stuck with the Civil War reject in Bon Temps.”

“Oh, I’m plenty mad,” Sookie admitted as she took a sip of her drink. “I’m just not that surprised. It’s not like the first time Hadley has sold us out, and I doubt it’ll be the last. The only person Hadley cares about is Hadley. She showed that when she stole Aunt Linda’s silver when she was dying. She can’t blame the drugs for everything she did. She was a selfish bitch long before she got her first fix.”

“Still think she deserves a good lashing,” Jason replied. “Hell, she’s deserved one for years.”

“If she shows up I’ll guarantee she’ll get one,” Sookie promised darkly. “She ain’t getting away with this Jas.”

“Just make sure I’m around to see it,” Jason replied, frowning as he saw Bill inch around the bar and closer to them. “Can he hear us?”

“No,” Sookie said as she shook her head.

“How can you be so sure?” Jason asked curiously.

“Look at him, he’s practically falling off his seat trying to get closer so he can listen in to what we are saying,” Sookie replied her lips curling into a smile as she explained it to Jason. “He’s becoming frustrated that he can’t hear what we are saying. There’re too many people in here for him to filter out everyone else, and if he knew what we were talking about he would have made a move by now. Plus, Eric had a privacy spell placed around this booth. He often uses it for business. He’d have to stand right next to it to actually overhear what we are saying.”

“You could have started with that,” Jason snorted.

“My way was more fun,” Sookie replied with a laugh.

“How long before he approaches you, do you reckon?” Jason asked as he saw Bill practically fidget in his chair.

“I’ll give him another fifteen minutes before he finds an excuse to come over here,” Sookie guessed. “He’ll probably make up some excuse about wanting to see Eric.”

“Ten minutes and his excuse will be bringing you another drink,” Jason countered. He tapped his fingers against the table as they counted off the seconds, “I don’t get it. Why’d they think you’d be attracted to that? Why’d they think anyone would be attracted to that?”

“Damned if I know,” Sookie snorted. “He’s definitely not my type.”

“Word round Merlotte’s is he’s Dawn’s though,” Jason said. “According to Lafayette, she’s been seeing him for the last few nights. She’s been practically bragging to Laf about her nights with Vampire Bill.”

“Explains why he looks so healed,” Sookie mused, “if he’s feeding off her. At least we got Selah away from him.”

“Bastard deserves a stake up the ass for what he did to her,” Jason spat in disgust. Sookie had told Jason everything, wanting him to be aware of what was going on and the lengths Bill was willing to go. “Does he know Selah’s not coming back yet?”

“I doubt it,” Sookie replied. “He has no idea that Eric was behind her being sent to the conference in Chicago and that she’s being offered a high paying job while there. She’s beyond his reach now.”

“Seems like he’s replaced her with Dawn,” Jason growled.

“Not quite,” Sookie said sadly. “From what Maxwell says Dawn is with him willingly. He hasn’t glamoured her to do or tell him anything. In fact, he says she’s enjoying herself. I’m sorry, Jason. I know you cared about her.”

“She was only using me, Sook,” Jason replied dejectedly. “I know that. She wanted Eric. It’s why I asked him to glamour me to stay away from her. I knew I wasn’t strong enough at the time and I wasn’t gonna let her hurt you like that.”

“You’re stronger than you know, Jason,” Sookie said truthfully. “She was never a threat to my relationship to Eric, but you still wanted to protect me.”

“Thanks,” Jason said sheepishly.

“Here we go,” Sookie whispered, her eyes briefly flicking to the side as Bill slowly approached their table.

“Nine minutes, I win,” Jason crooned proudly. “You owe me dinner.”

“Like I wasn’t gonna cook for you anyway,” Sookie groused playfully as Bill reached their table. Sookie bit back a smile as she saw Thalia and Clancy move closer to her.

“I saw you had finished your drink,” Bill said as he placed a gin and tonic on the table in front of Sookie, “so I had the bartender make you another.”

“Thank you,” Sookie replied as she pushed the drink to the side; there was no way she was ever going to drink anything he ever gave her.

“Told you,” Jason sang nearly bouncing in his seat. “Predictable.”

“Hush,” Sookie scolded lightly, fighting the urge to wag a finger at him in a playful manner. “What brings you to Fangtasia tonight, Mr. Compton?”

“Bill, as I have told you, call me Bill,” Bill replied, smiling in what he thought was a soothing manner. “I’m hoping to see the Sheriff. I have something I would like to discuss with him.”

“Damn,” Jason groused under his breath.

My husband is not here tonight,” Sookie replied smoothly. As you well know you lying, two-faced, snake in the grass, she added silently. “He was called out of town on a business matter.”

“Oh, that is unfortunate,” Bill lied as he slinked closer ready to lay on the charm. “He didn’t invite you to join him?”

“There was no reason for him too,” Sookie said simply, barely restraining herself from rolling her eyes and knowing full well where Bill was heading with it.

“Still a beautiful lady like you should not be left alone,” Bill replied smarmily. “Forgive me for speaking ill of my Sheriff, but he is a fool for leaving you behind. You should be shown off for all to see, not hidden away in the shadows of a place like this.”

“I’ll forgive you for speaking ill of your Sheriff,” Sookie said, as she angled her head to stare at Bill. She grinned at the smug look that spread across his face; oh how she was gonna enjoy washing that look off. “I won’t, however,” she continued her eyes narrowing into slits, “forgive you for speaking ill of my husband.”

“Sookie…” Bill started taken aback by the venom in her voice.

“Mrs. Northman or Mistress,” Sookie spat as she prepared to tear a strip of him. “I haven’t given you the permission to address me in such an informal and familiar manner. My husband, your Sheriff, might not be here this evening, but that doesn’t mean you can take liberties that you wouldn’t dare take if he was. Well, not unless you wish to receive another punishment,” Sookie smirked as she saw Bill’s eye widened as he realized she knew all about his punishment and why. “Yes, Mr. Compton, I’m aware that you were punished, and I also know why; and I find your actions disgusting. You pretend to be a gentleman, but I believe it’s clear to us all that you’re not. Now if that is all, please leave.”

Bill stood by the table, shocked by her words. Never in all his life as a vampire had a human ever talked to him in such a way. He could feel the sting of humiliation creeping up on him as the sounds around him penetrated his little bubble. She had embarrassed him in the middle of the bar in front of other vampires. If it wasn’t for his mission, he would have demanded retribution from her Master and made Eric punish her in front of him. But there was no way he could do that and still gain her trust. He flexed his fingers as he fought the urge to snap her neck.

“My apologizes, Mrs. Northman,” Bill said, trying his best to seem contrite. “I didn’t mean to offend you or your husband. I was merely…”

“Trying to hit on my sister while her husband is away,” Jason supplied helpfully, thoroughly enjoying watching his sister tear strips off him.

“I was doing no such thing,” Bill replied feigning offense.

“Yeah, right,” Jason snorted. “You’ve been staring at her since the minute you walked in.”

“Your sister is a very beautiful woman,” Bill said, casting his eyes towards Sookie. “You cannot blame a man for staring.”

“She’s also a very married one,” Jason countered, “and I guarantee her husband will rip your eyes out if he catches you.”

“The Sheriff is not here,” Bill replied arrogantly.

“No, but his Child is,” Pam said as smoothly joined the conversation, making Bill take a step back. “You’re looking awfully pink, Bill,” she remarked as she slid into the booth beside Sookie, telling Bill she saw him as no threat. “Have you fallen off the mainstreaming wagon?”

Bill glared at Pam but said nothing. He cursed himself for not hearing her approach until she was beside him. Clenching his fist, Bill tried to rein in his anger, his big plan to befriend Sookie slowly unravelling before his very eyes.

“Can vampires re-grow their eyeballs?” Jason asked suddenly making Sookie bite back a laugh as she saw Bill flinch slightly.

“It’s very painful and takes quite a long time, but yes,” Pam answered turning her attention to Jason. “Why do you ask?”

“I was just wondering if the Civil War reject would be able to re-grow his eyeballs if Eric ripped them out,” Jason replied with a shrug.

“Why would Eric rip Bill’s eyes out?” Pam asked nonplussed.

“For staring at Sookie like a dog in heat,” Jason answered, grinning as he watched Pam’s eyes narrow in anger.

“Have you been spying on my Mistress again?” Pam growled. “Maybe you would like another art lesson.”

“It was a simple misunderstanding,” Bill said as he backed up. “I meant her no harm or disrespect.”

“What are you doing here Compton?” Pam spat.

“He said he wants to see the Sheriff,” Sookie said before he had a chance to answer. “I explained Eric is away on business, and then he kinda insulted him. And now he’s leaving. Isn’t that right, Mr Compton?”

“Yes,” Bill said quickly as he continued to back up. “I will return and visit the Sheriff another night,” spinning on his heels, he practically ran from the club.

“Follow him,” Sookie ordered as she called Clancy over. “I want to know if he’s heading back to Bon Temps or is heading elsewhere.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Clancy said before speeding after the retreating Bill.

“Did he really think that’d work?” Jason asked.

“Apparently,” Sookie replied, a frown marring her features as she stared at the empty throne on the dais.

“Sookie?” Jason said softly.

“He will be fine,” Pam said as she saw where Sookie was staring. “The Queen won’t be foolish enough to try anything tonight.”

“I still worry,” Sookie admitted with a sad little smile.

“Just like he is no doubt worrying about you,” Pam replied. “He will be home tomorrow night and you both will be safe.”

“I hope so,” Sookie whispered.

Sook,” Jason said softly as he reached for her hand, “Eric will fuck up anyone who tries to stand in his way.”

“Jason!” Sookie chastised.

“What? You married a badass, sis,” Jason replied unapologetically. “That bitch won’t know what hit her if she tries anything. I’m more worried about you. You have that jackass living next door to you. He might try something when you get home.”

“I have Pam and Thalia staying with me tonight,” Sookie assured him. “Diantha and the Weres are on guard in the morning. I’m well protected.”

“You sure?” Jason asked. “Cause I can go shove a broom up his ass now for you, if you like?”

“Ooh, I want to see that,” Pam cut in giddily. “Let’s do that.”

“No,” Sookie said, giggling as she pulled Pam back into the booth. “You can’t do that without Eric. He’d pout if he missed it.”

“You sure you’ll be all right, Sook?” Jason asked, happy to hear her laugh.

Looking around the bar, Sookie smiled as she saw all her vampires milling around keeping an eye on her. “Yeah,” she said softly. “I’ll be fine.”


10 thoughts on “A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Twelve

  1. I agree I like stories where Jason and Sookie get along with each other and Bill is really a douche and he now should know not to underestimate Sookie. Haven’t they realized how stupid Hadley can be. Looking forward to more of the story.


  2. “He’s about as subtle as a marching band.” HA! Loved Jason’s opening remark when he saw Bill slink in to Fangtasia. Jason as Sookie’s back, that’s for sure. Aw….he wanted to be glamored to stay away from Dawn because he didn’t want that skank nearby to hit on Eric. Very sweet of her bro. Now, what other recourse does Bill have, other than force? And…how is our Viking faring with the petulant bitch Queen of the Damned? Great update! Adore how you wrote Jason….



  3. I love that rather than looking down on her for being human, all the vampires are willing to look out for her and treat her like their mistress. And yeah, Jason is right, she married a badass 😉 Love Jason with, if not brains, at least a bit of common sense.


  4. I love the dynamic this story between Sookie and all the vampires. I love how she was able to just order Clancy to follow Bill and he’s is, yes, Mistress. I love how Jason is supportive of his sister and all the cracks he made about the Civil War reject I love the fact that Sookie is able to tear strips out a bill. “Can vampires regrow their eyeballs?” That is fucking priceless. And I can definitely see Eric getting. If he didn’t get what Jason shove a broomstick up bills ass. LOL


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