A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Twenty-One


“Close the door,” Sophie-Anne ordered, as she turned to face Sookie. Crossing her arms, Sophie-Anne took a minute to let her eyes fall over Sookie again. She couldn’t wait to add to her collection. Sookie and Hadley together would make her a lot of money; the two of them could pass for sisters, and Sophie-Anne knew quite a few people, vampires as well as humans, who would pay for a lot of money for that. “Tell me about yourself, girl,” Sophie-Anne said, as she perched herself on the edge of the bed.

“Well, for starters, your majesty, my name is Sookie Northman, not girl,” Sookie replied, her tone containing just a hint of the fire she possessed. “What else would you like to know?” She added sweetly.

Sophie-Anne smirked at Sookie, her eyes and assessing her carefully. The girl had fire, and Sophie-Anne liked that; it meant she would fight back, and that meant breaking her would be all the sweeter.

“How long have you and my sheriff been married?” she asked, even though she already knew the answer.

“Two years,” Sookie answered truthfully.

“A blink of an eye to vampires,” Sophie-Anne replied dismissively. “It’s curious that Eric has kept you to himself until recently,” she mused, tapping a finger to her lips. “One would almost think that he was trying to hide you. I wonder why that could be? Shame, or maybe fear.”

“I’m not sure I understand, your majesty,” Sookie said, feigning confusion, as she barely restrain from rolling her eyes. Sophie-Anne was even stupider than Pam claimed if she thought her little digs were going to work. “You should ask my husband.”

“It’s of no matter,” Sophie-Anne said, waving off her own question. “I know of you now; that is all that matters.” Leaning back on her hands, Sophie-Anne crossed her legs, allowing her dress to rise up her thighs. “They tell me you’re a telepath,” she said, as she tilted her head to the side.

“I am,” Sookie admitted. It wasn’t a secret any longer, and Sophie-Anne herself had already referred to her as such.

“Fascinating,” Sophie-Anne purred. “Tell me, what am I thinking?”

“You’re brain dead to me,” Sookie blurted out. Seeing the look of fury in Sophie-Anne’s eyes, she quickly added, “Vampires. I meant vampires are brain dead to me. I can’t read them.”

“That’s unfortunate,” Sophie-Anne huffed.

”Not from where I’m standing,” Sookie snorted.

“Tell me, Sookie,” Sophie-Anne began, as she rose to her feet and stepped closer to the blonde telepath. “Are you with Eric of your own free will?”

“I am,” Sookie answered.

“Are you sure?” Sophie-Anne pressed, as she moved in even closer to Sookie.

Sookie swallowed down her disgust as Sophie-Anne all but pressed her body against hers. She could feel a faint tickle against her mind, and she knew Sophie-Anne was trying to glamour her.

“Positive,” Sookie replied, her tone firm.

Pushing her mind more firmly against Sookie’s, Sophie-Anne pressed the young telepath against the wall with her body, caging her in. “No, Eric took you against your will,” she said. Darting her tongue out, Sophie-Anne licked her lips and added, “You want to come and live with me at my palace in New Orleans. You want to be with your queen. You want to please me, don’t you?”

Lifting her head slightly, Sookie feigned a confused look. “No, your majesty,” she said. “I want to stay with Eric. I love Eric. I am his.”

Sophie-Anne startled at Sookie’s reply, a frown creasing her forehead as she stared at the young blonde. Pushing her mind even harder against Sookie’s, she tried once again to get her under her control. “You will renounce Eric’s claim on you,” she ordered.

“No,” Sookie replied simply.

Backing up slightly, Sophie-Anne glared at Sookie, her anger taking her over. “What are you?”

“A telepath. And Eric’s wife.” Sookie couldn’t help adding the last part. She bit back a grin at the look of fury on the queen’s face. “Will that be all, your majesty?”

“Yes, that will be all,” Sophie-Anne hissed, adding on a “for now,” silently in her mind. Realizing she couldn’t push it any further, Sophie-Anne made no attempt to hide the anger at her failure in front of Sookie, openly glaring at her. She was furious that her glamour didn’t work, especially when it worked on Hadley. Her little pet was easy to glamour when the need arose, which admittedly wasn’t often. As she stared at Sookie, Sophie-Anne swore she would make her pay, her and Eric.


Andre sneered at Eric as the older vampire watched his wife disappear into the other room with their queen. It didn’t take a fool to see that the Viking loved his wife. And that was something Andre believed he could use against them.

Unlike his maker and Queen, Andre did believe in love. He believed that vampires were capable of it. Sophie-Anne dismissed the notion completely; in her mind vampires didn’t – couldn’t – love. But Andre knew differently; he knew better, not that he would ever tell Sophie-Anne that. Andre knew vampires could love, as he had loved himself. Andre loved his maker and Queen, but that love was out of necessity. He was hardwired to love her. She had saved him the night she had turned him. He owed her his loyalty and love, but Andre was never in love with her. Sophie-Anne was never his love. His love had died over two hundred years ago, killed by his own hands at the command of his maker.

For a while Andre had hated Sophie-Anne for it. For many years, Andre had truly despised his maker for making him kill the woman he loved. The woman he had planned to turn. Andre had sworn on the grave of his lover, he would never forgive his maker for her cruelty. But it had only taken twenty-two years for Andre to see the truth. To understand the lesson Sophie-Anne had been trying to teach him.

Love was a weakness that should be eliminated.

In loving Catherine, Andre had made himself vulnerable; he made himself weak. And a weak vampire never survives. It was a hard and painful lesson to learn, but he had learnt it. When Sophie-Anne had ordered him to destroy Catherine, she was protecting him like a maker should. For a very brief time, Andre had placed Catherine above Sophie-Anne; he had honored and cherished her more, and that could never be allowed. It was vampires first. A vampire’s first priority should always be to their maker first. A maker’s wants and needs were far more important than their own. Once Andre had realized that, he offered his heartfelt thanks to his beloved maker, thanking her for saving him from what he believed was almost certain death.

As Andre stared at Eric, he realized the Viking hadn’t learned that lesson, not that he cared. A weak and in love Eric would be far easier to defeat. And Andre looked forward to that night and hoped it would come soon.

He just hoped he could draw the Viking’s death out first. Eric didn’t deserve a quick and merciful death. He deserved to suffer first. And Andre desperately wanted that to happen. He wanted to break Eric, and given the way he looked at Sookie, Andre had a good idea of how to do it.

Andre felt his cock hardening in his pants as he imagined all the ways he would make Eric suffer.

I’ll chain you to the walls in the dungeon and make you watch everything I do you whore of a wife. I’ll make her scream like you never did, Viking. I’ll drag the whore into the cell with you and strip her naked in front of you. I’ll take my belt off and lash all that pretty skin of hers. I’ll tear her flesh up and listen to her scream and beg me to stop. But I won’t stop, Viking. I’ll never stop. I’ll punish her for your sins. I’ll force the little cunt to her knees and hold her head still as one by one all my queen’s guards enter the room and fuck her pretty little mouth. I bet she sucks cock really well. And when the last one is done, I’ll push her to the floor and fuck her hard. I think I’ll take her ass first. I’m sure she’ll love my cock stretching her sweet little ass. I’ll go in dry and make her scream, taking her hard and fast until I cum, filling her with my seed. Then I’ll flip her over and fuck her pussy. I’ll spend hours buried inside her, fucking her in any way I want, and I’ll make you watch it all.

Andre let out a groan, the images his mind was conjuring up, making him even harder. A cruel smirk curled his lips as he stared up at Eric, “Tell me, Northman,” he said that he started to rub a hand over his pants-covered erection, “does your whore like getting fucked up the ass? I’m sure she begs for it…”

Before the words had left his mouth, Andre found himself off the ground and slammed into the wall with Eric’s large hand wrapped tightly around his throat.

Digging his fingers into Andre’s neck painfully, Eric leaned in closer, the promise of death was clear in his eyes and Andre felt the first shiver of fear.

“Talk about my wife like that again and I will rip your fucking head off,” Eric threatened. Seeing Andre trying to open his mouth, Eric tightened his grip on his throat. “I do not care who your maker is,” he added, guessing what pathetic thing Andre was going to say. “I am more than twice her age and she could not stop me even if she tried. No power on this earth could stop me. This is your last warning, boy. Next time I will just take your fucking head off. Understand?”

Andre nodded the best that he could, fear and humiliation overtaking him.

“Good. But in case you think I am bluffing…” Eric stopped abruptly, as he released his hold on Andre, but before the younger vampire could retreat, Eric grabbed his head in both hands and twisted violently, breaking his neck.

Eric grinned in satisfaction as he watched Andre crumbled to the floor in a heap. “Snivelling little prick.”

Hearing the bedroom door open, Eric looked up just in time to see Sookie and a furious looking Sophie-Anne come walking out. “I trust my wife’s answers were to your satisfaction, your majesty?” He said, making no attempt to hide his smile. Despite his little altercation with Andre, Eric had heard everything that had gone on in the bedroom. He had monitored the bond he shared with his wife closely to make sure she was fine. Eric had felt disgust and exasperation, but never any fear from Sookie. If anything, his bonded had been simply annoyed by it all.

Sophie-Anne glared at Eric in reply, her anger still burning bright. Seeing the crumpled form of her child on the floor, her eyes narrowed into slits. “What did you do to my child?” she screeched, as she crossed the room and kneeled by Andre. “How dare you attack my child!” she spat.

Pulling Sookie to his side, Eric stared down at Sophie-Anne, his face devoid of all emotion. “Your child, despite my warnings, insulted and disrespected my wife,” Eric replied.

“You injured him over a human,” Sophie-Anne hissed. She couldn’t believe how bad her night was going. First the telepath haven’t taken her bait about Yvetta, then she had resisted her glamour and chosen Eric, and then Eric had attacked her beloved child. As she glared at Eric, Sophie-Anne swore she would make him pay for everything that happened that night. He would pay dearly for crossing his queen. She would break him and then she would send him to his final death.

Sophie-Anne brushed her fingers through Andre’s hair as she schooled her features. She couldn’t show her hand just yet, but at the same time she couldn’t let Eric think it was okay to harm her child. Rising to her feet, she stared him down as she crossed her arms over her chest. “I will forgive you for your disrespect this once, Sheriff,” she said. “But if you ever attack my child again, I will have you chained in silver for years. Understand?”

“Perfectly,” Eric replied, straightening his shoulders. “Will that be all, your majesty?”

“No,” Sophie-Anne said, a devious look entering her eyes as she flicked them from Eric to Sookie and then back again. “I require your pet’s service,” she added, as she thoroughly eyefucked Sookie in front of Eric. “Her telepathic services,” she amended with a giggle, as she heard Eric let out a growl. “That is the whole point of her being here after all. I will be shortly venturing downstairs into the hotel and mingling with my counterparts. I want the telepath by my side so she can read the pets of the other monarchs.”

“If that is your wish,” Eric replied, trying to hide his unhappiness at the order. He knew Sophie-Anne would want to use Sookie’s telepathy at the conference, but he still didn’t like it. “We will be happy to accompany you.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Sophie-Anne dismissed with a wave of her hand. “I don’t require your presence.”

“Whether you require my presence or not is irrelevant, your majesty. I will be accompanying my wife as is my right,” Eric stated, his tone brokering no argument.

Sophie-Anne let out an unneeded breath. “Really, Sheriff, your constant disobedience and disrespect is growing tiresome. But if you don’t trust your queen to keep your pet safe, fine. Join us.”

“Thank you, your majesty,” Eric replied, ignoring the contempt dripping off her words. It was clear to everyone but Sophie-Anne that no one except her own children trusted her. “We await your departure.”

Sophie-Anne’s face scrunched up in annoyance and she let out a small cry of frustration before stomping back into the bedroom to change.

“That went well,” Sookie snorted, as she nestled herself into Eric’s side.

“Unfortunately, it is only the beginning,” Eric replied in a whisper, as he watched Andre start to come around. As he wrapped his arm around Sookie’s shoulders, Eric wondered what Sophie-Anne and Andre would try next. They were becoming almost desperate in their attempts, and that didn’t bode well. One thing was for sure: the conference was going to be a wild ride.


31 thoughts on “A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Twenty-One

  1. I’m guessing that something’s going to come up at this conference that puts Eric at the helm. It’s good to read this story again, especially with how things went south in the series. Thanks for the updates.


  2. Sophie Ann is just pathetic and Andre too. I know that they will get what they deserve and you have such a delicious way of making that happen. Post again Soon 🙂


  3. I loved this!!! And I believe I speak for all my fellow readers when I say that you can continue to spoil us, we really don’t mind!!! As always this was well worth the wait!!! More please!!! 🙂


  4. Loved this –well, with Andre, SA and the Berts, my guess is that pretty soon Eric will be playing “four heads in a duffle bag” with this git…..sigh…so much stupidity in one place…..
    As others have said, you have, indeed spoiled us. And…once this is compete, I will enjoy strolling leisurely through the chapters again…..


  5. Outstanding! I’ve been enjoying reading this over again the last few days, and BONUS! 3 extra chapters added since I found your blog! I can’t wait to see how much more torture Sophie Ann & Andre go through in their desperate attempts to obtain Sookie. Your versions of them are so wickedly and gleefully evil – I can imagine them having a grand time in Hell – they’re almost too amusing to be scary! Really looking forward to the first “trial” with Council presiding and the reveal of Godric as Eric’s maker. The rest of this conference will be leaving quite a few Supes with some some fond, and some not-so-fond memories! Hope there’s no FoTS bomb though as Sophie Ann, Andre, & others don’t deserve to die so easily!


  6. Fantastic! I was so hoping Eric would repeat the warning he gave andre with the queen. I think a little broken neck-dejuor would look good on her. Lol
    Can’t wait for more!


  7. I flove it when Eric has a chance to go gangster on those twits, even better when he uses his sword! Andre and Sophie Ann were selfish fools deserving of their coming fate. I hope your primp hand is strong and hard. Bring it with fierceness! Loving this story bunches!


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  9. I can’t express how excited and happy I was to see that you had completed my favorite story!! I’m not sure if I should just tear through the remaining chapters in one sitting or take my time and savor what is left! Thank you so much! 🙂


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