Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Ten


Masque of the Red DeathChapter Ten

Sookie groaned when the sound of her ringing cell phone interrupted her, up until that point, from what had been a peaceful slumber. Rolling over, she reached blindly for the offending piece of technology. She refused to open her eyes and concede that her sleep was over. “This better be good,” she groused, answering the phone. Raising her head, she opened her eyes and blearily looked at the clock on her beside cabinet while the person on the other end spoke. “Andy, it’s 7.45 in the fuckin’ mornin’. Why the fuck are ya callin’ me?” She paused as she listened to Andy explain why he was calling so early. “Are ya fuckin’ serious? Well, who made the accusation?” She asked while she rolled onto her back, rubbing a hand over her face. “Interferin’ old bitch…” She spat, venom coating her words. “Yeah, Andy, I know she’s your grandmother, but she’s still an old bitch. Fuck! This is the last thing I fuckin’ need right now.” She blew out a breath and tried to calm herself down. It wouldn’t do any good taking out her anger on Andy. He hadn’t done anything wrong. “D’ya know who’s dealin’ with it?” She asked after a moment’s pause. “Yeah, I know them. Okay, right, yeah. Thanks for lettin’ me know. I appreciate it. Yeah, bye…”

Sookie let out a string of curses after she ended the call, “Interferin’ fuckin’ bitch.” She tossed her phone on the bedside cabinet and yanked the covers off her body. “Like I ain’t got enough to fuckin’ deal with.”

“I’m sensing you have a problem,” Claudette said while she sat up in the bed and leaned back against the headboard. The full-bloodied faery looked thoroughly debauched with her hair sticking out all over the place, red marks on her ample chest, and hickeys covering her neck.

“Got that, did ya?” Sookie replied cheekily as she ran an appreciative gaze over Claudette’s naked upper half. The two of them had spent a very enjoyable night rolling around in Sookie’s large bed while Eric and Nora watched them via video chat. It was only the rising sun that had put a stop to their fun. Well, it put a stop to Eric and Nora watching them. Sookie and Claudette had continued with their fun for at least another hour. I’ll have to send Eric the video of what happened after he went offline, Sookie reminded herself.

“It’s one of my many gifts,” Claudette said, feigning a serious tone. “Sensing distress, ripping the heads off goblins, and eating pussy. I excel at the last one,” she continued, her eyes darkening with passion as she licked her lips.

“That you do,” Sookie agreed with a smile. “You make my top five list easily,” she added teasingly while she slowly backed up toward her en-suite.

“Top five?” Claudette questioned, insulted as she swung her legs out of the bed and made to follow Sookie. She pouted at her boss and friend while she leaned against the bathroom door. “Only the top five?”

“Maybe the top three,” Sookie amended, thinking it over when she turned on her shower. Reaching for her brush lying on the vanity, Sookie pulled it through her tangled locks while she stared at her faery friend in the mirror. “I’ve had a lot of talented mouths between my legs, Claudette. Vampires, fairies, Weres, witches, daemons, and the occasional human. The top three is impressive.”

“Who rates higher than me?” Claudette asked curiously as she took several steps into the bathroom and took the brush off Sookie. “Who’s better at eating your pussy?” She added while she gently ran the brush through Sookie’s hair.

“Eric,” Sookie replied, grinning naughtily. She let out a small moan while she recalled the feel of his tongue on her heated sex. “That vampire is a God with his tongue. He’ll spend hours with his head buried between ya legs if ya let him.”

“I certainly wouldn’t object,” Claudette said, returning Sookie’s smile as she tossed the hairbrush on the vanity. “Who else?” She questioned, giving her blonde friend a playful slap on the ass, silently telling her to get in the shower.

“Warlow,” Sookie answered while she climbed in the shower. “He eats pussy like it’s an Olympic sport. It’s practically how he says hello. He just drops to his knees and buries his head between your legs.”

“You need to introduce us,” Claudette said, her tone rising so Sookie could hear her over the running shower. “He’s somewhat of legend among the Fae.” Grabbing Sookie’s brush, Claudette dragged it through her own tangled locks while she took in her debauched look in the mirror. “I rock the just fucked look,” she whispered to herself before turning and perching herself on the sink’s vanity cabinet. “He’s the Fae’s version of the Bogeyman. The elders warn the younglings about him. ‘Stay away from vampires or you will end up like the abomination.’ It’s part of their, ‘Vampires are monsters’ routine. I was always intrigued by the stories of him. Of course, Niall hates him. He hates that he got to you first. The old man thinks Warlow corrupted you…”

A burst of laughter flew from Sookie’s lips by the mere notion that Warlow corrupted her. It couldn’t have been farther from the truth. She was a well-worn traveler of the corrupt path long before she met Warlow. “I was fuckin’ for money months before I met Warlow, not to mention doin’ a bunch of other illegal shit. Shit, if anythin’, Warlow helped put me on the right path. He fronted the money for me to help start up Only at Night.”

“Niall’s just pissed because he didn’t get to save you from some dead end job and dull life,” Claudette said, thinking about her stepfather, the Prince of Fae. “He wanted to play the hero to you so you would feel indebted to him. I overheard him talking to my mother about it… I still can’t believe she married the old bastard,” Claudette added with a shudder, thinking about her mother and the Prince. “Warlow fucked up all his plans and he won’t dare go against him.”

“I don’t need some man to save me. I ain’t no damsel in distress,” Sookie replied while she washed the previous night’s fun off her body. “Damsel in disgrace, maybe. I don’t belong beneath any man’s thumb, even if said man is the Fae Prince.” Stepping out of the shower, Sookie reached for a towel and wrapped it around her body before grabbing a second one for her hair. “I’m the Queen of my own world,” she announced proudly. “Niall can go fuck a goblin.”

“That’s an image I don’t need,” Claudette said disgustedly. The eldest of the Crane triplets was not a fan of Niall, unlike her siblings. Claudette didn’t think the sun shined out his ass, nor would she kiss it like her ass-kissing siblings. It took more than being a Prince to impress her. She judged people on their actions, not on their titles, and nothing that Niall had done said he was worth her affection or respect.

“Salome…” Sookie said out of the blue while she stood in front of the mirror. She looked over her shoulder at Claudette, a thoughtful look on her face as she added, “She’s got a wicked tongue as well. I’m not sure who’s better. So, maybe joint third.”

“You’re starting to give me an inferiority complex, Sook,” Claudette grumbled while she climbed in the shower and ducked her head under the spray of water. “I keep being bumped down the list. I should enter an official complaint. Who would hear that kinda complaint though?”

There was a teasing tone to her voice, making it obvious she was only playing around, but her words gave Sookie an incredibly wicked idea and she smirked as she stepped closer to the shower. She pulled open the glass door and ran her eyes over Claudette’s wet body as she leaned against the door. “You know Salome is havin’ one of her parties next month, right? You could have your complaint heard there, maybe even a little competition so ya can find out for certain who’s better.”

A feeling of mirth raced over Claudette as she realized what Sookie was suggesting. The stunning brunette was well aware of what kind of party Salome was having. The Queen of New York was famous for her debauched lifestyle and wild parties. “Pitting my skills against the Queen of New York,” she mused. “That could be a lot of fun.”

“I’ll contact Salome later tonight and see if she approves,” Sookie said, making a mental note. “It’s her party after all. I doubt she’ll have a problem though. If she agrees, I’ll have Maria-Star set out the challenge and rules. My little wolf is good at that stuff.”

“Your little wolf?” Claudette questioned, raising a brow as she turned off the shower and stepped out it. “That almost sounds like a possessive claim, Sookie,” she teased good-naturedly.

“I’m protective of her,” Sookie admitted unashamedly as she tossed Claudette a towel. “You remember all the shit she got from Alcide and his bitches when she went against Pack expectations and came to work for Only at Night. Alcide was pissed she wouldn’t be his trophy when he won the Packmaster challenge. I took her under my wing then, and she’s become a good friend since. Plus, Tray’s been actin’ like a dick with her. Fuckin’ Amelia…”

“That witch bitch causing trouble again?” Claudette asked while she wrapped the towel around her body. The full-bloodied faery had hated Amelia since the first moment she met her. Claudette didn’t have the same prejudice against witches like many of her kind did, but Amelia rubbed her the wrong way. The bratty woman believed she was much more powerful than she was. She only had a basic grasp of magic. Claudette was sure if she put her mind to it and actually worked at it, Amelia could become better at witchcraft, but the spoiled and selfish woman was lazy. She didn’t want to do any of the work, but expected the full benefits. Amelia constantly looked down on those around her, even the ones who were so much more powerful than her.

“When ain’t she causin’ fuckin’ trouble?” Sookie spat, her feelings on the young witch clear to her in her voice. “She’s fuckin’ with my business, fuckin’ with my friends, and bein’ a nasty, fuckin’ bitch. Tray’s got his nose buried in her crotch and actin’ like an idiot. Maria-Star got burned in the sickenin’ show that’s Tray and Amelia.”

“Say the word and I’ll kill her,” Claudette said completely serious. She wasn’t prone to killing people in cold blood, but she would make an exception for Amelia Broadway. She would be doing the world a favor. “I can make it look like an accident.”

“As temptin’ as that sounds, and, believe me, it is, I’m gonna have to keep quiet,” Sookie replied reluctantly. As much of a pain in the ass as Amelia was, Sookie couldn’t in good conscience allow or request her to be killed. Despite what Amelia believed, she was no real threat to Sookie or Only at Night. She was a child playing dress up in her mother’s clothes, wanting to sit at the adult table. “I might beat the crap outta of her though,” she added as she made her way back into her bedroom. “She fucks with my business again and I’ll put her on her ass. Although she’s the last of my worries at that moment. I ain’t got time for one of Amelia’s temper tantrums. I got more important shit to deal with.”

“The phone call?” Claudette questioned curiously, recalling what had awakened them both not long ago.

“The phone call,” Sookie repeated, letting out a breath of frustration. Grabbing the outfit she was going to wear, she tossed it on the bed before pulling her towel off and drying herself. “It was Andy… Portia’s brother. He rang to tell me that Bobby Burnham was found in the hospital stairwell yesterday evenin’. I’m surprised it took them so long to find him, actually,” she added with a frown before shaking the thought away. “It seems he was attacked, and dear ol’ Caroline Bellefleur accused me of doin’ it. The old bitch gave a statement to the Shreveport police, and now I’m on their radar. Andy heard from an old friend of his that cops from the Shreveport PD are plannin’ on questionin’ me ‘bout it today.”

“Not something you need,” Claudette remarked, stating the obvious. “So what’s the plan? I know you have one.”

“Luckily for me, I know one of the cops they have dealin’ with it,” Sookie replied with a smile. “It might take a bit of persuadin’, but I think I’ll be able to convince them I’m completely innocent. I’m gonna need your help though.”

“Am I going to have to lie for you?” Claudette asked, a smile tugging at her lips while she waited for the answer she knew was going to come.

“Lie, bend the truth, embellish the facts,” Sookie said, ticking off a few different ways to say what she wanted Claudette to do. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Ooh, a bribe. Whatta you got?” Claudette asked, her eyes dancing with amusement. She would lie for Sookie regardless of what she offered. Claudette knew what Sookie had done and why, and she supported her one hundred percent, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t have a little fun.

“I’ll introduce you to Warlow when he visits,” Sookie offered temptingly. “You can see if he’s as good as I say…”

“Deal!” Claudette accepted enthusiastically. “Tell me what you need and I’ll do it.”

A smile spread across Sookie’s face as she looked Claudette. She really did have the best friends. Ones that would lie, maim, and kill for her. It’s good to be me, she thought before she explained to Claudette what she needed.


It was late morning when the officers from the Shreveport PD finally put in an appearance. Sookie had been waiting for them since she arrived at her office earlier in the morning. She knew they would come to her office for their questioning as there was no way they would have been able to get near her house. Sookie had it so well warded that they wouldn’t have even been able to get within fifty feet of it. The young blonde took her security very seriously. She had been attacked once in her home, and that had been one time too many. Sookie had employed a powerful witch to place wards around her home and then had Claudette reinforce them. Anyone wanting to do Sookie harm wouldn’t even be able to look at the house, let alone get on her property. It was one of the reasons Hadley had never been able to visit Sookie at home. As soon as she got close to the house, Hadley would be overcome with a serious bout of nausea and be forced to turn back.

“Miss Stackhouse, there are two detectives from the Shreveport PD here to see you,” Maria-Star said over the phone, adopting a formal guise while the police officers were there.

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“Show them in, Maria-Star,” Sookie replied as she rose from her chair and ran a hand over her navy floral dress, smoothing out the wrinkles. She walked around her desk to greet them while Maria-Star showed them in. “What can I do for Shreveport PD?” She asked pleasantly, giving them a friendly smile.

“Miss Stackhouse?” A dark-haired man asked as he ran his eyes over her, assessing her, and making notes.

“Sookie Stackhouse,” Sookie replied, offering him her hand.

“Miss Stackhouse, I am Detective Conant and this is my partner, Detective Pumphrey from the Shreveport PD,” he introduced, showing his badge before taking her hand and shaking it. “We are investigating a possible attack on a Mr. Bobby Burnham. We have been led to believe you had a run in with the victim prior to the alleged assault.”

“When was this? This attack?” Sookie asked, feigning ignorance. “Please, sit down.” She waved a hand at the chairs in front of her desk as she stepped behind it and retook her seat.

“We believe the alleged attack happened yesterday somewhere between sixteen and nineteen hundred hours,” Detective Conant answered, checking his notebook. “A witness has come forward and made a statement claiming you had an altercation with Mr. Burnham, and that you physically removed him from Shreveport General Hospital where he was visiting a patient.”

“It’s true I had a run in with Bobby… erm, Mr. Burnham,” Sookie admitted, seeing no point in lying about that. There had been more than Caroline Bellefleur who had witnessed that. It was much better to lead with the truth and then hit them with the lie. “And, I did escort him out of the hospital…”

Selah Pumphrey

“What was that run in about?” Detective Pumphrey asked, speaking for the first time. She wanted the full picture of what had transpired and not just want Detective Conant deemed important. She wouldn’t be swayed by a pretty face and impressive rack. Detective Pumphrey, Selah, was an ambitious young detective and was determined to make a name for herself. Over the years she had been with the Shreveport PD, she had heard whispers about Sookie Stackhouse. Some claimed Sookie was involved in many illegal activities from prostitution to murder, while others argued she was being targeted unduly because of her involvement with vampires. Sookie Stackhouse was a firm supporter of the vampire rights movement, and many of the higher ups were not happy about that. So far there had been no proof that Sookie was involved in anything illegal, but the rumors persisted. Detective Pumphrey had wanted to meet the young woman herself so she could get a better idea of who she was. If Sookie was involved in anything illegal, then being the one to collar her would be a career-making bust for her.

“I wasn’t happy to see Bobby at the hospital yesterday. You see, he’s got a bit of a thing for my sister-in-law, Portia,” Sookie began, explaining what had transpired at the hospital. “Portia was attacked the night before last. Someone broke into her and my brother’s home, tied her up, and assaulted her. She’s seven months pregnant and the bastards who did it kicked her in the stomach. When Bobby showed up at the hospital with Caroline… Erm, sorry, Caroline Bellefleur, she’s Portia’s grandmother,” she added, supplying them with a little bit of information they might have not known. “I got pissed… If you’ll excuse my language.”

“Why would that anger you?” Detective Pumphrey asked, trying to get a clearer picture of everything. “Surely a Grandmother visiting her Granddaughter in hospital is a good thing and not something to get upset about.”

“You’d think so, but Caroline Bellefleur is an interferin’ and stuck up woman,” Sookie replied, putting the first part of her plan into action. “She never approved of Portia and Jason, my brother, getting married and she’s been tryin’ since they said, ‘I do,’ to separate them. She introduced Bobby to Portia in the hopes that she would, in Caroline’s words, ‘see sense’ and leave Jason. She keeps tryin’ to push Portia toward Bobby, even though Portia’s told her repeatedly that she’s not interested…”

Sookie watched as Detective Pumphrey exchanged a look with Detective Conant before scribbling down some notes in her book. A quick dip into the woman’s head told Sookie the Detective was wondering if Caroline Bellefleur had made the accusation against Sookie out of spite for stopping her from interfering in her granddaughter’s marriage again. The seed had been sown, but Detective Pumphrey wasn’t going to dismiss Sookie as a suspect just yet. She had, after all, admitted to escorting him from the hospital.

“You admit you escorted Mr. Burnham out of the hospital and had words with him,” Detective Pumphrey reinforced, seeing if she could get Sookie to incriminate herself in anyway.

“I do,” Sookie replied without hesitation. “I’ll even admit my grip on his arm while I escorted him out was stronger than it probably should have been. Bobby is… Bobby is…” She stumbled over her words, trying to find the right ones. “I’ll be honest with you. I don’t like Bobby. I never have, and it’s only partly due to his constantly hittin’ on my sister-in-law. To be blunt, Bobby’s an asshole. He looks down his nose on me and my brother, thinkin’ he’s better than us. My feelins’ for him became even more negative when he got my cousin pregnant, dumped her, and claimed the baby ain’t his. I won’t cry or ask how he is, cause frankly, I don’t give a shit. But, I didn’t attack him.”

“Where were you between the hours of four in the afternoon and seven in the evening yesterday?” Detective Pumphrey questioned.

“At home. I went straight home after I left the hospital,” Sookie answered truthfully. “I’d been at the hospital all night, waitin’ on news of Portia and the baby, and I was exhausted. I was workin’ in Illinois when I heard about the attack and flew straight home. I left the hospital right after I escorted Bobby out and went straight home. I was there all night.”

“Can anyone corroborate your story?” Detective Pumphrey asked, wanting to be thorough with the investigation. “Were you alone?”

“Yes and no,” Sookie replied, leaning back in her chair and relaxing slightly as she answered both questions. Everything was going as she suspected and she was confident they wouldn’t find any need to continue considering her a suspect. “I was with Claudette Crane all last night. She’s a close friend. She spent the night at my house.”

“Where might we find Ms. Crane?” Detective Conant asked, interjecting himself back into the conversation. He had been content to let Selah lead the conversation, knowing it was the only way the new Detective would learn. He was suitably impressed; she had asked all the right questions.

“Monroe,” Sookie answered while she reached for a pen and scribbled down the address on a piece of paper, “She lives there.” She offered the piece of paper with the address on it to the Detectives. “She also owns a small dance studio there as well. If she’s not at home, she’ll be at the studio. I’m sorry, but I can’t remember the address at the moment.”

“That’s not a problem,” Detective Conant replied as he took the piece of paper and rose to his feet. “We can find it.” He cast a look at Detective Pumphrey, silently telling her to find the address for them.

Detective Pumphrey barely restrained from rolling her eyes while she rose to her feet. Being the newbie on the Detective squad could be incredibly annoying when she was forced to do the grunt work. She didn’t mind doing her share, finding every address, running down every license plate, and basically doing double the paperwork was not fun. Still, she soldiered on, knowing one day she would be able to order some new rookie detective to do it.

“Thank you for your cooperation, Miss Stackhouse,” Detective Pumphrey said politely, giving the blonde a small nod. “If it’s not too much trouble, could I bother you to use your bathroom?” She asked, hoping to have a little look around.

“Of course not,” Sookie replied, smiling brightly. She heard what Detective Pumphrey wanted to do and she saw no need in stopping her from having a little look-see. She wouldn’t find anything illegal in the building, at least nothing that she would recognize. “If you ask Maria-Star, she will show you the way.”

Rising from her chair, Sookie stepped around her desk and moved toward the open door. She used her telepathy to follow Detective Pumphrey away from her office before she closed the door and turned to face Detective Conant. “Your new partner’s ambitious, Marcus,” she said, grinning at the young man she knew well. “A helluva lot prettier than your last one as well. You hittin’ it yet?” There was a teasing tone to her voice as she leaned back against the closed door.

Marcus Conant

“No,” Marcus Conant replied, relaxing and leaning against Sookie’s desk. “I don’t play where I work. It’s far too messy. Pumphrey’s a good cop though, got good instincts. She’s like a Pitbull with a bone when she’s got an idea in her head though. Hopefully, she won’t sink her teeth into this.” He ran his eyes over Sookie, lingering over her breasts before moving them up to her face. “I take it Claudette will confirm your story.”

“She will,” Sookie said with a nod as she pushed off the door and walked toward him. “I really was with Claudette last night. She did spend the night with me.” She reached around him and picked her cell phone up off her desk. Unlocking it, she thumbed through it until she found what she was looking for, then handed it to Marcus. “I even have video footage to prove it.”

Marcus flicked his eyes over Sookie’s face when he took the cell phone from her. He could see the mischievousness shining in her blue eyes and he had a good idea what kind of footage she was talking about. Still, he couldn’t resist taking a look for himself. Marcus couldn’t hold back a groan when he hit play and saw a very naked Sookie lying on a large bed, her legs bent while a brown-haired woman lay between them and ate her out. He felt his cock twitch in his pants and he cursed his curiosity, or rather his dirty mind. He just had to look.

Sookie giggled while she took her cell phone from him and stopped the footage. She tossed the phone on her desk and grinned up at Marcus. She had known the man for years, meeting him shortly before she, Lafayette, and Jesus had set up Only at Night. From the moment she met him, she had known he was different, not different like her, but not human. It hadn’t taken her long to find out he was a Werewolf. He had been one of the first Werewolves Sookie had met, and it was through him that she had come into contact with the Longtooth Pack. He had made the introductions with the old Packmaster, Col. Flood. Sookie had wondered why Marcus didn’t throw his name in the hat when Col. Flood had stepped down as Packmaster and retired. As far as Sookie could tell, Marcus was far more qualified than Alcide. Unlike Alcide, Marcus didn’t let his cock do his thinking for him.

“Any chance of Burnham recovering and pointing the finger at you?” Marcus asked, adjusting himself. He wasn’t stupid. He knew full well Sookie was responsible for whatever happened to Bobby Burnham. He had heard what the blonde had done to Jannalynn, and he would have paid to have seen that, and it seemed the same had happened to Burnham. He didn’t want to see Sookie get burned over a worthless prick like Bobby Burnham.

“None,” Sookie answered without an ounce of remorse. “Unless I fix it, and seein’ how he was involved in the attack of Portia, it ain’t likely. Ya think you’ll be able to lead the investigation in another direction?”

“It shouldn’t be too hard,” Marcus said with a shrug. He didn’t make a habit out of overlooking crimes, but he would always make an exception for Sookie. He knew she got up to a load of illegal shit, but most of it didn’t actually harm anyone and the people involved were all willing. Plus, she paid well. He had moonlighted a few times, taking on security jobs for Only at Night. Something that he would be fired for if it was ever discovered, but Only at Night and their workers were extremely discreet. “Are there going to be more bodies dropping soon?” He asked, wanting to be prepared.

“If there are, I’ll make sure they drop outside of Shreveport,” Sookie answered. It was highly likely there would be, she had the name of the person who arranged the attack and who was behind it. They would all go down in one way or another, it was just a matter of tracking them all down. To that end, Marcus could help her. “You busy later?” She asked, a thoughtful look entering her eyes. “I have a proposal to put to you….”

“What kind of proposal?” Marcus asked curiously. The last time she had a proposal for him, he had ended up as her personal guard while she went before the Council.

“The mutually beneficial kind,” Sookie replied with a smirk. “It’ll be a game changer, Marcus. You interested?”

“Sure,” Marcus said. He probably needed his head tested, agreeing to meet up with her without any information, but he trusted her. She was always good for her word and he was curious as to what she had in mind. “When and where?”

“You know the Old Miller’s place, just outside Bon Temps?” Sookie asked, seeing him nod, she pressed on. “Meet me there, tonight. Around nine. The place is being renovated, so everyone will be gone by then, and they’ll be no one around…” Sookie raised her head quickly when she heard Detective Pumphrey making her way back, and she raced to the door and opened it several inches. “’Bout fifteen years now, they married right outta high school, been together since they were teenagers,” she said, her voice rising in pitch slightly so Detective Pumphrey could hear her. Sookie jerked her head toward the door, silently telling Marcus to go through it. “It’s their first child,” she added as she followed him out.

Sookie smiled at Detective Pumphrey and opened her mouth to speak when she noticed a very familiar face walking through the front door and making his way to her. “Desmond,” she greeted. “I wasn’t expectin’ to see you today. Is something wrong?” Her Dae lawyer rarely showed up at the office unannounced, and his presence put Sookie on alert.

“Nothing serious, my dear,” Desmond replied pleasantly, trying to put her at ease in front of the two detectives. “I just had some last minute business I need to discuss with you.”

“Of course. Make yourself at home in my office and I’ll be with you in a second,” Sookie said, gesturing to her office. She waited until Desmond entered her office before returning her attention to the two detectives. “Was that everythin’? I hate to be abrupt, but…” She nodded her head toward her office, “business calls.”

“Yes, that is all for now,” Detective Conant said. “We’ll be in touch if we have any more questions. Good day, Miss Stackhouse.”

Sookie nodded at the two detectives and watched them leave before heading back into her office. She closed the door behind her and regarded Desmond carefully. “What’s goin’ on, Desmond?”

“I received a message from the Council in the early hours of this morning,” Desmond replied, getting straight to it. “A request has been made for your telepathic services. I have been assured that the party who made the request is not aware of your identity, nor what abilities you possess. They are simply of the knowledge that you are able to help with an issue that is troubling them.”

“What issue?” Sookie asked, relaxing slightly once she heard her identity and abilities were still a secret. She didn’t want every Supe in the world banging down her door, demanding she serve them, or worse, attempting to kidnap her.

“Glamour. They wish to see beyond a glamour and find out the truth behind it,” Desmond answered, repeating what he had been told. “As always, you are free to decline the request. I have been informed the parties involved will pay handsomely for your services, $25,000, as well as travel to any location of your choosing.”

Sookie nodded while she thought it over. The money, while not needed, was enticing. It would also aid her in tracking down those who attacked Portia. It would be completely off the books, meaning no paper trail leading back to her. Sookie never met anyone who wanted to make use of her abilities on their own territory, nor would she invite them onto hers. She always chose somewhere neutral, but still in the territory of people she trusted, Jackson, Mississippi and New Orleans being her usual choices. Both Russell Edgington and Sophie-Anne Leclerq were aware of her abilities and were both protective of her and discreet.

With her mind made up, Sookie moved her gaze to her lawyer, Supernatural Godfather, and friend. “I don’t see a problem with it,” she said. “Can you contact Sophie-Anne on my behalf and see if she’s okay with me holdin’ the meeting in New Orleans…” she paused briefly as she thought of what else she had to do. “I’ve some business I need to take care of in New Orleans, personal business. If they can meet me there in, say three nights, it’ll save me the hassle of multiple trips. If they can’t make that, they’ll have to wait longer. My business is more important than theirs… To me, at least.”

“I will contact Sophie-Anne and see if she is amenable to using her city for the meeting,” Desmond replied. He doubted Sophie-Anne would object. She had a good working relationship with Sookie, and she knew any of Sookie’s telepathic work came through the Council. “If she is, I will contact the Council and have them relay the message to the interested party. I will let you know this evening if the other party agrees. I do not foresee any objections by any of the people involved.”

“Thank you, Desmond,” Sookie said sincerely. The daemon lawyer usually had a good instinct when it came to business and if he didn’t foresee any objections, Sookie doubted there would be any. It would mean one less headache for her. She smiled at Desmond as she made her way back around her desk. “I almost forgot. Who’s the interested party?” She asked as she brought up her planner for the next week and made a few adjustments.

“Eric Northman…”


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      The ‘eat off’ will probably take place in the third part of the series. I actually can’t wait to write that. 😉

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  2. Love, love, love! Thank you so much for the update. This is one of my favorite series and I am always up for another chapter. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next. I love E/S in this and can’t have enough!!!! Now I am on pins and needles waiting to see how she is going to react and what is going to happen! 😉

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  3. Oh won’t he be surprised! Do the interested parties meet with Sookie or do they just get a report?
    I can’t wait to find out who Boobies co-conspirators are… I’m betting Caroline has her hands in this – am I right? 😀

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  4. GREAT update! So glad the muse let you find your keyboard and mouse –she’s been holding outon you, the little bitch 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what Eric wants with Sookie –other than for the obvious reasons 🙂

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  5. So glad your Muse cooperated and I loved this update! Good of Andy to give her a heads up. Like Marcus and hope Selah doesn’t become a problem. Looking forward to seeing how she reacts to the interested party being Eric.

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  6. Loving update – I am very glad that your muse finally decided to get back after vacation 🙂 but the end- you killinb me with ending in revelation so I hope update will be soon

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  8. hmmm interesting, she has her hands in so much and is able to juggle it, awesome. as for Eric i wonder if he knows they are one in the same, i cannot remember. this will be fun and i wonder what Sook needs from Marcus. until then KY


  9. I’m kinda liking this Andy! Somehow it seems as though he may have a brain. Or is it that he loves his sister and knows Sookie is looking after her? Anyway, go Andy!

    And hello Marcus, nice to meet you 🙂 hope your work with ‘Night’ continues to go under the radar of your new and skilled partner.

    Hehe. Eric. No it’s up to Sookie if she’ll spoil the surprise 😘


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