Living Ain’t Killed Me Yet

Living Ain't Killed Me Yet

Living Ain’t Killed Me Yet

Veil Verse: What If Sookie was discovered before the Veil lifted? Not everyone was willing to wait for Sookie to return to them. A small faction of the Bloodline will do anything to protect her, and no one, not a Queen, Civil War Solider, or a Sheriff will stand in their way.

Coming Soon…

6 thoughts on “Living Ain’t Killed Me Yet

  1. I do love you and I have read everything and I do not want to sound like a pain but Immortal love is just something that has haunted me I’m sorry but that story is so beautiful and makes you want more thank you for what you beautiful stories you have given us .


  2. I’ve just finished re-reading 90 % of all of your stories and enjoyed every minute of it. I hope you come back and finish the WIP stories and start this coming soon story.


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