Veiled Blood: Chapter Four

Veiled Blood

Chapter Four

There was a mischievous glint in Ana’s eyes as she sauntered through the deserted corridors of The Authority’s new headquarters, making her way to her darling brother’s office. Sunset was still an hour or so away, but she knew Roman would be in his office going over the latest reports. After the breakdown of the previous Authority, there was a great deal of work to do, and her brother was nothing if not dedicated to his job. He’s a workaholic, Ana thought, turning the corner and heading toward the stairs. All fun and no play makes Roman an even duller vampire than usual.

As she descended the stairs, Ana tapped into the bonds she shared with the rest of the bloodline. The gorgeous blonde grinned when she felt her beloved Maker. It wasn’t until she felt the bond they shared flare back to life eight weeks earlier did Ana realize just how empty she had felt without the ever-present hum of her Maker. While Ana hadn’t been aware of what Sookie had done and the lengths she had gone to so she could conceal herself from everyone, she had known Sookie wasn’t dead during the years the bond was silent. Roman had alerted her to that fact, something for which she was grateful.

Ana chuckled softly when the bond with her Maker thrummed with happiness and lust. After passing Sookie’s room moments earlier, the ancient vampire knew her Maker was with Eric; she was happy they had finally sorted out their problems. Given the amount of lust she felt coming from her Maker, Ana deduced they had more than just made up. They’re fucking as if it’s an Olympic sport and they’re going for gold! The Russian vampire knew from experience the two of them could fuck like no others. They’re the perfect couple. 

Unlike her Maker, Ana couldn’t feel all the vampires of their line. She could sense her Maker, children, and her vampire siblings, although, in the case of her siblings, she could only get a suppressed sense of them. She could feel them, their life force tying them to their Maker, and by extension her, but she couldn’t discern what they were feeling. She knew Roman and Molly were close by, and she could also tell Molly hadn’t risen yet; the younger vampire was still dead to the world. She could also feel Finn, but not as strongly as she could Roman and Molly as he was further away. 

The bonds she shared with her own children thrummed loud and strong, alerting her to not only their location, but their emotions as well. She could feel her beloved Nero only a few floors away. The former gladiator was in the thrall of bloodlust and she smirked, realizing he was enjoying some time with the cretin, Compton. Now there was a vampire who should have been staked a minute after rising. In Ana’s opinion, Bill was good for canon fodder and nothing else. The short time she had spent with him had told her all she needed to know. He was ill-equipped to handle the gift of immortality and all that came with it. The former Confederate soldier hungered for power, but had no idea how to wield it. He never realized that attaining the power was the easy part, it was holding on to it that was difficult. Anyone could wear a crown and call themselves a monarch, but it took something else, something special, to be a real leader. It took honor, respect, and loyalty, three things Bill Compton never had. 

Have fun, my champion, Ana thought, imagining all the horrors Nero would inflict upon Bill. Compton’s time will soon be over. I fear his end will come as soon as Finn arrives. 

Ana smiled as she thought of her younger brother. It had been almost a hundred years since she had last seen him, and she was looking forward to getting reacquainted with him. It was always fun when Finn was around, fun in a violent, destructive way. Finn reveled in chaos and she could hardly wait to see what he would unleash once he arrived.

Arriving at the door to Roman’s office, Ana didn’t bother to knock as she opened it and strolled in as if she owned the place. A chuckle escaped her painted lips as she spied her elder brother leaning against his desk with his pants around his ankles while a dark-haired woman sucked his cock. “Please, don’t let me interrupt,” she said, waving her hand when the woman moved to stand up. “Continue. I can wait.”

Roman shot his sister a look of exasperation and lightly tapped the woman on the shoulder. “That will be all, Melinda,” he said, dismissing his secretary. “Thank you.” He waited for the young woman to get up and leave before turning his full attention to Ana. “You couldn’t wait?” He asked while he pulled up his pants and fastened them. “You could hear what was happening.” 

“I could have, but where’s the fun in that?” Ana replied with a devilish smile. “Besides, it’s not like I haven’t seen it all before. Although, I believe the last time I walked in on you, it was you on your knees.”

Roman shook his head as he walked around his desk and took a seat. “What do you want, Ana?” He knew his sister well and could tell when she was up to no good. She had a knack for finding trouble, but then that was something that could be said about all of their line. Their Maker could find trouble at a convent, something Roman vaguely remembered her doing a thousand years ago.

“Who says I want anything?” Ana replied, feigning innocence. “You are a suspicious man, brother. I simply wanted to spend time with my beloved big brother before I leave for Bon Temps with our Maker.” 

“Cut the bullshit, Anastasiya,” Roman said firmly as he leaned back in his chair. “What do you want?”

“Well, I need a witch for starters,” Ana answered, dropping down in the chair in front of Roman’s desk. She explained why she needed one, repeating what she had told their Maker the night before. “I asked Rasul as Mother suggested, but he said the witches Sophie-Anne would employ were nothing more than spoiled brats who thought they were powerful. He said none of them could counter an argument let alone a Fae curse. They spent more time between Sophie-Anne’s legs than practicing witchcraft. Which if what I heard about the former Queen is true makes sense…?”

“Sophie-Anne was not known for her logical thinking,” Roman said, interrupting his sister. “Most monarchs would only use witches as a last resort, but that idiot employed a coven on a full time basis…” Seeing Ana’s surprised look, Roman chuckled. “I’m not the Guardian for nothing, Ana. I made it a habit to keep an eye on the Monarchs who I thought would be trouble. I had the coven checked out once I realized Sophie-Anne was employing them. Like you said, most of them were nothing but spoiled brats who thought they were powerful. There was one witch who had potential, but she was undisciplined and unwilling to learn. She disappeared after the former Queen was killed…” Roman trailed off as he thought about some of the different covens he knew. Some of them were nothing more than bored humans pretending, but there were a few that had real power. He was unsure if they had the power needed to counter Fae magic though. “There is a coven of quite powerful witches in Mississippi. They sprang up after Edgington was believed to have been killed the first time. I can arrange for them to come here if you think it will help.”

“Truthfully, I’m not sure if it will help or not,” Ana admitted. “Neith thinks it might, but I suspect only a fairy will be able to remove whatever they did to the Stackhouse male.”

“Fucking fairies!” Roman cursed. His eyes blazed with anger as he thought of the deceitful and bloodthirsty species. They may have been nice to look at, but beneath their beauty lay their true ugliness. He was sorry they hadn’t all been wiped out during the war. For close to a hundred years they had fought, killing indiscriminately, and trying to wipe the fairies out of existence. They thought they had, but like a bad smell, the Fae had shown up again. “I look forward to the night I can dine on their blood once more and tear them all apart.”

“This time I will be right there beside you, brother,” Ana promised darkly. She was too young to have fought in the first war. Sookie had turned her almost a thousand years after the war ended. However, she had heard all about it. She had heard the stories of how her Maker and brother had wiped out generations of fairies. She had hung on their every word when they told her of the battles they fought in with others of their line. Ana had never tasted Fae blood and her fangs ached to sink into the warm flesh of a pretty little fairy. She wanted to taste their blood on her tongue, smell their fear, and see their bodies turn to dust when she drained them dry. “As will baby brother,” she added, remembering why she had really sought out Roman. She grinned when she saw his eyes narrow in anger.

“Finn?!” Roman growled, praying Ana was just fucking with him. Finn couldn’t be on his way.

“The one and only,” Ana replied with a wide smile. She knew Roman and Finn didn’t get on. Centuries of dislike, jealousy, and fighting made for an interesting show whenever they met up, which wasn’t often. Her brothers preferred to put as much space between them as possible. The only thing the two of them agreed on was their Maker. They both loved Sookie and would do anything for her, which was in part where the jealousy derived. Roman was jealous of the bond his younger brother shared with their Maker. “He should be here in a few nights.” She adopted an innocent look as she added, “Didn’t Mother tell you? He contacted her last night and told her. Apparently, China is also in need of a new empress. Baby brother cut off the old one’s head.”

“Fucking Finn!” Roman spat, his anger plan to see. He loved Finn as a brother, but he didn’t like him very much. The younger vampire was impulsive, disrespectful, and a general pain in the ass. Finn had no respect for his authority and would question him whenever their paths crossed. Roman also hated the relationship Finn had with their Maker. Sookie indulged Finn and, in Roman’s eyes, let him get away with more than he should. The ancient vampire failed to see that his own jealousy clouded his eyes when it came to his brother and he couldn’t see clearly. For over four thousand years, Roman had been Sookie’s only son, and when she turned Finn, he had been overcome with jealousy that another man had a part of his Maker. He had never been jealous of Ana because she was a woman. He never saw her as a threat, even though she was deadly.

“I’m hoping to when he gets here,” Ana said wickedly. She loved riling her older brother, and there was no better way than to mention Finn. “It’s been quite a while since I enjoyed some quality time with Finn.”

Roman ignored Ana’s words. “Is he bringing Elizabeth?”

“Mother didn’t say, but I would assume so,” Ana replied with a pout, pissed that he didn’t bite. “Finn rarely goes anywhere without Betsy, she’s still young, not quite a hundred. I think he will bring her to see Mother.”

Roman nodded as he thought it over. As much as he hated the idea of Finn coming, he knew it was for the best. While Finn was a pain in the ass, he was loyal to their Maker, and a gifted fighter. He was just over nine hundred years old and had been trained by Nero, and few people could touch the former gladiator in a sword fight. If Roman’s fears were right, they would soon need all the fighters they could get. Elizabeth wasn’t much of a fighter, but she could hold her own if needed, and in her human life she had been a nurse, so she could help in that way.

“I take it Our Lady has arranged a room for him?” He asked, looking back to his sister. “I’m sure Elizabeth won’t mind sharing with him.”

“You’re no fun anymore, Roman,” Ana sulked. He had spoiled her fun by not overreacting like he had done the last time their paths had crossed.

“I was never fun, Ana,” Roman replied, a hint of a smile curling his lips. He knew what his sister wanted, and he would admit if the threat of war wasn’t hanging over their head he might have reacted in an explosive, violent way, but he couldn’t afford to do that this time. He needed to keep a level head.

Ana rolled her eyes as she rose to her feet. There was still the chance she would get her fireworks when Roman and Finn came face-to-face. After all, the last time they saw each other; they had destroyed a house by fighting and ended up strung up in silver by their Maker due to their behavior. “Yeah, you’re right. You never were any fun,” she said teasingly. She shot him a gentle smile before making her way to the door. “Can you arrange for a meeting with that coven?” She asked as she paused by the door. “It’s worth a try.”

“I can,” Roman replied, making a note of it even though he knew he wouldn’t forget. “As you are leaving for Bon Temps tonight, I will arrange for them to be here the night after you get back. I assume Our Lady will want to question them before she allows them anywhere near her brother.”

“We will be leaving if Mother gets off The Viking’s cock,” Ana snorted. “With the feelings I’m getting through the bond I don’t believe that will be happening anytime soon.” She had been feeling her Maker’s lust for the last hour and it was making her incredibly horny. Checking her watch, Ana realized she had time to get in a quick fuck before they were due to leave. She wiggled her fingers at Roman before opening his office door and walking out. She grinned as she heard Roman call his secretary back into his office. It looks like I’m not the only one turned on by Our Lady’s lust. I need to get fucked. With that thought in mind, Ana sped through the building and headed to the cells where she knew her beloved Nero was.


“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Sookie screamed as she rode Eric to completion for the second time that night. If she had still been mortal she would have been sore by then, but instead she was just getting warmed up. He felt amazing between her legs and she never wanted to get out of the bed. Unfortunately, Sookie had work to do, and she had already planned to go to Bon Temps to deal with Sam.

Gripping her hips hard, Eric bucked his hips and thrust up into her, fucking her at vampire speed as he sought his own release. He had risen to the feel of her lips wrapped around his cock and he hadn’t wasted any time grabbing her, rolling her onto her back, and entering her hard. “Fuck, Sookie!” He roared as he came, shooting his seed into her welcoming body. Eric grinned as Sookie flopped down on him, and he wrapped his arms around her, holding her closely.

Sookie rubbed her face against his chest, content in his embrace. It didn’t matter what form she was in, mortal or vampire, Eric’s arms could always bring her peace and put her at ease. “I wish we could stay in this bed all night,” she said, voicing her earlier thought.

“Why can’t we?” Eric asked, stroking a finger over her back teasingly. He would be happy to remain where they were for the rest of the night.

“I have to go to Bon Temps,” Sookie replied with a pout. “Fucking Sam’s been sniffing around the old farmhouse again.” She explained what she had learned the previous night and the plans she had made.

“Fucking shifter!” Eric growled, pissed that Sam was interfering with his time with Sookie that night. He wanted to spend the night with Sookie making up for the time he had wasted being an idiot.

“Fucking shifter,” Sookie agreed. Whatever fondness she had for Sam in the past was just that, in the past. She was older, stronger, and a hell of a lot more powerful than him, and she would be damned if she would let him treat her like he once had. She wasn’t the naïve little girl he thought she was. She was the leader of the vampire world and she sure as hell wouldn’t let him walk all over her the way he had in the past. “I’ll go to Bon Temps and see what the fuck he wants, and if he does or says anything to piss me off, I’ll introduce him to Eliza. She’ll rip his balls off and make him eat them…”

“I heard she did that to Bill,” Eric said, chuckling. He had enjoyed a good laugh when Nero had told him the story. He was sorry he hadn’t witnessed it firsthand. He would have loved to have seen that.

“She did, but luckily for Bill it was barely a mouthful,” Sookie replied with a smirk as she pushed herself up on her knees and straddled Eric’s waist. “Bill will meet the True Death as soon as Finn arrives…”

“Who is Finn?” Eric questioned while he moved his hands over her body.

“My child,” Sookie answered, rocking her hips back and forth and rubbing her pussy against his rapidly hardening cock. “He’ll be arriving with his child soon. Expect fireworks when he does…”

“I’m expecting fireworks now,” Eric growled, rolling Sookie under him and entering her in one fluid movement. He set a hard and fast pace, fucking her like only they could. If they couldn’t spend the whole night in bed as they both wanted, they were sure as hell going to make the most of the time they had. Moreover, if Sam could smell Eric in and all over Sookie when they met in Bon Temps, well, that would be all the better.


42 thoughts on “Veiled Blood: Chapter Four

  1. Looking forward to her showdown with Sam. And so glad Eric decided to stop being an idiot! LOL
    Finn sounds interesting, what a family reunion it will be.

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  2. So excited for Finn to come & loving the family reunion! Can’t wait to see how shock Sam going to get when he see Sookie & how different she is, which I’m loving the new her. So happy Eric & Soonie are together again. It made my day when I saw that you updated this story, I love it. I need more, update soon!

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  3. I really love this story! Great update – Ana makes me laugh, typical sibling – I have 3 of them and sometimes it’s fun to wind them up just for the hell of it, no one can pull your strings like family! Can’t wait to meet Finn, he sounds hilarious and it will be fun to see Sookie’s children competing for her attention – they are a great collection. I am so looking forward to the Sam confrontation!

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    • Thank you. I wanted to show the sibling aspect of their relationship. You are right, no one can pull your strings like a family member. Finn is quite the handful. I’ll let you in on a secret, despite what she said in Lifting the Veil, Finn is actually Sookie’s favourite.

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  5. Eric and Sookie are so stuck on each other it’s surprising they can manage to talk at all. Roman and Ana are like any other brother and sister with the annoying and the bothering;D
    Can’t wait to see Sam’s reaction, perhaps all of Merlotte’s.


  6. I just finished reading Lifting the Veil (which was absolutely amazing>such a different idea, wonderfully written, and complex) and I finished it in one day. I immediately started reading this one and I’m so excited for what’s going to happen next!! You are truly a masterful writer!

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