A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter One

A Marriage of Inconvenience

Fangtasia,” Bill sneered as he stepped out of his car. “Where the desperate come to be bitten.”

He let out a put-upon sigh as he walked across the road towards the club. Of all the things Queen Sophie-Anne asked him to do, in Bill’s opinion, this was the worst. To have to move back to the middle of nowhere, be expected to mainstream, and seduce a gullible young woman, was not something wanted to do; especially if she was like Hadley. He wanted to be back at the Queen’s palace, where the donors were of the highest quality and were willing to do anything he asked, no matter how depraved.

Many of the donors were people he procured for Sophie-Anne; their blood was richer, their sexual skills well above the average desperate fangbanger. As a reward for procuring them, Sophie-Anne would allow him to sample them whenever she, or one of her children, weren’t using them. They meant little to her, merely trinkets for her ever-growing collection, with the exception of Hadley.

Hadley quickly became Sophie-Anne’s favorite, promoted from donor to pet.  Bill couldn’t hide the lascivious smirk that spread across his face as he thought of Hadley. She was dumb as a post, but she more than made up for it with her sexual skills. She was willing to do anything to keep the favor Sophie-Anne bestowed on her. Bill had seen her spread her legs for nearly every vampire that visited the palace, usually while Sophie-Anne watched. Bill had never heard Hadley refuse one of Sophie-Anne’s requests; not that it would do her any good if she did: she would just be glamoured to do it anyway.

She certainly wasn’t saying no last night when Bill was buried balls-deep inside her; then again, she might have found it a bit difficult, seeing how her head was buried between Sophie-Anne’s thighs. Bill felt his pants tighten as he recalled his farewell from the palace. Sophie-Anne gave him permission to do anything he liked to Hadley as long as she could watch. Never one to deny his queen, Bill proceeded to fuck Hadley in every way he could think of, and he’d enjoyed every minute of it.

His mind drifted to his latest mission, he wondered if Hadley’s cousin was anything like her. The thought of what the two of them could do together almost made him come in his pants. If this Sookie’s sexual skills were anything like her cousins, Bill was sure he would be having a good time very soon. He might even delay his return to New Orleans by a few days so he could sample her full talents.

He willed his erection away as he approached the club; the last thing he needed was to be sporting an erection in front of the Sheriff of Area Five, if he was claiming to mainstream. He cut straight to the front of the club and flashed his fangs at the blonde-haired vampire minding the door.

“Very nice,” Pam drawled as she examined her nails. Looking up, she smiled, letting her fangs click down into place. “But mine are bigger.”

“I’m here to see the Sheriff,” Bill growled.

“Everyone is here to see the Sheriff,” she chortled. “Do you have an appointment?”

“No,” Bill replied, nonplussed.

“Well, that’s inconsiderate of you,” she chided. “The Sheriff is a busy vampire. Do you think he just sits around all night in case someone might want to see him? Shame on you.”

“When will  he be able to see me?” Bill asked through clenched teeth, not used to the blatant disrespect this vampire was showing him. “I require to see him in his official capacity.”

“He will be disappointed.” Pam snarked. “Wait inside. He’ll see you as soon as he’s ready.”

“You mean he’s inside?”

“Of course; this is his bar.” Pam replied, rolling her eyes.

“Then why have you made me wait?” Bill asked.

“Because I find you so amusing.” Pam said with a wicked smile.

“Take me to see the Sheriff!” Bill demanded.

“My Master is busy and he’s not to be disturbed,” Pam replied, the humor going out of her eyes. “You will have to wait until he is finished. Now, you can wait out here, or in the bar: the choice is yours.”

“I will wait inside.” Bill said rather stiffly.

“Good choice,” Pam sneered. “Help yourself to one of the vermin; it might remove that stick from your ass.”

“I’m mainstreaming,” Bill replied. “I don’t feed from fangbangers.”

“How very politically correct of you.” Pam mocked.

Bill sneered at Pam, but didn’t say anything. Entering the club, he was overcome with the scent of desperation, lust, and blood. He clenched his fists hard as he tried to stave off his vampire urges. The fangbangers were throwing themselves at any vampire who would have them. He could hear whispers, promises of sexual favors, and pleas to be bitten.

He spied a throne at the edge of the dance floor on the other side of the club, and he snorted at the pretension of the Area Sheriff. Gliding through the throng of fangbangers, he made his way to the bar and ordered a bottle of True Blood, maintaining his cover of mainstreaming. Taking the bottle off the bartender, he crossed the dance floor, sat down at one of the booths and waited.

He was forced to turn away numerous fangbangers as he waited, and he cursed having to pretend to mainstream. His fangs were itching to sink into the flesh of some willing blood bag, as was his cock.

“The Sheriff will see you now.” Pam said, appearing at his side suddenly. A quick look at the time told him he’d been waiting over an hour.

“Finally.” he grumbled under his breath as he stood up. Straightening his shoulders, he followed Pam through the club and down a hallway. He sneered as he saw a blonde-haired fangbanger coming out the Sheriff’s office, fixing her clothes. He could smell the scent of sex coming off her as she passed him and he scoffed; the Sheriff kept him waiting so he could fuck a blood bag. He swore the Queen would hear of that once he returned to the palace.

Bill groaned as he entered the office; the scent of sex and blood was heavy in the air and he couldn’t stop his fangs from clicking down. His eyes widened as he saw the condition of the room. It looked like a hurricane had swept through it: the computer lay broken on the floor, there were cracks in the walls, chairs were upturned and the filing cabinet looked like it had a dent in it.

“Pam tells me you wanted to see me on official business.”

“Yes, Sheriff.” Bill replied, looking at the Sheriff; he quickly averted his eyes as he saw he was still naked.

“You’re not shy, are you?” Eric said with a smirk.

“No, Sheriff.” Bill gritted out. Looking up, he was relieved  to see Eric pulled on a pair of jeans.

“Right,” Eric chuckled. “My Child tells me you demanded to see me, but did not give the reason why, other than it was official business.”

“Your Child?” Bill squeaked.

“Yes, my Child, Pam,” Eric replied.

Bill cursed himself. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t realized Pam was Eric’s Child; he had heard about her—everyone knew of the Northman’s Child—but he had never met her. He had met Eric numerous times at Sophie-Anne’s, but Pam never accompanied him. He wasn’t expecting to see Pam working the front door of the club; he heard she was a spoilt bitch and incredibly lazy. He unintentionally tried to bully the Sheriff’s child, that wouldn’t sit well with Eric.

“I was not aware she was your Child,” Bill said smarmily. “If I had known, I would have been more than happy to inform her of the reason I wanted to see you.”

Eric waved off his explanation, seeing it for what it was. “What brings you to Area Five?” He asked.

“I’m here to request your permission to move the Area.” Bill answered.


“My last living relative recently passed away and I would like to move back to my ancestral home in Bon Temps,” Bill said, giving the explanation he and Sophie-Anne came up with.

The Queen had been adamant in her orders that the Sheriff should not be told the real reason for his return, something he was happy to go along with. Eric’s arrogance had always rubbed Bill up the wrong way, and he longed to be able to say he outmaneuvered the Viking. Bill hated the way everyone acted around Eric; they treated him as if he was the second coming. The donors at the palace practically threw themselves at him whenever he was summoned, and he knew given the chance, Sophie-Anne would welcome Eric into her bed.

What he hated more was how Eric responded to them with indifference and detachment. Bill procured some of the finest blood and sex donors in the whole U.S. for Sophie-Anne. Kings and Queens from other states had traded Sophie-Anne for their talents, and yet the Viking held no interest in them. Bill had never even seen Eric feed from one; he had always dismissed them, claiming he didn’t feed from trash.

“I helped build the house when I was human. I lived there with my wife and children before I became a vampire. Now the VRA has passed, I simply wish to return home.”

“You’re giving up life at Sophie-Anne’s court to return to a backwater hole like Bon Temps,” Eric said, sitting down behind his desk. “Not many vampires would be willing to do that.”

“Yes, I have no doubt it will be different, but I have grown tired of life at court. I wish for some peace and quiet,” Bill replied.

“I’m sure you will find that in Bon Temps,” Eric said dryly. “I have no objection to you moving into my Area, but you will follow my rules whilst here. You will present yourself at Fangtasia once a week, where you will put yourself on display for the vermin. Pam tells me you’re mainstreaming and you don’t feed on fangbangers; that is fine, but while at Fangtasia, you will put on the show they expect. You don’t have to feed or fuck them. My rule is very different from Sophie-Anne’s: what might be accepted in her Area might not be acceptable here. If you have any questions, ask them; breaking one of my rules will result in a punishment you will not like. Am I understood?”

“Yes, Sheriff.” Bill replied without hesitation.

“Good. Leave your contact information with Pam, and welcome to Area Five.”

Bill ground his teeth together in anger at Eric’s dismissal, taking the pen and piece of paper Pam offered him, he scribbled down his information, thrust it at Pam, and stormed out the door.

How dare Eric treat me like that? Bill raged, Dismissing me like I’m nobody. I’m one of Sophie-Anne’s most loyal servants. I hold a place of importance among her retinue; I’m not some common vampire he can boss around. As soon as I return to the palace I will be sure to tell Sophie-Anne how disrespectful her Sheriff is; maybe she’ll let me torture him.


He stormed back into the bar and sneered at the fangbangers who stared at him. He could scent the arousal of many of them and he considered briefly glamouring one to meet him later so he could satisfy both of his appetites. He quickly discarded the idea; he couldn’t take the risk of it getting back to Eric: he would surely ask questions if he knew Bill wasn’t really mainstreaming.

As far as Bill was concerned, the sooner he finished his mission, the better. He didn’t want to spend one night more than he had to under Eric’s control. He was making his way to the exit when he saw the blonde-haired fangbanger,  he’d seen coming out of Eric’s office, behind the bar. He let his eyes fall over her and was quite impressed with what he saw. She wasn’t his usual type; he preferred slender brunettes, but she would do in a pinch. He debated with himself whether he should approach her or not. He had already claimed he was mainstreaming and didn’t feed on fangbangers, but the thought he could take away something that belonged to Eric in some way appealed to him greatly. He wasn’t fooling himself into believing Eric held any real attachment to her, but he knew Eric wouldn’t like losing anything, even something as worthless to him as the fangbanger he had just fucked. It was the principle of the matter: you shouldn’t take the fuck of another vampire until he or she had given it up. The fact that Eric’s latest fuck was his bartender told Bill she was one of his regulars and would be considered off limits, unless Eric gave his permission.

He wasn’t fooling himself into believing Eric held any real attachment to her, but he knew Eric wouldn’t like losing anything, even something as worthless to him as the fangbanger.

Spinning on his heels, Bill made his way to the bar. “True Blood.” he ordered, putting on his most charming smile.

“Any particular flavor?” She asked unaffected.

“A positive.” he replied.

Bill frowned as she placed the bottle of blood on the bar and turned away from him to serve another customer. As she passed in front of him again, he reached over the bar and grabbed her wrist, halting her movements.

“Do you want to order something else?” she asked.


“Then please let go of my wrist.” she said firmly.

“My apologies,” Bill said as he made a show of releasing her wrist. “I didn’t mean to manhandle you that way; I simply wished for your company.”

“You’ll have to excuse me, but I’m working.”

“How long have you worked here?” Bill asked, trying to keep the conversation going.

“Long enough.” she replied vaguely.

“You enjoy the bonuses you get here?” Bill sneered, not liking her disinterest in him.

“Oh, yeah,” she purred. “The bonuses are the best part of the job.”

“Would you like to get a drink with me?” Bill asked.

“Sorry, but no.” she replied.

Bill was about to push his mind against hers and glamour her into leaving with him when he felt someone behind him. Spinning around, he blanched when he came face to face with Pam.

“Harassing the bar staff,” she tutted. “You’re not very good at mainstreaming, are you, Bill?”

“I was not harassing her,” Bill denied. “I was simply inviting her to have a drink with me.”

“And she declined,” Pam replied. “Now be a good little vampire and run along and leave her alone.”

Realizing he didn’t have a choice, Bill slowly moved away from the bar, seething inside at the disrespect he had been shown by the Sheriff, his Child and the fangbanger.

Who the hell does she think she is to turn me down like that? The whore will spread her legs for Northman. She should have been honored I chose her.

He stalked out of the club and back to his car; opening the door forcefully, he climbed inside, started the engine, and headed in the direction of Bon Temps.

Bill was calm by the time he reached Bon Temps. Pulling up outside his old home, he groaned at the dilapidated state of the house. He hoped he wouldn’t have to stay long in the old place; he wasn’t sure he would survive if he did.

Much to Bill’s horror, the inside was in an even worse condition. He had gone from living in elegance and decadence to ramshackle and restrictions. His displeasure grew rapidly when he realized he would have to spend the day in the ground, as there were no light-tight spaces in the house.

Remembering the Stackhouses lived in the house across the cemetery, Bill decided to pay them a visit. If he were lucky, Sookie would be home alone; he could glamour her into leaving with him right away and be back in New Orleans, and the Queen’s palace, tomorrow night.

Bill was unprepared for the sight that greeted him as he crossed the cemetery. He was expecting a house in similar condition to his own, but instead found a pristine place; it was clear to him the house had undergone some reconstructive work. He frowned as he reached the fence that surrounded the property; from what Hadley told him, the Stackhouses didn’t have much money, and in no way could they afford the work that had gone into the house. He wondered if they had sold her home and a new family lived there. That was all he needed: to move to Bon Temps to procure Sookie Stackhouse, only for her not to live there. He should have had a private investigator look into the girl before he left the palace, but he had been overly confident in his abilities to seduce her into returning to New Orleans with him, and hadn’t wanted to waste the time.

The fence prevented him from getting any closer, but his vampire hearing told him no one was home. Deciding to check back later, Bill walked back to his house to try to secure it the best he could for the night. It was a few hours later that Bill heard a car engine coming from across the cemetery. Realizing someone was home across at the Stackhouses, he quickly cleaned himself up and sped across the cemetery. Not letting the fence stop him, he walked up to the front door and knocked. Bill’s eyes widened as the door opened.

“Compton.” Eric greeted with a smirk.

“Sheriff,” Bill spluttered. “What are you doing here?”

“I live here.” Eric replied.

“But I thought this was the Stackhouse property.” Bill said, confused.

“What do you know of the Stackhouses?” Eric growled.

“Nothing, Sheriff,” Bill backpedalled. “I just remember them owning this property when I was human. I was just curious if any of their descendants still resided in the town.”

“Eric, who is it?” a soft voice called out from inside the house.

“Our new neighbor, Lover.” Eric replied, smirking at Bill.

Bill couldn’t believe his eyes as the blonde-haired fangbanger from the Fangtasia appeared beside Eric. He watched as she slid her arm around his waist and rested her head against his chest. He was surprised to see Eric return her embrace by wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

“My apologies, Sheriff, I didn’t mean to disturb you and your… friend,” Bill said. “I simply wanted to introduce myself to my new neighbors.”

“I don’t think there was any need; we’ve all met. Although, I don’t believe you two have been properly introduced,” Eric said, thoroughly enjoying himself. “Allow me to fix that. Bill Compton, meet my wife, Sookie Stackhouse Northman.

“Oh, shit,” Bill whispered, as his mission became practically impossible to complete.


28 thoughts on “A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter One

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    wonder how much trouble bill is gonna cause them. i really hope eric has a spy in palace that knows about the mission or they discover it soon. to much angst just sucks. loving it already.


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    Wonderful start to the story! Now….how will be take something away from the Northman?

    Sophie Ann sure hasn’t done her due diligence, that’s for sure!!


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  12. Dear Queen of Area Five,

    CONGRATULATIONS! The Fanatic Fanfics Multifandom Awards would like to inform you that you have been nominated in the following categories:

    1. All-Time Favorite True Blood Fanfic – A Marriage of Inconvenience

    Voting will start on April 11, 2016. We will take votes for three weeks before closing on May 2, 2016.

    Feel free to let your readers know about this event, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

    -Fanatic Fanfics Multifandom Awards
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