Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Seven

<<<Masque of the Red Death

Chapter Seven

Eric was up and out the door before his child’s name had fully left his lips. He could feel her pain and he swore whoever had hurt her would suffer the worst pain of their life. No one hurt his child; not while he was around. Eric refastened his pants while he sped from his rooms through the compound toward where he felt Freyda. As he approached her office, he couldn’t believe someone had been stupid enough to attack her in her own palace! Whoever had done so clearly had a death wish. As he approached the door, Eric heard a familiar voice scream in agony and his anger grew furiously. He swore if she had attacked Freyda he would tear her limb from limb.

Eric wasn’t surprised to see the door to Freyda’s office open, he was, on the other hand, stunned that none of her royal Guards were there. They should have come to their Queen’s aid the moment they heard any disturbance. There would be hell to pay if her Guards were found in any way negligent or complicit.

“AHHH!” The scream of pain traveled through the compound and Eric could scent blood in the air, blood not belonging to his child. He could still feel her pain, and, more than that, he could feel her anger. Freyda was livid, which did not bode well for the moron who had attacked her.

Bursting into his child’s office, Eric was set to rip apart anyone in his way when the scene he came upon suddenly registered. His eyes widened in shock when he saw Willa cowering in the corner of the room trying to shield herself from an enraged Bill lashing her with his belt. For once in his long undead life, Eric was at a loss! He was loath to go to Willa’s aid seeing as it looked as if she had attacked his child, yet, at the same time, he certainly did not want to allow Bill Compton to be the one doling out punishment to the insipid young woman. Willa had attacked his child, the Queen of Illinois. Her penalty wasn’t Bill’s to judge, sentence, nor see through.

“You dare to attack my love, the vivacious and graceful Freyda!” Bill seethed while he took up his belt bringing it down upon Willa once again. He beat her with his belt as fiercely as he could, resolved to make her feel every crack. “You are nothing but a worthless whore! I’ll kill you for touching my Queen!”

Understanding that Bill meant to fully carry out his threat, Eric moved forward at once and grabbed the former Confederate soldier’s arm before he could lash Willa again. Eric didn’t spare Bill a word when he hauled him backward and tossed him across the room. Eric was partly expecting Willa to start gushing, declaring her love for him the way she had nearly every night from shortly after bringing her to Illinois, except to his surprise the young, brunette human curled up in a ball and sobbed strongly. Despite the fact that she had attacked his child, Eric found her cries unsettling. While he hadn’t loved the young woman as she had wanted, he had cared for her at one time and a small part of him remembered their time together fondly and didn’t wish to see her hurting. Still, the bigger part of him, the part that loved his child, wanted to hear Willa screaming in anguish and begging for mercy that would never come.

Reaching down, Eric fisted his hand in Willa’s hair and dragged her to her feet. The promise of pain flashed brightly in the Viking’s eyes and the brunette whimpered when she saw it. Eric fought the urge to just snap Willa’s neck and be done with her. He knew he should have glamoured away their time together and sent her back to Louisiana when he ended things between them. He had recklessly allowed her to remain and now Freyda had suffered for his mistake. “Explain!” he demanded, snarling.

“She attacked my Queen!” Bill interrupted before Willa had a chance to say a word. He squared his shoulders, glaring at Eric’s back, incensed that the Viking dared to lay his hands upon him, and therefore ceasing his punishing of Willa. “As the Queen’s most faithful servant, I was seeing to my pet’s punishment! You have no right to interfere, former Regent as you have no authority here!” Bill puffed out his chest as he spoke trying to make himself look bigger. He had waited twenty years for the chance to take his presumed rightful place at Freyda’s side and finally be rid of Eric! In Bill’s mind he was the perfect mate for the Queen, so much better than Eric, and he finally had a chance to show that. “The Queen is no longer your concern…”

Eric arched a dubious brow when he looked over his shoulder at Bill. He certainly wouldn’t miss the pompous prick when he left, but before then he would just have to remind Bill about the true hierarchy… “I may no longer be Freyda’s Regent, Compton, but I am her Maker and that means she remains my concern. She is mine!”

Bill sputtered as he tried to think of an argument to override Eric’s words and prove he was less than nothing to Bill’s beloved Queen. He hated that Eric still had a piece of Freyda. The Viking was supposed to have left their lives as soon as the contract ended… He wasn’t supposed to be Freyda’s Maker! The former solider couldn’t help but wonder why the Queen had never revealed her true connection to Eric. In his delusional mind, Bill believed it was he who was destined to be Freyda’s most trusted and loyal servant; her confidante. It had never occurred to him that Freyda hadn’t told him merely because she didn’t trust him and it was none of his business. No? To Bill? The Queen never revealed it to him because Eric wouldn’t let her. In truth? It just gave Bill another reason to hate Eric.

“My Maker has more rights here than you, Bill, and you would do well to remember your place,” Freyda interjected before Bill had a chance to open his mouth, making an even bigger fool of himself. The Queen forced herself to her feet and shot Bill a look of disdain before turning her furious stare on the still-whimpering human. Freyda could feel the burn of the silver that remained on her skin and she wanted nothing more than to make Willa suffer the same. Freyda couldn’t believe the young woman had attacked her like that! She knew Willa was obsessed with Eric, but her obsession had never before resulted in violence. The entire thing was out of character for the young woman. As she stared at Willa, Freyda couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to make her blow up that way. What had tossed her over the edge? Her behavior of late was erratic, but then the same could be said for the last two years. It was quite the contrast from who Willa had been when Freyda first met her. The Queen had liked Willa when Eric first brought her to the palace, and furthermore, Willa seemed to like the Queen at the time. At the very least, she had enjoyed fucking her.

In her first few weeks at the palace, the young brunette had never thought twice about burying her face between the Queen’s thighs, eating her pussy while Eric fucked her from behind. Willa had been so eager to please both of them whenever they wanted…

Freyda tangled her hands in Willa’s hair, bucking her hips while she watched her Maker fuck the young woman from behind. Pleasure spread through the Queen’s body as Willa lapped at her clit with her tongue. For someone who had no experience with lesbian sex before she arrived in Illinois, the young brunette had certainly learned how to eat a pussy swiftly and quite well. She had a natural talent and Freyda was more than happy to reap its benefits!

Eric dug his fingers into Willa’s hips with bruising strength as he slammed into her over and over. She may not have been the one he was searching for when he visited Louisiana, but she was certainly a good bonus. She had a tight pussy and was always so eager to please! Unlike many donors at the palace, Willa could also hold a conversation, although, a conversation was the last thing he wanted at that moment. Willa had much better things to do with her mouth…

It made little sense to Freyda. It was as if a switch was flipped inside Willa and she went from a well-mannered, intelligent young woman to an obsessive, bitter one. At times Willa’s behavior made Pam look meek, and yet, this was the first time she had ever physically attacked anyone. Violence was the sort of thing Freyda expected of Pam. 

Pam Freyda groaned once the thought of her vampire sister popped into her head. Willa’s actions were right up Pam’s alley; they were something she would do, rather, something she would glamour humans to do just as she had done in the past. Surely Pam is not stupid enough to glamour someone to attack me again? She remembers what happened the last time she did it. Was Pam up to her old tricks? Did the news that Eric was also Freyda’s Maker tip the most childish vampire over the edge? Until the moment Freyda announced Eric was her Maker, Pam thought the Queen would be out of their lives forever. Pam believed she would finally be getting Eric back to just her alone. Why she thought that Freyda had no idea, even if the Queen hadn’t been Eric’s child he would still have had another. It seemed everyone excepting Pam realized that Eric had no intention of being with her again. It would never be just the two of them because it never had been.

“Master,” Freyda murmured softly to draw her Maker’s attention away from the whimpering Willa. Before anyone continued to penalize the young woman, they needed to verify if she was under another’s influence. For Pam’s sake, Freyda hoped she hadn’t done anything this time. Their Maker wouldn’t be as forgiving; there would be no second chances. “Before more chastising, I believe it wise to check for signs of glamour,” she added, switching to Swedish, a language she knew Bill didn’t understand. “The attack was uncharacteristic of Willa; she’s not prone to violence. Conversely, there is someone who wouldn’t think twice about hurting me…”

“That selfish, fucking brat!” Eric growled in Swedish, realizing to what his child was alluding. Eric swore if Pam had glamoured Willa to attack Freyda he would fucking end her! She wouldn’t get another chance to hurt his child. Turning his gaze to Willa again, Eric leaned into her and took a deep breath, trying to scent his child on her. He could smell a faint scent of Pam, but that could easily be explained away by them bumping into each other. No, what he needed was absolute proof and, fortunately, there was a vampire visiting the palace who had the gift of detecting glamour.

Dropping Willa to the floor, Eric reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He was relieved that he’d shoved it in his jeans; not his jacket pocket as he usually did when he was in no mood to retrieve it. Dialing the number he needed, Eric waited for an answer. “Freyda’s office now!” He ended the call before she had a chance to reply. Eric shot Bill a look of contempt. He couldn’t help but wonder why Bill was the only person who had responded to the attack on the Queen… The office should have been filled with Freyda’s loyal Guards. Bill should not have been the only one to come to her aid. In Eric’s mind, it was added proof that the attack on Freyda had been organized. It wasn’t just a chance occurrence. As much as he hated it, Eric had the sinking feeling Pam was behind it all.

Her hatred for the Queen was well known and she had never liked Willa. Pam had despised the younger woman from the moment they met. Given that the first time she had set eyes on the brunette human Eric had been balls deep inside of her, it was hardly surprising. She saw Willa as yet another woman who was trying to take Eric away from her. Pam had gone out of her way to make Willa feel unwelcome when she first arrived; something Eric had put a stop to once he realized it. No, it wouldn’t have surprised Eric if Pam was involved somehow. She would have seen it as a last chance to rid her of both Freyda and Willa.

Whether Pam was involved remained to be seen, but whoever was responsible for the attack on Freyda was in for a world of hurt as not only had they attacked his child, they had also interrupted his time with his Hellcat. Eric had never had as much fun on a video call before and he had been hoping to convince Sookie to give him another show with the fairy… My Hellcat and a fairy, now there is a pairing I would like to get in the middle of… Eric felt his cock twitch at the thought of watching the two women fuck. I should let Sookie know what happened, he thought, remembering how he had left the chat without a word. He sent Sookie a quick message explaining about the attack on Freyda, telling her his child was okay, knowing she would want to know. Eric had just tucked his phone back in his pocket when his sister came waltzing through the door.

“You called?” Nora said in lieu of a greeting. The brown-haired vampire flicked her eyes over Freyda’s office while she moved further into the room. She wrinkled her nose at the scent of burnt flesh. A frown marred Nora’s features when she noticed the whimpering human on the floor. She recognized the young woman from the party the night before. Nora had seen her masturbating furiously while she watched Eric and Freyda fuck, and she had been quietly impressed. “Eric, what is going on?”

That was what Bill wanted to know as well. He wanted to complete Willa’s punishment for daring to attack his Queen and he reviled Eric’s prevention of it. As her master, it was Bill’s right to deal with her and it would only prove his dedication to Freyda. It would show his Queen his devotion to her and that he would do anything for her.

She…” Eric jabbed a finger at Willa as he spoke, “attacked Freyda. She took silver to MY child…” He grinned when he heard Nora growl as he told her what Willa had done. It pleased him to know that Nora was just as protective of Freyda as he. “I need you to interpret whether or not Willa acted of her own free will…”

Nora nodded her head understanding what he was asking. Most of the vampires of their line had vampire gifts; they ranged from the gift of flight to enhanced senses. Nora’s gift was glamour. Not only was she extremely gifted at weaving it, but she could also detect it and in most cases, reverse it. Reversing it was tricky depending on the skill of the vampire who had originally weaved it. Regardless of the skill of the vampire responsible, Nora could see behind it, or she could if it wasn’t too very old.

Walking by Eric, Nora approached Willa and crouched down before her. She made herself as non-threatening as possible not wanting to spook the young woman and make her job harder. Glamouring someone was easy, but detecting it was harder and for some reason, the more agitated the human, the more difficult it proved to be. “Willa,” she said softly, drawing the frightened young woman’s gaze to her. Nora smiled kindly at Willa, trying to put her at ease. It wasn’t easy; the beating she had already taken caused her defenses to rise. “Why did you attack the Queen?”

Bill rudely exhaled an unnecessary breath while he watched Nora question Willa. How dare Nora speak to his pet and question her!? She had no authority here! She had no right to interfere in affairs that had nothing to do with her! Willa was his pet! He owned her and he refused to let an outsider usurp his position! “I will deal with my pet!” he said before Willa had a chance to reply. “As her Master it’s my responsibility to punish her for her treasonous actions. You have no right to interfere with that! I demand you hand her over to me…”

“Shut up, Bill!” Freyda snapped, silencing the pompous younger vampire. She shot him a scorn-filled look while she turned on him. “You make demands of no one in this office. As Queen I have the right to do as I please and as my Maker, so does Eric…”

“I work directly for the Council, so that’s my fuck you,” Nora added helpfully. “Now shut the fuck up and let me work!” She wasn’t sure who was worse, Pam or Bill. They both had high opinions of themselves, opinions that were definitely fucked up. Nora tuned out the sputtering Bill and gave her full attention to Willa. She actually felt sorry for the young woman if Bill was her master; fucking him had to have been worse than silver to her skin in Nora’s opinion. “Why did you attack Freyda, Willa?”

“She stole my Master,” Willa cried with tears welling in her eyes. “He was mine and she took him away. She had to die… She needs to die…”

Growls of rage filled the room at Willa’s words as both Eric and Freyda moved forward, wanting to rip the brunette from limb to limb. Both were coiled and ready to attack. It was only Nora holding up her hand that stopped them.

Nora knew a conditioned reply when she heard one, and she fought the need to drop her fangs when she felt the slippery touch of glamour all over Willa’s mind. It was obvious to her that the young woman had been glamoured; she could feel it. “Why do you say that, Willa?” She asked, searching for the origin of the glamour.

“She stole my Master,” Willa repeated as if it was the only thing that mattered. “She stole my Master…”

“It is your fault my Queen, the magnificent and generous Queen Freyda was attacked!” Bill exclaimed idiotically, laying the blame solely at Eric’s feet. This was the moment for which he had been waiting! He would finally show Freyda that Eric was nothing but a monster, and that he was her True mate. “You brought this whore here, and then cast her aside when you tired of her. You are to blame…”

“She’s been glamoured, you fucking idiot!” Nora interrupted just before Eric had the chance to tear Bill’s head off his shoulders and shove it up his ass due to his stupid words. She shook her head at the dick measuring contest. “She was glamoured to attack you, Freyda,” she added, turning her gaze to her vampire niece. “The glamour is fresh, only a couple of hours old…”

“I’ll fucking kill her!” Eric growled incensed that Pam had done it again. He was done with her bullshit; she had crossed the line for the last time and he would end her! He knew it would hurt him, but he didn’t care. It was the second time she tried to kill his child, he should have ended her after the first attempt, but he had unwisely let her live. “She’s gone too far…”

As angry as she was with Pam, Freyda couldn’t help but feel sorry for the entire affair. Eric would suffer once again due to Pam’s selfish actions. The Queen wished her vampire sister could have grown up, but she had once more proven she was incapable of thinking about anyone but herself.

“I’ll end the bitch!” Eric continued, his rage taking over. What the hell had she been thinking? Eric didn’t know nor did he care. “I am done with her, she…”

“Eric!” Nora shouted, interrupting his rant and forcing his wrathful gaze upon her. “Up until the time you called me, I was with Pam all night; she never left my sight…”

“If the glamour is fresh and you have been with Pam all night,” Freyda said, confusion tinting her tone, “that means…”

“Pam didn’t do this,” Nora finished for the Queen. For once Pam was innocent.

“If Pam is not to blame, then who is?” Eric questioned, staring at his vampire sister intently, wanting to know the answer. He flicked his eyes between Nora and Willa trying to force the answer out of them; he was just about to ask his sister again when a tiny gasp drew his attention. Eric’s eyes narrowed as he turned around and eyed Bill. He could almost feel the guilt rolling off the former Confederate soldier and he knew he had the answer as to who was responsible.

Eric could see the moment Bill realized they all knew he was guilty. Eric could tell Bill was going to try and make a run for it. The fucking idiot. Eric waited for Bill to try and run before speeding forward and cutting him off. Wrapping his hand around Bill’s throat, Eric slammed him against the wall and held him several feet off the ground. “I think you have some explaining to do, Bill…”


26 thoughts on “Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Seven

  1. Bill is going to really gonna get it. i guess he wanted to be “the hero” to save the day…like Mighty Mouse. too bad that only works with idiots….and Eric and his bloodline are definitely no idiots. it’s good to see Bill not obsessed with Sookie though. so refreshing. 😀

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  2. Of course it was Bill, he is so delusional he believed he’d never get caught! His punishment should be awesome, Eric is so furious. Looking forward to next update. Thanks!

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  3. Why am I not surprised — of course Bill wanted to punish Willa to death so it would be revealed what a delusional super douche he is 😉 That was some good sexing by Eric. See Pam would have known that Nora could find out if Willa had been glamored and I doubt that she would have went that route. I also loved when they all told Bill he wasn’t the big shit he thought he was. Noras comment was the best. This chapter shows why you are a awesome writer because you have made the two biggest bitches in TB really likeable.

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  4. God, he’s such a weasel! He set up the whole thing so he could play the hero to Freyda…much like TB/SVM Bill did with Sookie. I can’t wait to see what sort of punishment Eric and Freyda will be doling out to him.

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  5. If Bill had succeeded, he would have gotten rid of Pam and Willa. I think Bill won’t be a problem for anyone much longer. What an ass. Excellent chapter.

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  6. Busted! Can’t wait to see what they do to the confederate idiot 😀I wonder how he got the guards to ignore them since they should have swarmed the office once Freyda was attacked?

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  7. Pam would have been the perfect patsy. Bill is a scumbag, but he had a good idea. Of course he didn’t consider Nora’s ability or Eric’s intelligence. I imagine we will be biding Bill a fond farewell very soon.

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  8. Yes, Bill’s twisted logic at work again, he really does need ending – I hope it’s a very slow ending! Great chapter, glad Nora was around and able to uncover what Bill did. Poor Willa, all she’s really done is fall for Eric (who wouldn’t?!) and make the bad decision to turn to Bill – although for all we know he may have glamoured her into that.

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  11. Thanks you for the Amazing update. It was great, short though.. 😦 But hey, Why’d Bill do it? That’s really fucking stupid unless he wanted to be seen as a hero in Freda’s eyes and consequently blame Eric and….. OOOHHHH!!! 😉 Whatever, so the Viking came out to play YUM!!


  12. I’m all caught up and I’m loving this story! What’s up with Gran? We already know what’s wrong with Hadley. Beehl is so completely stupid, how did manage to live this long?


  13. Hmmm. 2 people acting out of character within 24 hrs….
    Maaay be coincidence????

    But, Bill? Alone? Really? Somehow I think he was persuaded.

    But but oh boy. If Bobby was just in trouble, billy boy is about to experience a tsunami if pain.



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