A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Fifteen

Eric had only driven a few hundred yards down the road when he felt Sookie’s pain spark. Cursing the slowness of the car, he pulled over again and jumped out. Taking to the air, Eric flew as fast as he could, not caring about the expensive car he left on the side of the road or the woman locked in the trunk. Focusing on Sookie, Eric let the bond guide him; pain was still coming through it strong and he both rejoiced in and cursed it. As long as he could feel the pain, he knew she was fighting and still with him. He took on as much pain as he could as he headed towards Bon Temps. He pushed his body harder than he had ever done before as he soared through the air. Eric could feel a shift in the bond, something foreign entering it, and he growled low in his throat as he realized another vampire had given Sookie their blood. Eric swore if it was Bill, he would end him where he stood. Eric could feel Sookie’s suffering slowly easing, but it offered him no comfort. She was still in a considerable amount of pain, and it cut him to the core. He had been stuck playing foolish games with a childish Queen while his wife was in danger and hurting.

It was nearly thirty minutes later when he neared the Bon Temps border. Honing in on Sookie, Eric streaked across the sky. He could feel her more strongly as he grew closer to her. Her pain had receded quite a bit, but she was still hurting badly, and Eric wondered what the hell had happened to her. If she had been given vampire blood like he suspected, she should have been healed and not in any pain.

It was just minutes later when he landed in the parking lot of Merlotte’s. Taking a deep breath and scenting the area, Eric let out a growl, as he smelled Sookie’s blood in the area behind the bar. Following the bond, Eric stalked into the bar in search of his wife. Seeing her propped up in one of the booths, Eric crossed the short distance and went to her.

“Eric,” Sookie whimpered weakly, her face deathly pale as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

“Lover,” Eric greeted as he reached her. Anger bubbled up inside him as he got his first good look at her. Her blood soaked the front of her top, dirt caked her arms, and scratches covered her face, the pale coloring making them stand out.

Holding up her arms, Sookie reached for Eric weakly, needing to feel his arms around her. Pain bloomed in her stomach as she did, and she let out a small whimper. Tears sprang to her eyes as she stifled a sob.

Sliding into the booth beside her, Eric carefully wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “Ssshh, I’m here, Sookie,” he murmured. He pressed a soft kiss to her head before dropping his fangs.

Lifting his hand to his mouth, Eric tore into his wrist and pressed it to Sookie’s lips. He smiled down at her as she fastened her lips around his bleeding wrist and drank deeply. He could feel his blood entering her system and healing all her wounds. He watched the scratches on her face fade as it went to work. Once he was satisfied she was fine, he pulled his wrist away from her lips and pulled her into his lap.

Holding her close, Eric turned his attention to the rest of the bar. He cast his eyes over all those who were gathered, not surprised in the slightest to see Compton present. This had his name written all over it. Eric raised an eyebrow as he spied Jason clutching a broomstick and glaring daggers at Bill. Eric ignored the sullen looking Sam Merlotte who was standing behind the bar, and he settled his gaze on Pam.

“What happened here?” Eric asked as he shifted Sookie in his lap.

“Forgive me, Master,” Pam said, dropping to her knees in front of the booth. “This is all my fault.”

“You are responsible for your Mistress being injured?” Eric asked. He could feel Pam’s guilt through their bond and was confused. Despite her bratty behavior in the beginning, Pam had never harmed Sookie physically, and he was unsure how this could be her fault.

“Not her fault,” Sookie mumbled sleepily against Eric’s chest.

“It was,” Pam argued. “I was supposed to have been watching her. I got distracted.”

“How did you get distracted?” Eric asked.

Pam lowered her head and said nothing. She didn’t want to see the disappointment in her Maker’s eyes when he realized how badly she had screwed up. Sookie had been hurt because she was too busy messing around with a blood bag.

“Somebody explain what happened this instant,” Eric demanded. “I want to know how my wife was hurt, I want to know why she was hurt, and I definitely want to know who hurt her.”

“Why don’t you ask fucknuts here?” Jason said interjecting himself into the conversation as he pointed at Bill. Taking a step forward, Jason slowly approached the booth and stared down at Sookie. “Is she okay?”

“She will be,” Eric assured. “Why should I ask Bill what happened to my wife?”

“’Cause he was the first one on the scene,” Jason said as he slid into the booth opposite Eric and the now sleeping Sookie. “He would have seen it all.”

“Is that true, Bill?” Eric asked, turning his attention to the younger vampire. “Did you witness the incident?”

“I did, Sheriff,” Bill said as he stepped closer to the booth. None of them missed the hungry look he cast Sookie. “I was visiting my friend at Merlotte’s here tonight and witnessed the entire misunderstanding.”

Ya call my sister being stabbed a misunderstanding?” Jason scoffed. “Should shove this broom up yer ass and see if that’s a misunderstanding.”

“Stabbed,” Eric growled flicking his eyes from the fuming Jason to the unsettled Bill. “I want an explanation right now.”

“I spent today with Sookie so…” Jason started.

Several hours earlier

Mornin’, sis,” Jason greeted with a yawn as he stumbled into the kitchen.

“Good afternoon,” Sookie replied with a small smile as she turned to face her brother. She raised an eyebrow as she took in his dishevelled look. Letting out a chuckle, Sookie shook her head. “I thought it was over between you and Thalia.”

“It was; it is,” Jason said, seeing no point in lying and pretending he didn’t know what she was on about. “We‘re just fuc…”

“Friends with benefits,” Sookie cut him off, using a politer phrase.

“Yeah,” Jason agreed with a chuckle.

“Are you okay with that?” Sookie asked, concerned about her brother.

“I am,” Jason answered truthfully. “Thalia’s a great girl… Or a great ancient powerful vampire,” he amended, seeing Sookie’s raised eyebrow. “But we both know what’s between us is just physical. As much as I’d love a relationship like yours and Eric, I know Thalia’s not the one to give me it, and I’m fine with that. Besides, I’m young, healthy, and a sexy motherfucker; I should be living it up.”

“Now that’s the Jason I know and love,” Sookie said with a laugh.

“I am pretty lovable,” Jason replied with a nod. Crossing the kitchen to the fridge, Jason pulled it open and grabbed a can of soda; “You get any more trouble from the Civil War reject last night?”

“No,” Sookie replied as she took a seat at the kitchen table. “Clancy reported he went straight home, and from what Maxwell said, he was there until sun up. Apparently he threw a little tantrum, but he never left the house.”

“You think he’ll ever realize he’s out of his league and give up?” Jason asked as he took a seat at the table opposite Sookie.

“I think he’s too stupid to realize that,” Sookie snorted. “From what Eric’s told me, Bill’s always had a high opinion of himself, and he attaches himself to those in power believing they can protect him. His Maker is said to be a total nut case, but she’s a lot smarter than him. And at least she knows how to survive, something she never really taught Bill. He thinks the Queen will protect him from any repercussions.”

“Will she?” Jason asked.

“The only person Sophie-Anne will protect is Sophie-Anne,” Sookie replied truthfully. “She has no loyalty to anyone, not even her own children. If it came down to it, she’d throw them under the bus as well.”

“Doesn’t bode well for Hadley, then,” Jason remarked.

“It doesn’t, but I can’t find it in me to care, Jase,” Sookie said. “She made her choice; she’s gonna have to live with the consequences.”

“If Gran were alive, she’d probably tan our hides for writing Hadley like we are,” Jason said.

“If Gran was still alive, she’d probably march down to New Orleans and tan Hadley’s ass in front of everyone and then tell Sophie-Anne to leave her grandbabies alone.”

Jason laughed as he listened to Sookie’s words, seeing the truth in them. He could just imagine their Gran marching into Sophie-Anne’s palace, grabbing Hadley by the ear, and dragging her out.

“What’d ya think he’s gonna try next?” Jason asked.

“I honestly don’t know, Jase,” Sookie replied as she twisted her fingers. “I don’t think he has an actual plan, which is scary on its own. He seems to be making it up as he goes.”

“We’ll all protect you, Sook,” Jason assured as he reached for her hands. “He won’t get near you.”

“Thanks,” Sookie replied softly. “I just wish Eric was here. No offense to you or my vampires, but I feel safer when he’s with me.”

Turning his head, Jason stared out the kitchen window. “Sun’s still up and will be for another couple of hours yet. You want me to go break into his house and stake him?” Jason offered sincerely.

Shaking her head, “No,” Sookie replied. “As much as I think he deserves to be staked, at the moment it’ll only cause more trouble than he’s worth. At least we know why he’s here.”

“If you change your mind just let me know,” Jason said as he leaned back in his chair.

“Thank you, Jason.”

“Anytime sis,” Jason replied with a crooked smile. “Now, what’s for lunch?”

“What do you feel like?” Sookie asked.

“Burger Lafayette,” Jason answered with a grin. “Wanna go to Merlotte’s?”

“Sure,” Sookie replied with a shrug. She didn’t really feel like cooking, and it had been a while since she had a burger Lafayette. She didn’t spend as much time at Merlotte’s as she used to. Sam didn’t approve of her marriage and never hesitated to let her know it. He still held the ridiculous idea that she would one day see him more than just her former boss.

After alerting the guards that they were going to Merlotte’s, Sookie and Jason hopped into his truck and drove off.

“Are they following us?” Jason asked as he checked his mirrors.

“Yes,” Sookie answered. “Diantha wouldn’t have let me leave the house otherwise.”

The drive to Merlotte’s passed in silence, and before Sookie knew it, they were pulling into the parking lot. Hopping out of the truck, Sookie waited for Jason before entering the bar.

Jason nudged Sookie playfully as he saw Sam staring at her from behind the bar. “Who’d ya think is more clueless? Him or the Civil War reject?”

“I’d say it’s a tie,” Sookie replied in a whisper.

“Well, as I live and breathe, Sookie Stackhouse,” Arlene said as she approached Sookie and Jason. “Ya finally remembered about the little people you left behind when you went and married that big shot?”

“Who’d ya thinks more bitter her or Dawn?” Jason asked, uncaring of the glare Arlene sent his way.

“It’s a tie,” Sookie answered her brother with a shrug. “I never forgot about my friends, Arlene,” she added as she faced the bottled redhead. “In fact, I see them often.”

“I haven’t seen you in months,” Arlene replied with a sneer.

“I said I hadn’t forgotten my friends, Arlene. The emphasis on friends,” Sookie clarified. “I haven’t got time for those who just used me as a free babysitter. Now if you’ll excuse us.”

“I’ve never been so insulted,” Arlene huffed as Sookie brushed passed her and headed towards a table.

“The amount of times you’ve been married, I highly doubt that,” Jason snorted as he pushed past her and followed Sookie

“Did you hear from Eric last night?” Jason asked once they had both given their orders to Holly.

“I did,” Sookie replied, smiling softly as she remembered the call that woke her up. “He’s fine, a little frustrated, but fine.”

“Good,” Jason said with a nod. He had come to like his brother-in-law a great deal.

He had been hesitant of their relationship when it first began. The night Sookie introduced Eric to him and their Gran, Jason could tell his sister was falling fast and hard, and he hadn’t wanted her to get hurt. He had been happy that she had met someone who seemed to care about her, but at the same time he hadn’t liked it, as she was his little sister. He had been standoffish with Eric during their first few encounters, and, despite what many thought, it had nothing to do with him being a vampire. It was simply because he was a man who was interested in his sister. But the more time he spent with Eric the more he realized Eric was not only good for his sister, he loved her, and Jason wanted that for Sookie more than anything. He had given them both his blessing and even walked Sookie down the aisle when she married Eric.

“Is he still coming home tonight?” he added.

“Yes,” Sookie answered. “And I can’t wait.”

The two of them made idle talk as they ate their dinner, neither of them willing to discuss anything of importance in Merlotte’s. Sookie hadn’t missed the occasional glances she received, nor had she missed the thoughts of many of the customers. She smiled ruefully at the awful things many of her ‘old friends’ were thinking about her. As she looked around the old bar, Sookie wondered why she put up with many of them for so long. Many of them damned her for consorting with vampires and labelled her a freak, while the very vampires whom they denounced as devils were more supportive and tolerant than those who considered themselves men and women of God.

“Oh hell,” Jason said suddenly, getting her attention. Pushing his plate away, he added, “Here comes stalker number two.”

Looking up, Sookie bit back a smirk as she saw Sam making his way over to them. “It wouldn’t be a trip to Merlotte’s without the usual ‘you’ve got to get away from those bloodsuckers’ spiel from him.”

“Although, would he be stalker number one?” Jason asked, frowning as he thought about it. “He was technically here before the reject.”

“Jason, Sookie,” Sam greeted as he stopped in front of their table.

“’Lo, Sam,” Sookie replied.

“I’m surprised to see you here, Sookie,” Sam said.

“And why is that?” Sookie asked, even though she already knew what he was going to say.

“I thought Northman had banned you from coming to my bar,” Sam replied. “It was why you stopped working here.”

“No, Sam. I stopped working here because my boss was a small minded bigot who thought he had the right to tell me what to do,” Sookie retorted, not bothering to pull any punches. “My husband doesn’t tell me what to do or try and forbid me from going where I want. Now if that is all?”

“Why can’t you see he’s just using you, Sookie?” Sam argued. “He doesn’t care about you. He isn’t capable of caring about anyone.”

“My husband loves me,” Sookie growled, not appreciating him talking about Eric the way he was. “Just because you can’t accept it, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.”

“Northman can’t love,” Sam spat as he tried to make her see sense. He couldn’t understand how she was so blinded by Eric. Why couldn’t she see he would be so much better for her? They would be happy together.

“Eric loves a great deal,” Sookie replied softly as she thought about her husband. “I can feel how much he loves me.”

“Can you feel when he fucks other women as well?” Sam sneered.

“Oh fuck off, Sam,” Jason snarled interjecting himself into their disagreement. “You’re talking out of your ass as usual and embarrassing yourself.”

“I’m the only one talking sense,” Sam argued. “He’ll end up killing her.”

“Eric would kill for her,” Jason countered. “Now be a good little boy and scamper along.”

Sam snapped his gaze to Sookie as he heard Jason’s little dig. “You told him?” he snarled.

“I told him a few days after I found out your little secret,” Sookie replied with a smile. “Unlike you, Sam, I don’t keep secrets from those I claim to care about. Jason has known about you for years and hasn’t said a word. Now do as he says and run along.”

Jason chuckled as he watched Sam storm off. “He’s like a dog with a bone when it comes to you.”

“Nice, Jase,” Sookie said. A smile lit up her face as she felt a warmth enter her.

Sook?” Jason questioned curiously.

“Eric’s awake,” Sookie whispered as she reached for her phone. She pulled it out of her purse just as it chimed telling her she had a message.


“Yes,” Sookie replied. “He says he’ll be home tonight.”

“I never even noticed the sun had set,” Jason said as he craned his head towards the door. “You can feel him when he rises?”

“I can,” Sookie answered with a small nod of her head. “Pam’s on her way here now.”

“You can feel that too?” Jason asked, surprised.

“No,” Sookie replied with a chuckle. “She just texted me.

Slipping her phone back in her purse, she sat back in her chair and waited for Pam. It was only ten minutes later when she entered the bar, and Sookie giggled as she saw Pam sneer at Sam as she made her way to them.

“It smells like wet dog and old spice in here,” Pam said as a greeting after she dismissed the day guards. “Has Lassie been giving you trouble?” she asked as she took a seat at the table next to Sookie.

“No more than usual,” Sookie replied truthfully.

“I wish Eric would let me neuter the dog,” Pam said making Jason grimace and cross his legs. “Just the dog, Jason.”

“You’re one freaky bitch, Pam,” Jason chortled as he called over one of the waitresses and ordered a beer.

“Speaking of freaky bitches,” Pam said with a smirk as she saw Dawn enter the bar. She glared at her hard when it looked like she was going to approach them.

“Stop intimidating my staff,” Sam growled seeing what Pam had done.

“Go dig up a bone in the backyard,” Pam sniggered. “Or roll over in a muddy puddle.”

“He can shift into any animal, right?” Jason asked suddenly.

“Yes,” Pam answered.

“So do you think we can get him to shift in a bear and find out if bears really do shit in the woods?” Jason said with a grin.

“Oh God!” Sookie said with a small laugh. “Jason stop picturing it.”

“Sorry, Sook,” Jason replied chuckling.

“Have you heard from Eric?” Sookie asked, flicking her eyes to Pam. She knew Pam was just as worried about Eric as she was.

“I have,” Pam answered. “I received a message before he went to rest and another when he rose this evening.”

“Same here,” Sookie said.

“Oh, hello,” Pam purred as she saw a stunning redhead enter Merlotte’s. Straightening up, Pam ran her eyes over the young woman in a leering manner and smirked as she saw the redhead flush. “Excuse me, Sookie,” she said as she stood up and sauntered over to the woman.

Shaking her head, Sookie took a quick dip into the girl’s mind to make sure she was safe. Satisfied that she was, Sookie pulled back and smiled at Jason, “Upset that you didn’t spot her first?” she asked as she saw the frown on his face.

“Yes,” Jason answered truthfully. The redhead was a knockout, but looking at how she was reacting to Pam, he doubted she would be interested in what he had to offer.

Moving into Pam’s abandoned chair, Jason and Sookie watched as Pam chatted up the redhead. Neither of them could hear what she was saying, but given the given how receptive the woman was being, they both assumed it was working.

Jason’s eyes widened slightly as he saw Pam slip her hand under the booth where they were sitting, and the redhead let out a gasp, “Er, did she just…?”

“She did,” Sookie replied, turning her eyes away from them. She really didn’t want to see her friend finger the redhead under the table.

“Damn,” Jason said, chuckling.

“I’m going to go to the restroom,” Sookie said as she stood up and excused herself. Slipping into the bar’s restroom, Sookie did her business before washing her hands. She was just drying them when Dawn came barging into the restroom.

“Decided to slum it for the day,” Dawn sniffed.

“Only when I’m in your company, Dawn,” Sookie replied sweetly.

“You think you’re better than me?” Dawn spat as she stepped toward an unfazed Sookie.

“I don’t say this often, but I know I am better than you,” Sookie retorted.

“Why? Because you got a rich husband?” Dawn snarled. “What he sees in a fat bitch like you, I’ll never know. He could have any woman he wanted, women that are so much better than you.”

“Like you?” Sookie scoffed. “In case you forgot honey, you tried. You threw yourself at my husband, and he wasn’t interested.”

“That’s only want he told you,” Dawn taunted. “But he showed me he was very interested. We had some much fun together behind your back…” she trailed off as Sookie started laughing. “What are you laughing at you freak?”

“I’m laughing at your pathetic ass,” Sookie replied as she moved towards Dawn and got in her face. “If you think I would believe your feeble lies, then you’re even stupider than I first thought.”

“They’re not lies.”

“Yes, they are, Dawn. I know they’re lies,” Sookie snarled angrily. “I know no one around Bon Temps likes to talk about it. It makes you all feel uncomfortable. But you all know I’m different.” Lifting a finger, Sookie tapped it against Dawn’s forehead. “I see that you’re making all this up. Why? I don’t know, nor do I care. But spread lies about my husband again and you will be sorry.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“Yes. Sookie said before pushing past her and heading towards the door.

She closed her hand around the handle when she felt Dawn slam into her from behind, and her head hit the door hard.

Grabbing Sookie by the hair, Dawn dragged her backwards and threw her against the sinks. “It should have been me, and he should have been mine,” she spat as she lunged at Sookie.

Taking a step to the side, Sookie avoided the charging Dawn. Grabbing Dawn by the arm, Sookie raised her knee and drove it into the other woman’s stomach hard, making her bend over and wheeze. Lifting her knee once more, Sookie kneed Dawn in the face and knocked her to the floor.

“Eric is mine, bitch,” Sookie growled before storming out the restroom. Taking a deep breath, she moved towards the old employees’ entrance and exit, needing to get some fresh air. Stepping outside, Sookie closed her eyes and centered herself.

“Are you okay?” a soft voice said, startling her.

“I’m fine,” Sookie replied as she opened her eyes and looked at the familiar young blonde woman before her. She racked her mind as she tried to place her, but without any luck.

“Are you sure? You’re bleeding,” the blonde said.

Lifting her hand, Sookie gingerly touched her head, grimaced as she felt the cut from where she had hit the door. “It’s fine,” Sookie assured her.

“If you’re sure. I’m Candy by the way,” the woman introduced.

“Sookie Northman,” Sookie replied.

“Northman,” Candy repeated. She let out a gasp as her eyes widened; “You’re the Master’s wife.”

“Oh hell,” Sookie mumbled as she realized Candy was a fangbanger. “I’m married to Eric, yes.”

“You’re the reason he won’t play with us,” Candy said with a pout.

“If you’re waiting for me to say sorry, you will be waiting a long time,” Sookie replied.

“You should let him play with us,” Candy snarled, showing her true nature. “I could please him better than you ever could. You’re being selfish keeping him all to yourself.”

“He is my husband,” Sookie said as she wondered where all the crazies were coming from tonight. “I don’t share, and he’s not even interested in you.”

“He would be if you let him,” Candy argued. “The Master wants to play with us. He wants to feed on us. He wants the pleasure we can give him.”

“You’re delusional,” Sookie replied as she moved back towards the bar.

“No!” Candy screamed as she threw herself at Sookie. She tackled her to the floor and straddled her waist. “He told us it was because of you, that you’re in the way. Have to get rid of you for the Master,” Candy added as she scratched at Sookie’s face.

“Get off me,” Sookie growled as she bucked her hips, trying to throw Candy off her. Getting her off her, Sookie climbed hastily to her feet.

Scrambling up, Candy reached behind her and pulled a knife from her jeans’ back pocket.

Sookie barely saw the blade before she felt blinding pain in her stomach. She stared down in horror as her blood soaked through her shirt. She fell to the dirt lot, her head bouncing off it. She screamed out for Eric in her head as she saw Candy coming for her again. Sookie saw a blur of movement as Candy suddenly went flying through the air. She struggled to keep her eyes open as she watched someone approach her.

“Eric,” Sookie croaked.

“I’m afraid your husband is not here, Mrs. Northman,” Bill said as he crouched down beside her. He smiled slightly as he saw the damage done to her. He flicked his eyes briefly over to the now dead Candy.

It was a shame she had to die, he thought. She was very pleasing, but I can’t let any of this get back to me. Lifting his hand, Bill bit into his wrist and pressed it to Sookie’s mouth.

“No,” Sookie cried as she turned her head, refusing to take his blood.

“Sookie, you’re dying,” Bill said bluntly. He gritted his teeth as the wound on his wrist healed, and he lifted it to his mouth again and rebroke the skin. Holding her head with one hand, he went to press his wrist to her lips once more, but before he was able to, he went sailing through the air and landed hard against a tree. He let out a sound of discomfort as he crumbled to the ground.

“Sookie!” Pam cried as she kneeled over her friend. She assessed Sookie’s injuries quickly and realized, with horror, that she was bleeding out. Having no choice, Pam dropped her fangs, tore into her wrist, and placed it against Sookie’s lips. She sighed in relief as Sookie latched onto her wrist and drank. She gave Sookie enough blood to get her out of danger before pulling back. She wanted to heal her completely, but she knew neither Sookie nor Eric would want that. They had both told her if she ever had to, she was to feed Sookie enough to get her out of danger, and Eric would heal her the rest of the way. They didn’t want anyone interfering with their bond.

“What the hell’s going on?” Jason snarled as he came barging out the door.

“Your sister was attacked,” Pam replied as she glared at the slowly rising Bill. “Compton, what are you doing here?”

“I was planning on visiting my friend,” Bill answered as he walked towards them. He cursed Pam for her interference. Thirty seconds later and he would have had his blood in Sookie. He would have been able to start manipulating her.

When he saw Sookie exit the bar on her own he couldn’t believe Dawn had actually managed it. He instructed Candy to go and stood back and watched. He instructed Candy to do has he glamoured while he stood back and watched. It had all been going to plan until Pam threw him away from Sookie. However, he didn’t think about the wetness of Candy’s orgasm that had dried on his fingers.

“And you just happened to chance upon my Mistress bleeding to death in the parking lot?” Pam scoffed.

“I saw the woman attack Soo—Mrs. Northman,” Bill quickly amended, seeing the murderous look Pam sent his way. “And moved to intercept her. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough to prevent her from stabbing Mrs. Northman.”

“A likely story,” Pam spat as she slowly lifted Sookie into her arms and carried her into the bar. Propping Sookie up in one of the booths, she ordered everyone out, knocking Sam out with a quick punch when he objected. Pam ordered Bill to wait for his Sheriff while she attended to Sookie. When Sam came to and started raving, she threatened to tie him to a chair and gag him if he didn’t shut up. She allowed herself a small smile as she saw Jason snatch up a wooden broom and stand a few feet away from Bill. Grabbing her phone, Pam called Thalia and instructed her to come to Merlotte’s immediately to collect Candy’s body.

She could feel Eric coming near, and Pam found herself fearful of what he might do. She knew she had fucked up. While her Mistress was being stabbed, she was guiding the redhead’s hand between her legs. Pam moved away from Sookie as she felt Eric practically on top of them. She watched as he raced to her and healed her the rest of the way.

“What happened here?” Eric asked.

“You have had quite the eventful day, Lover,” Eric said as he dropped a kiss on Sookie’s head.

“Want to go home,” Sookie mumbled, still half asleep, as she burrowed her face against Eric’s chest. His blood had healed her, but she still felt exhausted and she just wanted to rest with her husband.

“Okay, Lover,” Eric replied softly as he slowly stood with Sookie still in his arms. “Pam meet us at the house,” he ordered, casting a disappointed look at his child. “Compton, I want you at Fangtasia an hour before opening tomorrow evening. We are going to have a nice little chat.”

“Yes, Sheriff,” Bill gulped, suspecting he would have some tough questions to answer.

After ignoring Sam and saying goodbye to Jason, Eric carried Sookie out the bar and took to the sky. He flew them home and entered the house, heading straight for their bedroom. He laid Sookie down on the bed and slowly stripped off her torn and bloody clothes. Racing to the bathroom, Eric wet a washcloth and returned quickly back to her side. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he ran the washcloth over Sookie’s arms, cleaning off the dirt, before gently moving it over stomach. Once she was clean, he threw the cloth in the direction of the bathroom. Leaning down, Eric placed a soft kiss on her stomach where the knife had penetrated.

“Not how I wanted to spend our evening,” Sookie said softly.

“Me neither, Lover,” Eric replied as he rested his hand on her stomach.

“I missed you,” Sookie whispered sleepily as she tried to stifle a yawn.

“I missed you too,” Eric said, as he stroked his thumb back and forth. “Sleep, Lover,” he added as he heard Pam enter the house. “I will be right back.” Pulling the covers up over Sookie, Eric dropped a kiss on her head before he went to see his child.

“Master, I’m so sorry,” Pam said, dropping to her knees as Eric entered the living room.

“I do not want to hear it,” Eric growled. He could smell the sex on her and he didn’t think he had ever been more disappointed. “Not now. I am still too angry. You knew Sophie-Anne had called me away so Bill could get closer to Sookie. I told you to stay close to her, but you were too busy fingering some worthless bloodbag to realize your Mistress had not only left the bar, but had been attacked.”

“I’m sorry; I failed you both” Pam said. Lifting her head, she met Eric’s disappointed gaze. “I will accept any punishment you hand down.”

“I will deal with you tomorrow,” Eric replied. “But right now I have a job for you. I left my car on route 190. I want you to go and collect it.”

“Yes, Master,” Pam said contritely.

“In the trunk is Sophie-Anne’s wedding present,” Eric informed her. “Another one of her silly games.”

“Master?” Pam questioned.

“The Queen gifted me, or saddled me as the more accurate description might be, with one of her pets,” Eric replied.

“Why would she do that?” Pam asked. She shook her head as she realized the answer herself. “She expects you to fuck her.”

“Yes,” Eric snorted. “The whore has already tried to entice me twice, which is how she ended up in the trunk. Take the car to Fangtasia, and the whore as well. She can stay with one of the other waitresses and work in the bar.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Pam, stop with the Master bullshit,” Eric groaned. “I will see you at Fangtasia tomorrow,” he dismissed.

Goodnight, Eric,” Pam said softly before rising to her feet and speeding out the door.

After locking up the house, Eric walked back into the bedroom and stripped his clothes off. Climbing into bed beside the sleeping Sookie, he pulled her into his arms and held her tight.

“I love you,” Eric whispered as he watched her sleep.


7 thoughts on “A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Fifteen

  1. Great chapter. Nice to see that Pam stopped Bill from getting his blood into Sookie like he planned. Love how her “vamps” always watch out for her and defend her. Can’t wait for more.


  2. Exciting chapter. I’m so VERY happy that Pam gave Sookie blood and not BEELL. UGH.

    I’m happy that you used a flashback instead of switching POVs completely. It made the flow better. However, it was a little confusing because Jason was the one supposedly telling the occurrences in the flashback but there were things in there he wasn’t around for. . .

    It was still great. Just a little constructive feedback. 🙂


    • I was hoping no one would realise that. LOL! I’m just kidding. To be perfectly honest I didn’t even think about Jason not being present during some of it. I’m used to writing in third POV, so I rarely think about who is present during certain parts. Well I know who there, but I write it as I imagine it and tend to forget that in this case Jason wasn’t present for the stuff with Dawn and fight with Candy.


  3. Ugh….Bill….Dawn…Candy…the mysterious redhead…..Yvetta….. Bill and SA sure are tag-teaming the Northman’s –What will Eric do to Bill? Has his bits grown back that they can be removed again?? and again??? and again?? 🙂


  4. Fantastic chapter! Im so happy beelly didn’t get his blood in to her. Both he and Sam are such pricks. Can’t wait to see Sookie put Yvetta in her place. Lol…I can just see it now.


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