Sin: Chapter Three


Sin BG

Chapter Three

“You were corrupted at a very young age,” Pam said as the scene around them changed and they were transported back in time a thousand years.

Eric swore he felt his heart seize in his chest when the bar he was supposed to have owned turned into the village where he had lived his human life. In the distance he could see his human family going about their business, and he wanted nothing more than to run them. The only thing that stopped him was the younger version of him heading through the woods to the river.

Eric was torn in two as he watched the scene before him. He desperately wanted to stay and observe his family. It had been more than a thousand years since he had seen them and it wasn’t until that moment did he realize how much he missed them. Yet, another part of him was more curious and wanted to follow his younger self. From the glimpse Eric had seen, he deduced he was around fourteen-years-old and if he remembered correctly, that was the year he had gotten involved with a much older woman. When he said ‘involved’ he meant she was a slave and he was fucking her.

Unfortunately for Eric the decision wasn’t his to make. While staying and watching his family might have been nice, it wasn’t their reason for visiting his past. Before he could take a step forward, the scene changed around them again and they were standing on the riverbank watching while the fourteen-year-old Eric got his dick sucked by a woman twice his age.

“You were a child,” Pam said watching the scene with distaste. She had done some pretty fucked up things during her years as a whore, but even she had limits.

“By today’s standards, maybe,” Eric replied as he watched his younger self force the slave to take more of him in her mouth. “In my time I was considered an adult. I was gifted my first slave a year prior to this. 

“It’s no wonder you travel the path you do,” Pam said with a shake of her head. “The deadliest sin infected when you were at your most vulnerable. This is where it all started. This is where you first decided sex was more important than anything else. You ignored your duties to slake your lust…”

The scene changed around them again and Eric found himself standing inside the hut that he once called home. He could hear the painful cries of his wife as she struggled to bring his child into the world. This he remembered. This was a night he would never forget, it was etched in his brain for eternity. This was the night his wife died.

“Your wife was fighting to bring your son into the world, and you were in the stable with the goat girl,” Pam said while the scene around them flickered and Eric saw what he was doing with the goat girl…

Eric pushed his pants down as he bent the redheaded goat girl over a barrel. He let out a groan of relief when his cock sprang free. It had been too long since he had been able to sate his lust. His wife was heavy with child and no longer had the desire to tend to him, and his slaves were too busy preparing for the birth of his and Aude’s sixth child for him to call one to him so he could release some tension. The goat girl, however, was ripe for the picking. She was a new addition to his household, having taken her on his last raid. She was a willing body and that was all he needed.

Wrapping his hand around his cock, Eric pressed it against her opening and surged forward, forcing her to take all of him in one hard thrust. He grunted when he felt her stretch around him. Unsurprisingly, for a slave she was quite loose; she had been used quite a bit, but she was still tight enough for him to take his pleasure. He could spend a few happy hours buried inside her…

“… Your wife breathed her last breath while you were fucking another woman,” Pam continued, watching them fuck with disinterest.

Eric turned away from the scene and tried to block out the sounds of the whore’s cries of pleasure that mingled with his wife’s cries of pain. He held few regrets in his long life, believing that they served no purpose, but even he couldn’t pretend he didn’t regret that. He may not have loved his wife, their marriage being born out of duty and not love, but he deeply regretted that she had died in childbirth while he was fucking a woman whose name he could no longer remember.

“Do you even remember this?” Pam asked in derision. “Or is it another one of those things you forgot? Can you even remember your children’s names, or aren’t they important to you?”

Eric’s eyes blazed in anger as he turned to face the sneering blonde. “Calder, Bodil, Endre, Oydis, Ragna, and Torben. I might not remember the name of every whore I have ever fucked, but I do remember what is important. I may have made some mistakes in my long life, but I will be damned if I will be judged by a woman who spread her legs for anyone with a shiny coin to offer.”

Pam glared at Eric, contempt clear to see on her face. She couldn’t believe she ever thought him to be a great man… Well, that was a lie. She never thought him to be a great man, she thought him to be a way out of her humdrum life. She craved a life off her back and thought he would have been the man who could have delivered it. If he would have done so, the scene she had just witnessed wouldn’t have bothered her in the slightest.

“What was the point of showing me this?” Eric asked harshly. He might have thought the whole thing was a joke, but what he just saw wasn’t. He might have been a bastard, but he wasn’t completely heartless.

“This is where it all started,” Pam replied stiffly repeating her earlier words. “This is where you decided sex and corrupting the innocent was more important than being good and pure.”

Eric scoffed at her words. The only innocent people there were his human children. The whore he had been fucking was far from innocent and that had nothing to do with him. He hadn’t corrupted her. She had been all too ready to spread her legs for him without care of what was happening around her. Even his wife Aude hadn’t been innocent. She had her own extramarital dalliances over the course of their marriage. Yes he loved sex, but he hadn’t corrupted anyone, at least not then. That came later, much later.

“This was just the beginning of the dark journey you set out upon,” Pam continued as the scene around them changed again. Snippets of Eric’s past flashed by them, and Eric relived some of his most despicable acts. He saw men and women fall at his feet only to be used by him to sate his lust, watched while he saw the power and fortune he amassed, and the innocents he corrupted. By the time all the flashes stopped, Eric swore he had seen his millennial-long history in a mere minute.

“If this is where I am supposed to say I’m sorry and that I regret my actions, you will be sorely disappointed,” Eric said. He wouldn’t apologize for the life he lived. Had he committed some unforgivable acts? Absofuckinglutely. He was a bastard through and through, but he had never claimed to be otherwise. He wouldn’t change who he was because some long dead whore decided to put on a pair of panties and get them in a twist.

“You’ve destroyed countless lives with your deviant behavior,” Pam replied monotonously as if she was simply reciting words from a script and didn’t really care. The truth was she didn’t. She was dead, so why should she care how many lives Eric fucked up? It made no difference to her. Caring wouldn’t bring her back to life. She was stuck for eternity trying to turn sinners off the fun, yet wrong path of fornication. “You’ve torn apart marriages for fun, seducing husband and wives…”

And sometimes at the same time, Eric thought, smirking. More than once he had fucked some husband while the man fucked his wife. Gender meant nothing to him. Sex was sex. As long as his partners were consenting and old enough he didn’t care.

“… You corrupted an innocent soul and had her help you destroy others,” Pam continued tonelessly. As the scene changed around them again, Pam finally began to show emotion… Anger. She was filled with rage that Eric had stepped over her dying body and ignored her pleas to turn her, and a hundred years later turned someone she thought was unworthy of that gift.

“Willa,” Eric purred. This he remembered vividly. It was a happy memory, one that had brought him countless hours of pleasure. This was the night he turned sin litet svan prinsessa.

Willa hummed tunelessly as she puttered around her bedroom. She rolled her eyes while she listened to her father spewing his anti-vampire bullshit down stairs. Really, the man was the biggest hypocrite on the planet. He could repeat the words of that awful church all he liked claiming vampires were agents of Satan who had been put on this Earth to tempt the righteous from their virtuous paths, but both he and Willa knew the truth.

Truman Burrell didn’t give a damn about any righteous path. He had certainly strayed from that path enough over the years himself with his personal polling of the electorate. No, pride was that which had turned him to hating vampires and wanting them to suffer. His wife had left him for a vampire, and it was his pride and humility which couldn’t accept that his own unfaithful behavior had led her to look elsewhere. Therefore, a vampire must have led her astray.

It wasn’t as though he had actually cared for his wife. He had been cheating on her throughout most of their marriage. Willa knew for a fact he had been having an affair with Sarah Newlin before her mother had left. He had moved the former reverend’s wife into their family home just three months after his wife had left, and married her two weeks after his divorce had been finalized. It wasn’t as if he had been pining away for her mother. He had been sticking it to a woman almost half his age.

Willa grimaced at the thought of her stepmother. There was a woman as phony as the nose on her face. Sarah Newlin-Burrell, and why she still used the name Newlin when her ex-husband Steve had come out as both a vampire and gay, two things Sarah to which was vehemently opposed, Willa had no clue. The woman was a total bitch with her holier than thou attitude…

“Before you came into her life she was innocent,” Pam sneered, eyeing the brunette as she changed into a long white nightgown. “She was pure, chaste, untouched by any hand other than her own. She would’ve led a charmed life, a husband and children…”

“She didn’t want any of those things,” Eric replied, stopping her mid-sentence. “She wanted excitement, and I gave it to her.” He grinned when he watched as Willa walked to her window to close it and saw him hovering just outside. “I gave her everything she wanted.”

Eric felt his dick stiffening as he watched Willa invite him inside. It really was a great night. It had taken little effort for him to get Willa on her back, so eager to experience what he had to offer. She hadn’t been the first virgin he had, or the last, but she had undeniably been the best.

Willa’s breath came out in short, sharp pants while Eric peeled off her nightgown before laying her back on her bed. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. Her father and his vampire-hating allies were just downstairs; if discovered they’d kill them, but even with that knowledge there was no way she was going to stop. She might have just met the vampire, but he was sex personified. There was no way in hell she was going to miss the opportunity of losing her virginity to him. Willa wasn’t fooling herself into believing it meant anything. He was probably just trying to fuck with her father, but she was more than okay with that. Eric could fuck with her father by fucking her. A moan spilled from her lips as she felt Eric slide her panties down her legs, and then parting them. She had to bite her lip to keep from crying out when he buried his head between her legs.

Eric groaned at her taste and eagerly lapped at her wet pussy. He used his teeth, tongue, and lips to bring her to a rapid release, and then another as he prepared her for his more than average larger cock. He could hear the Governor downstairs riling up his cronies with his anti-vampire speech, and he couldn’t help but smirk against Willa’s pussy. The man had no idea what was going on in his own house, and so how he believed himself capable of governing an entire State, Eric didn’t know. You scream and shout about how evil vampires are, Governor, while I make you daughter scream and shout my name.

“You used her to fuck with Governor Burrell,” Pam said, drawing Eric’s gaze back to her. Once more she sneered in disgust while she watched him enter the younger woman, taking her virginity. “You took her virginity and it didn’t mean a thing to you…”

“You are wrong,” Eric replied turning his attention back to the couple fucking on the bed. He licked his lips while he watched, remembering the taste of his sin litet prinsessa on his lips. “This did mean something to me.” He had deflowered hundreds if not thousands of women over the years, and while he wouldn’t deny that it rarely meant a thing to him, Willa did. Willa held importance to him. She wasn’t just another tight cunt to fuck; she was his sin litet svan prinsessa. She was his child. “It was right then, when I was buried balls-deep inside her, that I decided to turn her. I knew she would be the perfect child. I saw that hunger in her, that thirst for life…”

Pam huffed at his words, wondering why she had been discarded like trash while the prim, proper Willa Burrell had been deemed the perfect child. “She was innocent until you corrupted her,” Pam said, sounding like a broken record.

The image of Eric and Willa fucking on her bed faded out of view and was replaced by the pair of them in his office at The Authority’s Headquarters. Eric was sitting behind his desk, tapping away on his computer while Willa sat naked on the sofa with a redheaded woman between her legs eating her snatch.

“Before you came into her life she had no desire to be with other women,” Pam continued, trying to shame him. “This was only three months after you turned her. You convinced her this was what she wanted…”

Willa cried out in pleasure and tightened her hands in the redhead’s hair as the woman sucked on her clit. Arousal flooded from her, coating the woman’s face as she dragged another orgasm from her. Willa bucked her hips while she held the woman in place. The woman’s head had been between her thighs for an hour already, and Willa had lost count of how many times she had cum.

“Again,” Eric ordered when he looked up from the screen and smirked. His little Willa was a quick study when it came to sex and he was enjoying showing her what the world had to offer. Hearing her cum was music to his ears and he wanted to hear it again.

“OOH!” Willa moaned as she felt the redhead latch on to her clit sucking on it hard again…

She decided this was what she wanted,” Eric countered, refusing to take the blame for something Willa had wanted. His child had seen his sister Nora enjoying a little Sapphic pleasure with her on again, off again lover Salome. The sight of the two women together had turned Willa on and she had been curious, so being the good Maker that he was, Eric had arranged for her to experience it herself. He hadn’t forced it on her; she had been free to refuse if she didn’t want to, but she had which led to the scene in his office he was now watching. He had chosen a donor he knew leaned that way and instructed her to please his child while he watched. “Everything that Willa has done is because she wanted to. I have never forced her to do anything she didn’t want.”

Pam glared at Eric, knowing she couldn’t refute his statement. He had never forced Willa to do something she didn’t want to do, even when he had taken her to see his Maker in Dallas a few months after turning her, and Godric had taken a shine to her. Godric had asked Eric if he could have her, and Eric had asked Willa what she wanted. He had been ready to refuse his Maker if Willa hadn’t wanted to explore her sexuality with another man. Once again the scene around them changed and they were in Godric’s nest in Dallas…

Willa hadn’t hesitated when Eric asked her, she had eagerly agreed. Since the moment they arrived in Dallas two nights earlier she had been attracted to the older vampire. She knew Eric was still possessive over her. He refused to let her play with any other man yet. She knew his possessiveness wasn’t because of any romantic feelings. It was all due to their Maker/Child bond. Eventually it would even out and they would settle into a normal Maker/Child relationship. Godric had explained to Eric that the bond always started out as that, his bond had when he turned Eric, and then again when he turned Nora. It was a Maker’s instinct to want to be everything to the child, and not want to share them in those first months. Now it seemed Eric was willing to share her with another… His Maker!

“Did she want this?” Pam asked despite already knowing the answer. Willa had more than wanted it. By the time they had her naked she was dripping.

“She did,” Eric replied, grinning rakishly. Lord, did she want it! She had been insatiable that night. Both had taken her multiple times. The rising sun had been the only thing to stop them…

Willa shivered in anticipation when she felt the bed dip behind her. When Eric had told her he was taking her to see his Maker in Dallas, she hadn’t expected the visit to end with her having sex with both of them, let alone at the same time, but that was what was about to happen. She was sure that many people might call her a slut for what she had already done that night. She had sex with Godric and Eric separately while the other watched, but this was something else all together. Up until that point Eric had been her only partner, so she had no experience with multiple partners, nor did she have any expectations. It hadn’t truthfully been something she had ever thought about…up until then, but she wanted it. She wanted to know what it felt like to have two men inside her at the same time. Eric had already initiated her into the pleasures of anal sex, but to feel both of them inside her at the same time would be something completely different.

Eric ran a hand down Willa’s back as he moved behind her. His eyes were drawn to where Willa and his Maker were joined and he groaned low in his throat. He had shared many a woman with Godric over the centuries, but he had never been half as turned on as he was watching his Maker fuck his child. There was something paramount to it. Putting pressure on her back, Eric silently instructed her to lean forward. Uncapping the lube, Eric squeezed a healthy amount into the palm of his hand before stroking his cock and coating his stiffness in it. He rested one hand on Willa’s hip while he pressed the head of his cock against her tight asshole. He clenched his teeth as he felt her open up to take his cockhead into her ass. Gods, she was so tight there, and he fought the urge to just thrust in harder. He pushed into her slowly, giving her the chance to get accustomed to him.

Willa moaned wantonly when she felt Eric sink into her ass. Lord, did she love it when he fucked her there. It was a strange sensation feeling him in her ass, strange but so good. “OH!” She moaned as they both started to move inside her. No words could describe how it felt to have two cocks inside her at the same time. Ecstasy, bliss, nirvana, didn’t seem adequate enough…

“If the point of this is to show me how I corrupted Willa, you have failed,” Eric said. He never took his eyes off the bed while he spoke, choosing to watch them fuck instead of facing Pam. “She wanted this. I didn’t force her to do anything. I simply opened the doors for her to explore her own sexuality. Enjoying sex is not a sin…”

“No, it’s not,” Pam agreed, wrinkling her nose at the sight of Eric, Willa, and Godric on the bed. Normally she would have loved it watching something like that, but Willa had taken her place. She was supposed to have been the meat in that sandwich! “Nevertheless, using sex to corrupt others is. Willa might’ve been a willing participant, but others weren’t…”

“I have never taken someone against their will,” Eric growled, interrupting before she could further accuse him. “I am no rapist…”

“A poor choice of words,” Pam amended, backtracking quickly. She may have been a ghost, but she didn’t want to bring his anger upon her. She was dead, not stupid. “You’ve never taken someone against their will. Yet you have taken them against their better judgement. You have seduced those you shouldn’t have. You have destroyed lives and marriages for your own entertainment…” The image of Eric, Willa, and Godric disappeared in smoke as another piece of his history took its place. “Do you remember this?”

A smirk curled Eric’s lips as a very familiar memory took its place. Eric might not have remembered the name of every whore he fucked or life he destroyed, but there were some things he would never forget. His children’s names, the night he was turned, meeting Nora, turning Willa, and destroying Truman Burrell…

Eric grinned as he caught the eye of Sarah Newlin-Burrell across the room. After months of planning, it was finally time to make his move and watch all the other players fold. He was ready to end his war with Governor Burrell. Well, perhaps war was too strong of a word. For it to be a war, Truman would have to have been a worthy opponent who stood a chance of winning. That was never even a possibility. Eric was meticulous in his planning. He had planned for every possible outcome and come up with countermeasures to combat anything Truman might have devised. Eric was a master when it came to the art of warfare and no lowly human could beat him.

If he was to be honest with himself, Eric would admit he was rather disappointed in just how easy his plan had been to implement. He had received little resistance from the Governor, and his wife, Sarah, had been easy to seduce. She had dropped to her knees quicker than a hooker with a twenty in front of her. The woman had no shame. She spent her days preaching about the sanctity of marriage and the evil of vampires while her nights she spent on her back getting fucked by a vampire. All it had taken was some meaningless flattery and expensive jewellery and she had spread her legs for him as if he was the Second Coming. At least she was a good fuck though.

Eric flicked his gaze toward the doors, trying to convey a message to the blonde before turning his attention back to his date for the night. Leaning down, he put his lips to her ear and whispered, “Give me twenty-five; then you know what to do.” He grinned when he heard Willa let out an exaggerated giggle, and a look to Sarah told him she had heard her as well. His litet prinsessa knew how to play her role well. He knew from their lengthy chats that Sarah held a bizarre jealousy of Willa.

Willa wasn’t sure what the root of Sarah’s jealousy was, but history had shown her that Sarah hated when Willa got any attention. Even with Willa being a vampire, Sarah had still been jealous of her stepdaughter. Sarah had tried to convince Truman that Willa should have been captured and sent to their vampire camp. All Eric had done was imply that he was involved with Willa, and Sarah had been more than willing to betray her beliefs and marriage vows.

“Have fun,” Willa replied fluttering her lashes at her, knowing her stepmother was watching. She was ready to put an end to it all as well. They had already driven her father to the brink with their plots; all what was left was to push him over the edge.

“I always do,” Eric said…

“The two of you stood in the middle of a ballroom and conspired to destroy her father’s marriage for your own sick amusement,” Pam said, shaking her head in faux disgust. “The event you were attending was to help raise money to help rebuild Louisiana after the hurricane, but neither of you cared about that. All you cared about was your lust…”

“Destroying his marriage was just an added bonus,” Eric replied uncaringly. If he was supposed to weep over destroying something that was so weak to begin with, she had another thought coming. Truman Burrell was far from innocent, and considering what the Governor had done to vampires all over the state of Louisiana, he was lucky Eric hadn’t just killed him. He would not weep for a man who had sanctioned the systematic abuse, torture, and final deaths of scores of vampires. Vampires had suffered physical, psychological, and sexual abuses at ‘Vamp Camp.’ All Eric had done was to destroy Truman’s marriage, reputation, and mind. He deserved so much worse, but managed with luck to escape punishment thus far.

“There was no need to seduce Sarah Newlin-Burrell into breaking her vows.”

“It’s not like it was hard,” Eric retorted. “The whore had my cock in her mouth ten minutes after this…”

Eric barely had two feet inside the private office before Sarah was on him, rubbing him through his pants. He knew seeing him with Willa would make her throw caution to the wind, and then herself at him. She was nothing if not predictable. Backing her up, Eric pressed her against the wall and ran his hands over her body, teasing and tormenting her. He wanted her mad with desire, ready to do anything he wanted.

Sarah rubbed a hand over his rapidly hardening cock, wanting to feel it inside her. She knew she was taking a risk doing it with her husband so close, but she couldn’t help it. She needed to have him and wipe away any trace of her stepdaughter. Willa could have him back after she was done with him, but not before. Grabbing his zipper, Sarah yanked on it and pulled it down before slipping her dainty hand inside his pants. She may still have been a hater of the fang, but she had to admit they could fuck better than any human man she had been with. Eric’s stamina alone made him better than anyone else. He fucked her for hours, dragging one orgasm after another out of her without getting tired. She could understand why so many good girls lost their way. Sex with a vampire was something to write home about.

Spinning them around, Eric leaned back against the wall and placed a hand on Sarah’s shoulder. He gently pushed on it, telling her to get on her knees while he unbuckled his pants with his other hand. “Suck my cock,” he ordered as his pants fell down around his ankles.

There wasn’t even a second’s hesitation in Sarah as she dropped to her knees and wrapped her hand around his cock. She knew she should have felt ashamed. She was a God-fearing married woman after all. She campaigned against vampire rights and referred to them as evil, but even with all of that she was powerless to fight her attraction to the vampire whose dick she was about to suck. Nor did she want to. She had been with a few men over the years, and she could honestly say Eric’s was the biggest dick she had ever seen, and what’s more, he knew what to do with it.

Parting her lips, Sarah darted out her tongue and lapped at the small bead of cum on the tip before wrapping her lips around him and taking him into her mouth. She hollowed her cheeks as she sucked on him while stroking the part she couldn’t fit in her mouth.

Eric smirked as he stared down at her and saw her lips stretched around his cock. She wasn’t the best cocksucker he had ever had, but she was good enough for him to get off with no problem. Twisting his hand in her blonde locks, Eric thrust his hips fucking her mouth and forcing her to take more of him. He wanted her to look thoroughly debauched by the time he was done. “That’s it,” he encouraged as he felt her stroke her tongue on the underside of his cock. “Suck it like the dirty little slut you are.” He had learned from one of their previous encounters that the prim and proper Mrs. Newlin-Burrell liked it when you spoke dirty to her. It made her wet.

Sarah moaned around his cock, feeling her panties dampen. She could never get Truman to talk to her that way. She could never get Truman to do much of anything in those days. He had pretty much lost any want for sex completely, not that she was complaining much. Sex with him was a chore.

Eric chuckled as the scent of her arousal filled his nose. “Is sucking my cock making you wet? Do you want it in your pussy? Do you want me to fuck you?”

Sarah swore she was going to cum from just his words alone. She wanted that more than anything at that moment. She wanted; no, needed, she needed to be fucked! She needed to feel Eric’s big, hard cock in her tight little pussy. “God, yes!” she cried when she pulled back and stared up at him.

“Tell me,” Eric ordered as he kicked his pants off and stepped around her. “Say the words.”

“Fuck me!” Sarah replied, practically vibrating with desire. “Please,” she added when she saw Eric arch a brow.

Eric smiled smugly while he stepped toward the desk in the center of the office. “Strip,” he commanded as he leaned against it.

Scrambling to her feet, Sarah quickly did as ordered, yanking down the zipper on her dress and stripping it off followed by her underwear. She stood in front of him naked except for a pair of heels, her body flushed with arousal.

Holding out a hand, Eric beckoned her forward, pulling her to him when she took his hand. He slipped a hand between her legs, and rubbed a finger over her wet slit. “Sucking my cock did make you wet, didn’t it?” He chuckled while he teased her, pushing a single digit inside her and pressing his thumb to her clit. “You are such a dirty slut. What would your husband think if he knew you were getting your pussy fingered by a vampire?”

“I don’t care what that old fool thinks,” Sarah cried, mad with lust. She was desperate to feel something other than his finger in her.

“Say it!” Eric demanded, pressing his thumb harder to her clit.

“AHH! Fuck me! Give me your big, hard cock!” Sarah begged.

Pulling his finger out of her, Eric spun them around and bent her over the desk. He pressed a hand between her shoulder blades while he lined his cock up with the other. “Beg…”

“FUCK ME!” Sarah screamed at the top of her lungs completely lost to everything but the feel of Eric’s body against hers.

“With pleasure,” Eric replied before lunging forward and burying himself in her tight heat. Gods! He loved the feeling of sinking into a woman and feeling her stretch around him. Moving both of his hands to her hips, Eric gripped them hard as he pulled back and thrust into her again and again.

“YES!” Sarah shouted, pushing back against him.

“Fuck my cock,” Eric growled as he pounded into her. “You fucking love feeling my cock inside you, don’t you?”

“Yes… love it… so good,” Sarah cried, gripping the desk as she was fucked good and proper.

“Whose cock are you fucking?”

“Yours… Eric’s!”

“You love vampire cock,” Eric grunted as he slipped a hand underneath her and rubbed her clit.

“God, yes. I fucking love vampire cock,” Sarah agreed as her pussy started to quiver around his cock. She was so close she couldn’t stand it. “Please… More…”

Willa bit the inside of her cheek to keep from smiling when the unmistakable sight of her Maker and stepmother fucking appeared on the giant screen at the front of the hall. It seemed Sarah was quite the screamer as everyone heard her beg Eric to fuck her harder. There was absolutely no mistaking that it was Sarah on the screen. The camera was directly in front of her, showing her in full HD glory.

Feigning shock, Willa raised a hand and put it over her mouth as her eyes darted over the room. She could see the shock and surprise on many people’s faces as well as many of the media present holding up their phones recording what they were witnessing. But it was her father’s reaction she wanted to see. Seeking him out in the crowd, Willa zeroed in on him. She was grateful she had her hand over her mouth as there was no way she would have been able to hide the smile that spread across it at the look of horror on his face.

The organizers of the event ran around trying to disrupt the footage and turn off the screen, but it was already too late. Everyone had seen Sarah Newlin-Burrell cheating on her husband with a vampire. They heard her screams for more…

Willa appeared at her father’s side while everyone stood, transfixed by what was on the screen. If he hadn’t been such a bastard she might have felt sorry for him. “It looks like Daddy has a new little girl…”

“That was the beginning of the end for them,” Pam said, bringing Eric’s attention back to her. “They lost everything because of your sick desires and games. You seduced a woman into cheating on her husband…”

“As I said, it wasn’t hard,” Eric interrupted. “She could have said no, but she didn’t. Do not blame me for other people’s weakness. I didn’t force her to do anything she didn’t want. Four nights after this the whore was sucking my cock again. She came to me. If you are trying to make me feel guilty, don’t bother. It won’t work. I feel nothing for Sarah or Burrell. They both got what they deserved…”

“She deserved to die?” Pam question, arching a brow. “You know that is what happened. A year after this she was found dead in her prison cell. You testified against her at her trial. You helped put her behind bars.”

“Not my fault,” Eric replied with a shrug. Yes, he had testified against both Truman Burrell and Sarah Newlin-Burrell when they were charged with crimes against vampires due to their vampire detention camps, but if they hadn’t been involved with those camps in the first place he wouldn’t have testified against them. They got what they deserved. He had destroyed their marriage, their reputations, and then helped to take their freedom. “I didn’t kill her. From what I understand, her cellmate killed her for being a prejudiced bitch. It had nothing to do with me. Her blood is not on my hands.”

Pam let out a huff as she put her hands on her hips. It was obvious to her that he didn’t feel an ounce of remorse, nor did he see anything wrong with his lustful behaviour. Showing him his past had done nothing to turn him away the path from which they were desperate to redirect him. He couldn’t stay on it, if he did; it would lead him to something none of them wanted.

“Are we done now?” Eric asked, seeing Pam had nothing to say. As fun as the little trip down memory lane had been, he was ready for it to be over. He had an important meeting coming up, one that he wasn’t looking forward to.

“For now,” Pam answered, taking them back to his room. “However, I am just the first of three ghosts who will visit you this night. I promise you this, Eric Northman, before this night is over you will turn from the wicked path you are on. The second ghost will be with you shortly…”

Eric watched while Pam faded away in front of his eyes. He let out a string of curses as he sat down on the edge of his bed. “One down…”


30 thoughts on “Sin: Chapter Three

  1. Can’t wait for Eric to start to realize everything he doing is wrong. I’m wondering if Sookie is Eric first child?? Excited to see how you develop Eric character. Update soon!


  2. I’ll agree that Eric is a selfish bastard, but so far his actions have been justified according to his upbringing and his being a vampire. Burrell and Newlin bought their fates with their own actions. Sorry Pam, you are still self-serving.


  3. I may be in the minority, but the only thing I think he should be sorry for is the part about his wife. Willa wanted Eric just as much as he wanted to use her. Willa is doing what she wants as a vamp. and I have absolutely NO sympathy for Sarah or Burrell. They both got what they deserved. I thought Sarah should have been killed earlier in the book and show. Pam just seems bitter because Eric didn’t choose her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with you. The whole affair with Aude was the only thing that he showed remorse over. He was truly sorry about that. Pam is just pissed cause he didn’t chose her like you said. Thanks for your review.


  4. Epic fail for Pamela. But seriously, I don’t see a problem with what Eric did to them. Now if he’d done the same to Mother Theresa, that would be inexcusable.

    *puts away the sick bag* Didn’t end up needing that. I was too busy cheering on Eric!


  5. I had to laugh. Eric has an excuse and argument for everything!! I felt kinda sorry for Pam even though she was only mad that he didn’t turn her. It was pretty cold that he just stepped over her and walked out while she laid dying… and licked her blood stating it was ordinary to boot! So cruel! It was a treat reading about Godric too… even though he seemed just as much a deviant I always like reading about the Gaul. Awesome chapter… *scurries to next chapter to read about ghost dos*


  6. Pam is not the greatest convincer but she has to have planted the seed of doubt. Burrell did deserve some comeuppance but not so bad! Of course Pam is letting herself get distracted. Less regret lady! More twisty, guilt-ridden torture!


  7. Yeah ‘ghost of fornication past’ is inspired lol. Yep, I’m not going to be feeling sorry for Burrell or Sarah Newlin anytime soon. At least Eric owns what he is and I really don’t see that he’s done more than take advantage of what was offered or available. He has his regrets over his wife, not much more he can do after the fact. I do feel bad for Pam, it’s easy to understand why she wanted a different life but she did kill herself! I mean she was asking a vampire (who she knows had no problem killing or any discomfort with what he was) to feel guilty for not being willing to be responsible for her for eternity! Love the way you’ve set this out though!

    Liked by 1 person

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