Sookie fought the urge to slap the woman in front of her as she hemmed and hawed over the cucumbers in the produce aisle. She had to bite her tongue to keep from making a lewd comment about the vegetable substituting as a cock. Doing that would only get her thrown out of the grocery store… Again. Sookie grinned when she recalled being thrown out of a grocery store while she was in college for doing just that. Well, she had been thrown out for that, her former roommate and best friend had been thrown out for performing fellatio on the cucumber.

Sookie hated shopping on the best of days, but at Christmas she absolutely detested it. The stores were always filled with last minute shoppers, and mothers with their snot-nosed brats. If there was one thing she hated more than shopping at Christmas, it was children. Their whiny, crying voices just grated on her nerves as did the mistaken belief that because she was a woman she must want to be a mother. Sookie swore if one more person asked when she and her husband were going to start a little family of their own, she would slap them.

It was Sookie and her husband’s refusal to bow down to their family’s wishes that had them spending Christmas with old friends instead of their loved ones. Neither Eric nor Sookie wanted children, at least not at this point of their lives. They were happy as they were and didn’t feel a need to change their lives to include the presence of a child.

According to many of the female members of their combined families they were being selfish. They had been married for five years, had financial security, and good jobs; therefore, they should change everything about their lives and have a baby. Sookie’s mother, Michelle, constantly nagged her telling her she wanted a grandchild as did Eric’s mother, Pam. It didn’t matter that Michelle already had two grandchildren thanks to Jason, or that Pam’s youngest was expecting her first child. No, in their parents’ minds, Eric and Sookie should have a baby because they wanted them to do what was expected. Every time they saw their parents, they were subjected to conversations about babies and questions of when they were going to give them grandbabies.

Both Michelle and Pam had babies right after they graduated school, and neither of them could understand why Eric and Sookie didn’t want to do the same. In their eyes children made everything better. It had caused quite a bit of tension over the years, especially when Sookie’s aunt and cousin threw in their two cents worth, and tried to bully her into having a baby.

Hadley had gotten pregnant right out of high school, and then again two years later. The woman was constantly stressed and her husband Sam was of no use. He spent all his time working at the bar his family owned. Yet every time Sookie saw her cousin, Hadley would go on and on about how so much better her life would be if she was a mother.

It was with the knowledge that their families would undoubtedly raise the baby issue over Christmas, thus making everyone uncomfortable that had Sookie and Eric informing them that they were spending Christmas in a cabin in Maine with their oldest and closest friends. Not surprisingly, their families hadn’t been happy but Eric and Sookie stood their ground. They refused to attend Christmas dinner at his parent’s house and listen to their families badger them about children once again. They had received enough of that the previous year. So, this year they would be spending Christmas in a beautiful cabin in Maine, just the Northmans and Warlows.

“I have the cranberries for the sauce,” Willa said when she came up behind Sookie and placed several items in their cart. “This place is a madhouse. I had to practically fight a woman to get the ingredients for the stuffing, and she had to be in her eighties.”

Nothin’ like the season of good will to bring out the fighter in all of us,” Sookie snorted flashing her oldest friend a smile. The two of them had been friends since they were teenagers having met in their senior year of high school. Sookie had been forced to transfer to a school in Shreveport after being expelled from Bon Temps High for hitting a teacher. They had gravitated toward one another in Sookie’s first week sensing a kindred spirit in the other.

Like Sookie, Willa understood the pressure family members could put on you. She had been used as a weapon during her parent’s bitter divorce. They had used her to try and score points off the other, each trying to prove they were the better parent while in truth both Truman Burrell and Rosalyn Burrell nee Harris were fucking useless parents. The family’s housekeeper had practically raised Willa. It was only when they were fighting over the divorce did they remember they had a daughter. Unsurprisingly, once the divorce was finalized, her parents forgot all about her until they needed her again.

“I was afraid she was going to take her dentures out and bite me with them,” Willa replied jokingly. “I fucking hate shopping at this time of year.”

“You and me both,” Sookie agreed, deciding to go around the woman and just grabbing what she wanted. Fuck manners, as long as she didn’t hit anyone she would be good. Grabbing a few items, Sookie shook her head while the woman continued to examine the cucumbers. How hard was it to decide which to buy? It was a fucking cucumber!

Seeing Sookie’s frustration, Willa smiled mischievously when she stepped around the woman. Tapping the woman on the shoulder to get her attention, Willa nodded toward the cucumber in her hand. “The lube is in aisle seven…”

Sookie burst out laughing when she saw the woman splutter, drop both cucumbers, and hurry away. “God, I’ve missed you,” she said fondly. Willa might have been her best friend, but she also lived several states away, and they didn’t get to see each other as often as they would have liked.

“Why, because I turn grocery shopping dirty?” Willa replied teasingly.

“At least you didn’t demonstrate how to perform oral on it this time,” Sookie snorted in reply.

“I got a date out of that,” Willa said, remembering the security guard who had escorted her out of the store, and then asked for her number. “He was disappointed I only sucked cucumbers on the first date.”

“Only one date?” Sookie questioned, remembering how often Willa dated in college. The two of them had attended New York University together, Sookie on a partial scholarship and Willa on her father’s dime. Willa and Sookie had shared a house off campus with another woman and a gay man, and there had been a revolving door of men coming in and out.

“Yeah, only one,” Willa nodded, grabbing a few bottles of wine and adding them to the cart. “I met Ben on the date… I fucked Ben while I was on the date.”

“You whore!” Sookie gasped, feigning shock. Sookie was aware that Willa had met her husband while on a date with another man, but she wasn’t aware who her date had been at the time. Willa dated so much in school that Sookie lost track of half of them.

“You’re one to talk. I remember how you met Eric,” Willa replied, wagging a finger at Sookie in mock chastisement. “He showed up at our old place as Sylvie’s date for that Christmas party we threw in our second year. An hour into the party the two of you disappeared together and we didn’t see either of you for two days.”

“We went back to his place,” Sookie said with a smile, remembering how they spent those two days. By the time they left his apartment they had been inseparable.

“Sylvie was so pissed,” Willa laughed, recalling the tantrum the French woman had thrown when she realized Eric had left with Sookie. “She called you every name under the sun.”

“He was fair game, they never fucked,” Sookie shrugged.

“How vulgar,” a snooty-looking woman scolded as she eyed Sookie and Willa with distaste. “That is not a very ladylike way to speak! You should be ashamed of yourselves!”

Sookie snorted and rolled her eyes. It wasn’t the first time she had heard that and she doubted it would be the last, but she didn’t give a fuck what some stranger in a grocery store thought of her. “And you should learn how to mind your own fuckin’ business,” she replied before heading toward the checkout.

“Or find a man to give you a good, hard…”

Sookie shook her head when she heard Willa give the woman some extremely rude suggestions. How the two of them managed to get through their senior year of high school and their years in college without getting arrested, Sookie didn’t know. How I managed, Sookie corrected while she loaded her groceries onto the conveyor belt. Willa did get arrested durin’ our last year in college. Sookie arched a brow as she loaded the items Willa had put in her cart. Well, that explains how she knew what aisle the lube was in…


“Did I tell you the cocksucking gold digger is pregnant?” Willa asked Sookie while the blonde drove them back to the cabin.

“Is it your dad’s?” Sookie replied, flicking her eyes to Willa quickly before turning her attention back to the road. “Or her personal trainer’s?”

“She says it’s the Governor’s,” Willa said with a shrug. “Although with her, who knows? It could be Dad’s, her trainer’s, or the gardener’s. The possibilities are endless. Daddy is just over the moon. He says it’s a second chance to be a father,” she added sarcastically. “Which probably means it’s a PR stunt to boost his numbers in the opinion polls. Apparently, his numbers are down and there’s a chance he might lose his office in the next election.”

“Thank fuck for that,” Sookie replied. “I know he’s your father, Willa, but Governor Burrell is a fuckin’ prick. He’s anti-everythin’. The sooner he’s out of office the better.”

“You’ll get no argument from me,” Willa snorted. “I left the state to get away from him and his politics. You know he never approved of me marrying Ben. He said Ben didn’t measure up to his standards. He was pissed as hell when we came back from Vegas married.”

Sookie couldn’t help but laugh as she remembered Willa and Ben’s wedding. It had been the summer before their final year in college, and the four of them, Eric, Sookie, Willa, and Ben had gone to Las Vegas to celebrate Eric’s birthday. Willa and Ben had decided to get married at the spur of the moment and found a small chapel. They spent the rest of the trip fucking in every bathroom they came across.

“That’s what Eric and I should’ve done,” Sookie said when she pulled off the main road and onto the side road that would lead them to the cabin. “As much as I loved our weddin’, I could’ve done without Michelle and Pam micromanagin’ everything. Pam even tried to allot times for bathroom breaks, and Mom wasn’t much better. They wouldn’t let us out of their sight durin’ the weddin’, afraid we’d run off for a quickie.”

“It didn’t stop you from giving Eric a hand job under the table, did it?” Willa replied teasingly. “Both Ben and I saw you. That definitely wasn’t frosting you licked off your fingers.”

“No, but it was delicious,” Sookie said with a dirty grin. They were lucky no one else saw her jerking him off under the head table, but neither regretted it. It wasn’t as if Ben and Willa hadn’t seen it all before and much more beside. The four of them practically lived together their last two years of college. Nothing had been off limits to them. “It isn’t like you wouldn’t done the same,” Sookie added as she pulled up before the beautiful cabin. “Hell, you’d have probably gotten under the table and blown him.”

“I did blow Ben under the table during my Mom’s fifth wedding,” Willa admitted unashamedly. It was the only thing that had made the wedding reception enjoyable. After attending her mom’s second wedding, Willa looked for anything she could to make them more enjoyable.

“Why doesn’t that surprise me?” Sookie snorted as she killed the engine and climbed out of the car. “You’ve had sex at every weddin’ you’ve been to for as long as I’ve known you.”

“I can’t help it, weddings make me horny,” Willa said when she came around the car to help Sookie unload the groceries.

“The weather makes you horny,” Sookie retorted good-naturedly while she grabbed the last of the bags and closed the trunk.

“True,” Willa admitted. She loved sex and wasn’t ashamed to admit it. Many people were surprised her relationship with Ben lasted as long as it had given they were both known for being quite the whores during college. Some of their friends had placed bets on how long it would take before one of them cheated on the other. It didn’t matter that they had been together for almost ten years, married for nearly eight of them; some people still expected them to break up, or in Willa’s father’s case, hoped they would break up.

“Come on, we better get this stuff put away and then go find our husbands,” Sookie said. “I hate to think what trouble they’ve gotten into while we were shopping.”

“At least there’s no neighbors close by they can go and ask to borrow condoms from like they did last summer,” Willa laughed while she followed Sookie up the porch steps and into the cabin.

“Oh God!” Sookie cackled. “The look on Bill Compton’s face when Ben knocked on his door only his boxers and asked if he could borrow a pack of rubbers. I thought he was gonna pass out from shock.”

“He’s probably never seen such a big cock before,” Willa replied, closing the door behind her. She slipped off her coat before following Sookie into the kitchen. “God knows he isn’t packing much…”

Dropping her bags on the kitchen counter, Sookie turned to face Willa and arched a brow as she shook off her coat. She knew almost everything there was to know about her friend’s sexual history, she had witnessed much of it, but that was the first time she had ever heard about Willa and Bill Compton. The two of them usually went out of their way to avoid him whenever they were in Bon Temps, and they had been pretty successful until Sookie’s grandmother had died and left the old Stackhouse farmhouse in her will to Sookie. Eric and Sookie didn’t live at the old place instead choosing to live in New Orleans, but they liked to spend a few weeks there every summer.

“When did you see what Bill was packin’?” Sookie asked. “And more importantly, why?”

“The summer before we went to NYU,” Willa replied while she started to put the groceries away. “We had that party down by the pond, remember? Tara, Amelia, and a few others went skinny dipping, and I caught Bill jacking off in the bushes while he watched them.”

“Where the hell was I when that happened?” Sookie questioned. She remembered the party, but she hadn’t been there during any of that. She would have remembered.

“Getting it on with Kibwe Akinjide in the back of my car,” Willa replied, grabbing a bottle of red and pouring a couple of glasses.

“Oh yeah,” Sookie nodded as she took one of the glasses of Willa. “Now there’s a man who was packin’. He was fuckin’ huge. I had trouble walkin’ after we were done.”

“You don’t have to tell me that. He was my date when Daddy married the gold digger,” Willa replied, grabbing the open bottle of wine and heading toward the living room. “While they were making their speeches, we were fucking in the bathroom.”

“You were fucking who in the bathroom?” Ben asked, startling both Willa and Sookie as they walked into the living room. They hadn’t noticed neither him nor Eric sitting there when they came in.

Kibwe Akinjide,” Willa answered as she plopped down on the sofa opposite the one her husband was sitting on. “He was hung like a horse…”

“This was before you two met, Ben,” Sookie clarified, rolling at eyes at her friend’s attempt to rile her husband up. Sookie swore Willa and Ben liked fighting as much as like they fuckingProbably cause fighting leads to fucking for them… “She didn’t sneak away for a quickie while we were shoppin’.”

“So you can actually return to this store then, baby,” Ben said, flashing his wife a cocky smile.

“Why were you two talking about Kibwe?” Eric asked before Willa had a chance to reply. As much as he loved to watch the two of them fight at times, right then he wasn’t in the mood for their type of sparring. He wanted to relax and enjoy himself.

“We weren’t really,” Sookie replied while she took a seat next to Willa and placed her glass of wine on the coffee table in front of her. “We were talkin’ ‘bout Bill Compton, or rather we were talkin’ ‘bout last summer when Ben knocked on his door and asked to borrow some rubbers…”

Sook was saying how Bill looked like he was going to pass out from shock,” Willa added, picking the story up when Sookie trailed off. “I said it was probably cause he’d never seen a cock as big as Ben’s before…”

“Which led to Willa revealin’ Bill isn’t packin’ much, and me askin’ how she knew,” Sookie continued. “She was tellin’ me how she saw him jackin’ off in the bushes while he was watchin’ some girls skinny dippin’…”

“Sookie asked where she was while that was happening cause she didn’t see it, she was getting it on with Kibwe in the back of my car at the time…”

“And that’s how we ended up talkin’ ‘bout Kibwe,” Sookie finished as she grabbed her glass and took a long sip.

“I’d forgotten how they did that,” Ben said, shaking his head once the two of them had finished. Reaching for the six-pack on the coffee table, he grabbed a couple of beers and handed one to Eric.

“When did that happen?” Eric asked as he took the beer and popped it open. “Compton jacking off in the bushes?”

“The summer before we went to NYU,” Willa answered as she tucked her legs under her on the sofa. “At first I thought he was soft cause it was so small. Turns out, he’s just got a tiny dick.”

“I always thought he was a creepy little bastard,” Ben said. Truth was neither he nor Eric liked the man. Every time Ben met him, Bill had come across as quite pompous, looking down his nose at everyone. Bill believed because he came from old money he was better than everyone else.

“Oh God!” Sookie cried. “Speakin’ of Bill, did you tell him, baby, what he asked you last time we were in Bon Temps?” She placed her glass back on the table when she saw Eric shake his head. “He asked Eric if we wanted to swing with him and Selah…”

“Well, actually, he asked me if he could fuck my wife while I watched,” Eric corrected with a snort.

“No fucking way!” Ben exclaimed, his eyes widening in shock. “The fucker actually said that to you. Did you hit him?”

“I threw him up against the wall,” Eric admitted before downing half his beer. “I was five seconds away from kicking the shit out of him when he stammered out an invitation to a swingers club…”

“And when he says ‘swingers club,’ he means a weekly party at someone’s house where everyone swaps partners,” Sookie interjected. “There’s no rules or safety measures, they just show up and fuck who they want… Bareback.”

“He tried to tell me it would improve my marriage if I let him fuck Sookie,” Eric said with a shake of his head. Eric swore if they hadn’t been in a public place at the time, he would have beaten the living hell out of Bill. “Then he offered up his wife as an incentive. He told me I could fuck her anyway I wanted. If we wouldn’t have been in the middle of Merlotte’s at the time I would’ve fucking killed him.”

“I would’ve helped you bury the body,” Ben told him deadly serious. “Who in their right fucking mind approaches a practical stranger and asks if they can fuck their wife?”

“Bill fuckin’ Compton, that’s who,” Sookie snorted. “And fuckin’ Selah wasn’t much better. That bitch asked me how big Eric was and if she could go first.”

“Did you hit her?” Willa asked, insulted on Sookie’s behalf. Willa had done a lot of crazy shit in her life, but even she wouldn’t ask the couple who lived next door to them in Boston if she could fuck the husband.

“I slapped the taste right outta her mouth,” Sookie replied proudly. Sookie hadn’t cared they were in Merlotte’s at the time. The moment Selah had told her she was going to fuck Eric; Sookie had slapped her as hard as she could.

“That’s my girl,” Willa said, passing Sookie’s glass to her and clinking it with hers in a mock toast.

It wasn’t that they had anything against the swinger’s lifestyle. In fact, the four of them had been involved with it themselves in a way since they were in college, but only ever within the confines of their group; they weren’t interested in bringing other couples into their arrangement. There was a deep-seeded trust between the four of them as well as affection and respect. They had done everything together since their second year of college.

They knew some people wouldn’t approve. They would accuse them of disrespecting their vows and being unfaithful, but truthfully none of them cared. It was just another facet of their relationship. There was never any jealousy when they were together. Eric didn’t get jealous when he saw Ben fucking his wife, and neither did Ben when Eric fucked his… Also, Sookie and Willa definitely didn’t get jealous when they watched Eric and Ben fuck in front of them. That turned the women on more than anything. Just as it turned Eric and Ben on when they watched Sookie and Willa together.

“I would jack off with sandpaper before I fucked that whore,” Eric said while he grabbed another beer. “She’s fucked half the men in Bon Temps. Compton told me at their last meeting she pulled a train for them.”

“He told you that?” Willa questioned incredulously. She was the last person who would criticize someone for sleeping around. She had been called a whore multiple times over the years due to her own sexual proclivities, but having your husband brag that you pulled a train for any number of men was distasteful, even to her.

Eric nodded. “He told me she took seven of them. He was so fucking proud. I think he thought it’d impress me. I swear it took every bit of restraint I had to keep from knocking him out when he implied Sookie could do the same.”

“I can’t believe he just approached you out of nowhere in the middle of Merlotte’s,” Ben said. “It’s not like the four of you are friends. Why the hell would he think you’d be interested?”

“Sookie thinks he either saw us all together last summer or assumed we were fucking,” Eric replied, jerking his head toward his wife.

“The only way he saw us was if he was staring through the window…” Ben said.

“It’s possible,” Willa added thoughtfully. “I gave Eric a blowjob in the kitchen one morning while we waiting for you and Sookie to wake up. He could’ve seen that through the window. You know the creepy little bastard was always showing up at the house uninvited.”

“And from seeing you blow Eric he jumps to the conclusion we swing,” Ben replied with a snort. “Most people would probably assume you were having an affair, but Compton bypasses that and goes straight to ‘can I fuck your wife?’”

“It’s probably a good thing he didn’t see you blowin’ Eric then, Ben!” Sookie said with a laugh. “I can’t imagine what he would’ve asked then.”

“He’d probably have asked you if he could fuck your husband!” Willa replied jokingly as she grabbed the bottle of wine and topped both hers and Sookie’s glasses. “Aww, just think, Eric, you missed out on Bill’s five inch cock…”

“Bill Compton and his tiny prick wouldn’t get anywhere fucking near me,” Eric snorted. “I’d have more fun with Sookie’s vibrator…”

“You have,” Sookie cut in, flashing her husband a filthy smile. “You love it when I use it on you when I blow you…”

“How come we’ve never done that?” Willa interrupted, directing the question at her husband.

“Cause you usually stick your fingers up my ass,” Ben answered. “And you’re greedy with your toys…”

“I am not. You’re mean!” Willa pouted, sticking out her bottom lip in an exaggerated manner. “I always share my toys with Sookie,” she added as she rested her head on Sookie’s shoulder. “I’m a sharer…”

“You fuck her with them, I’m not sure that’s the same thing,” Ben replied. He loved fighting with her; it made him hard.

“She never complained,” Willa said smugly, snuggling into Sookie’s side. “She screams for more…”

“Oh God,” Sookie snorted, listening to their argument. She knew before long they’d be tearing off their clothes and fucking on the sofa. It was how all of their fights went.

“Have you really never used a vibrator when you’re sucking him?” Eric asked, drawing everyone’s attention to him. Knowing the couple as he did, he was surprised to hear they hadn’t. He assumed they had been using one all along.

“No,” Ben answered for them, turning to face Eric on the sofa. “She’ll finger my ass when she blows me, but we’ve never used a toy.”

“Do you like it?” Willa asked Eric when she lifted her head off Sookie’s shoulder and stared at the blond haired man.

“He fuckin’ loves it,” Sookie answered before Eric had a chance to reply. “He cums so hard in my mouth when I use it…”

“And not just in your mouth,” Eric added with a smirk. “First time she did it I gave her a facial.”

Sookie moaned in remembrance. “You should try it,” she said. “Put it on a low setting, a gentle vibration and thrust it slowly into his ass as you blow him…”

“It feels great,” Eric said with a nod. “It feels much better than a finger up your ass.”

“Why don’t you show him, baby?” Sookie suggested while she stared at them with a heated gaze. All that talk of blowing Eric had made her horny. “I brought my vibrator and Willa bought some lube…”

“I think she wants to watch,” Ben said, smirking at the flushed looking Sookie.

“Is that right, Lover?” Eric asked his tone infused with sex. “Do you want to watch me suck Ben’s cock while I fuck him with your vibrator?”

Sookie moaned and nodded her head. She did want that. She loved watching them together. There was something extremely erotic about watching her husband suck his best friend’s cock. She’d never forget the first time she saw it. She had fingered herself while she watched them, getting herself off multiple times.

“I bet you are so wet just thinking about it,” Eric purred, eye fucking his wife. “Is your pussy wet, Sookie?”

“Why don’t you check to see if Sookie’s pussy is wet, Willa?” Ben said while he started to unbuckle his belt. It wasn’t just Sookie who wanted Eric to suck his cock, Ben wanted it as well. He loved feeling Eric’s mouth wrapped around his cock. The first blowjob he ever got had been from Eric when they were both sixteen-years-old. The two of them had been friends almost all their lives having gone to school together.

Willa grinned when she slipped her hand down Sookie’s pants. She could feel the heat radiating off of her and she knew without even having to touch Sookie that the blonde was dripping wet. Slipping her fingers in Sookie’s panties, Willa moaned when she felt just how wet her friend was. Willa teased Sookie with a few soft caresses before pulling her hand out from between Sookie’s legs and bringing it to her mouth. “So wet,” Willa said before sucking her fingers into her mouth.

“Go and get your vibrator, Lover,” Eric growled, while he felt his cock hardening almost painfully. “Willa, get the lube…”

Sookie moaned at Eric’s forceful tone. She loved when he got like that. Scrambling to her feet, Sookie grabbed the opened bottle of wine and two glasses, and then quickly took them into the kitchen not wanting to them to get knocked over and make a mess before racing into the bedroom that she and Eric had chosen. Grabbing her luggage, Sookie quickly found the vibrator and threw it on the bed before stripping off her jeans, sweater, and bra, and then pulling on one of Eric’s dress shirts. Sookie left it unbuttoned while she grabbed the vibrator and made her way back to the living room.

Sookie groaned when she stepped back into the living room and saw Eric and Ben kissing on the sofa. “Here you go,” she said holding out the vibrator.

Breaking the kiss, Eric smirked at Sookie when he took the vibrator from her. He licked his lips while he ran his eyes over her, lingering on her bare breasts. It didn’t matter how many times he saw her naked or nearly naked, he was still blown away by her beauty. To him she was the most gorgeous woman in the world. His wife was a fucking goddess… A goddess who got off on watching him fuck their two best friends.

“Go and sit by Willa,” Eric ordered, his tone coming out gruff as he took the vibrator and placed it on the seat beside him. He grinned when he saw Sookie practically run over to the sofa and throw herself down on it.

Turning his attention back to Ben, Eric let his eyes fall over him taking him in. He wasn’t normally attracted to men, but there was something about his old friend that had always turned Eric on. Ben was the only man Eric had ever been with, and he knew he was the only man Ben had fucked. The two of them had been fucking on and off since they were seventeen. They had shared a few women before they met Sookie and Willa, but they had never let any other women watch while they fucked. That had been a private thing until they had met their wives.

Leaning into Ben again, Eric brushed his lips over the other man’s, teasing him with a taste of what was to come. Eric flicked his tongue over Ben’s lips, forcing his mouth open so he could deepen the kiss.

Sookie moaned while she watched her husband kiss another man. It didn’t matter how many times she saw it, it never failed to excite her. She could feel a throb between her legs and she squeezed them together, trying to hold on for a little while longer.

Willa pulled her blouse off while she watched the men kiss. Her body was humming with desire as the anticipation built. Willa licked her lips when she saw Eric let drift his hand lower and stroke her husband’s cock over his jeans.

Breaking the kiss, Eric nipped at Ben’s jaw before trailing kisses down his throat. Eric sucked on Ben’s pulse point bruising the skin, before sliding off the sofa onto his knees. Eric smirked up at Ben as he made short work of undoing the other man’s jeans. Eric chuckled when he noticed Ben wasn’t wearing any underwear. “Did your wife suck your cock while you were driving up here?” Eric asked when he tugged Ben’s jeans down and threw them over his shoulder.

“Yes,” Ben hissed when he felt Eric wrap his hand around his erect cock. Road head had been one of Ben’s favorite things since college. The four of them used to love taking road trips during the holidays and road head was a tradition on those trips.

Eric smirked up at Ben and stroked him firmly like he knew the other man liked. Eric felt his own cock hardening and he reached down, popped open the button, and lowered his zipper, giving himself some relief.

“We fucked in one of the rest stops as well,” Willa said with a giggle. She grinned at her husband over their friend’s head while she opened her pants and pushed them down.

“Is that right?” Eric growled, picturing Ben and Willa fucking in the front seat of their car. He groaned while he pictured Willa sinking down onto Ben’s cock. He loved watching them fuck, especially when they were in public. Ben and Willa got off on the thrill of possibly getting caught.

“Yes,” Ben replied as he bucked his hips, silently begging Eric to move his hand. He was so hard it hurt and he needed a release.

Eric chuckled as Ben’s impatience and started to stroke him again. He twisted his wrist on each downward stroke, jerking him roughly. He smirked smugly when he saw the blissed out look on Ben’s face. Eric waited for Ben’s eyes to flutter close before he lowered his head and wrapped his lips around his friend’s hard cock.

“Fuck!” Ben cursed when he felt Eric’s warm mouth surround his cock. It had been far too long since he last had Eric’s mouth on him and Ben had missed it. As much as Ben loved his wife, she never sucked his cock as well as Eric. Willa was fucking good at it, but she lacked Eric’s magic touch.

Sookie moaned when she saw her husband wrap his lips around Ben’s cock, and before she knew what she was doing she had her hand down the front of her panties. Sookie hissed out a breath once her fingers found her swollen bundle of nerves.

Willa didn’t know where to look, at Eric sucking her husband’s cock, or at her best friend touching herself next to her. Willa could feel her panties becoming drench as she flicked her eyes between them all, and then she shoved her hand down her own panties.

Eric flicked his eyes up to look at Ben before he swallowed around his friend’s cock, taking him deeper into his mouth. He fought the urge to gag when he felt the head of Ben’s cock hit the back of his throat. It was at times like these that Eric wished he had his wife’s ability to deep throat. He would have loved to been able to take Ben’s cock down his throat. Eric stroked the base of Ben’s cock as he hollowed his cheeks and sucked on him hard.

“Jesus!” Ben grunted as he rested his hand on the back of Eric’s head. He started to thrust his hips and fuck Eric’s mouth while his pleasure built. He could hear the moans of Sookie and Willa from the other side of the room and he forced his eyes open. “Oh God…” he hissed when he saw Sookie and Willa with their hands down their panties playing with themselves. Knowing his wife as he did, Ben knew Willa would be dripping wet, and a part of him wanted to go to her and taste her. The only thing better than the taste of his wife was the taste of Eric in his wife.

Moving his hands to Ben’s hips, Eric held his friend down as he scraped his teeth over the underside of Ben’s cock. He chuckled around Ben’s cock when he heard him let out a string of curses.

Sookie gasped out a breath while she watched Eric suck Ben’s cock. She licked her lips, imagining feeling it her own mouth. God, she loved the feel of a hard cock in her mouth, it made her so wet. Turning her gaze to Willa, Sookie smirked when she saw her best friend finger fucking herself while she watched their husbands. Pulling her hand out of her panties, Sookie quickly took off her shirt and slid to the floor in front of Willa.

Willa cried out in surprise when she felt Sookie’s hands sliding up her legs, and she pulled her eyes away from Eric and Ben. She moaned as she saw the heated look in Sookie’s eyes and lifted her hips when Sookie hooked her fingers into her panties.

Pulling Willa’s panties down, Sookie tossed them aside before moving the brunette’s legs over her shoulders. Sookie shot Willa a saucy wink before lowering her head and buying her face between her friend’s thighs.

“Oh!” Willa moaned while Sookie swiped her tongue through her drenched sex and flicked her clit. Tangling her hands in Sookie’s hair, Willa pushed the blonde’s face more firmly against her pussy and she cupped her own breast over her bra with her other hand.

Ben’s eyes darkened when he saw Sookie going down on his wife. He would never get tired of seeing that. There was nothing he liked to watch more. Ben and Eric had gotten hours of pleasure in just watching their wives fuck.

Eric could hear Willa behind him and from the sounds she was making he guessed his wife was fucking her with her tongue. He knew Sookie wouldn’t have been able to watch for long, she never could. Pulling his mouth off Ben’s cock, Eric turned his head and looked at the two women. He grinned when he realized he was right, Sookie was eating Willa out, and she was doing it with gusto.

Turning his attention back to Ben, Eric chuckled when he saw the hungry look on the other man’s face. “Do you want to fuck her?” He asked while he wrapped his hand around Ben’s cock again and started jerking him. “Do you want to fuck my wife while she licks your wife’s pussy?”

“Yes,” Ben replied, unable to take his eyes of the women. There was nothing more erotic than watching his wife get her pussy eaten by Sookie. It was a thing of beauty.

Rising to his feet, Eric toed off his sneakers, pushed his jeans down and kicked them off. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and tossed it aside before pushing the coffee table out of the way. Dropping to his knees beside Sookie, Eric ran his hand down her back and slipped it down the back of her panties. He groaned as he felt how wet she was. She would require no work up, but that didn’t stop him from pushing a finger into her wet slit. He teased her for a few seconds before pulling his hand out of her panties and moving it to her head. Eric batted Willa’s hand out of the way before fisting his hand in his wife’s blonde locks and yanking her head up. Eric chuckled when he heard Willa whimper in disappointment. Crashing his lips to Sookie’s, Eric forced her lips open and sucked on her tongue, tasting Willa. “Such a dirty girl,” he growled as he broke the kiss.

“Your dirty girl,” Sookie purred. She licked her lips as she ran her eyes over Eric’s naked body, lingering on his impressive erection. Wrapping her hand around Eric’s cock, Sookie stroked him the way she knew he liked. “Your dirty, bad girl.”

Eric grunted as he thrust into Sookie’s hand. She had the softest hands and the feel of them on his cock was divine. “Lover, Ben wants to fuck you. Do you want that? Do you want to feel his big, hard cock in your tight, little cunt?”

“Yes,” Sookie moaned with a nod. She did want that. She desperately wanted to feel his cock stretching her tight pussy.

Hooking his fingers in the waistband of Sookie’s panties, Eric yanked of them hard, ripping the material, and tearing them off his wife. “Show Ben how much you want it!” He growled as he rose to his feet.

Spreading her legs further apart, Sookie lowered her upper body and lifted up her ass, letting Ben get a good look at her glistening sex. Her juices were dripping from her, coating her inner thighs.

Willa moaned when she saw her husband rise from the sofa and quickly strip off the rest of his clothes. A flush spread across her flesh as her eyes were drawn to his cock, jutting proudly. She could see beads of pre cum leaking from his tip and she licked her lips while she imagined the taste of him on her tongue.

Eric chuckled darkly when he saw the hungry look on Willa’s face. “Don’t worry, Willa, I haven’t forgotten about you,” he said while he walked around Sookie. He stroked his cock while he eyed his wife’s dripping sex.

“So wet,” Ben growled as he stepped up beside Eric and stared at Sookie. “Baby, you should see this,” he added, holding out his hand for Willa.

Taking Ben’s hand, Willa let her husband pull her up and to him. She moaned when she saw Sookie spread open for them all to see.

Sookie trembled when she felt all their eyes on her. Arousal poured from her as she became more and more stimulated. She always enjoyed it when she had their eyes on her.

“Hard and fast,” Eric ordered, directing his words at Ben. Eric smirked when he heard Sookie moan in approval. Turning his attention to Willa, Eric tugged her to him and unfastened her bra. He dropped down onto the sofa pulling her down onto his lap, moving her so her back was pressed against his chest. “Put your legs over mine.”

Willa whimpered while she did as Eric ordered, feeling his cock brush against her wet sex. Knowing what he wanted, Willa reached a hand between them and wrapped it around his straining erection. She bit her lip while she rubbed it over her opening before sinking down on him, taking Eric’s cock deeply inside her body.

“Fuck!” Ben swore as he watched his wife sink down on his best friend’s cock. Fuck what he thought earlier, there was nothing more erotic than watching his wife take Eric’s cock inside her. Dropping down behind Sookie, Ben swatted her on the ass a few times turning her flesh a lovely shade of red before lining himself up and pushing into her with one hard thrust.

“Oh God!” Sookie screamed when she felt her pussy stretching around Ben’s large cock. Her ass was stinging from his swats and with the added pain of his rough entry she was close to cumming already.

Eric groaned when he heard Sookie’s cry. It was his favorite sound. His wife enjoyed a bit of pain, and both men were happy to indulge her. Sliding his hands up Willa’s body, Eric cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples. “Ride me,” he ordered as he moved his hands to her hips.

Bracing her arms on Eric’s upper thighs, Willa lifted her hips and started to do as ordered. She waited until just the tip of Eric’s cock was still inside her, before lowering herself down again.

Gripping Sookie’s hips with force, Ben pulled back and slammed back into her hard. He set a brutal pace, his hips slapping against her ass while he drove into her over and over. His eyes never left Eric and Willa while he fucked Sookie taking her harder than he ever had before.

Sookie moaned incoherently while Ben fucked her hard and fast. Pain and pleasure were melding together to create an indescribable feeling and she fucking loved it. The only thing that could possibly enhance it would be to have a cock in her ass. “Harder!” She screamed.

Moving one of his hands to her hair, Ben twisted his fingers in Sookie’s blonde locks and yanked her up firmly, molding her back to his chest. He wrapped one of his muscular arms around her chest holding her tightly and he increased the forcefulness of his thrusts. “Keep your eyes open,” he growled when he saw Sookie’s eyes flutter shut. “Open them and watch my wife ride your husband…”

Willa cried out when she noticed Ben and Sookie watching them. She rose and fell on Eric’s cock over and over as their spouses fucked and watched them. Her body was brimming with desire and she knew it wouldn’t take long for her to cum. She had already been on the edge thanks to Sookie’s mouth.

Eric lifted his hips and Willa slammed herself down on him meeting her thrust for thrust. He could see Ben fucking Sookie over Willa’s shoulder and it was just making him wilder. “Cum on my cock, Willa,” Eric said while she snaked a hand between her legs and slapped her clit.

Willa screamed out in pleasure at the light slaps. Her pussy constricted almost painfully around Eric’s cock while she broke apart, cumming powerfully.

Eric grunted when he felt Willa cum, her juices flowing over his cock. He let her ride out her release before carefully pulling her off his lap. He smirked devilishly at Sookie as he stroked his cock. “Ben, get the lube,” he said.

Sookie moaned when she recognized the look in her husband’s eyes, and she felt a flood of arousal pour out of her. She whined pitifully when she felt Ben’s slide out of her, but, before she had time to react, she found herself being pulled on to her husband’s lap.

Eric licked his lips as he ran his hands over Sookie’s naked body, dipping his hand between her legs and feeling just how wet she was. Wrapping a hand around his cock, Eric pressed the head of his cock to her opening and raised his hips, burying himself inside her completely. He held Sookie still while Ben moved behind her.

Ben’s eyes were as dark as night while he stepped up behind Sookie with the lube in his hand. Uncapping the tube, Ben squeezed a healthy amount in his hand and stroked his cock, lubing himself up good. He tossed the lube to the side as he rubbed a single finger over Sookie’s puckered hole. He worked a finger into her, and then another scissoring them to prepare her for his large cock. Once he was satisfied that she could take him without it hurting, Ben pulled his fingers out and gripped his cock.

Sookie whimpered when she felt Ben press the head of his cock against her ass. She bit her lip while he started to push into her. There was a slight burn while Ben pushed into her and she sucked in a deep breath.

Eric clenched his teeth when he felt Sookie’s pussy flutter around his cock as Ben entered her ass. She was so fucking tight! Eric gave her a second to adjust to having both him and Ben inside her before he started to slowly thrust up into her.

As Eric took her slow, Ben took her fast. He gripped her hips painfully while he pulled back and thrust into her ass fiercely. He grunted when he felt her ass stretching around him. Ben dug his fingers into her flesh, bruising her tender skin while he slammed into her over and over just the way he knew Sookie liked.

“Fuck… Yes!” Sookie cried while Eric and Ben fucked her. She felt so full with them both inside her, and she couldn’t get enough! It felt fucking amazing.

Eric thrust up into Sookie hard while he ducked his head and caught her nipple between his teeth. He sucked on it roughly as he pulled her down on his cock. It wasn’t until he was buried deep inside his wife’s tight pussy while his best friend fucked her ass did Eric realize he had been wanting it for days. It had been several months since they were last together, and he had missed it. The sound of buzzing reached Eric’s ears and he released Sookie’s nipple, craning his head to search it out. Eric smirked when his eyes landed on Willa sitting on the sofa opposite them fucking herself with Sookie’s vibrator while she watched them fuck. At least someone is getting to play with it, Eric thought, remembering why they brought it into the living room in the first place. He promised himself before they all had to leave he would fuck Ben’s ass with it while he sucked the other man off.

“Oh…. Fuck! Yes…” Sookie screamed, coils tightened in her belly as her release built. She was sure she would be bruised tomorrow with the way that Ben was grabbing her hips, but she didn’t care. She loved sex bruises; they were the best kind of bruises you could get. “Please… More…”

Sliding one of his hands into her blonde locks, Ben yanked Sookie’s head back, making her arch her back as he pounded into her relentlessly. He could feel his balls tightening and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he came. “Fuck… Such a sweet ass…”

“Cum in it,” Eric growled while he slowed his thrusts. “Shoot your cum up my wife’s ass.”

“Yes,” Sookie pleaded, wanting Ben to do just that.

Untangling his hand from her hair, Ben moved it to Sookie’s shoulder and gripped it tight as he thrust more powerfully into her. He was sure Sookie was feeling a little bit of pain by now, but she was just screaming for more. She loved it! She loved it when it hurt a little. “Fuck!” Ben roared as he felt his orgasm crash into him and he jerked his hips as he came, shooting his warm seed into Sookie’s ass. He panted hard when he slipped out of Sookie and staggered backward, dropping down on the sofa beside his wife.

Sookie moaned when she felt Ben slide out of her ass, and she could feel his cum dribbling out of her. A cry of surprise spilled from her swollen lips when she suddenly found herself flat on her back on the floor.

Eric grinned down at his wife as he hitched her legs up high around his waist. Bracing himself on his arms, Eric flexed his hips and thrust his cock into her. He fucked Sookie vigorously on the floor, making her cry out in pleasure while Ben and Willa watched on. The sound of their flesh slapping together mingled with their shouts of pleasure filling the room.

Ben stroked his cock while he lounged on the sofa. The sounds of Eric and Sookie fucking and Willa fucking herself with the toy was making him hard again and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he was ready to go again. Perhaps we’ll put Willa between us next… Or Eric can fuck me while I fuck Willa… The possibilities were endless and he couldn’t wait to do a few of them.

“Yes… Yes…” Sookie screamed while Eric took her to the brink, and then pushed her off. Fireworks went off behind her closed lids as she came, screaming herself hoarse.

“That’s it, Lover, cum for me,” Eric encouraged as he snapped his hips. He could feel tingles moving up his spine and he let out a deafening roar as he came, spilling his seed into Sookie’s welcoming body. Eric collapsed on top of his wife, breathing hard while he waited to come down from his high.

Mmm,” Sookie moaned, blissed out from the thorough fucking she had received. “We should spend New Year’s together as well.”

Eric chuckled at her words as he rolled off her. Propping himself up on his elbow, he licked his lips while he cast his eyes over his debauched looking wife. God she’s gorgeous. A wicked smile lit up his face as a dirty idea popped into his head. He brushed his lips over Sookie’s quickly before pushing himself to his feet. “Willa,” he began, addressing the brunette. “It seems Ben and I have made quite the mess… Why don’t you clean it up…”

Willa grinned dirtily as she got his meaning and pulled the vibrator out of her pussy before quickly sliding off the sofa and crawling toward Sookie.

Eric smiled smugly when he heard Sookie cry out in delight and he dropped down beside Ben and watched as Willa cleaned Sookie of his and Ben’s cum. He had to admit, Sookie’s idea of getting away for Christmas really was a good idea. Why would they want to spend it with their parents and get lectured on why they should have a child when they could spend it with their friends getting fucked? His wife’s cries of pleasure while her best friend licked her pussy were so much better than her cries of pain when their mothers were cruel to her.

Yes, a very good idea indeed. A very Merry Christmas to us all.

Ring in the New Year

53 thoughts on “Swing

  1. Family schmamily. .. Who needs them?

    Wow. Yummmmmmm. Squee. Is it the heat wave? I suddenly need a cold shower. Maybe I should strip. Geepers. So very yummy.

    Pam is Eric’s mum? LMAO. I’d Love to hear how E & W got their suck on. And how all 4 got their swing on 🙂 If you feel like sharing. Cos. Hmmm. .. so yummy! !

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou for this early Christmas present. So very delicious.

    Just thinking. Blow job plus vibrator… Might that be called a blowvibe? Or a suckator? Vi-blow? Head buzz? Mine is running with possible names. It does sound delicious though, but they can use their own Dang toys lol.

    Hmm. Yummmmmmm. Thankyou Again !!


  2. Btw. My brain has been swirling.
    Sylvie and Eric hadnt done the deed yet. Is that how Willa met Ben? Did she run into Sylvie, her Boyfriend and his friend while she was on the date with the security guard? Is that why Sookie has hazy memories of how her bf met her husband? If meeting Eric happened at almost the same time, i guess she was a little busy LMAO. Oh and no wonder Sylvie wasnt getting any. Eric wasnt in a rush, Ben was backup to his hand – or maybe just had been? Mammoth session? Kept him satisfied for a few days? Then again, not so satisief he didnt nail Sookie ASAP after meeting her lol

    So excited to read more of their future and past!!!

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  3. Good gawd, that was hot!! Fuck woman!! I’m already begging for more. Suddenly I’m in a giving mood, nothing like a little Christmas spirit! Lol! Merry Christmas to all. And THANK YOU Queenofareafive.

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  4. Wow! Merry fucking christmas, indeed! That was very hot. Too bad I didn’t put one of those sandwiches on my Christmas list. I see you plan to write more and I’m so looking forward to it!


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