Veiled Blood: Chapter Eight


Veiled Blood

Chapter Eight

Several Hours Earlier

While Sookie and Eliza made their way back to Shreveport and Fangtasia, Elijah followed Alcide, making sure to stay far beyond the Were’s range of sense. The last thing he needed was to alert the Were of his presence and be recognized before he could discover what it was Alcide was hiding. Elijah wasn’t sure why, but there was something about Alcide that had him highly alert. He didn’t know the Were, hadn’t spoken two words to him, yet something deep down inside him told Elijah that Alcide wasn’t to be trusted. He hadn’t missed the way Alcide had hung back, letting the shifter and baby vampire do all the arguing. Other than the comment about Sookie being called Our Lady, Alcide hadn’t said a word, he hadn’t even attempted to save the baby vampire he’d been fucking when Sookie dragged her into the woods. Elijah suspected Alcide had his own agenda that night, one that didn’t include saving Sookie from the bad vampires. Alcide had no honor or loyalty, and that made him dangerous.

Tailing him would be so much easier if I could fly, Elijah bitched while he weaved in and out of the trees, following him out of Bon Temps and into Monroe. Just for a second, Elijah thought the wolf was going home, the area he turned into was definitely residential with large, extravagant houses, but the houses seemed far too extravagant for someone like Alcide. The area screamed money and influence, words Elijah wouldn’t use to describe the Were. Elijah frowned while he watched Alcide drive up to one of them. It was obvious in the way the Were was behaving that not only did he know who lived there, he was a frequent guest of the residents. There was a familiarity to Alcide’s actions, he nodded at the guards while he made his way to the front door and knocked on it.

Elijah hung back as he watched a blonde woman open the door and invite the Were inside. There was something familiar about the woman…he couldn’t quite place her. He knew he hadn’t met her before, if he had he certainly would have recognized her. Yet, he was certain he had seen her somewhere… Perhaps I passed her on the street or saw her in one of those magazines Eliza reads, he mused.

Elijah took several minutes to observe the house, the guards that patrolling it, and the security. A cursory scan told him the guards were human, and other than the scent of the Were, he couldn’t smell any other Supe in the area. He was surprised when he didn’t notice any surveillance equipment. He had been expecting to see at least a few security cameras, but that just made it easier for him to get closer to the house.

Speeding toward the house, Elijah flattened himself against a wall and hid in the shadows while he tried to listen to what was happening inside. He kept his senses tuned into his surroundings, wanting to be ready on the chance that anyone might creep up on him. He could pick up no less than four different heartbeats in the house. The Were’s was easy, he was located close to two others. The fourth heartbeat was further away, letting Elijah know that one was upstairs in the back of the house.

The fourth’s heartbeat was alluring. It’s rhythm all but called to Elijah, but he ignored it for the time being. He needed to know what Alcide was doing at that moment. The handsome vampire’s eyes narrowed in suspicion when he heard the Were mention Sookie. Anger built inside Elijah while he listened to Alcide and the other two insult the Head of his Line…

“We couldn’t get her away from the fangers,” Alcide said, contempt dripping from his lips while he thought of Sookie and the other vampires. “She’s changed completely. She killed Jessica…” 

“Not a loss,” a second, more feminine, voice cut in. “She was a devil child, just like all the other vampires. It is our duty to cleanse the world of the unclean ones.” 

“Perfectly put, Sarah,” a third voice said…

Sarah… Elijah repeated the name over in his head, trying to recall why it sounded so familiar. He had met countless Sarahs over the centuries, yet there was something about this one that just lodged. He definitely hadn’t fucked her, and he knew he had never met her, but she was known to him. While he continued listening in, a memory clicked into place and he recalled watching Nan Flanagan on TV debating a couple who despised all vampire… Sarah Newlin… Sarah fucking Newlin! That’s who she is! She ran the Fellowship of The Sun with her husband Steve until he was exposed as a fucking lunatic. What the fuck are you up to, Wolf?

“Do not fear, all is not yet lost,” the third speaker continued. “Having a willing telepath at our disposal would have been helpful, but her willingness is not paramount to our goals. She is a vampire now, meaning she doesn’t have rights anymore. As soon as the camp is finished, we will be able to force her compliance.”

“That might be easier said than done, Governor,” Alcide said. 

Governor… Camp… What the fuck is going on? What camp? Elijah feared the answers to his questions. Whatever else was going on, it was obvious to him that the Were had aligned himself with some anti-vampire bigots. Elijah briefly wondered if Sarah and the Governor knew Alcide was a Werewolf. He doubted it. They didn’t seem the most tolerant of people…

“She’s now surrounded by some of the most powerful vampires in the world,” Alcide explained what he had learned that night. “She’s fucking a vampire that’s a thousand-years old, and she never does what she’s told. If she did, she wouldn’t be a fucking fanger right now.” 

“As soon as the camp is up and running, we will have ways to make her comply,” the Governor assured Alcide. “As for those with whom she surrounds herself, well, they will be no match for our new weapons. We’ll kill them all.”

“God is on our side, Alcide,” Sarah said with conviction. “He will guide us to victory. We will defeat the evil ones…”

They’re all fucking crazy, Elijah thought as he listened to them praise God and condemn vampires. He was concerned, hearing about the new weapons they apparently had and wanted to know more, but he couldn’t risk getting any closer. The handsome vampire remained where he was, continuing to eavesdrop on their conversation. He learned little that could help him uncover their full plan, but what he did learn troubled him. They were planning a war on vampires…

“If you will excuse me, I have a meeting to attend,” the Governor said while he moved around the room.

“At this time of night?” Sarah questioned. “Truman, it’s almost 2:30 in the morning!”

“There’s no rest for the wicked,” Truman replied with a hearty chuckle. “It’s the only time Mr. Davidson could spare. His backing is vital to our plans, Sarah. We need his donations if we are to go forward.” 

Elijah straightened up and sped around to the other side when the Governor left the house. He debated following the man to find out where he was going, but something deep inside him told him to stay put. Elijah was surprised to see over half of the guards leaving with him. Apparently, Sarah and Alcide’s safety wasn’t as important as his.

Once he was certain the Governor and his guards were well out of the way, Elijah crept back around to the other side of the house. He shook his head when he noticed the guards left behind had all taken off once the Governor left. Idiots, Elijah criticized, disgusted with them. You never left your post until your replacement arrived! As he moved closer to his previous position, the unmistakable sound of moaning filled his ears. What the fuck? Creeping toward the large window in front of the house, Elijah peered through it and took in the sight of a naked Sarah Newlin, on her knees, and sucking the cock of an equally naked Alcide. There’s an image that’ll haunt me forever, he shuddered, pulling away from the window, having seen more than enough. Still, despite how revolting it was, it could prove to be useful. The Were didn’t seem to care who he got his dick wet in.

With Alcide otherwise occupied and the guards having abandoned their posts, Elijah moved slightly freer around the property, making mental notes of the weaknesses of the place as well as where the guards were usually stationed. He didn’t need them to still be in place to know where they normally stood. Their scents penetrated the area, in addition to other signs. The guards that protected the Governor were amateurs.

Heading around to the back of the house, Elijah ran his eyes over that portion of the property. He had to admit the house was very nice, something he might have purchased at one point. Maybe I can buy it after we kill the Governor, he mused. Eliza would love tending the garden.

“Oh God! Harder, Alcide…”

Elijah shivered in disgust when Sarah’s cry reached his ears. He really hated having enhanced senses sometimes! No one should ever have to hear Sarah Newlin in the throes of passion. It was truly disturbing! The handsome vampire was just about to turn away and return to Fangtasia where he knew Sookie and Eliza would have gone when the sound of footsteps on the stairs caught his attention. Elijah tracked the footsteps while they moved through the house, noting the person avoided the room where Alcide and Sarah were fucking. When the footsteps grew louder, telling him the mystery person was nearing him, Elijah moved to conceal himself in the shadows once again. There was something intriguing about this person, their heartbeat echoed in Elijah’s head and he was eager to set eyes upon them.

Elijah set his eyes on the back door as it was pulled open, and a dark-haired woman stepped out into the night. Running his eyes over her, Elijah smiled slightly while he took her in. She wasn’t what he would call a great beauty, but she was definitely pretty with her long, dark hair and lithe body. There was an innocent air to her, the nightgown she wore hinted at that. Elijah felt a strange pull to the young woman, although it wasn’t a Maker’s pull. He had no desire to turn her. Elijah remained where he was for several minutes, just watching the young woman. As he watched her, he noticed that she looked lonely.

Who are you? Elijah silently asked, wondering how she fit into everything he had discovered that night. Was she complicit in the war on vampires that the Governor, Sarah Newlin, and Alcide were planning? Was she even aware of it at all? Or, perhaps, she was simply ambivalent? There was one sure why to find out.

Tracking her every movement, Elijah waited until she was far enough away from the open back door so she couldn’t jump back inside before he sped forward in a blur and grabbed her, pulling her back against his chest. He placed one hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming out in terror and alerting anyone while he wrapped his other arm around her stomach. He lifted her off the ground and held her securely as he sped away and out of the area entirely.

Moving into a wooded area a short distance away from the house, Elijah came to a stop, settled the young woman on her feet, removed his hand from her mouth, and turned her around so she was facing him. “Don’t be afraid, I…”

“AHHHHH!” She screamed at the top of her lungs and stumbled backward, trying to put as much distance between her and her kidnapper. She couldn’t believe she had been kidnapped in her own backyard! She had only gone outside in an attempt to block out the sounds of Sarah and Alcide fucking. What her father saw in that woman, she didn’t know! He was totally blind to her, refusing to believe she was cheating on him.

“Shh…” Elijah soothed, waving his hands around and trying to silence her. Why do women always scream at me? Okay, so they rarely scream at me, but this woman is definitely screaming at me! How do I get her to stop? “Be quiet!” He snapped, praying that worked. Elijah groaned when she continued to scream, so he pushed her against a tree and placed his hand over her mouth again, physically silencing her. “Will you please stop screaming?! I’m not going to hurt you… Okay?” He observed her carefully and saw her nod her head slightly, accepting his word. “Good. Now, I’m going to remove my hand… Do not scream!” Elijah slowly pulled back his hand and waited to see if she would start screaming again. He took a step back when she remained silent. “Good. Now, what is your name?”

Willa“Willa,” she replied hesitantly while she eyed the man who had kidnapped her. She could tell he was different, from the coolness of his skin, the speed of his movements, and ease of how he manhandled her. “Are you a vampire?”

“I am,” Elijah answered glad that she had stopped screaming, at least for the moment.

“Are you going to kill me?” Willa asked fearfully. She didn’t want to die, she was young and had so much she still wanted to do. Yet, she couldn’t help but wonder if her father’s hatred and crimes against vampires hadn’t finally caught up with him, and now she would be the one paying the price.

“No,” Elijah replied. He had no desire to kill her, but he couldn’t say the same for the rest of the Bloodline if she met them, though if Willa had to die, it wouldn’t be by his hand, although her blood still would be. “I don’t want to hurt you, Willa.”

“Yes, but you’re not saying you won’t, are you?” Willa questioned rather bravely.

“No, I’m not,” Elijah answered truthfully, seeing no point in lying. He would do anything to see to the survival of his kind. “I can’t promise you I won’t hurt you. The people in your house want to wipe out my kind…”

“I know,” Willa whispered, dropping her head in shame at what her father, Sarah, and Alcide were planning. It disgusted her what they were plotting, the destruction of an entire race for no other reason than hatred.

“You know?” Elijah questioned, pinning Willa to the tree again. His fangs snapped down into place as he got in Willa’s face, his need for answers overriding his common sense. He grabbed ahold of Willa’s arms, pushing her roughly against the jagged tree bark. “What do you know, Willa? What are they planning? Are you a part of it? Tell me!”

“No,” Willa cried, tears springing to her eyes in the face of his anger. “I don’t… I’m not…” she stumbled over her words as fear rose inside her. “I didn’t… Let me go…”

“Tell me!” Elijah demanded, tightening his hold on her arms, bruising her soft flesh. He needed answers and she was the only one who could tell him. He was desperate to know what the Governor was planning, and what the weapons and camp were that he mentioned.

“Let me go… let me go,” Willa repeated as she struggled against him.

Realizing she was too afraid to tell him anything, Elijah decided there was only one thing left for him to do. Releasing one of her arms, Elijah grabbed Willa’s jaw, forcing her to look at him. He captured her gaze and pushed his mind against hers, trying to pull her under his control so he could get the needed answers. “What are they planning?” He asked, his gaze boring into hers while he demanded answers.

“Let me go,” Willa replied, her eyes wide and shining with fear.

A look of shock flashed across Elijah’s face at her inability to be pulled under his glamour. In all his years as a vampire, he had never met anyone who was immune to glamour. His Maker had told him stories of those who couldn’t be glamoured, but nothing she had told him led him to believe this woman was one of them. She was completely human, her scent told him that, yet, she was resistant to glamour.

Willa used Elijah’s shock to her advantage; she brought her knee up and rammed it as hard as she could between his legs, making him release his hold on her. It didn’t matter if they were vampire or human, that was always a man’s weak spot. Once free of his grip, Willa scrambled around the tree and took off, running as fast as her feet could carry her, trying to put as much distance between her and Elijah as possible. She knew in her heart it was impossible, he was much faster and stronger than her, but damn if she wouldn’t try anyway!

Elijah groaned while he cupped his crotch. He had to admit, he was starting to like the young woman. She had fire inside her and he could respect that. Straightening up, Elijah used his senses to locate where she was and sped after her. He closed the distance quickly, and grabbed hold of her again.

Willa thrashed wildly, driving her elbow into his stomach as she fought to get away again. She let out cry of dismay when she felt Elijah barrel into her and knock her to the ground. Willa clawed at the ground beneath her, trying to pull herself away from the vampire. “No… HELP!” She screamed when Elijah flipped her over and pinned her to the cold, unforgiving ground of the woods. Willa was convinced she was going to die. The vampire was going to rip out her throat and leave her to be found by some passerby, but she refused to go quietly. “HELP!”

Elijah let out a string of curses while Willa continued to scream and thrash about. He had been a vampire for 1500 years, he had fought in numerous wars, killed with ease, helped destroy entire armies, and now he was struggling to control a twenty-something-year old human woman. Eliza would never let him live it down!

Pinning Willa’s hands above her head with one hand, Elijah covered her mouth with his other, silencing her once more. If she wouldn’t tell him what the Governor was hiding and for whatever reason couldn’t be glamoured, there was only one option left.

He would have to take Willa to see Sookie.


25 thoughts on “Veiled Blood: Chapter Eight

  1. Sarah and Alcide, yuck. Poor Willa, she’s terrified. I don’t blame her. She hasn’t had anyone to trust. In the show, I believe her mother ran off with a vampire. I wonder if anyone in Sookie’s group with feel a maker’s call to her. I am anxious for more.

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  2. oh that was fun, at least we know why he had Willa now, and ewww the sight and words of the two of them getting it on, just ewwww… especially anyone with Sarah. but Alcide you ass….. they gonna fry you too when they learn you are a Were. I wonder if she has the contacts on so she cannot be glamoured? hmm looking forward to being introduced to Sookie, and telepathy. KY

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  3. too short, damn it 🙂 But it was great distraction from my thoughts about finals 🙂 great job as usual 🙂 And I really hope that if Willa will became a vampire Elijah will be her Maker 🙂 As for Alcide … well he has no class so..


  4. Ahh gross! Alicide & Sarah fucking – now there’s an image I sooo did not need! bitchy but I’d like to see him outed to Sarah – she could be mentally tortured that she screwed a ‘human’ that turns into an animal 😉

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  5. To quote everyone else when it comes to Sarah and Alcide…ewwwwwwwww! That man really knows how to pick ’em! No class.
    I’m really curious as to what kind of “pull” Elijah feels towards Willa. I’ll also be curious to see if any of Sookie’s line feels a Makers pull towards her. Poor Elijah. Kneed in the nuts! Ow! But if Elijah had been a little gentler with Willa, I think he would have gotten a lot more answers out of her. Let’s hope Sookie takes a gentler approach. Her telepathy will help too. Give her a better way to approach Willa.
    I’m also wondering if Willa isn’t able to be glamoured or is she wearing those contacts that prevent it?
    Great chapter 😀 Too short…but I’m always greedy for this story. Hehe! 😋


  6. At first I thought, this is a different version of Alcide, but then I realized that you have taken him further down the road of canon. He didn’t like vampires, and was forced to cooperate because of his father’s debt. So this is not that far a stretch. Although, along with everyone else, my reaction to him and Sarah Newlin is eeeewwwwwwww…

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  8. How exciting to see a new chapter!

    Willa can’t b glamoured is shocking and intriguing. I wonder what will Sookie think of her? Elijah has his hands full with Willa!!

    Alcide n Sarah is well eww!! I bet once Sarah finds out Alcide is not completely human She will fry his tail! Alcide is truely a dog!! He can pic the craziest psycho to sleep with!


  9. I cannot wait for Tara to be sent to the Catacombs. If she makes it anyway, with that mouth of hers I wouldn’t be surprised if she was given the true death before she leaves to Russia


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