Somewhere Down The Road: Chapter Three


Somewhere Down the Road

Chapter Three

“Shouldn’t ya be on duty?” Sookie asked suddenly. The two of them had spent the last several hours talking about everything that had happened, and Sookie was just remembering that, unlike her, Jason did have a full time job.

Nah,” Jason replied dismissively as he reached for the cold beer on the coffee table. “Andy’s on duty, so’s Kenya.” Since the hoard of infected vampires that had swept through the town had been wiped out, and the vigilante group was all but annihilated, crime had been at an all time low. “They’ll radio if they need me.” He was reluctant to leave her side, fearing that Bill or Jessica would show up and try to manipulate his sister once more.

Sookie smiled realizing why he didn’t want to leave her. She was glad to know some things never changed. Her big brother was still trying to protect her from the schoolyard bullies. He just does it with a badge and a gun now. She was incredibly proud of Jason for joining the police force. He had finally found a job he was good at and he enjoyed.

Opening her mouth to reply, Sookie paused as a jumble of thoughts entered her mind. A frown wrinkled her brow and she angled her head trying to get a clearer read on them. Something deep within her told her trouble was about to knock on her front door.

Sook, what is it?” Jason asked noticing her preoccupation. He had seen that look on her face hundreds of times when they were growing up, and wondered what she was hearing now.

Sookie held her hand up, silencing Jason as she strained to hear. She could almost feel the danger surrounding them. There was electricity in the air that wasn’t there just minutes before. Something was coming, something bad, of that she was certain.


No witnesses…


Hummingbird Lane…


Sookie’s eyes widened in alarm as the thoughts came through both clearly and disjointed. She could hear the words clearly only there was no order to them; they were jumbled, likemore than one mind.

“Shit!” Sookie cried as she jumped up out of her seat. Racing to the window, she carefully pulled back the curtain and peered outside. Her heart seized in her chest as she caught the headlights of a car coming down her driveway… a car she had seen at Fangtasia earlier that day. “This is not good,” she groaned as the thoughts of the people in the car became clearer. “Can people not try to kill me for just one day?” She huffed as she spun around, ran into the hallway, and grabbed her shotgun out of a closet.

Sook, what’s goin’ on?” Jason asked alarmed to see her loading the shotgun. Standing up, he grabbed the gun from his holster and made his way to his sister. “Sook?”

“There’s about five Japanese guys with large swords headin’ this way to kill me,” Sookie told him. “I’m thinkin’ I’m not gonna let them, so…” She pumped the shotgun and moved so she could shield herself and still get a good angle from which to shoot.

“What the fuck?!” Jason exclaimed dumbfounded. Darting toward the living room window, he let out an angry growl as he watched a car pull up a few feet down the driveway, and then five men with swords strapped to their backs climbed out. “Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable to sit in the car like that?” He pondered as he raised his gun and prepared himself to shoot. He had never taken a human life before but if those dumb fucks thought they were gonna kill his sister and walk away in one piece, they had another thing coming. Nobody fucked with Jason Stackhouse’s sister.

Sookie used her telepathy to track their movements as they made their way toward the house. What d’ya know? The Japanese guys are really from Texas. From their thoughts, she could tell they had been ordered to kill her, but none of them were thinking why or by whom. They were just repeating the same thing over and over; her name, address, and ‘kill’. They were single-minded in their goal, and Sookie knew things were about to get ugly. Damn, I just got things cleaned up from the party.

Seeing a short Japanese man pull the sword from the sheath on his back, Sookie sent up a silent prayer and hoped to God she would survive.

Sook, ya want me to call Andy?” Jason asked in a whisper.

“He wouldn’t get here in time,” Sookie replied, her tone equally low. “It’d only put him in danger.” As much as she would have liked to have called in the Cavalry, so to speak, she didn’t want to put Andy or anyone else in danger for what she knew was Supe shit. Andy had already lost too much due to that. He had lost three daughters; Sookie didn’t want him to lose anything else.

Jason nodded in understanding. Whatever this was, it was obvious to him it wasn’t a human authority situation. No arrests would be made and, if any were, they wouldn’t stick.

With her mind focused on her would-be killers, Sookie knew when the first one stepped onto her porch. There was no doubt in her mind they were there to kill her. It was fight or die time and she had no desire to die.

Knocking out the glass of the window by her front door, Sookie pointed the muzzle of her shotgun through it and pulled the trigger. She fought the urge to close her eyes as she heard the man on her porch cry out in pain as her shot hit its mark. She could practically feel the blood on her hands, and she felt her stomach twist. This wasn’t what she wanted, but she would be damned if she let anyone push her around again. She was no one’s victim.

Jason followed his sister’s lead, breaking her living room window and shooting at the men running for cover. He clipped one of them in the leg, the bullet slicing through and making the stocky Japanese man fall to the ground. Seeing a third guy running back to his car, Jason aimed his gun in his direction and pulled the trigger, hitting him in the shoulder.

“What the fuck’s goin’ on Sook?” Jason yelled as he noticed a second car coming down the driveway. “Why’re they tryin’ to kill ya?”

“’Cause it’s Thursday,” Sookie replied flinching as the thoughts from the people in the second car invaded her head. Ha! Here I was, hopin’ it was the Cavalry. “Oh fuck!” She cursed, fear welling up inside her as she realized these guys were a little more modern in their killing approach. “Guns! Get down!” she shouted at Jason as she rushed into the living room and threw herself behind a sofa.

Sookie screamed out in terror as a hail of bullets hit her house. She could hear the glass in the windows popping as the bullets ripped through them, the wood of her porch splintering, and the plant pots shattering. She curled up into a ball, throwing her arms over her head as bullets rained down around her.

It felt like hours but in reality was just minutes later when the gunfire stopped and a strange calm settled over Sookie’s property. Her hands shook as she lowered her arms; she swore her heart was about to pound out of her chest as she crawled to the edge of the sofa and peered around. Tears filled her eyes as she noticed the damage to her house and she stifled a sob.

A moan of pain caught her attention and she snapped her head toward the direction she’d heard it. “Jason?” Sookie questioned when she saw her big brother propped up in the corner. “No,” she whispered brokenly as she noticed the large red stain on the shoulder of his uniform. She scrambled out from behind the sofa before she even realized what she was doing.

“Sookie, no!” Jason cried, his voice filled with pain as he saw her racing toward him.

Sookie was halfway to him when his cry stopped her in her tracks and she remembered the danger they were in. Turning to the front of the house, Sookie stared out of the cracked window of her living room. Anger as she had never before felt filled her body when she watched the men who had shot up her home and injured her brother edge closer to the house. She watched as they raised their weapons, aiming them all at her.

“Cowards!” Sookie snarled, her eyes darkening in anger. There were ten of them against just her. Ten little soldiers all in a row, shot rings out; then there were nine.

“Sookie, run!” Jason screamed.

Sookie ignored her brother, her focus solely on the men who had fucked with her. The sounds around her became muffled as she stared them down. Every part of her was screaming at her to lash out and claim her revenge. They had spilled blood, her family’s blood; both her human and faery sides were in agreement, they needed to pay for it.

Sookie could feel her Fae side coming to life, her hands tingled with her light, but it felt different. Her power wasn’t just concentrated in her hands this time; she could feel it travelling throughout her body, warming her from the inside. She felt alive. She felt powerful.

“No more!” Sookie screamed as she spotted the men preparing to shoot again. Light radiated from every inch of her body, brighter than anything she had ever produced before. Sookie could feel the heat of her light washing over her, and she lifted her arms and let it burst free from her body. The ground shook as light as bright as the sun burst from her shattering what was left of her windows and traveling over her land. It passed the borders of the Stackhouse property, and spread through all of Bon Temps destroying windows and knocking out the power.

Sookie dropped her head back while she let the power flow through her. She could hear screaming in the distance but paid it no mind. She was in her element, embracing her powers for the first time ever. She let instinct guide her, teaching her how to control her power, and work for her.

Lifting her head, Sookie lowered her arms as her light began to temper off. There was lightness in her movements as she took a step forward, her eyes searching for any danger.

Jason’s eyes were as wide as saucers as he stared at his sister. He couldn’t believe what she had done. He had seen her use her faery light before but never like that. The light that radiated from her was blinding in intensity, and Jason had been forced to screw his eyes shut to keep it from overwhelming him.

Gritting his teeth, Jason braced himself against the wall and used his legs to push himself up until he was standing. “What the hell just happened, Sook?” He asked as he held a hand to his shoulder trying to staunch the blood flow from his wound.

“I don’t know,” Sookie confessed, her eyes focused on something outside her house. Angling her head to the side Sookie gave Jason a reassuring smile before turning and making her way out her front door.

“What the… Sook, wait! Ya can’t go out there,” Jason said when he realized she was going outside. “Those fuckers might still be there… Damn it,” he added as he saw she wasn’t paying any attention to him and raced after her, planning on dragging her back into the house necessary. “Holy shit!” Jason exclaimed, his eyes again refusing to believe what they were seeing. “What the fuck!”

His mouth hung open as he cast his gaze over Sookie’s front yard. He wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t what he was seeing. Sookie’s yard looked like something out of one of the action movies he loved. Bullet holes riddled the front of the house, but that wasn’t the only truly frightening thing. No, what really made Jason’s stomach churn were the dead bodies littering the yard that looked as if they had been burned alive. He wasn’t sure how but, without a shadow of a doubt, Jason knew Sookie’s light was responsible.

Looking further down the yard, Jason’s eyes became comically large when they landed on the burnt out cars of the Japanese men. “What the…” he trailed off as he tried to make sense of what he was seeing. Somehow, his sister had not only killed the men that were shooting at them, burning them alive, she had also managed to destroy their cars. As he turned his gaze to Sookie, he could see she was struggling with what she had done and made his way to her, ignoring the pain in his shoulder. “It was them or us, Sook,” he told her softly seeking to reassure her. “They would’ve killed us.”

“I know,” Sookie replied her eyes never leaving the carnage she had caused. I did this. I killed them all. She was waiting for the guilt to start but the longer she waited, the more she realized it wasn’t going to happen. It was just as Jason said. ‘They would’ve killed them.’ She had to make a choice and she knew without hesitation, she would always choose herself and Jason. Those men had come to her house planning to kill her. She wouldn’t shed any tears or offer up remorse. Their choices led them to her house, and now they had suffered the consequences for their actions.

Raising her head, she looked out over her yard as she stepped off her porch. She wouldn’t waste her time offering up insincere apologies or feigning guilt. Moving around her yard Sookie stared at the burnt remains of the humans with a clinical detachment. She was just about to turn around and head back inside to grab the things she would need to dispose of them when a pain-filled moan reached her ears, and she spun around to search it out. Sookie’s eyes narrowed when they landed the badly burnt, but alive, form of Mr. Gus.

Calling upon her power again, Sookie created a ball of light in her hand as she stalked toward him. “Why did you attack me?” She asked stopping just feet in front of him, glaring down.

“What are you?” Mr. Gus asked, fear evident on his face as he stared at the woman who had decimated his employees. He had managed to take cover behind one of the cars when he saw the light explode out of the house, but even the cover of the car had offered him little protection, especially when the light had caused the car to burst into flames. Northman had claimed she was a fangbanger but it was obvious to him that wasn’t true. No one as powerful as her would be as common as a fangbanger. She was something else, something special.

“Seriously pissed off,” Sookie retorted making the little ball of light in her hand grow in intensity. “Now, why the fuck did ya attack me?”

Mr. Gus was absolutely terrified as he gazed up at Sookie. He knew she held his life in her hands and she could snuff it out at any minute. “I can make you very rich,” he said skirting her question and trying to barter for his life.

A look of disgust fluttered across Sookie’s face as she heard just how he planned to make her rich. “The cure?” She said, the words coming out like a question. “That’s how ya plan to make me rich?” She shook her head at the realization he was planning on selling a cure that wasn’t entirely effective. His ‘New Blood’ would only contain enough to keep the virus from killing the vampires. They would have to keep drinking it if they wanted to stay alive, or undead.

Sook, what is it?” Jason asked moving toward her. Sweat soaked his brow and his skin was turning a ghostly shade of white as the blood loss from his wound was starting to take its toll.

“Mr. Gus here plans on administerin’ the cure in his new blood substitute, unoriginally called ‘New Blood’,” Sookie snorted at the name. For someone who owned, or was at least a major shareholder in a multi-million dollar company, he was certainly clichéd and lacking in creativity. “Only, it’s not a real cure. It’s just a Band-Aid on a gapin’ wound. It’ll alleviate the symptoms and keep the vampires from meetin’ the True Death, but only if they keep drinkin’ it. He’s usin’ the cure to make himself rich.”

“Motherfucker,” Jason spat as equally disgusted. He may not have always been a fan of The Fang, but even he thought using the cure to make a quick buck was low.

“Now, I’m only gonna ask one more time,” Sookie said stepping closer to Mr. Gus, “why did you attack me?”

Mr. Gus swallowed hard as he stared at Sookie. He wasn’t sure how she knew what he was planning on doing with the cure, but it made him realize he was right in his desire to kill her. She was too powerful and dangerous. He couldn’t let her live with the knowledge of his plans. Although, how he was going to kill her when he couldn’t even breathe without pain shooting through him, he didn’t know. Maybe I can get Northman to kill her, he thought. It’d only take threatening his child for him to do as we wanted. It worked every time so far. Just like sh…

Seeing Sookie arch a brow had his thoughts jumping into another direction, and he started to recall why he ordered her attack, and why she needed to die.

Listening to his thoughts Sookie felt her heart shatter into a million pieces while she discovered why Mr. Gus was trying to kill her, and how he found out where she lived. Tears trickled down her cheek and she choked on a sob as pain like she had never felt before slammed into her. She thought Bill’s betrayal was bad, but this…

“Sookie, what is it?” Jason asked hearing her sob. A hiss escaped his lips when his sister turned to face him and he saw a look of utter devastation on her face. He couldn’t remember ever seeing a look so raw, so filled with pain on her face before, and he never wanted to see it again. “Sook?” He whispered imploring her to tell him.

“The cure,” Sookie replied in a tone filled with pain. “They tried to kill me cause I know ‘bout the cure.”

Jason frowned at her answer convinced there was more. The look of anguish on her face was not down to a bunch of guys with guns trying to kill her. His sister didn’t cry over people trying to kill her anymore. She was used to it. “Sook?” He repeated, trying to coax it out of her. He knew from experience that holding something in only led to more pain.

“Eric,” Sookie said after a few minutes silence. She was still trying to deny what she saw in Mr. Gus’ head, and didn’t want to voice it aloud; knowing that when she did it would be true and she would have to accept it.

“Eric?” Jason repeated, confused as he flicked his eyes from his hurting sister to Mr. Gus, and then back again. What does Eric… Jason’s eyes widened as a terrible thought popped into his head and he prayed it wasn’t true. “Did they hurt Eric? Did they kill him?”

“No,” Sookie replied in a voice hardly above a whisper.

“Then what, Sook?” Jason asked with a hint of exasperation in his voice.

Turning her head so she was staring at Mr. Gus again Sookie let out a trembling breath. “Eric’s the one who told them,” she said the words bitter on her tongue. “’Bout me knowin’ ‘bout the cure…” She angled her head and faced Jason again as she clarified, “Eric told them where I lived.”

Saying the words aloud was worse than hearing them in Mr. Gus’ head and Sookie felt what was left of her heart turn to dust. She didn’t want to believe what she had heard in Mr. Gus’ head, but the memory doesn’t lie. She had watched it play out. Eric had told his murdering partners that she knew about the cure and when asked, he had told them where she lived. He hadn’t even hesitated. If that wasn’t bad enough, after Mr. Gus had sent the first group of her would-be killers on their way to Bon Temps, Eric had…

No… Sookie thought, refusing to relive what he had done next. What had come after he told them where to find her hurt even more. That was something she wouldn’t think about. That was something she would never forgive. He had told them where she lived knowing they would kill her and hadn’t even bothered to try to warn her.

“No, Eric wouldn’t do that,” Jason replied refusing to believe it. He had seen the way the thousand-year-old vampire looked at his sister, and there was no way he would sell her out like that. “He lo…”

“I saw it, Jason!” Sookie interrupted harshly before he could finish his sentence. She knew what he was going to say and, right then, she couldn’t hear it. The pain was too fresh, too raw. “I saw it. Eric told him.”

“Yes, Eric told me,” Mr. Gus said rejoining the conversation when he saw an opening. “Happy to tell us. Him and his treacherous child…”

“Shut up!” Sookie snapped, his memories playing over in her head.

Sookie knows about the cure.” 

“Where does Ms. Stackhouse live?”

“Hummingbird Lane…”

She kept seeing Eric tell him she knew about the cure and where she lived…

Hummingbird Lane…”

“I can help you make them pay,” Mr. Gus continued, ignoring her warning. “We can make them suffer…”

Sook, there gotta be a reason,” Jason cut in still not quite ready to believe Eric would betray his sister as it seemed.

“He chose her. He always does,” Mr. Gus told them as another memory played out in his head.

Sookie felt sick as she watched the new memory play out and she wondered how many times Eric had sacrificed the woman he claimed to love over Pam. It became clear to Sookie now that it would always be Pam. Eric would always put her first.

“She is his first choice,” Mr. Gus added putting a voice to what she was thinking. “Her life is more important…”

“I said shut up!” Sookie screamed as his words became too much for her. She let her anger take over, forcing back her heartbreak and pain. Aiming at Mr. Gus, Sookie let her light flow from her again and blasted him.

It was like a dark presence had taken over Sookie and she wanted to hurt those who had hurt her. She could hear his screams of pain and she took pleasure in them. How many times had she screamed in pain? How many times had she been hurt? Well, no more! Sookie’s light tore through Mr. Gus, searing his skin and burning him alive.

“Sookie, stop!” Jason shouted, scared for his sister as he watched her kill the man in cold blood. “Stop this! This ain’t you!”

Jason’s words finally penetrated the haze surrounding her and Sookie closed her hands extinguishing her light. Her eyes widened in fright and bile rose up in her throat as she stared at the charred remains of Mr. Gus.

“What have I done?” Sookie whispered, aghast, before turning round, dropping to her knees, and retching. Her throat burned, tears fell from her eyes, and she hunched over in the middle of her driveway.

I’m a killer.


35 thoughts on “Somewhere Down The Road: Chapter Three

  1. Yes, it always comes down to Pam. But I’m betting it’s not about Eric chosing Pam as it looks in Gus’ mind but more about Pam being the one who glamoured Gus and company and sicced them on Sookie. Maybe with Bills help, maybe not. As treacherous as Bill has been Pam isn’t above siding with garbage to get her way. Poor Sookie. Unlit matey poor Pam and Bill. One or both together have created a monster neither could’ve imagined. If Eric IS in on it, fuck him for underestimating Sookie and her love! 💔


  2. I really, really hate Eric at this moment. It’s not important enough, that Eric, obvliously, had a plan in mind when he told to Gus all he wanted to know. Sookie is right. Pam always is first in Eric’s mind.


  3. Wow I hope Jason can get Sookie to see that it was glamour obviously she should have figured that out with the way their thoughts were going around on loop like they were sometimes she really is dense.
    I love this story already waiting anxiously for tomorrow’s installment thinking about starting AMOI I need a fix of a loving Eric and Sookie and although I know it will come in this one it is hard to wait.

    Glad Sookie killed Mr. Gus he was an asshole who would have tried to use her for his own gain love Fairy Sookie.


  4. This is so fucked up it aint right. But the way they are thinking about it all made me think Glamour from the beginning. I bet there is either Bill. Jessica or a new player behind it all. And Sookie is not about to take it. anything coming they pushed her to, but the only bad thing is she is going to take it out on poor Eric!


  5. That poor girl, the hits just keep coming. She is not a killer , that guy was thinking that she was too powerful to live and would have killed her first if he could have. I hope she goes after Bill, Pam and Eric! Awesome chapter!


  6. ooooh Wonder how gus managed to think that? Scumbill glamour him? or did her really do it that way. (I skimmed alot during that season. I had to watch to finish the series, but hated almost everything about it).


  7. Awesome chapter! Hopefully it’s not Eric the traitor..but maybe Mr. Gus and the others have been all glamoured but who knows!? I’m anxious now for more…please!?


  8. Here are my thoughts–Eric was acting hostile to Sookie in the first chapter why? maybe he was under a spell or someone (Pam) told him lies about Sookie. I don’t think that Bill wants Sookie dead because he wants her to live a long miserable guilt filled life. Jessica to me is not a player (too young).
    Sookie is just tired of the crap in her life and how much should she put up with. The new-blood ninjas were there to kill her it was self defense.


  9. Wow. Great chapter. So happy Sookie is using her powers. I’m guessing that Eric was planning on also heading to Sookie’s house to save her. . Like in TB.. but something is holding him up.
    Sitting on the edge of my seat. . Awaiting the next update. …


  10. Yup –I’m sure there is more to Mr. Gus’ memories that just what Sookie is seeing. She knows when memories have been glamored away –it leaves a “hole” –but…..what about memories being added? Hmmmm…….
    Well, looks like Eric will have a lot of ‘splaining to do —he’s in the shit house now…..


  11. I can’t help thinking Bill and/or Pam is behind this. I hope Skokie’s(damn autocorrect) actions scare the wits out of them. I hope Jason will be okay. I do think she could use Niall’s help. Great chapter.


  12. I certainly hope there’s more to this than meets the eye, ’cause right now I’m pretty much over Eric…and that takes A. LOT!


  13. A part of me hates this story because I am loving it so much and first thing in the morning I’m checking for your update. On the other hand I LOVE LTV so much and I know you can only devote so much time and energy to everything. I am so confused because I love all your writing and I don’t know which one I want to read more. All said and done, I will be an adult and be happy with anything and everything I can get from you (:


  14. Sookie only saw what Mr. Gus wanted her to see and it worked, but not the way he wanted. Sookie killed him anyway, the plan didn’t work as he thought it would. However, the way Eric reacted to Sookie’s realizations about Beehl says it happened the way Mr.Gus remembered..
    What’s next for Sookie?


  15. First, so glad your Sookie grew a pair and got a clue. Could not believe she stayed a dumbass thru seven tv seasons and 13 books. Unfreaking believable! Even Ray Charles could see that Bill Fucking Compton was manipulating her and all she did was still put her cup out for more …… Disgusting!

    My my Jason acting like her brother for a change warms my cockles. (What’s a cockle? Anywho mine is toasty!)

    Now for Gus and the ninjas, so happy she lit them up. Badass Sookie rocks. Reminds me of Sydney from that show starring Jennifer Gardner and Nikita!

    No way, Eric sold her out to Gus. I smell a rat! Hint hint BFC again!

    Finally loving this story, major props to an engaging, entertaining story. Update notices are like little rays of sunshine and rainbow tinkles!


  16. I don’t believe this was Eric’s doing, but I do believe Bill was involved and maybe others. Great chapter! Looking forward to the next update.


  17. Bill bill bill..scummy mccompton did it. All of their thoughts were too focused and I’m absolutely certain Eric would never truly betray her like that. He would have either given them scummy’s address or warned her in some way. Maybe even came to rescue her himself. I’m not buying it.


  18. And here’s the angst. I’m guessing that Eric had no hesitation tell Mr Gusts as he had every intention of taking care of them. Like he did in True Blood. But only we know that. And we have no way of knowing why Eric didn’t follow through.

    Oh boy. For his own safety, Eric does not want to show his face any time soon!


  19. Wow! Great chapter! Been a while since I found a SVM story that I really liked! Really hit the right level of angst… This feels like the real Sookie. But smarter and more powerful. Love it.


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