Sin: Chapter Seven


Sin BG

Chapter Seven

Eric frowned while he took in his surroundings. He wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t what he was seeing. He was in his office at Headquarters. It was quite disappointing, to tell the truth. After seeing his past with The Whore, and visiting Fae with The Bore, seeing his unchanged office was rather disappointing. Then considering who was showing it to Eric, he shouldn’t have been too surprised. Sylvie always was somewhat dull and boring. He overlooked it for so long because she had a tight pussy he could cum in whenever he wanted. Eric smirked when he remembered how all he had to do was smile at her and she would spread her legs for him. That should have been his first clue that she wasn’t meant to be his child. She was practically a fangbanger given how easy she had been.

Ignoring the simpering ghost, Eric moved toward his desk where his future self was sitting going over some work. The office looked exactly the same as the last time he left it, which had only been several hours earlier, so Eric doubted they were too far in the future. Skimming the papers on the desk, Eric searched for a clue to tell him at what point in the future they were. He knew he could have asked Sylvie, but he had made it a rule before Nora killed her to talk to her only when absolutely necessary, and he wasn’t about to break that rule now. Eric was never interested in what came out of her mouth, only what he could put in it. Spying a newspaper sticking out from under a pile of papers, Eric walked around the desk to look and see if he could read the date on it.

17th December 2017… 

Three years… Seriously, that was it? The dumb bitch was only showing him three years into the future? “Three years,” Eric said, voicing his thought aloud. “You are showing me doing paper work three years in the future… You couldn’t show me an orgy or battle?”

“This is a pivotal moment in your future,” Sylvie replied, a hint of anger leaking through into her tone. What she had to show him wasn’t easy for her. Knowing what his future held if he didn’t get off the wicked path he was on was painful for her. She didn’t want to see it. She had seen more than enough before he had his sister kill her. But did he care about that? No, as usual he was only thinking about himself.

Eric arched a brow at her words. He couldn’t see how doing paperwork; the same paperwork he did most nights was anything but mundane. It wasn’t as if he was getting his dick sucked while he worked as he usually did. The whole thing was tedious. Pam had shown him some of his greatest moments as well as one of his worst; even Bill had shown him something of importance. The Bore had shown him the blonde temptress in Fae. Eric licked his lips while he pictured her strung up naked in the stable, and he wondered if she was there. Had he accepted Queen Mab’s proposal? He hoped so. The thought that he had three years with the blonde was the only thing that was interesting to him.

Eric was just about to reply to Sylvie when the door to the office swung open. “Willa,” Eric purred when he laid eyes on his child. At least he knew his child was still with him, not that he thought otherwise. He grinned as he took in her prim appearance, knowing full well it was an illusion. She might have looked prim and proper, but underneath she was a wildcat.

Sylvie bristled at Eric’s reaction to his child. He never showed her an ounce of the warmth he was showing Willa and she hated it. She was his first child; she was the one who loved him, so why was she discarded like garbage? What was so special about Willa that she got his love and loyalty?

Eric paid little attention to Sylvie, his eyes glued to his chosen child as she stepped up to his desk and waited…

“Problem?” Eric asked, seeing the vexed look on his child’s face. His Willa was usually much more relaxed and happy. It took a great deal to piss her off as Eric well knew. He had deliberately pissed her off many times just to watch her lose her temper. It was a thing of beauty to see, especially when he guided her to release her anger through sexual gratification. 

“The fairy’s back,” Willa snarled, her eyes narrowing at the thought of the pompous prick that had demanded a meeting with her Maker. She wasn’t overly enamored of the Fae like many vampires. Oh sure, she found them delicious and just the smell of them made her fangs throb, but their physical appeal didn’t diminish how fucking annoying they were. They were so arrogant, and, unlike her Maker, their arrogance was not warranted. Eric had a thousand years of life to back him up, so as far as Willa could tell all the Fae had were their looks and blood to brag about. They had nothing of substance. 

“What does he want this time?” Eric asked with a groan. He didn’t have to ask Willa which fairy she was referring to as he already knew. There was only one who could piss her off as much; it was a gift that extended to all of the vampires inside The Authority. The fairy in question was loathed throughout The Authority for his haughty and often insulting behavior. Eric would have loved nothing more than to drain the fucker dry, but his alliance with Queen Mab prohibited those types of actions.

“He is demanding to see you,” Willa replied through clenched teeth and she tried to get herself under control. Dealing with the fairy always proved to be a challenge of restraint. It took all she had to keep from ripping his head off of his shoulders. “He refuses to deal with a núro like me!” Willa spat the word she had heard him call her. She knew from talking to some of the other fairies that the word meant servant, and every time she heard it directed at her from him she had to fight the urge to knock his teeth down his throat. “He says he has an offer that he will only discuss with you.” 

An offer, Eric snorted at the reasoning behind his request. He had a good idea just what that offer was as well. The fairy had been requesting a meeting with him on and off for the last two and a half years, and it always ended up the same way, with the fairy denied. Eric knew what the fairy wanted, and he couldn’t fault him for it, but it didn’t mean he would ever accept his meager offerings. Nonetheless, it was getting tiresome.

“I believe it is time we put an end to this,” Eric said, a wicked smirk curling his lips while he thought about how he could let the fairy know once and for all his answer was unequivocally “NO!” The fairy’s constant attempts to undermine his agreement with Queen Mab were beginning to border on breach of contract. It was time to end it. “Inform the fairy that I will meet with him shortly; then inform Kibwe to escort the fairy into the Great Hall in thirty minutes…” Eric grinned as he saw Willa nod in understanding. She really was the perfect child. Reaching for his cell phone, Eric hit four on his speed dial and waited for the call to be connected. “I want you in the Great Hall within three minutes,” he ordered once he heard the person on the other end answer. He didn’t wait for a reply before he disconnected the call and slipped his phone back in his pocket. 

Willa smiled as she watched her Maker stand up and stretch before moving around his desk. She loved to watch him while he was plotting something wicked. It was such a turn on. “I shall inform the fairy that you will see him shortly,” she said while she bowed before Eric showing her respect. “Master, may I…” 

“You can watch,” Eric interrupted, knowing what she was going to ask. He knew his child well enough to know she would want to witness the fairy who had shown her so much disrespect being shown who was boss. Moving closer to her, Eric dropped a kiss on Willa’s head and added, “And if you are good, I might even let you play.” 

“I’m always good, Master,” Willa purred in reply. 

Eric chuckled at her reply as he made his way to the door. She wasn’t wrong. She was always good, even when she was being bad; she was fucking great at it…

A confused look flittered over Eric’s face while he watched his future self and Willa walk out the office. Sylvie had said that was a pivotal moment in his future, but Eric failed to see how. It was simply a conversation between him and his child, and he had those every night. They might not have talked about a fairy every night, but nothing he picked up from the conversation said it was of any of real importance. Eric and Willa both seemed annoyed rather than concerned, so Eric doubted that whoever the fairy was, he was no threat.

Turning to face Sylvie, Eric groaned when he saw her lip stuck out in a pout. That was definitely something he didn’t miss about her. The bitch used to pout at every little thing, and Eric never knew if she was genuinely annoyed or was trying to appear sexy. Regardless of what she was trying to convey, it always annoyed the fuck out of him. Eric snorted as he wondered if she knew her annoying pout was the cause of much of his cheating. A tight pussy on his cock could always cheer him up so every time she would pout and annoy him, he would find a body to fuck.

“Do you see now, mon amour, how your wicked actions cause nothing but trouble?” Sylvie asked. “Everything that happened here this night could have been avoided if you would have only used the head of your shoulders instead of the one in your pants!” She glared at him as she tried to shame him. It also could have been avoided if he would have only have loved her as she deserved. If he had given her his heart all the trouble to come would never have happened.

Eric stared at her as if she was crazy. What the hell was he supposed to have seen? He had a conversation with his child, that was it. He hadn’t even fucked her, so he was definitely thinking with the head on his shoulders. “What was I supposed to see?” He asked, putting his thoughts into words. “I saw nothing of great importance here. Just a conversation with min litet prinsessa.” Eric chuckled when he saw Sylvie flare her nostrils in anger at his pet name for Willa.

Folding her arms over her chest, Sylvie pouted as Eric refused to accept that what she had shown him was the beginning of the trouble his wicked ways brought to his door. After the way he had treated her when she was alive, or undead, he should have just taken her word for it and believe everything she told him. If he had done that she wouldn’t have to show him what came next. She wouldn’t have to see it! As the Ghost of Fornication Future, she had seen it all played out already and she didn’t want to see it again. She thought it was cruel to make her witness it again. However, as she had already realized Eric didn’t care about her pain. If he had, he would not have made her watch him fucking Molly and Salome over and over before he had his sister kill her. Bastard!

Letting out a huff of annoyance, Sylvie stomped her foot and watched as the office around them faded out of view and was replaced with the Great Hall. God, did she hate that room! Whenever she had stepped foot into that room while she was still among the undead, the other disgusting vampires had either ignored her, or talked about her behind her back. Given what she learned of Eric’s behavior, she had to wonder if they weren’t laughing at her. As she stared at Eric, she started to wonder how long he had been cheating on her before she found out. Was the night she died the first time? “How long were you cheating on me?” She asked, deciding she needed to know. It wasn’t fair that she couldn’t check herself. She could only see his future while only Pam could see his past. Stupid rules!

Eric closed his eyes and prayed for strength. If he thought The Bore was annoying, he had nothing on Sylvie. Why she wanted to rehash the past when nothing good could come of it, Eric didn’t know. She would only end up pouting again, but if that was what she wanted, it was fine with him. “For me to have been cheating on you we would have to have been in a relationship,” Eric replied, laying it out on the line. “We never were. I never promised you fidelity, and I strictly remember telling you that vampires were sexual creatures. But to answer your question, how long was I fucking others? All along. I was fucking others when you were still human. I fucked a gorgeous olive-skinned brunette while I waited for you to rise, and I was fucking others after you were turned. Now, does that answer your question?”

Sylvie stared at Eric aghast, unable to believe his words. All along… if she thought walking in on him with Nora, Salome, and Molly was painful, it was nothing compared to knowing he had been cheating on her from the very beginning. She didn’t care what he said, it was cheating. He may not have ever promised her he would be faithful, but he had implied it, at least that’s what she told herself. “How can you tell me something like that? How can you be so cruel?”

“I am a vampire. You asked, I answered, now get over it,” Eric replied without care. He wouldn’t pander to her foolish romantic dreams. He wouldn’t pretend to be something he wasn’t.

Turning his gaze from her, Eric looked around their new surroundings. The Great Hall… It was one of his favorite places in Headquarters. Outside of the playrooms and dungeon, all the fun stuff happened in that room. Trials, sentencing, orgies, the room had seen them all. Looking over the room, Eric frowned when he saw a large throne standing on the dais at the front of the room, his future self lounging in it. That was definitely new. Eric noted his second Salome and Maxwell Lee standing at the side of the room while he moved toward the throne. He paused at the edge of the dais and angled his head to look at the front of the room where everyone else was staring. “What…” The rest of the words died on his lips as a vision in red came sauntering through the large double doors.

Sookie… His blonde temptress. She was there! Things were finally looking up. Eric licked his lips as he ran his eyes over her. She looked like pure sin dressed in a short, strapless red dress. Eric noticed she still wore a collar around her neck, although it was a different one from the one she wore in Fae. That had just been a plain leather collar, while the one she wore now was leather encrusted with diamonds. Eric would wager a guess that the collar cost more than all the donors in Headquarters’ clothing combined. The collar showed she was more than just a donor as did the fact that her body was unblemished. There wasn’t a single bitemark on her. What role she held Eric didn’t know, but he was dying to find out…

Sookie put an extra sway in her hips as she made her way to the front of the room. She knew all eyes were on her and she loved it. She loved to feel their eyes on her body, undressing her, caressing her. It turned her on. Stopping in front of the dais, Sookie lowered herself to her knees and inclined her head in respect. “Master,” she purred, feeling a shiver go through her as she heard his fangs snap down. God, she loved that sound, it was such a turn on. The fangs on a fairy did nothing for her, but there was something erotic about vampire’s fangs. Maybe it was because she knew they were so sensitive to the vampire, it made for such a heady feeling when they sank them into her smooth flesh… And she definitely enjoyed the slight pain that came with the first bite. Although, it wasn’t every set of vampire fangs that turned her on. The vampire itself had to be attractive to her. She wasn’t what the humans called a fangbanger. She might have been a mól, but her new Master had given her the freedom and right to choose. She was no longer expected to spread her legs for everyone who desired her. 

Eric groaned when he heard the word ‘Master’ slip through her painted lips. His cock hardened as he imagined hearing her call him that while he was buried balls deep inside her. Eric wasn’t sure if he was supposed to be seeing something of great importance, but at that moment, all he could see was the blonde before him…

“Sookie,” Eric growled as he stared down at his blonde haired vixen. God was she a sight to behold! He could see her hard nipples straining against the fabric of her dress and he licked his lips while he imagined sucking them into his mouth. No, he couldn’t fault the fairy for his continued attempts to reclaim her, but that was never going to happen. She was His! 

“You wished to see me, Master?” Sookie said while she rose to her feet gracefully. She placed her hands behind her back as she gazed at her Master. She had to admit she liked him much, much more than she liked her old Master, or Mistress as the proper term might be. She was never ill-treated in Fae, but she always knew she was a slave. She had nothing that she could call her own, nor was she permitted to refuse the requests of the Fae elite. Sookie took pleasure in everything she did, but she would have liked to have had more freedom.

“I did, dyrbar,” Eric replied as he cast his eyes over her, drinking in the sight of her. He felt his cock hardening as he eyed her hungrily. Soon, he promised himself. “Your former master…” Eric mocked the word with a sneer while he thought about the fairy in question. “Has once again requested a meeting with me in hope of regaining you for his own. I understand that you had no choice in the matter when Queen Mab gifted you to me, so I am now giving you the choice to choose.” 

As much as he hated to offer her the chance to return to Fae, Eric wouldn’t keep her against her will. After being gifted her and learning of her life and role in Fae, Eric had offered her the chance to leave when she was first presented to him. For all his faults, and Eric was well aware he had many, he would never keep an unwilling donor. All his donors were there by choice, and he made no exception for her just because she was a fairy hybrid. He had been extremely happy when she elected to stay and celebrated in true Northman style… Fucking her until she passed out. He was only sorry it had taken him so long to sample all she had to offer. The pure-blooded fairy virgin he had been gifted as a courtesan in the beginning had foolishly distracted him. It had taken him a few months to realize the true pleasure lay with the hybrid and not the pure fairy. The courtesan held none of the fire his dyrbar had. She was pretty to look at and nothing more.

“You may speak freely here, Sookie,” Eric continued, wondering what she would say and hoping it would be favorable. “You do not have to fear reprisals or punishment. Speak your truth and tell me. Do you wish to return to your old master?” 

“I’m afraid I don’t understand, Master,” Sookie replied, confusion leaking into her tone. She knew what he was asking, but it didn’t make sense to her as… “I had no master in Fae. I belonged to the throne and whoever sat on it. Queen Mab was my mistress and she gifted me to you. No one else had a claim on me.” 

Eric arched a brow while he listened to Sookie’s reply. Although he was aware of her role in Fae, he had never really asked her about it. He never knew the ins and outs, so to speak. From what she was saying, Eric deduced that only Mab had control over her. Queen Mab was her Mistress, which could only mean the fairy that continually tried to reclaim her was never her Master. She never belonged to him! The fairy was trying to claim something that was never his. Nonetheless, his question still stood; did she want to return to Fae? “Be that as it may, I am still offering you the choice to choose for yourself. Do you wish to return to Fae with a new Master?” 

“No,” Sookie answered without even having to think about it. That was the last thing she wanted. She liked it where she was. She was happy. “While I’ll admit Fae is a beautiful place, it never felt like home to me. I enjoyed my time there immensely, but I have no desire to return there. I like it here. I enjoy living at Headquarters and being under your… Care…” Sookie grinned while she spoke the last word. Lord, did she ever enjoy it! None of the Fae fucked like the vampires. It was like boys to men, with the vampires definitely being the men. And what she loved most was that the vampires would hurt her like she wanted. She had everything she wanted right there, so why the hell would she want to return to Fae?

Eric grinned at her answer, happy to hear it. He had been slightly worried she would decide to return to Fae, it had been the only home she knew after all, but she hadn’t. She had chosen to stay. “I am pleased you have chosen to stay. However, we still have the matter of the fairy to deal with. I find myself annoyed that he overstated his former relationship with you. He claimed he was your Master; a claim it seems was false. I believe it is time we show Preston Pardloe that lies will not be tolerated, and that you, my dyrbar, belong to me now!” 

Sookie shivered at the forcefulness behind his tone and a bolt of arousal shot through her. She knew that tone; she liked that tone. That tone always meant good things were about to happen, sinfully wicked things, but oh… so… good… “Yes, Master,” she moaned…

“So, do you see now the consequences of your wickedness?” Sylvie said, pulling Eric’s attention away from his blonde temptress. If she could get him to accept what she was telling him, she could end it all now before she had to watch it again. “Can you see the dark path before you?”

Eric growled as he turned to face the annoying ghost, beyond pissed that she had dragged his attention away from his dyrbar. All the ‘consequences of your actions, dark path, wickedness’ bullshit was beginning to piss him off. So far all he had seen was him offer to release his blonde temptress if that was what she wanted. But apparently, all the ghosts missed that. They missed him giving all those poor innocent women he corrupted the freedom and right to choose. He couldn’t help but wonder who the fuck was behind it all, and for what reason. Whoever it was behind it was sure going about it the wrong way. If they wanted him to pay attention, they should have sent the ghosts of people he liked and to whom he would actually listen, which admittedly wouldn’t have given them many to choose from; his human mother and Godric. Eric felt a pang in his heart as he thought of his long dead mother and more recently deceased Maker. He still couldn’t believe Godric was gone. His beloved Maker’s death was such a senseless tragedy. The only comfort he took from the whole affair was the people who had betrayed him had all met their painful end at the hands of him, Nora, and Willa. The vampires of Godric’s nest and their pets had all been destroyed for betraying their Sheriff to a rival vampire.

Eric shook away the thought of Godric before he went spiralling down the black hole of despair again. Now was not the time to go there. “I see nothing of concern,” Eric replied, shooting Sylvie a look of utter contempt. “You haven’t proved a thing. I see no dark path…”

Sylvie let out a huff at his words. Why couldn’t he just believe her and say he’d change? Why did he always have to make it harder on her? Hadn’t she suffered enough at his hands already? “You’re a cruel, cruel man, Eric Northman…”

Eric groaned as the scent of Sookie’s arousal permeated the air. His cock throbbed painfully and he was desperate for a little relief. He wasn’t sure what it was about his dyrbar that could turn him on so much, but he liked it. He loved that her scent alone could make him hard and aching for a fuck. She was sin wrapped up in a delicious-looking package, and Lord, did he enjoy unwrapping her! He had spent many a happy night unwrapping her and enjoying all she had to offer. The donors at Headquarters barely got a look in with him now. Their skills were nowhere near her level. He could find pleasure in them when he had to, but Eric found heaven between Sookie’s thighs. 

Eric knew he didn’t have long until Kibwe brought the annoying fairy to him as ordered, but he still had enough time to have some fun before he made his point clear to the disrespectful fairy. Eric smirked while he ran his eyes over Sookie, his eyes lingering on her breasts. She had the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen, and he thought it a crime that they were ever covered up. “Take off your top,” he ordered. 

A smile tugged at Sookie’s lips as she pulled her hands from behind her and slid them up her chest. She teased a finger over the top of her dress before hooking her fingers into the thin material and pulling it down, exposing her bare breasts to the room.

Eric licked his lips as he eyed her hungrily. The scent of her arousal grew stronger and he chuckled at the realization that she was getting off on so many eyes on her. He knew she was quite the exhibitionist and loved being watched, and he was always happy to indulge her kinks… 

Eric’s fangs snapped down as he saw Sookie pull the top of her dress down, and his fingers itched to reach and touch her even though he knew he couldn’t. He couldn’t touch anything, but God did he want to! He wanted nothing more than to sink his fangs and cock into his blonde temptress. He yearned to touch her, to taste her, to fuck her.

Sylvie scowled while she watched Eric watch Sookie. She didn’t see what was so special about the woman that warranted such attention. In her opinion Sookie wasn’t that pretty, and she definitely wasn’t thin. She wouldn’t call her fat, but she would never be mistaken as slim. And she was a whore! They could dress it up anyway they liked it, donor, pet, mól, but Sylvie knew the truth. Sookie was nothing but a dirty whore! She spread her legs for most of the vampires of The Authority. She was no lady, not like Sylvie. The French beauty had been untouched when she first met Eric, and he had been her only lover. Sylvie was the complete antithesis of Sookie. So why did Eric despise her and desire the blonde so much…

Sookie shivered in anticipation as she stood half naked in front of The Viking. She could feel her arousal trickling down her legs and she knew the vampires could smell it, could smell her. But at that moment, it was only Eric’s attention she wanted. Those were his hands she wanted on her body, his fangs in her flesh, and his cock buried deeply inside her. She enjoyed fucking the other vampires. She enjoyed fucking at any opportunity, but she didn’t get to play with them as much as Eric monopolized most of her time. She was his favorite; so he was the one who spent the most time sampling her flavor. Rarely did a night pass without Eric calling her to him.

Crooking his finger, Eric beckoned her forward as he spread his legs. “Come here, dyrbar,” he commanded. “Come to your Master.” Eric’s eyes never left her as she sauntered toward him. He grinned rakishly at her when she stepped onto the dais. “Get on your knees.”

Sookie moaned as she stepped between his spread legs and lowered herself to her knees. She flicked her blonde locks over her shoulder, giving Eric an unobstructed view of her bare breasts, knowing that was what he liked. She had been in that position with Eric hundreds of times before and she knew he was a very visual creature. He liked to see her, all of her.

Reaching out his hand, Eric rubbed his thumb over her plump bottom lip while he unbuckled his belt with the other and opened his pants. “Suck my cock, Sookie,” he growled as he released his erection from the confines of his pants. “Let everyone see how much you love sucking my cock. Fucking worship it!” 

Sookie gave Eric a saucy smile before wrapping her hand around his cock. She stroked him gently, rubbing her thumb over the tip and collecting the small bead of pre cum that gathered there. Bringing her thumb to her lips, Sookie darted her tongue out and licked it clean. She groaned at the taste before lowering her head and wrapping her lips around his cock. 

Eric grunted as her warm mouth surrounded his length. He swore her mouth should have been considered a deadly weapon. It certainly made him spill enough over the two and a half years he had been enjoying it. Gathering her blonde locks in a ponytail, Eric wrapped it around his fist and tugged on it, using it to guide her movements. Their many encounters had taught him she liked it rough, she got off on being dominated. 

Sookie gagged as Eric pushed her down on his cock, forcing her to take more of him into her mouth. Breathing through her nose, Sookie relaxed her throat and gave up control to Eric, letting him fuck her mouth as he wanted. She loved it when he did that. She loved it when he would thrust into her mouth until he came, using her for his pleasure. It made her so wet… 

Eric growled when he saw the other vampires in the room move closer to get a better look. His possessive side was rearing its ugly head and he clenched his hands into fists, trying to stave it off. He was there to watch and was powerless to do anything else…

Eric tightened his grip on Sookie’s hair as he forced her mouth up and down his cock. He could feel the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat and he groaned at the feeling. Few women, human or Supe, could take all of him, so when he found a woman that could he fucking loved it. There wasn’t much he liked more than laying her over the edge of his desk and watching his cock disappear down her throat. “That’s it! Suck my fucking cock!” 

Sookie ran her tongue over the underside of his cock the best she could as he fucked her mouth. She could feel her juices pouring out of her and making her thighs slick, and she wanted nothing more than to feel a big, hard cock inside her. 

Eric’s hold on her hair became almost painful when he started to thrust his hips. The feel of her warm, wet mouth around his cool cock was exquisite and his balls began to tighten as his release built. As much as he wanted to cum in her mouth and watch her drink him down, he had other plans. Pulling her mouth off his cock, Eric wrapped his hand around his aching length and stroked himself hard as he angled himself so he could cum on Sookie’s chest. He grinned when he saw Sookie thrust her chest out, offering her body to him as a canvas for his cum. “Fuck!” He cursed while he came, spurting his dead seed over her bare breasts. Eric stroked himself through his release before reaching out a hand and rubbing his pink tinged cum over her chest, coating her in his scent.

Sookie gasped when Eric ran his thumb over her nipple sending a jolt of arousal through her. Sucking his cock had taken her to the edge and she needed to feel his magnificent cock inside her tight pussy to send her soaring over. 

Eric smirked when he saw the heated look in her eyes. He knew what she wanted; it was the same thing he wanted. “Stand up and turn around,” Eric growled as he leaned back on his throne. He stroked his cock while he watched her do as he ordered and turn her back to him. Eric wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her onto his lap. He could feel the heat between her thighs and knew she was more than ready to take him; she was practically dripping on him. He bunched the skirt of her dress up, tucking it in the best he could and baring her to the vampires in the room. 

Lifting her up slightly, Eric positioned his cock at her entrance and pulled her down on him as he thrust his hips upward. He groaned as he felt her warm, wet pussy stretch around his cock as she took him inside her. Eric had fucked thousands upon thousands of women in his long life, but he could honestly say no pussy had ever felt as good as Sookie’s. Valhalla lay between her tanned thighs. “Ride me, dyrbar, fuck my cock…” 

Gripping the arms of his throne for support, Sookie lifted herself up and twisted her hips. She held herself above him with just the head of his cock inside her for several seconds before dropping herself down on him, taking his hardness into her dripping cunt again. Sookie moaned as she felt his cock stretching her to the point of pain. He felt fucking huge inside her and she squeezed her muscles around him, making her pussy feel even tighter. “Fuck me, Master…” 

Eric’s eyes darkened as he watched them fuck. From his vantage point he could see his cock splitting her open and he licked his lips, imagining the feel of her heat all around him. He wasn’t sure what the point of showing him this was, but if it was to get him off the path that would lead him to experiencing the very thing he was watching, then they would be sorely disappointed when he embraced it with open arms. He wanted this. He wanted his blonde temptress.

Sylvie wrinkled her nose in disgust as he watched the scene play out. They really had no shame, fucking out in the open where everyone could see. She would have never debased herself in such a way. She would have never let Eric make love to her while others watched and touched themselves…

Moving his hand round her front, Eric slid it between her spread legs and found her swollen bundle of nerves. He rubbed her clit softly before lifting his hand and slapping it sharply, knowing she got off on the pain. Eric growled when he felt a flood of arousal pour out of her and he repeated the slap. Between his litet prinsessa and dyrbar, Eric always had an outlet for his darker desires. The two of them loved being dominated and got off on pain. 

Sookie cried out in delight as she felt the sting of the slaps. Her arms shook with strain while she raised and lowered herself on Eric’s cock faster slamming down on him with force. A sheen of sweat coated her naked flesh, making her body glisten while the vampires of The Authority looked on.

Eric brought his hand down on her sex as hard as he knew she could take before pressing his middle finger to her engorged clit and rubbing it at vampire speed, sending vibrations of pleasure spiralling through her. He growled as he felt her pussy flutter around his hard length, and knew she was on the verge of cumming. Grabbing her hair with his other hand, Eric yanked Sookie’s head back and bared her neck to his hungry gaze. He bit down hard, sinking his fangs into her soft flesh and taking her blood into his body. 

Sookie screamed out in rapture as she came on a wave of pleasure. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she dug her fingernails into the arms of Eric’s throne. “YES!” She screamed out her pleasure for all to hear. 

Eric loosened his grip on her neck, letting small trickles of blood run down her body and mix with the cum she had on her chest, marking her as his. He flicked his tongue over the bite mark, sealing the wound. Moving his hands to her hips, Eric gripped her securely while he lifted his hips and start to thrust into her hard and fast. He could hear Kibwe in the hallway with the fairy, and he wanted the fairy to get a bird’s-eye view when he walked in the room. 

Preston sneered when he neared the great hall. He couldn’t believe he had been made to wait as if he was a commoner. He had important things to discuss with the Head of the Authority, an important offer to make, and it was reprehensible that he had been made to wait in a public waiting room instead of being taken straight to Eric. He was an important fairy, one of high-standing. He should have been given priority! Preston shot the vampire beside him a look of contempt as he escorted him to meet with Eric. If he had to wait, the least they could have done was provide him with a pretty little vampire to entertain himself with while he did. He might have hated vampires and all they stood for, but they were much sturdier than his usual bedmates, not to mention uninhibited. The brunette he had first met with would have been a good toy to play with while he waited. She looked like a dirty whore who would like it hard. 

Preston adopted a pompous persona when they reached the Great Hall and he tugged on the leash in his hand, bringing the offer to heel. He plastered a haughty smile on his lips, took a step forward, and stepped into the room. The smile was immediately wiped from his face the second he stepped into the room and saw Sookie… His mól, spread wide by The Viking’s cock! Preston clenched his hands in anger as he listened to her scream and beg for more. In all the years he had enjoyed her, he had never heard her scream as loud as that. 

Eric smirked when he saw Kibwe enter the room with the fairy. He could see the anger in Preston’s stance and revelled in it. Sliding one of his hands up Sookie’s body, Eric wrapped it around her throat and choked her lightly while he fucked her harder, his hips moving at vampire speed. He dragged another orgasm out of her before following her over the edge, shooting his seed deep inside her welcoming pussy. 

Preston’s eyes narrowed into slits while he watched Eric lift Sookie off of him. He could see The Viking’s cum on her chest and smell his scent all over her. He was sure if he looked he would see Eric’s cum leaking out of her pussy. He knew Eric was sending a message to him and he received it loud and clear, but that didn’t mean he was going to listen to it. He still had an ace up his sleeve and an offer to make. 

“You requested a meeting with me,” Eric said, breaking the silence that descended over the room while he tucked his cock back in his pants. “I am a busy vampire, fairy, so let’s not waste any time on pointless exchanges and get right to it.”

Preston could appreciate the direct approach as well as the next man. “I did. I wish to make you an offer for your mól,” Preston replied, nodding his head toward Sookie. “Before she was gifted to you by my Queen, I spent many pleasurable hours enjoying her talents and I wish to regain them for myself. She is a gifted whore…” 

Eric growled at the term Preston used to describe his dyrbar. Regardless of the things she did, in Eric’s mind that word should never be used when talking about his blonde vixen. “You will watch your language when talking about someone in my retinue, fairy,” he warned. 

“My apologies,” Preston replied stiffly, unhappy with having to correct himself. As far as he was concerned, she was a whore. It was what she was born to do, her and all the other half breeds. Fucking was all they were good for. “As I was saying, I wish to regain the mól for my own. She enjoyed the time we spent together…” 

Sookie stood to the side of Eric’s throne, her body still exposed to the room. She knew she could have covered herself up the second Eric lifted her off his knee, but she chose not to. She wanted Preston to see Eric’s mark on her body. She wanted to make it clear she belonged to The Viking. She rolled her eyes while she listened to Preston overstate his importance and their former relationship. He was a good fuck, nothing more. She didn’t like him, in fact, she fucking hated him and the annoying pricks he called friends. She was nothing but a whore to them, so why he was trying to claim they were close, she didn’t know. There were some fairies she would have considered friends, but Preston most definitely wasn’t on that list. 

“I can understand why you would like to reclaim Sookie for your own,” Eric said as he lounged back in his throne. He really should thank Kibwe for bringing it back from Nevada after he disposed of their King. It was quite comfortable. “She is one of a kind. However, I fail to see why I should agree to your request. You have offered me nothing that would make up for such a big loss…” 

Preston smirked at Eric’s words and saw the opening to make his offer. Tugging on the leash in his hand, Preston yanked the young woman it was attached to forward. “This is my offer,” he said, presenting an attractive brunette to the room. “She is my personal mól, a gift from my father. She is pleasing to the eye and very talented, and unlike Sookie, Adilyn has only ever had one… recipient of her talents…” Preston smirked as he cast a quick glance to Sookie. They could refer to her as they liked, but he knew what she was. He knew what she had done. She had been stuffed full with numerous different cocks. She was the very definition of a whore. “And, she is still untouched in some places…” 

Eric growled while he listened to the way the fairy was talking about his blonde temptress. He ached to rip the arrogant fairy apart with his bare hands and bathe in his blood. Ignoring the pouting Sylvie, Eric stepped closer to Preston and memorized every detail of his appearance, wanting to commit his face to memory for the night he knew they would meet. When that night came, Eric swore he would remove the fairy’s head from his shoulders and shove it up his pompous ass.

“This is the beginning,” Sylvie said, trying to draw his attention to her. She hated being ignored by Eric. It was bad enough he had ignored her when she was still a member of the undead, so she refused to be ignored by him while she was tasked with such an important mission.

“The beginning of what?” Eric asked, never taking his eyes off of Preston.

Sylvie huffed in annoyance while she stared at his back. He was being incredibly impolite by not facing her. She was in charge there, he should shower her with his full attention and hang on her every word. “Watch and learn…”


15 thoughts on “Sin: Chapter Seven

  1. Oh Sylvie is a little thick headed right — if Eric did not respect her when she was alive why would he when she was dead? Anyway I am eager to read if my guesses for the next chapter will be right 1. Eric kills Preston or 2. Preston kills Sookie and then Eric goes berserker 🙂 until tomorrow.


  2. Hmmm…seems that all of Eric’s ghosts are only thinking of themselves and how important they think they are in their own worlds but not exactly showing Eric that he is behaving badly. It doesn’t seem he has really turned anyone into something they weren’t already, even if they were only that way in thoughts and didn’t act it out til they met Eric.


  3. Yeah, Sylvia is annoying as hell. and again, what is the downside, in Eric’s mind? Hmmm…..he learns he gets Sookie…..and wow -what a fire they ignite. But does this start a Fae war? A fae skirmish? Does Queen Mab congratulate Eric for getting rid of such an annoying fairy? OK…..can’t wait for the next installment of this X-Rated Christmas Carol 🙂


  4. I must say the fairies are so much worse than Eric ever thought of being. As has been indicated, Eric never forced any of his lovers to be whores. Sookie is what she was forced to be. Apparently Adilyn is too. Maybe he could kill Preston and keep Adilyn, too.


  5. Ok. Starting a war would be bad but. ….. This will just give Eric forewarning in his dealings with Mab. He’ll be prepared to have something in place to counter Preston’s idiocy.

    Hmm. I agree with a previous reviewer. Aside from his turning Sylvie, he’s treated woman a lot better than the Fae!


  6. Fantastic, as usual. My guess, Preston is spying for Niall, and has been promised Sookie in exchange for the help. Mab giving Sookie to Eric has messed with Nialls plans. Fae/Vamp war?, hopefully more of a skirmish, and if Eric tears off Prestons head quickly, maybe Nialls plans will be fubar !!


  7. I feel for Sylvie but Eric never forced her into anything. He could have been less callous (ok a lot less callous!) with her, then and now, but to be honest it doesn’t make him any worse than most. It’s a sad fact of life that we can’t all feel share the same feelings. The fairies are much worse, at least The Authority only have willing donors/prostitutes. Sylvie needs to realise Eric didn’t care enough about her to feel the guilt she wants him to feel – not nice, or preferred behaviour, but true.

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