Sin: Chapter Eight


Sin BG

Chapter Eight

Eric arched a brow at Preston’s offer. He would admit the young woman with the fairy was pretty with her long, brown hair and lithe body, but she was no Sookie. She held none of the fire compared to his dyrbar. She would be a poor substitute if he agreed to the offer, not that he had any intention of agreeing. However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t have a little fun.

Rising from his throne, Eric stepped off the dais and stalked toward the fairy and the hybrid. “You wish to trade her for Sookie?” He said while he circled the young hybrid inspecting her. He hummed in consideration as he ran his eyes over her. “I don’t know,” he continued, not giving Preston time to respond to his question. “While she is visually pleasing, she is not as appealing as Sookie. She is all skin and bones. Sookie is much more curvaceous and pleasing to eye… Not to mention other places…” Eric chuckled while he moved to stand in front of Preston and Adilyn. “Then there is her other talent. I have to say so far I have found Sookie to be unrivaled in her skills when it comes to the pleasures of the flesh. I am not going to exchange her for someone whose skills might be substandard…” 

Sookie fought a smile as she listened to Eric. She had a good idea where he was going with his little speech, and she could hardly wait to see if Preston would fall for it. She always thought the fairy to be an idiot, and she wanted to see if her belief was right. Regardless of whether Preston fell for it or not, one thing Sookie did know was she wasn’t going to be returning to Fae with him. 

“I assure you Adilyn’s skills are of the highest standard,” Preston replied, trying to sell it, sell her to Eric. The mól was exceptionally gifted when it came to sex. She was very pleasing and he would be sorry to see her go, but she was no Sookie, and it was Sookie he wanted. “By all means, don’t just take my word for it. Why don’t you sample her talents for yourself? We can call it a good faith gesture…” 

Sookie bit her lip while she watched Preston walk blindly into Eric’s trap and give away his ace. The fairy really had no clue how to play the game. How he had managed to survive for so long, Sookie didn’t know. The Fae were a ruthless race so it was surprising to her that some fairy with a thirst for riches hadn’t put Preston down and claimed his riches for himself.  

“You would allow me to sample her?” Eric replied feigning a thoughtful look. How the fairy thought he was going to walk into Headquarters and broker an exchange for Sookie was beyond Eric’s knowledge. The fairy clearly had no idea what he was doing and was far out of his league. “Do you consent to it?” He added, directing his question at the young woman. 

“She does,” Preston answered for her. He was her Master, her voice. If he said she would do it, she would do it. That’s all there was to it. 

“I was asking Adilyn,” Eric said coolly, shooting Preston a look of contempt. “We believe in freedom of choice here. We do not take anyone against their will!” Turning his attention back to Adilyn, Eric softened his gaze while he stared at the young woman. “It is your choice, Adilyn. You are free to refuse if you wish.” 

“I don’t want to refuse,” Adilyn replied, peering up at Eric through her lashes. “I serve my Master loyally and with respect. He’s a good Master. I am happy to do as he asks.” Her lips curled into a small smile when she angled her head and stared at Preston. She was always happy to do as he ordered. He treated her well and had never once shared her with others as she knew some Masters did. If he wanted to her to please the vampire so he could reclaim Sookie, then that was what she would do. She lived to please her Master. She was completely devoted to him. 

Eric nodded in reply, hearing the conviction in her tone. It was clear to him she meant what she said. She was loyal to the fairy; why, he didn’t know. Preston was a total prick. “Then I accept your offer to sample her.” 

Preston grinned when he heard Eric’s acceptance. He was sure that once Eric tasted Adilyn and experienced what she had to offer he would make the trade. His mól was younger than Sookie and hadn’t been used as much. Adilyn’s ass was still untouched and Preston was positive that would appeal to the vampire. “Adilyn, strip! Remove your clothes and show The Norseman what you have to offer…” 

Eric flicked his eyes between the woman while she was taking off her clothes and his future self. He swore if his future self traded his blonde temptress for the other hybrid he would slap himself upside the head. The young woman might have been pretty, but his temptress was a fucking goddess. There was no comparison…

Eric crossed his arms over his chest while he watched the young hybrid strip off her yellow dress and let it drop to the floor. He let out a snort when he saw she wasn’t wearing any underwear. The fairy didn’t even know how to sell the goods; he was just offering it all without any allure. Stepping around her again, Eric let his eyes fall over her naked body getting a good look at her. He stood by his earlier thought… She would be a poor substitute. She was all skin and bones; there was no meat on her. 

Moving to stand in front of her, Eric lifted his hand and stroked a finger down her chest, flicking her nipple before cupping her small tit in his large hand. He squeezed her breast as he ran his thumb over her nipple, drawing it to a peak. Eric grinned as the scent of her arousal filled the air and slid his hand lower, moving it between her legs. He arched a brow when he ran his fingers over her sex and felt her wetness. He teased her clit with his middle finger, making her even more wet before pushing a single digit into her tight sheath. “Tight,” he growled as he fingered her in the middle of the Great Hall while his vampires watched. He brought her to a quick release before lifting his hand to his lips and sucking his finger into his mouth, licking off her juices. He frowned as he tasted her. Sookie really had spoiled him. There he had a half fairy’s pussy juices on his finger and they didn’t turn him on half as much as the mere scent of Sookie. Eric licked his finger clean before dropping his hands to his waist and pushing his jeans down and kicking them off. “Suck my cock,” he ordered while he pulled his t-shirt over his head and stood naked before them. 

Adilyn’s eyes widened greatly in surprise when they landed upon Eric’s unusually large and substantial erection. The vampire was certainly bigger than her master and she worried for a second if it would fit. Preston was by no means a small man, but Eric had to have at least one and a half inches on him and was considerably thicker. Adilyn flicked her gaze to her Master quickly before dropping to her knees and opening her mouth. 

Preston smirked while he watched his mól wrap her lips around Eric’s filthy vampire cock. He was positive that she would do him proud and entice Eric making him agree to his proposal. Preston was desperate to have Sookie back. He had been furious when he heard Queen Mab had given her to a vampire as a gift for their alliance. In his eyes she belonged to him, her body was his to fuck. He didn’t really care who else fucked her when he didn’t want her, but his pleasure should have always been her first priority. She shouldn’t have been gifted to the bloodsucker and allowed to leave Fae. Preston swore as soon as he got her back to Fae he would punish her for leaving and dare letting a vampire touch her. 

Sookie rolled her eyes as she noticed the smug look on Preston’s face. She had seen that look more times than she cared to remember and it still gave the urge to smash in his face. His arrogance knew no bounds and she found it and him revolting. There was nothing of worth about Preston. He was only where he was because of his father. He traded on his father’s name and former position among Queen Mab retinue. Sookie couldn’t wait to see that look wiped from his face. 

Sookie shot the fairy a look filled with disdain before turning her gaze to Eric and the hybrid on her knees. She bit back a whimper when she saw the young woman sucking Eric for all she was worth. Sookie had to hand it to the hybrid, she was certainly giving it her all and from the look on Eric’s face he was definitely getting pleasure from her ministrations. It was a shame it wouldn’t do her any good. The outcome was already set; it was just a shame Preston and Adilyn weren’t aware of it. 

“Mmm,” Eric groaned when he felt Adilyn swallow around his cock and take more of him into her mouth. The hybrid had skill, he wouldn’t deny that. She wouldn’t make it into his top ten of blowjobs, but she certainly knew what to do… Now let’s see what she can take… Twisting his hands in her hair, Eric held Adilyn’s head still and thrust his hips fast, fucking her mouth just a few paces beneath vampire speed. He grunted when he felt her gag as his cock hit the back of her throat.

Sookie gasped while she watched Eric fuck Adilyn’s mouth and squeezed her legs together as her pussy started to throb. Fuck! She loved it when he did that to her. She got off on the feeling of his hard, thick cock in her mouth. So focused on the scene before her, Sookie never noticed the vampire stepping up behind her until she felt a calloused hand slip under the skirt of her dress and slid over her ass. Turning her head slightly, Sookie peered over her shoulder to see who it was. A smile curled her lips when her eyes landed on The Authority’s Enforcer, Kibwe, and she turned back to face the room. 

Kibwe chuckled low in his throat when he saw Sookie spread her legs a little as she continued to watch Eric fuck the hybrid’s mouth. He could understand why she was Eric’s favorite; she was always up for a fuck and Eric was right when he said she was unrivaled when it came to fucking. None of the other donors at Headquarters were half as good as Sookie, not that she was a regular donor. She wasn’t shared like the other men and women at Headquarters, or at least not widely. No vampire outside The Authority’s Cabinet had ever touched her. Sookie was off limits to visiting vampires and the guards. Her skills were only for the Cabinet. 

Sookie bit her lip when she felt two of Kibwe’s long, dexterous fingers glide through her wetness and slip inside her aching pussy. She tried to muffle her moans while he finger fucked her as she watched Eric sample Adilyn… 

Eric growled when he saw Kibwe slip his hand under Sookie’s dress and touch her places that were only meant for him. He had shared hundreds of women with the dark-skinned vampire in the past, his sister and child included, but the sight of Kibwe touching his temptress turned his stomach and made him unexplainably angry. She was His.

Sylvie grinned while she watched the various emotions flash across Eric’s face. She believed he was finally beginning to see things her way, their way. As painful as it was, her job was almost complete. She just had to show him the outcome of the deviancy they were witnessing and everything would work out for the best. They could finally get him off the path of the damned…

Eric grunted as he felt his balls tighten and he pushed Adilyn’s head down on his cock as he jerked forward and spilled his seed into her mouth. He held her still until she swallowed his gift before letting her fall back, and take in a much needed breath. “Not bad,” he said while he stared down at her. “She has room for improvement, I would give her a seven, but I wouldn’t deem her skills of the highest standards. We have numerous donors who have better oral skills than her, Sookie included…” 

“Her gifts are more evident in other areas,” Preston said, interrupting Eric. He believed he was so close to getting what he wanted and he wasn’t about to let an average blowjob ruin his chances. The mól held a modicum of talent when it came to sucking cock, but she could always improve on that over time. She just needed to spend more time on her knees. Her true talent, however, lay between her legs. She was nice and tight; all of Fae’s móls were. It didn’t matter how much use they got, Fae magic kept them that way. No one wanted a loose mól; it took all the fun out of it. “Before you make your decision, why don’t you enjoy her fully? I believe once you do, you will be eager to claim her as your own…” 

Eric chuckled darkly while he flicked his eyes between Preston and Adilyn. It was obvious to everyone but the fairy and mól that Preston was out of his depths. Eric could hear the titters of his vampires as they watched the arrogant Fae offer up his trade on a platter. He was giving away his ace for free. It reminded Eric of the old human saying, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” As he stared down at Adilyn, Eric debated on whether or not he should accept Preston’s invite to sample all of her. She was an innocent in all of it; the only mark against her being that she belonged to the fairy. It wasn’t her fault that her Master was an idiotic prick. Then again, when had he ever cared if someone was innocent or not? He had destroyed relationships for his own amusement, corrupted the lives of thousands, and generally not given a fuck. She had a tight pussy, what else was there to care about? Besides, maybe the hybrid needed a good, hard fuck from someone who knew what they were doing. Eric smirked as he circled Adilyn again, stopping behind her. Maybe he should show her what a great fuck really felt like. Eric could ruin her for the fairy, and make Preston regret approaching him with the offer. It would be a fitting punishment for his misplaced arrogance. 

Sin O

Casting his eyes over the room, Eric took in the position of his vampires present. He could feel Willa standing behind him and he inclined his head slightly when he realized she was watching the fairy, coiled to attack if Preston showed any inkling of aggressive behavior toward him. Salome stood to his left and Maxwell Lee to his right. Their stances looked relaxed, but Eric knew they were ready to attack if necessary. Eric arched a brow as he looked to the head of the room and saw Kibwe standing behind Sookie. From the way she was biting her lip, Eric guessed that his Enforcer was touching her. Eric licked his lips while he stared at them, he could see his cum all over her chest and a growl rumbled in his chest at the meaning of it. Mine! 

Sookie whimpered when she felt Kibwe twist his fingers, reaching deeper inside her quivering pussy. Her eyes shined with desire when she felt Eric’s eyes on her, and she reached down and pulled up the skirt of her dress, letting him see Kibwe’s fingers fucking her… 

Eric clenched his fists in anger when he saw his Enforcer’s fingers fucking his blonde temptress. He ground his jaw as he flicked his eyes to his future self wanting to see what he would do. Eric knew what he wanted him to do. He wanted him to rip Kibwe’s arm clean off for daring to touch what belonged to him.

Sylvie took great pleasure in Eric’s distress, loving that he was disgusted by what he was seeing, even if she did misinterpret Eric’s emotions. Never for one minute did she think Eric’s anger had anything to do with seeing Kibwe touch Sookie. That thought was too preposterous for her to even contemplate. In her mind no one could ever get jealous over Sookie…

Eric grinned rakishly while he turned his attention from his blonde vixen to the hybrid on the floor. It would be rude to refuse Preston’s invitation he decided while he eyed her. She would never take the place of Sookie, but they didn’t know that… Yet. “Get on your hands and knees.” Eric felt a thrill of exhilaration when she quickly did as she was ordered. She was certainly trained well. He whispered a quick message to his vampires ordering them to watch his back before dropping to his knees behind Adilyn and plunging into her with one hard thrust. 

Preston frowned while he watched Eric fuck his mól and heard the sounds he pulled from her. She was supposed to entice Eric and make him agree to the exchange; she wasn’t supposed to enjoy it so much herself. She wasn’t supposed to moan and beg for more. He was the only one who was supposed to pull those sounds from her. 

Eric kept his eyes on Sookie while he pounded into Adilyn hard and fast, fucking her at vampire speed. He could hear her cries of pleasure, but they meant nothing to him. All he cared about was the blonde goddess on the dais getting her pussy fingered. He could see Sookie bucking her hips while Kibwe shoved his fingers up her cunt and he knew she was close to cumming… 

Eric swore he felt sick while he continued to watch the scene unfold. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t done a damn thing about Kibwe touching Sookie. What the fuck was he thinking? He was thinking with his dick, Eric realized while he turned his gaze to his future self and watched as he fucked the brown-haired hybrid. He was getting his dick wet and that was all that mattered to him. Eric was actually disgusted with himself. How the fuck did his future self not see Sookie for what she was? How could he not see that she was His? Eric shook his head as he heard his future self let out a roar when he came, and he had to wonder what fucked up thing he was going to do next…

Eric grunted when he pulled out of Adilyn and rose to his feet. “You were right,” he said, turning his attention to the fairy. He chuckled when he saw the angry look on Preston’s face. You shouldn’t play games with your betters, boy. “She is more gifted in other places. I will give her an eight…” 

“She pleased you,” Preston said, overlooking his anger at the prospect that Eric was going to accept his offer. “So we have a deal?” 

“No,” Eric replied straightforwardly seeing no point in beating around the bush. He had his fun and it was time to move on. He needed to have Sookie again and this time he didn’t want the fairy watching. “She is a good fuck, but not worth my dyrbar. I refuse your offer. Sookie is Mine!” 

“What?!” Preston snarled, his face turning a deep shade of red in his anger. “You can’t do that! You sampled her, she gave you pleasure. Now do the honorable thing, accept my offer, and return Sookie to me!” 

Eric arched a brow as Preston tried to tell him what to do. It was obvious to Eric that no one had ever said no to the arrogant fairy. Well, it was about time someone did. He would not trade Sookie for a mediocre pussy that he would tire of in a week. He wouldn’t trade Sookie for a full-bloodied fairy. He had one of those as a courtesan and he still preferred his vixen. His cock had found a home in her pussy and he wouldn’t give it up for anything… 

Eric let out a sigh of relief when he heard his future self refuse the fairy. He had been worried for a minute that he would accept the offer. If he had, Eric knew one thing he would have been changing about his future. Still, despite how unsettling he had found the whole affair, Eric wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be picking up from this little foray into the future. Sylvie had said it was a pivotal moment in his future, but he failed to see how. Nothing he had seen had seemed that important. Stupid, without a doubt, but not important. What he had seen had been something he had done countless times over the centuries. Maybe never with a fairy and a hybrid, but it wasn’t something new to him. Eric hated to admit it, but he was lost. He wasn’t seeing whatever wicked thing he had done. He had fucked a goddess and a mól, nothing more.

Sylvie tapped her perfectly manicured nails against her arm while she watched Eric. A smug smile curled her lips as she saw the multitude of emotions play over his face. She knew she would be the one to get through to him. Despite what he might have liked to claim, she knew him better than anyone. She knew what he liked and didn’t like. She knew who he was deep down inside. He would soon see the errors of his ways and get off the dark path he was on. He would give up all those sinful, wicked things he did with other women and live a life that was more befitting his station.

“This was the beginning,” Sylvie said, breaking the silence that had descended upon them after she had muted the future scene. There was no need to hear Eric and the fairy argue over the two whores; at least she didn’t think there was. The outcome was already set at that point, so hearing Eric insult the fairy over the whore wasn’t something Sylvie wanted to hear. Besides, it wasn’t the words that were important, but the actions. It was Eric’s actions that were responsible for everything that was to come.

“The beginning of what?” Eric asked when he turned to face her. He couldn’t bear to gaze upon the scene behind him anymore. He didn’t want to see his temptress getting her pussy fingered by another vampire. His fingers should have been the only ones to ever been inside her.

“The end,” Sylvie replied a hint of sorrow in her tone. “Your actions here this night brought about the end. They brought war…”

Eric stared at Sylvie in shock, unable to believe what she was telling him. He couldn’t see how refusing the arrogant prick and fucking a mól could start a war. There had to be something he was missing, but what? He couldn’t see it. “How?” He asked, no longer willing to play the stupid game and exchange cryptic words. He wanted to know it all; he wanted answers. “How did what happen here cause a war? What did I do?”

“What you always do,” Sylvie answered. “Think of no one but yourself and with your dick! All you cared about was getting your dick wet in the whore…” She chuckled when she heard Eric growl, and she knew he would have loved to strike her down for her words, but unfortunately for Eric she was already dead and he couldn’t touch her. He couldn’t hurt her anymore. “You toyed with the fairy, taking him up on his invitation when you knew full well you were never going to accept his offer. All of what happened could have been avoided if you would have accepted his offer. The war and all the death that came with it could have been avoided if you would have just given him the whore. The whore you didn’t even keep…”

Eric snarled when he heard her words. He still didn’t have a clue how refusing the fairy’s offer caused a war, but at that moment he didn’t really care. All he heard was he didn’t keep Sookie. That was incomprehensible to him. He couldn’t think of a single reason he would have let her go. “How did I lose her?” Eric asked, demanding answers.

A look of disbelief flashed across Sylvie’s face at Eric’s question. She couldn’t believe out of everything she had told him, he was most concerned about how he lost his whore. He didn’t give a shit about the war he caused, or the lives lost. No, all he cared about was his blonde-haired whore. In that moment, Sylvie had never been more disgusted by him. “You killed her,” she said, taking great pleasure in the pain the news caused him.

The news felt like silver to his skin and Eric refused to believe it. There was no way he would kill her… Would he? Had he killed the woman who had captivated him? He wanted it to be a lie. He had a lot of blood on his hands, but he didn’t want hers. He wasn’t even sure what it was about her that drew him in some much, but he couldn’t be responsible for her death.

“You don’t believe me, mon amour,” Sylvie continued with an evil smile. “I have no reason to lie to you. I’m not you; I don’t get off on hurting others, but don’t take my word for it, let me show you. Let me show you how you started a war and killed your whore.”

No… that was the last thing he wanted to see. He didn’t want to see his temptress die at his hands. He wanted to see her happy and beneath him crying out in pleasure. He didn’t want to see her fear. He didn’t want her to fear him.

“You don’t want to see?” Sylvie taunted, ignoring his pain. It was about time he suffered like she had. He had broken her heart and had her killed her with a smile on his face. “You don’t want to see how you killed the fairy…”

Eric snapped his head up and he stared at her aghast, having a good idea what had happened. He prayed to his Gods of Old that he was wrong, but he knew deep down in his twisted heart he wasn’t. Blood tears rimmed his eyes as they were drawn back to the future scene. He didn’t want to see it, but he wasn’t getting what he wanted. He watched in horror as the fairy foolishly struck his future self…

A feral grin broke out on Eric’s face when he felt a drop of blood trickle from his lip and down his chin. He couldn’t believe the fairy actually had the balls to strike him. He would have been impressed if he weren’t enraged. The haughty male had no idea the danger he had unleashed with his foolish actions. Eric could feel the thirst for blood rising in the air as his vampires moved closer to fairy, caging him in. Lifting his hand, Eric swiped at the blood on his chin and brought it to his lips. He growled when he tasted his own blood. “You really shouldn’t have done that,” he said, his voice deadly calm. 

Preston gulped at Eric’s tone and he finally began to realize just how badly he had fucked up. He had struck a vampire in the middle of their Headquarters, and not just any vampire, no… He had struck the Head of The Authority. He had hit The Viking! “I…” He began, but the rest of the words died on his lips when Eric lunged forward and tore into his throat with a vicious howl. 

The second the scent of Preston’s fairy blood hit the air a red mist descended over the rest of the vampires in the room. Preston might have been able to disguise his scent and make himself less appealing to the vampires, but there was no way for him to dampen the scent of his pure fairy blood once it hit the air. An agonizing scream was wrenched from his throat when he felt a second set of fangs sink into his flesh, then a third, and a fourth, and finally a fifth. The vampire’s hands clawed at his body, tearing his clothes off while they searched for places they could bite… 

Eric was rooted to the spot while he watched his future self, Willa, Salome, Kibwe, and Maxwell Lee drain the fairy and turn him to dust. This was his greatest desire and worst nightmare rolled into one because as much as he wanted to sink his fangs into the pitiful excuse for a fairy, he knew what was coming next, and that was something he didn’t want to see… ever!

He watched in abject horror while Adilyn tried to come to her Master’s aid only for his child and Salome to rip her throat out and drain her dry as well. As much as he wanted to, Eric couldn’t look away as the five vampires rose to their feet and turned their attention to the only warm bloodied person in the room… Sookie.

Eric wanted to throw himself between them all, he wanted to stand in front of Sookie and force the vampires to go through him. He wanted to scream at Sookie to run and get as far as away from them as possible, but for once in his long life, Eric didn’t get what he wanted, and he was powerless to do anything but watch as the vampire’s hunger turned into a different kind of hunger all together. As he watched them surround his blonde temptress, Eric was taken aback by how unafraid she looked. There wasn’t an ounce of fear in her face as they pounced on her. What the hell had happened to her that she could look into the faces of five vampires in the thrall of blood lust and smile?

Blood tears streaked down Eric’s face while he watched his blonde goddess drop to all fours and let his future self, Kibwe, and Maxwell Lee mount her. For the first time he could remember, Eric didn’t want to see people fucking. He didn’t want to see himself pounding into Sookie’s ass while Kibwe fucked her pussy, and she sucked Maxwell Lee’s cock. He didn’t want to see them change positions; he didn’t want to see as they all sank their fangs into her flawless flesh, and he definitely didn’t want to see his future self drain his beautiful, blonde goddess while he fucked her.

Eric felt something inside of him break when he watched his future self toss Sookie’s dead body aside as if she was garbage and lunge for Willa. He ignored the sounds from behind him while the vampires started to fuck each other, and the presence of Sylvie beside him, smiling smugly. All he cared about was the broken body of his angel. Kneeling down beside her, Eric stroked a hand down her back cursing the fact that he couldn’t actually touch her. He whispered apologies in his natural tongue while he wept for the woman he didn’t even know.

“This is how it all started,” Sylvie said when she crouched down beside him. She hated that he was crying over Sookie when he never shed a tear for her, but she had a job to do and couldn’t let personal feelings interfere. “Her death at your hands started the war…”

“How?” Eric asked, not looking away from Sookie’s lifeless body. As painful as it was to her, Eric couldn’t see how the death of a mól, and how he hated that word, could cause a war.

“It turns out the whore is the great-granddaughter of Niall Brigant, The Prince of the Fae…” Sylvie replied. She explained a bit about the relationship between Queen Mab and Niall. “After discovering what happened here this night, Mab realized the mistake she made by aligning herself with vampires, so she found Niall and, instead of killing him, she informed him that you killed his great-granddaughter. She neglected to mention how she gifted the whore to you in the first place, but it was unimportant. The news that a vampire killed a fairy from the royal line led the Fae to uniting and declaring war on vampires…”

Eric’s attention was dragged forcefully away from Sookie as she flittered out of sight and a new scene took her place. He felt the weight of his thousand years on his shoulders as he looked upon a battle field and saw a hellacious fight between vampires and fairies take place. He could see his future self in the middle of it, revelling in the bloodlust as he cut one fairy down after another. Blood soaked the earth beneath their feet as vampires and fairies fell in battle. This was his future. Death and destruction. It was a sight to behold and unlike in the past when he had witnessed a battle, when he had participated in one, Eric felt no thrill, he derived no pleasure in what he saw.

“Hundreds of thousands die,” Sylvie said, stepping up beside him. A tear trickled down her cheek as she looked upon all the senseless death and destruction that her amour had caused. “The war rages so fiercely the Supernatural world can’t contain it and it spills over into the human world. No one is safe from its reach and it wipes out entire areas…”

Snippets of the future flashed in front of Eric and he was taken aback by the destruction he saw. Nothing was left untouched in the war, cities were destroyed and lives lost. Eric let out a cry of despair when he saw his beloved child captured by the Fae, tortured, and then killed. He saw the deaths of those closest to him, Nora, Salome, and Kibwe. He watched as he ripped Queen Mab apart with his bare hands and fucked in her remains.

“How did one death cause all this?” He asked, but even as he spoke the question he knew he would have done the same thing if the situation had been reversed. He would have waged a war over his blonde goddess. He would have stained the earth with the blood of his enemies for her.

“It wouldn’t be the first war fought over a woman and won’t be the last,” Sylvie replied with a shrug. She couldn’t understand the senseless violence, but she knew men had gone to war for far less than a sweet pussy. As much as she hated it, war was a continued presence throughout the future. “This war lasts for over a hundred years. Vampires and fairies that are not even around during the original conflict are drawn in and lose their lives to a war that could have been easily avoided and when it’s all done and the smoke clears, you are one of the few left standing…” She shook her head in disgust as the final big battle played out and Eric took the head of the Fairy Prince. “You survive, but lose everyone around you. The war makes you bitter and even more twisted. You continue to destroy lives for your own amusement. You become a dark presence in the Supernatural world, a legend that is feared and hated in equal measure…”

Eric barely listened to Sylvie as he played everything over in his head. It couldn’t be his future, it just couldn’t. He refused to end up a bitter and twisted old vampire. There had to be a way to change the outcome. “There has to be a way to change this,” he said, voicing his thoughts aloud. He was no longer willing to think of the whole affair as a game. He had gotten the message loud and clear, this was real. It wasn’t a joke like he originally thought. He wanted off that path!

“There is,” Sylvie replied softly, ready to drive the whole thing home. This was it, the chance they needed to get him off that path and onto one of their design. “This can be avoided quite easily. All you have to do is cancel the meeting with Queen Mab, stay away from the fairies, and change your behavior. Your actions caused this, mon amour, your inability to care about nothing but getting your dick wet. If you change that, you change this, and save the lives of so many people…”

Could it be that easy? Eric wondered. Nothing in life rarely was, there was always something lurking in the shadows waiting to make things difficult. Would canceling the meeting with Queen Mab really alter the outcome he had just seen? Eric wasn’t sure, but one thing he did know, was he couldn’t do nothing and let things play out like they had. He had killed thousands in his life, but even he couldn’t accept the senseless loss he had just witnessed. That was too much. He had to try and change things. Having blood on his hands was nothing new to him, but he didn’t want that much blood staining his flesh.

Believing she had gotten through to him, Sylvie smiled softly as she started to back up. “Don’t let this be your future, mon amour,” she said as she started to fade away. “Change your wicked ways before it is too late…”

Eric watched while she faded away completely, her words ringing in his ears. “Don’t let this be your future…” 

His future… For an immortal creature, he had never put much thought into his future. He had lived in the moment, enjoying it to its fullest. He had plotted and planned, but those plans were usually concerning Supe shit. He never planned his personal future… Until now. After having seen what his future held, Eric was starting to make plans in his head. He wasn’t sure how his plans would turn out, but one thing he knew without a shadow of a doubt… What he had just witnessed was not his future. He refused to accept it. He would change his future and he knew just where to start…


18 thoughts on “Sin: Chapter Eight

  1. Well I guessed right he killed both Preston and Sookie — at least he started to feel something other than indifference. His so what attitude was pierced with the death of Sookie. So now is he going to cancel or try to get Sookie away from Mab just a couple of more chapters left. 🙂

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  2. Well –he could still have Sookie and refuse to see Preston –seems like that would be “problem solved” –no muss, no fuss……but I’m sure you have some sort of sweet twist in this, don’t you dear lady?? 🙂

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  3. It would be better if he just refused to meet with Preston. That way he gets Sookie and prevents the war! But that seems a bit too simple and not twisted enough for this Eric. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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  4. Great chapter, love that we finally got a real reaction from Eric. Hoping he has a plan to get Sookie. Seeing how he didn’t want to share Sookie I hope it cause him to stop having sex with everyone he meets.

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  5. Finally Eric sees the truth! And he doesn’t like it!
    I wonder how Eric is going to change his future?Refusing the alliance with Queen Mab or refusing to fuck Adylin?
    Merry Christmas to you and your loves ones!

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  6. Take the meet then meet with Niall to arrange a truce? Maybe?
    Can’t see him not getting Sookie. Maybe cancel Mab and arrange a truce meeting with both? Sookie as price of mediator? Maybe?

    Talk about a turnaround. Future Eric didn’t care about Sookie being with Kibwe. Now… Before she has already been shared? Much different. Excellent 😍

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  7. Since Sookie was taken by the fairies as a child it’s too late to save her from that. Maybe he should ally with Niall. He obviously still wants Sookie. That’s a rough future. I wonder what he is plotting.

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  8. Poor Eric, he’s finally been snared and he hasn’t even met Sookie yet! Great chapter! My guess is he’s about to call Niall and tell him where his great grandaughter is.

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