Realisations and Salvations

The rain soaked through Draco’s clothes, chilling him to the bone as he stood over his father’s grave. It was the fifth anniversary of Lucius’ death. It was five years since the war ended with Voldemort’s death, five years since, in a moment of extreme anger, Draco had killed his own father.

Draco never dreamed that when the final battle arrived he would be on the opposite side from his father. But, after the events of his sixth year, Draco had discovered the truth about Voldemort.

While Lucius had celebrated Dumbledore’s death and Voldemort’s return to power, Draco had mourned it. He was trapped in, utterly controlled by a madman and his father. He had believed that all had been lost, until the day that Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger had been captured and brought to his home.

When he saw them stand up to his father and crazy Aunt Bellatrix, when he watched as Hermione withstood Bellatrix’s torture, he knew that he had a chance to make amends and he had to do something. He risked his own life and helped the trio escape. He was surprised when Hermione insisted that he come with them, and more so when neither Potter nor Weasley objected.

It was at Shell Cottage he found the courage to make a stand against his father and Voldemort. He found his courage, his salvation, in the arms of a woman he once believed beneath him. He decided there and then to stand beside her in all that she did.

It was those decisions that lead him to face his father on the battlefield. Lucius’ hateful words toward the woman he loved forced Draco to use the Killing Curse and strike his father down.

As he stood over his father’s dead body, Draco felt no guilt for his actions, no despair, or remorse. He knew that Lucius would not have hesitated to do the same thing to him.

So, once again, on the anniversary of his death, Draco stood over Lucius’ grave and shed no tears. He placed a black wreath upon the cold, wet earth before turning and walking away, back to his salvation where she stood waiting for him just as she had done for every anniversary, only this time with her hand resting protectively over her stomach.

Draco rested his hand over hers and felt their baby moving around inside her mother. He smiled at his wife, taking her hand, “Are you ready to go home, love?” he asked.


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