Further On Up The Road: Chapter Six


Further On Up The Road

Chapter Six

Seven months later…

Sookie giggled as Eric wrapped his arms around her and started trailing kisses down her neck. She squirmed in his hold while she tried unsuccessfully to open her front door. “Eric, quit it. I’m tryin’ to open the front door,” she said, only half-serious as she fumbled with her keys.

“Another reason we should have stayed in tonight as I suggested,” Eric replied, nibbling at her neck as he ran his hands over her body. She had been tempting him since the moment she walked down the stairs wearing a red and nude short dress. It had taken every ounce of restraint Eric had to keep him from ripping the dress off her and taking her on the stairs. “We didn’t have to attend the party. No one would have missed us.”

Sookie batted Eric’s hands away as he went to cup her breasts, and she let out a cry of victory when she finally managed to get the key in the lock and turn it. “It was your party, Eric,” Sookie said as she stepped into the farmhouse. “You were the host. I’m sure loads of people would have missed you. Just think of all those poor ladies who attended tonight just for a glimpse of Mr. Eric Northman, The King of Louisiana,” she added teasingly. “They’d have been positively heartbroken. They all have dreams ‘bout bein’ your Queen.”

Sookie’s eyes were alight with amusement and Eric couldn’t help but chuckle. If someone would have told him a year ago that he would have been standing by Sookie’s front door, laughing while she joked about his fan club, he would have laughed in their face. Last year, he held little hope that they would ever work things out and be together again. He knew she was coming home, but he never imagined they would be able to move on from the pain of the past and start anew. The most he imagined would happen was that they would be able to be civil whenever their paths crossed due to Willa and Jason. Eric had never been happier to be proven wrong.

Sookie’s return had been an event in itself. He would never forget the night he first set eyes on her again after over four years, and the trouble that followed. They had had a bumpy ride over the last seven months, but they had managed to weather the storm together and come out stronger than ever before.

“Alas, I am afraid that is a fate that they cannot escape. For you see, my sweet Southern Belle, my Kingdom already has a Queen, and I am in no need for another. My Queen is a lady of the highest standards and my heart belongs to her and no one else,” Eric replied with mock flourish, bowing before her in an over-exaggerated manner. “Their heartbreak is a foregone conclusion.”

A radiant smile spread across Sookie’s face at Eric’s words and she practically swooned. “I hope your Queen knows what a lucky lady she is,” she whispered, her voice filled with emotion.

“I am sure she does,” Eric replied, stepping over the threshold and into the house. “Just like I know what a lucky man I am.”

“Sweet talker,” Sookie said, smiling up at the vampire who owned her heart so completely.

When she returned to Bon Temps seven months ago, Sookie wasn’t sure how things with Eric would turn out. She had no expectations or plans, but as she stood there now, she couldn’t have been happier about how their reunion went. As difficult as it was at the time, Sookie was glad they had cleared the air before Pam had made her reappearance and kidnapped Jason. Sookie wasn’t sure if things would have gone the same way if they hadn’t talked before that. She liked to think they would have, but she couldn’t be sure. She wasn’t sure if she would have had the same reaction or responded the way she did after Eric staked Pam. She had no doubt she would have felt for him, but if the events of that night from over five years ago had still been hanging over their heads, would she have comforted him the way she did? Sookie would have liked to think she would have, but she couldn’t say for sure.

“Only for Sookie,” Eric replied sincerely. He wouldn’t lie and say he never noticed other women; he was a man after all, but he never looked twice. He didn’t flirt with anyone else. His days as a bachelor were well behind him. He was a happily married man. Eric smiled as he looked down at his platinum band on his finger.

Two months after the whole sorry affair with Pam, Eric proposed to Sookie and she accepted. Quite a few people had told them they were moving too fast. They had given them various reasons why they shouldn’t get married…

You’ve only been back together for a few months… There’s no hurry… Think of your Kingdom… Think of your image… She’s just human… He doesn’t love you and is only using you for your telepathy and blood…

Unsurprisingly, the last one had come from Bill. In a show of heroics, his words, not theirs, he had ignored the order to stay away from Sookie by his King and gone to her to try to make her see reason. He had risked his life to save His Sookie from the tyrannical King. Sookie’s response of uncontrollable laughter hadn’t been the reaction Bill had been expecting and, after taking a few parting shots at her, he had sulked off back to his house.

Not everyone was against them marrying, though. They were a few who wished them all the luck in the world and celebrated with them. Willa had been over the moon for her Maker, knowing how much he loved Sookie, and Jason had given them his blessing as well. All he wanted was for his sister to be happy and, if Eric made her happy, then that was all he cared about. Lafayette and James also offered them their congratulations. No one else’s opinion really mattered to them. Those closest to them were happy for them.

They married a week after Eric had proposed in a small ceremony in Vermont. It had just been their closest family and friends with them. Neither of them wanted to wait or turn their wedding into a huge pageant. The wedding had been about them and no one else. Eric refused to let the new Vampire Council turn it into a PR stunt, and Sookie refused to invite a bunch of people who didn’t even like her to her wedding. Willa had stood up with Eric, and Jason had given the bride away. It was a simple, but beautiful wedding, and one they both loved.

Married life hadn’t been easy for them. Being The King of Louisiana’s wife put Sookie in the spotlight, and more than one threat had been made against her by some deranged fangbangers. However, after dealing with Pam, the threats of some poorly dressed malnutritioned men and women didn’t faze her. Eric arranged for her to have guards all the same, but so far no one had actually done anything other than glare at her.

 The two of them had dealt with every problem together, hiding nothing from the other. Lack of communication had been a big problem in their previous relationship, and neither of them had wanted to fall into old habits. They had told each other everything, both the good and bad. At times it had been painful, but they came out of it stronger and much more secure in their relationship.

The biggest problem they had been forced to deal with was the Queen of Texas. As Thalia had suspected, Queen Isabel had been in cahoots with Pam. Thalia discovered that while Isabel and Pam were working together, they were both working toward different goals… Or rather the same goal, but for different reasons. Isabel had given Pam free reign of Dallas, allowing her to do as she pleased as long as she was able to draw Eric to her. The Texas Queen had been planning on catching Eric in her State, uninvited and unannounced after he had killed some of the vampires who had pledged fealty to her. In doing so, she would have been able to bring him up on charges before The Council. From her time as Godric’s second, Isabel knew Eric to be a survivalist at heart. At the risk of his own life, he would have made a deal with her. She hated to use such underhanded tactics, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Her State was floundering and she needed an alliance with the thriving Louisiana to keep the sharks away. Isabel had been convinced that between her and Eric, they would have been able to stave off any takeover attempts.

Unfortunately for the Queen, Thalia had intercepted her that night. The Greek vampire managed to delay the Queen’s convoy long enough that by the time she arrived at the Fellowship of the Sun training ground, Eric had been long gone and all that was left were the remains of half a dozen different vampires. Isabel hadn’t been happy to miss him, and she had refused to admit defeat. She contacted Eric and told him she knew he had been in her State without permission. She swore she would bring him before The Council unless he opened negotiations for an alliance. For a while things had seemed dire. The Council would have more than likely sided with Isabel. Eric had entered her State and killed vampires that belonged to her. It was only through his loyal, and frankly amazing, Head of Security that Eric managed to get himself out of the mess.

Thalia had gone above and beyond her duties as Head of Security in her desire to free her King from the threats of Texas. She, with the help of some others loyal to her, had managed to uncover Queen Isabel’s alliance with Pam. Thalia’s people had somehow unearthed Chow and dragged him back to Louisiana. Under Thalia’s special care, Chow had spilled all he knew about Pam, her plans, and Isabel’s complicity in them. Isabel may not have known of Pam’s actual plan, but she had known that Pam planned to kidnap Jason. That little bit of news gave Eric all the ammunition he needed to silence Isabel’s threats once and for all. The Queen of Texas had been party to the kidnapping of a bonded human, and not just any bonded human, the bonded of The King’s child. If The Council learned of that, Isabel would have been in serious trouble. Queen Isabel had no choice but to cease in her attempts for an alliance and had been forced to stay away from Louisiana and its monarch.

They had also learned, through Chow’s interrogation, of Eric’s suspicions that Tara was truly dead and that her scent was just a cruel trick on Pam’s part was correct. Pam had wanted to hurt Willa in every way she could. It was her need to inflict as much pain on the younger vampire as possible that had ultimately led them to realizing it was Pam who was behind it all. If she hadn’t tried to use Tara and Nora against them, she might have had enough time to plot her next moves more carefully. Once Thalia had obtained everything she needed from Chow, she had sent him to the True Death. His death had stood as a warning to any other vampire who may have thought about betraying The King and his State.

Only for Sookie…

A soft look entered Sookie’s eyes at the words and she remembered the first time she had heard them. “You told me that in a dream once,” she said, holding out her hand for him. “I said, ‘there’s love in you,’ and you replied…”

“Only for Sookie,” Eric finished for her before swooping down and laying the mother of all kisses on her lips. He stole the breath from her lungs as he kissed her with wild abandon. He nipped at her lips and swept his tongue into her mouth, tasting every part of her that he could reach. Breaking the kiss, Eric stared down at her, his eyes black pools of desire. Lust filled every pore of his body and he felt the all-consuming need to join with his wife.

Lifting her into his arms, Eric vamped them upstairs to their bedroom. He threw her playfully onto the bed, making her giggle in delight. Eric stood at the foot of the bed and stared at his wife, amazed that she was there with him. He still had trouble believing at times that she was there and his. Climbing on the bed, Eric crawled up Sookie’s body, his hands mapping her curves as he went. His body yearned for her and he couldn’t wait any longer. He needed her, needed to be inside her.

Gripping the material of Sookie’s dress between her breasts, Eric tore at it, ripping it in two and reducing it to ribbons. His lips captured hers as he slid a hand between them and cupped her sex over her thin red panties.

Sookie moaned into the kiss as she felt Eric deft fingers touch her over her drenched panties before he gave them a sharp tug. She yelped as the elastic snapped against the smooth, tanned skin of her hips, and she mock-glared at Eric. The breath caught in Sookie’s throat as she gazed up at her husband and saw the heated look in his eyes. Heat spread through her body, pooling between her legs, and she gasped in anticipation when she saw a wicked smile spread over her husband’s handsome features.

The heat in Eric’s gaze told Sookie all she needed to know. This wouldn’t be a soft and sweet coupling. This would be hard and rough. Eric would use her body for his pleasure while giving her all her own. Arousal bloomed in her belly at the thought of what was to come. She loved it when Eric made love to her, worshipping her body for hours while he brought her to completion over and over. But as much as she loved that, sometimes she just needed to be fucked hard. She needed to be dominated. She wasn’t into whips and chains or the things she associated with bondage, but she found it such a turn on when Eric was rougher with her. She loved it when he let his vampire come out to play. She loved every part of him.

Eric groaned as the scent of Sookie’s arousal invaded his senses. He didn’t think there was anything sweeter. He felt his cock grow painfully hard in his pants and he wanted nothing more than to sink it in her silken depths. Tearing the clothes from his body, Eric braced himself over Sookie and gazed down into the eyes of the woman he loved. Slipping a hand between her legs, Eric pressed his fingers to her swollen sex, testing her readiness. His fangs snicked into place when he felt just how wet she was. Later he would take the time to worship her as the goddess she was, but right then he couldn’t wait. His need for her bordered on painful and he feared if he didn’t have her soon he would go crazy.

Pushing two fingers deeply inside her, Eric worked her up quickly, preparing her for his larger size. Once he was satisfied she was ready, Eric pulled his fingers from her and wrapped his hand around his cock. With his eyes on hers, Eric pushed into her slowly, feeling her stretch around him as she accommodated his impressive girth. He didn’t stop until he was fully encased in her silken heat.

Sookie’s eyes widened and her mouth fell open as she felt Eric sink into her. It didn’t matter how many times they did it, she was always amazed by the feeling of him pushing into her. She could feel every inch of him and she moaned in pleasure while she clutched at his shoulders.

Eric kept his gaze locked on her face, wanting to see every nuance of pleasure and trace of desire as they played over her features. Pulling back until just the tip of his cock remained inside her, Eric grinned down at her before thrusting forward and burying himself inside her completely again.

“Oh God!” Sookie screamed, digging her nails in his shoulders as she planted her feet on the bed, opening herself more to him. “Yes!”

Eric grunted as he felt her pussy tighten around him and he repeated the movement, slamming into her hard and fast. There was nothing gentle about their coupling. The sound of their flesh slapping together filled the room, and Eric roared in animalistic delight.

“Oh fuck… Yes!” Sookie cried, lifting her hips and meeting him thrust for thrust. From the moment she had walked down the stairs dressed in that dress, Sookie knew how their evening would end. Part of her had been expecting Eric to steal her away for a quickie at the party, and part of her was sorry he hadn’t. As she lost herself in the pleasure only her husband could give her, Sookie decided that waiting was far better.

Eric played her body like a master, dragging orgasm after orgasm out of her. He took her to the edge of ecstasy over and over and each time he pushed her over he was there to catch her. “Fuck… That’s it, Lover,” Eric growled into her ear as he felt her pussy start to tighten around his cock again. “Cum for me.”

Sookie was lost to the pleasure Eric was giving her, unable to see, hear, or feel anything but him. She convulsed as coils tightened in her belly again, and she swore she could feel her release building in every cell of her body. She raked her nails down his back, drawing blood before grabbing his ass and just holding onto him as she flew apart.

“ERIC!” Sookie screamed as she came hard. Spots danced across her vision and she shook under the force of her release.

Eric grinned smugly as he felt her cum again. Tangling his hand in her blonde locks, Eric angled her head to the side and buried his face in her neck as he pounded into her harder, chasing his own release. He could feel his balls tightening and he knew he was about to cum. Sucking on her pulse point; Eric drew her veins to the surface before sinking his fangs into her neck. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as Sookie’s blood exploded in his mouth. He drew deep, taking a mouthful before sealing the wound and healing her.

The taste of her blood in his mouth caused his release to wash over him. “SOOKIE!” He roared as he came, filling her with his seed. His hips jerked as he rode out the aftershocks of his orgasm.

Collapsing on top of Sookie, Eric rolled onto his back and pulled Sookie with him, wrapping her up in his arms. He stroked a hand down her back, needing to touch her while they both came down from their highs.

Sookie snuggled against Eric, one leg slung over his hip as she basked in his love. When she ran, she had done so believing that Eric no longer loved her. She had been heartbroken and broken overall. Her years away may have given her the time and means to put herself back together, but it wasn’t until she had returned to Bon Temps and faced her past did she really understand that it was Eric she needed to be complete. She would never be whole without him.

Lifting her head, Sookie smiled down at Eric, all the love she felt for him shining in her eyes. “I love you,” she whispered.

Tangling his hand in her hair, Eric brought her down for a kiss. He poured every ounce of love he felt for her into the kiss, telling her with his body what his heart felt. “I love you, min älskling,” Eric said softly. Flipping them over, Eric made love to her with a quiet reverence that put tears in her eyes. He worshipped her body with his until the threat of the rising sun forced them to stop.

As he held her in his arms, Eric marvelled at the journey they had taken both separately and together. It might have been a long hard road, but they were finally out of Hell.

The End!

101 thoughts on “Further On Up The Road: Chapter Six

  1. That was an amazing journey! Well written and full of twists and turns. I have always thought that with Pam’s character being written as it was the ending should have culminated into something this ending. Great job! Thank you ever so much! Hope to see some more from you. 😉


  2. Loved the story and the ending… little disappointed that Bill is still undead. Not sure what I will do with myself now that I won’t be refreshing my email looking for an update constantly. Thank you


  3. ¿Qué puedo decir de una historia que ha sido maravillosa de principio a fin? Tú has conseguido que ‘sintiera’ esta historia. Gracias por los maravillosos momentos que me has hecho vivir leyéndola. Gracias por devolverme la fe en Eric y Sookie.


  4. Loved this journey..you really made it awesome full of twists and turns! Thanks for sharing this one with us…their HEA is as it should be…Take care


  5. Sad to see it end, but thank you for this marvelous story that kept me on the edge of my seat after each chapter with twist and turns. Loved it! Hope to hear from you soon with something new, love ya.


    • Just re-read this story… Still great… I’ve read so many fanfic stories, I can’t always remember which ones I’ve read before… I don’t mean that as a slight at all; there’re just so many overlapping story possibilities. I was notified that you had an update for the “mask” stories and because I read so many stories I often go back a bit to try to re-orient myself on each story. Not a fan of the mask stories, I’m sorry to say. Way, way, way too much sex. I’m not a prude, but I much prefer plot and character development and advancement. I know there are those who love the lemons; I’m just not one of them – a little of that goes a long way for me. To each his own, yada, yada, yada. But I was bored and searching for something to read, and I found (or should I say re-found) this story. Really, really enjoyed it. Again… Well done, you, in fact in some ways masterfully done… In addition, and also… Marriage of Inconvenience is one of my all-time favorite stories! I think I’ve read it from beginning to end at least 4 or 5 times… By the by… missing updates to the veil series… just saying…


  6. Honestly, I figured Bill would be dead at this point, but he hangs around like a chronic infection. He was certainly hateful when Jessica was killed. Thank you for a lovely and satisfying story. Thalia is a jewel.


    • Thank you. I was going to kill Bill, but there is just something about him that reminds me of one of those washed up old timers who cling to days gone by when they were still relevant. He’s just too pathetic to kill.


  7. I loved this series! I’m sad that it’s over. This was the best part of my morning (besides my coffee 😉 ) for the last couple of weeks.
    As I was reading the previous chapter yesterday, I kept wondering where Thalia was, especially when Eric got surrounded. She never passes up a good fight. I should have known that she was taking care of Isabel lol.
    Thanks to you and your betas for taking the time to write this, it was absolutely awesome! 🙂


  8. This story was different than I had expected it would be. I guess it was jarring that Pam was a deranged big bad. Like I said before, I never watched S7, so this crazy stuff with Pam is upsetting to me. I liked your strong Sookie. She used her time away to figure out who she is and what she needs and wants out of life.


    • Thank you. I’ll admit I took quite a few liberties with Pam in this story. She wasn’t really bad in S7. She didn’t do anything like what I had her do in this story. I just have issues with the character and her lack of growth.


  9. I loved every part of this especially their personal journeys. It was thoroughly enjoyed by me and anyone looking over my shoulder. Lol! Thank you!!
    I can’t wait for your next one.


  10. I think this my favorite true blood ending ever!!! I’ve read a lot since the disaster that was the HBO ending!! You’re an awesome writer!


  11. One of the not so secret pleasures of visiting a blog like this? Re-reading stories.. this was just as good the second time through as it was when you originally posted it.


  12. This was such a wonderful story. You were able to draw us into the characters in such a seamless and intimate way. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would love to read an outtake out Eric proposing and their wedding. I feel like you would do a wonderful job with both of those scenarios.


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