Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight

Bill struggled uselessly in Eric’s grip as he tried to escape. He couldn’t believe everything had gone as imperfectly as it had. He was supposed to have been the hero of the night! He’d had everything planned, right down to the last second. He had glamoured Willa to attack his Queen exactly thirty minutes after sunset, knowing the Queen liked to check the reports of the daytime staff prior to going to feed. Those thirty minutes had allowed him the time needed to glamour the Queen’s secretary, Dani, to lock down the palace so no one excepting him could come to Freyda’s rescue. Bill knew from experience that the palace had the best security in the country. In the threat of an attack, reinforced security doors would slam down to separate the vampire wings as well as other key area, including the corridor where Freyda’s office was from the rest of the house. The security measure was designed for the threat of a daytime attack and Bill intended to use this for his own benefit. He had Dani silently trigger the alarm, locking the Queen’s vampire guards in their security room, away from the Queen, leaving him, or so he thought, to come to Freyda’s rescue. Yet, once again, Eric Fucking Northman had fucked it all up! Eric wasn’t supposed to have been in the vampire wing. He was supposed to have been out of the house and Bill’s life by then! Bill had assumed Eric was leaving at first dark; that was what he had heard, but, no! The Viking had ruined his plans and now instead of being the Queen’s hero, Bill was her betrayer. Oh, how Bill hated Eric! He took everything away from him and now the fucking Viking had exposed his treachery to Freyda.

Bill wished Freyda could see Eric as he did! His Queen while beautiful and magnificent was blinded by Eric and didn’t see his real face, but Bill did… Bill saw Eric for what he was, a monster. In Bill’s mind, Eric was unworthy of someone as graceful and special as Freyda. The Queen needed someone who would worship her and treat her like a lady, not as a whore the way he believed Eric did. Bill hated watching their public consummation! He knew it had to have been Eric’s idea. Freyda’s unparalleled flesh should never have been exposed to those unworthy of seeing it. As far as Bill was concerned only he was worthy of seeing it and, in his delusional state, he believed Freyda thought the same. He was convinced she loved him just as he loved her. They were forever, soul mates, and their love was eternal. Now he just had to remind Freyda of that and he was sure she would forgive him…or perhaps he could talk his way out of it. They had no proof that he had glamoured Willa to attack Freyda! All they had was Nora’s word that Willa was glamoured, and Bill was positive he could blacken her name and make her appear to be the liar; if he was really lucky he might even be able to pin the blame on Eric. Nora was his sister after all. Bill could twist it so that Nora was blaming him if for no other reason than Eric had instructed her to do just that. Everyone knows Eric is jealous of me anyway. I’m sure I can convince my Queen that this is just a ploy on his behalf to separate us

“My Queen, surely you know I would never do anything to harm you,” Bill wheezed out, slowly forming a plan in his mind. He adopted his most pitiful look as he tried to meet Freyda’s gaze. Eric’s grip on him was making it difficult, but Bill was sure he could just make it work to his advantage. He would show Freyda what a fiend Eric really was, and then Bill would prove to her that he was the only one she could trust and rely upon. He was her hero! “My only crime was in not seeing how dangerous Willa could truly be. I assumed because the former Regent brought her to the palace she was safe. I assumed he would’ve made certain that she was safe before exposing her to you…” He trailed off, letting his accusation that Eric was indeed responsible for Willa’s actions go unsaid. He needed the Queen to see things as he did. He needed everyone to know that Eric was as equally to blame as Willa; they both needed punishing. Willa needed punishing for favoring Eric over Bill as well.

While Bill had no real affection for Willa given that she was just another wet hole for him to fuck whenever he pleased as well as a way to make Freyda jealous, he was convinced that Freyda hated seeing him with Willa. It was not just that Bill had ever allowed his unrivaled and refined Queen to see him in the throes of passion; he wasn’t a deviant in that way, not like the former Regent. Bill wouldn’t rub his fucks in the Queen’s face as Eric had. Still, while he cared nothing for the young human, Bill hated that Eric had had her before him. He hated that The Viking had given Willa more pleasure than he ever had and, as much as he hated to admit it, Bill knew Eric had. He had seen the degenerate Viking fucking Willa on one than one occasion…


Twenty-two months earlier.

Bill’s shoulders were hunched and his eyes downcast as he shuffled down the corridor. He let out a pitiful sigh every few steps, drawing the attention of the vampires milling about. Ever since Freyda had left three nights earlier on State business, the former Confederate soldier had been moping around the palace like a lovesick schoolboy. It was beyond pathetic, and most of the vampires who witnessed it hadn’t been able to hold back their laughter. Compton was a joke amongst the vampires of Illinois and very much hated. His pompous behavior and belief that the Queen thought more of him than she actually did had rubbed more than one vampire the wrong way, and they loved seeing him be put in his place by the Regent. It was obvious to everyone except Bill that Freyda couldn’t stand him. In the eighteen years that he had been there, the Queen hadn’t so much as smiled his way, but Bill failed to notice that.

Bill ignored the sniggering around him while he let out another sigh. He missed his Queen fiercely and wished desperately she had taken him with her when she went to meet with the Council. He would have been honored to stand by her side and advise her in the way only he could. It would have shown her how perfect they were together, and perhaps he could have broached the subject of them pledging once her contract with Northman ended. If she was unable to take him with her, she could have at least left him in charge of her State while she was away. He would have done a far better job than the Regent. In the three nights that his Queen had been away Bill had only seen Eric briefly, and the glorified mailboy was convinced The Viking wasn’t seeing to his duties as he should have been. Eric spent most of his time locked away in Freyda’s office, something Bill hated because it meant he couldn’t go into it so he could be closer to his absent love. He’s probably playing on his phone and ignoring his duty to my Queen, the splendid and refined Freyda. Northman doesn’t deserve to gaze upon the beauty of my Queen. He is unworthy of being in the same State as her. The degenerate should pack his bags, grab that whore of a child, and leave my beautiful Queen and her State. He’s not wanted here!

A smile began to curl Bill’s lips when he thought about Pam, or rather, when he thought about where she was currently residing. The childish and selfish century-old vampire was currently being held in one of the cells in the dungeon. Pam had once again shown her ass and embarrassed herself as well as the Queen and Regent. Freyda had sentenced her to a month in a silver lined coffin. Bill had enjoyed hearing Pam’s foul mouth rant as she was forced into the coffin, the fear in her voice had made him hard, and he had grabbed a donor for a sloppy fuck. Bill had tried to get his hands on Northman’s new pet, he wanted desperately to try her out and see what all the fuss was over, but Willa had rebuffed his advances or more accurately, she had refused to drop to her knees and suck him off when he ordered her. The whore will only spread her disgusting legs for Northman. She thinks she’s too good for me, but I’ll show her. Once Northman discards her I’ll claim her for my own, and make her suffer for ever denying me. Bill felt his cock grow hard as he imagined taking his belt to Willa’s smooth, tanned flesh. He swore he would make her apologize for the contempt she had shown him. I will whip her until she can’t sit down for a week Bill grunted while his mind conjured up the image of Willa bare ass, red, and bruised. Looking down at the small tent forming in his pants, Bill decided he needed a little bit of relief. Since the night after Pam’s punishment, he had been abstaining from sex in an attempt to show Freyda he could remain faithful to her, unlike Eric. The Viking didn’t go a night without fucking someone, usually his pet. She was his flavor of the moment. However, Freyda wasn’t there at the moment, so Bill deduced he could enjoy a donor. It was only cheating if they were in the same State after all, or at least that’s what he told himself.

Which bloodbag should I honor with the gift of pleasing me tonight? He wondered as he made his way out of the palace and toward the guest house that housed the palace donors. He could have called the donor house and had one sent up to the palace, but Bill wanted to see who was on duty and pick the best. After all, only the best would do for him, he would be their future Regent so it was only right they learned to please him now.

Entering the donor house, Bill cast his eyes over the donors milling around in the living area. He wrinkled his nose in distaste as he noticed a brown-haired male donor sucking off one of the Queen’s advisors in front of everyone. The deviant behavior was something that Eric would undoubtedly encourage, and Bill hated it just for that belief. Sex should never be done in front of others; it should be a private affair in Bill’s opinion. Bill sneered at the pair before turning his attention to the other donors present. Spying a meek-looking, black-haired woman near the stairs, Bill ran his eyes over her and decided she would do. He knew she was new to the palace having only arrived a week before. He also knew Northman had yet to enjoy her talents. The Regent was too focused on his pet; he got his pleasure with her and was ignoring the donors although Bill knew that wouldn’t last long. The Viking would soon start enjoying the donors again. I can ruin her for all others, Bill thought with a smirk. After she’s had my cock no other will please her. Northman will be forced to settle for my sloppy seconds! Beckoning her over, Bill made a show of running his eyes over her treating her like a piece of meat. He had to admit she was pretty with her black hair, green eyes, and a svelte build. She was no Freyda in his opinion, but she would do for a little light relief. “Follow me,” he ordered, not even bothering to introduce himself. He cared little for who she was, and he sure as hell didn’t want to know her name. While she was pleasing him, her name would be Freyda.  

The donor, Claire, shot her roommate a look before following the rude Bill out of the house. She was getting used to being spoken to briskly by the vampires of the palace, but the money she made more than made up for their abruptness. It wasn’t as if they were ever abusive, just curt, and she could handle that. She had had far worse employers, and none of the other jobs she held had the benefits that being a royal donor did. Claire frowned when she realized the vampire was heading toward the back of the garden and not toward the house like she was expecting, and she couldn’t help but wonder what he had in mind.

Bill quickened his pace as he made his way toward the large gazebo at the far end of the garden. He knew it to be one of Freyda’s favorite places and he wished to be closer to his love while he gifted the blood whore the honor of fucking him. He could sense the dark-haired woman just a few paces behind him, and he was happy at least one person knew how to follow instructions. I might allow her to cum as well as a reward for her good behavior. As he neared the gazebo, the sound of moaning caught Bill’s attention and he slowed his pace

“Oh God

A look of anger flitted across the pompous young vampire’s face when he realized what he was hearing. He was incensed that someone would desecrate his beloved Queen’s gazebo by fucking in it while she was away. It was their special place; no one else should ever sully it with their presence. He knew Freyda wouldn’t have minded him taking a donor there, he was her favorite and most loyal servant after all, but he was sure she wouldn’t approve of anyone else using the gazebo as a bedroom. How dare they tarnish it with their filthy desires! I will have them punished for this! Bill was just about to stomp forward and demand the guilty parties cease their degenerate behavior when one of the voices rang out louder and he realized just who the guilty couple was…

“Fuck me harder, Master!”

Bill narrowed his eyes in anger at the unmistakable voice of the Regent’s pet, Willa. He had heard her say those exact words countless times since she had been brought to the palace. Many nights Willa’s pleasure-filled cries had been heard all throughout the palace as Northman took his pleasure in her. Bill felt his dick grow harder at the sound of their fucking and he argued with himself over what to do. Part of him wanted to walk away, grab his donor, and find somewhere else to get his fuck. However, another part of him, a bigger part, wanted to see just what Northman and his whore were doing. Despite his best efforts, Bill had yet to see Willa naked and he was curious as to what she looked like. He had seen Northman naked countless times and as much as he hated him, Bill had to admit Eric was impressive.  

With his mind made up Bill grabbed his donor and dragged her down the darkened pathway, creeping closer to the gazebo. He ordered her to remain quiet as he pulled her into some bushes a short way away from the large white structure. The lighting in the garden lit up the area and Bill couldn’t suppress his moan once he saw Willa standing in the entrance of the gazebo completely naked. Her hands were tied together and lifted over her head, fastened to the wooden posts as Eric pounded into her from behind…

Eric dug his fingers into Willa’s hips with bruising force as he pulled back and slammed into her again. He loved the feel of her wet cunt stretching around his rigid length as he fucked away his frustration. She really did have a great pussy, not the best he had ever had, but he would put her in the top ten when it came to humans and she was willing to learn, always a bonus. 

“Yes!” Willa cried out in pleasure as her Master dragged another orgasm from her. She had lost count of how many times he had made her cum that night already. She had never felt anything so good in her life before and she was so happy she had agreed to become Eric’s pet when he asked. She got a roof over her head, a small allowance, a fully paid education, and the best sex of her life. She was in heaven and never wanted it to end. “Master, please, don’t stop…” 

Bill licked his lips as he watched Willa’s breasts bounce every time Eric thrust his big, hard cock into her. He couldn’t take his eyes off them as they fucked. He wanted that, he wanted to fuck the dirty, little whore and make her scream like Northman was doing. He wanted to take Willa off Eric and ruin her for everyone else. She should be on her knees before me. I’ll take her for my own and make her suck my cock every night. Bill grunted as he imagined the feel of her lips on his cock. He hated the young woman for enjoying what Eric was doing to her. In Bill’s mind she was just a pet, a whore, and therefore she shouldn’t enjoy anything. Her job was to give pleasure, not take it. I will teach her, I will make her pay for every orgasm she has. However, Willa’s punishment would have to wait until after he got her away from the Regent, but he could wait. It would be worth it.

Clicking his fingers, Bill wordlessly ordered the donor to come closer. He never took his eyes off of Eric and Willa while he unbuckled his pants, pulled out his cock, and pushed Claire to her knees. “Suck it,” he demanded in a whisper, trying not to alert Eric to his presence. The last thing Bill wanted was for Eric to realize he was there and stop. He needed to watch them for as long as he could.  

Eric smirked as Bill’s whisper reached his ear. The Viking had heard the pitiful vampire the second he stepped out of the palace. Eric wasn’t surprised in the slightest when Bill made his way to the donor house. He knew the Civil War solider wouldn’t stick to his ridiculous pledge of monogamy in Freyda’s absent. Why the hell Bill had decided to do that in the first place, Eric didn’t know. It wasn’t as if he was actually in a relationship with Freyda and she sure as hell wasn’t abstaining for Bill, a fact that Bill knew all too well. It was only a few weeks ago when Bill had witnessed Freyda being ploughed by Eric and his visiting friend, Warlow. Bill had quickly hightailed it back to his room, which Eric thought was a shame because he had missed Willa joining the fun and getting fucked by three vampires simultaneously.

Running his hand up her chest Eric cupped Willa’s breast in his hand, pinching her nipple as he leaned in and pressed his lips to her ear. “We have an audience, my pet,” he whispered, his tone as low as possible so Bill couldn’t hear him. “It seems as though Compton is hiding in the bushes like a Peeping Tom. Should we give him a show, pet?”

Willa hissed at her Master’s words. She absolutely despised Bill. He gave her misgivings and she tried to avoid him whenever she could. He was always trying to get her to fuck him, something she had no desire for. There was nothing arousing about him, one look from him felt like a bucket of ice water over her head. She knew she could say no, that Eric would untie her and allow her to get dressed, but a large part of her wanted Bill to see what he would never get. She wanted him to see that her body belonged to her and her Master. She wanted Bill to see how far superior Eric was compared to him. “Fuck me, Master!” Willa replied, answering Eric in the best way possible. “Make me scream!” 

Eric grinned wickedly at her answer. She really was the best pet he could have. He’d had her tied to the gazebo for an hour already fucking her hard and fast, and she was raring for more. Eric didn’t need to check and see if Bill was still watching them, he could hear the snivelling little prick in the bushes getting his dick sucked. The Viking felt a pang of sympathy for the poor donor Compton had chosen; no one should have had to suffer Bill’s tiny cock. Eric knew, despite all his prattling to the contrary that Bill would remain when he was finished, hidden in the bushes while he watched them fuck. Bill may have looked down on his nose at those who enjoyed sex outside of the bedroom, but he sure as hell didn’t mind spying on them and getting off.

Spinning Willa around so she was facing him, Eric flashed her a dirty smirk before lifting up her legs and wrapping them around his hips. He thrust forward, burying his cock deep inside her dripping pussy before she had a chance to react and started pounding into her fast and fiercely. He growled at the cries of pleasure that spilled from her lips as he fucked her just shy of vampire speed.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Willa screamed as Eric took her harder than ever. Sparks of delight speared through her body, making her lightheaded. She could feel The Viking’s strong hands on her legs pulling her onto his cock as he thrust forward, making her break apart over and over.

Bill grunted as he watched them fuck. In that moment he had never hated two people more. Never in all his years on Earth had he ever made a woman scream and beg for more like Eric was making Willa. Not even the feel of Claire’s mouth on his cock could make his anger diminish. He swore he would make them both suffer for their deviant behavior


It may have taken him nearly two years, but Bill was finally ready to make good on the promise he made to himself in those bushes while he watched Northman and the whore fuck. Bill had never forgotten that night. He had stood in those bushes with his pants around his ankles for hours while Eric and Willa desecrated his and Freyda’s special place. He had dismissed his donor after ten minutes and spent the next several hours jerking off while he watched them. Bill had counted every orgasm Willa had so he knew how many times he would whip her with his belt. Unfortunately for Bill, Eric had made it perfectly clear to him after he had claimed Willa as his own that if he ever raised a hand to the brunette and abused her, he would make him suffer a fate worse than death. He won’t be able to stop me now. I will whip every inch of her whorish flesh before draining her dry and throwing her out like the trash she is. Then I will make Eric watch while I fuck My Queen, My Love. 

Freyda fought back a smile while she listened to Bill. She knew full well what he was attempting. It was quite obvious he was trying to lay the blame on Eric and that was beyond stupid; however, it seemed Bill didn’t realize that. Still, she was curious just how far he was willing to take it. Would he try and claim Eric glamoured Willa to attack her or would he try and spin it so Eric was trying to lay the blame on Bill? Whatever his plan, it was ridiculous. Eric would never rely on others to do his work for him. He was a fucking Viking after all, not a deserter from the formerly treasonous Confederate army. Oh yes, Freyda had heard all about the way Bill had really been turned and it wasn’t while he was returning home from the war as he liked to proclaim. No, Lorena had informed the Queen of the true story behind his turning. Lorena had encountered Bill a year before the war ended, when he had been trying to run and she had turned him for no other reason than she was bored.

Mistaking Freyda’s silence for her support, Bill continued on with his ridiculous, rambling, tall tales. “If the former Regent would have done his duty when bringing the whore…” Bill choked on his words when Eric tightened the grip on his throat and slammed him against the wall once more. Bill wasn’t sure what had garnered the reaction, blaming Eric for Willa’s actions or calling her a whore although he really didn’t care. He was only speaking the truth, after all. Eric was responsible for her actions and Willa was a whore.

“It wasn’t My Maker who glamoured Ms. Burrell to attack me, Compton,” Freyda said, her tone firm as she reminded him what they had learned that evening. “That was all your doing…”

“I would never hurt you, My Queen,” Bill cried, blood tears rimming his eyes. “I love you…”

“Oh, for fucks sake!” Nora chortled, interrupting the whining Bill. In her six hundred years as a vampire she had never encountered a more peevish vampire, and considering she worked for the Council that was saying something. “Just rip his fucking head off already!”

Eric chuckled, wanting to do just as his sister suggested. He had been wanting to kill the pathetic vampire ever since the moment he met him in 1905. Eric had unwisely allowed him to live that time and now his child had suffered for his mistake.

“I’m innocent, My Queen!” Bill shouted as he started to struggle in Eric’s grip again. He refused to let Eric end him when he was so close to at long last getting what he wanted, well, in his mind he believed he was close. It was a shame that he was too stupid to realize Freyda hated him. “Northman and his sister are setting me up! They’re trying to come between us, my love…”

I am Freyda’s Maker,” Eric reminded Bill, silencing him at once. “All I need to do is command her to never have anything to do with you and she would have no option but to comply. I do not need to employ underhanded tactics. My child would happily follow my command…”

“No!” Bill cried, trying desperately to cling to any shred of hope he had left. “She would never! Your Majesty, please! Do not believe their lies! I would never do anything to hurt you…”

“You instructed me to wait thirty minutes after sunset before going to the Queen’s office and attacking her,” Willa said, stopping Bill. There was strength and clarity in her voice that hadn’t been heard in a long time and she drew the attention of every vampire in the room. The young woman stared at Bill unflinchingly as she repeated her glamoured instructions. Willa wasn’t sure what Nora had done to her, but she could suddenly recall everything Bill had ordered her to do as well as what he had done to her. She was wholly disgusted, not only at him, but at herself as well.

Eric arched a brow while he listened to Willa reveal Bill’s guilt to the room and he moved his gaze to his smirking sister, realizing she had undone the glamour Bill had placed on Willa. Nora’s vampire gift was certainly a welcome gift to their line and Eric was pleased that his sister had it.

“Lies!” Bill’s shout pierced the office as he increased his struggles, desperate to get away from Eric and quash Willa. “You disgusting whore!” He raged; spittle flying from his mouth while he glared at her with hatred burning brightly in his eyes. Bill wasn’t sure whom he hated more, Eric or Willa. Eric had everything he wanted; despite claiming her as his own, Willa had never truly been his. Bill knew she hated him, even if she never outwardly shown it. “You’re only good for being on your knees! I should have killed you in your sleep! You’re not worthy to be in the presence of My Love, Queen Freyda…” As if suddenly remembering Freyda was in the room with them, Bill turned his head as best as he could and sought out the gaze of his beautiful Queen. “Your Majesty, please, you have to see she is lying! She has always been jealous of you. You can’t believe a word she says! She hates you…”

“No, I don’t,” Willa replied, taking the vampires who knew her by surprise. Her jealousy was well known throughout the palace, so hearing her say she wasn’t jealous went against everything they had seen or heard.

“See, she lies!” Bill shouted almost madly. He was slowly losing it, knowing everything was falling through his fingers. Nevertheless, he still held on to his delusional belief that Freyda loved him and he was convinced she would forgive him anything of which Northman would accuse him. “She was jealous of my love for you! She was…”

“Glamoured,” Nora interrupted him before he could go off on another one of his rants. “Willa’s feelings, thoughts, and actions toward the Queen were a condition of glamour.” Nora shot the dark-haired human a sorrowful look, troubled by what she had uncovered. “Luckily for Willa, I have managed to undo most of the glamour and reverse it. Her mind and feelings are her own once again…” Nora trailed off while she thought over all that she had uncovered. While Eric and Freyda had focused on Bill, Nora had taken the time to reverse Bill’s glamour on Willa. She had freed Willa from Bill’s control and in doing so, she had uncovered something far more troubling. “Brother, the glamour on Willa was extensive,” Nora continued, switching to Swedish so Bill couldn’t understand them. “I could undo and reverse most of it, but some of it’s troubling.”

“In what way?” Eric asked in Swedish. He could see the change in language was making Bill uneasy and he delighted in it. The overbearing asshole was in for a world of hurt just starting for what he had done to Freyda and Willa.

“There was more than one glamour placed upon her,” Nora explained, revealing more of what she had discovered. “Much of it was over a year old and I believe the glamour was done by more than one vampire.”

“What makes you suspect that?” Eric questioned curiously. He knew Nora could detect glamour and reverse it, but as far as he knew she couldn’t actually see what the glamour entailed, nor could she see the specific vampire responsible. Her gift may have been glamour, but she wasn’t a telepath.

“Because the glamours were at war with one another,” Nora replied, explaining it as best she could. “One was commanding her to do one thing while the other was telling her to do the complete opposite. Brother, it was tearing her mind apart, driving her crazy. I don’t have the ability to see exactly what the glamour was, but I was able to see they were at different ends of the spectrum. I could feel the slimy touch of two separate glamours…”

“Master, Willa’s sudden and extreme change in behavior!” Freyda exclaimed, joining the conversation. She had been listening intently to her vampire aunt, beginning to understand just how much a victim Willa had been in everything that had transpired. “She went from a sweet girl into a jealous, selfish bitch. It was as if…”

“A flip had been switched,” Eric finished for her. Willa’s stark change in behavior had given Eric serious concern after it happened. The sudden change went against everything he believed she was, but he had dismissed it after a few nights thinking she just had been showing her true colors. Of course, he now knew differently. Eric had discarded her not long afterward, and then she had taken up with Bill, something that had surprised Eric seeing that he had known the young woman hated the pompous vampire.

“You believe he is only one of the vampires responsible,” Freyda said, speculating where her Maker’s mind had gone. Like Eric, Freyda was aware that Willa had not liked Bill. Not that anyone did like Bill, even Lorena hated him.

“We know he glamoured her to attack you,” Eric said, still paying scant attention to the squirming Compton whom he kept in his grip held against the wall. “As a result, it stands to reason that he has been glamouring her all along. Neither of us could understand why Willa went to him after I released her. She let us both know her feelings concerning him…”

“We suspected glamour,” Freyda recalled, taking a step back and perching on the edge of her desk. She deliberately kept her gaze away from Bill not wanting him to think she cared for him in the slightest.

“Still, when we questioned her she spent the entire time begging me to take her back, right in front of him,” Eric said, remembering how amusing it was to hear Willa beg him in the presence of Bill. It was obvious even then that she had no regard for Bill, so neither Eric nor Freyda believed she had been glamoured thinking there was no way Bill would glamour her to say anything such as that in Bill’s company.

“Two separate and distinct glamours,” Nora interjected, returning their attention to her. “The poor woman’s mind has been torn apart. It’s surprising she even knows up from down. I can’t tell you who did it, why, or even what they glamoured her to do, but…” she trailed off as she looked at her brother and niece, debating whether or not she would divulge one of the Council’s most guarded secrets. She had the power to reveal it; however, she had sworn to keep it guarded unless it became absolutely necessary to reveal it.

“But what?” Eric questioned. It wasn’t like Nora to be silent, she enjoyed making noise too much, especially when she was torturing or fucking someone, she loved to scream then.

Nora knew she could trust Eric and Freyda to keep the secret and it would be easy to ensure Willa’s silence as well. With her decision made, Nora nodded her head and said, “I know someone who can see beyond the glamour. They will be able to see what it was and who did it.”

“Who?” Eric asked, wanting to know who this person was and how quickly they would be able to get there. He wanted answers.

“That I can’t tell you,” Nora firmly replied, letting Eric know he wouldn’t be able to charm or force his way into making her reveal the source. “I need to speak to them first, and if they agree, I will arrange for them to meet with Willa, but if they refuse there will not be anything I can do about it. I’d lose my head if I tried to force them.” Nora didn’t think the person in question would refuse the request; after all she had a vested interest in discovering the truth. “I can speak to them tonight and if they agree, I will make the arrangements although I must tell you that we will have to go to them. They will not come here and if they reveal themselves to you, you must swear to keep their ability secret. Few are aware of it and the Council wishes it to remain that way for the safety of both the person and themselves.”

Eric stared at Nora in shock, not quite able to believe what she was saying. It was very unusual for the Council to bow down to the wishes of an individual, especially if said individual had an ability that might benefit them. He couldn’t help but wonder who it was and what they could do. If Nora believed this person could help uncover the truth regarding what had happened to Willa, then he was all for her contacting them. Nonetheless, he was concerned about having to travel to them instead of them coming to Illinois where there could be no telling what they might walk into. It seemed as if it was a risk they had no choice in taking. “Make contact, see if they are willing to meet us,” Eric said, making the decision for all. Freyda may have been the Queen of Illinois and in charge, but Willa was once his pet; he owed it to her to find out what had happened.

Nora nodded as reached for her phone. “Umm, you might want to hold off on killing him,” she said, switching back to English and flicking a finger at Bill. She shook her head as she eyed him, taken aback that he had given up the fight and was just hanging there! If she would have been in his position, she would’ve been scratching, biting, and doing everything in her power to get away! He had put up a fight that was beyond pathetic; a baby vampire would have given Eric more trouble than Bill had! “At least until we know for what he’s actually responsible.”

Eric smirked when he returned his gaze to Bill. While he wanted to remove the former soldier’s head from his shoulders, he knew Nora was right. It would be wise to uncover his entire and detailed number of crimes first; once they completed their investigation they could give him a fitting and painful punishment, and then perhaps his True Death.

“I think it’s time Mr. Compton was reacquainted with the dungeons,” Freyda said, slipping off her desk and walking up behind her Maker. “His last visit was fleeting; he barely got a chance to enjoy the hospitality…”

“No!” Bill shouted and began to struggle in Eric’s grip again. The last thing he wanted was to be put into the dungeons again! “Freyda, please, my love…” The rest of his words died painfully on his lips when the Queen reached around Eric, grabbed Bill’s jaw, and crushed it.

“I never gave you permission to speak my name, underling,” Freyda said coolly. “You are not worthy to speak it.” She smiled wickedly at Bill’s mewls of pain. “Master, would you be so kind as to escort Compton down to one of the cells and be certain that he is properly secured?”

“It would be a pleasure, my child,” Eric replied sincerely. There were few things he would rather do and unfortunately for Bill, Sookie wasn’t there to distract Eric. Pulling Bill away from the wall, Eric then slammed him back against it hard driving his head through it. He chuckled at Bill’s pain-filled pitiful moans. The Civil War vampire turned glorified mailroom boy for the Queen really was a pussy! “Nora, make the call while I deal with Compton.”

Nora watched Eric drag Bill out of Freyda’s office before excusing herself so she could contact the Council to get the necessary information. While she waited for her call to be connected, Nora wondered how Eric might take the news that it was his lover with whom she was trying to arrange the meeting. She wondered what he would do when he realized that in addition to being one of the owners of Only at Night, Sookie Stackhouse was a telepath and one of the most powerful Supes in the world.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough…


29 thoughts on “Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Eight

  1. wow! if you look up the word delusional in the dictionary, you’d probably see Bill’s face. classic! well, Sookie is a total badass. i’m sure Eric would be aroused even more when he finds out. he does like strong women. 😀

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    Ah…..can’t wait until they bust out the dust buster and clean up the remains of Billy boy……
    ***air kisses*** great update!

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    • That’s the thing with Bill, whenever he falls in love he goes overboard with it. To him stalking and setting up his love to be attacked is the equivalent of roses and chocolates. Willa definitely deserved better, things will get better for her before the series is over.


  8. I enjoyed every word of this – I do love some Bill bashing! I love how you write Bill as you highlight all the things that irritate me most about him – he’s delusional, self indulgent, pompous, covetous, self important, sly, untrustworthy and cannot own a single one of his actions. I’m guessing Pam is a the other glamourer, poor Willa. I’m guessing she was glamoured into touching Bill and it might not have been just Bill’s doing.

    I think Eric is going to be very happy when he discovers it’s Sookie. I’m going to be envisioning Eric ‘popping’ that button all day now lol.

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    Billy billy . Silly deluded fool. I’d tell you to hold your breath and hope for the best, unfortunately you can’t asphyxiate, so that would be pointless.

    Hmmm. Sookie is going to be busy. Looks Eric ( and us readers) May have to wait for some Sookie nookie.

    Next!!! (I hope)


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