Torn to Shreds Chapter Four

Seven Months Later

After seven months of false trails and dead ends, Pam was beginning to think they were never going to find Sookie. They used every resource they had, called in countless favors and all they discovered was that Sookie left Bon Temps the morning after Eric married Freyda and caught a flight out of the country. Her old car had been found in an airport parking lot, and with a bit of ingenuity Pam learned that Sookie had been on a flight to Europe – London of all places – but that’s where the trail ended. There was no evidence she had left London, but then there was also no evidence she was still there. Pam briefly entertained the thought Sookie was dead, but Eric had shot that idea down immediately. He hadn’t told her how he knew, but he had told her she wasn’t dead. Pam thought it was just wishful thinking on his part, refusing to accept what the facts were telling him, but when she discovered Sookie had been in touch with Jason, she had been forced to concede he was right. Sookie Stackhouse was still alive and well, and frustratingly out of their reach.

Pam glamoured Jason personally in hopes of finding out where Sookie was, but even he didn’t know. He would receive sporadic emails from her, but they would never tell him where she was or what she was doing, and despite their best efforts, they couldn’t trace them. There was enough in the emails to prove it was Sookie sending them, but nothing they could use to track her down. The birthday and Christmas presents she sent never had a return address on them, and each time she would send them from a different place. Sookie would send Jason, his wife, and children Christmas presents every year, but each one were wrapped separately and they all would have a different postal mark on them. Pam had gotten a serious laugh when she realized Sookie actually sent some presents from Oklahoma, knowing how bad Freyda wanted to get her hands on Sookie. The knowledge Sookie had been in her state without her knowing, amused Pam to no end, but it had made Eric furious.

“Where are you, my little telepathic friend?” Pam whispered as she sifted through all the Intel they had gathered in the last seven months, which wasn’t a lot. She was sure she was missing something. There was no way Sookie had hidden herself so efficiently, not from them.

Pam was pulled from her musings by the sound of her phone ringing. “Speak,” she said, answering it.

“I’ve found her,” a male voice said.

“Are you sure it’s her this time?” Pam asked. “ Last time you claimed to have found her, it was a thirty year old mother of four.”

“It’s her; I’m sure of it.”

“I’m going to need more than just your word.”

“I’ve just emailed you a picture of her,” he replied.

Logging into her email, Pam clicked on the message he had just sent, her eyes widening as she looked at the picture.

“Sookie,” she whispered. There was no doubt in Pam’s mind it was her. She looked slightly different to how she remembered: her hair looked lighter and longer, and she had aged really well, Pam thought. It looked like she had only aged five years in nearly thirteen.

“It’s her then?”


“What do you want me to do?” he asked. “Do you want me to approach her?”

“No. Send me everything you have, but keep your distance. Keep an eye on her and don’t lose her, but do not go near her. I don’t want you to spook her.”

“Fine, I’ll…” he started, but Pam disconnected the call before he could say any more. Printing off the picture, she picked it up before rushing out the room in search of Eric.

She found him in his office, with a brunette on her knees between his legs, sucking his cock. He had one hand buried in her hair, holding her in place while his other tapped away on his keyboard.

Glancing up from the screen, Eric eyed Pam; he could tell whatever she wanted was important. He could see the urgency on her face, not to mention the array of emotions coming through their bond. She had interrupted him for a reason.

Looking down at the brunette who was still sucking him off, Eric realized he wouldn’t have time to indulge himself fully with her. Which was actually okay with him; she had shown little talent. He wondered briefly how she had managed to become a part of his donor pool. Eric shook that thought off as he tangled both of his hands in her hair. Holding her head still, he lifted his hips and thrust his cock into her mouth hard and fast, uncaring of the gagging sounds she made. Saliva spilled from her lips, coating his cock, making it even easier to thrust his cock into her mouth. His hips blurred as he fucked her mouth. Shooting his seed down her throat, he held her head to him, making her drink every drop and lick him clean before pushing her away.

“Leave,” he ordered as he tucked himself back in his pants.

“Is that it?” the brunette asked.

“Yes,” Eric growled. “Disappointing as that was, I don’t want to find out how bad you are at the rest.”

Tears pooled in the brunette’s eyes as she climbed shakily to her feet.

“Can’t even get a decent blowjob these days,” Eric said as he watched her run out of his office.

“You’re a cruel bastard,” Pam teased.

“What is it Pam?” Eric asked once he was satisfied they were alone.

“We’ve found her.”

“Sookie? Where?” Eric asked.

“She’s in Sweden,” Pam replied as she handed him the photo.

Taking the picture from Pam, Eric stared at it, his eyes rimming with red as he got the first look of Sookie in almost thirteen years. He traced a finger over her face. He swore she was even more beautiful than he remembered.

“Make the arrangements,” he ordered, not taking his eyes off the picture.

“Eric, what about your states and Freyda?” Pam questioned.

“I don’t care,” Eric admitted. “I want to rise tomorrow night in Sweden. Make it happen.”

“I’ll get Thalia and Maxwell to run the states while we’re away,” Pam said, knowing it was pointless to argue with him. Seeing him raise an eyebrow, she added, “You don’t think you’re going without me. I want to see Sookie.”

Eric smiled at his child, but said nothing, his eyes settling on the picture again. He could wait to set eyes on her in the flesh again. He had missed her more than he ever thought possible. He didn’t remember missing his human children as much as he missed Sookie. As he stared at the picture, he wondered what Sookie was doing then.


Stockholm, Sweden

“Oh God!” Sookie moaned, opening her legs wider. Resting her head on the back of the sofa, she dug her fingers into the cushions beside her. Her hips bucked as the young man went to work between her legs. “That’s it, just like that,” she instructed. “Use your fingers.”

Blocking out all sounds around her, Sookie focused solely on the feeling of his lips wrapped around her clit. Her head thrashed side to side as her orgasm slowly built. Cupping her breasts over the thin tank top she wore, she pinched her nipples hard, little jolts of pain shooting through her body. “Yes!” she cried. Dropping one hand to his hair, she pushed his face against her sex as she bucked her hips wildly fucking his face.

“Don’t stop. Don’t you dare stop.”

Sookie’s moans filled the room as the young man continued to thrust his fingers into her as he sucked her clit. She could feel her orgasm approaching, her stomach clenching in almost pain, her eyes fluttering shut as she bit her lip. “God, yes,” she panted as she came, flooding his mouth with her release.

Sookie flopped back onto the sofa, a slight sheen of sweat coating her skin. “Mmm,” she purred as her bliss washed over her. The sound of shuffling brought her down. Opening her eyes, she stared at the young man who had just gone down on her, “What?”

“Ier…” he stuttered.

“Why are you still here?” Sookie asked as she pushed her short denim skirt down, covering her sex.

“I thought…”

“And that was your first mistake,” Sookie interrupted. She let out a sigh at his sad puppy dog look. “You thought I was going to fuck you,” she said, having read what he thought from his thoughts. “Sorry kid, you’re out of luck. Now get out.”

“But…” he spluttered. “You brought me back here. I went down on you.”

“And I enjoyed it immensely. You’re very talented. But I never promised you anything,” Sookie said as she stood up. Straightening her skirt, she moved round her office. “You knew what to expect when you agreed to come back here. I told you what I wanted, and you were more than willing.”

“So that’s it,” he fumed. “I get you off and get nothing in return.”

Eyeing the wet patch on the front of his jeans, “It looks like you did get something out of it,” Sookie chuckled.

“You’re a fucking tease,” he spat.

“To be a tease I would’ve had to promise you something, and I didn’t. I told you exactly what I wanted and I offered you nothing in return,” Sookie said as she pulled a clean pair of panties out of her desk draw and slipped them on. “Now, get out. Go have fun in the bar. I’m sure you’ll find some pretty little thing willing to suck your cock.”

“Bitch,” he spat as he stormed out her office, slamming the door behind him.

Sitting down in the chair behind her desk, Sookie closed her eyes and rested her head against the headrest. The sounds of the bar began to slowly encroach in on her. She could hear the bartender serving drinks, the waitresses flirting with the customers; the sounds that used to torment her, now grounded her. They reminded her who she was and where she was from. She followed the young man she just had in her office through the bar back to his friends. She ‘listened’ in as he boasted about his encounter with her, exaggerating it greatly. Sookie laughed as she ‘heard’ bragging to them how she had sucked him off, before he had fucked her from behind, bent over her desk.

She smiled as she thought how his story would add to what the others told about her. She had quite the following in the area; the bar was often packed with men who were dying for a taste of what lay between her thighs. Most nights she would sit in the bar and listen to the customers fantasize about her. In their thoughts, she could see what they wanted to do to do, what they wanted her to do to them. She could see them all wondering who, if any, she would take that night. The thoughts that use to disgust her, now amused her. When she let it, it reminded her of Eric. She would see him sitting on his throne, looking out over the masses as the fangbangers clamored for his attention. In her more bitter moments, she considered installing a throne in the bar, but she always dismissed the idea, wanting as few reminders about Eric as possible. It was bad enough he haunted her dreams; she didn’t need to see a physical reminder.

Sookie tried her hardest not to think of Eric, and for the most part she succeeded. She managed to build a wall around the part where he resided, but there were times when the wall crumbled and she would be flooded with thoughts of him. That always left her feeling bitter – and other things she didn’t like. The years since she had left Bon Temps hadn’t been easy on her. Her whole life changed that day and Sookie was sorry to say it wasn’t the last time. She had been to hell and back countless times in the last decade. She had faced things no one ever should, things that made the torture at the hands of Neave and Lochlan look like child’s play, but she had survived them and come out even stronger, if not colder. She had lost her innocence and naïveté. It was funny to her that after escaping the vampires, she now acted more like one than anything else.

As she thought about all that had changed, Sookie wondered what those she left behind would think of her now. Would they welcome her back into their lives? Would they blame vampires for all she had been through? Would Sam still think she was a sweet little girl if he knew she had a different man nearly every night? Would it change his opinion of her if he knew she preferred casual sex to relationships? That she hadn’t had anything more than a one-night stand in nearly seven years? Would Niall think she’d still make a good broodmare, knowing she’d killed his son? Would Bill still think she needed protecting if he knew how many vampires and fairies she killed? Would any of them recognize her now? Would they still think they had the right to control her and make her decisions for her?

Would you even know me anymore, Eric? Sookie asked wordlessly.


10 thoughts on “Torn to Shreds Chapter Four

  1. Oh my, our little Sookie has reallyput a wall around her heart I wonder what will happen when she sees Eric –probably knock his block off! Pat


  2. I wonder what Eric will think of his “sweet Sookie” when he finds out she’s pretty much turned into the female version of him before they met….and has been killing vamps and fairies….. and as I said above, she’s not going to run and jump in his arms. She’ll probably want to stake him when she sees him…. Can’t wait for the next chapter!!! Pat


  3. Loving this story! Openly hostile and defiant Eric is awesome and his treatment of his ‘wife’ is classic badass Eric. I’m excited to see how much 12 years and no Eric has changed Sookie. Your writing has always brought me many hours of entertainment, so thank you.


  4. Hmm, Wow Sookie has become Eric. I am almost scared to think what could have made Sookie change that much. But it she was never going to live a normal life. Love the story, thank you.


  5. damn , Sookie is the same as Eric now, he taught her well on how to deal with the masses and not let it affect her. damn she is lost i think.. and i was right about Sweden at least maybe not the windy shithole. KY


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