The Anniversary: Chapter One

The Anniversary

 Chapter One

Eric Northman, the King of Nevada, flaunted while he stood in front of the large mirror in his bedroom. He looked good and he fucking knew it! The tailor-made silver-grey suit clung to his body, showing off his well-built form. He looked as if he had just stepped off the cover of GQ, and he was sure before the night was through he would have more than one man or woman throwing themselves at his feet, begging to be his for the night. Eric had quite the following in both Nevada and around the world. He was the vampire everyone wanted. He often indulged his fame, taking numerous partners over a night to satisfy his lust and hunger. He was a vampire after all, so why shouldn’t he fuck and feed to his heart’s content? He enjoyed sex, and he had some of the most beautiful people in the world offering themselves to him. Just last month he had a famous Hollywood starlet on her knees before him. It was definitely good to be King! However, that night there was only one person on his mind… His Husband!

It was their fiftieth anniversary and just as they had done for the previous forty-nine, they planned to spend it together. They had to re-consummate their pledging as was tradition amongst their kind, something Eric was looking forward to very much. He couldn’t wait to fuck his husband and be fucked by him. The two of them didn’t live together, his husband had his own Kingdom to run, but they tried to see each other at least a few times a year. Their union wasn’t one of love, but rather one born of a deep-seated respect and affection. They had known each other for nearly nine-hundred and fifty years, having met when Eric was just a young vampire. The two of them had established a firm friendship that endured the test of time.

When Eric’s former Queen, Freyda Nulah, was ended in a cowardly attack by Felipe de Castro and a group of disloyal vampires eighty years earlier, The Viking hadn’t hesitated to seek assistance and shelter with his friend, the King of California, Ben Warlow. The two of them had plotted revenge on the caped vampire, and twenty-five years to the night de Castro had betrayed his former Queen seizing her throne for himself, Eric had taken his head and reclaimed the throne that had once belonged to his beloved Queen. Five years after that night, Eric Northman and Ben Warlow had pledged themselves to a hundred-year union. In the fifty years that followed, both of their Kingdoms flourished. They were considered the power couple in the vampire world, and two of the hottest vampires in the world.

Eric smirked while he recalled their pledging and the fun that followed. The two of them had never been ones to do things quietly nor traditionally, at least not The Authority’s idea of tradition. They had their own traditions they always honored. Eric and Warlow each had distinctive personalities and their pledging displayed that for the whole vampire world to see.


December 1965

“This is highly irregular!” Bill Compton, the Authority representative exclaimed as he went over the plan for the pledging that would take place that night. The pledging of two vampires was a sacred thing in his opinion, not the mockery the Kings of Nevada and California were planning. If he was The Guardian, he would have stopped the whole thing and refused to approve their union. However, he wasn’t The Guardian of the Authority, he was only a Chancellor. Rosalyn Harris was The Guardian and she had not only approved of the union, she had given it her blessing and would be performing the ceremony personally. 

“Your objection is noted and ignored,” Rosalyn replied as her assistant helped her slip on the pure, white robe she would wear to conduct the ceremony. She rolled her eyes while she listened to Bill go on about tradition and respect. “Nevada and California are both considerably older than you, Chancellor,” she added, silencing his whining protests, “They have forgotten more of the history of our kind than you will ever know. Perhaps you should think about that before continuing on with your tantrum over something that does not affect you in the slightest. You are feigning insult over something that does not even concern you. Now, either behave with the respect you claim Nevada and California do not possess, or return to Headquarters and pout in your quarters like a child.”

Bill snapped his mouth shut and said nothing more, motioning as he excused himself from the room. He didn’t approve of the ceremony that the two had planned, nor the party that followed it, but as The Guardian said, it didn’t affect him. He wasn’t involved in any of it as anything more than a guest. For the sake of creating connections with other powerful vampires in attendance, he would keep his mouth shut. He sneered as he passed Nora Gainesborough and Salome Agrippa in the hallway while he made his way to the ballroom where the ceremony would take place.

“Prick,” Nora said. She flipped him off while she walked by him, almost daring him to try something. She had over four hundred years on him, and had been trained by her brother, Eric Northman, to fight, so she knew she could tear him apart with ease. “His mother should have done us all a favor and swallowed.”

Salome laughed while she hooked her arm through Nora’s and led her down the hallway. She was in too good a mood to allow someone as insignificant as Bill Compton bring her down. Her Maker was pledging to the King of Nevada in an elaborate ceremony she had helped plan. “Compton might be complaining now, but come the ceremony, he will enjoy it like everyone else in attendance. I suspect he will push himself to the front so he can get a better view… Of course, we will have the best view…” 

Nora smiled brightly at Salome’s words. Her on again-off again lover wasn’t wrong. They would have the best view of the night, and Nora could hardly wait for it to begin. When she heard her brother was pledging to Warlow, she had been happy, but she hadn’t expected to take part in the ceremony personally. She figured she would be a guest like everyone else. Nora had been shocked when Eric asked her if she would play a part in the ceremony, and the shock had only grown when he told her what he wanted her to do, though she had readily agreed. She would do anything for her brother. Eric had taught her all she knew after their Maker had been ended shortly after she was turned. The Viking was more of a Maker to Nora than a sibling. There was nothing he could ask her that she wouldn’t do.

Turning into the hallway that contained the rooms where the two grooms were getting ready, Nora brushed her lips lightly over Salome’s before excusing herself to get ready. Making her way to the room at the end of the hall, Nora nodded at the single guard that stood by the door and entered the room.

“Brother,” Nora greeted warmly when she saw Eric standing in front of a large mirror adjusting his robes.

“Nora,” Eric replied, turning to face her. Although she was his vampire sister, she felt more like a daughter to him. He taught her everything Godric had taught him after their Maker had been sent to his final death by a rival vampire named Appius Livius Ocella six short years after Nora was turned.  

Eric felt a stab of pain as the memory of his Maker rose inside him. He still missed Godric and he knew he always would, but as painful as it had been, he hadn’t stopped living. He had continued on with his life, teaching Nora the way he knew Godric would have wanted. They had even managed to get revenge on Appius Livius Ocella, sending him to meet the True Death twenty years after he had ended their Maker. 

“I hear that idiot, Compton, is complaining about the ceremony,” Eric added, putting aside thoughts of his Maker. It was a night for celebration, not grieving. He would have liked Godric to have been there with them, but it was an impossible wish, and he wouldn’t let the pain of his Maker’s absence bring him down.

“Compton simply isn’t happy if he’s not complaining about something,” Nora snorted while she took off her clothes, and then reached for the yellow dress she was wearing for the ceremony. “He probably fears he’ll enjoy watching two men kiss and is trying to hide that fear by complaining.” The pretty brunette slipped her dress on as she spoke, pairing it with a yellow hairband and a pair of yellow boots, “What do you think? Will I do?”

Eric grinned as he ran his eyes over her. “You look beautiful, sister,” he told her sincerely. There was no one he wanted more to stand with him. Nora was loyal, dedicated, and as fierce as they came.

“You look quite handsome,” Nora complimented while she stepped toward him to straighten his robes. “Warlow won’t be able to keep his hands off you tonight.”

Eric pressed his lips gently to Nora’s forehead before pulling back and reaching for the crown he had to wear for the ceremony. He stared in the mirror as he placed it on his head. He never wanted to be King, but when de Castro and his band of disloyal followers had attacked his former Queen and murdered her, Eric had sworn he would never rest until de Castro was blood and guts under his feet. He owed it to Freyda to avenge her death. Once he had taken the throne, Eric found he rather enjoyed being King. Pledging to Warlow was a strategic move on both of their parts. They were much stronger together than apart.

“It is time,” Eric said firmly, making his way to the door.


Nora walked two steps behind Eric as they entered the ballroom. She shadowed his movements, smiling when she realized all eyes were on her brother. He looked every bit the King he was. It was a show of strength, Eric was sending a message to every vampire there that night, it was a message they all heard loud and clear… Don’t Fuck With Me!

Moving toward the raised platform in the middle of the room, Eric stepped onto it and waited for Nora to do the same. He was proud of his sister as she moved to stand behind him and to the left. She was giving off an untouchable vibe, and many vampires were noticing. His sister would be quite the force to be reckoned with one day. 

Eric smirked when he saw a second set of doors open and Warlow waltzed through them. Just as Nora had done, Salome walked two steps behind her Maker, letting everyone know she was his chosen second. Eric tracked Warlow’s movements through the ballroom until he stepped onto the platform.  

Warlow stood in front of Eric, a little under three feet between them. The older vampire smiled at his husband-to-be while Salome took her place behind to her Maker to his left. He had heard the rumblings of disapproval among some of the vampires, and, like Eric, he didn’t care. He was the eldest vampire in the room, hell, in the entire U.S., and he’d be damned if he would bow down to snot-nosed little brats like Bill Compton.

Once Eric and Warlow had taken their places on the platform, Rosalyn stepped onto it. She stood to the right of them on a slightly raised dais. “You are all here to witness the pledging of The King of California and The King of Nevada,” she began, her voice clear and reaching throughout the entire ballroom. “A pledging is a sacred union and any outside attempt to destroy it will be met with the harshest punishment…” She paused for several seconds to allow her words to sink in before continuing, “Blood is the foundation on which our kind are built. Blood is life, it is death, it is everything we are. The union between California and Nevada will be sealed with their blood. They will share their blood, they will share their bodies, they will share their wealth, and they will share their lives. Everything that Eric Northman, the King of Nevada, has will also belong Ben Warlow. Everything that Ben Warlow, the King of California, has will also belong to Eric Northman. The first offering of unity will be witnessed by all here tonight…” 

Rosalyn cast her gaze over the ballroom, noting all of those who had taken her words to heart and the ones who appeared disgusted by what they were about to witness. She knew that many vampires were unsettled by the union between California and Nevada. They feared what it could mean for them. It was no secret that Eric Northman and Ben Warlow were two of the most powerful vampires in the U.S. They were both warriors at heart, and neither one of them minded getting blood on their swords. Their union strengthened them, making them virtually untouchable. Many of the greedy, power-hungry vampires didn’t like that. They couldn’t try to overthrow someone who had the means and ability to completely destroy them. Rosalyn suspected that was the reason most of them were feigning approval over the pledging and ceremony. In truth, there were some attempting to stir up discord among the others. They were also trying to isolate the two Kings from many of the other monarchs. In Rosalyn’s opinion, the attempts were futile. The Queens of Louisiana, Michigan, and Iowa as well as The Kings of Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, and Illinois were all intrigued, and had all been looking forward to witnessing it. 

“King Northman,” Rosalyn continued, returning her gaze to the two grooms. “Present your Royal Gift to your Intended…”

Eric smirked when he looked at Nora over his shoulder and gave her a slight nod, telling her to step forward. Removing a small mahogany box from a pocket in his robe, he handed it to his chosen second, instructing her to present it to Warlow on his behalf.

Nora bowed before her King and brother, and then turned to face The King of California. She kept her head high as she walked the short distance between him and Eric. “Your Majesty,” she greeted, her tone carrying through the ballroom while she bowed before him in a sign of respect. “I present you with the Royal Gift from my King, Eric the Norseman.” The small wooden box rested on Nora’s outstretched palms as she offered it to Warlow. 

Reaching for the box, Warlow opened the lid and smiled at what it contained. “I accept this gift in the manner it is intended,” he said.

“King Warlow,” Rosalyn said, preparing for the second part. “Present your Royal Gift to your Intended…”

Beckoning Salome forward, Warlow smiled at his child while he reached into his own robe and removed a small oak box. He handed it to his chosen second and instructed her to hand it to Eric on his behalf.

Salome bowed before her King, turning to face The King of Nevada. She mimicked Nora’s actions from minutes earlier, keeping her head high while she made her way to Eric and bowed before him in respect. “Your Majesty, I present you with the Royal Gift from my King, Ben Warlow,” she said, reciting the speech she had written for the ceremony. Like Nora, Salome rested the box on her outstretched palms as she offered it to Eric. 

Opening the lid, Eric smiled when he peered into the box and saw his gift. “I accept this gift in the manner it is intended,” he said. 

Rosalyn couldn’t hide her smile as she flicked her eyes between Eric and Warlow. She was well aware what the gifts were, and what they intended to do next, and she had to admit she was rather amused by the whole thing. Pledging ceremonies were often longwinded, dull affairs that she rarely attended anymore, but once she had heard what Nevada and California were planning, she had all but jumped at the chance to be there. She had even offered to perform the ceremony personally.

Eric looked over Salome’s shoulder at Warlow while they prepared for the second part of the gift exchange. The two of them had had great fun coming up with the perfect ceremony for themselves, and Eric had been looking forward to the gift exchange. He thought it was one of Warlow’s better ideas.

Reaching into the box, Eric removed the leather cock ring that his Intended had chosen just for him, handing it to Salome while opening the front of his robe and revealing to everyone present that he was naked beneath it. He grinned as he watched the Biblical whore sink to her knees before him.

Salome gripped Eric’s penis and slid the cock ring over it. She tightened it as she had been instructed, and then opened her mouth and began sucking The Viking’s cock. She laughed when she felt Eric cover her with his robe.

Warlow mimicked Eric’s moves, removing his own cock ring from the small box, handing it to Nora. He opened his robe, revealing his naked state as Nora sank to her knees before him. He held his robes wide open, allowing everyone to watch as Nora slid the cock ring over his flaccid member. Warlow grunted when he felt Nora’s cool, wet mouth slide over his cock, and he closed his robes, concealing her beneath them while she continued to tease him with her mouth.  

Bill watched the spectacle with thinly disguised disgust. In his opinion, Kings Northman and Warlow were making a mockery of the sacred ceremony. Marriage to him, be it human or supernatural, was the highest commitment anyone could make. It was a sacred promise, a vow… It wasn’t supposed to be a side show! He would have never dishonored himself or his intended by having his dick sucked during the service. As far as Bill was concerned, it was only further proof that Eric and Warlow weren’t fit to be Kings. He swore when he was Guardian of the Authority that he would strip them both of their Kingdoms and destroy their union.  

Eric groaned as Salome sucked him to rigidity. The cock ring tightened almost to the point of pain, making it feel all the more exquisite. When Warlow had suggested cock rings as pledging gifts, Eric had readily agreed. It wasn’t as if either of the vampires actually needed them, their stamina was legendary. However, the idea of having their chosen seconds put them on the other and then suck them to arousal while the rest of the ceremony continued had thrilled and stimulated Eric. It wasn’t the norm when it came to pledging ceremonies and for Eric, that made it all the sweeter. He loved feeling the eyes of his fellow vampires on him, many of them wishing to be right where he was, with Salome’s lips around his aching cock.

Salome hollowed her cheeks while she sucked more forcefully on Eric’s hard length. Her job was to get him hard and keep him that way. Eric wasn’t supposed to cum before he consummated the pledging with Warlow. Moving her hands behind Eric, Salome slid her hands up his thighs and grabbed his ass while she swallowed around his cock, the head hitting the back of her throat. 

Eric bit back a curse when he felt Salome taking his cock down her throat. He had forgotten how perfect she was at sucking cock. Her reputation was well-deserved. Eric turned to stare at the bulge in Warlow’s robe. He smirked when he saw the fabric moving, knowing his sister was underneath it, sucking Warlow’s cock.  

Warlow fought the urge to reach under his robes and grab Nora’s head when he felt her sucking his balls into her mouth. Having his dick sucked while he married someone may not have been traditional, but it fucking worked for him! Nora’s mouth felt so good on his cock as she teased and tormented. 

Nora moaned while she sucked one of Warlow’s balls into her mouth. She teased him with her tongue before wrapping her lips around his cock again. She could feel her own desire dripping down her legs, the brunette having forgone panties, and she made a note to grab Salome after the ceremony was over so she could get her own release.

Rosalyn checked the room again as she prepared to move on to the blood sharing part of the ceremony. The pretty redhead wasn’t at all surprised to see Bill looking so disgusted as he watched the stage, although a quick glance at his crotch told her that as much as he was disgusted, he was equally excited. A few others mirrored Bill’s reaction to the matter, but for the most part, it seemed as though everyone was enjoying the ceremony. Mississippi and Michigan were smiling brightly and nodding in approval as they watched, openly supporting it all. 

“With the giving and receiving of gifts, Nevada and California have accepted the first offering. The second offering of unity is blood,” Rosalyn said. She nodded as a young, dark-skinned vampire handed her a jeweled chalice and sacred knife. Stepping off her raised dais, Rosalyn moved to stand before Eric, careful not to step on Salome. “King Northman of Nevada, do you offer freely your blood to King Warlow?”

“I do,” Eric answered firmly, trying hard not to buck his hips while Salome continued to suck him under the robe. He took the knife offered by Rosalyn as she handed it to him. Eric watched while Rosalyn clutched the chalice firmly in her hands and held it out before her. “I give my blood freely to Ben Warlow,” he added while he dragged the sharp blade over his wrist, tearing his flesh open, and letting his blood drop into the chalice. He waited until the chalice was half-filled before pulling his wrist away, bringing it to his mouth, and running his tongue over the open wound to seal it.  

Taking the knife from Eric, Rosalyn turned to face Warlow, once again being careful this time not to step on Nora, “King Warlow of California, do you offer freely your blood to King Northman?” 

“I do,” Warlow replied without hesitation. He repeated Eric’s actions, cutting his wrist, and bleeding into the chalice until it was full.

“The sharing of blood will bind The King of Nevada and The King of California together for one hundred years,” Rosalyn declared as she stepped to the side, letting Eric and Warlow take center stage again. “The blood is sacred!” She handed the full chalice to Eric adding, “King Northman of Nevada, do you accept the blood of King Warlow?” 

“I do,” Eric replied as he brought the chalice to his mouth. He parted his lips and tipped the chalice back, drinking the combined blood, and accepting Warlow as his Pledged. Eric moaned while he drank his share of the blood, jolts of pleasure shooting through him, and for a second he thought he might cum. Eric’s eyes were almost as black as night when he handed the chalice back to Rosalyn so she could hand it to Warlow. He was more than ready for the ceremony to be over so he could get a little release.

Warlow grinned rakishly at Eric. He knew full well where The Viking’s mind was and like Eric, he couldn’t wait either. He needed to fuck and be fucked. Unfortunately for both of them, they still weren’t quite finished.

“King Warlow of California, do you accept the blood of King Northman?” Rosalyn asked as she handed the half-filled chalice to Warlow. 

“I do,” Warlow answered as he took the chalice. Bringing the chalice to his lips, Warlow drank what remained of the combined blood, groaning in delight as their combined flavors exploded on his tongue. His hips jerked forward before he could stop himself and he drove his cock down Nora’s throat.

The scent of arousal filled the ballroom, the scene the guests were watching inspiring the same in nearly all present. Many of the vampires would have loved to have been in either Eric or Warlow’s place that night.  Unhappily for them, they were consigned to guests only. 

Taking the chalice from Warlow, Rosalyn handed it to her assistant, making a note to return both it and the knife to the couple after the ceremony. “With the giving and receiving of blood, the pledging between King Eric Northman and King Ben Warlow is binding,” she declared for all in attendance. “May their union be prosperous. Honored guests, I give you the Pledged couple, King Northman and King Warlow!” 

“King Northman and King Warlow!” The cheer went around the ballroom in celebration of their union.

 “You may kiss your Pledged,” Rosalyn said and stepped back onto her raised dais.

Moving in perfect synchronicity, Eric and Warlow opened their robes, revealing Salome and Nora still sucking their cocks. Silently, they instructed the women to stop and waited for them rise to their feet to retake their places before moving toward one another.  

Eric fisted his hands in Warlow’s short brown hair, pulling him toward him as he lowered his head and crashed his lips meeting those of his new husband. He moaned into the kiss when he felt Warlow dart out his tongue, opening his mouth, and giving his husband access.

Warlow swept his tongue into Eric’s mouth while he pressed his body against The Viking’s. He could feel the stiffness of Eric’s cock through his robes, making Warlow wanting nothing more than to sink to his knees to take him in his mouth. Regrettably, that urge would have to wait until later. They had a reception to attend before he could enjoy his new husband’s body. 

Breaking the kiss, Eric couldn’t resist palming Warlow’s cock through his robes before taking a step back. His eyes shone with the promise of indescribable pleasure, and neither of them wanted to wait until Eric could make good on that promise. 

 “You have twenty-four hours to consummate the pledging,” Rosalyn informed them before bidding them both adieu.  

Eric and Warlow nodded at The Guardian, and then turned to face their guests. They would spend a few hours mingling with them, letting their arousal grow even more ferocious until they could excuse themselves so they could consummate their pledging… 


Eric grunted uncomfortably when he felt his cock press against his zipper. His trip down memory lane had turned him on and he reached down to adjust himself, trying to make himself a little more comfortable. Just as he had on every anniversary ever since they married, Eric wore his Royal Gift. Over the years, the two of them had purchased numerous cock rings as well as other toys with which to play, but on the night of their anniversary, he would only wear the one Warlow had presented him. For the remainder of the year, it was safely locked away.

“Warlow will be pleased to see that,” Nora said cheekily when she entered Eric’s room and noticed the bulge in his pants.

“See it, touch it, suck it, fuck it,” Eric replied, chuckling. Before the night was over his husband would do it all. “Is everything ready?” He asked, thinking about the anniversary gift he had arranged for Warlow.

“It is,” Nora answered. “It is waiting for you at The Grange.”

Eric nodded in reply while he moved around his room, collecting his belongings so he could leave. Normally they would spend their anniversary at one of the palaces, rarely leaving their room until the next night. However, this year Warlow had requested that Eric meet him at The Grange, a hotel and casino owned by Eric. Warlow had booked the penthouse suite for a few nights for reasons Eric had yet to determine. All his husband had told him was that he had a special surprise for him.

Turning to face Nora, Eric arched a brow when he noticed what she was wearing. It definitely wasn’t her work clothes; no, this was a dress for pleasure. The black dress clung to her body showing off her curves. “Meeting Salome?” He inquired, wondering if their on again-off again relationship was back on. The two of them were making up and breaking up every decade or so. The last he had heard it had been off after Salome took up with some human who worked for Warlow.

“Yes,” Nora answered with a smile. “We are going to hit up a club or two and see where it takes us.”

Eric grinned at his sister, knowing what she really meant was that they would go to a club and end up having sex in the bathroom. As long as they didn’t cause an orgy this time, he didn’t care. He didn’t want to have to glamour and bribe the Las Vegas PD again to get her dismissed of indecency charges. “Have fun, sister,” he said while he snatched up his keys and made his way to the door. Eric slapped Nora on the ass when he passed her. Odin knows I’m about to… He had a husband to meet.


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  1. You crack me up! Another trip down smutty lane and boy am I happy I brought my basket and cha cha heels! Guess on the naughty or nice scale we know which end is more fun. Now excuse me while I go find that cold shower!

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  2. Yummy!
    Ok. A short WIP I can do 🙂 One with daily updates? Awesome !!!! Thank you thank you thank you. I’ve been missing my fanfic! Wish I could read more WIP. Still so much study to do!

    This story is going to be brilliant! Love Eric and Warlows playfulness 🙂

    And bill? Hope he falls on a toothpick

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      • 🙂 RL is kicking my but. Nothing bad, but between study and work I discovered that WIP are an enjoyable distraction. Unfortunately too much of an enjoyable distraction lol, my brain can’t seem to shut down on wondering ‘what next’ lol.
        Finish study I a few months, so hopefully I can balance work and WIP again!

        I am looking forward to seeing Bill suffer, as I’m sure he will lol. I know you won’t give HIM. A HEA 😉

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