The Anniversary: Chapter Five

<-<-The Anniversary

Chapter Five

“Stand up,” Eric ordered when he broke the kiss. His eyes gleamed with desire, a desire also reflected in Warlow’s eyes. They both wanted their little Star, and they would both have her. Sookie may have been Eric’s anniversary gift, but The Viking was generous and didn’t mind sharing her with his husband. He was eager to hear Sookie scream with pleasure and watch while Warlow’s cock slammed into her sweet, little pussy.

It took Sookie a second to do as he ordered. Her consciousness had taken a back seat to the sensations her body was experiencing. She was so consumed by the ambiance of them all around her that she could barely think straight. Her legs trembled slightly as she stood in the center of the bed between the two of them, and she had to balance herself by gripping Eric’s shoulder with one hand. Sparks of pleasure shot through the blonde when she felt Eric and Warlow’s heated gazes upon her. She could all but sense them fucking her with their eyes.

Eric grinned darkly as he stared up at her. She was a vision from the Gods, she had to be, it was the only explanation for someone looking so exquisite. Placing his hands on her knees, Eric slowly ran them up her legs, teasing her with a gentle touch, then slowly sliding them behind her and grabbing her ass. He gave her backside a firm squeeze before slipping his finger under the red ribbon once more. He twisted his finger in the ribbon, pulling it tight against Sookie’s flesh, giving it a sharp yank that tore it in two, letting it flutter to the bed. “Beautiful,” he growled when he took his first real look at her pussy. He licked his lips while he stared at her, feasting on her with his eyes before he would devour her with his lips, tongue, and teeth.

Arousal flooded Sookie’s body, and she panted out a breath as Eric just stared at her bare pussy. She didn’t think it was possible to be so stimulated by someone just staring at her pussy, but there she was, essences dripping down her legs while Eric gazed hungrily upon her.

Leaning in, Eric buried his face between Sookie’s legs and took a deep breath, capturing her scent and committing it to memory. He held himself there for several long seconds, just taking her in until the scent of her excitement filled his senses. His cock ached agonizingly and he was impatient, eager to thrust into her, hard, making her scream, yet, at the same time, he wanted to wait. He wanted to drive her mad with desire first, he wanted to tease her, to torment her, and then he wanted to fuck her, firm and deep.

Sookie trembled in anticipation while she stood on the bed and felt the breath she knew Eric didn’t need fan across her heated sex. She was so close to cumming and they had barely touched her. She flinched slightly when she felt Warlow’s hand slide up her legs behind her. “Oh!” She moaned when Warlow moved his large hands between her legs, silently instructing her to open them wider. She shifted on the bed, her feet unsteady and she expanded her stance, letting her legs part further.

“Isn’t she the most beautiful creature you have ever laid eyes on?” Warlow said as he ran a single calloused finger over her pussy. “Taste her, husband,” he ordered, his tone strong and commanding while he pulled his finger back. “Dine on the sweetest pussy you will ever taste. Fuck her with your tongue until she explodes all over your face.”

Eric didn’t need to be told twice. Resting his hands on her thighs, Eric snaked out his tongue and ran it along the length of her pussy, pulling her taste into his mouth. He groaned as the flavor that was completely Sookie exploded on his tongue. She tasted finer than he had ever imagined, and he realized that Warlow was right… One taste and he was addicted.

Sookie tightened her grip on Eric’s shoulder when she felt him drag his tongue over her sex again. Moans spilled from her lips as she gave herself over to the feel of his mouth on her pussy. “Oh!” She cried out in rapture when Eric wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked on it fervently.   

Eric held Sookie firmly while he indulged in her sex. She had the sweetest honey he had ever tasted and he gorged himself on her, savoring every drop that flowed out of her. Eric could feel the evidence of her arousal dripping down his chin and it just spurred him on further. He swore before the sun rose he would drown himself in her juices. 

Warlow’s eyes glinted with excitement and he felt his cock grow even stiffer while he watched his husband feast on the pussy of their young starlet and listened to her cries of bliss. He knew from experience how much Sookie loved getting her pussy eaten. Many a night had he buried his head between her firm thighs and pleasured her with his mouth until she could no longer take any more. A satisfied grin tugged at his lips as many libidinous ideas filled his head. There were so many things he wanted to do before Sookie had to leave them on Christmas Eve, and he decided it was time he joined in the fun.

Moving his hands to Sookie’s ass, Warlow caressed her firm flesh before parting her cheeks and ducking his head. He chuckled lustfully, darting out his tongue and circling it around her puckered hole. Warlow kept a firm hold on Sookie’s ass while he pushed his tongue against her. “Mmm,” he groaned, rimming her ass with his tongue. “I cannot wait to see my husband’s cock slamming into your tight, little ass.”

Sookie sunk her nails into Eric’s shoulder once she felt Warlow penetrate her ass with his tongue. Her legs shook under the weight of the hedonistic pleasure she was feeling, and she knew it was due to Eric and Warlow that she was still upright. They were holding her up while they fucked her with their mouths. “Oh fuck! Please… Please… Please,” she begged as the two of them played her body so expertly.

A deep rumble worked its way up from Eric’s chest when he heard Sookie pleas. He stiffened his tongue and thrust it into her sopping wet pussy, giving her a small taste of what was to come once he finally had his hard cock inside her. He groaned when he felt honey pour out of her and coat his jaw. From the way he heard Warlow moaning from behind her, Eric recognized his husband was having just as much fun fucking Sookie’s ass with his tongue. Part of him wanted to tell Warlow what to do next, but a bigger part wanted to feel Sookie break apart while he had his tongue up her cunt.

Warlow poked her with his tongue a few more times before pulling back slightly. A wicked grin lit up his handsome face as he leaned forward quickly and nipped at Sookie’s ass, making her jerk. He rubbed a rough hand over her ass, soothing the bite. Leaning back slightly, Warlow fastened his eyes on Sookie’s round ass, anticipating the moment he would watch Eric thrust his big, hard, thick cock into her. He wasn’t sure why, for some reason watching his husband fuck someone’s ass really turned him on. Maybe it was because he knew how fantastic it felt to have Eric’s cock slamming into his own ass. “I wonder if our little Hollywood star would enjoy having her clit sucked while she had a cock inside her pussy,” Warlow mused aloud, enticing both of his lovers. He chuckled when he heard Sookie moan at the mere thought, her moan turning into a cry of pleasure when Eric growled against her pussy, letting Warlow know he was on board with the idea.

Pushing himself up onto his knees, Warlow pressed himself against Sookie’s back, rubbing his stiff cock against her ass as he wrapped an arm around her waist, holding her tightly to keep her upright. “Would you like that, Sookie?” He teased, whispering the words directly into her ear. “Would you like to feel my cock inside your tight, little cunt while Eric sucks your clit? Just imagine how magnificent it will feel, my Star, my thick cock stretching your sweet pussy while Eric flicks your clit at vampire speed with his tongue. He will make you cum over and over until you can’t take any more. You’ll beg him to stop, and at that precise moment… I will fuck your perfect pussy with deep, powerful thrusts.”

Sookie felt her legs give out beneath her with the combination of Warlow’s wicked words and Eric’s tongue on her pussy, causing her to crest and reach her climax. She screamed out in rapture as her juices flowed out of her. The strength of her orgasm took her completely by surprise, and she thanked God for the strength of Eric and Warlow as they held her upright, not letting her fall.

Eric zealously accepted all Sookie had to offer, drinking down her essences as they gushed out. He never let up for a second, continuing to fuck her with his tongue and sending her spiraling into a second orgasm mere seconds after the first.

Elation… That was all that Sookie could feel. Screams tore from her lips as she shuddered and shook. She had a moment’s thought that Eric’s tongue should be registered as a deadly weapon, and just as quickly as the thought came it went, washed away in a sea of bliss. As she came down from her second high of the night, Sookie was shocked to discover she was lying flat on her back on the bed. So lost in the gratification they were giving her, she hadn’t even noticed when they pulled her down onto the bed and laid her out for more. “Oh,” she moaned when Eric flashed her a greedy smile then buried his head between her firm thighs once again.

Warlow grinned wolfishly while he settled beside Sookie. He took both of her wrists in one of his large hands and pinned them to the bed above her head, palming her now bare breasts with his other while Eric drove her crazy with his mouth only more. “Make her cum again, Eric,” he ordered. “Drench the bed in her cum.”

Eric growled against Sookie’s drenched sex, sending jolts of ecstasy shooting through her. He lapped insatiably at her pussy, by now addicted to her taste. He could happily spend several nights with his head buried between her legs. Sliding a hand between her quaking thighs, Eric pushed a finger into her pussy, then a second, and finally a third. He stared at his fingers buried in her pussy for several long seconds loving the sight before he started to thrust them into her at a rapid pace. He grinned when he felt another stream of arousal coursing out and covering his hand.

“Oh God!” Sookie screamed, her back arching off the bed after she felt Eric slam his fingers into her pussy. She could feel her third release building and she clawed desperately for it. Whimpers of pure delight spilled from her lips as Warlow and Eric both placed a hand on her stomach and pushed her back down on the bed. She never thought being dominated in the way they were doing to her would excite her so much, but she could not deny nor hide the decadence she was experiencing at their controlling her movements.

Warlow pressed his hand firmly to Sookie’s stomach while he continued to pin her hands above her head. “That’s it, husband, fuck her with your fingers,” he encouraged. “Get her nice and ready for our cocks.”

Eric shuffled himself until he was on his knees between Sookie’s spread legs. He corkscrewed his fingers inside her as he moved his other hand away from her stomach and lower down her body. He pressed his thumb to Sookie’s clit, starting to rub the swollen bundle of nerves at vampire speed, resolved to make her cum yet again.

Sookie sobbed uncontrollably as her desire built and built until she could barely take it! She had had a number of partners over the years, and many of them had brought her great satisfaction, but none like the two vampires who were touching her in that moment. She wanted to keep them both, experiencing everything they could offer. Her eyes fluttered closed as she opened her mouth to scream out in fulfillment as her fourth orgasm slammed into her hard, unrestrained. Not a sound was heard from her as she convulsed on the bed, her voice temporarily stolen, thanks to her skilled vampires.

“Fuck her, husband,” Warlow ordered while he watched Sookie fall apart once more. She was a sight to behold with her tangled blonde hair, pouty lips, and full, firm breasts. A sheen of sweat coated her skin while her chest rose and fell with each breath she took. In that second, Warlow took her for Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Sexuality. The ancient vampire kept his gaze locked on his husband, and he watched as Eric climbed up their Goddess’ body, just as he had told her he would, and thrust his big, hard, and, oh, so beautiful cock into her dripping pussy in one, smooth movement.

Sookie’s eyes shot wide open when she felt Eric’s considerable length slam into her. She felt a moments pain at the physical power of his entry, though as quickly as it came, it was gone, and she was left feeling an indescribable satisfaction. Sookie planted her feet on the bed and raised her hips, thrusting up against Eric, telling him she wanted more.

“So fucking beautiful,” Warlow growled as his eyes took in the sight of Eric’s cock sliding into Sookie’s welcoming pussy. Sliding a hand down her body, Warlow pushed it between her legs and started rubbing her clit at vampire speed while Eric fucked her hard, deep.

Eric braced his hands on the bed either side of Sookie’s head and stared down at her while he plunged his cock into her pussy. His pace was steady while his thrusts were intense and forceful.  He growled, feeling her warm, wet cunt surrounding him so completely. He swore he had found Valhalla between her tanned, firm thighs. Sookie had the sweetest pussy he had ever had the pleasure to fuck. Eric angled his hips as he slid his hard length into her again, making sure to hit the perfect spot inside her. He grinned smugly when he saw her eyes widen in delight.

“Oh God! More… Please,” Sookie pleaded while she met him thrust for thrust. “Faster… Go faster… Fuck me faster!”

Eric bared his fangs and increased the pace of his thrusts, driving into her sweet body with added force and speed. He dropped his gaze to where they were joined and watched in excitement as his cock slid in and out of her pussy. “So fucking good,” he growled. “Such a sweet cunt. So tight… So wet…” So lost in the feel of his blonde-haired Hollywood star, Eric never noticed Warlow climbing off the bed and moving to stand at its end.

Warlow stripped off his clothes as he stood at the foot of the bed and watched his husband fuck the young blonde. It was a magnificent sight to behold, and he wrapped his hand around his aching cock, stroking himself in time with Eric’s thrusts. Bending down, he pulled a small tube out of his pants pocket before discarding them again. Warlow unscrewed the top of the tube, and squeezing a generous amount of lube into his hand, used it to coat his hard length. He wasn’t sure whose ass he wanted more in that moment, his gorgeous husband’s or the bad girl of Hollywood’s. The decision was made for him while he watched Eric’s ass rise and fall between Sookie’s tanned thighs.

The ancient vampire licked his lips while he climbed back onto the bed, but this time behind Eric. Warlow pressed a hand to the base of Eric’s spine silently communicating what he wanted. He grinned when Eric dropped down on Sookie, bracing himself on his elbows so he could keep his full weight off her. Warlow dropped a kiss just above Eric’s ass, and then slowly kissed his way up his husband’s back. He settled himself over, careful not to add too much weight.  After all, he couldn’t have them crushing their little starlet. Warlow thrust his cock between Eric’s cheeks provocatively, tempting him with what was to come.

Sookie whined when Eric stopped moving inside her, and she glared up at him, thinking he was just tormenting her. The whine turned into the most alluring gasp when she noticed Warlow over Eric’s shoulder. The realization of what was happening caused her body to flood with arousal for what felt like the thousandth time that night. “God… Yes!”

Eric locked his eyes on Sookie’s and held himself still when he felt his husband part his cheeks and press the head of his cock to his ass. Eric’s hips jerked forward, driving his cock hard into Sookie’s pussy while instantaneously feeling Warlow push the head of his cock into his ass. “Fuck!” He parted his legs a little further, giving his husband more room to work. It took great effort, but Eric held himself completely still inside of Sookie until Warlow buried his cock completely in Eric’s ass. The feeling of Sookie’s pussy gripping his cock so tightly while Warlow’s cock was deep in his ass was the most exquisite indulgence Eric had ever felt, and in that very moment, he made his decision to find a way to keep their blonde-haired Star. She was meant to be theirs!

Warlow reveled in the feeling of having his cock in Eric’s ass! It didn’t matter how many times they had done it; he would never get tired or bored of fucking his husband. “Your ass was made for my cock,” he purred in Eric’s ear. “I could fuck it for hours.”

“Do it!” Eric growled, wanting just that. He wanted to feel Warlow’s cock in his ass for hours, then he would switch places with him. He wanted to fuck his husband while his husband fucked their Star.

Warlow pulled back until just the head of his cock was still in Eric’s ass before pushing forward slowly, burying himself completely in his husband once more. He kept his pace steady for several agonizing minutes, letting his husband grow accustomed to him again. “You feel so fucking good,” he groaned when he pulled out almost all the way again. He moved one hand to Eric’s hip, gripping it tightly as he surged forward and thrust his cock fiercely into Eric’s ass.

“AHHH!” It was Sookie who cried out. Warlow’s forceful thrusts were causing Eric to slam his cock inside her harder. She clutched at Eric’s shoulders as she raised her legs higher around his waist, letting him sink deeper into her. For the fifth time that night she felt coils tighten inside her, ready to explode and wash her away in a sea of untold joy.

Eric groaned when he felt Warlow increase the forcefulness of his thrusts. His husband knew just what he liked and was giving him it. He timed his thrusts with his Warlow’s, slamming into Sookie as Warlow slammed into him. He knew the strength of his husband’s thrusts were causing him to take their little blonde star more demandingly, but she didn’t seem to mind! Given the way her pussy clenched around his cock, he would say she fucking loved it!

Warlow grit his teeth as he fucked his husband’s ass with deep, powerful strokes. He tightened his grip on Eric’s hip, his fingers digging into his flesh as he rotated his hips. If Eric were mortal, he would have had some serious bruises due to the strength of Warlow’s grip, instead he demanded his husband fuck him harder.

Sookie babbled incoherently as wave after wave of ecstasy crashed over. One completion bled into another, and she was powerless to do anything but get swept away with pleasure. She lost track of all sense of time, she had no idea if a second, minute, or even an hour passed, she just clung to Eric, loving the sensation of his cock pounding into her over and over until he came with a deafening roar.

Eric’s hips jerked erratically as he came, spilling his seed inside Sookie’s welcoming body. He held himself over her, keeping his cock snugly encased in her warmth. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he was hard again. He had an amazing rebound rate, faster than most vampires, and he wanted to see Sookie’s face while he stiffened inside her. Eric grunted and groaned in delight, feeling his husband slam his amazing cock inside his ass. “Fuck…Harder!” He demanded.

Warlow snarled and moved more of his body over Eric, weighing him down and pressing him more forcefully against Sookie, pushing her into the mattress. He grabbed one of Eric’s shoulder firmly, using it for leverage and drove his cock as hard as he could without causing any pain into his husband’s tight ass. His hips were a blur as he increased his pace, fucking Eric at vampire speed. Warlow felt his balls tighten as his orgasm neared, and he heaved forward, burying himself to the hilt in Eric’s ass. He held himself deep inside his husband as he felt his cock swell and release, emptying his seed inside his husband for the first, but not last, time that night.

“Oh God!” Sookie screamed, her eyes widening in shock when she felt Eric swelling inside her. Her body sparked with desire as she felt her pussy stretch around his hardening length. “Oh fuck…”

Eric chuckled while he watched the pleasure flash across her face. He rubbed against her, grinding his pubic bone against her clit, causing her pleasure to increase. “Ready for Round Two, Lover?” He asked.

“Fuck, yes!” Sookie cried, more than ready. If Round Two was as good as Round One, Sookie doubted she would be leaving on Christmas Eve as originally planned. She was addicted to their cocks. Her eyes fluttered closed when Eric gave her a sharp thrust and she missed the whispered words exchanged between the two vampires. A cry of discontent spilled from her lips when she felt Eric pull his magnificent cock out and she opened her eyes and pouted up at him. Before she had a chance to say anything, Sookie felt a large pair of arms wrapping around her, and she laughed in delight when in the blink of an eye, she found herself on her knees, straddling an excited Warlow while Eric knelt behind her. Sookie wasn’t sure if it was her own arousal or Eric’s cum that dripped out of her when she realized what they were ready to do though in that moment, but then she didn’t much care.

Warlow wrapped a hand around his hard cock and lined it up as he stared at Eric over Sookie’s shoulder. He grinned at his husband, loving the look of absolute happiness on Eric’s face. “Happy Anniversary, Husband…”

Eric smirked back at Warlow while he pressed the head of his cock against Sookie’s ass. “Happy Anniversary,” he replied, pushing forward at the exact same time as his husband, working his way into her ass while Warlow buried himself in Sookie’s pussy.

Sookie screamed out in pure bliss when she felt them both sink their cocks into her in chorus. Fireworks went off behind her eyes and she chanted both their names as they began to move into her in perfect rhythm.

Eric stared down at his cock and watched as it slid in and out of Sookie’s ass. The greatest anniversary present ever… Happy Anniversary, indeed.

15 thoughts on “The Anniversary: Chapter Five

  1. Delightfully descriptive giving me the perfect dreams to celebrate the day with. To finish this chapter just when they begin to ‘double team’ Sookie forces me to go back and reread the chapter so I don’t miss any morsel of delight. 🙂 So looking forward to the next chapter.

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  2. So much love for this!! I am hoping this review goes through, cause you so much deserve it!!! And frankly, I think my hubby will be loving the fact I read this as well. Thanks for the images!!!!


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