Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Four

<<<Masque of the Red Death

Chapter Four

It took centuries of hard fought control to keep Eric from bursting through the door to Freyda’s office. He could feel his child’s pleasure, and it was driving him wild, especially knowing it was because of his Hellcat. In his mind he could see all the dirty things they were doing to each other and he was desperate to see if reality was as good as his imagination.

Closing his hand around the doorknob, Eric twisted it and pushed the door open slowly. A groan was torn from his lips as his eyes zeroed in on Sookie and Freyda. Nothing his mind had thought up was half as good as what was laid out before his eyes. Eric had seen so much in his many years, and done even more, but nothing in his thousand years walking the earth was as arousing as seeing his Hellcat and child writhing on Freyda’s large desk completely naked with their heads buried in the other’s crotch.

Stepping into the office, Eric closed and locked the door before strolling toward the desk. He wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked himself gently while he circled the desk, his eyes never leaving the two naked women. He had participated in countless orgies over his many years, fucked some of the most beautiful women in the world, and generally sated his desire in any way he saw fit, but all of that paled in comparison to what he was seeing and feeling through the bond he shared with his eldest child.

Sookie shivered when she felt the heated gaze of the Viking on her. She had known the second he had stepped in the room, her body attuned to his told her he was close. Arousal flowed from her as she heard his bare feet pad softly against the floor. She hadn’t known what to expect when he found her fucking his child, but the anticipation had driven her nearly to the brink of release. Sookie hadn’t planned on fucking Freyda when she had followed the Queen back to her office. Sookie had just been planning on waiting for Eric, but when she stepped inside she remembered delivering Claudette to the office earlier in the night, and Sookie had gotten a mental flash of the buxom fairy on all fours, eating Freyda’s pussy, while Eric pounded into her hard from behind. The mental image had been enough to send Sookie’s desire into overdrive and she had backed Freyda up against her desk, and buried her fingers deep inside the Queen’s pussy before the other woman knew what was happening.

Pushing herself up on her knees, Sookie arched her back and met Eric’s heated gaze as Freyda continued to do wicked things to her with her tongue. Moans spilled from Sookie’s lips and she rocked her hips back and forth, riding the Queen’s face. When it came to oral sex, vampires were always the best partners. The fact that they didn’t need to breath meant they could go for hours without stopping.

Eric’s eyes were dark as night as he gazed upon his woman riding his child’s face. The sounds Sookie was making were going straight to his cock, and Eric swore it felt as hard as steel. He was desperate for some relief, but, at the same time, he didn’t want to stop Sookie and Freyda from having their fun. Eric knew he could take care of himself; it wouldn’t be the first time. In fact, he vividly remembered doing just that on Sookie’s chest six years ago…

Leif licked his lips as he stared down at Scarlett lying naked on the bed. In his eyes she was the epitome of perfection with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and body made for sin. She was what he had been seeking for almost a thousand years without knowing it. She was meant to be his, he was as sure of that as he was that the sun set every day. For three nights he had worshipped her body and shown her pleasures she all but dreamt of. She was a vixen when it came to sex, allowing him to do every deliciously sinful thing he wanted without hesitation or fear. 

Straddling Scarlett’s legs, Leif smiled at the blonde and wrapped his hand around his cock. The need to mark her with his scent again was overwhelming and he didn’t even try to fight it. Leif knew she was already saturated in his scent; he had already cum in her mouth, pussy, and ass that night, but the urge to coat her soft skin with his cum was too strong for him to refuse.

He ran his eyes over her body, lingering on her breasts that were heaving with each breath she took. Leif grunted while he stroked his cock hard and fast, the scent of her arousal was perfuming the air, and he realized watching him masturbate was turning her on. His hand moved faster over his cock and he let out a hoarse cry as he came, shooting his pink tinged cum over her ample bosom. “Fuck!”

Eric groaned as he recalled how Scarlett dragged a finger through his cum on her chest and sucked it into her mouth. He had been ready to turn her that night; the only thing that stopped him was the reason she was doing it in the first place. During a break in their fucking, Sookie had told Eric all about her grandmother and why she was working at the hotel. Eric had been impressed that someone so young could be so responsible and selfless, and as much as he wanted her at his side forever, he couldn’t in good conscience take her away from Louisiana at that point. She had a family that needed her if it was going to survive.

Freyda could sense her Maker’s eyes on her and she briefly wondered if she was in trouble for touching the delectable Miss Stackhouse. It was clear from how they reacted to each other in the great hall that there was something special between them. Freyda couldn’t ever recall seeing Eric react to a woman in such a way before. He had seduced countless women, but he had never shown a tenth of the interest in them as he did in the blonde bombshell from Louisiana, with the exception of the woman from six years ago. Yet, Freyda was beginning to wonder if they were one and the same, given the way Eric was reacting to the delectable Miss Stackhouse. Freyda believed it could be so. Without having to be told, Freyda knew Sookie was Eric’s, and she would even go as far as to say Eric was Sookie’s. There was a pull between them that one would have to be blind to not see. Freyda hadn’t thought about trying anything with Sookie when she escorted her back to the office, but the second she felt the blonde’s fingers slam into her pussy, Freyda was lost. She didn’t even try to resist Sookie. She wanted the fairy hybrid one more time. Freyda thought it might even be worth a punishment from her Maker. 

Sookie cried out in rapture as Freyda wrapped her lips around her clit and sucked firmly on the small bundle of nerves. Her body tingled as her release started to build, and Sookie knew it was going to be a big one. She had been desperate for it all night. From the moment she saw Eric across the room, Sookie knew the night was going to end in pleasure, although, she never for one second thought that pleasure would come from the Queen. Not that she was complaining, when it came to eating pussy, Freyda definitely ranked in Sookie’s top five of vampires. 

Leaning forward, Sookie braced a hand against the desk while the first tremors of her orgasm hit her. “Oh God!” Arousal flowed out of her as she was pushed over the edge, her body shaking with the force of her release. Sookie sucked in a deep breath as she tried to get herself under control. Lifting her head, Sookie smiled wickedly at Eric before sliding her hand between Freyda’s spread legs and pushing three fingers deep inside the Queen’s dripping cunt.

Eric growled as he watched Sookie finger fuck his eldest child. His eyes were glued to the blonde’s fingers as she rammed them into Freyda fast and fiercely. He hadn’t forgotten how his Hellcat liked it rough and he was aching to take her again. He wanted to cover her body with his and worship her like the goddess she was. That didn’t mean he wasn’t going to enjoy the show first though. Things were just beginning between him and Sookie; they had all the time in the world to get reacquainted with each other. He was happy to let her have her fun with Freyda first. 


“OH FUCK!” Freyda screamed as the combined efforts of her Maker and Sookie brought her to her umpteenth climax of the night. She gripped the edge of her desk as aftershocks of pleasure shot through her. She had lost count of how many times she came, but she was sure it had to be a new record. Eric and Sookie had been relentless, dragging one orgasm after another out of her in a game of one-upmanship while they teased the other.

Eric chuckled as he pulled his fingers from his ex-wife’s fluttering cunt and took a step back. He had been content to just sit back and watch while his Hellcat fucked his eldest child, but when Sookie had issued the challenge to, “Show me what you’ve got,” Eric had been more than happy to accept.

For more than an hour, Eric and Sookie had used Freyda to rile the other up, giving each other a hint of what they could expect when it was just the two of them. Not that either of them needed the hint; they both remembered how great it was six years previously. However, as with everything else they did, neither of them could just do things the easy way. They enjoyed their games far too much for that.

Sookie grinned at the thoroughly-fucked-looking Queen before turning her attention to the Viking. She felt her pussy clench in anticipation as she dragged her gaze over him. He was, without a doubt, the best-looking man she had ever seen. Sookie licked her lips as she eyed his cock. She couldn’t wait to feel it inside her again. She wanted to feel him stretching her to the point of pain before pounding her as only he could.

Sookie put an extra sway in her step while she sauntered toward Eric, her focus solely on the vampire who had left a mark upon her heart years before. Stopping in front of him, Sookie smiled at him as she took his hand in hers and brought it to her lips. She kept her eyes locked on his as she parted her lips and darted her tongue out. Sookie flicked her tongue over his fingers, tasting Freyda on them. She nipped at the tips of the digits before wrapping her lips around them and sucking them into her mouth. 

The feeling of her warm, wet mouth on his fingers sent a jolt straight to Eric’s cock, and he groaned as images of Sookie on her knees before him ran through his mind. “Freyda, out!” He ordered, not sparing his child a second look. The time for sharing and playing was over. It was time he claimed his woman.

Freyda didn’t need to be told twice; she straightened up and sped out the door, leaving her Maker and Sookie alone. She doubted she would see either of them again that night, and she was fine with that. Unlike Pam, Freyda wasn’t selfish or jealous. She wanted what was best for her Maker, and she believed what was best for him was Sookie.

The door had barely clicked shut before Sookie was sinking to her knees and taking Eric in her mouth. She hummed in pleasure as she wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked with vigor. The time for teasing and taking her time would come later, but right then she needed to feel his stiff, hard cock in her mouth, needed to taste his cum on her tongue before she swallowed it down.

The feeling of her mouth on his cock was exquisite, and Eric lost himself in the sensation. Tangling his hand in her tousled blonde locks, Eric grunted and thrust his hips, fucking her mouth. It might have been more than half a decade since he last felt her mouth on him, but, in that moment, Eric swore it felt like only yesterday. “Suck it, Lover,” he encouraged as he stared down at her and watched as his cock disappeared between her plump lips.

Sookie smiled around his cock before relaxing her throat and taking him as far as she could. She fucking loved the feeling of a cock in her mouth, and there was no better cock than Eric’s. He was the perfect size for her. Big enough to stretch her, but not so big enough as to cause her real, lasting pain.

Eric let out a string of curses when he felt his cock hit the back of Sookie’s throat. Tightening his hand in her hair, Eric used his grip to move her mouth up and down his cock as he jerked his hips. “Fuck!” He growled, feeling the first stirrings of his release building. Only his Hellcat could get him off so quickly. He was legendary for his stamina and here she was, making him cum like a nervous teenager.

Sookie stared up at Eric through her lashes as she let him take control of the blowjob and fuck her mouth. Desire bloomed in her belly and her body ached to feel Eric inside it. Soon, she promised herself.

Eric’s release slammed into him like a freight train; he tightened his grip in Sookie’s hair to the point of pain and jerked his hips as he came, shooting his cool cum into Sookie’s mouth. He groaned as Sookie swallowed all he offered and licked her lips. If he had any doubt that she was the perfect woman, it would have been washed away when he watched her savor his taste. She’s a fucking goddess, he thought as he reached down and pulled her to her feet. Being a vampire meant he had good rebound time; he would be hard in no time at all, but until then he wanted to hold her in his arms.

Sookie smiled as Eric backed them up to the sofa in the room and sat down on it, pulling her into his lap. She shifted in his lap, turning so she was straddling him. She chuckled while she remembered fucking Freyda on the sofa a week earlier. It seemed Freyda’s office got as much action as her own did.

“What is so funny, Lover?” Eric asked, wrapping his arms loosely around her waist.

“I was just thinkin’ ‘bout last week when I fucked Freyda on this sofa,” Sookie answered truthfully. While she may not have had much experience when it came to relationships, preferring physical rather than emotional attachments, she did know enough to know that lies and secrets only caused trouble and destroyed things.

“Mmm,” Eric purred as he moved his hands to her ass and squeezed it softly. “Freyda told me all about it; she went into great detail, telling me how she fucked you with her tongue at vampire speed. Listening to her describe how she spread you wide made me so hard; I bent her over her desk and fucked her for hours.”

Sookie moaned as she pictured it and she started to gently rock back and forth, rubbing herself against Eric’s hardening cock. “I love bein’ bent over a desk and gettin’ fucked hard from behind,” she confessed, a mischievous smile lighting up her face. “I get turned on just by thinkin’ about it.”

“I can tell,” Eric replied, feeling her wetness against his cock. He moved one of his hands to her hip and helped her move against him. “Tell me, Lover, when did you leave the hotel? I came back for you a few years later, but you were no longer there.”

Sookie’s eyes widened in surprise when she heard Eric say he had returned to Louisiana for her. She wasn’t expecting to hear that and she felt her heart swell a little at the news. “I left just over three months after I met you,” she told him. “I managed to earn enough money to pay for my Gran’s medical costs as well as cover other expenses.”

“Did you…” Eric trailed off unsure how to word his question. He wanted to know if she made the same deal with other vampires as she did with him. He didn’t want her to get the wrong idea and think he had a problem with it if she did. He was merely curious about her life.

“Make any more private arrangements with vampires?” Sookie said, wording it as politely as she could. She didn’t think laying it down in its basic terms and saying, “Sell my blood and pussy to any vampire with a large bank balance,” would do her any favors in showing Eric she wasn’t bothered by the question. Sookie smiled at Eric, letting him see she wasn’t offended in the slightest. She had been expecting the question. “I did,” she admitted unashamedly. “I cut back my hours and made private arrangements with a few out of state vampires when they passed through town.”

“Did you enjoy it?” Eric was genuinely curious. She had certainly enjoyed their nights together, and he wanted to know if she took pleasure in all she did.

“I did,” Sookie replied with a nod. “Some of it more than others,” she ground her hips against his as she spoke; silently telling him it was him she liked best. “The first was most definitely the best, but I did enjoy it all. I like sex, Eric. I love bein’ fucked, and I got fucked nice and good durin’ those few months. I got to do all kinds of wicked things.”

“What kind of wicked things?” Eric questioned as he slid a hand between her legs and rubbed his fingers over her dripping sex. Talking about her time at the hotel was turning him on and he wanted to know more.

“Mmm,” Sookie moaned, rocking her hips against his hand as small sparks of pleasure traveled through her. “I had sex with two female vampires at the same time. I ate one out while the other ate me out.”

Eric growled as he pictured it. In his head, the two vampires were Freyda and Nora, and they took turns eating Sookie out, making her cum over and over. “What else?” He asked and pushed two fingers deep inside her pussy.

“Ahhh!” Sookie shouted and clenched her pussy around his fingers. Right then she was having trouble remembering what she had actually done. “I…er… Fuck!”

“Tell me, Lover,” Eric growled as he twisted his fingers inside her. He pressed his thumb to her clit as he fucked her with his fingers.

“I… God… My… My last night, I… Fuck!” Sookie cried, feeling her release build. “I had……Three vampires…… Same time.” Her words came out in a broken sentence as she rode Eric’s fingers.

“You had sex with three vampires at the same time?” Eric said.

Sookie nodded in reply before throwing her head back. It had been the three vampires who had made it possible for her to finally quit. In one night she had earned double what Eric paid her for four. It had been the first time she had engaged in a foursome and she certainly enjoyed it. The vampires in question had treated her with respect and given her pleasure as well as taken their own.

“Fuck!” Eric cursed as his mind conjured up one image after another of his Hellcat being fucked by the three vampires. He didn’t know who they were, but that didn’t stop him imagining it in full detail.

“Yes!” Sookie hissed, rocking her hips faster and fucking his fingers for all she was worth. She was so close to cumming that she could barely stand it. “OOH!”

Eric locked his eyes on her face as she broke apart, cumming on his fingers. She was a sight to behold and he memorized the image as he felt her juices flood his hand. “Fucking gorgeous,” he growled, keeping his fingers inside her through her release before pulling them out, bringing them to his mouth, and licking them clean.

Sookie crashed her lips to Eric’s once he was done licking his fingers and kissed him hard, slamming her lips against his. She thrust her tongue into his mouth, slicing it on his fangs and letting him get his first taste of her blood in six years.

Eric fisted his hand in her hair, holding her close and sucking on her tongue. As he tasted her blood, he cursed himself for letting her go all those years before. Eric plundered her mouth, stealing her breath, and making her lightheaded. He needed her in the worst possible way, and thankfully for him, it seemed like Sookie was on the same page.

Breaking the kiss, Sookie locked her eyes on Eric’s as she reached between them and grasped his stiff cock. She stared into his eyes as she lined him up and slowly sank down on him, taking him deeply inside her body.

Eric’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he felt Sookie’s hot, tight pussy all around him. She felt even better than he remembered and he wanted nothing more than to live inside her forever. She was beyond perfect.

Sookie smiled at Eric and raised her hips. She lifted herself up until just his tip remained inside her. She was just about to slide back down on him when someone started banging loudly on the door.

“Sookie!” Jake shouted, banging on the door again. “There’s an emergency.”

“Oh come on! Not now, Jake!” She shouted, hoping he would go and find Lafayette to sort out whatever was wrong.

“Jesus called. There’s been an accident,” Jake replied, shouting through the shut door, telling her what he knew. “Portia’s been rushed to Shreveport General. They think she might lose the baby.”


22 thoughts on “Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Four

  1. Sigh, I’m gonna kill Jake for interrupting (you’re safe cause we all want more lol)
    Hope Portia is ok so Sookie and Eric can continue real soon…

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  2. Yes that was a let down — but Eric and Sookie there is never bad sex with them 😉 — I too hope Portia and baby will be ok and no one (hadley and other meanies) had anything to do with the emergency right now if so then a curse on them.

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  3. Chapter first:
    Love love love these two. Open communication at the beginning of a relationship?
    *falls over in shock*

    Am I reading the right fanfic? Ah… see that’s it- it’s FanFic…. so much better 🙂 I do love honest nonjudgmental communication!!!

    And hhhmmm. Very nice. I don’t know whether to feel pity for Freyda or envious, being used in such a competition! Nah, too much envy in this story, I’ll just applaud Freydas luck 🙂

    Now now now. Just as things were about to get yummy again,…. Portia??? Oh, please tell me Hadley’s brain just worked out the math and she’s done something terrible!!!!


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