A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Two

“Your wife?” Bill spluttered, barely recovering from the shock.

“Yes, my wife,” Eric repeated, thoroughly enjoying himself.

“Forgive me, Sheriff. I didn’t know you were married,” Bill said, eyeing Sookie. “How long have you been married?”

“Two years.” Sookie answered as she inched closer to Eric; something about Bill was making her uncomfortable.

“Congratulations.” Bill said insincerely.

“Thank you.” Sookie replied quietly.

“Funny that I’m just hearing about it.” Bill pushed.

“Is there a reason you should have known?” Eric growled. “You have no authority in our world. What I or my wife do is no concern of yours.”

“Of course not,” Bill backpedalled. “If you’ll excuse me, Sheriff, I only wanted to introduce myself to my new neighbors. I don’t wish to keep you any longer. Goodnight, Sookie, Sheriff.”

“Mrs. Northman,” Eric said with a smirk. “Sookie hasn’t given you permission to call her by her first name, so you can either call her Mrs. Northman or Mistress.”

“My apologies. Goodnight, Mrs. Northman.” Bill said as he backed away from the door.

“Well, that was weird,” Sookie said as Eric shut the front door. “Also a little creepy. Who in their right mind thinks it’s a good idea to introduce yourself to your new neighbors at almost three in the morning?”

“A vampire,” Eric replied with a smirk. “But you’re right, Compton was acting-”

“Creepy.” Sookie supplied, interrupting him.

“I was going to say suspicious, but your word is just as fitting.” Eric said, frowning.

“What’s he doing in Bon Temps anyway?” Sookie asked.

“He’s mainstreaming,” Eric answered. “Or so he claims.”

“You don’t believe him.”

“No,” Eric said, “if he’s here in Bon Temps, it is for a reason and I intend to find out why. I already have Pam looking into it. You don’t leave Sophie-Anne’s court to mainstream; you don’t leave at all unless she orders you to. No, if Bill is here, it is on her orders, but what she wants, I’m unsure of. Whatever it is, she doesn’t want me to know.”

“Why’d you think he’s here?”

“With Sophie-Anne you never can tell,” Eric said. “She could have him spying on me or someone else in my area. Whatever her reason, I will get to the bottom of it.”

“I know you will.” Sookie said with a smile.

Mmm.” Eric’s gaze turned predatory. His fangs clicked down as he stalked Sookie. “But right now I want to get to the bottom of something else. You’ve been a very a bad girl, Mrs Northman, seducing your poor, defenseless boss,” he purred backing her up, “barging into his office while he was hard at work, wearing your tight, revealing dress.” Caging her against the wall, Eric ran his hands down her body, his fingers toyed with the edge of her black dress, lightly caressing her legs as he inched it up. “Taking your panties off,” Eric hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and slowly slid them down her legs until they were tangled around her ankles, “and begging him to bend you over his desk and fuck you.”

“You’ve got it wrong,” Sookie moaned as she felt his large hands squeeze her ass. “He begged to bend me over his desk.”

“Is that right?” Eric asked, nipping at her neck.

“Yes.” Sookie breathed.

“And did you let him?”

“Of course,” Sookie panted. She watched with hooded eyes as Eric dropped to his knees in front of her. “I’m a good employee, and would never say no to the boss.”

“That’s why you’re his favorite employee,” Eric growled as he pushed her dress up her legs. Dipping his head, he took a deep breath and shuddered in ecstasy. “Fuck, Lover, I can smell myself all over and inside you. It’s been driving me crazy all night, knowing you’ve been carrying my scent for everyone to smell. I wonder if you taste like me?”

“Eric.” Sookie moaned.

“Scream for me, min kärlek,” Eric purred.

“Make me,” Sookie taunted.

“With pleasure.” Eric growled. Slipping his hands behind her, he gripped her ass firmly in his hands, holding her steady as he lowered his head. Snaking his tongue out, he flicked her clit quickly. He smirked against her dripping core as he saw her bite her lip to keep from crying out, knowing the game they were playing, made him all the more eager.

Eric ripped the bottom of her dress off, baring her to his hungry gaze, his eyes darkening as he saw her juices dripping down her legs. “So wet.” he groaned. Eric ran his finger along the length of her slit, coating his finger in her juices. He ghosted his finger over her clit, teasing and tormenting her before sucking it into his mouth.

Sookie’s breath came out in short, sharp pants as she watched Eric suck his finger clean. She ached to have his hands on her body again. She wanted him to touch her like only he could, like only he ever had. She knew what he wanted: he wanted to hear her scream for him, like she had earlier, and she knew she would. Before the sun rose, she would scream, beg and cry—but not yet. No, this was one of their favorite games: she would hold out as long as she could and he would make it worth every minute. Sookie bit her lip hard as she felt his lips on her clit. She dug her fingernails into the palms of her hands, using every trick she knew to keep from crying out.

Eric wrapped his lips around her clit, pushing his finger deep inside her as he sucked hard on her clit, making her buck against his mouth. He held her steady with his other hand as he slid his finger slowly in and out of her sex. He scraped his fangs gently over her clit as he pushed another finger into her. He stroked her clit with his thumb as he increased the speed of his fingers.

Sookie bit back the moans that were dying to break free. Clenching her fist, she pressed it against her mouth in a desperate attempt to hold back her cries as she rocked against Eric’s hand. She could feel the coils tightening in her stomach as she climbed higher and higher. Her body sung with the pleasure Eric gave her.

Dipping his head again, Eric fastened his lips onto her clit, sucking hard as he removed his fingers from her quivering core. Smirking at her mewl of disappointed, he ran his fingers over her drenched lips. Flicking her clit with his tongue, he pushed a single finger slowly into her ass.

“Oh God, Eric,” Sookie cried, her hands flying to his shoulders to steady herself.

“Scream for me, Sookie,” Eric ordered as he slid his other hand between them and thrust two fingers into her pussy. Hard.

“More… Please…” Sookie begged, uncaring as she thrust against his hands.

Eric was more than happy to comply and thrust the two fingers buried in her cunt harder and faster into her. The feeling of her juices spilling over his hand drove him crazy. He added a second finger to her ass, stretching the tight muscle.

His eyes never left Sookie as he fucked her with his fingers. “Come for me.” he ordered.

Sookie rocked against his hands, her body alight with desire. Her legs became weaker, her heart beating faster as her orgasm built up inside her. Sparks went off behind her eyes as she struggled to stand upright.

“Eric!” she cried as the coils snapped, sending her over the edge. She welcomingly fell into the abyss as waves of pleasure crashed over her. She slumped forward, breathing hard as her legs finally gave way.

Eric caught her in his arms. He held her close as she came down from her high, kissing her head gently. “Jag älskar dig,” he whispered.

“Jag älskar dig,” Sookie repeated, lifting her head and smiling softly at him.

“Come on, time for a shower,” Eric said, wiggling his eyebrows, making Sookie laugh.

“Will you carry me?” Sookie asked.

“Anywhere,” Eric replied, placing a soft kiss on her lips before scooping her up in his arms.


Across the cemetery at the old Compton place, Bill was frantically pacing as he waited for his call to connect. He had rushed home the second Eric had shut the door, and was desperately trying to get in touch with his Queen.

“This is Bill Compton. I need to speak to the Queen immediately,” he barked down the phone, not waiting to hear the greeting.

Minutes ticked by as Bill waited to be put through to Sophie-Anne. His whole night had been one disaster after another. First, he had tried to intimidate Eric’s child, then he was dismissed by both the Sheriff and a woman he thought was just a fangbanger. And then to top it all off, he found out that he woman he was sent to procure was actually married to Eric. Bill was not looking forward to hearing the Queen’s reaction.

“Compton,” Sophie-Anne said, snapping Bill out of his daze.

“Your Majesty,” Bill greeted, simpering.

“Have you procured my telepath already?” Sophie-Anne asked. “That might be your fastest work yet. When will you have her here? I have work lined up for her already.”

“I have made contact with the girl, Your Majesty,” Bill answered carefully. “I have yet to discern whether or not she is an actual telepath. The reason I am calling is, I have run into some unforeseen obstacles. The girl is married…”

“That is of no concern,” Sophie-Anne interrupted. “Just glamour the bloodbag into leaving her husband, or glamour the husband into cheating on her.”

“I’m afraid it won’t be that simple,” Bill said. He braced himself for her reaction. “The girl is married to a vampire.”

“A vampire,” Sophie-Anne screeched. “Who married my telepath without…? Northman!”

“I’m afraid so, my Queen,” Bill said, wincing at her shrill cry. “She works for him at Fangtasia, and he introduced her as his wife to me only minutes ago.”

“How dare he marry my telepath without my permission?” Sophie-Anne shouted. “How dare he try and steal an asset of my Kingdom? I’ll have him chained in silver for this!”

“The Sheriff doesn’t know the reason for my return,” Bill said. “I gave him the story we came up with. He doesn’t know of your interest in the girl.”

“That is no excuse,” Sophie-Anne raged. “He should have told me there was a telepath in his area as soon as he discovered her. He shouldn’t have married her.”

“Your Majesty, what are your orders concerning the telepath?” Bill asked. “Now the Sheriff is involved, shall I return to the palace?”

“No, you’re to stay where you are,” Sophie-Anne ordered. “I want my telepath, and you will procure her for me.”

“But what of the Sheriff? I don’t see him giving her up, especially if he knows of her talent.”

“Oh, he knows,” Sophie-Anne said angrily. “I’ll bet my Kingdom on it. He’s been very sneaky, securing her for himself. I won’t stand for it; the girl is to be mine.

“Your Majesty, what if he has bonded with her?”

“Has he?”

“I am unsure. His scent covered her. I could not distinguish how far their bond is, but why would he marry her if he hadn’t bonded to her?”

“Northman is very selfish with his blood,” Sophie-Anne said. “He may have married her to secure her to him in human eyes. Either way, it does not matter: bonds can be broken, and if he has bonded to her I will find a way to break it. No one will stand in my way of getting what I want.”

“What are your orders?” Bill asked.

“You’re to get the girl away from Northman in any way possible,” Sophie-Anne said. “She must choose to come to you, but I don’t care how you get her to do it. I will deal with Northman when the time is right.”

“How am I to get her away from him?”

“Use your imagination,” Sophie-Anne replied. “Get your blood into her; seduce her. Do whatever it takes, but get it done.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Do not fail me on this, Compton,” Sophie-Anne spat.

“I won’t, you have my word. I will get her away from the Sheriff.”


The line went dead before Bill had a chance to say anything else. He sank down onto the used sofa and let out a sigh of frustration. Bill swore Sophie-Anne had the ability to give a vampire a headache. How the hell am I supposed to get the Sheriff’s wife away from him? He wondered. Northman is over a thousand years old. I don’t think he’s just going to hand her over to me. What the hell am I going to do? I can’t deny my Queen. She’s ordered me to procure the telepath and her orders supersede a Sheriff’s. As long as I have Sophie-Anne on my side, Northman won’t be able to touch me. I need to think of something. 

Deciding to take a walk around his property, Bill stood up and made his way out the door. His feet carried him over the cemetery without conscious thought, and he found himself standing against the fence that surrounded the Stackhouse property. Moving towards the front of the house, he climbed a tree, perched himself on a branch, and stared through one of the windows.

He could see the light on in the room, but no one was moving around. He could hear faint sounds coming from the house, but nothing he could make out. He was just about to climb down and return to his home, when he saw Eric cross in front of the window with Sookie wrapped around him. He watched, transfixed, as Eric set her on her feet beside the bed. From his vantage point he could see everything that was going on in the bedroom.

Bill felt his pants tightening as he saw Eric pull away the towel Sookie was wearing, leaving her standing naked next to the bed. Bill’s fangs clicked down as he let his eyes fall over her wet body. His fingers itched to reach out and touch her.

He watched with growing envy as Eric bent down and kissed her as his hands travelled over her body. Bill couldn’t hold back the moan as he watched the two of them locked in their embrace, their hands caressing each other. Bill couldn’t take his eyes off them as they rolled around in the bed. He rubbed his hand over his groin as he watched Sookie slide down the bed and take Eric into her mouth.

He pictured himself in Eric’s place; he could almost feel Sookie’s warm mouth surrounding his cock, her tongue swirling around his head as she sucked him down. Opening his trousers, he slid in hand inside and gripped his aching cock. He moved his hand up and down in time with Sookie, as she sucked Eric’s cock.

In his mind, Bill could see Sookie on her knees before him, his cock disappearing between her plump lips as she sucked him off, his hand tangled in her blonde locks as he forced her head up and down, fucking her face with a speed only he could achieve. Her pert breasts bouncing as she moved. Bill felt his balls tightening and he increased his speed, pumping his cock faster. He would come in her mouth, making her drink every last drop of his release. Bill grunted as he came, spilling his seed over his hand. Panting, he tucked himself back in and zipped up his pants. His turned his eyes back to the couple on the bed, just in time to see Sookie crawl up Eric’s body and sink down onto his erection.

He curled his hands into fists as he watched Sookie ride Eric, her head thrown back in ecstasy. That should be me. It should be my cock she is riding. Enjoy it while it lasts, Northman.

Jumping down from the tree, Bill sped back to his house, making plans as he went. The Queen wanted Sookie for her telepathy, and Bill wanted her for her body, and he would do anything to make that happen.


18 thoughts on “A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Two

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  2. I’m very curious regarding Sookie’s telepathy. If Eric knew about it, then wouldn’t he know why the Queen sent Compton?

    Either way, I’m intrigued and addicted to another one of your stories. LOL

    Can’t wait for more. Thanks for sharing.


  3. ah interesting! Maybe 1) Sookie is not telephathic or 2) she is and Eric hasn’t told the Queen and Eric could be in trouble, or 3) Eric knows and doesn’t give a crap about the Queen on the vamptwerp Compton….and any trouble he could get in –my bet is #3


  4. WOW! I thrilled to see another chapter. I’m so addicted.

    It’s great Eric and Sookie have being married for two years. I wonder if he knows about Sookie’s telepathy. I think he does if they have being married for two years. Eric is going to have to kill the queen and take the throne. I’m looking forward to Bill getting ripped apart from Eric’s hands. Bill is sick peeping through Sookie’s window watching as she made love to Eric, while pleasuring himself. I’m glad Eric is already having Pam dig information on Bill and his real reason why he left the queen’s court to so call mainstream in Sookie’s town. Hopefully Pam will have the information by tommorrow evening. It’s great Eric has a fence around the house. I’m sure Eric also has security in the house. Eric knows how blood thirsty and greedy his kind can be even if they have to steal or kill to get what they want. Thank you, i loved the chapter. Please keep going you’re doing an awesome job! I absolutely loved the juicy lemons! Two thumbs up! 😀


  5. I was just wondering how E/S having the love nest time and Bill watching,would Sookie’s telepathy skill feel someone there. Be interesting to know if Sookie knows Bill is spying when they are making love. And Eric would he smell Bill doing naughty thing from the smell? if he look around the house fence area? Just a though hehe bad BIll bad.


  6. If Bill is close enough to see them, I’d think Eric would know he was there – smell him, hear him, sense him somehow. Bill is super creepy in this and the Queen is just nuts.


  7. The lemonade was mildly overshadowed by his creepiness (Bill) and the royal nut-case(Sophie-Anne) – had a very interesting texture – well written – left so many questions; eager for more.


  8. Ewww…Bill as the masturbating voyeur…gross! What a pig! He’s sure to be caught just from his scent alone, and from Sookie “hearing” the void. Either way, he’s in trouble now! Haha!


  9. Bill is a freaking peeping Tom, damn, just ewww on what he did…. i figure they met before the revelation and married under human law then since she carries his name. I bet back then he filed her as an asset of his area as a consultant or something like that and no one was the wiser… as for a bond OH Yeah, they are no doubt about it. KY


  10. I don’t know what kept me from this story for so long but I am eager to keep reading. What a creep Bill is. Peeping Tom…ick. I am so intrigued by this story and the fact that they have been married for 2 years without QSA knowing. I really don’t think that Viking will allow his wife to be taken and I hope to God Sookie would not be seduced by Bill the creep. I’m looking forward to the rest.

    Love the “I can make you scream” game. So good!


  11. eeeww that is so disgusting I almost barfed reading about peeping Bill… That being said, this could get interesting. And exactly why do these people automatically assume my Telepath obviously if she’s married to somebody else she’s not your Telepath


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