Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Six

<<<Masque of the Red Death

Chapter Six

Sookie tightened her grip on Bobby’s arm as she dragged him down a flight of stairs. She could hear his panicked thoughts. At any other time they might have amused her, but right then she was beyond petty emotions; she needed answers, answers it seemed only he could provide her. Even though she had clearly heard it in his thoughts, Sookie was having trouble believing that he was party to what had happened to Portia. She knew Bobby had a weird fixation on her sister-in-law, something that the bigoted Caroline Bellefleur had only encouraged, but nothing she had seen or heard had ever led Sookie to believe Bobby was dangerous in any way. Everything she had seen told her that Bobby was nothing but a coward; she honestly never thought he had the balls to do anything.

Apparently, I was wrong, Sookie realized bitterly. She hated when she was wrong about someone, rather, she hated it when she failed to recognize that someone was a danger to those she loved. Seeing the exit leading to the underground parking lot at the bottom of the stairs, Sookie cast out a mental net searching for anyone beyond the door; she definitely didn’t want any witnesses for her upcoming actions. Sensing none, she dragged Bobby down the last few steps, slammed him against the door, forcing it open, and making him fall through it. Sookie’s steps were measured as she moved forward. She was like a predator stalking her prey, ready to strike at any moment. She quickly looked around searching for any security cameras; the last thing she wanted was to be caught on camera. Satisfied there were none that could see her or Bobby, she turned her attention back to the snivelling little prick.

Clambering to his feet, Bobby glared at Sookie while he tried to find his courage. He couldn’t believe he was allowing a little girl like Sookie push him around. HE was Bobby Burnham; rich, successful, and one of Shreveport’s most eligible bachelors! Well, the last opinion was only in his mind; no one other than Hadley had shown any interest in him in years. It was a shame that in his eyes she was nothing but trailer trash because they were actually perfect for one another; although he was grateful he didn’t have to pay her as he did the hookers he usually frequented. She was free and easy pussy, or at least she was until the dumb bitch went and got herself knocked up! Trash! The whole family is nothing but gutter trash! 

“Who the fuck…” The rest of the words were forced down Bobby’s throat when Sookie reared back and punched him in the mouth. She took care to temper her strength, not wanting to knock him out…Yet!

“No, I’m askin’ the questions here!” Sookie said anger infused in her tone as she eyed the arrogant young man. She had heard what he thought about her family, and while she may have halfway agreed with him about Hadley, she sure as hell wouldn’t let him lump the rest of the family in with her. “Two questions… Who? And why?”

Bobby stared at Sookie as if she was crazy while he held a hand to his mouth. He swore she had knocked out a tooth with her punch! Hadley always claimed Sookie was a bitch, and now he believed her! He couldn’t believe she had hit him! She really is a bitch… 

Sookie arched a brow when she heard his thought. Before Bobby had a chance to react, she lunged forward and rammed her knee forcefully into his stomach, making him double over in pain. “Ya’ve got no idea how much of a bitch I am!” she growled, fisting her hand in his short hair and yanking his up head. Sookie grinned at the look of hatred in his eyes; it was a look she had seen often in Hadley’s eyes. Shoving him forward, Sookie backed Bobby up against the wall with the exit and caged him in. “Now, like I was sayin’, two questions; who and why?”

“Who and why, what?” Bobby spat, trying to hide his fear. He had never had a woman dominate him in such a way before… Well, at least not when he wasn’t paying for it. Still, that was different. He was always in control, even when he gave it up to the whores. Bobby was so busy trying to appear not afraid that he didn’t realize Sookie had replied to his unspoken thought.

Sookie fought back a wave of revulsion when she saw a number of images flash through Bobby’s mind. When it came to sex there wasn’t much she hadn’t seen or done, and she didn’t have a problem with anyone experimenting sexually. Lord knows she had done enough of that herself, but she didn’t want to see a hooker donning a strap-on and fucking Bobby up the ass in a seedy motel. That was an image she would never forget. Gah! I need some brain bleach! 

“Who and why?” Sookie repeated firmly, pushing those images to the side. “Who attacked Portia? Why did they do it?” 

Bobby blanched at Sookie’s words and sweat glistened on his forehead. There’s no way she can know I was involved in that. Shit! I know I shouldn’t have gotten involved, but they convinced me Portia losing the baby was for the best. “How would I know?” Bobby squeaked, his beady eyes darting around wildly.

“Who convinced you Portia losin’ the baby was for the best?” Sookie growled while she grabbed the lapels of his jacket and slammed him hard against the wall. “Who were they?!” Bobby’s thoughts were jumping all over the place, and Sookie was having difficulty pinning down who they were. It was like he was thinking of everything at the same time.

“No one!” Bobby cried, practically pissing himself. Fear rolled off in clogging waves once he began to realize just how far out of his depths he was. Sookie wasn’t the dumb little hick as he had been led to believe.

Sookie ground her teeth together when Bobby refused to tell her. She didn’t need to be a telepath to know he was lying, but unfortunately for Bobby she was, and she didn’t need him to tell her anything. “Okay, we can do this the easy way or the hard way… Actually, you know what? Fuck it, let’s do it the hard way…” Grabbing Bobby’s head in her hands, Sookie entered his mind tearing it apart as she looked for the answers she wanted. She wasn’t gentle in the slightest; the rotten bastard had conspired to kill her unborn niece, so he didn’t deserve any leniency. Sookie shut down certain parts of his brain to prevent him from crying out in pain and drawing attention to them.

Sookie’s eyes widened in shock when she saw how Bobby got involved in the plan to kill Portia and Jason’s baby, but more importantly, who it was that approached him to do it. She could scarcely believe what she was seeing, it was beyond fucked up. They couldn’t get to me so they went after Portia. Sookie felt sick by the time she realized the amount of people involved in the plot. Pulling out of Bobby’s mind, Sookie let him fall unceremoniously to the floor. She didn’t feel an ounce of remorse when she saw the vacant stare in his eyes. He had conspired to kill an innocent baby, in her eyes he got everything he deserved. He wasn’t the only one involved though. There were others and they needed to pay as well.

“I’ll fuckin’ kill them,” Sookie swore, meaning her every word. She cast Bobby one last look before turning and walking away. She had things to do, people to kill, and she needed to contact a few people before getting some rest prior to going hunting. Nonetheless, Sookie swore that come nightfall, heads would roll and blood would be spilled.


The sun was just setting when Sookie awoke that evening. As much as she would have loved to hunt down the bastards who had targeted Portia in a pathetic attempt to get at her right away, Sookie was fully aware that she couldn’t run in unprepared or without backup. Luckily for Sookie, she knew quite a few people who would love to back her up and get their hands dirty.

After calling Jason and checking everything was still okay with Portia and the baby, Sookie jumped in the shower and washed away the previous day’s dirt. As she showered, she remembered the very pleasurable shower she took with Leif at the hotel. He had fucked her thoroughly in the shower, making her cum multiple times before taking her hard bent over the vanity cabinet. Eric and I will have to re-enact our little tumble at the hotel when we meet up. I can be his dirty little slut again! 

Once she was done in the shower, Sookie quickly rubbed a towel over her body before grabbing her red, short satin robe and slipping it on. She padded softly back to her bedroom and flicked on the large TV opposite her king-sized bed. Sookie wasn’t one for watching TV in bed, but she did like to sit back and relax on her bed while she did her work. She checked her emails, forwarded some to Maria-Star and replied to others. Sookie was just about to turn the TV off and get dressed when she noticed she had received an invite for a video chat. She chuckled when she saw the username, VikingSexGod. Knowing it could only be Eric; she quickly accepted it and leaned back against her headboard.

Eric groaned when he saw what Sookie was wearing as she appeared on his screen. His cock sprang to life and he cursed the distance between them; he would have loved nothing more than sinking into the warm, willing body of his Hellcat. “Good evening, Lover,” he said, his voice steeped with passion. “I have to say you are looking ravishing this evening.”

“Thank you,” Sookie replied, her breath catching slightly in her throat as she took in the larger than life sight of the Viking. She swore he got more handsome every day. “Ya lookin’ mighty fine yaself.” Fine was an understatement, he looked fucking hot in his black dress shirt half unbuttoned. Like a dirty dream come to life. Fuck, I wanna feel him between my legs again. 

Eric smirked as he noticed the flush on her skin, and he had a good idea where her mind was, it was in the same place as his, the gutter. He had thought of little but Sookie since she had left him. He had many fantasies he wanted to make come true when it came to his blonde-haired goddess. Soon, he promised himself. Soon there would be nothing and no one between them. Soon he would lay her down and worship her the way she deserved… Then I will bend her over and fuck her over every piece of furniture. I will bathe her in my cum and mark her as mine. Eric made a show of adjusting himself, letting Sookie see the effect she had on him. “Tell me, Lover, how is your sister-in-law?” It was strange for him to inquire about others, but given the panicked state Sookie was in when she left, he knew the woman was important to His Hellcat. Sookie cared about her; therefore, her health and well being mattered to him as well.

“Battered and bruised,” Sookie answered with a sigh. She explained what had happened, and the danger that still surrounded the baby. Sookie unloaded everything on Eric, confiding in him regarding what she had learned and those responsible. “I want to kill them all, Eric,” she confessed without an ounce of guilt. “They kicked her in the stomach. They tried to kill her baby and, for that, they need to pay!”

Eric nodded in agreement. If he would have been there with her, he would have killed them all. Eric had committed many unspeakable things in his centuries as a vampire, but he had never targeted a pregnant woman in such a way. It was beyond cowardly in his opinion and it was only those with no honor who would do such a deplorable thing. “If I was there, I would hunt them down with you,” he told her truthfully. “I would stand at your side while you took your vengeance.”

A smile lit up Sookie’s face at his words. She knew he meant every word he said and her heart swelled at the sentiment. “I wish you were here,” she replied sincerely. “We could go into battle together…”

“I can be there tomorrow night,” Eric offered. His time in Illinois was at an end and it was time to move on. Thanks to the contract he had signed with Freyda a hundred years ago, Eric had a one-year adjustment period. It was something his child had suggested when they drew up the contract; it gave him the freedom to travel to other states without any other monarch trying to tie him down to another contract. They could all try to entice him into choosing their state to settle, but there could be no binding contract until the year ended. He would have to contact the Queen of Louisiana and inform her that he was traveling to her state, but he didn’t see that as a problem. Sophie-Anne and Freyda were old friends and had a good working relationship. There was a mutual respect between them.

“I would like that,” Sookie admitted with a smile. She would more than like it. The thought of Eric being in Shreveport and helping her hunt down the bastards who hurt Portia was exciting her.

“I will be there a few hours after sunset,” Eric promised. He would enjoy hunting with his Hellcat. They would strike down anyone who stood in their way.

“Meet me at my office at Only at Night,” Sookie said. She would have invited him to her home, but due to the wards placed there, thanks to Jesus, Eric wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere near it. Sookie needed to add him to the wards so he could enter whenever he liked. “I’ll be waitin’ with open legs,” she added in a purr while she bent her knees and let her legs fall open.

Eric’s fangs throbbed in his gums and he let them snick down into place as his eyes were drawn to her bare sex. Sookie’s robe still covered more than he would have liked, but that could soon be remedied. “Sookie, take off your robe!” he growled. “Let me see that gorgeous body.”

Sookie’s lips curled into a dirty smile while she shifted on the bed and got on her knees. Slowly untying the belt of her robe, Sookie rolled her shoulders and let the satin robe slip down her body. She kept her eyes on the screen as she slinked off the robe and tossed it to the side.

“Fucking gorgeous!” Eric growled while he reached down and opened his jeans. In his eyes she was perfection personified. There was no one sexier than his Hellcat. “Touch yourself, Lover. Let me watch while you pleasure yourself.”

A moan spilled from Sookie’s lips at Eric’s forceful tone, and she eagerly did as ordered. She ran her hands over her naked body, touching herself the way she wanted him to touch her. Sookie cupped her large breasts in her hands and rubbed her thumbs over her nipples, making them peak. Her breathing sped up as she pinched her nipples. “Mmm,” she sighed, letting Eric hear her pleasure as well as see it. “Feels so good… I wish it was your hands on me, baby… Your mouth…”

Eric groaned while he watched Sookie play with her breasts. She had the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen; it was a crime they were ever covered. “Pinch your nipples harder,” he ordered while he unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on his shirt, taking it off. “Pinch them like I would if I was there…”

Sookie cried as a spark of pleasure shot through her and pooled between her legs as she did as he ordered. She had never forgotten what his touch felt like, and she loved that he had never been afraid of treating her roughly. She fucking loved his firm treatment; no one had ever demanded as much of her in such a way and she couldn’t get enough. Sookie continued to tease her nipples with one hand while she slid the other one down her body and between her legs. She let out a gasp as her fingers ghosted over her swollen clit. “Fuck!” She cursed and started to slowly rock her hips. “I’m so wet, baby. You could fill me right now so easily.”

“Let me see!” Eric growled, her words turning him on almost as much as what he was seeing. “I want to see how wet you are. Show me your pussy!”

Sookie stroked her fingers over her clit a few more times before pulling her hand away from between her legs. Bringing her hand to her mouth, Sookie darted out her tongue and licked her wet fingers. She moaned as she cleaned her fingers of her juices. She leaned back, unfolded her legs from underneath her and spread them wide; giving Eric a good view of her dripping sex. A flush spread over her body as she opened herself up to Eric’s hungry gaze.

Sliding a hand between her legs again, Sookie rubbed her clit, increasing her arousal before dipping her fingers lower and pushing a single finger into her wet pussy. “Oh God!” She cried as she moved the finger inside herself. “I wish it was your cock inside me. It’s been so long since I felt a hard cock poundin’ into me… I want to feel a cock inside me so bad…” She wasn’t counting Eric entering her just before Jake interrupted them seeing as that was all he had done. She hadn’t been pounded the way they had both desired.

“How long, Sookie?” Eric asked, wrapping his hand around his cock and stroking himself as he watched his Hellcat masturbate on the screen. He wished he was with her as well; he would have buried himself deep inside her tight, wet heat and fucked her until she couldn’t walk straight.

“A… A month,” Sookie confessed, gyrating her hips as she fingerfucked herself. It felt good, but it wasn’t enough, she needed more. She gave Eric a wicked smile as she added, “I had a threesome with my assistant and Head of Security. I ate her pussy while he fucked me from behind.”

“Fuck!” Eric cursed when he was assaulted with those mental images. He had no idea what either her assistant or Head of Security looked like, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was imagining his Hellcat getting fucked. I should have fucked Sookie while she ate out Freyda. Next time, he swore. There was so much Eric wanted to do with and to Sookie. He had a list and it was only getting longer by the minute.

“Yes, please,” Sookie moaned almost pleadingly. She desperately needed to be fucked. She wanted to be pounded fast and hard. Unfortunately, Sookie knew that wasn’t going to happen that night. Eric was still in Illinois, and while on any other night she would have gone out and found a good fuck or called one of her fuck buddies, she wouldn’t do it now that she had found Eric again. They may not have talked about exclusivity or monogamy, but Sookie would rather fuck others with Eric than without him.

While Sookie may not have been able to have Eric’s cock that night, there was still something she could have. Pulling her finger from her pussy, Sookie rolled to her side, opened the draw on her bedside cabinet, and removed her favorite sex toy: the rampant rabbit. She positioned herself back on the bed, making sure Eric had the best view before sliding the toy between her legs, pushing into her dripping cunt, and turning it on. Sookie cried out in ecstasy as the little ears vibrated against her clit. “Oh… Fuck… Yes!”

Eric’s eyes were glued to the screen as he watched his Hellcat fuck herself with the toy. He twisted his hand, stroking his cock faster; imagining it was Sookie’s hands on him. Eric didn’t care what he said or thought before as at that moment, nothing was more erotic than watching Sookie pleasure herself with the toy. As he watched, Eric swore once they were together, he would use that same toy with her. He wanted to fuck her pussy with the toy while he fucked her ass. Eric couldn’t wait to do every dirty thing he thought with and to Sookie. “Make yourself cum, Lover,” he demanded. “I want to hear you scream…”

Sookie moved the toy inside her, stimulating herself the way she liked best. Running her free hand over her body, Sookie cupped her breast, pinching her nipple as her pleasure built. The knowledge that Eric’s eyes were on her while she fucked herself with the toy just made her all the more hot! A light sheen of sweat coated her skin while her hips lifted off the bed as her climax neared. Cries of pleasure spilled from her lips, and she chanted Eric’s name like a prayer, her legs tensed and toes curled while she felt as the first flutters of her orgasm spread through her.

Eric tightened his grip on his cock and stroked harder. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Sookie’s image on the screen. It was an image that would be seared into his brain for eternity. He could feel tingles at the base of his spine signalling his own release was imminent. He wished he could have been with Sookie in Shreveport; he would have loved to been able to cum on her chest… and then in her pussy. As he watched her, Eric wondered if she would model for him, he wanted many pictures of her in various stages of undress, not to mention videos of them fucking as well as ones of her pleasuring herself. He wanted everything she had, and, in return, he would give her the same of him.

“Oh… Fuck! Yes… ERIC!” Sookie screamed when she felt her orgasm slam into her. She thrashed her head from side to side and thrust her hips, riding her release before flopping back down on the mattress.

The sight and sounds of Sookie’s orgasm triggered Eric’s and he let out a hoarse shout as he came, shooting his cum over his hand and belly. He couldn’t believe he had cum so hard just from his own hand. Jerking off was usually his last resort, he much preferred cumming in someone’s mouth, pussy, or ass, but he sure as hell didn’t mind jerking off if it meant he could watch his Hellcat fuck herself… Or someone else, he thought with a smirk. As long as he could watch and join in, he wouldn’t mind.

“Mmm,” Sookie moaned while she turned her rabbit off and pulled it out of her fluttering pussy. “I needed that…” She propped herself up on her elbows and bent her knees, letting Eric look as much as he wanted. She was in no hurry to cover up; she liked feeling his eyes on her, even if it was through a screen.

“As did I,” Eric replied huskily. He wasn’t sure how it was possible for her to be so perfect. It was as though she was made for him, the other half that made him whole. “I seem to have made a mess though.”

Sookie licked her lips when she saw Eric hold his hand up, showing her his cum-covered fingers. “If I was there, I’d lick you clean, baby,” she purred. “I’d wrap my fingers…” She trailed off as she heard a “POP” and her favorite fairy appeared in her bedroom.

“Oops!” Claudette whispered a blush stealing across her face as she realized into what she had teleported. “Sorry, I didn’t mean…” she paused when she saw who was on Sookie’s TV. “Oh, hello, vampire; how nice to see you again…”

Eric growled when he saw the donor he fucked before Freyda’s party standing next to Sookie’s bed. It took him a second to realize she wasn’t threatening Sookie in anyway. He wasn’t sure what he would have done if she had threatened his Hellcat. Well, that was a lie; he knew exactly what he would have done. He would have been out of the palace and on his way to Louisiana before he could have blinked. He might not have been able to get there in time to protect Sookie, but he would have hunted down the woman and tore her limb from limb. She teleported into Sookie’s bedroom. She’s a fairy; the donor was a fucking fairy… No wonder she was a good fuck!

Sookie giggled while she flicked her eyes between Claudette and the screen with Eric. Her favorite fairy always did know how to make an entrance. Shifting until she was on her knees, Sookie crawled toward the edge of the bed and wrapped her arm lightly around her friend’s waist. “I believe ya know my friend, Claudette, here, Eric……Intimately,” she said her tone full of mirth. With everything that had happened, Sookie hadn’t had a chance to speak with the fairy about her time with Freyda and Eric, but she was planned to, she wanted to hear all about it.

“I do. Although I didn’t get her name when we met,” Eric replied with a leer. Truth be told, her name was the last thing on his mind when he entered Freyda’s office and saw Claudette’s ass up in the air while she ate out his child. The only thing on his mind was how quickly he could bury himself in her pussy.

“Yes, her pussy does usually distract people from the usual social customs!” Sookie snorted. Tapping Claudette lightly on the ass, Sookie nodded her head toward the bedroom door, “Wait for me downstairs,” she instructed. She waited for Claudette to leave before returning her attention to Eric. “As you’ve probably realized Claudette works for me at Only at Night, though her actual role isn’t widely known or advertised.”

Eric nodded in understanding. His little Hellcat was quite the entrepreneur, and he was proud of her and all she and her partners had accomplished. She had fairies working as donors; that was no small feat! As he thought about it, a dirty thought popped into his head and a smirk curled his lips. “Tell me, Lover, have you tested Claudette’s skills out yourself?” He asked, waggling his eyebrows.

A naughty gleam entered Sookie’s eyes as she realized what Eric was asking her. “Ya mean have I had her head between my legs?” She slipped a hand between her legs as she spoke, cupping her sex. “More than once. Claudette’s got a wicked tongue and I love feelin’ it on my pussy. If ya’re good I might let you watch us…”

“And if I am bad?” Eric asked, interrupting her. He could feel his dick getting hard again at the images his mind was conjuring up of his Hellcat and the fairy.

“If ya’re bad… I’ll let ya join in,” Sookie replied with a flirty smile.

“Then I guess I will be good and bad!” Eric growled. “I want to see her head between…” Eric trailed off as a loud crash sounded through the palace. It sounded like a wall had crashed in, and he was just about to get up and check what was going on when he felt pain rip through the bond he shared with his child. “Freyda…”


17 thoughts on “Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Six

  1. Oh no, looks like they are both being attacked through people they love. I do wonder who is in on the attack on Portia. I hate to think Gran might be involved because of her attitude toward Sookie and Jason. Hadley wouldn’t surprise me though. I suspect Pam is involved in the attack on Freyda, but I might be wrong. More, please.

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  2. the only story I’ve read where I don’t want anything to happen to Freyda. Hopefully it’s not Pam raising a shitstorm and trying to get rid of her. But, Freyda is older…stronger…..and more than ready to kick some Pammy ass……
    Skype lemons –what’s not to love?
    And Sookie has a “very naughty list” to work her way through in order to get Portia and Jason some justice.
    Well done!

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  3. So I am guessing the weres are in for a world of hurt- yes 🙂 I also hope that Sookie fucked Boobys mind so bad he is a vegetable that ends up married to Hadley (and straps one on and gives it to him all of the time). And Eric and Sookie give a whole different name to video chat that was super hot. I love strong kick ass Sookie — give all of the bad guys and gals total hell on earth. Again thank you my Queen

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  4. OH NO – poor Freyda – Can’t believe we all like this version of her. I sure hope she isn’t finally dead because Eric will get his revenge. I’m loving this story and look forward to your updates. Thank you!

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  5. I can say that it was evil of you to let story to hang in place like this 😦 BUT… if I and rest of us readers get update next week I think we all will be happy cause this is one story I can’t miss 🙂 Love badass Sookie, Freyda as Eric’s child and all your character interpretations. Keep going cause I have feeling that this will be hit 🙂

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  6. Great chapter! I love how you’ve cast Bobby – perfect character assessment – nastly little weasel that he is. It felt so satisfying having Sookie kick his ass. It’s a refreshing change to have Sookie in charge of her own life, taking no shit off anyone. Although I hope Eric gets to help her take revenge.

    Yes, this is a Freyda I actually like too, hope she’s going to be ok. I have a feeling Pam has been up to no good – another take over plot? All this and you still fit in a hot scene!

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  7. For the love of everything Eric, this story is too good for words!! Seriously, I’ having technical difficulties right now. You should be arrested for writing this well Christ!! I could jump out of my skin trying to get to that no-existent (hopefully in progress/damn near done) chapter! Pam is a little biatch but it’s nice to see that Freyda is so great to Eric and not the bitch usually portrayed. It’s great to have a sexually free Sookie too. Women enjoy sex and shouldn’t be ashamed of that. And Eric….. ooohhhhh ERIC!! PLEASE LET THEM FUCKK SOOOONNN!! I’m dying honestealy.. And having Billium love Freyda and the tables turned on him.. I could KISS YOU!!! Hurry, I eagerly anticipate you’re written fantasies!!!!

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  8. What a chapter, oh baby wow! I’m glad Sookie kicked Bobby’s ass. I have a bad feeling that members of her family might be involved. I really like the idea that Eric is coming and joining Sookie. Their computer session, wow….oh baby! I might be fanning myself and drinking a glass of cold water. I’m worried about Freyda, I actually like her. Great chapter!!!!

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  9. Bill, Pam or Willa?

    Poor Freyda. At least Eric is near!

    And Bobby. Who. The. Fuck? I was thinking Adele and Hadley, but why would they need to be hunted?

    Hmmm. Many plots. Many masks to be ripped off.



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