Sin: Chapter Four


Sin BG

Chapter Four

It was about an hour later when Eric felt a chill spread through the room again signaling the arrival of the second ghost. He groaned as he sat up in his bed. If they are going to make me wait, they could at least provide me with some entertainment. A few blondes would do… When his eyes landed on the second ghost, Eric’s brow rose comically.

“You?” Eric questioned while he swung his legs off the side of his bed. “Of the thousands of ghosts they could choose to send on this ridiculous quest, they sent you?” Eric shook his head as he stood up. He had to admit whoever was behind it all certainly had a sense of humor. It was the only explanation. First they sent The Whore, and now they had sent The Bore…

Eric chuckled while he ran his eyes over the vampire he had sent to his final death two years earlier. Much like Pam, he looked the same as he had right before he died, dressed in rags with silver manacles around his ankles and wrists, and a leather collar with silver spikes pointing inward, piercing the flesh around his neck.

Bill fucking Compton; the one vampire who should’ve been staked the minute after he’d been turned, a waste of oxygen while he was human and a waste of blood as a vampire. He couldn’t do anything on his own, always needing those stronger than him to hold his hand.

“So you remember me then?” Bill sneered as he eyed Eric with distaste. He had hated the Viking vampire since they had first met in Pam’s brothel in 1905. Eric had everything Bill wanted, power, money, respect, and most importantly, the strength that inspired fear. Eric had his pick of women, while Bill had been forced to rely on glamour to get those he wanted… or Lorena. His Maker had supplied him with all the women he desired, or she had up until the first time they had encountered Eric. After that she had been much more restrained and discreet, having learned from that meeting.

If the first time Bill met Eric was bad, the second time was a thousand times worse. Bill didn’t like to think about the second time he ran into Eric. Although, truthfully he hadn’t really so much as run into Eric as Bill had walked in on and interrupted while Eric was fucking Lorena. Bill had been incensed to see his lovely, if not slightly deranged, Maker taking it hard from behind from Eric. In his foolish desire to be a hero, Bill had idiotically tried to attack Eric and save Lorena from Eric’s unwanted attention. It hadn’t taken Eric long to show Bill how far out of his depths he was; Eric had broken Bill’s back and then returned to fucking Lorena. To make things even worse for Bill, Lorena had commanded him to stay where he was once he healed and to not interfere. He had to watch while Eric fucked his Maker for hours. Lorena had only freed him of her command once Eric was done with her and left. It was from that moment that Bill’s hatred had turned into something that eventually got him killed. Eric already had everything Bill desired, so learning Lorena preferred the Viking to her own child had just been silver to the wound.

“Unfortunately,” Eric replied. A smirk curled his lips as he eyed the annoying and useless ghost. “Not as well I remember your Maker, though. I saw her last year. She spent a few hours bouncing on my dick.” Eric wasn’t overly fond of Lorena, in fact he hated her guts, but she was fucking crazy and that always made for an interesting ride. There wasn’t a damn thing she would refuse sexually.

“Lorena is no longer my concern,” Bill said, trying to appear unaffected by the news. He had hoped Lorena would have been heartbroken by his death and mourned him for eternity after seeking revenge. He didn’t want to hear about her fucking his murderer only a year after he had been killed. That didn’t fit in the delusional little world he had created for himself.

“Really?” Eric chuckled, knowing a lie when he heard it. “So it wouldn’t bother you to hear that last time she was here she fucked every member of The Authority? She took them all one after another…”

Bill clenched his hands into fists while Eric continued to bait him. Bill always had a strange relationship with his Maker. He both loved and despised her. He had spent decades both wanting to be with her and far away from her. She had been his whole world and it had been a world he craved and hated. “I see you still surround yourself with degenerates,” Bill sniffed pompously as he wrinkled his nose in distaste. “You really haven’t learned anything in all the years since I’ve been dead…”

“You have only been dead for two years,” Eric said, cutting him off. “In fact, it was two years ago this month. I remember the date because your death coincided with The Authority’s Christmas party. We don’t normally celebrate those holidays here, but we did that year. Surely you must remember, Bill? You were the guest of honor…”

“I remember,” Bill replied stiffly. There were some things Bill never forgot, and the night he died was at the top of that list. “I haven’t forgotten how you brutally murdered me…”

“I like to think of it more as pest control than murder,” Eric said, interrupting him again. “I simply had an infestation eliminated.”

“You murdered me!” Bill shouted taking offense at the way Eric was talking about his death. It was a tragic affair, not the punchline of a joke. “You and that band of degenerates you call The Authority were barbaric. Your actions were unbecoming of a vampire of your standing. You were deviant…”

Bill groaned while he shuffled into the great hall. The silver manacles on his ankles had seared through his flesh and were rubbing against the bones. He had been a guest of The Authority for almost three months and was ready for it all to be over. He had suffered for his alleged crime. Bill snorted as he thought about his crime. It wasn’t as if he had done anything to warrant the harsh punishment he had received. So he had exchanged his blood for sexual favors, it wasn’t like he killed anyone important. He didn’t see the problem. God knows his former Queen had trafficked in blood! Sophie-Anne had supported herself by selling V throughout her State… Or she had until The Authority had learned of her dealings. Once they knew she had been quickly removed from power, and then had her head removed from her shoulders. In Bill’s opinion, it had been an unjust sentence. He didn’t see anything wrong with what she did; it was why he foolishly followed her example. Bill had been slightly cleverer about it than the late Queen, however. He had only had one buyer and he sold his blood in exchange for sexual favors. He believed in the unlikely event that he was caught that he would be able to get off due to no money changing hands.

Unfortunately for Bill, he was an incompetent fool. He had been caught after only two months, which was what lead to him being the guest of The Authority, enjoying their special treatment. So far he had been whipped with silver, had his penis cut off and for several uncomfortable minutes shoved down his throat, bound in silver, and whatever fun things his hosts could imagine. His buyer hadn’t received half the punishment he had. Sure, his buyer, Amy, had been whipped every night for a week in front of him, and been fed on by all the members of The Authority, but that was it. They had even moved her to a private cell a month after they had both been incarcerated. It was quite unfair in Bill’s mind. Amy should have received a far worse punishment than him. Not only was she a dealer, but she was also human. But the little whore had batted her eyelashes at him and received a far leaner sentence. Bill had heard how Amy had bought her life on her knees. The dirty, little whore, Bill sneered. She will spread her legs for anyone.

Bill’s eyes widened in shock as he shuffled further into the room and got a good look at the party The Authority was throwing. He had heard from one of the vampires who had been torturing him that his final sentence would be announced during The Authority’s first ever Christmas party. When Bill had heard of the Christmas party, he imagined perfectly decorated trees, hung wreaths, and garland. He pictured a traditional Christmas party, wholesome and full of meaning. He hadn’t pictured what he was seeing. Yes, there was a Christmas tree, but unless he was mistaken it was decorated with a chain of vampire fangs. Yet what really turned Bill’s stomach was the large cloth tarp spread out on the floor in front of the dais lined with a row of chairs. The tarp had to be 20×20 feet in size and, to Bill’s horror, it was covered in blood and vampire remains.

Ladies of TA SinMoving his gaze to the dais, Bill couldn’t help the hiss that escaped his lips when he saw Eric sitting half naked on one of the chairs. Up until that point, Bill had only seen Eric once since he had been thrown in his cell. The Head of the Authority visited him the second night he was there and spent a few hours torturing him. Since that night, the Viking’s second, Salome Agrippa, had handled Bill’s punishment. Salome had been the one who cut off his cock and shoved it down his throat. Bill wasn’t sure who he hated more, Eric or the Biblical whore. In Bill’s mind they were both as sadistic as the other. Turning his gaze to the rest of the room, Bill observed some of the other vampires present. He recognized Eric’s child, Willa, standing to the side of her Maker’s chair with a brown-haired vampire. Nora, his mind supplied. He knew her from his arrest. She had been the one who had chained him in silver and dragged him before The Authority. Bill wrinkled his nose in distaste when he saw Salome, sitting in the chair next to Eric’s, completely naked. She has no shame. Bill noted The Authority’s enforcer, Kibwe Akinjide, was sitting on the edge of the dais. Kibwe had a reputation that was almost as impressive as Eric’s or perhaps the word should be terrifying. No one ever escaped when he was tasked with hunting them down. Bill wisely averted his gaze, not wanting to draw Kibwe’s ire. He was in enough trouble without pissing off the second most dangerous vampire in the room.

Bill was just about to turn his attention to the rest of the room when he noticed the young woman kneeling by Eric’s feet. He sneered as he recognized the woman… Amy! Bill blamed her for everything. She wasn’t supposed to rat him out when she was caught. She was supposed to take all the blame herself. Hatred burned in his eyes as he stared at the brown-haired dealer. Everything would have been so much easier if the vampires had just killed her as was the custom with a blood crime. It wasn’t fair that he was shackled in silver while she sat there unpunished.

So lost to his pity party Bill never even noticed the collar around Amy’s neck identifying her as a slave/pet. Nor did he notice that she was completely naked and covered in the blood and remains of several vampires. Her body was littered with vampire bites and the scent of sex permeated from her body.

“What do we have here?” Eric asked, finally breaking the silence that had descended upon the room since Bill was escorted into the hall.

“Bill Compton, My Lord,” Salome answered while she leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs. “He has been charged with exchanging his blood for sexual favors. Apparently, it is the only way he can get a woman. He had a deal with the whore at your feet. She would fuck him in exchange for blood.”

Eric growled while he flicked his eyes to the woman who was kneeling by his feet. He was aware of what Bill had done and the deal he had with The Authority’s newest pet, but he enjoyed fucking with the younger vampire. Bill had always held the foolish notion that he was more important than he was. The idiotic vampire had been the pet project of the former Authority spokeswoman, Nan Flanagan. Nan had championed Bill for the role of King of Louisiana after Sophie-Anne had been killed. All members of The Authority had shot down her idea, and when she tried to maneuver him onto the throne on her own, she had lost her head.

“The blood is sacred; it is not to be exchanged for pussy,” Eric said, “no matter how talented the pussy. The sentence for that crime is clear… However,” Eric smirked while he thought of how he could play with Bill a bit more before carrying out his punishment. “I find I am not in the mood to deal with Mr. Compton just yet. Chain him up over there,” Eric flicked his finger toward the side of the room where he could be restrained. “I believe we have other vampires awaiting sentencing.”

“We do, My Lord,” Salome replied with a smile. Like Eric, she found Bill to be a snivelling little prick. The idiot had actually tried to barter with her to help him escape. He had offered her money she knew he didn’t have, power that he also didn’t have, and finally he had offered her sex. It was that offer that led her to cutting off his cock and shoving it down his throat. From the look she had gotten at it when she cut it off, Salome doubted Bill would have been able to please her with it anyway. He was nowhere near as big as Eric nor as thick as Kibwe. After having had both of them, sometimes at the same time, there was no way she would ever have been satisfied with Bill.

“Right,” Eric said with a nod. He watched while two of his guards secured the chain on Bill’s wrists to a hook that was hanging from a solid beam. “Compton can wait until we have dealt with them. Bring the next one in…”

For the next two hours, Bill watched with growing fear as one alleged criminal after another was dragged before Eric and sentenced to the most barbaric punishments imaginable. Vampires, Weres, and humans lost their lives under Eric’s command. Bill had been forced to watch it all, and what’s worse he had also been forced to watch while The Authority members fucked in the blood of those they killed. It was only because his cock hadn’t grown back that he didn’t get hard.

As much as he didn’t want to, Bill had to hand it to Eric. The Viking certainly knew how to drive a point home. The only human in the room throughout it all had been Amy. She had been forced to watch alongside Bill as The Authority meted out vampire justice. Eric was showing her how fortunate she was and what would happen to her if she ever touched V again.

“That was the last one in the cells, Master,” Willa said as one of the guards dragged the dead body of a Were out of the room. “All that is left now is Bill Compton.”

Eric grinned while he rose to his feet and stepped off the dais. He had thoroughly enjoyed himself that night, dishing out vampire justice. No person, vampire, Were, or human had been innocent. Their guilt had been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Eric chuckled when he saw the look of horror on Bill’s face. Psychological torture had always been more rewarding to Eric. Anyone could break a body; breaking the mind and spirit was a far more rewarding challenge.

Nodding to his sister, Eric instructed Nora to get ready and he stepped barefoot onto the ruined tarp. Eric reached for the zipper on his pants and lowered it, letting his dress pants fall around his ankles before kicking them off. Arching a brow at the ladies still on the dais, Eric chuckled when Salome vamped to him and dropped to her knees. “Bill Compton, you have already been found guilty of your crime,” Eric said while Salome wrapped her lips around his cock. Eric groaned when he felt her swallow around him. “There is only one sentence for such a crime…”

Bill had trouble believing what was happening. There was no way Eric was getting his dick sucked while he delivered his sentence! Bill couldn’t believe The Viking could be so disrespectful.

Eric fisted his hand in Salome’s hair while he thrust his hips, fucking her mouth. The Biblical whore really did have the best lips for blowjobs. “… True Death!”

“No!” Bill screamed when he heard the sentence. They couldn’t sentence him to the True Death; he hadn’t done anything to warrant that. “You can’t…” The rest of Bill’s words died on his lips when he felt a sharp pain in his back. A look of confusion entered his eyes when he saw a bloody stake sticking out of his chest. “What…”

Nora grinned as Bill exploded into a bloody mess in front of her. She did love sending unworthy vampires to their deaths. She loved it almost as much as watching her brother fuck her lover…

“You had me killed while you were getting your cock sucked!” Bill raged. “You disrespected me.”

“Respect is earned and you never earned any,” Eric retorted. That had been a good night. It had been the first and last Christmas party The Authority had thrown. There had been no way they could ever top it, so they didn’t bother to even try. Death and sex… Two things vampires loved. “But if it makes you feel better, as soon as you were killed I pulled Salome’s mouth off my cock…”

Bill huffed, but it did make him feel a little bit better he hadn’t been completely disrespected. That night had stayed with him even as a ghost. He still felt the phantom touches of the pain they had all inflicted upon him.

“… And fucked her in your remains,” Eric added with a devilish smirk. “It was a thing of beauty…”

“You have no shame,” Bill said, repeating what seemed to be the theme of the night. “I can see why I was tasked with this most important of missions. Although, I fear the mission is doomed to fail because you’re too far gone to be saved.”

“I agree,” Eric replied with a shrug. All the talk of saving him was pissing him off. He didn’t need saving from his deviant lifestyle. He loved his deviant lifestyle, so why the fuck would he want to change it? “I am a lost cause, so let’s just end this whole ridiculous thing now…”

“That is not your decision to make or mine,” Bill said, interrupting him. Bill would have liked nothing more than to end it right there and then, but if they were going to get what they wanted, they needed to follow it through. They had to get Eric off the path he was on. They couldn’t let him continue. “I answer to a Higher Power and I’m here to do their bidding.”

“Great,” Eric sighed, his unhappiness plain to hear in his voice. “We might as well get on with it then.”

“I am the Ghost of Fornication Present,” Bill intoned as he spread his arms out, making his shackles jingle. “I have been tasked with a noble quest to show you the effect your deviant behavior has on those around you.”

Noble quest? This gets more fucked up by the second. I wonder if it is possible to kill a ghost? Combing a hand through his hair, Eric scratched his scalp and fought the urge to pull out his hair. “Okay, then. Show me how my wicked ways affect everyone else…”


22 thoughts on “Sin: Chapter Four

  1. Eric and Lorena (physical shiver eww!) Wow what a Christmas party I should be appalled at them but the end result was true death for Billy boy. Can’t wait for the next chapter and his present sins 😉


  2. Oh my –looks like Eric is batting a thousand against the ghosts of Past and Present. Loved it! The Whore and the Bore –so…I bet the ghost of the Future will really have to “bring it” to make any dent in his arrogance….love it!


  3. At this point, I’m not sure if I want him to change, lol. If Bill thinks he should do something he should probably do the opposite. 😀


  4. As soon as Eric referred to this ghost as The Bore I just knew it was Bill! Lol
    Nice to see he is still delusional even as a ghost. Somehow I get the feeling that the Ghost of Fornication Present is going to have about as much luck in changing Eric’s attitude as the Ghost of Fornication Past! Can’t wait to see visions and really want to know what path the higher ups want Eric to take…


  5. Okay, the Bill part was hilarious! He would be someone trying to reduce fornication. But you owe me some brain bleach for the Lorena banging. However, I will accept and early post in lieu of the brain bleach 😉 Thank god you didn’t go into detail with Lorena! My imagination was bad enough!


    • Now my dear ladykt, you and I both are aware that Bill would have no idea if his poop did indeed stink; after all, he’s probably been constipated since before the end of the Civil War in 1865; therefore, he really would believe that his does not stink! LOL! I’m so shocked that you didn’t mention one your old favorites, Whorena!
      Yes, respect is not given; it’s earned. That’s what I was taught.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Eric fucking Sarah Newlin was gross but Lorena… that is quite disgusting!
    So Billy boy Is ghost n° 2 well I didn’t see this coming..
    Loved Bill’s flashback…
    Let’s see what Beel will show Eric….


  7. Seriously? They sent Bill Compton to show Eric the error of his ways? I get the impression the higher powers have quite a sense of humor and can’t be serious.


  8. LMFAO… Again!
    Bill? … Bill!?!?!?!?!?!? Whoever else these powers are, obviously want The Fornication ghosts to fail. Hehe.

    This should be good.

    (And yes, I’m forgetting the disturbing knowledge that Eric hooks up with Lorena. Eww)


  9. Oh Bill! What a loser! Even as a ghost he’s pathetic! Well let’s see if Eric can find find some redeeming qualities cause right now it’s all fun and games in bad boy land!!


  10. I’ve learnt recently not to drink and read certain authors (yourself high on list) and I’ve been keeping to it. So picking up coffee to have quick drink whilst selecting next chapter seemed safe enough. OMFG, I glanced down at first paragraph and the coffee ended up everywhere – I’m just glad it was a decaf pod! Even writing about that paragraph has me laughing again – only Eric would say/think that, and THAT is why you are sooooo good at writing him!

    I did wonder if Bill was coming in chains – how appropriate that is lol. It must be lovely in Bill’s delusional little world -well for Bill anyway. Only Bill would describe fucking as ‘attentions’, but then only in his little world could anyone consider Eric’s ‘attentions’ to be unwanted! I must say I wanted to puke at the Lorena bit though, really? Ewwwwww it’s not like Eric can’t afford to be more choosy lol. I do love the way you disect Bill, it’s pure hilarity – of course Bill was chosen for this ‘most important’ and ‘noble’ mission!!!! You summed up Bill Compton’s pompous ass in one chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

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