The Anniversary: Chapter Three

<-<-The Anniversary

Chapter Three

Eric felt a thrill of anticipation shoot through him when he pulled up outside The Grange. He could feel his husband inside and he was eager to get to him so they could start their anniversary celebrations. Climbing out of his Corvette, Eric nodded at the vampire guarding the door as he made his way into the hotel and casino. He headed straight for his office, wanting to pick up his husband’s anniversary present before he met up with Warlow. The actual present wasn’t in the office as it was far too big to be stored inside the small space, but he had all the details as well as pictures for his pledged to review.

Entering his office, Eric quickly grabbed the papers he needed and tucked them into his inside jacket pocket before turning around and heading back out. He paused in the hallway outside his office when he noticed the hotel manager making her way toward him. “Ms. Burrell,” he greeted pleasantly.

“Good evening, Mr. Northman,” Willa replied politely, smiling at her boss as she came to a stop in front of him. “I wasn’t expecting to see you tonight, sir, with it being your anniversary and all. Is everything alright?”

“Everything is fine,” Eric answered, stepping back slightly, and gesturing for Willa to enter his office. He followed her in and closed the door, turning to face her. “My husband and I will be spending our anniversary in the penthouse,” he explained.

Willa had earned Eric’s trust years ago so he saw no problem in letting her know of his plans for the night. The young brunette had worked for Eric since she had been old enough, starting as a maid, moving onto the reception desk, and finally as the manager of The Grange. She was a hard worker, loyal, and always willing to learn. Eric had paid for her education when she showed an interest in business management, knowing a good investment when he saw one. He would have hired her as his day person, but he believed the position to be far beneath her. She deserved more than running his daytime errands. He hoped that she would one day take over the running of his Kingdom’s office during the day, managing his households and businesses.

“Is there anything I can do for either of you to make the night more special, sir?” Willa asked as she mentally went over the ways she could make their night better. She calculated how many bottles of Royalty Blended they had left in stock as well the stores that were nearby that would sell any item that the couple might want.

If the question had come from anyone else, Eric would have suspected they were offering to join him and Warlow for a little extra fun. However, when it came from Willa he knew she wasn’t wrangling for an invitation to join them. She had no interest in what Eric and Warlow had to offer. The dark-haired beauty preferred their seconds, Salome and Nora, to them.

“My husband is in charge of tonight,” Eric answered with a smirk, thinking of what Warlow being in charged usually entailed. “If we need anything I will let you know, but I suspect Warlow has everything in order.”

“Very well, sir,” Willa said. “I’ll be here until 6:30. Happy Anniversary! I hope you and your husband have a great night.”

Eric chuckled at the respectful way Willa addressed him. In all the years he had known her, he had never been able to get her to call him Eric while she was on duty. She was the epitome of professionalism when it came to him. Nora, however, could get Willa to drop the professional behavior and let her hair down. His sister had taken great pleasure in informing Eric how she’d had Willa naked on his desk more than once. Eric thought it was a shame that Willa wasn’t interested in what he had to offer as he would have loved to have joined her and Nora during one of their play dates.

“We will,” Eric replied with a leering grin. His anniversary nights with Warlow were always great. His husband always knew what he wanted and was eager to give it to him. They hadn’t had a bad anniversary yet. Some were better than others, but each one had been filled with pleasure, and Eric knew that their fiftieth wouldn’t be any different, although Eric was curious as to what gift his husband had gotten him this year. There was one sure way to find out.

After bidding farewell to Willa, Eric headed out of his office and made his way to the foyer to meet his husband as instructed. For whatever reason, Warlow didn’t want Eric to head straight to the penthouse. No, rather he had requested that Eric meet him in The Grange’s lobby so he could escort him to the penthouse.

The blond-haired vampire smiled when he saw his husband waiting in the lobby for him. His smile became intimate as he noticed the considerable bulge in Warlow’s pants. Crossing the short distance between them, Eric walked up to his husband and laid the mother of all kisses on him in front of everyone present. He chuckled when he broke the kiss, hearing a number of people complaining about his explicit public display of affection. “Happy anniversary, husband,” he greeted as he snuck his hand around Warlow’s waist and grabbed his firm ass.

“Happy anniversary, Eric,” Warlow replied then pulled him in for another kiss. Neither of them were usually into making such spectacles. Well, outside of pledging ceremonies and anniversary parties, but that night they didn’t care who saw them for what they were…a happily married couple. “I have your anniversary gift all ready for you in the penthouse,” he informed his pledged when he broke the kiss. “I’m eager to watch you unwrap it.”

“Then let’s go,” Eric said, nudging Warlow toward the elevator. He rested his hand on his husband’s ass as they entered the elevator, growling at anyone who tried to enter it after them. As soon as the doors slid closed, Eric pulled Warlow to him and crushed his lips to his once again. He devoured Warlow’s mouth, sweeping his tongue into his partner’s mouth, tasting him in the only way he could at the time.

Pushing Eric back, Warlow slammed him against the elevator wall and took charge of the kiss. He threaded his fingers into Eric’s blond hair, messing it up as he plundered his mouth. Warlow moaned at the taste of his husband, and he could barely wait until he could taste the rest of him. Breaking the kiss, Warlow trailed a series of biting kisses over Eric’s neck until he reached his ear. He sucked Eric’s lobe into his mouth, twirling his tongue around the shell of Eric’s ear. “I can’t wait to feel your cock in my mouth,” he growled while he slipped a hand between them and palmed Eric’s cock over his custom made pants. “I’m going to suck it for a solid hour, and once I’m done, I’m going to bend you over and fuck your gorgeous ass…”

Eric growled as images of Warlow doing just that filled his head. He could practically feel his husband’s cool, wet mouth surrounding his hard length and he bucked his hips, thrusting against Warlow’s hand.

Warlow chuckled darkly when he felt Eric’s need slam into him through the bond. There was something so primal about feeling how much his husband wanted him. It was so arousing to know that Eric wanted him as much as he wanted Eric. Warlow captured Eric’s lips again, this time in a softer kiss, slowing them both down. They had all night to enjoy each other’s bodies, not to mention the next fifty years, so there was no need to rush. Warlow didn’t mind fucking in an elevator, but he didn’t want to re-consummate their pledging in the elevator. “I have the penthouse booked until the 24th for us,” he added when the kiss came to its natural end.

Warlow grinned when the elevator pinged, signaling they had arrived at the penthouse. “Are you ready for your anniversary present, husband?” He asked, barely able to conceal his excitement.

“More than ready,” Eric growled. He was ready for his present as well as what came after. His dick felt like a steel pole in his pants and he was eager to get them off and get a little relief.

Leading his husband off the elevator, Warlow shucked his jacket off as he walked into the penthouse. He threw his jacket over the back of the white leather sofa before heading toward the stairs to his right. Climbing the stairs, Warlow paused near the top, looked over his shoulder at Eric, and smirked. “Close your eyes,” he instructed.

Eric arched a brow, but then did as his husband asked. He let Warlow guide him up the last few stairs although he didn’t need the help given that he knew his way round the penthouse, having stayed there numerous times since he took ownership.  Once they reached the top of the stairs, Eric felt Warlow move to stand behind him and nudge him forward a few steps. The most delicious scent reached Eric’s nose, and he sniffed the air, trying to identify it. It smelled like apricots, sunshine, and just a hint of spice.

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“Open your eyes, Eric,” Warlow whispered into his husband’s ear as he rested his hands on Eric’s hips. “See what I got you for our anniversary…” Eric couldn’t help but drop his fangs when he opened his eyes and locked his gaze on his anniversary present. Never in his thousand years had he seen a prettier sight.

On the large king-size bed in front of him lay the most gorgeous woman Eric had ever seen. Her long blonde hair tumbled over her shoulders in loose curls as she leaned back on her elbows, and Eric wanted nothing more than to tangle his hands in it. Mischievous blue eyes stared at him, promising him untold pleasure, her lips looked plump and he suspected they would feel extremely indulging wrapped around his cock. Her outfit was made up of little more than red ribbons covering her full firm breasts and pussy. Eric could hardly wait to unwrap her.

“Sookie Stackhouse,” Eric purred, recognizing the young woman easily. She was the hottest, wildest, and not to mention, most bankable star in Hollywood at the moment. The young blonde was a box office sensation and one of the highest paid actresses in the world. Her commanding on-screen presence had earned her a slew of awards and loyal, die-hard fans.

Her behavior off-screen, on the other hand, had earned her endless scorn and media headlines. Sookie was considered the ‘bad girl’ of Hollywood with her partying, drinking, and fucking around. She was always professional when she was on set, but once filming wrapped and everything was done, she would let her hair down and have a little fun. Despite her wild behavior, Sookie had managed to avoid many of the pitfalls of stardom. She enjoyed a drink or two, but she avoided drugs and other criminal behavior.

Many people had tried to straighten her out and make her more respectable for her fans. In spite of this, Sookie never claimed to be a role model. It wasn’t her responsibility to raise other people’s children and put them on the right path. She wouldn’t change her behavior because a bunch of uptight parents didn’t approve. She claimed that the parents were doing many of the same things she was, but no one was calling them out on their behavior.

Eric licked his lips while he ran his heated gaze over the delectable Sookie Stackhouse. He had been a fan of hers for years. She was his guilty secret. He owned everything she ever starred in, even the sex tape she did with Finn Cassidy that had been released a few years earlier. While the release of a sex tape would terrify many actors or movie stars who would threaten legal action and demand their private property be returned, Sookie had laughed it off and told everyone who asked that they would see just as much of her in the show she did for HBO. She hadn’t been happy that the tape had been stolen, copied, and mass-marketed, but she had refused to make a big song and dance about it, knowing that would only draw much more attention to it. Her management company had finally been able to get the original tape returned, but by that time thousands had already seen it and made copies of their own.

Eric was one of those who had his own copy. He had gotten it shortly after it had been released. Watching the blonde-haired beauty fuck with wild abandon on a 50 inch HD TV had turned him on more than a hundred showgirls who worked in his businesses. He had lost count of how many times he had watched it, but he would always remember the first time he watched the video. It had been a pleasure-filled viewing. Eric had invited Warlow and a small group of beautiful women to watch the tape with him at his club, The Hidden Spot, off the Las Vegas Strip. He put the tape on repeat and enjoyed every one of the women multiple times as well as his husband until the sun had forced him to stop.

Yet, as gorgeous as she looked on screen, it was nothing compared to how she looked right there in front of him. Gorgeous didn’t do her justice. There just wasn’t a good enough description for her in Eric’s opinion. There wasn’t a better gift that Warlow could have given him for their anniversary. It was the ultimate surprise! As he stared at the young blonde, Eric wondered how Warlow had managed to get her where she was, half-naked and on a bed ready to be fucked. He would be sure to ask his husband how he pulled it off… Later. Questions came after the celebration.

Warlow chuckled while he watched Eric stare at Sookie. He knew all about his husband’s secret crush on the young actress. Well, it wasn’t that much of a secret, not when it came to him. Warlow wholeheartedly approved of his husband’s attraction to Sookie Stackhouse seeing as he was equally attracted. The attraction had only grown after he met her for the first time. Who would have known that a night at a charity ball would have been the thing to bring them together? Warlow still thanked his Head of Public Relations for accepting the invitation to a charity ball on his behalf when they received it. The cause hadn’t been something he was remotely interested in, but he had been lectured on promoting his image and showing he cared, so he had put on a tux and attended the charity ball.

It had been an hour into the ball when he had met Sookie. As luck would have it, they had been seated at the same table where they struck up a conversation. Warlow had found her to be intelligent, funny, and that she had a wicked streak. She had charmed the pants off him, literally. While the host of the charity ball had been giving an impassioned speech, Sookie had been giving Warlow a blowjob in one of the bathrooms. After that night, the two of them had developed quite a friendship and with his anniversary approaching, he told Sookie all about Eric, and how much of a fan he was of hers. He had been completely honest with her, telling her that they had even watched her sex tape. He had laid everything on the table before asking her if she would be willing to travel to Las Vegas with him and be Eric’s anniversary present that year. A part of Warlow had expected Sookie to refuse, to be insulted by the question, storm out, and never speak to him again. Then again, a larger part knew she was intrigued by his offer as well as his husband. She had asked him many questions about Eric so he was only mildly surprised when she agreed. As he moved his eyes to the gorgeous blonde on the bed, Warlow could tell she was just as excited by all of it as Eric. He could smell her arousal and couldn’t wait to see Eric taste her.

Darting her tongue out, Sookie ran it over her plump bottom lip and maneuvered herself so she was on her knees. Eric was so much better looking than she had pictured and from only a cursory glance, she was already happy she had accepted Warlow’s invitation to be Eric’s anniversary present. The famous blonde ran her sparkling eyes over Eric, taking in every inch of him. Her lips curled into a knowing smile when her eyes landed on the impressive bulge in the Viking’s pants. He had to be nine inches minimum, and Sookie felt her pussy clench as she anticipated feeling his hardness thrusting into her.

“Your husband tells me you’re a fan of mine,” Sookie said, shooting Warlow a wink over Eric’s shoulder. “He says you’ve seen all my work… Even my sex tape.” She moved her gaze back to Eric’s while she spoke and flashed him a devilish smile, letting him know she didn’t mind that he had watched the tape. She honestly didn’t care who had. It might not have been meant for public viewing, but she wasn’t ashamed of it. Many people had advised her to apologize for it, but she refused. She hadn’t done anything wrong. The person who stole the tape had been the one in the wrong. “Did you like watching it, Eric?” She asked, her tone coming out as a purr. “Did you enjoy watching me suck my ex-lover’s cock? Did it make you hard?”

“I fucking loved it!” Eric growled. It was his favorite thing to watch. “Watching you fuck makes me so horny and hard. Whenever I watch it, I grab half a dozen women and fuck them all.”

A shiver went through Sookie at the forcefulness of his tone, and she crawled down the bed toward him. Pushing herself up on her knees, Sookie held herself just inches away from him, letting him feel the heat of her body. “Mmm, well, maybe if you’re good I’ll let you watch the others we made,” she whispered. “We invited a friend to join us in one. Finn tied me to the bed and our friend went down on me for almost an hour…” Sookie leaned in closer and placed her lips near his ear as she added, “She made me cum so many times…” She giggled and pulled her lips away when she heard him groan.

Eric’s eyes were almost black when he met her gaze. That was one tape he wanted to see. “And, if I am bad?” He questioned.

“Well, if you’re bad…” Sookie trailed off while she backed up slightly and rearranged herself on the bed again. She bent her legs and let them fall open a fraction as she leaned back on her elbows. “I’ll let you make your own…”

Eric wasn’t sure how it was possible, but he felt his cock get even harder with her words. By the look in her eyes, he could tell she meant what she said. She would let him record them fucking! Now, that was a tape he wanted. I guess I’m going to be bad. He smiled sinfully at Sookie and dragged his eyes over her body while he imagined all the things he wanted to do to her.

Sookie practically vibrated with need as she stared at Eric. Never before had she had such a reaction to a man. She was more than ready to get the party started and give Eric his anniversary present. However, before he got to enjoy her, she wanted to enjoy them. “You know, Eric, you’re not the only one who enjoys watching,” she purred, letting her legs fall open a little more. “Watching two people fuck makes me so wet…” Sookie slid a hand between her legs as she spoke and rubbed her pussy over the thin strip of red ribbon that barely covered her.

Eric ran his tongue over his fangs while he watched Sookie touch herself. Never had he seen a more erotic sight, and he was eager to remove the strips of red ribbon and feast upon her. The night was already shaping up to be their best anniversary yet, and he hadn’t even touched her. Warlow had really hit the jackpot with his gift. In Eric’s opinion, it was much better than the boat he had given his husband.

Sookie moaned teasingly while she touched herself, riling up the two vampires. Most people would have thought twice before teasing two old and powerful vampires, but not her. She was confident in her ability to protect herself, she wasn’t a totally helpless, dumb, blonde. Hell, she was a Supe herself. She may have only been a quarter Fae, but her spark was strong, and she had the ability to teleport. Plus, she was secure in her trust of Warlow.

“Now, seeing how you both watched me fuck, it seems fair that I should get to watch you fuck,” Sookie continued with the most devious smile that either of them had ever seen. “Tit for tat, and all that.”

Eric chuckled at her words. “You want to watch us fuck.” It wasn’t a question. Eric licked his lips as he pulled Warlow to stand beside him. He had no problem fucking his husband in front of the sexy blonde. In fact, the thought had his fangs throbbing in his mouth, though that didn’t mean he couldn’t have a little fun with Sookie first. “I don’t know. You are supposed to be my present. What do I get out of letting you watch my husband and me fuck?”

Sookie arched a brow as she shifted onto her knees again. She crawled toward Eric and knelt before him on the bed. She leaned into him again, this time pressing her breasts against his chest and wrapping her arms around his neck. She kept her eyes on his, letting him see the hunger and passion that shone in them. “You get to fuck me anyway you want, anywhere you want, and record it. You get to watch while I fuck your husband. You get to fuck me while I fuck your husband…”

Eric groaned while her words painted a very vivid picture in his mind. Wrapping his left arm around her waist, Eric fisted his right hand in her hair, yanked her forward, and crashed his lips to hers in a fierce kiss. He devoured her lips, leaving her breathless and hungry for more. He squeezed her ass as he broke the kiss and flashed her a smug smile, letting her go and turning to face his husband.

Sookie was almost giddy in anticipation when she moved back up the bed and propped herself up against the pillows. If Eric fucked as good as he kissed, she knew she was in for one hell of a night. She wasn’t lying when she told Eric he could fuck her anyway he wanted, anywhere. She would happily submit to him and Warlow that night, but first, she would enjoy the show they were ready to put on. It had been a fantasy of Sookie’s to watch two men together before joining them. Well, it looked like her fantasy was going to come true, and she was determined to enjoy every second of it.


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