A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Fourteen

Eric rose the next evening, thankfully to silence; he was half expecting to rise to another one of Sophie-Anne’s surprises. He didn’t trust her not to put another donor in his room with him. He had locked the door, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t override the lock. It was her palace; she could practically do anything she wanted, something she made sure everyone knew on a nightly basis. For whatever reason she didn’t, Eric was grateful. He knew Sookie would never believe anything Sophie-Anne would tell or show her; his wife was smarter than the childish Queen, and their bond would show he was being truthful, but it would add unnecessary strain on their relationship.

Grabbing his phone, Eric sent a quick message to both Sookie and Pam informing them that he was okay and should be home that evening, before heading out of the room and towards the poolroom where he knew the Queen would be waiting. Pushing the doors open, Eric strutted in like he owned the place. He flicked his eyes over the room, searching out any hidden threats as he made his way to the Queen.

“Your majesty,” Eric greeted with a small nod.

“Eric,” Sophie-Anne replied sweetly, hiding her anger behind a false mask. She was incensed that her little ploy didn’t work.

Having sampled Yvetta’s bountiful talents herself, Sophie-Anne was sure the Estonian whore would have been able to entice Eric into a little fun. Sophie-Anne had the bedroom under surveillance and she couldn’t wait to get it all on film so she could show Sookie. She had her act all planned out: she would have played the sympathetic Queen, feigning concern and remorse that the betrayal happened under her roof. She would have offered Sookie a way out and heartbroken, and a grateful Sookie would have jumped at the chance while Eric would have learned never to cross his Queen. Only the little whore had failed, and Eric had resisted her advances.

“I trust you had a pleasant night,” Sophie-Anne added, her lips curling into a small smile as she planned how to make them both sorry for messing up her scheme. Not giving him a chance to reply, she continued, “I won’t keep you long tonight. I’m sure you want to get back to your little wife. We just have a small bit of business to deal with first.”

From the calculating look in Sophie-Anne’s eyes, Eric knew she was up to something. Even though he believed he would leave that night, he was expecting her to play her silly games to keep him there until the last possible moment. Whatever this little bit of business was, Eric wasn’t sure he wanted to be present when it was handled. But realizing he had no choice, Eric said nothing and simply waited.

He didn’t have to wait long before Yvetta was marched into the pool room, a collar fastened securely around her neck. Dragging her towards Sophie-Anne, Andre ordered Yvetta to kneel before her Queen as he moved to stand behind Sophie-Anne.

Eric groaned softly as he realized what was about to happen. Of course Sophie-Anne wouldn’t let Yvetta’s failed seduction attempt go unpunished.

Yvetta, I’m very disappointed in you,” Sophie-Anne began as she rose to her feet. “I offered you a chance to rise above your station. I invited you into my home, bought you pretty things, and this is how you repay me? By running through my corridors after trying to seduce one of my Sheriff’s, poorly at that?”

“My Queen…” Yvetta said meekly.

“Silence,” Sophie-Anne shouted, cutting her off. “You owe us all an apology for your disgraceful behavior last night.”

“I’m sorry,” Yvetta whimpered.

“Sorry is not good enough,” Sophie-Anne replied. “You have left me no choice but to punish you for your shameful actions.”

Eric watched silently as Sophie-Anne circled the kneeling Yvetta slowly. He recognized Sophie-Anne’s words for what they were. She wasn’t punishing Yvetta for her disgraceful behavior as she put it; she was punishing her for failing to seduce him like she had been ordered. As he listened to Sophie-Anne talk, Eric didn’t miss the little looks she kept casting him, and he wondered if she was expecting him to speak up and defend Yvetta. If she was, she would be waiting a long time. He held no sympathy for the kneeling whore; she knew Eric was married, and she still tried to fuck him. She was willing to play Sophie-Anne idiotic game and now she was suffering for it.

Reaching for the small chain that was fastened to the collar, Sophie-Anne tugged on it and dragged the kneeling woman with her as she sauntered back to the chaise lounger. Sitting down, she pulled Yvetta over her knee. “As Queen it is my right and duty to punish those who disgrace me and disobey my rules. Yvetta did both of those things last night, and as Queen I’m sentencing her ten slaps on her bare ass every night for the next two weeks. Does anyone object or wish to challenge my ruling?” Silence met her question, making Sophie-Anne smile. “Eric, do you object?” she added as her eyes fell on her oldest Sheriff.

“No, your majesty,” Eric replied, curious as to why she asked him directly.

“Good,” Sophie-Anne purred. Lifting up the skirt of the lace mini dress Yvetta was wearing, Sophie-Anne ripped off her panties and bared Yvetta’s lower half to the whole room. Running her hand over Yvetta’s ass, Sophie-Anne squeezed her cheeks hard before raising her hand and bringing it down swiftly with power. The sound of the her hand hitting Yvetta’s flesh reverberated through the room, making more than one vampire groan. Rubbing Yvetta’s ass, Sophie-Anne soothed the sting of her slap before bringing her hand down again, three times in quick succession.

Yvetta whimpered as she felt Sophie-Anne’s hand connect with her ass. The pain of the slaps sent a thrill through her, and she felt her body reacting to it. Arousal flooded her as Sophie-Anne brought her hand down again. The Estonian had always liked a bit of pain to go with her pleasure, and it wasn’t the first time she had been spanked, nor was it the first time Sophie-Anne had spanked her. Although the other times were always in relative privacy and weren’t a punishment.

Sophie-Anne grinned as the scent of Yvetta’s arousal reached her nose. She dipped her hand between Yvetta’s legs and teased the opening of her sex. “Andre,” she called as she pushed two fingers inside Yvetta.

“Yes, my Queen?” Andre said as he stepped forward, his fangs clicking down as he got a better look at Yvetta’s bright red ass; her blood had rushed to the surface of her skin, trying to heal the damage the slaps had caused.

“Finish the punishment for me,” Sophie-Anne ordered. “She has four left tonight.” Pushing her fingers deeper inside Yvetta, Sophie-Anne pressed her thumb to her clit as she kept her eyes on Andre. “Use your belt,” she added as an afterthought. She didn’t want Yvetta to enjoy it too much.

Unbuckling his belt, Andre slid it off and folded it; snapping the leather he moved behind Yvetta. “Raise your ass,” he ordered.

Doing as ordered, Yvetta lifted her hips as a moan of pleasure spilled from her lips. She clenched her pussy around Sophie-Anne’s fingers, trying to pull them deeper inside her. A cry of pain was torn from Yvetta’s throat as the leather of Andre’s belt came down hard against her ass.

“Again,” Sophie-Anne ordered as she pushed Yvetta’s head down. Pulling her fingers out of Yvetta, Sophie-Anne laid both her arms over the whimpering whores back and held her still as she denied her any more pleasure.

Ahh!” Yvetta cried out as Andre hit her with the belt again. Tears sprang to her eyes as she breathed heavily; she bit down on her lip as she prepared for the next strike.

Raising the belt again, Andre brought it down hard across her ass, smiling as he saw the skin break and welts rise to the surface. He could see her muscles coil and clench as the pain of the slap hit her. He wanted to lash her back as well, but Sophie-Anne had already issued her punishment and he couldn’t go against his Queen.

Catching Andre’s eyes, Sophie-Anne smiled as she saw the enjoyment her child was getting out of it. “Harder,” she instructed as she held the struggling woman tighter.

Pain was now the only thing Yvetta felt; any pleasure washed away with the crack of the leather on her ass. Tears streamed down her face as she bit through her lip. Her ass felt like it was on fire, and she tried desperately to move to avoid the final blow.

Gripping the belt tighter, Andre swung it again, angling it so the buckle connected with her abused flesh as well. The crack of the leather hitting Yvetta’s already welted ass echoed through the room as she screamed out in pain. Fixing the belt back around his waist, Andre took a step back and observed his work. He felt his pants tighten as he looked at Yvetta’s red ass; he could tell it would bruise badly and hurt her for quite a while.

The vampires present groaned and panted as lust spread through them; they eyed the Queen’s donors with hunger and waited for the her permission to sate their growing hungers.

Pushing the crying Yvetta off her knee and to the floor, Sophie-Anne smirked at the whimper she gave as she landed on her sore ass. Rising to her feet, Sophie-Anne stared down at the young woman and frowned as she wondered if she had been too lenient with her punishment.

I should have had Andre fuck her up the ass after he finished hitting her with his belt.

Shaking it off, she lifted her head and addressed the room. “With that little bit of unpleasantness out of the way you’re all free to leave and go sate your hungers,” she said sweetly as she stepped over Yvetta. Sophie-Anne watched as all her vampires started to filter out the pool room.

Nodding to his Queen, Eric spun on his heels and made his way to the door; he was just about to step through it when Sophie-Anne’s sickly sweet voice called him back. Biting back a groan, Eric turned to face her; “Yes, your majesty?”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Sophie-Anne said as she practically bounced on her feet in amusement.

“Your majesty?” Eric questioned confusedly as he wondered what the Queen was up to now.

Flicking her fingers towards Yvetta, Sophie-Anne smirked. “Your wedding present. I gave her to you last night. She is yours now.”

“I don’t keep pets,” Eric replied simply.

“Then give her a job and put her to work in your little bar,” Sophie-Anne said, her eyes lighting up with amusement. “She is a talented dancer. I’m sure you can find a position for her.”

“I do not…”

“Are you refusing a present from your Queen?” Sophie-Anne asked, cutting him off. “I am still your ruler, Sheriff. Would you disgrace me and my rule by refusing my generous present?”

Eric gritted his teeth as he stared at Sophie-Anne; the urge to rip her heart out of her chest was growing stronger within him. He knew this was just another one of her silly little games. What she thought she would get out of him taking Yvetta back to his area, he didn’t know. He already showed he wasn’t interested in her, and he couldn’t believe Sophie-Anne would think he was going to fuck Yvetta in his own area where his wife resided if he wouldn’t fuck her while he was in the palace and far away from Sookie.

“I could always make you both stay here,” Sophie-Anne added. “I’m sure your wife would be happy for you to relocate here so you could be nearer to your new pet. You could all stay here at the palace, just one big happy family. You could both join in playtime. I have no doubt your wife could find much pleasure here. Now, Sheriff, what is it going to be? Are you going to accept my generous present in the spirit it was given? Or are you going to disrespect me and refuse it?”

Realizing he didn’t have any real choice, Eric pasted on a fake smile. “I will be happy to accept your wedding present,” he said. He cursed out Sophie-Anne as he watched her clap her hands like a demented seal. He didn’t want Yvetta anywhere near him or his area; the whore would be nothing but trouble. He knew that, but also he knew full well if he refused, Sophie-Anne would make him sorry for it. He didn’t doubt her threat that she would relocate him to Area One, and that was something he most certainly didn’t want.

“Good,” Sophie-Anne cooed. Bending down, she grabbed the chain attached to Yvetta’s collar and yanked her up; she dragged her over to Eric and offered him the chain. “I transfer ownership of Yvetta over to you Sheriff.”

Taking the chain, Eric nodded. “I accept,” he gritted out.

“Enjoy your new pet,” Sophie-Anne said. Spinning around Sophie-Anne skipped back to her lounger and threw herself on it. “There is one more bit of business before I forget,” she added as she got herself comfortable. “It is not widely known, but I have been in contract negotiations with the King of Arkansas; we have finally come to terms and we are to pledge at Rhodes. As one of my Sheriffs, I’m demanding your presence.”

“It would be my honor,” Eric replied.

“And, Eric, bring your pretty little wife as well,” Sophie-Anne said with a grin. “I think it’s time I meet Louisiana’s telepath.”

“Of course,” Eric said, hiding his feelings about Sophie-Anne being anywhere near Sookie. If he had to take Sookie to Rhodes with him, he would make sure she was well protected first.

“I look forward to it.” Waving her hand in his direction, “that will be all,” she dismissed. She waited for him to reach the door again when she called out to him once more. “Oh, and Eric. Don’t forget Yvetta’s punishment. As my Sheriff and her new Master it’s your responsibility to see she is properly punished per your Queen’s orders. Ten slaps on her bare ass each night for two weeks. And I want her out of my palace right away.”

“Yes, my Queen,” Eric replied with fake sincerity. Dragging Yvetta out the room, he headed out of the palace and towards his car. Not for the first time he cursed Sophie-Anne. She could have at least given them time so Yvetta could get changed. The dress she wore left nothing to the imagination and after Sophie-Anne had ripped off her panties, she also wasn’t wearing a bra; although he realized that was probably why Sophie-Anne didn’t give him time. She wanted him to sit next to the half naked woman who had tried to seduce for the next few hours.

Opening the passenger’s side door, “Get in,” he ordered, paying her no attention as she climbed in the car. Speeding round to the driver’s side, Eric climbed in the car and gunned the engine.

“Where are we going?” Yvetta asked as she fidgeted in her seat. Her ass burning from the spanking.

“Shreveport,” Eric replied shortly, in no mood for small talk with her.

Yvetta let her eyes fall over Eric as he drove. She didn’t think she had ever seen a more handsome man. She wanted him for herself; he could give her all the things she desired, and she was sure the sex would be phenomenal. She felt her body reacting to just the thought of it. She had failed in her seduction last night, but she wouldn’t fail again. She belonged to him now. He was her Master and that meant something in the vampire world. She didn’t care about the wife that the Queen and Andre told her about; she might have to befriend her like they ordered, but that didn’t mean she actually had to like her. No, as far as Yvetta was concerned, Sookie was just in her way. She wanted Eric, and by hell or high water, she would have him.

“You’re my new Master,” Yvetta said, exaggerating her accent in the way she had learned men liked.

“Unfortunately,” Eric griped.

“Will I live with you?” Yvetta asked, adding her purr to her voice.

“Not even if your life depended on it,” Eric retorted. “You can live with one of the waitresses at my bar where you will work. Sophie-Anne said you can dance.”

“Yes. Would you like me to dance for you?”

“No. You can work as a dancer at my bar.”

“What would you like me to do?” Yvetta asked as she shifted in the seat so her back was against the door; she crossed her legs exposing herself to him.

“Nothing,” Eric replied, showing her no interest. “You will dance at my bar and that is it. I will not feed from you and I certainly won’t fuck you. So you can stop right now.”

“But I’m yours,” Yvetta said, feigning confusion. “My blood and body is yours. I can be whatever you want.”

“I only want my wife and you could never be her,” Eric growled.

“I could,” Yvetta said, her voice filled with lust. Undoing her seat belt, she rose up on her knees, and, slipping the straps of her dress down, she flashed her breasts at Eric. “I will never say no to you.”

“Put your dress back on and sit down,” Eric ordered, shaking his head at her shameful behavior. Before he met Sookie he would have probably taken her up on her offer, but since the day Sookie ran her car into his he had been lost to her. No other woman held interest to him now. He loved his wife with everything he was and would never risk her for a whore like Yvetta.

She’s worse than the fangbangers who visit Fangtasia.

Ignoring him, Yvetta dipped her hand between her legs and touched herself. She pushed two fingers inside her sex and pleasured herself. She smiled as she saw his hands tighten on the steering wheel, believing she was getting to him. She let out exaggerated moans of pleasure as she twisted her fingers.

“Put your dress back on, sit down, and shut up, or I am going to lock you in the trunk,” Eric threatened.

Yvetta giggled as she removed her fingers from her dripping sex. Bringing them to her mouth, she sucked them into her mouth, tasting herself. Crouching down, she leaned forward and ran her hand over Eric’s thigh, reaching for his zipper. She pulled it down slowly. She was just about to slip her hand inside his jeans when she felt herself being pushed back. She let out a cry of pain as she landed on her still hurting ass. She felt a whoosh of air as her door was pulled open and she was pulled out of the car.

Grabbing her by the arm, Eric dragged her to the back of the car. Opening the trunk, Eric shoved her in, smirking at her surprised look. “Never touch me,” he growled before slamming the trunk and strolling back to the driver’s side.

A sharp pain hit him out of nowhere and Eric dropped to his knees; his vision blurred as pain racked his body. He pressed a hand against his stomach where the pain seemed to be centered. The bond between him and Sookie sprang to life and he realized with horror that it was her pain he was feeling.

“Sookie,” Eric whimpered.

Pulling himself to his feet, Eric threw himself in the driver’s seat and slammed on the gas pedal. The car tore down the road, breaking every speed limit.

“I’m coming Sookie; I’m coming,” Eric whispered as he tried to send her strength through the bond. He could practically hear Sookie screaming in his head.



6 thoughts on “A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Fourteen

  1. Geeze..I really can’t stand Sophie Ann. Think my new name for her will be festering cunt sore. 🙂 She’s such a childish cunt. I can’t wait for him to end her.
    I wonder what happen to Sookie. If its beehl…he’s gonna be sooorryyyyy. Can’t wait for more!


  2. Oh my! Was this a ploy on SA’s part to harm Sookie or is Bill acting on his own? What a cliffy!
    And SA’s little stunt giving Eric Yvetta as a “pet”…..hm……like to “pet” her –maybe put her in silver chains inside a junkyard….
    I still think Eric should fully disclose to SA Sookie’s heritage. If the bitch wants to start a war with the fae, then she’s too stupid to hold the crown….and I’m sure other royals who are old enough to remember the Fae/Vamp wars would step back and let Eric do away with SA so as to not get involved again….
    You better update soon, missy!! 🙂



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