A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Four

Bill barely had the chance to school his features before Pam pounced on him, knocking him off balance. Grabbing him by the back of his shirt, Pam launched him head-first at the closed door. She let out a squeal of delight as he crashed through it, destroying the door.

“Make sure you get that door fixed.” Eric called out as he made his way back towards the bar, leaving Pam to her fun.

Pam sped over to Bill, who lay crumpled on the floor. She dug the heel of her shoe into one of his hands, piercing the skin, pressing down as hard as she could; she smiled as she heard his bones shattering.

“Oh Billy, we’re going to have so much fun together,” she cooed. She reached down and tangled her hand in his hair, her fingernails digging into his scalp painfully. “Well, I’m going to have so much fun; you, not so much. But I promise to make you scream.” Yanking him forward, Pam dragged him down the corridor by his hair, ignoring his pitiful whining.

Opening the door that led to the basement, Pam shoved Bill through, throwing him down the stairs. She followed him down the stairs at a leisurely pace, the clack of her high heels echoing off the basement walls. She stepped over Bill as she moved into the center of the basement; a cruel smirk spread over her face as she saw Bill eye the opened door.

“You’ll never make it,” she said tauntingly. “You’re welcome to try, but even if you get lucky and make it out of this basement, you’ll never make it out of the club. If you try to run, you’ll just piss Eric off more. You’ll interfere with his evening with his wife and that’ll just make him angry, so he’ll see to your punishment personally, and despite what he said, my Master is much more creative than I when it comes to discipline. Not to mention patient; he’ll make it last weeks, if not months. Eric is nothing if not thorough.”

Despite her words, Bill inched closer to the stairs, his eyes fixed on the open door. He was convinced if he could make it out of the club to contact Sophie-Anne she would protect him, or at the very least instruct Eric to not harm him. He dragged himself to his feet, his hand throbbing as the bones knitted themselves back together. He barely had a foot on the first step when a shadow fell over the stairs. Bill took a step back as a petite vampire descended; his eyes flicked over the room, looking for another way out.

Pam watched Bill with barely concealed amusement. She could smell the fear rolling off him, and they had barely even begun. She’d encountered humans who handled the threat of torture better than he did. She waited for him to realize he had no chance of escaping, and that he would have no choice but to accept his punishment. She watched his shoulders hunch in resignation as he realized there was no way out.

“Let’s get this show on the road. Bill, meet Thalia; Thalia meet… No, you don’t want to meet him.”

Bill took another step back as Thalia descended the stairs, her dark eyes locked on him. Her reputation was well known in the vampire world. Many considered her uncontrollable; she was prone to violent outbursts, attacking anyone who was foolish enough to get too close to her.

Thalia’s steps were small but deliberate. A scowl was etched firmly on her face as she backed Bill further into the basement. Bill was so focused on Thalia, he didn’t notice Pam slip on a pair of leather gloves and pick up a silver choker. He had no time to react as she fastened the choker around his neck; his skin sizzled as the silver sliced into his throat. Blood trickled down his throat. His fingers blistered as he tried to pull it off, while whimpers of pain spilled from his mouth.

“Really, Bill,” Pam mocked. “We’ve barely started and you’re already crying like a bitch.”

“Fuck you.” Bill gritted out.

“You’re not my type, darling,” Pam replied. “Thalia, he yours?”

“I prefer men.” Thalia snarled.

“Bitch.” Bill spat, glaring at the older vampire. His head snapped back before he could even register that she’d moved; her elbow had connected with his nose, shattering it.

“Ooh,” Pam said, sucking in an unneeded breath. “I’d be careful what I say if I were you, Billy. Thalia’s not known to take being insulted lightly; she’s also not known to take compliments nicely either. She hates everyone and loves nothing more than breaking bones. Well, actually, that’s not quite true: she hates almost everyone. There is one person she likes, tolerates, defends; can you guess who that is?”

Bill glared at Pam, hatred burning brightly in his eyes as he envisioned all the ways he would like to torture her. He ground his teeth together, refusing to answer her. His mind set on surviving his punishment so he could report back to his Queen.

“No, you can’t guess? Well, that’s not too surprising, considering you’re not very bright,” Pam belittled. “I’ll tell you anyway: Sookie. Thalia likes Sookie. She’s very protective of her. I wonder if Eric told her what you did.”

“What did he do to my Mistress?” Thalia growled.

“Guess not. Shall we tell her?” Pam chortled as she circled around him. Stopping directly behind him, she tangled her fingers in his hair and yanked his head back. “It seems Bill here is a bit of a peeping Tom, the dirty little fuck got himself off watching Eric and Sookie last night. And now he’s going to pay for it. Chain him up.”

Thalia didn’t have to be told twice. Bill didn’t have the chance to move before she dragged him to his feet. She broke his wrists as she fastened silver manacles around them, hindering his ability to heal. She pulled on the chain connected to the manacles, raising Bill up until his toes just skimmed the concrete floor, adding extra pressure to his broken wrists.

The smell of burning flesh filled the room, making Pam and Thalia’s fangs snap down. Small whimpers of pain escaped from Bill’s lips as his eyes darted between Pam and Thalia.

“I can’t help but wonder what possessed you to spy on my Master and his wife,” Pam mused as she ran her gloved fingers over a selection of silver knives. “Or what made you think you’d get away with it.” Picking up one of the knives, Pam sauntered over to Bill. She ran the tip of the blade over his shirt-covered chest. “Did you think Eric wouldn’t care? Or that he would invite you to join him?” Moving the knife down his body, Pam added a little pressure, slicing through his shirt and nipping his skin, making Bill flinch.

Taking a step back, Pam eyed the small beads of blood that had soaked through his shirt, “No, that won’t do,” she tutted as she put the knife down. “Strip him,” she ordered as she picked up a small jar and paintbrush. Pam watched with a sense of detachment as Thalia tore the clothes off Bill’s body. Taking a step forward, she showed Bill the small jar. “Do you know what this is?”

Bill stared ahead, still refusing to speak; he was determined not to give them the satisfaction. He wouldn’t beg or plead; he wouldn’t let them break him.

“This strong, silent thing is really getting annoying,” Pam said, letting out a sigh. “It’s just making me want to make you scream more. And I promise you: I will make you scream. To answer my question, this lovely little invention is liquid silver.” Pam dipped the paintbrush in the jar, coating it with the silver. “I bet you didn’t know this, but I’m quite the artist. I just love to paint. And you, you sorry excuse for a vampire, are the perfect canvas.”

Pam flicked the paintbrush over Bill’s chest, painting him with the silver. She swirled the brush around his nipples, loving the sound the silver made as it seared his skin. Handing a second brush to Thalia, the two of them painted his chest and back with the liquid silver.

Blood tears fell down Bill’s face as the pain overwhelmed him; he ground his teeth together as he struggled desperately not to make a sound.

Pam put the paintbrush down and picked up a knife; dipping it into the jar, she let the liquid silver coat the knife before placing the jar down. She ran the silver coated knife down Bill’s chest, slicing his skin open. The sound of his flesh sizzling filled the room. As the silver entered the cuts, whimpers of pain spilled from his lips, as he was unable to hold them back any longer.

Dropping the knife, Pam ran her gloved hand down his chest in a gentle caress. “Did you enjoy watching Eric fuck his wife? Did it make you hard?” She slid her hand down his chest, avoiding all the burns as she coaxed his body into arousal. Dropping her hand lower, she wrapped it around his straining erection.

“Did you stroke your cock like this?” Pam asked as she pumped his cock softly, running her thumb over the head, giving him a small taste of what his body craved as pleasure and pain meshed together. “Did you imagine it was you in Eric’s place? Your cock Sookie was sucking, riding, fucking.”

Gripping him tighter, Pam increased her speed, twisting her wrist on each downward stroke.

“Do you want to cum, Bill?” Pam purred.

“Yes,” Bill replied, moaning and bucking his hips, desperate for the release his body craved.

“Too bad,” Pam said with a smirk as she tightened her hand around his cock painfully. “’Cause by time I’ve finished with you, you won’t be cumming for a long time.”

Her eyes glinted dangerously as Thalia handed her a thin glass vial filled with colloidal silver. Very carefully, she inserted the vial into Bill’s urethra, enjoying the look of horror on Bill’s face.

Pam gripped his cock harder, her hand squeezing him painfully, “This is Eric’s area, and Eric’s rule. You don’t spy on him and his wife. Sookie is off limits. She is Eric’s. You don’t look. You don’t touch. Say it with me, Bill: ‘Sookie is Eric’s’.”

“S… Sookie…”

“Say it.” Pam demanded as she gripped him even harder.

“Sookie is Eric’s.” Bill cried hopelessly.

“Good boy,” Pam said mockingly. “And just so you don’t forget it…” Pam tightened her hand even more.

Bill roared in pain as the glass vial shattered; blood and silver dripped from his body as it shook with pain. As the silver burnt him from the inside-out, the sound of his flesh sizzling filled the room. Blood tears streamed down his face and his cries of pain bounced off the basement walls as his body tried to expel the foreign materials inside him. The small shards of glass tore him apart as they were forced out of his cock.

Words spilled from his mouth as he begged for mercy; so lost in his pain, Bill had no idea what he was saying. Between pleas for mercy and threats of retribution, Bill spilled many of the details surrounding his return to Bon Temps and his mission for the Queen. His legs gave out from beneath him, and he hung limply by his wrists as he sobbed.

Anger, disgust, and blinding rage barreled through Pam at an alarming rate as she heard everything Bill said. Her hatred for him grew to new heights as she heard what he and the Queen had planned for Sookie.

Her spiking emotions drew Eric down into the basement. He surveyed the scene with a sense of pride as he looked at Bill’s broken body.

“You’ve outdone yourself this time, Pam,” he said as he stepped closer to Bill. “I see those art classes really paid off.” Scanning Bill’s body, Eric winced in mock sympathy as he saw his mangled dick. “It would have hurt less to just cut it off.”

“But nowhere near as much fun,” Pam replied with a smirk. “I could always cut off his balls though.”

N…no,” Bill stuttered, trying in futility to back away from them.

Eric grabbed Bill by the throat, careful to not touch any of Pam’s handy work. “Let this be a lesson to you. If you spy on my wife and me again, I will rip off that meager stump you call a dick and shove it up your ass.” Eric threatened.

“Why didn’t I think of that?” Pam pouted.

“Maybe next time,” Eric chuckled as he walked back towards the stairs, looking over his shoulder. “Thalia, finish up here. Do not kill him.” he ordered as he saw the dangerous glint in her eyes.

“Bill, it’s been fun.” Pam purred as she followed Eric up the stairs.


“What had you so angry?” Eric asked once they were back in his office.

“Compton,” Pam spat as she recalled what she had heard. “It seems his lips are as loose as Hadley’s legs. One silver hand job and he was spilling all his little secrets.”

“What did he say?”

“Some of it we already expected. He’s told Sophie-Anne about you and Sookie, and true to form, she threw a tantrum and demanded Bill come between you. For some strange reason, they actually think Bill could be a threat to you when it comes to Sookie.”

“Most of this we already knew, and none of it would entice the reaction I felt from you,” Eric said. “What else did he say?”

“Most of it was nonsense; the typical bullshit they say when they’re being tortured. You’ll pay for this, you don’t know who you’re messing with, and I want my mommy. Compton, however, was a little more forthcoming. He…” Pam trailed off, trying to find the right words. Looking at Eric, she knew that once he heard what Bill had said, he’d want to go back down into the basement and send Bill to his final death after torturing him some more. “Sophie-Anne doesn’t just want Sookie for her telepathy, although that is her main reason. According to Compton, she wants another pet just like Hadley: a matching pair. A pair she’ll use to broker many new deals. In addition to using Sookie’s telepathy, she also plans to whore her out, as she does Hadley. Sookie would be used as a blood and sex slave.”

“Never!” Eric roared. “No one will touch My Sookie but I; I will never allow it. I will kill anyone who dares lay a hand on her. What else did he say?”

“He… he…” Pam struggled with the words, not wanting to anger Eric anymore.

“Spit it out.” Eric ordered.

“Compton was rambling on about when the Queen hears about what happened, she’ll have your fangs, and…” Pam paused and took an unneeded deep breath, “he’ll chain you in silver and make you watch while he fucks Sookie.”

Pam had barely finished speaking when Eric’s desk went flying across the room; it was reduced to kindling in seconds as Eric’s rage took over. Pam watched with a sense of fear as Eric destroyed his office. Knowing Eric as well as she did, Pam realized that the rage she was feeling from him now would be like a storm in a teacup in comparison to what she would feel from him if Sophie-Anne or Bill ever got their hands on Sookie.

“Eric, calm down.”

“Do not tell me to calm down, Child.” Eric growled as he stood up.

“If you don’t, Sookie will feel your anger,” Pam tried to reason. “Seeing you like this will only scare her.”

“Sookie has never been afraid of me, even when she probably should have,” Eric bit out. “She knows I will never hurt her.”

“Your feelings are overwhelming me; you could unintentionally hurt her through your bond.” Pam advised.

Realizing she was speaking the truth, Eric attempted to get his emotions under control. The thought of his Sookie being hurt had caused a murderous rage in him, and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt Sookie by sending that feeling through the bond to her.

Grabbing his leather jacket, Eric stalked over to the door. “Keep Compton here all day,” he ordered. “Release him after first dark; give him a bottle of True Blood, and then dump him back in that shithole he calls a house. Instruct him, he is to be at Fangtasia this weekend to put in his hours. I don’t care if he’s healed or not. Be sure to tell him that he better have his urges under better control. I would hate to have to punish him again for attacking one of the vermin. In fact, tell him for the foreseeable future, he is prohibited from feeding on anyone at Fangtasia, even if they offer themselves to him.”

“Okay. Where are you going?” Pam asked.

“I am going to take my wife home,” Eric replied, stopping by the door. He looked down, the events of the night resting heavily on his shoulders. “I need to tell her what we found out.”

“Is that wise?” Pam questioned.

“I won’t hide this from her; she needs to know,” Eric answered. “Keeping her in the dark just makes her vulnerable; it puts her in more danger. I wish I didn’t have to tell her. I would give anything not to, but she needs to know her cousin has betrayed her and the real reason Compton is here. I won’t lie to her and tell her everything is alright, when it’s not.”

Pam nodded her head, understanding the truth in what Eric was saying. “We’ll keep her safe, Eric.” she assured.

“I know we will,” Eric replied, his voice full of confidence. Opening the door, Eric smirked and looked over his shoulder. “Enjoy the rest of the night with Compton.”

“Oh, I will.” Pam purred as she followed him out of the office.

Heading back into the bar, Eric pushed the fangbangers out of the way as they approached him, his sights set firmly on his wife. He couldn’t hold back the smirk as he saw her face light up when she saw him again. In that moment he swore that no one and nothing would come between them. He would burn Sophie-Anne’s Kingdom down around her before he would ever let her take his wife.


17 thoughts on “A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Four

  1. Glad to see you writing again!!! Great chapter. Loved the use of the “silver hand job” I even cringed and I’m a girl…LMAO Can’t wait for more!


  2. WOnderful loved it, thanks for getting back to it. I know RL can get the best of us sometimes (I on the other hand sometimes let FF get the better of me, lol). I too loved the silver hand job fantastic can’t wait for more.


  3. OMG, that was so bad and soooo good! Pam and Thalia did an really good job of making that painful and emasculating. I hope Bill learned his lesson. Well, maybe I hope he didn’t so he can get more of the same later on…
    I like that Eric will not keep the truth from Sookie.


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