Long Hard Road Out Of Hell Outtake: Reclaiming

Long Hard Road Out Of HellReclaimingReclaiming

Reclaiming a released child is a complex affair and one that must not be taken lightly. It is an intimate ritual that is both highly charged and magical in nature. It requires a level of trust that surpasses the original bond as the Maker is in actual fact recreating their Child. There can be no uncertainty in the mind of the Master or Child for if any doubt exists, the magic will reject the bond. 

Due to the gravity and intimacies of rebonding, the ritual can only be performed once. The magic remaining in both the Maker and Child’s bodies will reject any future attempts at performing the ritual; the drawback to this is that any future progeny the Maker or Child may create cannot be reclaimed if they are released. 

The ritual requires a complete claiming of the Child by the Maker. It requires…

Looking up from the screen with the translated text, Willa eyed her Maker cautiously as she struggled to understand what he was showing her. She understood what the text meant and the ramifications, yet she was perplexed about what it meant regarding her. The two of them had been getting on so much better as of late, and Willa had let go of her anger, embracing Eric as her Maker. Still, she found herself unsure of what to think about the ritual. She knew he meant it for her. He wouldn’t be showing her it and telling her he intended to rebond with Pam.

“Are you saying you want to perform the ritual with me?” She asked, voicing the question that had been running through her mind ever since Eric had told her about it and she read the title.

“I do,” Eric replied as he took a seat opposite her. “I have been researching if it was possible to reclaim a child for almost a year. I have few regrets in my life and, admittedly, most of them revolve around women,” he added with a chuckle. “One of my biggest is the circumstance of your turning and what a poor Maker I have been to you. I always prided myself on being a good Maker, just as my own was, and it pains me to admit that I have failed you. I do not regret turning you. I truly believe you were made for this life. However, I do regret my treatment of you after I turned you. I should have never sent you back to your father; I should have never abandoned you as I did, and I should have never released you. These actions were wrong, and I apologize.”

Willa was taken aback by his words. He had apologized to her before and she knew he was sincere, but never had she heard such emotion in his voice or seen the conviction in his eyes. He was truly sorry.

“Why rebond with me and not Pam?” Willa asked the other question that had been plaguing her. She hadn’t had many dealings with Pam since she accepted Eric back into her life and took the position as his Second, but the few times she was forced to be in Pam’s presence her sister never hesitated to tell her that she was and always would be Eric’s favorite. The blonde-haired vampire was obsessed with their Maker and Willa knew Pam would jump at the chance to rebond with Eric. Given the things required for the ritual to be a success, Willa thought Pam would be over the moon about it.

“Do you want the long answer or the short?” Eric replied as he settled back in his chair. “The short,” he continued before Willa had a chance to reply, “is simply because I don’t want to rebond with Pam.”

“And the long?” Willa questioned wanting to know.

“Pam’s actions of late have become troublesome,” Eric confessed as he combed a hand through his hair. “She believes she has a right to me that I have never given her. Her constant attempts to undermine the relationship I am trying to build with you are exasperating at best and treacherous at worst. Pam has the misguided belief that she is the most important person in my life and rebonding with her would only exacerbate her belief. Pam’s desires are not my own. For a hundred years, I had Pam by my side. I taught her all she needed to know to survive. She is my child and I will always care for her, but it’s time she realized I have a life outside of what she wants. She is an adult. It’s time she began to behave like one and stand on her own two feet.

You, on the other hand, have proven you can survive without me. You are strong, capable, and intelligent. You don’t need me to hold your hand and protect you from the world. I will admit part of the reason I want to rebond with you is to make up for my mistakes. However, that is not the only reason. I want to rebond with you because you should get to experience what a true Maker/Child bond is. I want you to experience all the wonder of this kind of bond as there is nothing quite like it. I want to rebond with you so I can teach you all there is to know about the uniqueness of a Maker/Child bond. The bond I would have with you would be unlike the bond I had with Pam, or even the bond I had with my own Maker. Each bond is different, even though they are forged in the same way. You deserve to experience that for yourself. It will also aid you when you become a Maker. You will understand the sensation and be able to identify what you are feeling.”

Willa listened carefully as Eric explained it all. She could hear the assurance in his voice as he spoke and she recognized the sincerity in his offer. He wanted her to experience the sought-after feelings of being tied to your Maker. He wanted to teach her to be a superior vampire so when the day came for her to become a Maker she would be ready. He wanted to be her true Maker, to amend and atone, but to also give her all she had never really experienced. He made some valid points and she was curious to know what a real Maker/Child bond felt like. She had had so little of it, thus she had no real way to define or explain it from when they originally bonded. She did know there was an empty feeling inside of her from the moment she had been released. Nonetheless, she still didn’t want to rush into it, especially knowing what the ritual entailed.

“About the ritual,” Willa began as she struggled to find the right words. “It says you have… we have…” Blowing out a breath, Willa took a second to calm herself before deciding to just blurt it out. If they did the ritual there could be no hesitation on either of their parts so stumbling over the words now wouldn’t do her any good. “We’d have to have sex…”

“We would,” Eric admitted. There was no point in denying it as it was written in black and white in the translation he had given her. Part of the rebonding ritual was a sexual claiming of the vampire child. The Maker had to reclaim the child in every way. “Most Maker/Child relationships are sexual in nature. The one I had with my Maker was as was the one he had with Nora,” Eric continued trying to explain it to her.

“Yours and Pam’s was as well,” Willa said, her nose wrinkling in distaste. “She goes out of her way to tell me that every time our paths cross. She loves to tell me how you two were together for eighty years and you left me after eight days.” Willa knew Eric had been with countless women in his time, and she honestly didn’t care, but there was something about knowing he had been with Pam that turned her stomach. Maybe it was due to the way Pam behaved around him and treated everyone else, but Willa hated it.

“My bond with Pam was sexual for a while, I won’t deny that,” Eric replied. “However, despite what Pam told you, we were not together in that manner for eighty years. We engaged in a brief sexual relationship after I turned her that only lasted a few months, but it was not for another sixty years that we fucked again. That only lasted a few weeks. It was the sixties; the decade of free love, everyone was fucking.”

“So you two weren’t in a relationship for eighty years?” Willa asked. The way Pam spoke of it, Willa thought the two of them had been in an exclusive relationship for eighty-odd years.

“I was never in a relationship with Pam at all,” Eric replied firmly. “We were lovers for a short time, but I was never faithful to her. Pam seems to have rewritten our past to suit her own desires. She may have been at my side for the last hundred years, but it was never in a romantic way. Maker and child relationships never last in that sense.”

“Someone should tell Pam that,” Willa snorted.

“She wouldn’t listen,” Eric replied with a rueful smile. “Let’s forget about Pam for a minute and continue on with our conversation. As I was saying, most Maker/Child relationships start off sexual in nature. It enhances the strength of the bond and adds a layer of intimacy. As you know vampires are sexual creatures, and when they are first turned they crave that intimacy, that connection with their Maker. Not all Makers and children engage in sexual activity with one another. I believe Compton and Jessica never did. However, the line you come from is highly sexual. We crave that closeness, that connection with our Maker and the Maker does with the child.”

“Would rebonding make me crave you sexually and vice versa?” Willa asked, wanting to know everything before she made a decision. “I mean, would it make either of us desire the other in a way we hadn’t before? Would I become obsessed with you like Pam?”

“No,” Eric answered truthfully. “It cannot manufacture feelings or make either of us desire the other in a way we haven’t done before. It will enhance the feelings already present, but it won’t suddenly make you feel as if you are madly in love with me, so you don’t have to worry about losing yourself or becoming delusional.”

Willa nodded as she took in his words. That was one of the things she was most uneasy about after hearing how most Maker and child relationships were sexual. She didn’t want to lose herself and become someone she wasn’t. She didn’t want to end up obsessed with Eric the way Pam was. She wouldn’t lie and say she had never desired him sexually because she had. The first time she saw Eric she had been attracted to him. When he had appeared at her window that night, she had felt a thrill go through her and she had known what it was like to desire a man as a woman. Her attraction hadn’t diminished even after he had kidnapped her, nor had it when he turned her. Willa’s first thought upon rising as a vampire had been of a sexual nature. She had wanted him. She wanted to fuck him and be fucked by him. Not even being sent back to her father had changed that feeling.

Being abandoned, and then subsequently released by him had gone a long way to extinguish that desire, but it had never completely gone out. A small flicker had remained. However, Willa was no longer the naïve young girl with stars in her eyes who foolishly believed in fairy tales. She no longer had the silly notion that they were somehow about to embark on a wild and epic love story. She no longer thought of Eric as her knight in shining armor. He was just a man. He wasn’t perfect and was just as flawed as everyone.

“And, what about it?” Willa asked as she leaned forward in her chair. “I know you said you want to do this, but will you be able? You’ve never wanted me in that way… sexually. You were never attracted to me.”

“That is not exactly true,” Eric replied, leaning forward and mirroring her pose. “I have never said I don’t desire you sexually. I do. I had the same need you did when you rose that first night as a vampire. I wanted nothing more than to lay you down and fuck you until the sun forced us to seek shelter. You are a very attractive woman, Willa, and I would have to be blind not to see that. If you are asking if I can achieve arousal so I can perform the ritual, I can answer unequivocally, yes. My stamina is a thing of legend. I will have no problem fucking you and fucking you hard.”

Willa was grateful she could no longer blush or she was sure she would be the color of tomato right about then. At the same time she couldn’t deny the pleasure she got in hearing that Eric had desired her. As much as she didn’t want to allow it, at times Pam’s words did get to her. There were only so many times she could hear Pam say that Eric never wanted her the way he did Pam before it began to bother her. She tried reminding herself that it was just Pam being a bitch, but there were times she wondered if she was right. More than once she had her doubts if she would always be second best to Pam.

Well, Pam’s not actually number one with him, is she? Willa thought. Sookie is. Sookie will always be at the top of Eric’s list. He loves her. The thought of Sookie brought another question to mind, and Willa knew she had to ask. Steeling her nerves, Willa lifted her head and met her Maker’s gaze. “What about Sookie? I know how you feel about her. She left because of what she thought happened between you and Pam. I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize what you two have, or might have, when she returns.”

Eric smiled as he listened to Willa voice her concerns. It was just more proof that he had chosen the right child with whom to rebond. Pam would have never worried about what it might have meant for his relationship with Sookie. She would have just jumped at the chance and then rubbed it in Sookie’s face whenever she returned. “Sookie is… I love Sookie. I won’t deny that. I would do anything to have her here with me now and I must confess if she was here and we were together, we would not be having this conversation. As much as it pains me to admit, she is not here and we are not together. I have had much time to think about things since you told me what Sookie saw that night, and I believe what hurt her the most is not that she thinks I fucked Pam, but the timing of it. She believes I fucked Pam after selling her out. Sookie and I were not together when she left and have not been for quite some time. She was involved with someone else and I do not believe she would begrudge or judge me for doing the same. Although she is not a vampire, Sookie has a good understanding of what the bond between a Maker and a child means. I don’t believe for one minute she would have a problem with it or that it could jeopardize any possible relationship I might have with her. As I said, I trust it was the timing of what she believes to have happened and not the actual sex.”

Willa took a minute to mull over Eric’s words. She could see his point and she believed he was right. She had gotten to know Sookie quite well in the six months Eric was away, and she knew that Sookie hoped that wherever Eric was, he was happy. She hadn’t been angry at him like Willa, and she hadn’t laid the blame at his door as Tara had.

Eric was pleased to see Willa thinking about it so carefully. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but one that required considerable thought. He didn’t want her to just agree only to regret it later. He wanted her to weigh the pros and cons. “I can see you have much to think over,” he said as he stood up. “Take all the time you need. Read over the ritual and the notes I made. Don’t rush into this, Willa. Once you have made your mind up let me know. If you choose not to do this, it will not change anything between us.” With his piece said, Eric excused himself and let Willa read over all the material he had put together.

Retiring to her room, Willa carefully went through everything once more. She made notes of her own and researched what she could on the Internet. She wanted to know all there was to know and to be fully prepared. Night after night all she did was research the ritual. By the time she had made her decision, Willa was confident that she knew everything there was to know.

Her decision made, Willa walked down the hallway to Eric’s room. Knocking softly, she waited for Eric to bid her entrance. The two of them might have been living in the same house for almost the last year, but Willa was still respectful of his privacy, just as he was of hers.

Eric looked up from the book he was reading when he heard Willa knock on the door. “Come in,” he said placing his book on his bedside cabinet. From the look on her face as she entered his room, Eric knew she had come to a decision and he was eager to hear it.

“I’ve thought it over,” Willa began, her voice strong despite her nerves. “I researched the ritual and what it means. I looked up everything I could, and I have finally come to a decision…” She blew out a breath as she stared at her Maker. “I want to rebond with you.”

Eric couldn’t hold back the smile as he heard her and quickly rose from the bed to cross the short distance between them. “Are you sure?” He asked giving her a chance to change her mind.

“I am,” Willa replied with her tone firm. “I want to do this.”

“Good,” Eric growled, swooping down and laying a hard kiss on her lips. “I have everything needed to perform the ritual. It will take three nights to complete. It’s too near to sunrise to start tonight, so if you have no objections we will start it tomorrow night.”

“Tomorrow is good,” Willa said as she stared up at him.

Eric grinned at her before lowering his head again and pressing his lips to hers in a soft kiss. He moaned against her lips and wrapped his arms around her, picking her up and walking her to his bed. Laying her down on it, he covered her body with his own letting her get the feel of him before rolling off her and resting beside her. “Tomorrow we will rebond.”

Willa nodded as best she could from her position; Eric’s kiss having left her speechless. As she felt the sun begin to take its toll on her and pull her under, the thought that she couldn’t wait until tomorrow filled her head.


Rising as a vampire was a strange sensation; there were no stages of residual grogginess, no leftover tired feelings, you simply woke. It was as if a switch had been flicked. One minute you were off; the next you were on. It had taken Willa a while to adjust. She had been used to the sleepiness of waking as a human, and at times she missed it. She missed those first few minutes of a new day where your mind wasn’t completely awake and the events of the day before; good or bad weren’t heavy on your mind.

Opening her eyes, Willa smiled as she felt Eric beside her in bed. She knew at his age he could rise earlier than her, but it was reassuring to feel him next to her. The decision she had made last night was at the forefront of her mind, and she took comfort knowing he was there for her. She had no doubt about her decision. She wanted to go through with it. She was looking forward to it, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t feeling anxious. She would have been foolish not to as it was a big decision.

“Good evening,” Eric greeted with a grin as he peered down at her. He had been awake for over an hour already and he used that time to prepare everything for the ritual. Once he had every part of it in place, he returned to his room, climbed back onto the bed with Willa, and waited for her to rise. As the sun slowly set, Eric had been tempted to bury his head between his child’s pale thighs to have her wake while he ate her out. He loved the taste of a woman on his tongue and took great satisfaction in pleasing his partners that way. The only thing that stopped him was his lack of knowledge regarding Willa’s sexual history. She wasn’t a fangbanger, a donor, or even some random vampire. She was his child. He would treat her with respect. He wouldn’t do anything that might cause her discomfort. He would learn what put her at ease, and then explore those boundaries with her.

“Hey,” Willa replied shyly as she stared up at him. In her twenty-plus years, she had only ever shared a bed with one man and that was Eric, although the last time she shared a bed with him there was a heavy feeling of danger blanketing them, a feeling missing this time. This time she felt excited, yet nervous.

“I have everything ready for the ritual,” Eric informed her as he placed his hand on her stomach. “However, before we begin there is something we must discuss, or rather something I must ask you.” Eric rubbed his thumb softly over her silk nightgown, stroking her belly.

“What is it?” Willa asked curiously. She couldn’t think of anything left to discuss when it came to the ritual. They had spoken about it at length over the last several nights.

“The night I turned you, you told me you were ‘a virgin, pretty much,’” Eric replied, repeating her words from that night. He hadn’t paid it much attention at the time; however, now that he’d had time to think it over, he was curious. “I am, of course, aware of what a virgin is. I have deflowered my fair share over the years,” he waggled his eyebrows as he spoke, making her laugh, “but I must confess I am unsure what a virgin, pretty much, means. Can you explain? ”

Willa was grateful she couldn’t blush, she was sure she would be blushing up a storm right then. She had forgotten that she had told him that. It wasn’t that she was embarrassed about her lack of sexual experience, but her upbringing had taught her that speaking of such things was not done. She still hadn’t overcome all the things her parents, well, her father in particular, had taught her. Now’s a good as time as any to start, she thought.

“It means that I’m a virgin in the traditional sense,” Willa said, her tone strangely strong. “I’ve never been with a man…”

“You’ve had sex with a woman?” Eric questioned, interrupting. He knew she hadn’t. His little Willa was not inclined that way, but he could tell she was feeling nervous and wanted to lighten the mood although joking about her sexuality might not have been the best way, but Eric was going with what he knew… and he knew sex.

Willa rolled her eyes at him, but she couldn’t stop her lips from curling into a smile. “No,” she deadpanned. “I’m a virgin in that way, but my hymen has been broken. That’s what I meant by pretty much,” she added as she tried to find the right words to describe her sexual history. “I had a boyfriend in college, but we never went all the way. I’m not… experienced,” she stumbled over the word. “We did a bit of touching, but it wasn’t… We were never naked. He touched me down there,” she waved her hand toward her private parts.

“With his fingers?” Eric asked.

“Yes,” Willa answered.

“What about his mouth?” Eric inquired as he spread his fingers out on her stomach.

“No. He only ever touched me with his fingers,” Willa said.

“I see,” Eric replied thoughtfully. “Tell me, Willa, did your boyfriend make you cum with his fingers?” He grinned as he saw her eyes widen at his question.

“No,” Willa admitted truthfully after a second’s hesitation. The truth was the only orgasms she had ever had were ones she had given herself.

“That was very rude of him,” Eric chided as he slowly dragged up her silk white nightgown.  “A man should always see to his woman’s pleasure before taking his own,” he added, sharing his beliefs with her. Eric stared at Willa as he pulled her gown up to her waist, looking for any sign of hesitation. Seeing none, he smiled down at her as he slid his hand lower and dipped his fingertips under her simple cotton panties. “Tell me, min lilla, how did your hymen break? Was it an accident?”

A gasp escaped Willa’s lips as she felt Eric’s hand slip into her panties, and she parted her legs further on instinct. “No,” she replied, her eyes on his. “Ididit,” she rushed the words out all at once.

Eric’s eyes darkened with desire as he gazed down at her. He could feel his cock hardening at the images her words were conjuring. “Did you touch yourself, Willa?” He growled as pushed his hand fully into her panties. He groaned as he felt the evidence of her arousal against his fingers. Moving his fingers lower, Eric teased his forefinger over the opening of her sex, collecting her wetness before moving it to her swollen clit. “Did you rub your clit like this, min lilla?”

Willa moaned as she felt Eric’s finger start to rub her clit, and she bucked her hips, desperately craving more. “Yes,” she whimpered.

Eric grinned at the heated look in her eyes. “Did you enjoy touching yourself?” He questioned as he rolled her clit between his index finger and thumb. “Did you cum?”

“Yes!” Willa cried mad with desire. She moved her own hand between her legs and pushed Eric’s hand lower. “Please…”

Eric’s eyes widened in surprise at the move. He wasn’t expecting her to be so forthright in her desires, but he liked it. He liked a woman who knew what she wanted sexually and wasn’t afraid to make demands. Rubbing a finger over her opening, Eric teased her a few times before pushing his finger into her dripping sex. A groan was torn from his lips as he felt how tight she was, and he couldn’t wait to feel her wrapped around his cock. “Is that how you broke your hymen?”

Willa shook her head in the negative as small sparks of pleasure went through her. “I did… it… toy,” the words came out brokenly.

Eric felt his cock throb painfully as he pictured his little Willa, lying naked on her bed, a light flush coloring skin, her breasts heaving as she fucked herself with a small plastic cock. “I want to watch you fuck yourself with it,” he confessed as he added a second finger. “But now, fuck my fingers,” he growled as he pressed the palm of his hand against her clit.

Willa cried out in pleasure as she felt Eric thrust his large fingers into her drenched cunt over and over. Sparks went off behind her closed lids as she raised her hips and met his thrusts. Her ex-boyfriend had never made her feel like this! Her own fingers had never made her feel like this!

Eric twisted his fingers as he fucked her with them, his palm rubbing against her clit. He couldn’t wait to bury his cock in her, but first he wanted to make sure she was well ready. She might have been a vampire with a high threshold for pain, but he wouldn’t hurt her by fucking her before she was ready. “That’s it, fuck my fingers,” he whispered into her ear. “I want to feel you cum on them.”

Willa was lost in a wave of pleasure, her body singing as the first signs of her orgasm barrelled into her. She cried out as she felt her pussy convulsing around Eric’s fingers. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Eric kept his eyes on hers as he dragged the first orgasm out of her. He smiled smugly at the blissed out look on her face. Before she had a chance to come down from her first release, Eric curled his fingers inside her, finding her magical spot, and sent her head first into her second release. By the time Willa was finished climaxing, Eric’s hand was soaked with her juices.

“Oh God!” Willa cried as she flopped against the bed.

“Not God, just Eric,” he said smugly as he pulled his hand out of her ruined panties and brought it to his mouth. His eyes never left hers as he parted his lips and sucked his fingers into his mouth tasting her. “Mmm,” Eric moaned, savoring her taste. “Delicious. Tomorrow I am going to spend at least an hour just eating your pussy,” he promised. Moving his body over hers, Eric rubbed his covered erection against her as he lowered his head and ran his nose along her neck. “I am going to make you cum over and over with my lips, tongue, and teeth. I am going to lick your pussy until you beg me to stop. Do you want that, Willa? Do you want to have Your Maker on his knees with his head buried between your luscious thighs? Do you want me to fuck you with my mouth?”

“Yes,” Willa moaned, arousal shooting through her at his words. She did want that. She wanted him to make her cum over and over until she couldn’t take any more.

“Good,” Eric growled. “That is tomorrow, though. Tonight, I am going to fuck you.” Sliding a hand between them, Eric ran it over the front of her nightgown, caressing her breasts before gripping the top of the gown and ripping it off her body. “I am going to fuck you hard and often. Now, we are going to perform the ritual…”


Pushing himself up, Eric straddled Willa’s waist and reached for two small vials on his bedside cabinet. He handed one to her as she sat up. “The potion will repair the damage done when I released you,” he told her while he uncorked his vial. “Are you ready?”

“I am,” Willa replied as she uncorked her own. She was more than ready. Keeping her eyes on Eric’s, she mirrored his moves, brought the vial to her lips, and poured it down her throat. She grimaced at the taste. “That’s disgusting.”

Eric couldn’t help but agree. The potion tasted worse than Were blood. At least they only had to take the potion once. The next part of the ritual was much more preferable to the Viking. He smirked while thinking about what was to happen now.

Placing the empty vials back on the bedside cabinet, Eric gently pushed Willa back down on the bed and leaned over her. He pressed his lips to hers in a soft kiss as he settled between her thighs. Running his hands over her body, Eric cupped her firm breasts rubbing his thumbs over her hardening nipples while he ground his erection against her panty-covered sex.

Willa moaned when she felt Eric’s covered cock brush against her. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, Willa bucked her hips rubbing back against him. His touch was driving her crazy and she wanted more. She wanted to feel it all.

Eric grinned against her lips when he felt her raise her hips. He could feel her arousal seeping through onto his sleep pants and he couldn’t wait to feel it around his cock. It had been nearly two years since he had last had sex, and that was with some forgettable woman in Norway. This was his Child though, she could never be forgettable.

Slipping a hand between them, Eric twisted his fingers in Willa’s panties and ripped them off, tossing them to the side. He had a thing for destroying underwear; more than one woman had walked away from their encounter panty-less. He chuckled when he heard her gasp and slid his hand back down between her legs checking to see if she was ready. As he suspected she was dripping; he wished he had time to bury his head between her thighs and eat her pussy. In no mood to tease, he pushed two fingers deeply inside her scissoring them and preparing her for his cock.

Moving his lips to her ear, he pulled her lobe between his teeth as he twisted his fingers and pressed his thumb to her clit. “Mmmso wet,” he whispered to her as he played her body expertly. “Do you like fucking my fingers? Your pussy feels so good. I can’t wait to feel it wrapped around my cock. Do you want that, min lilla? Do you want to feel my cock stretching your tight cunt? Do you want me to fuck you hard and make you cum?”

“Yes!” Willa cried overcome with the feelings only he provoked in her. Her pussy was gushing from stimulation and she wanted nothing more than to feel his cock inside her, stretching her, fucking her. “Please… Fuck me!”

Eric growled at her words and his eyes darkened. “With pleasure.” Removing his fingers from her dripping pussy, he ripped off his sleep pants, destroying them. Reaching between them, he wrapped a hand around his cock and guided it to her opening. He fought his urge to just surge forward and bury himself completely inside her. Pushing forward, he groaned as her pussy opened around his cock and swallowed his head. Looking down where they were joined, Eric growled at the sight. “So fucking beautiful.” He grit his teeth at her tight, snug fit while he carefully slid more of his cock into her until he was fully sheathed in her silken depths. “Fuck….”

Willa whimpered, clutching at his shoulders. She’d felt a slight burning effect when he first entered her and squeezed her eyes shut while she exhaled an unneeded breath. She couldn’t believe how it made her feel! Eric’s cock felt massive inside her, and astonishingly she only craved more. Opening her eyes, she stared up at her Maker while she let her body relax to become accustomed to his sheer size. That slight burning sensation she had felt was giving way to far more gratifying ones making her gasp in wondrous and amazing feelings. Her eyes dropped to where they were joined; her lips parted and she let out yet another gasp.

Eric smiled at the look of marvel upon her face and, flexing his hips, thrust into her gently. The moans that spilled from her lips sounded like music to his ears as he repeated the move. Once he was satisfied Willa wasn’t in any pain or discomfort, Eric pulled back further and thrust back into her slightly more vigorously.

“Oh God!” Willa exclaimed as she felt Eric’s cock stretch her pussy again. The feeling was like nothing she had ever experienced. Her toy paled far in comparison to the size, girth, and hardness of his cock. There was a slight pain to his thrusts and Willa found she liked it. She liked the burn as he slid his cock into her tight and trembling cunt. It made it feel so much morethere were no words!

“I told you… Not God, just Eric,” He smirked, repeating his move once again. “Scream my name.” Moving his hand to her thigh, Eric raised Willa’s leg bringing it higher around his hip allowing him intense penetration while sinking even further into her.

Willa cried out at the new, deeper position as she swore Eric’s cock was almost hitting her cervix. Sliding her hands over his back, Willa grabbed his shoulders and threw her head back to expose her neck in offering to her Maker. “Please!” she begged him. She had never before felt anything so wonderful in her entire life and knew she only wanted more. She wanted to experience everything he had to offer. She knew it wouldn’t last. Maker and Child sexual relationships were never intended to endure. No, they wouldn’t last, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t continue to take salacious pleasure in the ways Eric played her body. It wasn’t until he was inside her that Willa realized what she had been craving for so long. It wasn’t sex or love; it was connection. She had craved this connection with her Maker.

Pressing his lips to her throat Eric sucked on the pale flesh, bruising it briefly before it healed. He nipped at her throat as he kissed a path to her ear. “Does min lilla like feeling my big hard cock stretching her tight pussy?” He punctuated his words with a sharp thrust. Moving one hand to her head, Eric tangled his fingers in her hair yanking it back to look into her eyes. “Your cunt feels so good wrapped around my cock…”

“Fuck me!” Willa pleaded, now mad with desire. She could no longer take Eric’s teasing. She wanted to feel his cock slamming into her and fucking her, hard!

Eric crushed his lips to Willa’s in a searing kiss as he pulled back until just the head of his cock remained in her soaking pussy. Breaking the kiss, he stared down at her wanting to see every shiver of ecstasy play across her face as he fucked her. He waited until her eyes met his before pushing forward and burying his cock deeply inside her again. He groaned when he felt her pussy fluttering around him. She felt fucking incredible and he couldn’t wait to sample everything she could offer. The next several nights were going to be an endless wild ride.

“Yes!” Willa screamed as Eric filled her so completely. Her body sung with pure delight and pleasure as she swore every single one of her nerve endings had awakened, reveling in hedonistic desire. She raised her hips, bucking up against him, desperate for more.

Eric groaned as he dropped his gaze again to watch his cock sliding into her pussy. In all his years Eric had been with thousands of women, but not many could take all of him on their first try and he was impressed that his little Willa could. Pulling back, Eric teased her with a few shallow thrusts before plunging back into her with more demand each time. He repeated the action over and over, driving back into her powerfully. He used his vampire strength and speed to slam into her, knowing she could take it. His hips were a blur as he pounded her.

“Oh God! Eric!” Willa screamed while lifting her hips and meeting him thrust for thrust. She had never felt so good in all her life and she never wanted the feeling to end.

Eric grinned as he heard her call his name, and he slammed into her harder wanting to hear her say it again. “That’s it, cum for me. Cum on my cock,” he ordered as he slid a hand between them and rubbed her clit.

“Fuck!” Willa cried as her pussy began to tighten around his cock. She could feel her orgasm building, its intensity almost frightening her.

Feeling her climax approaching as her pussy throbbed around his cock; Eric dropped his fangs and prepared to proceed with the next part of the ritual. Turning her head slightly to the left, Eric ran his fangs lightly over her smooth flesh scoring the skin before biting down. His fangs slipped into her neck with ease and he moaned as her blood spilled into his mouth. The last time he had done this he hadn’t taken the time to savor her taste; he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. A-negative with a touch of spice.

The feeling of Eric’s fangs in her throat and cock pummeling her pussy caused Willa to come apart. She screamed out in delight as her body convulsed beneath his much larger frame.

Eric pulled on the wound consuming as much of her blood as was safe before removing his fangs and reaching for the small pendant dagger on his bedside cabinet. In a move that closely mirrored his actions on the night he turned her, Eric pressed the blade against his throat, twisted it, and cut open his neck. He leaned over his nearly drained Child, lifted her head, and pressed her lips to his wound, silently commanding her to drink.

Eric moaned when he felt her lips start to suck on his neck and he could feel his blood moving through her body recreating the bond he had so callously discarded just a few years earlier. Pulling Willa’s lips away, Eric licked his blood off of them before thrusting hard into her yet again. He set an almost brutal pace while he chased his own release. He could feel her pussy quivering around his cock and he knew she had cum again.

Striking without warning, Eric sank his fangs back into her neck once more and drew deeply, taking her blood into him again. He could taste his presence in her blood and purred in satisfaction. Twisting his hand in her hair, Eric pressed her head against his neck in unspoken instruction to bite.

Angling her head the best she could Willa bared her fangs and sank them into Eric’s neck, just as the ritual text had instructed.

The feel of her fangs sinking into his neck caused Eric to go flying over the edge and he slammed into Willa almost painfully as he filled her with his cool seed.

As the two of them lay on the bed connected in every way that mattered, the magic of the ritual began to take hold, and the once broken bond began its repair. The blood of the Maker cleansed the Child’s to wash away the impurities of any blood in her that had lain dormant. As Eric’s blood cleansed Willa, her blood merged with her Maker’s inside his body, thus reestablishing the broken bond and tying her to him again.

Time stood still in the chamber as Maker and Child lay tied together so intimately. The magic travelled through them, nourishing them and making them one again. Not even the rising of the sun could cause them to break apart. As the sun rose in the sky and the two of them died for the day, the magic healing the damage to their bond protected them from harm until the next night began and they would move into the next part of the ritual.


Eric’s eyes snapped open as the day started to give way to the night. The events of the night before came rushing back and he moaned when he realized he was still intimately connected with his youngest child. Pulling his fangs from Willa’s throat, he retracted them, and then carefully pulled his throat away from Willa while removing her fangs from his flesh.

Eric chuckled as he felt his hard cock still inside her tight pussy. That’s definitely got to be the longest I’ve ever had an erection. Moving back, he groaned as he pulled his cock out of her. Climbing off the bed, Eric stood at the foot and cast his eyes over the room. He frowned when his eyes landed on the small clock on his bedside cabinet. It was closer to sunset than he realized and he wondered briefly if something was wrong with him. He had been able to rise an hour or two before sunset for the last four, nearly five hundred years. The only time in near history that he hadn’t risen early was when he was infected with Hep V. The virus had weakened him to where he didn’t rise until hours after sunset. Just as he was about to start worrying, Eric remembered the passage from the ritual text that explained that during the ritual the Maker and Child would be almost on the same timetable. They would die together and rise together.

I guess I’m on Willa’s timetable. I was hoping she would be on mine. It makes more sense that I’m on hers somewhat. She is still a baby in terms of vampire age; she wouldn’t be able to fight the pull of the sun. 

Moving his eyes to his still resting child, Eric smirked while running his eyes over her entire body. She looked thoroughly debauched. Her brown locks were a tangled mess where he had fisted his hands in them. He could see dried blood on her neck and he felt his cock twitch as he remembered sinking his fangs into her flesh. Moving his eyes down, he lingered on her breasts. Her breasts might not have been as big as some of the other women he had been with over the years, but they certainly made up for it in their firmness. Grabbing his cock, Eric stroked it softly while he imagined fucking her breasts.

Dropping his gaze lower, Eric licked his lips when his eyes landed on her sex. He groaned remembering the way she felt wrapped around his cock. He smirked noticing his pink-tinged cum leaking out of her pussy. Flicking his eyes to the clock again, Eric realized she would soon be rising and he recalled his desire from the previous night.

Climbing onto the bed, Eric kneeled on the edge and reached for Willa’s legs. Sliding his hands up her inner thighs, Eric spread Willa’s legs to get a better view of her pretty feminine lips. Reaching out his hand, Eric teased a finger over her clit before moving it lower and rubbing it over her opening. He dipped his finger inside her, collecting some of his cum on the digit before pulling back and bringing it to his lips. He sucked his finger into his mouth tasting their mixed essences. Most men, Supernatural or human, would find tasting their own cum disgusting, but Eric got over that hangup a long, long time ago. Next to blood, vampires loved the taste of certain body fluids; tears, cum, even sweat tasted good depending upon the human. Eric had been with countless men over the years so tasting his own cum was nothing.

Shifting so he was laying on his stomach between Willa’s legs, Eric buried his head between her thighs. Rubbing his nose against her pussy lips, Eric breathed in her scent, growling as he scented his own emanating within her. Sliding a hand between her legs, Eric used two fingers to part her sex. He grinned wolfishly when he saw the close-up view of his cum inside her.

Dipping his head again, Eric snaked out his tongue and licked her from ass to clit. Delicious, just like I thought. He flicked her clit once before moving his attention lower and circling her opening with the tip of his tongue. He lapped at her roughly before pushing his tongue as deeply inside as he could. Feeling her start to stir, Eric grabbed her hips firmly and continued fucking her using his lips and his tongue.

An amazing feeling bloomed in Willa’s belly as she rose for the night and she moaned aloud when her eyes dropped to the vampire between her legs. She threaded her fingers in his hair while her hips rose up against his mouth. The feelings caused by his tongue in her pussy were indescribable and she wondered why she had waited so long to experience them.

Eric smirked against her sex while he listened to her moan. She was practically dripping again and tasted so sweet on his tongue. Wrapping his lips around her clit, he sucked it into his mouth as he pushed two fingers into her pussy. He loved how tight she was; it made for much more enhanced sex. Curling his fingers inside her, Eric rubbed them over her g-spot as he nibbled on her clit before he started to suck on it, harder.

“Oh God! Yes!” Willa cried as her hips began rising up off the bed. She tugged at Eric’s hair while she climaxed, her body shuddering.

Eric lapped greedily at the juices that poured out of her as she came, wasting none. He wanted everything she would offer. Once he was satisfied, he climbed up her body and entered her in one fierce, intense thrust.

“Fuck!” Willa screamed, the thrust quite painful yet extraordinarily satisfying.

Rolling them over to put Willa on top, Eric grabbed her hips, and then steadied her. “Ride me, min lilla,” he ordered.

Placing her hands on his chest, Willa rocked against him. She was unsteady when she began and her movements sloppy. She mewled in disappointment while she struggled to find a rhythm that worked.

Eric smiled in understanding and sensing her frustration; he wrapped one of his arms around her and pulled her down against him. Grabbing her hip with a brutal force in one hand, he tangled his other hand in her hair before lifting his hips and thrusting his cock up into her. He crashed his lips to hers as he fucked her at vampire speed, muffling her moans.

The intensity of his rough thrusts caused shameless pleasure to shoot through Willa and she could feel her next orgasm of the night approaching. She screamed into his mouth while she broke apart, her pussy tightening almost painfully around his cock.

Rolling them over so she was again underneath him, Eric snapped his hips as he drove back into her relentlessly. He could feel a tingling sensation in his spine as his orgasm built. “Fuck!” He roared as he came, shooting his dead seed into Willa’s welcoming body.

“I never knew sex could feel so great,” Willa confessed while little tremors of pleasure and desire continued through her.

Lifting his head, Eric smiled at Willa while he gazed down upon her. “It gets even better,” he told her. “I will teach you everything you need to know.” Eric licked his lips as he rubbed his thumb over hers. “Have you ever sucked cock?”

“No,” Willa whispered, shaking her head.

“Well then…” Rolling off her, Eric propped his body up against the headboard and parted his legs. “Here is your first lesson…”


Eric rose on night three the same way he did the night before… buried balls deep in Willa. He grinned as he rolled off of her and propped up beside her. Willa was a quick study when it came to sins of the flesh and he was enjoying his role of Teacher.

Running a finger down her chest Eric teased it over her nipples, pinching them lightly. He could already feel her stirring in the bond and he knew it wouldn’t be long before she was up and ready for more. She had a sexual appetite almost rivalling his… Almost. After he taught her how to suck cock, she had climbed onto his lap and buried his cock in her tight snatch for another round.

Reaching between his legs, Eric stroked his cock while he recalled laying back and having Willa ride him until she brought them both to release. Her form might not have been perfect, but what she lacked in experience she more than made up for in enthusiasm. He loved watching her breasts bounce while she rode him.

Rolling on top of her, Eric rubbed himself against her as the sun released its claim on her and she rose for the night. “Good evening, min lilla,” he greeted before ducking his head and sucking her right nipple into his mouth.

“Good… Oh!” Willa cried when she felt his cock brush against her clit. She was grateful she was no longer human; she knew she would have been sore as hell by now. She had been thoroughly fucked and she loved every second of it! Arousal shot through her pooling between her thighs, and she bucked her hips rubbing them against the firmness she found there.

Eric grinned and lifted up to stare down into her eyes. He could feel her arousal dripping from her, but even better than that was the lust he now felt through their bond. The ritual was nearly complete. They only needed one more exchange.

“Please…” Willa begged, desperately and wantonly needing to feel him filling her again.

Wanting to give her what she so urgently craved, Eric reached a hand between them and grasped his cock. He rubbed the head against her clit once before thrusting forcefully into her. He crashed his lips to hers and swallowed her cries as he set a fierce and fast pace. His hips slammed into hers as he fucked her violently as only two vampires could, the sounds of their bodies slamming together filling the room. Eric quickly drove her to a release before following her over the edge.

Willa frowned when she realized Eric wasn’t climbing off of her and she glanced up at him in confusion. He only ever stayed inside her after they exchanged blood and died for the day. She opened her mouth to speak when she felt him begin to harden inside her, and her eyes widened in surprise. She knew he had remarkable rebound time, but she had never felt him hardening inside her. “Oh!”

Eric chuckled at her wide-eyed wondered look and flexed his hips. “I have many talents, min lilla,” he bragged.

Willa clung to Eric as he slid in and out of her slowly, his cock stretching her oh-so-deliciously. “Yes,” she whimpered, lost in her ecstasy.

Sneaking a hand under her, Eric lifted her hips slightly so he could sink more deeply inside of her. Her pussy felt phenomenal around his cock and he was enjoying every second it gripped and was held there.

The sound of the security lock on his door being disabled reached his ear and Eric had to force back a growl when he scented Pam in his chamber. What the fuck is she doing here? Eric kept his ears open while he continued thrusting into Willa.

He heard Pam the second she stepped into his room and, being ever the Viking Vampire Sex God and exhibitionist he was, he couldn’t help but to put on a show just for her, partly in retribution. He knew what she wanted… She wanted what he was giving to Willa; however, she would never have him again. He could never be with her as she wanted.

“Fuck! You feel so good… So tight…” Eric groaned while feeling Willa’s pussy flutter and squeeze strongly around his cock. Dropping his fangs, he sank them into her throat and was just about to take his first drink of the night when he felt his body being pulled from Willa and knocked to the floor…

18 thoughts on “Long Hard Road Out Of Hell Outtake: Reclaiming

  1. I’m happy Eric decided to rebond with Willa.One of the things that bothered me on the final season of TB was that the writers made Eric seem such a horrible maker…
    He shouldn’t have abandoned her and most of all release her like he did.
    Sloppy writing.


      • Ugh, they did Eric wrong in so many ways in the last season. They erased every ounce of growth he had!
        I loved this outtake! I’m glad he reclaimed her and there is surely no better sex teacher than that Viking!


  2. Since Eric and Sookie weren’t together, I have no problem with him being with Willa. Especially for something so important. Plus, they got it out of their systems. As Eric said, Sookie’s issue wasn’t with the perceived sex with Pam, it was the betrayal. Nice, hot, chapter.


  3. I agree, this was very hot, but even better is the way it was written. Even with all the hotness there is a caring between them that I think take this away from a “porn sceen” to a well written story, this was not sex just for sex. This was building a tie between a maker and his childe. That being said, I just have a hard time with the thought of Willa, Eric and sex. It’s hard for me to see her as anything other then a daughter to him. Again, I love your writting, just had a hard time with this one, but that is your right as a writter, to put into words what your imagination says needs to be there.


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