Behind The Public Masks: Chapter Eleven


Behind the Public Masks 1

Chapter Eleven

After informing the Queen’s secretary that she needed to see her, Sookie was shown into the small reception room and asked to wait until Freyda had a free minute.

“So you’re going to offer the Queen the special VIV package?” Jake asked, taking a seat beside her. There was a smile on his face as he looked at Sookie, knowing full well she would. He may not have been as close to the young telepath as Maria-Star, but he knew her well enough to recognize when Sookie was going to bring someone into the VIV Club.

“I think so,” Sookie replied, her voice low. “All reports say she can be trusted. I was hesitating due to Compton and the blonde brat.”

Jake nodded. “I’ve not uncovered anything that says they can’t be trusted… Well, as much as you can trust anyone.”

“Both Russell and Sophie-Anne gave her their seal of approval,” Sookie said, thinking back to a conversation she had with the two monarchs a few nights earlier. Those two liked to gossip more than Maxine Fortenberry and Adele. Being in the middle of one of their bitch sessions was hilarious. They never bothered themselves with pleasantries when they got together; they always went for the jugular. Thanks to Sophie-Anne, Sookie knew the natural hair color of every woman in her palace, and thanks to Russell, she knew who had the tightest asshole in his palace. Before she had a chance to say anything else, the door swung open and Dani, the Queen’s secretary, walked in.

“My Queen will see you now,” she said, eyeing Sookie with jealousy. It was no secret that Freyda favored Sookie, even considered her a friend, and the young woman didn’t like it. Freyda refused to touch her; she wouldn’t even feed on her despite her multiple attempts to entice her. The Queen required a secretary, not a donor or pet. She had plenty of donors to take care of her hungers.

Patting Jake on the arm, Sookie wordlessly told him to stay put before rising to her feet and making her way out of the reception room, and following the young woman down the hallway toward the Queen’s office.

“My Queen is extremely busy, but has decided to honor you by taking a few minutes out of her schedule to see you, so keep it brief,” Dani said, vexation dripping from her words.

“I’m sure Freyda will kick me out if I take up too much of her time,” Sookie replied, smiling at the sour look that spread across Dani’s face when she spoke the Queen’s name.

Shooting Sookie a look of hatred, Dani knocked on the Queen’s office door once before reaching for the handle and opening it. “My Queen,” she said as she stepped inside. “Ms Stackhouse is here to see you.”

“Sookie!” Freyda greeted warmly, setting eyes on the blonde event planner. She had been extremely busy over the last few nights and hadn’t had a chance to see or talk with her.

“Good evenin’, Freyda,” Sookie replied, stepping around Dani who hadn’t moved from the doorway. “I hope I’m not interruptinanythin’,” she added with a chuckle as she noticed a shirtless, hot Latino man leaning against Freyda’s desk with blood trickling down his neck.

“Of course not,” Freyda said with a smile. “I was just enjoying a quick bite. Turning back to the man, she leaned into him and licked his neck, sealing the wound. Thank you, Emilio. Wiping daintily at her lips, Freyda turned back to Sookie and Dani as he left. That will be all, Dani. Please make sure Ms Stackhouse and I are not disturbed unless it’s an emergency. Dani let out a little huff as she spun on her heels and sauntered out closing the door behind her.

“D’ya collect the bunny boiler types or somethin’?” Sookie snorted, stepping further into the room. “There’s Bill, Willa, and now Dani, and even though I’ve not met him yet, I’m sure Pam is a bunny boiler when it comes to your Regent.”

Freyda laughed as she leaned against her desk. “Believe me, Sookie, Pam used to be much worse when it came to her Maker. The first night I met her, she killed one of my favorite pets out of jealousy. Freyda shook her head, chasing away the memory. There was no need to take a trip down memory lane; it would only make her angry with Pam again. “Now, Dani told me you wished to see me. What can I do for you?” She purred the last part, letting her appreciation of the busty blonde be seen.

“Are ya sure I’m not interruptinya?” Sookie asked. She jerked her head toward the door where the donor and Dani had just exited. “Ya look like ya’ve had dinner but not dessert.”

Mmm, and a tasty dinner it was as well,” Freyda admitted. “As tasty as Emilio is, unfortunately, he’s not a fan of the fairer sex when it comes to the sins of the flesh. For me, he’s just another blood donor.”

Sookie nodded in understanding. Sophie-Anne had a similar policy with her donors. Being hired as a donor by her didn’t mean you were contractually obligated to have sex with the vampires as well. “Right. Well, anyway, I have finished with all the plannin’ and my guys will be here first thing in the mornin’ to put everything together,” she said, getting down to business. “If there’s any last minute changes you want to make, now is the time to tell me.” She handed Freyda her iPad, showing her a mock-up of what her ballroom would look like when they were finished.

Freyda looked over the plans Sookie had made, smiling in approval as she saw the mock-up of the finished project. “It looks wonderful,” she gushed. Moving over to the large sofa that sat in front of the bay windows, Freyda patted the seat beside her inviting Sookie to sit down. “You have outdone yourself, Sookie! I can’t wait to see what it looks like on Thursday.”

“So, it’s to your likin’?” Sookie asked, taking a seat next to the Queen.

“It is, it is,” Freyda beamed, handing the iPad back to Sookie. “It is the perfect way to show my gratitude to the Regent. He will enjoy this immensely.”

Taking back her iPad, Sookie made a few notes before sending an email to Maria-Star okaying all the final details and instructing her to pass the final plans onto her staff. Once she was done, she set the iPad on the seat next to her and angled her body to give Freyda her full attention. “I have one more bit of business to discuss with you, but first I must ask if your office is secure?” she said, her eyes conveying the importance of her question.

“It is,” Freyda replied, sitting up straighter. “It’s soundproof, and I have it swept for bugs daily. It’s the safest room in my palace… Well, after my private chambers. What is this concerning? Is there a problem?” Freyda was on high alert as she eyed Sookie. She hadn’t heard of any trouble in the last week or so, but that didn’t mean all was well. For a minute, she wondered if Bill or Pam were acting up again.

“No, there is no problem. I just need absolute privacy for this discussion,” Sookie said reassuringly. “I must ask that what I tell you remain confidential. This information is not for everyone.”

Freyda frowned as she stared at Sookie. Her mind came up with a hundred different reasons for Sookie’s request, and she dismissed them one after the other. “This information will not be a security issue or a threat to me in anyway?”

“No. The information pertains to an exclusive club to certain Only at Night clients,” Sookie assured her, choosing her words carefully.

“Then you have my word that the information will remain between us,” Freyda replied, her interest piqued. She had never heard a peep about an Only at Night exclusive club; she had researched them thoroughly and spoken to both Sophie-Anne and Russell regarding their services. Given the way vampire monarchs liked to gossip, that was saying something.

“First, I must tell you a little bit about our history,” Sookie said, crossing her legs and leaning back slightly. “It’s not widely known, but before Only at Night started up, Lafayette and I ran another business together. It wasn’t legal, at least not by human laws. ” Seeing Freydas’ shocked look, Sookie let out a small laugh. “Yeah, we’ve been breakin’ laws since we were kids.”

“You’ve known each other that long? ” Freyda asked curiously. She had the pleasure of meeting Lafayette a few weeks ago when he had flown down to go over the food selection for the humans who would be attending her party. Freyda had been charmed by the flamboyant man and hoped to see him again.

“Yeah,” Sookie nodded, smiling as she thought about her best friend. “We’ve been pretty much inseparable since then. When one of us got into trouble, you could bet your bottom dollar the other one was there as well. Anyway, as I was sayin’, before we went into business with Jesus, we had another business. I won’t go into details on how it came ‘bout, but Lafayette and I ran a donor business. We had learned ‘bout how vampires were drawn to certain… blood types,” Sookie nodded as she spoke the words, trying to convey that she wasn’t talking about O neg and A positive blood. “We had a small client base, but they were loyal… Well, we provided the best blood and sex… Not personally,” she added quickly, seeing Freyda’s eyebrows rise in surprise. “I was never on the menu. I don’t exchange blood and sex for money…” Not anymore at least, Sookie finished silently. She had in the past. She had taken on the moniker of Scarlett, and paid Adele’s medical bills working as a donor in a vampire hotel in Shreveport. She had started off just as a blood donor working in the lounge, no room calls, but when one out of state vampire had offered her five grand for her blood and body, Sookie had accepted. There had been not one ounce of shame in her when she said yes and told him she would meet him in his hotel room in twenty minutes. She had been nervous when she knocked on his door, but she hadn’t changed her mind.

The vampire, the most handsome man she had ever seen, had told her he was just passing through the area and had decided to stay a few nights to check out the nightlife. Despite buying her, he had treated her like a lady, worshipping her body for hours, and bringing her to the heights of pleasure she hadn’t felt before. He made her cum numerous times before he fed from her femoral artery. Once they had finished, he had paid her in cash and asked if she would meet him again the next night for the same amount. By time he had left the area, Sookie had been twenty thousand dollars richer. After that night, Sookie hadn’t had to work as many hours. She had cut back to three nights a week and made private arrangements with some of the out of state vampires behind the backs of hotel bosses. It could’ve been considered an underhanded tactic, but considering they held no respect for their employees and practically robbed them blind taking a seventy percent cut from the fees, Sookie couldn’t find it in her to care or feel badly. Sookie hadn’t worked as a donor for long, but there were times she would come out of retirement if the situation called for it. Although, she hadn’t done that since Only at Night started up. She wasn’t on the menu when it came to her company.

“The reason I’m telling you this is because we didn’t fold the other business when we created Only at Night,” Sookie continued, pulling out of her trip down memory lane. “We incorporated it into Only at Night.” Reaching for her iPad, Sookie brought up a database before turning her gaze back to Freyda. “This is a service we don’t offer to everyone. In fact, only four monarchs have been offered and are members of our VIV club, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, and Texas. Now we are extendin’ the invitation to you as well.”

Freyda’s eyebrows rose as Sookie listed off the states. She knew the monarchs for each of those states and finally realized just how well connected the young blonde was. Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, and Texas were all considered Old World vampires. Not one of them was under a thousand-years old. Hearing Sookie also had a donor business was a little surprising to her, but she wouldn’t fault her for capitalizing on the knowledge she had learned about vampires appetites.

“You don’t have to agree to join, you’re free to decline, but either way I do require your silence on the matter,” Sookie pressed. “If some of the other monarchs, let’s say less deservin’, knew what kind of donors I had they’d want them for themselves. I can’t allow that to happen. They might be donors, but they’re also people who deserve to be left alone if wanted.”

“I can respect that,” Freyda said. “I give you my word I will keep this confidential. I am definitely interested in joining the VIV club,” she gave a little laugh at the name. “Please, tell me more.”

Handing her the iPad, Sookie leaned back on the sofa. “We have a wide selection of donors; Were, shifter, human, dae, even faeries…” she grinned at Freyda’s bright-eyed look at the mention of faeries. “Oh, yes,” she purred. “We have various percentages of faeries. An eighth, quarter, half, and even a few full. However, half and full blood faeries are only available for private single parties, no more than two vampires, and in controlled conditions. Those bookings are always supervised by a dae, and let’s just say one of my vampire enforcers who can control themselves. There are no exceptions to those rules.”

“The faeries will allow the vampire to feed on them?” Freyda asked, her eyes dilating at the very thought.

“They will,” Sookie replied with a nod. “We take any necessary steps to ensure the safety of both the faery and the vampire, but the ones we employ enjoy feeding vampires. They enjoy havin’ sex with them too.”

“Oh!” Freyda moaned, turned on by the very thought.

Pointing at the iPad in Freyda’s hand, Sookie smiled. “That is the selection we are currently offering for parties. They are categorized by blood type.”

Freyda perused the database, making mental notes of the various donors. She knew whatever she decided upon would cost her extra, but one look at the line up of quarter fae available told her it would be worth it. It had been almost a hundred and sixty years since she had last tasted a faery, and her fangs were itching already just at the thought.

Leaning forward, Sookie pressed herself against Freyda as she reached out and swiped her finger over the iPad screen bringing up another set of available donors. “Have you ever had a fae/dae combo?” she asked the Queen. “Sophie-Anne tells me there’s nothin’ quite like it. It’s her favorite, having the hot and spicy blood of the daemon in your throat while a faery eats your pussy.”

“I want that,” Freyda moaned, squeezing her legs shut. “I want fae and dae, humans as well.” She pointed out a number of available donors telling Sookie which she wanted.

“A good choice,” Sookie replied, taking the iPad and noting her selections. “The VIV club is an additional twenty-five grand for a large party,” she added, lifting her head and meeting Freyda’s gaze. “We do smaller parties, private parties. The prices for them depend on the length and donors required. For larger parties, my donors will either work the hall or you can arrange private meetings for those with whom you wish to share.”

“I want my pussy eaten before the party starts,” Freyda said eagerly. “I want a faery to do it. The rest can work the hall, but I want the faery for myself.”

Sookie laughed as she took notes. She couldn’t say she was surprised. Salome had been just as eager when she learned of the other services Only at Night offered. The biblical vampire actually spent a hundred thousand dollars in three months at the beginning. “I will have her to you a full hour before the party starts,” Sookie promised.

“You’re a star, Sookie!” Freyda exclaimed, thoroughly pleased with the services Only at Night were offering. “How can I ever thank you?”

“No thanks necessary,” Sookie replied with a smile. “It’s all part of the service. Now, I won’t keep you any longer, I’m sure you’re busy,” she added as she stood up and started to make her way out.

“Not at all,” Freyda said, rising as well. “I have the next several hours free.” A mischievous smile curled her lips. “That’s plenty of time for me to thank you for all your hard work properly.”

Turning around, Sookie leaned against Freyda’s desk as she eyed the Queen. She arched a brow at the look of desire on Freyda’s face, and had a good idea just how Her Majesty wanted to show her gratitude. She couldn’t deny the thrill she got at knowing the vampire Queen wanted her. “You don’t ha…” The rest of the words died on her lips as Freyda vamped in front of her and dropped to her knees. Before she had a chance to say anything else she felt as Freyda lifted her skirt and pressed her cool lips to her heated sex over her lace panties. “Oh,” Sookie moaned, peering down at the kneeling Queen.

Well, it’d be rude not to accept her thanks.

Spreading her legs slightly, Sookie braced her hands on Freyda’s desk and smiled down at the Queen. “Thank away…”

Freyda grinned up at Sookie before ducking her head and pressing her lips more forcibly to Sookie’s sex. She kissed her over her panties before hooking her fingers in them and pulling them to the side so she could get at her bare sex. Freyda flicked her tongue over Sookie’s feminine lips, teasing her with gentle licks before pressing harder, and then backing off again. Moaning at the taste of the young blonde, Freyda flattened her tongue and dragged it over her sex, working her up and making her wet.

Sookie moaned as she felt Freyda’s tongue lash at her clit and she threw her head back and gripped the edge of the desk. She hadn’t planned on having sex with the Queen, but she certainly wasn’t going to pass up the chance. She hadn’t gotten any since the afternoon she first met Freyda, and she was craving an orgasm or two.

Pressing a soft kiss to Sookie’s clit, Freyda let the plucky blondes panties slip back into place and rose to her feet, making Sookie moan in disappointment. “Don’t worry, my dear, I haven’t stopped thanking you yet,” she purred, leaning in closer to her. “I just want to be thorough in my thanks,” she added as she ran her hands over Sookie’s body, cupping her full breasts over the plain white shirt she wore. Freyda brushed her lips softly over Sookie’s as she stroked a thumb over one of her nipples, making it pebble.

Moving her hands to the buttons, Freyda slowly undid Sookie’s shirt and pushed it off her shoulders, letting it fall on her desk. She moaned in approval as she got her first look at Sookie’s well-endowed chest encased in black lace. The Regent will absolutely love you, she thought, wishing she had a chance to introduce them sooner. Unfortunately, he had been away for the last month, dealing with Council bullshit, and she hadn’t had a chance to introduce them.

Sliding her hands behind Sookie, Freyda unclasped her bra and peeled it off her body. “Beautiful,” she whispered, rubbing a finger over Sookie’s hard nipple. Lowering her head, Freyda closed her lips around Sookie’s nipple and sucked on it lightly as she slid her hands lower and unzipped her skirt. She pushed it off Sookie’s hips, leaving the panting blonde dressed only in her panties and high-heels. “I’m going to enjoy eating you up,” she teased against Sookie’s breast as she slid a hand down the front of her panties. Freyda hissed as she felt how wet Sookie was and pressed a finger to her clit as she closed her lips around her nipple again.

Sookie moaned at the feeling Freyda’s hands and lips were causing, and bucked her hips. Threading her fingers in Freyda’s dark locks, Sookie held her to her breast and parted her legs further, needing more. Sookie hissed out a breath as Freyda pushed a single digit inside her and she let her head fall back. “Ooh…”

Freyda pressed her thumb to Sookie’s clit and worked a second finger into her tight pussy. She moaned at the tight feeling of Sookie’s sheath around her fingers and could barely wait to feast on her sex. From the small taste she already, Freyda knew the young woman would taste delicious. Freyda’s mouth practically watered at the mere thought of the taste of her on her lips. Catching Sookie’s nipple between her teeth, Freyda tugged on it slightly as she curled her fingers inside the moaning blondes’ pussy. She wanted to feel her cum all over her fingers first. She wanted her absolutely dripping so she could lap up her honey.

“Oh fuck!” Sookie cried as Freyda’s fingers found her magic spot. Sookie’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she gripped Freyda’s wrist. “Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

Freyda sucked on Sookie’s nipple as she pressed her thumb more firmly to the writhing blondes’ clit. Sookie’s juices were practically dripping from her, covering the Queen’s hand as she dragged the first orgasm from her.

“Yes!” Sookie screamed, arching her back as she came.

Sookie barely had time to recover before Freyda was on her knees again, tugging down her ruined panties, and burying her face in Sookie’s neatly trimmed blonde curls. Moans of pleasure spilled from Sookie’s lips as Freyda feasted on her dripping sex.

Freyda used all the tricks she had been taught by her Regent as she brought Sookie to the cusp again. Snaking a hand between Sookie’s legs, Freyda spread her lips open and dragged her tongue over her clit before pushing into her. She fucked Sookie with her tongue as she rubbed her thumb over her clit at vampire speed.

“Oh shit! Fuck!” Sookie cried, her legs shaking with strain as Freyda pulled one orgasm after another out of her. “That’s it… Lick my pussy… Fuck me with ya tongue…”

Freyda moaned at Sookie’s words and slipped a hand between her own legs. Like the writhing blonde, she was dripping with arousal. Slipping her small hand in her panties, Freyda rubbed her clit as she continued to spear Sookie with her tongue. She wanted to feel the blonde come again, her face was already coated in Sookie’s juices but it wasn’t enough. She wanted more.

Sookie cried out in pleasure as she came again, shouting Freyda name. Sagging against the desk, Sookie panted hard as Freyda ran her tongue over her wet lips softly, gathering every bit of moisture she could find. Looking down at the kneeling Queen, Sookie smirked as she saw the hand moving between Freyda’s legs. Tangling her hand in Freyda brown locks, Sookie tugged on her hair sharply, pulling her to her feet. She smiled at the Queen before pressing her lips to hers in a hard kiss. Sookie moaned as she tasted herself on Freyda’s lips.

Breaking the kiss, Sookie ran her hands over Freyda’s lithe body, palming her breasts before slipping her hand lower, and dragging the thin material of the Queens’ blue dress upward until it bunched in her hands. Yanking it up, Sookie pulled the dress over Freydas’ head and off of her body, throwing it behind her. She grinned as she saw Freyda wasn’t wearing a bra, and then she raised her hands and cupped both of the Queen’s firm breasts. Rubbing her thumbs over Freyda’s nipples, Sookie licked her lips as she saw them pebble. She flicked one before lowering her head and sucking it into her mouth. Where Freyda’s touches were soft, Sookie’s were hard. She nipped at Freyda’s nipple, capturing her between her teeth and tugging on it before soothing away the sting with her tongue. As she sucked on one nipple, she rolled the other between her fingers, pinching harshly.

Freyda cried out at the feelings Sookie was causing in her. Never before had a human taken her so roughly. Then again, she’s not human, Freyda reminded herself as she threaded her hand in Sookie’s hair. Regardless of what she was, one thing she wasn’t was a vampire, but she certainly fucked like one. She had the same intensity, the same fire.

Sookie tugged on Freyda’s nipple painfully before letting it go with a pop. She smirked as she heard the Queen mewl in displeasure, but before Freyda had a chance to say anything, Sookie slipped behind her and pushed her face first down on her desk.

“Spread your legs!” She ordered, taking a step back and waiting to see if Freyda would do as told. She grinned as she saw Freyda do exactly as ordered and spread her legs. “Very good, your majesty.” Stepping closer to her, Sookie ran her hand over Freyda’s ass before hooking her fingers into the white silk panties she wore and yanking them down around her ankles.

Leaning over her, Sookie pressed her body to Freyda’s, rubbing her breasts against her back and she snaked a hand under her and cupped her wet sex. “Did I do this?” Sookie asked, teasing the Queen with her fingers. “Did lickin’ my pussy get you this wet?”

“Yes,” Freyda hissed, trying to rub herself against Sookie’s hand.

“D’ya want me to lick your pussy?” Sookie questioned as she slapped Freyda’s clit lightly. “D’ya want me to fuck ya?”

“God, yes!” Freyda cried, desperately wanting just that.

“Then say it!” Sookie ordered, slapping Freyda’s clit harder. “Say it!”

“Fuck me!” Freyda growled, begging the young blonde. She had never wanted it more than in that moment. “Lick my pussy and make me cum.”

Sookie smirked as she heard the Queen beg for her touch. It didn’t matter how many times she heard it, she always got a thrill out of hearing a vampire beg her. Straightening up, Sookie took a small step back and slapped the Freyda’s ass hard before dropping to her knees and burying her face in the Queen’s drenched cunt.

Digging her fingers into Freyda’s thighs, Sookie sucked the Queen’s pussy lips into her mouth, nibbling on them gently before lashing at her clit with her tongue. The wetter Freyda became, the harder Sookie sucked on her pussy. Stiffening her tongue, Sookie stabbed her with it, pushing into Freyda gushing cunt as far as she could. She drank all the Queen had to offer, making her cum over and over.

Freyda moaned, cried, and begged for more as Sookie dragged one orgasm after another out of her. Her juices were just dripping out of her, coating her legs, and covering Sookie’s face.

“Oh fuck…. God…. Yes!” Freyda screamed as Sookie made her cum for the fourth time. She bucked against Sookie’s face, aftershocks of pleasure shooting through her.

Sookie smirked as she heard Freyda cry out again. Not even Sophie-Anne was as vocal as her, and Sookie loved everything minute of it. She loved making powerful vampires lose control. Slipping a hand between the Queen’s legs, she teased her, pressing her fingers to her opening before pulling back. She chuckled as Freyda whined. “Ya not had enough yet?”

“No,” Freyda moaned, trying to push herself back on Sookie’s fingers. She would never get enough.

“Naughty, Queen,” Sookie chided playfully, pushing two fingers into Freyda before she had a chance to reply. She groaned as she felt how tight the Queen was… Warlow would love poundin’ into you. He’d have ya on all fours for hours, she thought as she scissored her fingers, stretching her.

“Turn around,” Sookie demanded as she pulled her fingers out of Freyda and stood up. She licked her lips as Freyda did as ordered. Sookie grinned as she pushed the Queen onto the desk and forced her to lie back. Leaning over her, Sookie brushed her lips over Freyda as she slid her hand back between the Queen’s legs.

Freyda’s eyes widened in surprise as Sookie’s hand moved lower. “Oh,” she moaned as she felt Sookie’s wet fingers circle her puckered hole.

“Does ya Regent fuck ya here?” Sookie asked, pressing slightly against her asshole. “D’ya like a hard cock up ya ass?”

“Yes!” Freyda hissed. She loved it. She loved nothing more than being bent over the nearest bit of furniture and fucked hard there.

Sookie pushed two fingers up Freyda’s ass as she lowered her head and sucked on her nipple. She bit the Queen’s nipple, capturing it between her teeth, and tugging on it as she fucked her ass with her fingers. “Touch yourself,” she ordered. “Rub ya pussy while I fuck ya ass.”

Thrusting a hand between her legs, Freyda rubbed her clit at vampire speed as Sookie thrust her fingers harder into her ass. She could feel her orgasm building rapidly, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she came again. Her back arched off the desk, and toes curled as she flew apart. She screamed Sookie’s name as she came again, her body shuddering from aftershocks.

Pulling her fingers out of Freyda’s ass, Sookie petted her, letting the Queen ride out her release. She smiled down at the sated Queen, satisfied with herself. Yep, still got it. She pressed a soft kiss to Freyda’s lips before straightening up and taking a step back.

Pushing herself up into a sitting position, Freyda leaned back on her elbows and smiled at Sookie. “I feel like I should be thanking you again, Ms Stackhouse,” she chuckled. She hadn’t expected Sookie to reciprocate, and she had been quite content to just please the young blonde. She sure as hell wasn’t complaining. Few people fucked as good as Sookie.

Sauntering over to the sofa, Sookie sat down and spread her legs, giving Freyda a good view of her dripping pussy. “Feel free to thank me, your majesty,” Sookie purred. She laughed as Freyda blurred over to her, but the laugh soon turned into a moan as the Queen dropped to her knees and buried her face between her legs.

Throwing her legs over Freyda’s shoulders, Sookie threaded her fingers in her brown locks, I knew takin’ this job was a good idea, she thought as she threw her head back and let the Queen thank her again.


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      Mystery Man = Scarlette’s out of town vamp, Warlow’s sex god friend, and Freyda’s Regent = Eric the Viking Northman methinks 🙂

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  8. Take THAT Anonymous Commenter! Write a good story, my ass! I like the lingering mysteries and the Eric/Warlow, Eric/Scarlet connections. This Sookie kills it too. You’re delivering the goods, as always, Queen. Just thanks for sharing.. 🙂


  9. damn that was fucking awesome and hot…. loved it. this Sookie know what she wants and how to get it. AS for Eric/Regent, i think he was her two night’er when she was a donor and i think that all will be revealed at the party. I think Eric is Warlow’s rival and that will be fun when they all meet. I think Eric will follow Sookie back to La after the party, much to Pam’s dismay. KY


  10. So Pam is pretty awful… Wonder why Eric turned her at all since she seems such a clingy whiny spoilt brat… Willa is just a brat but you’d think Eric would get rid of both of them since they are such liabilities…

    Loved how you made Freyda into a cool queen who treated her Regent pretty well… curious about how the contract happened in this AU as Godric is Eric’s maker here and not Appius…


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