Ring in the New Year

RitNYRing in the New Year

Eric groaned while he watched his wife go down on her best friend. He could feel his cock stiffening and he stroked himself through his jeans. He licked his lips as he imagined the taste of Willa on his wife’s lips, tangy and sweet. He wanted to taste her on his lips, feel Willa’s juices dripping down his chin while he brought her to completion over and over. He wanted to make her beg and plead for more. Despite their relationship, Eric didn’t get to eat Willa’s pussy often. He did get to fuck her pussy, her ass, and mouth whenever they were together, but licking her pretty, pink pussy was something his wife usually did… not that he was complaining. It was so fucking hot to watch while she did it. Eric loved watching Sookie spread Willa open and fuck her with her tongue, but this time he wanted to play.

Rising from his chair, Eric moved toward the bed where the two women were playing, and ran his hand down Sookie’s back before fisting his hand in her hair and yanking her up. “Lover, you are being greedy,” he growled before crashing his lips to hers. He forced her mouth open and sucked on her tongue, tasting Willa before breaking the kiss. “You are supposed to share,” Eric grinned as he saw a hungry look flash through Sookie’s eyes. She loved being manhandled in the bedroom. “You know what happens to greedy girls, Sookie… They get punished.” Eric chuckled when he heard her whimper; he was sure if he checked, her pussy would be dripping. The thought of a punishment always pushed her hot button and got her going.

Pulling Sookie off the bed, Eric threw her over his shoulder slapping her on the ass while he crossed the short distance to the chair he had just vacated and set her down on it. “Stay!” he ordered, his voice coming out as a growl. He didn’t wait to see if she would do as ordered; he knew she would. She knew better than to disobey him when he used that tone with her, at least she did when they were playing. Grabbing the leather carryon bag that they had put their toys in, Eric searched through it looking for the silk scarves he knew his wife would have packed; she never left them behind when they went away. Eric pulled four scarves out of the bag before tossing it aside and turning back to his wife. He smirked at Sookie as he wrapped the first scarf around her wrist and secured it to the arm of the chair. He repeated the maneuver with her other arm before dropping to his knees before her. Eric groaned when he pushed her legs apart and saw just how wet she was and he couldn’t resist bending down and running his tongue through her glistening folds. “Delicious,” he winked as he tied her ankles to the feet of the chair.

Rising to his feet, Eric rubbed his hand over his covered erection while he stared down at his wife who was completely naked and restrained to the chair. He could see the hunger in her gaze, the flush on her skin, and the moisture between her legs and it made his cock all the more rigid. “This is what happens to greedy girls, Lover,” he growled while he reached down and pinched her nipples. “They get put in timeout and not allowed to play.”

Sookie moaned as Eric pinched her nipples harder, and she felt her body flood with arousal. She loved it when he got all dominant on her and took charge, it was one of the reasons she was being greedy with Willa. She knew her husband would punish her for her greediness, especially with Ben not being there to distract him. Unfortunately for the other man, there had been an emergency at his bar and he had to return to Boston earlier than planned. Ben had told Willa to stay behind and spend time with Eric and Sookie. He had called it an extra Christmas present.

Willa licked her lips while she eagerly watched Eric strip off his clothes and toss them across the room. She was aware of what Sookie had been doing and had been happy to go along with it. She would have been a fool not to seeing how she would be the one who benefitted from Sookie’s little game. By the look in Eric’s eye, Willa suspected she was about to get the fucking of a lifetime. She smiled as she flicked her eyes between Eric and Sookie. They really were the best friends a girl could ever want. Sookie had riled Eric up and now Willa was going to get the consequences… And what wonderful consequences they were! Planting her feet on the bed, Willa bent her knees and spread her legs as far as she could, giving Eric a good look at her dripping pussy. Sookie had revved her up and now she needed Eric to finish her. Willa captured Eric’s gaze and slid her hand down her body, flicking a nipple before dipping her hand lower between her legs. Willa rubbed her clit lightly before spreading her feminine lips with her fingers, exposing herself further to Eric’s heated gaze.

“Do you want to lick my pussy, Eric?” She asked while she cupped her breast with her other hand. “Do you want to fuck me with your tongue?” Willa moaned as arousal poured out of her, her own words turning her on. “I wanna feel your lips on my clit, sucking it hard… I want you to fuck me with your tongue, your fingers, your cock… Oh God! I want it so bad. I wanna feel your big, hard cock pounding into my pussy… my ass…”

Eric’s eyes darkened while he listened to Willa tell him what she wanted. Her words were like a red flag to a bull and he climbed onto the bed quickly, and just as quickly buried his head between her spread thighs. Eric plunged his tongue into her dripping cunt without warning, fucking her with it as he moved his hands to her inner thighs and pushed her legs open further.

“Ooh…” Willa cried when Eric latched on to her clit and sucked hard. Her hands flew to his head and she twisted her fingers into his short blond hair as she bucked her hips. She had forgotten how good he was with his mouth, how much pleasure he could bring her. “That’s it, Eric, suck my clit…”

Sookie whimpered while she watched her husband go down on her best friend. She could feel her own pussy throbbing as she listened to the sounds Eric dragged from Willa as he fucked her with his mouth. She wanted nothing more than to slide her hand between her tanned thighs and finger herself, but thanks to her darling husband she wasn’t able. She was powerless to do anything but watch… and she fucking loved it! Eric had known what he was doing when he tied her to the chair; it was the perfect punishment for her. Her husband knew her better than anyone, he knew by the time he untied her she would be nothing but a ball of passion, wild, unrestrained, and desperate for a good, hard fuck. Eric knew it would make for a wild ride.

Eric flicked Willa’s clit with his tongue as he pushed a hand between her legs. He teased it with gentle licks before lashing her hard, taking her to the edge, and then backing off. The only thing that tasted better than Willa was Sookie, and Eric was determined to enjoy himself and get his fill. Lifting his head slightly, Eric blew on Willa’s swollen bundles of nerves before wrapping his lips around it and sucking on it fiercely. He could feel Willa’s juices pouring out of her and he lapped at them eagerly, drinking her down.

“OH… Fuck!” Willa moaned as she moved her hands to the sheets and twisted her fingers into the cool cotton. “Please,” she begged mad with desire. She was desperate to cum, needing to feel the pleasure of tumbling over the edge.

“Please what?” Eric asked a dark glint in his eyes when he lifted his head and stared at her. “Tell me what you want, Willa.”

“I want to cum,” Willa pleaded, lifting her hips off the bed in an attempt to get Eric to touch her again. “I need it. Please, Eric, make me cum…”

Eric smirked when he saw the hunger in her eyes. He knew full well what she wanted and he was more than happy to give it to her. First, he wanted to make sure his wife had a ringside seat. Moving to his knees, Eric looked over his shoulder and stared at Sookie. He groaned as he saw the flush that covered her skin and the unmistakable wetness between her legs. His Lover was dripping with arousal and he was sure she would like nothing more than to join in the fun, but unfortunately for Sookie, she was still being punished. She wouldn’t be untied until much later… She would have to wait until he had fucked Willa every way he wanted.

Eric shifted to the side and slid his hand between Willa’s bent legs. He teased a finger over her wet slit, rubbing her clit lightly before moving lower. “Watch us, Lover,” he ordered as he pushed three fingers into Willa’s tight cunt.

Willa moaned as she felt her pussy stretch around Eric’s large fingers. Giving the forceful way he was acting, Willa guessed she was in for quite the ride and that was fine with her. She enjoyed being bossed around and taken hard every now and again. She wasn’t into it quite like Sookie, she didn’t get off on pain, but she did love it rough.

Sookie moaned when she saw Willa’s pussy stretch around Eric’s fingers, and she pulled against her binds trying to free her hand so she could touch herself. Sookie whined low in her throat as the binds didn’t give, not that she expected it. Eric was an expert at restraining her. He knew how to bind her without causing her any unnecessary pain. She knew she wouldn’t be getting out of the binds until she was released and given the way Eric was looking at her, she doubted that would be anytime soon.

“Do you want me to punish you further?” Eric asked his wife as he noticed her pulling on her binds. She knew better than to try and break free when he had restrained her. “Keep it up, Lover, and you will feel a hand on your backside before the night is over.” He smirked as he heard her moan, and he would put money on the fact that before the night was over his wife’s ass would be a lovely shade of red.

Turning his attention back to Willa, Eric licked his lips while he ran his eyes down her body, his gaze coming to rest on her pussy. He felt his cock twitch as he stared at his fingers buried deep inside her cunt. He couldn’t wait to thrust his cock into her and fuck her hard and fast, but first…

Eric pressed his thumb to Willa’s clit and started to slowly move his fingers inside her, letting her adjust to the feeling. He groaned when he felt Willa’s juices cover his fingers, and he realized she was more than ready for him. Moving his other hand to her stomach, Eric pressed down, holding Willa down and started to thrust his fingers into her faster.

“Fuck!” Willa screamed out in bliss while the pressure of Eric’s hand on her stomach increased. She tugged on the sheets as she thrashed her head side to side. She could feel her release building inside her and she knew it was going to be explosive. “Don’t stop…”

Eric smirked dirtily at her plea; he pressed down harder on her stomach and rammed his fingers into her dripping cunt faster. Willa’s juices were drenching his hand, making it easier for him to slam his skilled fingers into her.

Sookie moaned her eyes glued to her husband’s fingers as he thrust them into the dripping pussy of her oldest and best friend. She could hear Eric’s fingers fucking Willa’s pussy, the sound they made as they entered Willa over and over was driving Sookie crazy and she wanted to feel his fingers in her cunt.

Eric slammed his fingers into Willa harder as he pressed his hand down more firmly on her stomach. He could feel her silken sleeve fluttering around his digits and he knew it wouldn’t be long before she came. “Cum for me, Willa. Let Sookie see you cum on my fingers and I’ll fuck you hard…”

Willa bit down on her lip and yanked at the sheets as she came almost violently, squirting all over Eric’s hand and the bed. She screamed herself hoarse as Eric never let up and fingered her into another release. “YES!”

Eric smiled smugly while he made Willa squirt all over the bed again. God, he loved doing that. It gave him such a thrill. Pulling his fingers out of Willa’s pussy, Eric brought them to his mouth and licked them clean, groaning at the taste. “Better than any five star meals I have ever had,” he said.

Sookie’s breathing came out in ragged pants and she yanked harder against her restraints, trying to break free. She needed to feel Eric’s hands on her, his cock in her pussy while Willa sucked on her breasts. She needed to be fucked! Try as she might, she couldn’t break the binds and she moaned when she saw Eric move between Willa’s spread legs.

Willa panted as she stared up at the ceiling and tried to get herself under control. She could feel small sparks of pleasure shooting through her and she let out a whimper. She couldn’t remember the last time she had cum so hard from just being fingered… Probably last summer when we were with Eric and Sookie in Bon Temps. “Oh God!” Willa cried out when Eric entered her with one hard thrust without warning. Her hands flew to his shoulders and she dug her nails into his flesh at his roughness. She grabbed his shoulders hard as she felt him pull out of her before slamming into her again. She hitched her legs up around his hips as she raised her hips and met him thrust for thrust.

“Fuck,” Eric cursed, gritting his teeth as he felt Willa’s pussy grip his cock snugly. God she was tight and he loved the feeling of her heat around his cock. Pressing his hands to the bed either side of her head, Eric braced his weight on his arms as he snapped his hips and drove into her with force. He couldn’t be gentle even if he tried, he was so hard it hurt and he needed a nice, hard fuck to ease the tension.

Sookie swore she was going to cum from just watching her husband fuck Willa. Arousal was pouring out of her and she wouldn’t have been surprised if there wasn’t a puddle on the chair beneath her. She could feel her pussy clenching and she whimpered almost in pain. From the way Eric was pounding into Willa, Sookie doubted she would be getting any relief any time soon. Her husband was going at it hard and fast and she knew from experience he wouldn’t let up until he had taken the edge off.

Willa clung to Eric as he fucked her harder than he ever had before. She could feel a twinge of pain as he slammed his cock into her over and over, and she started to understand why Sookie liked it so much. The pain made the pleasure feel so much better and she couldn’t help but beg for more. She would never want it as hard as Ben and Eric had taken Sookie that first night, but a little pain only added to the experience. “Fuck… Yes!” She screamed as she hitched her legs further up Eric’s hips, letting him sink deeper into her.

Eric was lost to the feeling of Willa’s pussy all around him. He knew he was taking her harder than he usually did, but given the way her pussy was tightening around his cock, he didn’t think she minded. She was getting off on the rough treatment. “That’s it… Take my fucking cock, take it all,” he grunted as he sank deeper into her welcoming cunt.

Sookie couldn’t take her eyes of the couple fucking on the bed. Her eyes locked to her husband’s ass rising between Willa’s legs as he fucked her the way Sookie wanted to be fucked. She wished Ben was there as she would have loved to felt his hard cock splitting her open. She whimpered as she imagined having Ben’s cock inside her while they watched their spouses fuck.

Willa saw stars as she felt Eric sink impossibly deeper inside her. Coils tightened in her stomach as her orgasm built, and she sank her nails into Eric’s shoulders, drawing blood. Her body felt like it was just one giant nerve ending, every touch was electrifying and she never wanted it to end. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she begged, repeating the words in a mantra.

Eric hissed as Willa’s nails dug into his shoulders and he slowed his thrusts long enough to grab her arms and hold them above her head, pinning her to the bed. He smirked down at her as he pushed into her again, fucking her with a slow but hard pace. His eyes dropped to her breasts and he licked his lips while he watched them jiggle with each of his thrusts. He could feel her pussy fluttering around his cock and a devilish look entered his eyes as a thought popped into his head.

Willa cried out in dismay when Eric pulled his cock out of her and she was just about to try and pull him back on top of her when he yanked her up and forced her onto her hands and knees. A laugh spilled from her lips when she realized what he was doing and she stuck her ass up in the air as she faced Sookie.

Sookie was practically vibrating with pleasure while she watched Eric kneel behind Willa on the bed. Her breath caught in her throat at the heated look in Eric’s eyes. Her husband was radiating sex, and she knew her and Willa were in for a hell of a night.

Eric’s mouth watered while he locked his gaze on Willa’s swollen and dripping pussy. Her inner thighs glistened with her juices and he was sorely tempted to bury his face between them and lick her clean. Later, he promised. We have all night. Wrapping his hand around his cock, Eric stroked himself firmly before pressing the head against Willa’s opening and pushing in until just the head was inside her. He moved one of his hands to her hair, twisted it in her brown locks, and yanked her head back as he surged forward, burying himself back inside her welcoming sex.

“AHHH!” Willa screamed at the rough treatment and arousal leaked out of her. Arching her back, she pushed her hips back as Eric thrust forward, fucking his cock as he fucked her pussy.

Sookie watched Willa’s breasts bounce while Eric pounded into her friend. She licked her lips as she imagined wrapping them around Willa’s hard nipples. “So fucking hot,” she moaned, her voice filled with desire. “Fuck her pussy, baby. Fill her with your cum…”

Eric bared his teeth as he moved his hand to Willa’s hip and gripped it tightly. Sookie’s words had pushed him that much closer to the edge and he sped up his thrusts, slamming into Willa’s convulsing pussy harder.

“Yes… Fuck… Don’t stop!” Willa screamed while she shoved a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit. “Fuck me…” Her release slammed into her with blinding intensity and her arm gave out from under her and her upper body dropped to the bed. She moaned incoherently as she felt Eric move his other hand to her hip and holding her ass up as he continued to pound into her.

Eric grunted as he felt Willa’s pussy tighten almost painfully around his cock, and he dug his fingers into her hips, holding her steady as he slammed into her in search of his own bliss. “Fuck,” he growled, feeling his balls tighten. Eric pulled her hips back while he surged forward, burying himself as far as he could inside her as he came, filling her with his seed.

Sookie swore she felt a mini-orgasm spear through her as Eric sagged over Willa, breathing hard. She was almost exhausted from just watching them… Almost. She grinned as she saw Eric brush his lips over Willa’s head while he climbed off of her.

“Have you learned your lesson yet, Lover?” Eric asked, climbing off the bed and walking toward her. He chuckled when he saw the mess she had made. His wife was quite the dirty girl.

“Yes, Sir,” Sookie replied, her voice filled with faux innocence as she batted her eyelashes at him. “I promise I’ll share from now on.”

Eric narrowed his eyes as he gazed at his wife. He knew a lie when he heard it. Sookie would never learn her lesson… And he didn’t want her to. He enjoyed punishing her. Eric smirked while a wicked idea popped into his head, and he bent down to untie her arms and legs. Pulling Sookie to her feet, Eric picked her up and threw her on the bed. “Lie on your bed and spread your legs, Lover,” he ordered while he pulled Willa off the bed and turned her around so her back was to his chest.

Sookie quickly did as ordered and spread her legs as wide as she could. She whimpered while Eric cupped Willa’s breasts in his large hands and pinched her nipples. She couldn’t wait to find out what he was going to do next.

Eric grinned as he ran his eyes over his wife’s naked, splayed body, lingering on her drenched sex. He ground his hips against Willa, rubbing his rapidly hardening cock against her ass. Pressing his lips to Willa’s neck, Eric kissed his way to her ear, and sucked on the lobe. “Do you want to lick my wife’s pussy, Willa?” He asked as he tweaked Willa’s nipple. “Look at how wet she is. Do you want to fuck her?”

“Yes!” Willa hissed while she rubbed her ass against Eric’s cock. “I want to so bad,” she added as she took one of his hands and moved it between her legs.

Eric grunted at the feel of her moisture on his fingers again and rubbed her clit. “Do it! Lick her pussy and make her cum,” he ordered, giving her clit a light slap before letting her go. He stroked his cock as he watched Willa crawl onto the bed and bury her head between his wife’s tanned thighs. He smirked while Sookie moaned in pleasure and he waited for her eyes to flutter shut before climbing on the bed behind Willa and thrusting into her pussy again.

“Fuck!” Willa cried, not expecting Eric to fuck her again so soon. She assumed he would fuck Sookie first, but as she felt him pull out and slam back into her, she couldn’t complain.

Sookie hissed out a breath as she watched Eric fuck Willa while Willa ate her pussy. She smiled when she caught the wicked look in her husband’s eye, and she realized that was part of her punishment. He was punishing her greediness by not fucking her. Sookie winked at Eric as she tangled her hands in Willa’s hair and pushed her friend’s face against her pussy. It was fine with her. Willa deserved a treat, and Sookie was more than happy to let Eric give it to her.

As she felt Willa’s tongue glide through her dripping sex, Sookie had to pat herself on the back. It really was a genius idea to get away for the holiday season. Who needed over crowded parties with people you didn’t even like when you could spend it with your husband and oldest friend fucking? Not Sookie, that’s for sure…

We should make this a tradition, she thought before putting all thoughts out of her head and enjoying her punishment.

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  2. Wow girl! That was hot..now I could do 2 things..
    Have a cold shower or
    go and tease my hubby sleeping on the couch recovering for last night’s party!
    What do you suggest?


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  4. Woo Hoo!!! So nice to catch up on what was missed by me over festive season. What a lovely tale to carry around in my brain for the night. Many thanks for the delights. 🙂

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