Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Two

<<<Masque of the Red Death

Chapter Two

“She needs to work on her timin’,” Sookie grumbled as she slid her leg off Eric’s shoulder and straightened her dress. Casting a quick glance in Pam’s direction, Sookie fought the urge to snicker when she noticed the sour look on her face. “Doesn’t she look happy?” Sookie snorted, turning her attention back to Eric.

Eric grinned at his little hellcat. Leaning forward, he quickly brushed his lips over hers before rising to his feet and facing his youngest child. He could almost see the tantrum building inside her and he arched a brow in a silent warning. Her days of acting like a child were over. They should have been over a long time ago. “What do you want, Pamela?”

Pam crossed her arms over her chest while she glared at Eric and Sookie. It was bad enough she had been ordered to find Eric by her Maker’s soon-to-be former wife as if she was some kind of gopher, but finding him with his head buried between the thighs of the help was just adding insult to injury. “Your wife,” she said and sneered the word as she flicked her eyes to Sookie reminding her that her Maker was married, “asked me to find you and inform you that you’re wanted inside.” A cruel smile curled on her lips while she let her gaze roll over Sookie. “I think it’s time to re-consummate your marriage.”

Eric’s eyes widened a fraction at Pam’s words, and he turned to face Sookie. In all the excitement of finding his blonde vixen again, he had forgotten that he had to fuck Freyda one more time before their marriage was ended. The re-consummation clause wasn’t usually enforced for the hundredth year of marriage. The marriage was ending so there was no point. However, both he and Freyda had thought it would be appropriate to end their pledging like it had begun… With a bang.

As he looked down at Sookie, Eric was expecting to see disgust, anger, or even heartbreak on her face at the knowledge he would have to fuck another woman before the night was out, even if the woman was still technically his wife. Instead, Eric was met with amusement. She wasn’t angry or hurt; she was delighted.

Pam frowned when she saw the look on Sookie’s face. That definitely wasn’t the reaction she was expecting. She was expecting her to storm off after telling her Maker she didn’t want anything else to do with him. She probably fears she won’t get paid if she says anything, Pam decided.

Turning so his back was to Pam, Eric lifted his hands and rubbed them over Sookie’s arms. “Sookie, are you okay with this?” He asked, wanting the truth. He could probably get out of it if he had to; Freyda would understand, but he was loath to break his word.

“Depends,” Sookie replied as she peered up at him. She gave him a saucy grin, her tongue peeking out between her teeth.

“On what?” Eric asked curiously.

“If I can watch,” Sookie replied, her eyes alight with mischief. She giggled when she heard Eric groan. She ran her eyes over him, giving him a thorough eye fuck. “I just love to watch,” she added while she stepped even closer to Eric. “It makes me so hot. The only thing I like more than watchin’ is bein’ watched. It makes me so…” She licked her lips as she took one of Eric’s hands and pushed it between her legs. “Wet.” She knew Pam was still there, watching them and pouting, but she didn’t care. It was obvious to her that Pam had been trying to chase her off with the reminder of the re-consummation, but it would take more than that to get rid of her. And it wasn’t like she hadn’t already known about the re-consummation. Freyda had told her about it personally when she first took the job. Sookie had arranged the whole thing.

Eric swore he felt his cock become even more stiff at her words. As far as he was concerned, she got more incredible by the second. How that was possible, he didn’t know. He was ready to turn her six years ago because he thought she was the epitome of what a vampire should be. Eric ignored Pam behind them, his focus solely on the vivacious blonde goddess who was still holding his hand between her awaiting legs.

“You can watch on one condition,” Eric proposed as he pushed a finger in her snug, dripping heat. He growled when he felt her pussy quiver around the digit, and it took every ounce of willpower to keep him from bending her over the bench and taking her hard and fast from behind. “You can watch me, if I can watch you…” Eric grinned when he heard her breath hitch. He already knew she had fucked his child and he wanted to observe them together. He wanted to sit back and watch while his eldest ate out his hellcat. He wanted to watch his little kitty purr.

“Deal,” Sookie agreed enthusiastically. She wasn’t lying when she said she liked to be watched. She loved it. There was something amazingly erotic knowing someone was getting turned on, and just as stimulated by watching her.

Pam huffed while she watched the sordid display. The little blonde slut was supposed to be working, not getting her pussy fingered by her Maker. “Is that one of the services you provide?” She spat almost repeating her earlier words. In her mind it would certainly explain how Only at Night became so popular so suddenly.

Bending sideways, Sookie peered around Eric and eyed Pam. “Why are you still here? Can’t take see we’re in the middle of somethin’?” She let out a sigh of annoyance while she untangled herself from Eric and smoothed out her dress once again. “It’s really quite rude to interrupt people like that,” she grumbled, intentionally aggravating Pam further.

Moving closer to Pam, Sookie stopped in front of her, placed her hands on her hips, and ran her eyes over the scowling bitch, showing the dreadfully spoiled vampire that she wasn’t the least bit intimidated by her. “But to answer your question, which was quite rude by the way, no. That is not one of the services I provide.” Technically, she wasn’t lying as she didn’t provide those services personally. Only at Night did provide them, but that was something Pam would never know.

Eric stood back and watched while Sookie confronted his child. He could tell from her posture there wasn’t an ounce of fear in her, and it only aroused him more. He loved that she had balls of steel. By the Gods, she is magnificent!

“Even if it was… You are the last person to judge me. Ya see, Pam, ya can stand there lookin’ down ya nose at me while insinuatin’ I’m a whore, but remember this…” Stepping closer to Pam, Sookie leaned forward and moved into Pam’s personal space. “I know where you come from. I know what you were. So take this superiority complex you’ve got and shove it… Cause people who live in glass whorehouses? Shouldn’t throw stones.”

Eric swore he was going to cum as he listened to Sookie tell his foolish, annoying child how the world spun. It was easy to see the ways in which she had gained the approval of so many in the Supernatural world. She was more than a force to be reckoned with. She certainly was no damsel in distress.

Pam bristled at Sookie’s rudeness. How dare ‘the help’ speak to her that way? She was superior to her! She was Pamela Ravenscroft; youngest and favorite child of Eric Northman! Who she was when she had been human no longer mattered. She had cast off the shackles of mortality and embraced her life as a vampire. “I…”

“I don’t wanna hear it,” Sookie said, interrupting her before she had a chance to start. She had much better things to do than listen to Pam overstate her value. Sookie knew who Pam was, but more importantly, she knew what she was. She didn’t want any part of it. She wouldn’t let Pam insult her or alienate her from Eric.

Turning to face Eric again, Sookie flashed him a provocative smile as she let her eyes play over him one more time. She lingered on his covered erection and licked her lips, imagining it in her mouth. Sookie whimpered at the thought and a stab of arousal speared through her. “As much as I’d love to stay here and continue this, and believe me, I would, I’ve got to get back to work. Walk me back in?” She added while she slipped on her mask.

Eric smirked and stalked back toward Sookie. He could see Pam was beside herself with the manner in which Sookie had spoken to her, but if she thought he was going to come to her defense, she was sorely mistaken. She was a big girl now and could fight her own battles. He would, nevertheless, stop her from doing anything to harm Sookie. Eric wasn’t sure if she even could, not while she had The Council’s protection. “It would be my pleasure,” Eric purred the word, making it sound dirty. He slipped his mask back on before holding out his arm for Sookie so he could escort her into the party.

Pam gaped at the retreating couple. She couldn’t believe Eric had allowed that little whore to speak to her that way! He should have made her apologize, not escorted her back to the fucking party!


Freyda arched a brow when she saw Eric and Sookie return to the party arm in arm and looking distinctly rumpled. My, my, my, what have they been up to? She smiled wickedly as she thought of the hundreds of things they could have been doing. And they didn’t even invite me to watch. That’s just rude. She watched while Eric took Sookie’s hand and brought it to his lips, kissing the back of it. I knew he would just love her. She didn’t even try to hide her amusement as Eric made his way to her.

“My Queen,” Eric said, showing her respect as he stopped in front of her.

“My Regent,” Freyda replied while she ran her eyes over him. She could smell Sookie’s scent on him and she wondered how far they had gone before Pam interrupted them. She was regretful for sending Pam to find Eric now, but the spoiled vampiress had been getting on her nerves. Freyda laughed softly when she noticed a scrap of red fabric sticking out of Eric’s pants pocket.

Stepping nearer to him, Freyda lifted her hand and pushed the fabric further into his pocket, brushing against his hard cock. “I must say, my dear Ms. Stackhouse looked quite debauched when she returned. Have you been up to no good?”

“We were until Pam disturbed us,” Eric replied with a smirk while he brought his fingers up to his nose and inhaled Sookie’s sweet scent.

Freyda’s eyes darkened as they followed Eric’s movements. She could smell Sookie on his fingers, a scent she had committed to memory after having sampled her the week before. Taking hold of Eric’s hand, she brought his fingers to her mouth slowly wrapping her lips around them, sucking on them indecently. “Mmm…” she moaned wantonly.

“Fuck!” Eric growled, feeling the pull on his loins. He had been worked up for hours, knowing what was in store for the night. The fuck he gotten in with the donor in Freyda’s office before the party had done little to alleviate his… pressure; although he had to admit the brunette was gifted. She had a tight pussy and liked it rigorously hard. If it would have been any other night, he might have enjoyed spending a couple of hours between her legs.

“I do believe it is time,” Freyda moaned, feeling her excitement soak her panties. As much as she had loved all their parties over the last century, it was always the re-consummations she looked forward to most. Freyda and Eric had fucked hundreds if not thousands of times, but there had always been something wilder with untamed abandonment when they fucked to renew their pledge, especially when it was done in public. Freyda had been on tenterhooks all night, almost feverish with anticipation. She had utterly and thoroughly enjoyed her time with Claudette. Her fairy donor had brought her to completion four times in the couple of hours they shared. She certainly had no complaints, especially when Eric had joined them for the last hour. Freyda moaned while she recalled the sensation of Claudette’s tongue moving smoothly through her wet folds as she watched while Eric fucked the fairy from behind. Still, even with the gratification she had gotten with the fairy, Freyda continued feeling on edge; needing the kind of relief only her Maker and soon-to-be-former husband could bring her.

Casting his eyes over the room, Eric zeroed in on Sookie who was speaking to a masked lady. He licked his lips while he stared at her intently, silently commanding her to turn around and look at him.

Sookie could feel his eyes on her. She wasn’t exactly certain of just how she knew they were his; she just did. Her body suffused with arousal with the heat of his stare. Excusing herself from the lady with whom she was speaking, Sookie slowly turned around and faced Eric. Her breath caught in her throat when she noticed the rigidity to his body and she realized her desires were soon to be met. Oh, how she couldn’t wait. She knew many people would find it was deviant, her wanting to watch him have sex with another woman, but she found it wholly enticing. She could feel her juices sliding down her legs at the mere thought.

Eric smirked at Sookie when she turned and faced him before returning his gaze to Freyda. “My little hellcat wants to watch, and I intend to grant her with the show of a lifetime,” he told his eldest child. “Strip…”

Freyda took several steps backward, putting a short distance between her and Eric. She could feel all eyes on her and it served to increase her excitement. She kept her gaze locked on Eric while she reached behind her and pulled down her zipper. As she shimmied her hips, Freyda let her dress slide down her body to pool at her feet. She smiled slightly when she heard more than one pair of fangs snap down while they stared at her nearly naked body. A thin scrap of black lace covered her pussy keeping her from being completely naked. She would have slipped them off as well but she knew how much Eric loved to rip off panties. The lovely fairy donor had lost hers to the Regent’s desire.

Turning her back to Eric, Freyda sauntered forward while putting an extra sway in her hips as she made her way to the bench in the center of the room that Only at Night had provided. Running her eyes over the leather bench, Freyda made a note to thank Sookie for the use of it. It truly was a sight to behold with its leather straps that crisscrossed the padding of the seat. I wonder if the delectable Ms. Stackhouse has ever made personal use of thisShe could practically envision Sookie lying on her stomach, the straps over her back and legs holding her to it while she was fucked fast and fiercely.

Arousal flooded her body at the thought. She spun around and faced Eric once more. Lowering her body down on the edge of the bench, Freyda leaned back, resting on her elbows and spread her legs, inviting her Maker to take her as his wife one last time.

Eric’s lips curled in a wicked smile while he ran his eyes over the almost naked body of his Queen. His cock strained agonizingly against the zipper of his pants; he could barely wait to free it and alleviate some of his tension, but first…

Eric slowly unbuttoned his suit coat, slipped it off his shoulders, and down his arms. He threw the expensive jacket to the side, uncaring of where it landed. He commanded the attention of all as he then stripped off his white shirt revealing his bare chest to the hungry gazes of nearly all the women and some of the men there. Reaching for his belt, Eric unbuckled it and popped open the button on his pants while he stalked forward. His pants rest on his hips, a tease to everyone just dying for a glimpse of what was barely hidden in them.

“My Queen,” Eric growled when he stopped in front of Freyda and went to his knees. Lifting his hands, Eric hooked his fingers in the waistband of Freyda’s panties and pulled them down an inch before ripping them off completely. His eyes sought out Sookie, wanting to see her reaction to what he was doing. Finding her standing several feet from the head of the bench, Eric smirked at her, loving the hungry look upon her face, before burying his face between the Queen’s thighs.

Sookie whimpered while she watched Eric go down on Freyda. Her inner thighs were slick with desire and she rubbed them together, uncertain if she was attempting to create some friction or fight against her arousal. She had vivid memories of just how talented his mouth was…

Scarlet thrashed wildly and untamed while she twisted her hands in the sheets. Desire pooled between her thighs as she arched her back off the bed. Leif’s lips were relentless, teasing and tormenting her without mercy. “Oh God!” She cried when she felt his tongue enter her

Eric ran his nose over Freyda’s swollen folds, inhaling her scent. He could smell the faint scent on her of their shared donor from earlier and he growled as the scent of the donor and Freyda combined to create something far sweeter. Eric swore the only thing that could form it into perfection would be if he could smell his hellcat as well.

Eric dragged his tongue through his almost-former wife’s dripping sex, licking her from ass to clit. He flicked the bundle of nerves at vampire speed with his tongue before sucking it in his mouth.

Freyda threw her legs over Eric’s shoulders and drew his hair through her fingers while his tongue performed all kinds of sinful, wicked things to her. She squeezed his head between her thighs while she cried out in bliss…

Sookie’s breathing had increased while she watched them, taking in all she could. She licked her lips as she saw Freyda arch her back and thrust out her breasts. She would have loved to suck on the Queen’s nipples while Eric sucked on her clit… She would loved to have Freyda suck on her nipples while Eric fucked her with his mouth. He’s got such a talented mouth

Scarlet screamed as Leif wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked on her small bundle of nerves forcefully. Arousal like she’d never before experienced flowed out of her, coating his mouth and chin. Scarlet shook under the force of her orgasm, still Leif didn’t stop; he dragged one orgasm after another out of her

“Eric!” Freyda screamed when Eric pushed three fingers into her pussy and curled them, rubbing against her g-spot. She yanked on his hair when she came, squirting for all to see.

Eric smugly grinned as he pulled back. He licked his lips, relishing her taste as he rose to his feet. Capturing Sookie’s gaze, he gave her a wink while he unzippered and let his pants fall to his feet. He stood still for several seconds to let everyone get a good look at him.

Sitting up, Freyda spread her legs wide and placed them on either side of the bench, exposing herself further before leaning forward slightly and wrapping her dainty hand around Eric’s engorged cock. Looking up at him through her lashes, Freyda pumped him a few times before parting her lips and flicking her tongue over the head, collecting the small bead of pre cum that leaked from the tip.

Sookie’s mouth watered while she continued staring at them hungrily. She wanted to be where Freyda was. She wanted Eric’s cock in her mouth, hard, solid, and cold. She always loved sucking cock, and she wasn’t ashamed to admit Eric’s was the best cock she had ever had…

Leif grunted when he felt Scarlet wrap her lips around his cock. Fisting his hand in her hair, he forced her further down on his cock, hitting the back of her throat. Her mouth felt like Valhalla on his cock and he wanted nothing more than to fuck it

Eric growled while Freyda teased him with little licks. He knew what she was doing and what she wanted and he was more than happy to give it to her. Tangling his hands in her hair, Eric pushed her mouth down on his cock while he thrust his hips forward. He fucked her mouth powerfully, grunting in pleasure when he felt it hit the back of her throat.

Sookie’s arousal was now streaming down her legs, and she had to bite her lips to keep from moaning. At the rate she was going, Sookie would be surprised if she didn’t cum before they were finished. She loved watching Eric fuck Freyda’s mouth. He had done the same to her, only not as hard or fast…

Laying Scarlet on the bed, Leif moved her until her head was hanging off the end of it. He wrapped his hand around his cock and pumped himself while he grinned down at her. Bending his knees, he leaned over her, guiding his cock into her mouth. He hissed in delight as he felt his cock slide down her throat

Sookie moved her eyes off of them and took a quick glimpse around. She wasn’t surprised to see the highly-aroused state of some of the other guests. She would have been surprised if they hadn’t been turned on. She smirked when she saw Bill standing several feet away, hanging in the back. There was a look of disgust on his face, yet a telltale bulge in his pants.

Willa stood only a few feet behind Bill with her eyes glued to Eric and Freyda. Sookie’s eyebrows rose almost comically when she noticed Willa had her hand in her panties. The brown-haired young woman was masturbating furiously. Oh God! It’s so good. Fuck her mouth harder, Master. Like you used to with mine. Mine It should be my mouth he is fucking, not that whore’s. I want him

Sookie shook her head as she slipped out of Willa’s head. She was convinced the young woman had some serious issues. One minute she was mooning over Eric; the next she was screaming insults at Freyda.

Turning her attention back to Eric and Freyda, Sookie smirked when she noticed Eric had his eyes locked on her as he fucked the Queen’s mouth. Bringing a hand to her mouth, Sookie wrapped her lips around her index finger, and sucked on it lasciviously.

Eric groaned while he watched Sookie suck on her finger. Oh how he would love to have her plump lips wrapped around his cock! Soon, he swore. Tightening his grip on Freyda’s hair, Eric fucked her mouth harder, setting an almost brutal pace. It was a good thing she didn’t need to breath or she would have been halfway to unconscious by then. Eric grunted as he felt his release build. Pulling his cock out of her mouth, Eric wrapped his hand around it and stroked himself vigorously. He let out a hoarse cry as he came, spurting his cum on the Queen’s face.

Sookie rubbed her legs together so desperate for some friction while she watched Eric cum, recalling how over the course of three nights he had cum on her many times… As well as in her. Sookie swore she could have bathed in his cum by the time it was all over.

Freyda let Eric’s cum slide down her face while she shifted on the bench and turned her back to him. Crawling on the bench, Freyda lowered the front of her body as she stuck her ass up in the air, presenting herself to Eric.

Eric licked his lips while he eyed his child’s dripping sex and he felt his dick hardening again. He wrapped his hand around it and stroked himself softly. Climbing on the bench, Eric kneeled behind Freyda and ran a finger through her folds, collecting the moisture that gathered there. He coated his finger with her juices before moving to her other hole and pushing it in her ass. He lined his cock up while he fingered her ass grinning at the small mewls she was making.

Lifting his gaze to Sookie, Eric ran his eyes over her lingering on the swell of her breasts. He let out a hiss as he remembered sliding his dick between them. He couldn’t wait to do it again. He kept his eyes on Sookie’s as he thrust forward and buried himself deeply inside Freyda.

Sookie clenched her hands at her sides fighting the urge to touch her body intimately. At that very second, she wanted nothing more than to shove her hand between her legs and make herself cum while she watched Eric fuck Freyda. It might have been six years, but she could still remember how indescribable it felt to have him inside her…

Scarlet cried out in delight as Leif entered her firmly from behind. Her body sung with rapture and she gripped the headboard tightly while she pushed back against him, meeting him thrust for thrust as he fucked her hard and fast. She knew their time was coming to an end; he would be leaving soon, but before he did she wanted to enjoy him as much as she could. He had already taken her to greater heights than anyone else ever had. He had owned her body, giving her the kind of pleasure she had only ever dreamed about. She had let him take her any way he wanted, and he had Often.

Removing his finger from her ass, Eric gripped Freyda’s hips tightly while he pulled back and thrust in her again. His hips slapped against her ass, the sound reverberating through the room. He could smell the arousal of the guests while they watched their Queen and ex-Regent fuck. He could hear Willa’s moans as she fingered herself to another release and Bill’s whimpers of pain as he watched his beloved Queen be debased in such a way. However, none of those scents and sounds meant anything to him. The only ones he cared about were the ones coming from his little hellcat. It was her moans that made his cock impossibly stiffer, the scent of her soaked pussy that had him pounding into Freyda relentlessly.

Sookie balled her hands in fists while she rubbed her legs together. She swore by the time they were done fucking there’d be a pool of her juices on the floor. She had never been so sexually stimulated in her life, and she was in desperate need of a climax. She needed her pussy fingered, she needed it eaten, and, oh God! She had never wanted nor needed to fucked so… demandingly! And she needed Eric to do at least one of those things.

Freyda screamed while her Maker fucked in her in front of everyone. She felt as if he was splitting her open, and she loved every fucking minute of it. “Yes!” She cried as she pushed herself back against him.

Eric’s hips were a blur as he took her at vampire speed. He grunted in animalistic pleasure, feeling her pussy pulse around him. Looking down at where they were joined, Eric groaned while he watched his dick slam into her over and over. He loved the visual of fucking, watching as a pussy stretched around his cock. “Fuck!”

Freyda’s release crept up on her unaware and she cried out as she came, shouting it at the top of her lungs.

Eric grit his teeth when he felt the Queen cum, her pussy tightening around his cock. Lifting his gaze, he met Sookie’s again as he dug his fingers into Freyda’s hips with a bruising force. He snarled as he pounded into her, chasing his own release. A roar tumbled from his lips as he came, emptying his dead seed in his child’s body.

Sookie could barely control her breathing while they reached their peaks. She needed an orgasm and soon, or she feared she would climb on top of Eric and ride him right there in front of everyone.

Eric smirked at Sookie; he could smell her arousal from where he was and could just imagine how soaked she might be. Pulling out of Freyda, he chuckled when he heard her let out a sigh of disappointment. With the final re-consummation done, their marriage was all but over except for the final act.

Moving off the bench, Eric rose to his feet and straightened his shoulders. “My Queen,” he said, giving her a small nod of respect. “It has been my pleasure to serve you these last hundred years.”

Turning over, Freyda sat up before rising to her feet. She stood before Eric naked and proud. “You have performed your duties to the highest standard,” she said, her tone regal. “Now the time has come for us to separate. I release you from your duties as Regent of Illinois…” Dropping to her knees, Freyda lowered her head in a sign of submission as she added, “I welcome you back to your rightful place as my Master, my Maker…”


25 thoughts on “Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Two

  1. Ditto to the review before mine — this is why you are the Queen 🙂 I love this Sookie she is so secure in her self and her sexuality it is so refreshing to read about a woman being this way and not letting family friends or enemies have her doubt her life. I am sure when the chapter for the threesome of Eric, Sookie and Freyda is up we will all be fanning ourselves again. Well done on the last part when Freyda announced that Eric was her maker — cannot wait for the assmunch triplets reaction. (Pam, Bill and Willa)

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  2. Whew! Something tells me Sookie, Freyda, and Eric will be spending a lot of time together. If Pam wasn’t such a selfish bitch, she might get some, too. Bill is so self righteous with his disgust and desire at the same time. I almost feel sorry for Willa. She had the best and now only has memories.

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  3. Oh, Freyda told everyone Eric was her maker…Really need to know Pam’s reaction and Bill’s LOL. But first and foremost Eric and Sookie need some together time, please and thank you!

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  5. Duh-Duh-Daaaahhhh!
    I can alreyhear Pam’s WTF!

    Oh Boy. This is… this is… Freaking Awesome!!!

    Firstly, Eric & Sookie – their quick walks down memory lane. Loved them! Kinda wish he’d found her 6 yrs ago, but I think Sookie needed this time to become the kick ass bitch she is now!

    Pam – your land of delusion has just shattered. Let’s see if you are worth putting back together again.

    Bill – please faint with shock onto a toothpick!

    Willa – now I know why Eric was in Louisiana, I really wish you’d stayed there!

    Oh, I am so glad there is a next!!!!!!!!!


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