Behind The Public Masks: Chapter Five


Behind the Public Masks 1

Chapter Five

It was twenty minutes later when Sookie returned to the bar. The tension had lifted from her shoulders and a happy smile was spread across her face. She stopped briefly at Jason and Portia’s table before making her way to the restroom. Sookie had been in there a few minutes when the door swung open and in walked a scowling Sam.

“In case you can’t read, the figure in a skirt on the door means this is the ladies room,” Sookie said, not looking up from her place in front of the sink as she reached for some tissue and ran it under the running water. “Unless Luna took you to the vet and had you fixed before she dumped your sorry ass, you’re not supposed to be in here.”

“It’s my bar, I can go wherever I like,” Sam replied, closing the door and flipping the latch to lock it.

“I’m sure your female customers just love that,” Sookie snorted as she threw the wet tissues in the sink and turned to face him.

“Wherever I like,” Sam repeated, ignoring her. “My office, the restrooms, the store room…” Sam smirked as he took a step closer. “My favorite place to go is the woods around the parking lot. Ya can see a lot of interestin‘ things in them. Do ya know what I just saw in them?”

“A squirrel?” Sookie guessed mockingly.

“Oh no, somethin’ much better,” Sam leered. “Much, much better…”

Fifteen minutes earlier

Sam frowned as he checked the clock for the fifth time in as many minutes. His eyes kept flicking over to the door as he waited for Sookie to come back. She should have been back by now. Alcide, Jannalynn, and Rikki had left nearly ten minutes ago and she should’ve been back in the bar, talking to her brother and sister-in-law already. He wondered briefly if she had left without saying goodbye before dismissing that thought completely. She might’ve been the black sheep of the Stackhouse family, according to Adele, but she still wouldn’t have taken off without saying goodbye to Jason and Portia. Her and Jason were still as close as ever and she wouldn’t miss the opportunity to catch up with her big brother.

Checking the clock for the sixth time, Sam let out a sigh as he threw the cloth he was using to clean a glass onto the bar and made his way out the back. I’m just bein‘ a good friend and checkin‘ up on her to make sure she’s okay, he told himself as he slipped out the back exit. Jannalynn coulda come back… Sam grimaced as he thought of his ex. Getting involved with the Longtooth enforcer hadn’t been one of his smartest moves. The often-feral young woman was an animal in the sack and a total psycho out of it. After a while getting his dick wet on a regular basis hadn’t been enough to overlook Jannalynn’s less than sane behavior.

When he’d seen her in the bar earlier, he knew there would be trouble. She’d never been quiet about her hatred of Sookie and when he saw Alcide, Rikki, and Jannalynn leave just minutes after Sookie, Sam knew the angry and bitter young Werebitch would try something. He had hung back and planned to run out to save Sookie once things got out of hand, but Sookie couldn’t even be a damsel in distress properly. She had to go and save herself.

But, where are ya now? He asked, seeing her car still where she parked it and no sign of the pretty little blonde. Moving toward the car, Sam sniffed the area trying to get a whiff of her scent. He knew she was around there somewhere; her scent was all overpeaches, cream, and a scent he could never identify. It was a scent he knew; a scent he had masturbated over a hundred times.

“… Fuck…”

Sam snapped his head to the left as the curse reached his ears and if he hadn’t been a shifter he would’ve missed it, but he hadn’t and curiosity had gripped him. Straining his hearing, Sam locked onto the direction the sounds were coming from and slowly crept forward. His feet were light against the ground as he moved; years of sneaking around making it so he practically moved without a sound.

“… Ooh…”

As he neared the tree line of the woods that surrounded his bar, the sounds grew in volume and Sam’s eyes narrowed in anger. There was no mistaking the sounds for anything but what they were. So consumed by his anger, Sam never noticed the twig on the ground by his foot and he winced as he stepped on it and it snapped. He froze where he stood, waiting to see if his approach had been detected. When the noises continued and no one came to check it out, he let out a small sigh of relief. Sam was just about to turn back when a flash of brown fur caught his eye and he canted his head to get a better look. He grinned as he saw a small squirrel scurrying up a tree and an idea popped into his head.

After checking to make sure no one could see him, Sam ducked behind some bushes and shifted into a squirrel before racing out of the undergrowth and toward the sounds coming from further in the woods.

The sight of Sookie pressed up against a tree while Jackson pounded into her both disgusted and aroused Sam, and he scurried up a tree to get a better look. Perching on a tree branch opposite the oblivious couple, Squirrel Sam peered down at them as they fucked without care.

“Oh God! Yes!” Sookie screamed as Jackson slammed into her over and over. “That’s it… give it to me. Give me that hard cock.”

Squirrel Sam bared his teeth as he heard Jackson grunt. The elder Were was where he wanted to be more than anything… inside Sookie. Sam had tried everything he could think of to get the pretty telepath into his bed and she had rebuffed him at every turn. She wouldn’t spread her legs for him, but she would for the filthy Were. He wanted Sookie in the worst possible way, he craved her, and some would even say he was obsessed with her.

“Fuck yes! So good…” Sookie moaned as she tightened her legs around Jackson’s waist. “Fuck my pussy with that hard Were cock… I love feeling it inside me…”

Sam felt sick as he listened to Sookie beg Jackson to fuck her harder. He couldn’t believe she would whore herself out to a Were but not him. He was younger and, in his opinion, better looking than Jackson. It should have been his cock Sookie was begging for. Yet as sick as he felt, he also couldn’t deny he was turned on. Seeing Sookie up against a tree, her dress bunched around her waist while she took it hard was making his little squirrel dick hard.

“YES! YES! YES!” Sookie screamed as she came, her back arching against the tree.

Having seen enough, Sam clambered down the tree and raced away. He just reached the bushes where he left his clothes when he heard a growl and hoarse shout signalling that Jackson had just cum.

Fuckin‘ filthy Were,” Sam snarled as he stormed back to his bar.

End Flashback

“So I was right,” Sookie said. “You did see a squirrel.”

“How long you been fuckin‘ Jackson Herveaux?” Sam asked, overlooking the implication of her words.

“I fail to see how that’s any of your business,” Sookie replied dismissively as she ran her eyes over him. She had been aware that Sam was watching her and Jackson. She had felt his mind the second he stepped into the woods. She hadn’t expected him to stay when she felt him enter the woods, and she sure as hell hadn’t expected him to shift into a squirrel and climb a tree. She had foolishly believed he would have more class than that, more dignity. Once she realized that Sam had shifted and stayed to watch, she decided to put on a bit of a show.

“Does Alcide know you’re fuckin‘ his father?” Sam asked.

“Again, I fail to see how that’s any of your business,” Sookie said.

“So that’s a no,” Sam replied with a smirk. He didn’t think Alcide would’ve known. It was no secret that Alcide had a thing for Sookie. He was quite vocal about it. The two of them had spent hours shooting the shit with each other over the years and talking about the busty blonde telepath and exchanging fantasies. Each one would try to outdo the other, describing in great detail what they would do to Sookie if they had the chance.

Sam smirked as he recalled how they had acted out their fantasies once or twice with a young Were from Alcide’s pack. He felt his dick hardening as he remembered how he and Alcide had taken the Werebitch at the same time.

Dixie? Daisy? What was her name?

“Danielle,” Sookie supplied, having seen it all in his mind. “And you’re a pig…” Sookie was by no means innocent and she had enjoyed a few threesomes herself over the years, but they were always her choice and she never pretended one of the partners was someone else.

Alcide and Sam hadn’t forced Danielle into a threesome and she had consented, but they had still treated her like a whore. They had called Danielle by Sookie’s name as they fucked her. It was even worse when Sookie realized Alcide would’ve been married to Debbie at the time.

“You’re the one whorin‘ yourself out to wolves in the woods,” Sam barked, hating that Sookie had seen that. He wasn’t ashamed of what he did and he had enjoyed every second of fucking the naive young Were, but Sookie wasn’t supposed to know how him and Alcide had done it. It was supposed to be between them and Danielle. “You ain’t got room to talk.”

“Wolf, singular. There was only one of them, and you’re the one who shifted into a squirrel and spied on us,” Sookie corrected with a shrug. “Who I fuck and where I fuck them is none of your business. I’ll fuck the entire Longtooth Pack if I want…”

“Do ya like whorin’ yourself out to a bunch of Weres?” Sam snarled, interrupting her. He hated this side of her. The side that had only emerged after those damn bloodsuckers had revealed themselves. Before the Great Revelation she had been ignorant of the Supernatural world and he liked that. He liked that she didn’t know about vampires, Weres, or shifters. He liked that she thought she was a freak among humans as it gave him the chance to play the role of the benevolent man who didn’t care that she was different. He had befriended her grandmother and cousin, and he knew with those two whispering in her ear it wouldn’t have been long before she submitted to him. Then vampires had to go and reveal their presence to the public and suddenly Sookie was questioning everything, realizing she wasn’t alone. It had been a downward spiral after that. She had learned about his otherness, quit her job, and started her own company with Lafayette and Jesus. He still wondered just where or from whom she’d gotten the start up money. The Stackhouses were poor, and there was no way Sookie would’ve had the thousands needed to start a business.

“Just one Were,” Sookie corrected, flubbing the truth. There was no need for Sam to know about the other Were she slept with sometimes. “Just so you know, yeah, I do. I love feelin’ Jackson between my legs. He feels so good…”

“I bet Alcide wouldn’t think so if he found out,” Sam said, interrupting her again. He really didn’t want to hear how good Jackson felt between her legs or how much she enjoyed fucking him. It was supposed to be him between her legs, not the old Were.

“Really couldn’t care less about what Alcide thinks,” Sookie replied truthfully. She had long since stopped caring what Alcide or anyone thought of her. She wouldn’t let anyone judge or criticize her when they were all doing the same things or worse.

“Yeah, but I bet Jackson would,” Sam said, his lips curling into a sneer. “I bet Jackson would do anything to make sure Alcide never finds out.”

“Then perhaps you should go and have this pointless conversation with Jackson,” Sookie retorted, moving to step past him.

Reaching out, Sam grabbed a hold of her arm and pushed her against the bathroom wall. “Jackson hasn’t got what I want,” he said, caging her against the wall. “Now you…” he grinned as he ran his eyes over her body, “you have…”

“I’m so not interested in givin’ it to you,” Sookie said, cutting him off.

“I don’t care if you’re not interested in givin’ it to me, you will,” Sam replied, his voice dropping to a husky purr.

“Not fuckin’ likely!” Sookie spat, putting her hand on his chest and pushing him away slightly. “I’ll never give it to you.”

“Oh, but you will,” Sam smirked as he took a step toward her and pressed her against the wall again. “Unless you want word to get out that you’re fuckin’ Jackson Herveaux…” Seeing Sookie open her mouth to reply, Sam covered her mouth with his hand as he added, “I know you don’t care, but Alcide will and his Pack will. You spurred a Packmaster and fucked his father behind his back. Alcide could abjure Jackson for that. The Pack won’t be as forgivin’ either; they’ll side with Alcide and your little business will lose a lot of its employees. Are you really willin’ to let Jackson be abjured from his Pack and damage your own business, Sookie?”

Sookie glared at Sam but said nothing, not that she could with his hand over her mouth. She knew where he was going with it and couldn’t believe he would try something so stupid.

Sam grinned at the angry look in her eyes. His relationship with Jannalynn had shown him how good hate sex could be and he knew with Sookie it would be explosive. “Would you really let Jackson suffer for you not being able to keep your legs closed?” he asked. “The Pack and his son are really all he has. Even you can’t be heartless enough to ruin that if you could prevent it.” Moving his hand away from her mouth, Sam rubbed a finger over her lips as he imagined them wrapped around his cock. He was hard just thinking about it. “Alcide never has to know and Jackson can live out the rest of his days in the Pack rememberin’ what it was like to fuck a young pussy once. All it will cost you is somethin’ I’m sure you’ve done a hundred times before.”

“You want me to fuck you in exchange for your silence?” Sookie asked, barely keeping the disgust out of her voice.

“Yes,” Sam replied without an ounce of shame. He honestly didn’t care about the reasons why, he just wanted to feel Sookie around his cock badly. Sliding his hand down her body, Sam stroked a finger over her throat before moving it lower and cupping her breast over her dress. “If you don’t want Alcide to find out and abjure his father, you’ll fuck me whenever I want wherever I want.” He squeezed her breast hard before sliding his hand even lower. “I want you on your knees before me, bent over my bar, on my pool table, in my trailer…” He slid his hand between her legs as he spoke. “I think I want a taste now…”

Sookie fought back the wave of revulsion as Sam slid his hand under her dress and cupped her sex over her wet panties. She couldn’t believe she ever thought he was sweet. He was a pig of the highest order. Looking down, Sookie sneered as she saw the bulge in his pants, “I’ve got another man’s cum in my panties and you’re hard and wantin’ a taste. You’re really are sick.” Sookie winced as his cupped her sex harder.

“Not anymore,” Sam growled, pressing his fingers against her almost painfully. “From now on you’ll be my whore and mine alone…”

“I’ll whore myself out on every street corner in Louisiana before I ever fuck you,” Sookie sneered, pushing him away and bringing up her knee before he had a chance to react. Her knee slammed between his legs, making him groan out loud as it connected with his balls. Sookie watched in satisfaction as Sam crumbled to the ground.

Moving more quickly than he expected, Sookie pressed her foot to his throat, the heel of her sandal resting dangerously over his windpipe. “You know, you and Jannalynn were the perfect pair… You’re both as stupid as you look,” she snarled. “Did you honestly think that would work?! As Alcide and his Pack learned tonight, I don’t react well to people tryin’ to blackmail me. You want to tell Alcide that I was fuckin’ his dad, then go ahead and do it. Just remember… I can be a vengeful bitch when I want to be, and I can also make you disappear without a trace. Don’t fuck me with Sam, because as well connected you think you are, in reality it doesn’t come close to the contacts I have…”

She sneered down at him, waiting to see if he got the picture. She had to marvel at his stupidity. He had to have seen her smackdown both Alcide and Jannalynn when they tried to shake her down and make her do something she wouldn’t. Not thirty minutes later he was trying to do the same thing! She couldn’t say she was surprised that he would try to use the situation to his advantage; it wasn’t the first time he had tried to coerce her into his bed. The first time had been over four years ago just after Adele had had her heart attack.

Money had been tight for them at the time. Hadley, unsurprisingly, hadn’t been any help. Sookie was working overtime trying to keep everything up and running, including paying for Adele’s medical bills. Sam had seen how Sookie was struggling and offered her a little assistance. He had been blunt in his offer, telling Sookie he would pay for Adele’s medical bills if she fucked him whenever he wanted. Sookie had been disgusted at his offer and slapped him before throwing him out of the old farmhouse. Her disgust hadn’t been about the offer so much as it was about it coming from Sam, someone who, despite his bigoted views against other supes, she considered to be respectable and a family friend. He was willing to use her Gran’s heart attack as a reason to get into her panties.

Sam grunted as he cupped his aching balls and stared up at her. For once he thought he had the upper hand and would finally get her into his bed. “I’ll tell him,” he threatened.

“Tell him,” Sookie replied, adding pressure to her foot on his throat. “Once you do… Run! Run as far and as fast as you can. ‘Cause I promise you what’ll happen to you will make what happened to Hallow look like child’s play. I’m not playin’, Sam. I will fuck you up somethin’ so bad your momma won’t even recognize ya.”

Sookie shot him a look of pure contempt before moving her foot off his throat and spinning around. She checked her appearance in the dingy mirror above the sinks before grabbing her purse and making her way to the door. Flipping the latch, Sookie paused before she opened the door and looked over her shoulder at Sam who was still lying on the floor. “Oh and, Sam, if you ever touch me like that again I’ll neuter you my self,” she threatened before pulling the door open and sauntering out.

Once she was clear of the bathroom, Sookie fished her phone out of her purse, ‘Sam saw us in the woods. Threatened to tell Alcide unless I fucked him,’ She checked the message before hitting send.

‘Is he still alive?’ The reply came just minutes later and Sookie laughed as she read it.

‘Unfortunately, but he won’t be fucking anyone anytime soon,’ she quickly typed and sent back.

‘Shame. Are you okay?’

Sookie smiled as she read the message, touched by his concern. ‘I’m fine. It takes more than Sam fucking Merlotte to scare me.’

‘Good. I’ll deal with the puppy.’

Slipping her phone back in her purse, Sookie straightened her dress before walking back into the bar. She smiled as she saw Jason and Portia sitting in a booth and made her way toward them. “Mind if I join ya?”

“Course not,” Jason replied, waving a hand in invitation. “So, how’d ya meetin’ go?”


20 thoughts on “Behind The Public Masks: Chapter Five

  1. Mmmm. Just a little Jackman yumminess! Geez, I did it again, Jackson. .. that’s what I meant lol ;p

    Sam you stupid dog. Yuck. I kinda hope you say something so you can die! But I’m sure Jack will have a nice convos with him 🙂

    And Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for more Jackson yumminess. Grrr. That will be awesome 😀


    • Ahhhhh Jackson. Yes. Have fun with the puppy.

      Ok. Day dreaming over. The chapter.

      Sam- I need brain bleach. Being inside his head! Ewwwwww. I’m never looking at a squirrel the same again. Thankfully there aren’t squirrels here, but I love cute animal memes and videos… so dang!

      Sookie – you are awesome!



  2. Omg! I share Sookie’s revulsion over Sam. What a disgusting prick. I love this Sookie that can take care of herself. Can’t wait for more!


  3. Wow, I love this Sookie!!! Kicking ass and taking names!!! Needed that after last nights deplorable version of Sookie. I haven’t really seen Anna Paquin in much so not positive about acting skills or if it’s how she’s interpreting the awful writing and dialog….At least we got to see some Skarsy!!!!! Cannot wait for more of this!!!


  4. You did cast Hugh Jackman as Jackson, which is brilliant btw, who would F*** him anytime, anywhere? I love how you aren’t afraid to make the characters clearly stupid and hateful. They are clearly that way in the original, but I love that you leave no room for debate and you have a strong enough Sookie that she isn’t whining and making excuses for the horrible people around her and then blaming it on southern manners and Christianity. In other words, THANK YOU! Phew! This is so fun and refreshing!!!


  5. Couldn’t agree more, ladies! Sam is revolting, and what the hell is up with going into the ladies room & locking the door, and stalking & blackmail? Having once worked in the Sex Offender Unit of a Forensic Psychiatry-based center, all sorts of criminal charges are running ’round in my head, not to mention diagnoses. Sookie took care of it all though; one well-placed kick and all is done! I love Bad Ass Sookie!


  6. God Sam is so perverted and I shifted into a squirrel so he could spy on Sookie and Jackson!!Gross ..and Sam is so stupid if he thinks he can blackmail Sookie…loving this story so much just can’t wait till the next chapter….Take care


  7. Hm, Alcide and his little she-wolf squad are a bit too eager for euthanasia…
    Alcide is hot, but extremely stupid where Jackson is hot and smart enough to know who not to mess with when the consequences are so dire.When is Sookie going to catch up with the seasoned Northman.


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  9. OMG this story which I just discovered is so awesome! Loved all the characters that you recast slightly or not slightly at all… Portia and Debbie as good gals is great… Best thing though is Sam the super a-hole… He is sooooo bad… And Alcide the horndog puppy… Who knew Sookie and Jackson would be so hot together… Some cool unusual pairings you’ve got going on here… Most of all I love this badass Sookie


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