The Road Not Taken: Chapter Five


The Road Not Taken

Chapter Five

It was almost an hour after sunset when Finn rose the next night. For several blissful seconds his mind was blank, the events that had led him to his Maker not yet settling into his mind. For one perfect second, his child was still alive and the pain that plagued his every waking moment was gone. However, in the next second, the illusion was shattered and Finn was pulled back into the nightmare that was his reality. His Elizabeth was gone. His lovely child would never smile at him again. Never again would he feel her arms around him or taste her sweet kisses.

“Betsy,” Finn whispered as he rolled onto his back. He let the pain come, not trying to block it or push it down. He wanted to feel it, to feel her absence, and his own longing for her. He needed to embrace the pain and not let it overwhelm him. He wouldn’t be any good to anyone if he succumbed to the pain. It hurt worse than anything he had ever felt before, but the pain meant he was still alive, and that meant those who had taken his sweet Elizabeth would suffer. Nan Flanagan and the Yakuza made the ultimate mistake. Not only had they killed his child, the grandchild of the oldest vampire in existence, but they had left him injured, still alive.

Sookie would have killed everybody between her and them if they had killed me, Finn thought. Nan and the Yakuza might not have been aware that Finn Cassidy was Sookie’s child, but that wouldn’t have mattered to Sookie. She would have soaked the earth with blood if they would have killed Finn, although Finn wasn’t sure whether or not Nan knew of his relationship with Sookie. The two of them had spent centuries together. Many vampires knew that there was a relationship between the Head of Blood of Lilith and the charismatic Finn Cassidy. While they didn’t advertise that they were Maker and child, it was no secret they had a sexual relationship, and had been physically involved for over nine hundred years.

Perhaps Nan is as stupid as she looks, Finn mused. The rigid-looking bitch let me go after killing my child. She can’t honestly believe I would just walk away and let her crime go unpunished. Or maybe she’s not the one calling all the shots. Maybe the Yakuza are the ones in charge. I could smell the leader of those midgets with swords all over Nan. They’re fucking at the very least. 

Finn didn’t have all the answers. At that moment, he didn’t even know all the questions, but he would get them. His Maker had promised him revenge and he knew Sookie always honored her word. For the first time since Elizabeth had been killed, a small smile tugged at Finn’s lips. Sookie had told him they would hunt down those who had killed his child and he couldn’t wait. They would tear Nan and the Yakuza apart and bathe in their blood.

I’ll peel Nan’s skin from her body, let it grow back, and then do it again. I’ll make her scream and beg for mercy. They will all suffer a fate worse than death for what they did to my Betsy… 

“Rise and shine, darling,” Sookie said, interrupting Finn’s torture fantasy. She had felt him rise and had hurried back to her room with a few pouches of bagged blood. Sookie grinned at her favorite child as she tossed him the pouches. “You need to feed, then take a shower,” she told him firmly, letting him know it wasn’t a request.

“Why the hurry?” Finn asked once he sat up in the bed. Reaching for one of the pouches, he dropped his fangs as he brought it to his mouth, squeezing the bag before sinking his fangs into it. Finn moaned when the first drop of blood hit his tongue, quickly draining it, and reaching for the next.

“Places to go, people to see,” Sookie replied, grabbing the sheet covering Finn and yanking it off him.

Finn arched a brow when he noticed he was naked, although how he hadn’t realized it before, he didn’t know. “I could’ve sworn I was wearing clothes when I died for the day,” he said, his tone containing a hint of amusement.

“You were,” Sookie replied. She smirked at her child as she balled the sheet up and threw it in the laundry basket.

“I take it you still have that ‘No clothes in bed’ rule,” Finn said, not quite able to believe he was joking around with his Maker. He felt a pang of guilt when realizing that he was enjoying some moments of levity so soon after his child had been killed. It didn’t seem right, yet, at the same time, it did.

“That was never my rule, darling,” Sookie snorted while she made her way to her closet and opened the doors. “It was yours,” she added over her shoulder as she searched through her closet, pulling out a few items and placing them on a chair. “If memory serves me right, the rule was, ‘No wearing of clothes in the bedroom at all.’”

“It was ‘No clothes allowed in the house,’” Finn corrected her while he swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood. “Then you banned it after it caused that orgy…”

“Marseille, 1912,” Sookie remembered fondly, interrupting him. That had been a good time. Sookie had three of her four children with her at the time as well as a few of the other members of the Bloodline. Sookie had been staying in a small house on the southern coast of France with her youngest child, Molly, when Finn and Ana had shown up to meet their new sibling. Not long after, Nero had arrived after having been called by his Maker, bringing his close friend and fellow Bloodline member, Elijah, with him. They had spent several months together, sharing a nest. “The lack of clothing didn’t cause the orgy, Finn,” Sookie said as she ran her eyes over him appreciatively. “What caused it was returning to the house after we went out to feed, and then walking in on Ana, Nero, and Elijah fucking in the living room. You couldn’t resist joining them…”

“Neither could you,” Finn reminded her with a smirk. “The front door was barely shut before you were ripping off your clothes… and mine. Still, that doesn’t explain why I rose naked. Couldn’t you control yourself in my presence, my Maker?”

Sookie rolled her eyes at her child’s teasing. She was happy to see him more alert than he was when he had arrived the night before, but she knew he was far from recovered. She could still feel his pain and she knew she would for a long time. The pain would never fully dissipate, but it would fade and become less noticeable in time. “I’ve never been able to control myself around you, darling,” she deadpanned. “Your mere presence sends me into a tizzy, and I find myself thinking of nothing but how to get you naked.”

“Sarcasm’s not nice, Sookie,” Finn replied while he moved around the room his Maker called her own. He flashed Sookie one of his charming smiles as he made his way to the door that led to the en-suite bathroom. “Besides, if you want to get me naked, all you have to do is ask. I’ll happily strip for you whenever you like. Especially if you return the favor…”

“Go shower,” Sookie said, trying to hide her amusement. “For the record, I removed your clothes because they were filthy and making my bed dirty.”

“You never used to mind when I messed up your bed,” Finn replied, leering at her. “You fucking loved it, encouraged it even.”

“Oh God!” Sookie laughed while she pulled a few more items out of her closet. “Will you go shower already?” She shot her child a fond smile as he disappeared into the bathroom. She monitored their bond, checking to see if he was okay while she packed up a bag. She could feel his sorrow and pain, but he was also feeling determined and bloodthirsty. His anger was starting to take center stage, overshadowing his grief. Sookie could work with that, as long as he was angry and focusing on revenge, she wouldn’t have to worry about him trying to hurt himself. Not that she thought he would ever try and meet the sun or anything, but she knew that at the lowest points those feelings could creep in and how tempting they could become. She had been sorely tempted to end her own existence after Lilith’s death; it was only because of her brother, Warlow, that she hadn’t. He had stayed with her, giving her strength when she needed it, and helping her come to terms with the loss of the most important person in her life.

While Finn showered, Sookie cleaned up her room, putting a clean set of sheets on her bed, and tidying away the items she didn’t need. She grabbed a clean outfit out of her closet for herself as well as some clean clothes for Finn. It didn’t matter how long it was since she last saw one of her children, she would always have supplies for them in any place she stayed for a prolonged period of time. All four of her children had modern clothes in her homes as well as other essentials.

Once she was done, Sookie sat down on the edge of her bed and let her mind wander over everything that had happened. Elizabeth’s death had changed everything, and now rather than being reborn as she originally planned, she would be hunting down those responsible. The future was never clear, you could plan for it all you liked, but it wasn’t something you could control. Two nights ago, Sookie was convinced being reborn was the path she was needed to take. Humans, while still arrogant and fearful, were becoming smarter. Each year that passed was a year closer to vampires being revealed as the real thing. It would be hard enough for humans to accept that the creatures of their horror stories were real without the added knowledge of who Sookie genuinely was. A vampire was one thing, but a child of a vampire and angel was something completely different.

Everything she had seen and heard had told Sookie she couldn’t be around for the reveal. It would be too dangerous, not only for her, but for those of her Line as well. Sookie had stepped out of the limelight, so to speak, centuries ago. She had ruled little in almost a thousand years…

Not since I turned Finn, Sookie realized with a start. Everything changed when I turned Finn. I no longer desired to rule over everything. Finn taught me how to live in the world again and not just oversee it. Finn showed me how to have fun, how to love, and enjoy myself. Sookie smiled at the thought. She hadn’t even realized how much her beloved child had changed her. She had always been the Head of the Blood of Lilith Line, and always would be, but Finn had shown her that she was more than just that.

For the last several centuries, she had been content to sit back and let those of her Line rule. Roman, Ana, Claudette, Marcus, they all had positions of power as did many of the other members. She was proud of them all. They had all made names for themselves in the Supernatural world and were forces to be reckoned with, but it was time for her to take the reins again. She wouldn’t watch from the shadows any longer. A crime had been committed against her Line, blood had been spilt, and a life taken. She couldn’t let that go unpunished.

Sookie being around for when vampires finally revealed themselves might have been dangerous, but she would make sure that the danger would not be solely for her and the bloodline. When the time came, The Blood of Lilith Bloodline would make it clear that they were not to be fucked with. It would be a lesson Nan Flanagan and the Yakuza would learn first.

Sookie was pulled from her musings by Finn strolling back into the room covered in a towel. She took a second to run her eyes over him and assess his condition. The shower had gone a long way in making him look better. Dirt and dried blood no longer caked his skin, but he still looked far too pale for Sookie’s liking. Vampires were supposed to look pale, but with a steady supply of blood they could hide that paleness. They would never look tanned, but never should they look so translucent.

“You need more blood,” Sookie said as she stood up and moved toward her child. A frown marred her brow when she stood in front of Finn and noticed the faint lines that still scarred his chest. She couldn’t believe she had missed them before, but then again, he had been covered in blood and dirt. She didn’t need Finn to tell her that the scars were due to him being wrapped in silver. Normally, he would have healed from the silver already, but the loss of blood as well as the loss of his child had slowed his healing, leaving behind the scars. “I will rip her head off and shove it up her rotten cunt for this,” she growled while she ran a finger over the remnants of Nan fucking Flanagan’s attack.

Grabbing Sookie’s hand, Finn brought it to his lips and lightly kissed her fingers. “I’m sure it’ll be an easy fit,” he replied crudely. “We should ask Roman, he’ll know.”

“I can’t believe he ever fucked Nan,” Sookie said with a mock shudder. “I thought he had better taste.” She shook the thought away, not wanting to picture her eldest with the rigid-looking Nan.

Looking up at Finn again, Sookie let out a sigh as she was once again overcome with his pale complexion. She hated seeing any of her children injured in any way. She wanted him healthy and ready to face the hell they were about to unleash. With that thought in mind, Sookie gently pushed Finn toward the bed and had him sit on the end. She pulled the loose fitting shirt she was wearing over her head and dropped it to the floor, revealing her naked upper half to her child. Moving to stand between Finn’s legs, Sookie cupped the back of his head in her right hand and pushed his face toward her breasts. “Feed,” she ordered, giving Finn permission to take her blood. She knew her blood would heal him quicker than anyone’s and she wanted him to have that. She wanted to reinforce their bond and heal him.

Finn looked up at his Maker through his lashes before wrapping his arms loosely around her waist and burying his face between her breasts. He breathed in her scent before lowering his fangs and sinking them into her right breast. Finn moaned in ecstasy when his Maker’s blood filled his mouth. He drank deeply, letting her ancient blood heal his pain.

Sookie threaded her fingers into Finn’s short brown hair and held him to her breast, encouraging him to take as much as he needed. She could feel her blood enter his body to seek out his injuries. It had been a long time since she had given her blood to another, the last time being when she turned Molly, and she had forgotten how pleasurable it was. She wished she was giving him her blood for more enjoyable circumstances.

Finn took as much as he needed before pulling his head back a fraction and staring up at his Maker. His eyes were filled with all the emotions he couldn’t express properly in that moment. He owed her everything. She was his mother, sister, and daughter. As he stared up at her, Finn felt his feelings of anger and grief give way to something far more primal… Lust!

He needed his Maker in a way he had never wanted her before. He had lusted after her before, he had wanted her from the moment he set eyes on her in that dingy alley over nine-hundred years earlier. However, he had never wanted her with the intensity he wanted her right then. Finn was sure his need had something to do with losing his child. He needed to connect with the one constant in his life, the one person who had been there for him for more than nine-hundred years.

Sookie smiled down at Finn when she felt his rising lust. She knew what he wanted and was happy to give it to him. She had felt the same want, the same need after she had lost Lilith. The blonde had felt empty inside and sought to fill that hole. She had turned to Warlow for help and he had guided her through life until she was ready to lead again.

The smile was all the permission Finn needed and he pulled Sookie toward him, flipping them over and laying her down on the bed. He crushed his lips to her in a grief fueled kiss as he covered her body with his. Finn plundered her mouth, sweeping his tongue into her mouth as he grabbed her hands and pinned them to the bed above her head.

Sookie could easily have broken his hold if she wanted, but she was content to lie back and let Finn take charge. Sookie moaned in delight when Finn started to trail kisses over her jaw, and down her neck toward her breasts. She gasped in surprise when he closed his lips around her nipple and nipped at it. Her back arched off the bed as arousal started to bloom in her belly. “Mmm, Finn…”

Finn smiled devilishly against her breast while the scent of her arousal filled the room. It had been far too long in his opinion since he enjoyed his Maker’s body. He only wished their reunion was under better conditions. He would have much rather had Elizabeth with them. Finn nipped at the flesh of his Maker’s breast, breaking the skin, and causing blood to bubble to the surface. He dragged his tongue over her breast, tasting the blood that trickled down her pale flesh, driving her wild. The need to possess rose inside Finn and he couldn’t resist it. It wasn’t the time for being gentle or loving. It was the time to claw and fuck hard.

Letting go of Sookie’s hands, Finn reached for the small pair of shorts she wore and tore them off, ripping them to shreds. He growled when he realized she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He knew she had never liked wearing it, but he hadn’t been sure if that had changed since they last saw each other. Pushing a hand between her parted thighs, Finn checked Sookie’s readiness. His eyes darkened when he felt her wetness, and he slid a finger inside her, and then another. He teased and tormented her with his fingers, working her up, and preparing her for his cock.

Sookie keened in rapture as Finn played with her body. It had been several months since she had last felt the touch of another. “Fuck,” she cursed when she felt Finn twist his fingers inside her and cause arousal to pour out of her. She was desperate to feel more than just his fingers inside her.

Finn pushed Sookie to the edge of her release, and then he cruelly pulled back. He laughed while he listened to his Maker let out a string of curses and threats.

Sookie glared at Finn. If there was one thing she hated, it was being denied her pleasure. Reaching for the towel that Finn was still miraculously wearing, Sookie ripped it off before flipping them over. She straddled his hips as she sat up.

“If you wanted to be on top you only had to ask,” Finn said cheekily while he ran his eyes over his Maker’s nude body. God, she is gorgeous.

Sookie locked her gaze on Finn’s while she reached between them and grasped his cock. She moaned when she felt his hard, cool length in her hand, and she stroked him a few times before lining him up with her dripping sex and lowered herself down on to him. Sookie’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she felt him stretch her so deliciously. Fuck, I’ve missed this…

Finn’s hands flew to Sookie’s hips, his fingers digging into her pale flesh as he felt her surround him completely. She was so cool and wet around his rigid length that it took him several seconds to gain control of himself, and not cum like an inexperienced teenager.

Sookie braced her hands against Finn’s chest while she raised her hips a fraction, letting his aching cock slide out of her slightly. She held herself above him, taunting him just the way he had done to her. She wanted him to take control again, she wanted him to take what he wanted from her, the way he had done so many times in the past. Finn had been the one person to never treat her as if she was breakable. He had never been afraid to treat her roughly.

Sitting up, Finn grabbed Sookie’s hair and twisted the blonde locks around his hand. His lips when to her throat, nipping and biting at her flawless flesh while he pulled her down fiercely onto him, driving his cock deeply into her welcoming body.

A scream was wrenched from Sookie’s throat as she slammed her hips down almost violently onto Finn. She clawed at his shoulders and back, scoring his flesh with her nails. There was nothing soft about their coupling. They went at it hard and fast, their need for each other seeped in grief and anger.

Wrapping his arm around her waist, Finn held onto Sookie tightly as he shuffled them off the bed. He sped them over to an antique-looking set of drawers. He settled Sookie on her feet before spinning her around and bending her over the drawers.

Sookie barely had a chance to react before Finn was entering her again hard from behind. The blonde arched her back as she sought purchase on the set of drawers. Cries for more tumbled from her lips as Finn thrust into her aggressively, his hips slapping against her ass. “Oh God!”

Finn snarled while he pulled Sookie back to him, thrusting into her at the same time. He poured all the pain, anger, and grief he was feeling into each snap of his hips. He took his Maker harder than he had ever taken her before. If she would have been mortal, she would have been broken by the forcefulness of his thrusts, but Sookie matched him thrust for thrust and demanded more.

“Don’t stop!” Sookie screamed when she felt her orgasm building inside her. She felt out of control, her pleasure more exquisite than anything she had felt before. In that moment, nothing else mattered than the feeling of Finn between her legs. Her plans could wait. “Harder! Fuck me harder, darling…”

Tangling his hand in her hair, Finn yanked Sookie’s head back as he drove into her over and over. Their sound of their coupling filled the room as they took everything the other had to offer and gave it back just as powerfully. Finn growled when he felt Sookie’s cold, wet sheath tighten around him almost painfully.

Pushing back against him, Sookie forced Finn to back up and break the connection between them. She spun around and climbed up him before he had the chance to miss the feeling of being inside her. Hooking her legs over his hips, Sookie sank down on his cock again, taking him back inside her body even as he slammed her against the wall.

Finn pinned his Maker against the wall and thrust into her hard. He kept his eyes on hers, never breaking contact as he fucked her. His usually mischievous eyes glinted with darkness and desire.

Sparks of pleasure shot through Sookie’s body and she let out a deafening cry as she broke apart, clenching around Finn’s hard cock. “Oh fuck… FINN!”

Finn clenched his teeth, thrusting through her release, clinging desperately to his control. Nothing hurt when he was inside his Maker and he didn’t ever want to be anywhere else. Finn hung on for several more glorious minutes before the feeling of Sookie all around him became too much, and he came with a hoarse shout, spilling his seed inside her. He grunted while he jerked his hips, riding out his orgasm before slipping out of Sookie.

Sookie whimpered in disappointment when she felt him pull out. She pressed a soft kiss to his lips and unhooked her legs from around his hips. Sookie smiled when she noticed Finn didn’t look as pale anymore. Her blood had done the trick, healing him of his physical injuries. It would take much more than her blood to heal his emotional scars, but she knew what to do to start that healing. However, for that healing to start, they would have to leave her room. “I guess I need a shower now,” she said with a small laugh. “We need to leave soon,” she added when she noticed the time. She cursed herself for arranging to leave that night. She would have loved to have spent a few more hours…or nights, locked away in her room with Finn, but she had put things into motion that couldn’t be changed.

“Where are we going?” Finn questioned curiously as he backed up. He hadn’t been expecting to be going anywhere for a while. He hadn’t expected much of anything. All he had thought about was getting to his Maker.

“Dallas,” Sookie answered while she made her way to her bathroom.

“Why? What’s in Dallas?” Finn asked while he grabbed the pair of pants Sookie had left out for him and slipped them on.

Pausing by the bathroom door, Sookie turned and faced Finn again as she answered, “Not what… Who. We are going to see an old friend.”


29 thoughts on “The Road Not Taken: Chapter Five

  1. the reconnecting on every level is great for Finn and i am sure the friend is Godric…. but i cannot keep wondering what will happen when she meets Eric and how Finn will take it if they get together. looking forward to how you go with this. and YEAH Nan needs to die a slow death. KY

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  2. Yay, I missed Godric . Looking forward to see him again 🙂 as for Sookie and Finn, reconnection is ve…ry good thing but I think me and other your readers waiting for citrus moment of Eric/Sookie/Finn. Can I hold breath to hope that it will happen until Christmas? It would be hot present 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Poor Finn although Sookie has some of the “medicine” he needs. 😈
    Hopefully meeting up with Godric in Dallas leads to two things: stopping him from meeting the sun and introducing Eric. 😀

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  4. I’m glad Sookie was able to help Finn in the healing process . He has a ways to go but it is a start. Sookie’s musings were interesting how one event can change everything . It will be interesting to see how events continue to change because of it.

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  6. If this is set before she is reborn as human Sookie, then would it be around the same time the Yakuza and Nan made Eric chose between Pam and Sylvie? Or is that different? Anxious to see if they meet Godric.

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  7. Since they’re off to Dallas, hopefully that friend will be Godric. This will be just what he needs to kick-start him back to caring. Maybe we can avoid his suicide in this version of what happens.
    Hopefully there is a chance that Eric might make an appearance too? Thanks for the update.

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  8. I just read this for the first time, and I’m absolutely loving it! I noticed you haven’t updated it in a while, but I hope you come back to it at some point because it was definitely worth reading. Thanks for writing, and have an awesome day!


  9. plus I was thinking about the Godric in this one and i do wonder why Roman let his depression go on for so long. tough love is what he needs, i wonder if Roman will go with Sookie when she leaves, Godric needs his family as well. but i do still wonder if sparks will fly between her and the Viking and jealousy to stir. or she still doesn’t meet him for a while? many questions flowing through my head. comparing the two verses…. KY


  10. re-reading again. some of the previous questions still plague my mind about Sookie and Eric? Will Finn be an issue? Will Sookie be why Godric snaps out of his depression and not Roman doing it as his Maker? I also wonder if Sylvie will live and be an issue since Sookie is going after the Yakuza and Nan. How will Sookie and Eric meet or they won’t in this story? Will Eric stay in France? How will her doing this affect the reveal and her not disappearing like she should. Hmmm so many questions come to mind. KY


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