Lifting the Veil: Chapter Twelve


LtVnChapter Twelve

Sookie held up her hand silencing Eric when she stepped inside his office. “Do you mind if I use your phone?” She asked as she walked to his desk. Grabbing a pen, she scribbled down a note on an old invoice and handed it to him.

Play along. Your office is bugged.

Eric nodded in understanding while he read the note. “Of course not,” he replied, shoving the note in his pocket so he could destroy it later. “My office is your office, My Lady.”

Sookie winced at her title coming from Eric’s lips. For a reason she wasn’t yet ready to admit, she didn’t like that he was addressing her so formally. “Thanks,” she said while she reached for the phone. Tapping in a familiar number, Sookie waited for the call to connect. “Order Compton’s removal from the throne of Louisiana,” she demanded once Roman answered, not giving him a chance to speak.

“On what grounds?” Roman asked playing along knowing his Maker was up to something. Sookie had the power to remove him as King; she had the power to remove him from his undead life, so if she was barking orders over an unsecured line it meant she was up to something.

“He pissed me off,” Sookie deadpanned. “On the grounds that he is incompetent. He’s good as canon fodder and nothing else. He should have never been made King while there was someone much older and better suited for the position.”

“I assume you’re referring to The Viking?” Roman replied. They had already spoken about it, and he knew that she believed Eric should have been given the monarchy of Louisiana. He agreed with her. Eric should have been made King when he first arrived in Louisiana. He was wasted as a Sheriff.

Eric arched a brow while he listened, and he had to wonder what they were up to. Sookie had just told him his office was bugged, and now she was having a conversation with the Head of The Authority touting him as King.

‘Trust me,’ Sookie mouthed at Eric. “He is much better equipped to handle the responsibility that comes with the throne,” Sookie said, addressing Roman. “He has age and wisdom on his side; unlike Compton, he never left bloody messes all over the West Coast. Regardless of who takes the throne, I want Compton off it now.”

“I will see to it,” Roman assured her.

“Good. I will contact you later. Bye.” Sookie hung up before Roman had a chance to reply. Combing a hand through her hair, Sookie grimaced as she felt Victor’s blood in it. “Do you have a shower here I can use?” She asked, turning her attention to Eric. “I’ve got blood in my hair.”

“Of course,” Eric replied, trying to keep up with what was happening. “There is a small shower in the employee’s bathroom.”

“Thanks,” Sookie said as she made her way to the door. “I hate getting blood in my hair; it’s a nightmare to get out. Which way is it?”

“Let me show you,” Eric replied, opening the door for her and escorting her out. As they walked down the hallway to the employee’s bathroom, Eric had to wonder what the hell was going on. She told him to trust her and he did, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t curious.

They were just a few feet away from the bathroom when Sookie suddenly raced off at vampire speed, but before Eric had a chance to move she was back at his side with her bag from the SUV.

“Thanks,” Sookie smiled at Eric as he opened the bathroom door for her.

“You’re welcome,” Eric replied. Turning around, Eric took a step forward when he felt Sookie’s hand on his arm stopping him. He arched a brow in question when he turned back to face her.

“Play along,” she mouthed while she pulled him in the bathroom with him, closing the door behind them. “You know, I never asked, but how long have you owned the bar?” She asked as she put her bag on the sink counter and unzipped it.

“Since before The Great Revelation,” Eric answered, watching her every move. For a minute, Eric thought she had pulled him into the bathroom so they could re-enact their shower from a few nights earlier. He wouldn’t have objected if she had, even if he knew it probably wouldn’t have been the wisest decision.

“Really?” Sookie replied while she rummaged through her bag looking for what she needed. “That’s impressive. Most vampires had trouble keeping their businesses after the reveal.” Finding what she was looking for Sookie pulled it out of the bag and turned to face Eric again. A dirty smile spread across her face when she stepped toward the small shower stall. “You think we could both fit?”

“It would be a tight fit, but I think we could manage it,” Eric replied automatically. It seemed no matter what else was going on, they two of them could still flirt without thought with each other.

“It’s always better when it’s tight,” Sookie purred as she turned the shower on. She laughed softly when she heard Eric groan. Looking down at the small digital device in her hand, Sookie turned it on before placing it on the sink counter. “Sorry about that,” she said as she leaned against the sink. “That’ll interfere with the bugs. I couldn’t let anyone who was listening know what was going on.”

“So you don’t want to share a shower then?” Eric leered, unable to help himself. He could smell her arousal and it was making him hard.

Sookie took a good look at the shower before turning her gaze back to Eric. There was a heated look in her eyes as she stared at him, and she licked her lips. She did want to share a shower with him; she wanted that very much. “I do,” she admitted unashamedly. She grinned when she was Eric’s eyes widen a fraction in surprise. Yeah, I’m not the girl who will deny what she wants anymore. I’m far too old to play childish games.

Stepping forward, Sookie put an extra sway in her hips as she moved closer to him. There were probably a hundred reasons why it was a bad idea, but in that moment she didn’t care. She didn’t care about the thousands upon thousands memories she had regained, she didn’t care about the vampires in the bar who would probably be able to overhear them, she didn’t care there were questions that needed asking and answering, all she cared about was the ache between her legs and the feeling in her chest that told her she wanted Eric.

It had been far too long since she had submitted to those feelings, to that uncontrollable need to feed and fuck. The urges had been suppressed when she was mortal, but they were back now, and it was Eric with whom she wanted to lose herself in them. It was Eric’s lips she wanted to kiss, his body she wanted to touch, and his cock she wanted inside her.

Eric’s fangs snapped down as the scent of her arousal became stronger, and his cock pressed painfully against the zipper of his pants. I want her… As he stared down at her, Eric realized the truth of that statement. It didn’t matter if she was Sookie or Eve, human or vampire, daughter of the first vampire or waitress at Merlotte’s. He wanted her! He would always want her simply for the reason that she was her. He loved her. She was the first woman with whom he had ever been in love. She owned his heart, her rejection hadn’t changed that, discovering who she was hadn’t changed that; he was beginning to suspect nothing ever would. Eric could think of a dozen reasons why they shouldn’t do it, but every single reason was overruled by one single thing… He wanted to.

It took every ounce of strength Sookie had to keep her from attacking him and riding him until dawn. Her panties were drenched with her arousal and her nipples were so hard they hurt. She needed him in a way she had never needed anyone else. She had felt her fair share of lust over the millennia, she had been fucked in every way imaginable, and there was little she hadn’t done; she had never felt lust as fierce as she was feeling right then. She craved Eric in the most basic of ways.

The room was charged with electricity while they stared at each other; both of them imagining all the sinful things each wanted to do to the other. When Sookie had asked Eric if he had a shower she could use she hadn’t expected things to end up like that, and neither had Eric when he had escorted her to the employee’s bathroom. Yet neither of them could stop it and what’s more they didn’t want to. Regardless of what else was going on between them, their desire for one another was undeniable.

Sookie wasn’t sure who moved first, but before she knew it she had her back pressed against the wall and Eric’s mouth on hers. Moaning into his mouth, Sookie tugged at his shirt, ripping it off and tearing it into pieces. She needed to feel his flesh against hers. Sookie frowned when she felt Eric’s iStake press painfully against her chest and she broke the kiss and stared at it.

As proud as she was at her child for designing it, she didn’t like it. She didn’t like how impersonal it was. If you were going to kill a vampire and send them to their True Death, you should at least get your hands dirty. You should feel their blood, smell it. The iStake was too corporate for her liking… and she hated that it was strapped to Eric’s chest.

Raising her hand, Sookie slightly traced the iStake with her finger. “Do you trust me?” She asked Eric as she peered up at him through her lashes.

“Yes,” Eric replied without even having to think about it. He had tried to tell himself he didn’t; that he didn’t know her anymore, but when it came down to it, he trusted her with everything he was.

A bright smile lit up Sookie’s face at his reply. Up until the moment she heard him say yes, Sookie hadn’t been aware that she feared he would say no. She needed his trust, it was the one thing she needed more than anything else. The old Sookie, the mortal Sookie hadn’t known what she felt or thought, but she did now. She trusted Eric with her life, her body, and her secrets.

“Do you remember how I said I remember the last time I was silvered because it led me to a great discovery?” Sookie said while she ran her hands over his chest.

“Yes,” Eric replied unsure where she was going with it. He remembered every conversation they had both before she got her memories back and after.

Lifting her gaze to his, Sookie stared into his eyes as she quickly removed the iStake from his chest. She grinned at his look of surprise and mouthed “Molly” at him in explanation when she placed the deactivated iStake on the sink counter.

Eric flicked his eyes between the iStake and Sookie. He felt a weight come off of his shoulders with the removal of the device that could have killed him so easily. He had to agree with Sookie, being silvered did lead her to a great discovery. Molly is Sookie’s child like Roman. Eric was impressed at her caliber of children. 

Sookie growled when she eyed Eric’s bare chest. The hunger that had receded slightly when she removed the iStake was back in full force and she needed him with a burning desire. She cursed herself a fool as she remembered how she had rejected him just days before. Bill’s blood had done a real number on her, and she reminded herself to break something else of his, an arm or leg, for the way he had manipulated her with it. She was ashamed of her actions.

Eric’s eyes darkened in hunger as he eyed Sookie. A growl tore from his throat to match hers as an uncontrollable desire burned inside him. He needed to be inside her with a desperation he had never felt before. Lunging forward, Eric fisted his hand in her hair and dragged her mouth to his. He pushed her hard into the wall, plundering her mouth as he tore at her clothes ripping them from her body.

Sookie pushed back against him, meeting his burning desire with her own. For too long she had been leashed, but no more. She was finally free to do all the things she wanted. Reaching for his pants, Sookie tore them off, reducing them to strips of fabric.

Eric groaned when his cock sprung free, happy to have a small amount of relief. He tightened his hand in her hair while he kissed and nipped his way down her jaw to her neck. He yearned to sink his fangs into her flesh and taste her sweet blood as he sank his cock into her pussy.

Sliding her hands between them, Sookie placed them on his chest and pushed him back, making him back up a few feet and putting some space between them. Her eyes radiated pure desire as she gazed at him; her thighs were slick with arousal. Her body hummed with energy and she needed so desperately to connect with Eric. She needed him inside her.

Throwing herself forward, Sookie leapt at Eric, her legs going around his waist, “Fuck me!” She demanded before crashing her lips to his again.

A primal growl was wrenched from his throat at her demand and he was powerless to resist, nor did he want to. This was what he wanted, what he craved. Spinning them around, Eric slammed her against the wall again, reached between them, and gripped his cock. He was so hard it hurt. The bathroom was filled with the scent of her arousal and he didn’t even have to check to see if she was ready, he just knew she was. He could feel it, smell it, and he swore he could practically taste it. Pressing the head of his cock to her opening, Eric surged forward and buried himself inside her with one violent thrust. He grinned darkly as her scream echoed off the bathroom walls.

Sookie dug her nails into Eric’s shoulders as she felt him enter her so hard. “Fuck!” She screamed, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. This was what she wanted, what she needed. She needed to be fucked hard by her Viking. She needed him in her, on her, and all around her.

Eric didn’t wait for her to adjust to his size; he pulled back and thrust back into her ruthlessly. There was nothing gentle about what they were doing; they were fucking hard and fast… Like vampires.

“Yes! Fuck!” Sookie cried as she tightened her legs around Eric’s waist and started to move with him. “That’s it… Harder!”

Eric bared his teeth while he snapped his hips, driving into her fiercely. He had never felt so hard before in his life. He had enjoyed sex with mortal Sookie, in fact, he fucking loved it, but there was something different about fucking vampire Sookie. It was wilder, unrestrained… It felt right.

Sookie raked her nails down his back, slicing his flesh open when he slammed into her even harder. It wasn’t until that moment did she realize what she had been missing. She had forgotten what it was like to just let go and feel. “Yes, Eric!”

Increasing the pace, Eric’s hips were a blur as he fucked her at vampire speed. He held nothing back, giving her everything he had, and to his delight she took it all and gave it right back to him. “Fuck!” Eric roared for the whole bar to hear when he felt Sookie’s pussy start to flutter and convulse around him.

Throwing her head back, Sookie slammed her head against the wall, cracking the plaster as Eric took her to the cusp of ecstasy and then sent her hurtling over. Arousal flowed out of her as her pussy tightened painfully around his cock. “ERIC!”

Eric grunted as he felt her arousal coat his cock and he was solely tempted to drop to his knees and taste her. He wanted her taste on his tongue, his lips. He wanted everything she had to offer. Eric was just about to pull out of her and drop to his knees when Sookie angled her head to the side and offered him her neck. Eric’s eyes widened in surprise and his thrusts slowed as he stared at her. It was almost unheard of for a vampire to offer their blood so freely to another vampire, so Eric knew for Sookie, knowing who she now was to offer hers to him was the ultimate sign of trust, a sign of affection.

Eric caught Sookie’s eye and let her see his gratitude and respect before burying his face in her neck. He trailed his lips over her smooth flesh, nipping at her before sinking his fangs in. A moan spilled from his lips when he got his first taste of her blood. If he thought mortal Sookie’s blood was special it had nothing on the new-old Sookie. He could taste the power in her blood, it was intoxicating. Eric sucked in her neck, taking more of her blood as he started to thrust into her hard again. Her blood was driving him on and he took her at an almost brutal pace, dragging another orgasm from her before following her over the edge.

“FUCK… SOOKIE!” Eric roared, ripping his fangs from her throat as he came, filling her with his cool seed. His body spasm with aftershocks while he held her against the wall, their bodies still connected.

Sookie purred in pleasure and stroked a hand through Eric’s hair as she came down from her high. “Mmm,” she moaned in no hurry to untangle herself from him. She loved the feeling of him being inside her, it felt right. “Do you think they heard us?”

Eric barked out a laugh at her question. They would have all had to been deaf not to have heard them. “I believe…”

A sharp bang on the bathroom door interrupted Eric and he groaned in frustration when he heard the unmistakable voice of Bill on the other side, demanding that they come out.

“Guess that answers that question,” Sookie said with a laugh. “I suppose we should see want he wants… In about an hour. Thalia…” A wicked smile spread across her face when she heard the sound of a body hitting the floor outside the bathroom. “Now, where were we?”


37 thoughts on “Lifting the Veil: Chapter Twelve

  1. Thank you oh Good Queen of the hot smut and you Thank you Mistress Jessica for daring the Queen to produce this smut. 🙂 Very nice Tuesday chapter — I think that Thalia should follow Bill everywhere all of the time just to knock him out.

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    Mmm. Nice delicious chapter. Yay for the reunion. Now there was going to be a secret conversation about something. But that, yeah, worthy delay lol.

    And Bills head repaired. Nope I’m thinking is dented again lol.


  3. Bill needs to learn some respect and Thalia is just the vampire to teach him what Sookie doesn’t. Very nice. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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  4. So sorry we must wait for another update but girl you left us at a good place…I wonder what that douche of Billy boy wanted? Did the Authority already called him to give notice of his dismissal?
    Can’t wait for your Christmas story….


  5. While I’m going to be chewing my fingernails to the quick while waiting for another chapter, I’m very grateful for this one 😉 Very sexy “reunion.” It’s alway great to read one of your “reunion” scenes. So very delicious. Especially when it’s Eric and Sookie. They so obviously love each other…even if Sookie has yet to admit it to herself.
    I’m loving that every time Sookie says “Thalia”, Bill gets his head caved in again *snicker* That’s one way to stop his incessant whining! Won’t he be a snivelling bitch once he finds out he’s been deposed!!!
    On a totally related theme. My new iPhone has that predictive text and it’s already offering me Eric and Sookie as choices. 😛
    Anywho have a wonderful and safe Xmas and New Year. Look forward to a new chapter afterwards 😄


  6. If we have to wait til Christmas for the next chapter at least you are leaving them in a very good place…and they are so clean as they get dirty…


  7. Hmmm…wondering if Bill was disturbing them to be a cockblock, because he’s no longer King of All he Surveys, or just to be a total tool. Anyway, Thalia handled it and handled it well. sigh…I wish we were getting another update before Christmas, but if you had to leave it here, it’s the best place….after a wonderous romp in the Fantasia shower……


  8. I think Eric will enjoy having the powerful, dominant, sexually agressive Sookie. Right along with all the other traits he adored about her while she was Human. She’s like the perfect woman for Eric.

    Oh, and i love the comic relief… a.k.a. Clueless Punchbag Bill. 🙂


  9. And you didn’t want to include the lemon . . . I think it “fit” just right in this chapter.

    So that’s one of my ideas in this story. I can’t wait to see how you work in the other idea I had. I’m so happy that you’ve been inspired to write this story again. I think it’s moving in an awesome direction and can’t wait to see what you bring us in 2015!


  10. Mortal Sookie’s feelings were so mangled by Beehl and his blood that she could never really act on her feelings for Eric. Now that immortal has replaced mortal Sookie, she feel free to do whatever and whoever she wants.


  11. I looooooove this Sookie so much! Hell, she is kinda hot with all badass thing she did.
    Bill was become super duper extremely annoying. Just rip his head off please. The Sookeh shit he had was make me sick. Can’t he become good boy by just shut the fuck up? Huh…

    Mmmm, and sooooo, is the Viking is kinda Sookie’s great-grandson? /snicker/


  12. LOL! I love that Sookie had Thailia knock out Bill again so they could have another hour to themselves in the shower room! LOL! I can’t wait until the authority announces to Bill that he is no longer king. Since he still believes he is no matter what. I wonder what Sookie needs him for and how much longer she will have to tolerate his existence! I wonder how Eric will lay down the law for Pam and Tara! I can’t wait to find out! Loving it!


  13. Well that was hot – you do give smut a good name! Great chapter, I’m doing a happy dance (in my head) at Bill’s obvious annoyance. I’m sure he’ll be blaming Eric for corrupting her LOL.


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