Sin: Chapter Nine


Sin BG

Chapter Nine

A gasp of horror spilled from Eric’s lips as his eyes snapped open and he was pulled from his daytime rest. His eyes darted around the room when he sat up and it took him several seconds to recognize the familiar sight of his room. Dropping his head forward, Eric squeezed his eyes shut while he tried to make sense of all that had happened. Had any of that been real? Had three ghosts really visited him, or was it all a cruel trick his own mind had played on him? He wanted to say that was exactly what had happened; he hadn’t seen his past and future, though as much as he would have liked to say it, he knew he couldn’t. There was nothing to prove what he had experienced was real, it would be easy to dismiss it all as a bad dream, even if vampires didn’t dream, but Eric couldn’t do that. He couldn’t dismiss it all as nothing but a bad dream; deep down inside he knew it was real. He had seen the destruction his behavior had caused and he couldn’t let that happen.

Opening his eyes, Eric raked a hand through his hair, and then he swung his legs over the side of his bed and padded into the bathroom. He showered quickly before pulling on his usual uniform of jeans, a t-shirt, and his motorcycle boots, and made his way out of his room. He had work to do with no time to waste.

He wasn’t surprised to find Willa in his office when he arrived. His child always made sure everything was running smoothly once she rose for the night. She took care of his needs before seeing to her own. If any problem arose during the day she wanted to know so she could prepare for any action Eric might want to take. As he moved to sit behind his desk, Eric couldn’t help but flash back to the future he had just witnessed. In his mind he could see his beloved Willa strung up in silver while a group of fairies tortured her. He could hear her screams while they took turns with her, abusing her physically, mentally, and sexually before driving a stake deep into her heart. While he stared at her, Eric promised himself that part of the future would never come to pass. No one would ever hurt her in such a way.

“Everything is as it should be,” Willa said when she rose from the sofa, moved toward his desk, and started her report. She hadn’t noticed the faraway look in his eyes or the weight he seemed to be carrying. As far as she knew everything was normal. She, of course, had no idea of the ghosts who visited her Maker during the day and the things they had shown him. She was unaware when it came to the horrors Eric had seen. All she knew was that her Maker had enjoyed his time with the donors she had chosen for him and he had gone to his daytime rest with a belly full of blood and a lust sated by pussy. “No problems arose during the day and the only thing you have on the books tonight is a meeting with The Queen of the Fae…”

“Cancel it,” Eric said with a growl when he thought about all the trouble that the fated meeting would cause. He couldn’t meet with her yet; he just wasn’t ready. He knew, regardless of Sylvie’s warning that he would have to meet with Queen Mab eventually. He couldn’t ignore her forever. Vampires and fairies may have been natural enemies, but there was still protocol to follow. Refusing to meet with the ruling Queen of Fae would be seen as a sign of disrespect and it send the wrong message to the Supernatural world as a whole.

“Eric?” Willa started, perplexed by his sudden change of mind. She knew he hadn’t been happy about having to meet with the fairy, but the Queen had been sending requests for nearly a year and it was no longer wise to deny her an audience. The Fae might have been arrogant bastards, but they also held great power. Snubbing the Queen could prove to be a costly mistake.

“Cancel it,” Eric repeated with a forceful tone. “Contact the Fae representative and inform them that I am unable to make the meeting tonight. I don’t care what excuse you give, you can tell them we are celebrating the holiday season if you must, just explain that we need to reschedule the meeting until after the New Year.”

“Yes, Master,” Willa replied, lowering her head in a sign of submission at his forceful tone. She knew better than to question him when he spoke in that tone. She wasn’t sure what had brought on the sudden change of mind, but it wasn’t her place to question him. She did as she was ordered. “Is there anything you need of me tonight? Can I arrange a donor for you?”

“No,” Eric answered with a shake of his head. The last thing he wanted right then was a donor. He was still full from the previous night and the memories of his haunting were keeping his others hungers restrained. “Just do as I ordered concerning the Fae…”

The Ghosts of Fornication Past, Present, and Future smiled smugly as they gathered around a large mirror and watched while Eric canceled the meeting with Queen Mab and refused the offer of a donor. With their visits completed, the rules that normally kept them apart and stuck in their own eras were no longer in place so they could all gather to see if the outcome of their visits were positive. 

“I told you I could get through to him,” Sylvie crooned smugly while she watched as her amour gave his orders to Willa. “I know Eric better than anyone. He just needed me to open his eyes to the darkness in his future. I knew once I did he would turn from his path and change his wicked ways. It’s just a shame he didn’t do it before I died or we could have spent eternity together…”

Pam rolled her eyes while she listened to the French tart prattle on. It was obvious to her that even if Eric had changed his wicked ways before he had his sister killed her; the two of them wouldn’t have spent eternity together. Everyone but Sylvie could tell Eric hadn’t been able to stand her. He only kept her around for an easy fuck. Pam smirked when she recalled some of the things she had witnessed in Eric’s past. Being The Ghost of Fornication Past had its benefits. She might not have been able to see Eric’s future, but she had been able to see everything up until the night before. She had witnessed every depraved thing Eric had done, and she was quite impressed with many of them. She hadn’t seen what was wrong with many of them, but she had taken on the role of The Ghost of Fornication Past as if she hadn’t a far worse fate that awaited her. As she eyed Sylvie, Pam wondered what she would think if she ever found out that Eric had fucked her mother during their courtship. Pam chuckled while she imagined the tantrum Sylvie would throw if she ever found out.

“If you would have still been alive he would have embraced that future with open arms just to get rid of you,” Pam told her with a sneer. 

Sylvie pouted at Pam’s words. Why was everyone so cruel to her? She was a nice person, naivety and annoying immaturity aside. It wasn’t her fault Eric had chosen her to be his first child. Jealousy really was a horrible look on the ageing whore. 

“We all played a part in moving him off that sinful and wicked path,” Bill interrupted before a real fight broke out between the two ghosts. Bill found them both to be exasperating, but if he had to choose between them he would prefer Sylvie. At least she had a modicum of dignity. She hadn’t been a whore like Pam. She was a lady. “We can all take credit in the outcome. The meeting will not happen now. We have beaten Fate again.” 

Both Pam and Sylvie smiled at Bill’s words… Beaten Fate… Now that was something worth celebrating. Once again they had interfered in the fate of The Viking and altered his path. This time it had proven to be more difficult. They had taken a great risk in showing him what they had, but it seemed to have been worth it. If the outcome was as favorable as it appeared it was might be, it would finally be the end of Fate’s plan… 

Once he was satisfied Willa would do as he’d ordered, Eric dismissed her and grabbed his cellphone. He had a call to make that he didn’t want anyone to hear. If his plan was going to work he would need the help of some very important and powerful people, and he was going to have to cash in a few owed debts.

Tapping in the number he had memorized years before, Eric waited for the call to be answered. He couldn’t believe he was calling in a centuries-old debt, but if it paid off it would definitely be worth it. There wasn’t much Eric wouldn’t do to get his own way. He was a selfish man and not even the horror of the future could change that. When he had his heart set on something, nothing and no one could change his mind.

“I have been expecting your call, Viking…”

Eric chuckled when he heard the croaky old voice. He should have known his call was expected. It was damn near impossible to surprise Her. “Then you know what I want,” he replied, seeing no point in beating around the bush. If She had been anticipating his call then She would know what he wanted. There was no point wasting time on pointless chit chat.

“I do,” she replied, but made no move to spell out her answer. She knew full well what he wanted and had been waiting for the call, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t beyond playing a few silly games. She wanted to see how strong his convictions were. What he wanted would change the course of the Supernatural world forever, and she wanted to see if he was ready for that.

“Can you do it?” Eric asked, a hint of steel in his voice. He was in no mood for games. He was done playing by others’ rules. He was the Head of The Authority. He was in charge and would set the stage for his future. “If you know why I have called, then you know what I want. I am not in the mood to play games or exchange cryptic messages. Can you contact him?”

“I can,” she replied, reassured by the strength in his voice. That was what she wanted to hear, what she had always wanted to hear. It was time for him to come forward and be the vampire, the leader she always knew he could be.

“Good. Then I am calling in our debt,” Eric said, moving all the pieces into place in his head as he prepared for his next move. “Contact Niall Brigant and tell him I know where his great-granddaughter is…”

“What?! No!” Sylvie shrieked as she watched it all unfold in the mirror. Eric wasn’t supposed to attempt to make contact with The Fairy Prince, he was supposed to stay away from all fairies. “He can’t…” She trailed off when the future began to alter in ways they hadn’t expected. “This can’t be happening,” she cried while the images on the mirror shimmered and Eric’s new future was revealed. “We have to stop it!” 

“We can’t,” Pam said dejectedly as she saw how everything was going wrong. Oh, how she wished she could still only see the past. She might not have been able to see the future they had been trying to change, but she had heard about it. She had heard all about the death and destruction Eric had brought upon himself with his sinful behavior. They needed him off that path due to the devastation he had caused. They had wanted him to live the rest of his many years in purity, being chaste. No one wanted the future that now lay before him. Not her, not Bill, not Sylvie, and definitely not the Powers That Be. No one wanted the future where Eric was in love and monogamous. Love was not supposed to win the day! 

“He was supposed to stay away from her,” Bill whined while he watched Eric meet with Niall Brigant and propose an alliance. “She was supposed to have stayed in Fae as a whore, and he was to have given up his wicked ways. They were never meant to be together.”

The three of them watched on in horror as Niall accepted Eric’s offer of an alliance and the two of them planned an attack on Queen Mab. They couldn’t believe their eyes as the partnership of Niall, Eric, and his vampires breached the Fae world and destroyed Queen Mab and her loyal followers. Nothing was how it was supposed to have been. Eric and Niall weren’t supposed to broker a lasting peace between their races. Sookie wasn’t supposed to have been given her freedom and gone to work for Eric as a telepath instead of a donor… They sure as hell shouldn’t have fallen in love with one another. They were supposed to have been kept apart so they could defeat Fate once again. 

“This wasn’t supposed to have happened,” Sylvie cried while she watched Eric take Sookie in his arms and tell her he loved her… 

Sookie giggled as Eric kissed his way up her body. She smiled up at him while he settled above her. She sometimes had trouble believing she was really there, that she had a man who loved her, who was in love with her. For as long as she could remember she had been nothing but a whore, a hole to fuck. She wasn’t ashamed of her past or where she had come from, and she wouldn’t lie and say she hadn’t enjoyed her time in Fae; she had. It had been the only home she knew up until Eric and her great-grandfather had breached the realm and freed her and the rest of the hybrids. She might not have enjoyed every minute of her time there, but she had enjoyed much of it. However, while she might have enjoyed it, she always knew what she was and what her place was there. Being a good mól, being the best had afforded her an easier life than most, but that was all she had ever been. Now she was more. Now she earned her keep using her mind and not her body. Never again would she have to spread her legs for someone to keep them happy. The only person she wanted to keep happy now was Eric, and he loved her. It was a strange feeling having someone love her and being in love in return, strange, but good. She had never been happier and never wanted it to change.

Eric had told her why he made the deal with her great-grandfather, and the visit he had received from The Three Ghosts. When he first told her she thought he was crazy and hadn’t believed him, but when he told her things he couldn’t have known unless he had been in Fae, she had begun to believe him. Now she knew he was telling her the truth; she felt it through the bond they shared.

Eric grinned when he looked down at her. He had never thought himself capable of the kind of love he felt for her, but he was never happier to be wrong. From the second he had seen her, strung up naked in that stable, he had wanted her. He had known she was supposed to be his. The future version of him might not have realized it, but he did. She was his, just as he was hers. He yearned for her with a burning passion. He loved her without limit. She was his world.

“Jag alskar dig,” he whispered before capturing her lips in a soul stealing kiss. He poured every ounce of love he felt for her into the kiss and he slipped inside her. Eric whispered words of love into her ear as he made love to her, slowly, reverently. He worshipped her with his body, exposing his soul to her and letting her cleanse him of his sins.

Sookie moved in perfect rhythm with Eric as she wrapped him in her love. Her body sung with elation as Eric made love to her like only he could. They had both fucked and had sex with countless others, but neither of them had ever truly made love until they had come together. “Love you,” Sookie whimpered as she clung to him.

The two of them moved together in a dance as old as time, cleansing their bodies of the touch of others while they lost themselves in the pleasure of their lovemaking. The future no longer mattered as Eric had everything he needed beneath him, writhing in bliss. As long as he had Sookie he knew he would be happy and all right. She was his anchor, keeping him safe in rough waters…

This was always supposed to happen,” a soft voice interrupted the Ghosts. “You can try and interfere with Fate all you like, but eventually Fate will win out. You didn’t really think you would be able to keep them apart, did you?” Seeing the unhappy looks on The Ghosts’ faces, he laughed when he realized that was exactly what they had thought. “Foolish children. Keeping them apart was never an option. Fate herself would never have been able to stop them. Eric would move heaven and hell to be with Sookie.” 

He shook his head as he eyed the three of them. It was obvious they had no idea the depths of the feelings Eric and Sookie had for each other. Their love was one of the purest he had ever seen. A smile curled his lips, making his youthful face light up while he decided to let them in on a little secret. “Shall I tell you how you failed, where everything went wrong? If you wanted to keep them apart,” he continued before any of them had a chance to reply, “You should have never shown Sookie to Eric. The moment you did, you lost. The second he set eyes on her, he knew she was meant to be his, and then nothing or no one was going to stand in his way.” He chuckled when he saw Pam and Sylvie turn on Bill and glare at him, blaming him for it all. “Of course, if you hadn’t shown Eric the one woman he would ever love, His Sookie, you would have had nothing to use that would have taken him off his wicked path. Surely you noticed it was her death that grieved him most. That was the catalyst for the change, so either way you look at it, you would have never been able to keep them apart.” 

He couldn’t keep from laughing while the Three Ghosts stormed off, complaining about how unfair it all was. He thought they would have learned that by now! Life wasn’t fair, so why would death be? He smiled while he stared up and into the large mirror, watching as Eric wrapped his arms around Sookie. For whatever reason The Powers That Be may have wanted to keep them apart, it would never matter. He didn’t answer to them. He was a faithful servant of Fate, and Fate had decreed that Eric and Sookie were to be together. It was why he had manipulated the future slightly to have Eric see the absolute worst of it. He knew the moment Eric saw another man touch Sookie he would react accordingly. Despite what Sylvie believed, no one knew Eric better than him. 

He was his Maker after all… 

“Merry Christmas, my child,” Godric said, taking one more look in the mirror before walking away and leaving the very happy couple to enjoy their very joyful future together.

The End!

42 thoughts on “Sin: Chapter Nine

    • This story was boring, I don’t know how I got through that. I mostly just scrolled through half of it. He doesn’t learn anything, not really. It sickens me that everyone else is a ‘whore’ but sookie isn’t. And that’s not me annoyed at eric, but you as the writter. ‘Loose whores’ but oh no sookie is ‘extremely tight’ you would have made it so even if you didn’t throw In that rubbish line about fae magic and mols always being tight. You still would have said so. Always happens in storys. Every story where sookie has sex with a lot of people she’s always ‘tight’ but when someone else in the same story does she’s a ‘loose whore’ ie ginger. Make your mind up. I normally enjoy your storys but this was really poor. The blurb made it sound promising. It was anything but.


      • You might not have liked the story but others did. it is the writers prerogative to write the characters how ever they see fit. if you read the story completely, the reason Sookie was tight was do to Fae magics, the explanation was given. as for Ginger she was but a lowly human, and a well used human at that, QOA5 made a point about that but you seemed to dwell on the word whore and tight pussies and think that is what the story is all about which it was not. as for Willa she was turned right after she lost her virginity so she would still be tight and even if she was to loosen up, her blood would have fixed what was wrong and made it whole again. but since you scrolled through most of it and did not read completely, I feel your judgement is far off bass and unwarranted. plus you could have not read it at all, but yet you continued to, so who fault is that but your own. As for what this story was about, it was about man with faults, a man who realized he needed to change and how he had found his way to change was through the love of a good woman who also had her faults, and it all hinged on the help of the right ally. But the best part was that Godric was still guiding Eric even in death. but that is my opinion, take it or leave it. KY


  1. Bwaahaaaa! The Viking live the rest of his life ‘in purity, being chaste.’ LMFAO they really didn’t know Eric at all!!
    Loved this story and it was even more awesome that Godric explained it to the inept ghosts! Thank you so much for sharing it. Merry Christmas!

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  2. A beautiful Christmas ending for them..and Godric was behind it.. to think I almost didn’t read this because of the heavy warnings at the beginning. I would have missed an amazing story..

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  3. Oh so Godric was behind all this!?
    So glad that Eric found his way to Sookie…
    I really really enjoyed reading this story and I’m sure you enjoyed writing this!
    Thanks for sharing it with us…Happy Holidays.

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  4. I thought you’d have a hard time redeeming Eric in this story but you did it wonderfully. I was wondering if Godric was going to be a ghost but was happy to hear his wise words in the end.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  5. Wow.
    Godric is love! Wonderful. And, ummmm Eric in a life of purity. LMFAO.

    Hugs my dear. Very Merry Christmas. I love that AP had a foot in. Sly woman. Just as sly as Godric lol.

    Bill Pamela and Sylvie should be blessed with seeing the fruits of their labour for much much longer. Defuses….. Purity….. Thinking they can beat fate. How daft can they be lol.

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  6. I love that ending. And Godric was the instigator. Those three self serving ghosts wanted Eric to be as miserable as they were. Thank you for a wonderful Christmas gift.

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  7. And so redemption comes, a Christmas present from his maker. There is something so appealing in the site knowledge that there is always hope for that happy ending. And you slip in the AP and Godric- cheeky!


  8. Oh wonderful twists in the last chapter, especially Godric! I really, really enjoyed reading this – it’s a totally fun story and was perfect for Christmas. Glad I finally managed to start it and read it without getting interupted much (during the last few chapters I considered disowning son and throwing phone through window), it was well worth the waiting.

    Liked by 1 person

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