Ride the Lightning: Chapter Four

<<<Ride the Lightning

Chapter Four

“Pam…” Eric groaned, giving a tug on their bond, calling her to him as he took the papers off his eldest child. From the distance he felt between him and Pam, Eric deduced she was at the club in Manhattan and would take at least twenty minutes to get to him. At least she is actually at work tonight, he thought while he cast his eyes over the document Laelia had given him. “Is there a reason you decided to investigate your sister?” He asked, lifting his head and eyeing Laelia curiously. He couldn’t say he was upset with her given what she had uncovered, but he wanted to know if she suspected something other than what she had apparently found.

“I was auditing the books for all the businesses, making sure everything was above board and in order before the Summit, and when I got to the ones for Níu Heimar I noticed a few unusual charges,” Laelia explained, slipping off the edge of Eric’s desk and moving to stand before it again. “Pam used the account for the club to buy herself a new wardrobe…” she went on to explain how she had found a charge for almost ten thousand dollars on the account that wasn’t paid to any of their regular suppliers, and that she had traced it to an online boutique. “After that, I had Molly hack into Pam’s email and phone… I made sure Molly would be discreet,” she added before Eric had a chance to question her about the tech geek. “I wanted to make certain Pam hadn’t charged anything else to any of the other businesses when I found that,” she flicked a finger to the paper Eric was holding as she spoke.

“What do you make of this?” Eric asked, holding up the papers that showed the incriminating evidence. He ignored the news that Pam was charging her personal items to the businesses for the time being. He could deal with that once he knew what she had passed on about him to Virginia.

“As I said, it could be something or nothing,” Laelia replied. She pursed her lips as her eyes dropped to the papers again. She had her suspicions and doubts, but she also knew Pam was loyal to their Maker, although Pam’s definition of loyalty differed greatly than hers. “On the one hand, Pam didn’t try to conceal it at all. The trail was easy to find, all Molly had to do was crack Pam’s password and she found it, and I honestly can’t see Pam betraying you. She does love you. On the other hand…”

“Pam has a unique perspective on what betrayal entails,” Eric said, finishing for her.

“She does,” Laelia agreed, tilting her head to the side slightly. “Pam is loyal to you, of that I have no doubt, but she also has no problem trying to use your relationship to benefit the people with whom she’s involved. I’m certain I don’t have to remind you of the whole clusterfuck with the witch a year ago…”

Eric groaned at the mention of the witch, Amelia Broadway. What his child saw in the immature young woman, Eric had no idea nor did he really care. The inexperienced and arrogant witch cost him a huge amount of money when Pam had employed her to place protection spells around his home and businesses. Amelia had made a mess of the whole thing, her protection spells did little more than make people feel slightly queasy, and she had damaged a number of his properties.

“Pam allowed the fact that she was fucking the witch influence her decisions,” Laelia continued as she started to pace in front of his desk. “It was obvious to everyone that Amelia was a mere novice when it came to witchcraft, but Pam refused to see anything other than the tight pussy between the witch’s legs. It cost thousands to fix the mess the witch caused, and yet Pam still refuses to admit she was wrong or that the witch fucked up. Pam is blind when it comes to Amelia, and I fear it might be the same when it comes to Cale.”

Blind was an understatement, she was deaf and dumb as well. Pam was getting her pussy eaten often by the dark-haired witch and didn’t care about anything else. It was clear to Eric and Laelia that Amelia was using Pam to try to move herself up the Supernatural chain. The witch craved money, power, and was trying to snag herself a rich, powerful vampire. Amelia had tried to latch herself onto Eric more than once, going as far as to wait naked in his bed for him after she had poorly placed protective spells around his home. Eric had rebuffed her every come on, loathing the smell of desperation on her. Still, even knowing she had tried to seduce her Maker hadn’t changed the way Pam behaved around Amelia. She even offered to share the witch with Eric, something Amelia had only been too happy to do. Not surprisingly, Eric refused the offer. He would rather fuck a silver glove than touch Amelia.

Flipping through the papers she had printed, Laelia picked up a few of the pictures Pam and Queen Katherine Cale exchanged. “I think it’s safe to say that given these pictures Pam and Cale are involved intimately,” she continued, handing her Maker the naked pictures Pam and the Queen had been sending back and forth. “Pam might be spilling your secrets during their tumbles between the sheets. Cale is a manipulative bitch. I doubt she would mind eating a little pussy if it meant getting the info she wanted.”

“She wouldn’t be the first vampire to use sex to gain information,” Eric said with a nod. He had done it himself over the years. One of the easiest ways to learn what you wanted to know was to seduce the person who held the information. Lips became incredibly loose while in the throes of passion and if you knew what you were doing, you could get your partner to spill every secret. Still, given Pam’s human profession, Eric would have thought she knew how to be more discreet. Pam should have been the one learning secrets, not spilling them. He hoped for Pam’s sake that was all it was, loose lips between the sheets, and not an intentional betrayal of trust.

“Regardless of the reasons, I have arranged for security to be tightened around all of your properties as well as your suite at the hotel,” Laelia replied. “Calithea will be arriving at one o’clock to add extra wards to your hotel suite. I assumed you would be staying there during the Summit.”

“I will,” Eric said with a nod. It would be easier for him to stay at the hotel during the Summit than return to his primary residence every night before sunrise. He had full confidence that Laelia had secured his suite, and he knew from experience that there was no one better than Calithea to add magical protection. The voodoo priestess may have been expensive, but she was worth it. No one had ever been able to get past one of her wards. Besides, he was happy to pay her in any way she wanted. She was one of the few mortals he actually liked. “Calithea will be…” the rest of Eric’s words died on his tongue when he felt Pam draw nearer. Until he knew exactly what she had told Cale and why, he wouldn’t trust her to know of the added security measures.

Pam didn’t bother to knock; she just waltzed in his office like she owned the place. She sneered at her sister, showing her contempt for the woman whom Eric had chosen before her. “You called?” she asked, resting her hands on her hips, eyeing Eric as if he was inconveniencing her. She had been observing a tasty brunette for a little snack when she had felt her Maker’s call and had been forced to let her go and make her way to Eric.

Eric stared at his child, taking in her appearance, and the scowl on her face. His eyes locked onto the diamond choker around her neck. He didn’t need a jeweler to tell him it was both real and expensive. Eric also knew it was far beyond Pam’s price range, especially considering he had cut her off almost twenty-five years ago, forcing her to pay her own way. “I did,” he replied once the silence had stretched too long. “That is a nice choker, Pam… A gift from your lover?” He added while he tossed the pictures of Pam and Cale on his desk. Eric kept his eyes on Pam, monitoring her reaction to his knowledge of her indiscretion with the Queen of Virginia. He clenched his jaw as he noticed Pam’s eyes widen slightly in surprise while a flicker of shock spread across her face before she schooled her features into a nonchalant expression.

In that instant, it was clear to Eric that Pam wanted to keep him in the dark about her little affair with Queen Katherine Cale. She might not have gone to great lengths to hide it, but that was more than likely due to her own arrogance and belief no one would ever be able to uncover it. Still, Eric wasn’t sure whether Pam was supplying Katherine information on him for sinister purposes or if she was just too stupid to know to keep her mouth shut while she spread her legs.

“How did you get them?” Pam asked, feigning indignation. “They’re personal, my private pictures! You had no right to look through my things!” No one was supposed to know of her relationship with Katherine, at least not yet. They had plans to go public, but not for several months, not until all their plans were in place and no one would raise any objections or suspicions.

“I am your Maker,” Eric replied, deadly calm, making Pam shudder in fear. “I have every right to look through your things if I suspect you are attempting to betray me.” He could feel that Pam was hiding something, despite being over a hundred-years-old, she still hadn’t mastered the ability to hide her tells. She could fool humans and some Weres, but she was practically an open book when it came to vampires. He didn’t even need a connection to her by blood to know when she was lying.

“Betray you?!” Pam said, genuinely shocked that he would accuse her of such a thing. She would never betray her Maker; she loved him! Eric had saved her from a fate worse than death… Growing old. The former madam had feared ageing, watching her believed-stunning looks wither and wrinkle, “Eric, I would never…”

“A picture paints a thousand words, Pam,” Laelia cut in before Pam could descend into one of her long winded, ‘I love you more than anyone else’ speeches. Picking up one of the naked pictures, Laelia waved it in Pam’s face. “Then there’s all those lovely chats you two shared,” she added as she tossed the picture back on the desk and picked up one of the printed emails. “You’ve been sharing things about our Maker with the Queen of Virginia.”

Pam flicked her eyes between her Maker and sister, her mind whirling as she tried to make sense of just what she was being accused. She wasn’t betraying Eric; she was only trying to help him, trying to make things better. Why would Eric think I’m betraying him? She asked herself. I haven’t done anything to hurt him, I would never do that. Resting her gaze on Laelia, Pam narrowed her eyes as a thought popped into her head. This is her doing. She’s always pushing Eric to drive me away. She hates how close we are. It was due to her that Eric cut me off twenty-five years ago. Just because she went out on her own she thinks I should the same. She’s just jealous of me… “This is your doing,” she said, voicing her thoughts aloud. “You have no right to interfere in my life, or tell me who I can fuck…”

“I don’t care who you fuck, Pam,” Laelia interrupted before Pam got carried away. “You can fuck every monarch in the US and the Old World if you like, at the same time. You can put the skills you picked up from your old human profession to good use, and make a shitload of money. I don’t care who crawls between your legs, but I do care about you opening your big mouth and sharing secrets concerning my Maker to rival monarchs…” Snatching up an explicit-looking picture of Katherine off Eric’s desk, Laelia slapped it against Pam’s chest and added, “If you want to fuck that bitch, fine, you go ahead and have fun, but don’t tell her about Eric’s businesses here in New York, don’t tell her personal details about Eric, and don’t make promises you cannot keep!”

Laelia stared at Pam intently, making sure she understood what she said. Pam may have been her sister, but the gorgeous brunette wouldn’t stand back, allowing Pam to run rough shot over everything, doing as she pleased. Laelia would risk their Maker’s ire and put Pam in her place, neutralizing her if need be before she would ever let Pam weaken or hurt Eric. Breaking the gaze, Laelia turned her head slightly and moving her eyes to Eric, she inclined her head in a respectful nod, “If you will excuse me, Master, I will head over to the hotel and see that everything is ready and in place for later.” Seeing Eric nod in approval, Laelia gave him a warm smile and made her way to the door. She paused when she closed her hand around the door handle and looked over her shoulder, “Oh, and, Pam, I arranged for the ten thousand dollars you charged to the Níu Heimar account to be deducted from your share of the bar.” Laelia grinned at the look of anger that flashed across Pam’s face at her words before opening the door and walking through it.

“What?!” Pam screeched while she watched Laelia walk out of the office. “She had no right to do that! Eric…”

“Quiet!” Eric snapped, silencing his obnoxious child with a look. “You had no right to charge ten thousand dollars to the account for personal belongings! The business accounts are for business expenses only. If you want a new wardrobe, use your own money to buy it! Laelia only did what I would have done!” Eric was proud that his eldest child had taken the necessary steps to recover the money Pam had effectively stolen.

Pam pouted at Eric’s harsh words. She didn’t think it was fair that she had to work at the bar and pay her own way. Eric had promised to take care of her when he turned her, and, in her selfish way, she believed that meant he had to support her financially for eternity. She didn’t want to work at the bar! It was so beneath her! She expected to live a life of luxury due to being the King of New York’s child, she was practically a princess after all, or that’s what she told herself.

Eric shook his head at Pam’s continued childishness. It was beyond time she grew up; she was an adult in human terms when he turned her. In fact, at that time, women deemed middle-aged fell right into Pam’s category, and she was now over a century in vampire years. No longer was she a child and it was time for her to act her age. “If you continue with your underhanded and childish ways, I will simply buy your share of the bar and you will be forced to find employment elsewhere,” he warned gravely. Eric met Pam’s disbelieving look, letting her see he meant every word he said. “I do mean elsewhere, Pam. You will no longer be an employee in any of my businesses in New York. As it stands right now, I am considering hiring a new manager for the club, one who will oversee all the accounts so you will no longer have access to them. You will be relegated to either working the door or working behind the bar…”

“Eric…” Pam whined, interrupting him. He couldn’t do that to her! He couldn’t force her to work the floor, dealing with the vermin, just like any other employee. She was better than that! She was the manager, she ran the bar, and or rather, she bossed the staff around and made them do all the work…

“Enough, Pamela!” Eric growled, in no mood to hear her whining. “I will deal with your laziness and selfishness at the bar later! Right now all I want to know is why you have been in contact with Virginia, what you told her about me, and what you promised her.”

“Katherine is my lover,” Pam replied sulkily, crossing her arms over her chest. “We get together to fuck. She likes eating my pussy. I haven’t told her anything about…”

“Do not lie to me, Pam!” Eric snarled, slamming the papers detailing Virginia’s marriage offer down on his desk. “Virginia has information about my businesses, information that could have only come from the inside. As you said, you two get together to fuck, so I will only ask you one more time, Pamela, what did you tell Virginia about me?”

Pam thought about lying as she watched her Maker, but one look into Eric’s blazing eyes told her it was a bad idea. He wouldn’t hesitate to punish her if she lied. Although, at that moment, Pam doubted she’d receive punishment either way. She had shared inside information with her lover, Katherine, but she had only done it for her Maker’s benefit! She was trying to help him, to make his Kingdom stronger! An alliance with Virginia would only strengthen Eric and his Kingdom. Katherine was in a position to help Eric; the two of them together would be unstoppable! Pam didn’t mind sharing her lover with Eric, just like she didn’t mind sharing her Maker with her lover. The three of them could play together as often as they liked. As far as Pam was concerned, it was a win-win situation. An union between New York and Virginia would be for the good of everyone involved, especially Pam. If Eric pledged to Katherine, Pam would be in a better position. She would be the child and lover of the new vampire couple.

“I only told Katherine about how prosperous the businesses were, and where I believed they could improve,” Pam replied reluctantly. She told Eric how she had shared the businesses books with Katherine, as well as a few other personal tidbits. “I didn’t tell her anything really personal, Eric,” she added with a shrug. “Just how you prefer AB negative blood, and enjoy anal sex as well as multiple partners. I only told her what you like sexually. I didn’t tell her anything important or private.”

Eric had trouble believing what he was hearing. He always knew Pam could be selfish and childish, but he never thought she could be so stupid! She had shared the books for his businesses with the Queen of Virginia as well as informing her of his sexual proclivities, and she truly believed she hadn’t shared anything private or personal with the Queen! She had all but invited Katherine to move into his house and claim a spot in his bed.

Pam fidgeted nervously as the silence stretched between her and Eric. She wasn’t sure what she was expecting when he learned what she had done, although she had been hoping for a reward, but she knew that was unlikely. At least it was until Eric really thought about what she was trying to do. She was sure once he thought it all over and weighed everything, he would realize she was only trying to help and do what was best for him and his Kingdom. However, what she wasn’t prepared for was silence and it was making her uncomfortable. A quiet Eric was never a good thing, it usually meant he was plotting, and right then she was the only one in his crosshairs.

“Eric, if you think about it, you’ll see I was only doing what was best for you,” Pam continued once the silence became too much for her. “An alliance with Virginia will only make you stronger, a force to be reckoned with. You and Katherine will be great together, the perfect match. She enjoys it rough like you do; she has a right kinky side. You’ll be perfect together. I was doing it all for you…”

“You were doing it for yourself!” Eric growled, cutting off her excuses. He slammed his hand down on his desk hard as he glared at his selfish child. He may not have known his child as well as he thought, but he knew her well enough to know her actions deeply submerged in selfishness. She was trying to improve her own standing, a standing that wasn’t widely respected in the vampire world. Eric had no doubt that Pam had convinced herself she was doing what was best for her Maker, but in reality, she was only doing what was best for her. “You have been sharing details with a rival State about your monarch. Your actions could have weakened me personally, my businesses, and the vampires that reside in my State. Your stupidity could have cost us all dearly, Pam. It is clear to me you do not have the brains you were born with. You have betrayed your Maker and King, and that cannot go unpunished…”

“Eric!” Pam cried aghast. She had done no such thing! She would never betray Eric; he was everything to her! “I never…”

“Silence,” Eric snapped, sending a Maker’s command through their bond. He was in no mood to deal with her ridiculous justifications or feigned remorse. He had enough to deal with without having to tolerate her as well. Rising to his feet, Eric walked around his desk and moved to stand in front of his child. “You disappoint me, Pamela,” he said, letting her see the truth of his words on his face.

Eric reached for her arm, wrapped his large hand around it, gripped her tightly, and dragged her toward the door. He said nothing to her as he pulled her out of his office, down the corridor, and then down several flights of stairs toward the dungeons that housed a number of silver-lined cages.

Panic rose up within Pam when she realized where Eric was taking her. She had never been in one of the cages before personally; she had been present when he locked other rule-breaking vampires inside them. Pam loved watching vampires put behind bars, and she had spent many a joyful night down in the dungeons taunting the vampires, believing she was untouchable from any kind of retaliation.

CageEric yanked on Pam’s arm, dislocating her shoulder when he felt her try to get away. He ignored the burst of pain he felt through their bond, and instructed one his guards to open the cage at the far end of the dungeon. The cages were 7 feet by 6 feet, leaving little room to move about. The covered up floor, shielded with a thin, plastic sheet, barely a centimeter in thickness, offered little protection from the dangerous metal that was so harmful to vampires. Years of use had worn the plastic away in places and anyone placed in the cage had to be careful not to lie on an exposed part.

Fisting his hand in Pam’s blonde locks, Eric callously threw her into the cell, uncaring of the sizzle her skin made when it connected with the side of the cage. He flicked his hand at the cage door, silently telling the guard to close and lock it. “I will see you in a month, Pamela,” he said brusquely before turning his back to her and facing the guard. “She is not to be given any blood for the duration of her incarceration,” Eric informed the guard, knowing he would inform the others. “She has also been given a Maker’s command to remain silent, so you do not have to worry about her threatening you on my behalf.”

“Understood, Your Majesty,” the guard replied with a respectful bow. He was relieved that Pam received the command to remain silent, as he didn’t want to spend a month listening to her scream and threaten him with her Maker.

Eric nodded at the guard and made his way out of the dungeons, not bothering to spare Pam a second glance. As he made his way out of his palace, Eric silenced the bond he shared with Pam, for the next month she was on her own; he wouldn’t share her fear, pain, or hunger.

Calling his driver, Eric went over the things he needed to do before the first of the Summit guests would arrive as he waited for her to bring up his car. There was a long list of things to do, but he knew his Cabinet could handle everything. They were the best, after all. The top of his list was to make sure everything was well at The Gersemi. The first of the guests were due to arrive the next night, and he wanted to make sure security was as tight as Laelia said.

He nodded at his driver, Felicia, as she pulled the car up and hopped out to open the back door. Eric preferred driving himself, but having a driver made it easier for him to work while he traveled. Moreover, Felicia looked great in her chauffeur’s outfit and he often enjoyed having her in the back of the car with him for a quick fuck before or after he had to attend a meeting. She was a great stress reliever. “The Gersemi,” he ordered once he settled in the back. He needed to get back to work, Pam’s stupidity had opened up a whole new can of worms that could cause him some embarrassment and trouble, and he needed to prepare for anything.

I guess there really is no rest for the wicked.


28 thoughts on “Ride the Lightning: Chapter Four

  1. Eric thinking he’d rather fuck a silver glove to Amelia cracked me up. So glad I had already put my drink down!
    Is Pam really that stupid to not realize what kind of jeopardy she put Eric and his kingdom in?!?! Wow!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I loved writing that line. It cracked me up. Pam is blinded by her mistaken belief of superiority. In her tiny mind, she fails to realize many vampires are smarter and more cunning than her. It doesn’t even dawn on her that Queen Katherine Cale could be playing her. In Pam’s defense, I will say she didn’t stand a chance against the Queen. You’ll get to meet the Queen of Virginia soon, and you’ll see how out of her league Pam was.


      • Can’t wait to meet that Queen. Looking forward to how Eric reacts also. Can’t get over Pam’s inner thoughts about how she perceives herself! Pam just thinks everything she does is OK because she’s Eric’s child – it is time for a nasty wake up.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Pam lives in lala land. She sees things how she wants, and won’t let anyone tell her differently. You might meet Katherine in the next chapter. She might make an early appearance. I’ll let you in on a little secret… *Looks around to make sure no one is listening* She might be the one to give Pam that wake up call she so desperately needs.


    • You’ve nailed Pam perfectly. She thinks she knows what is best and refuses to let anyone tell her differently. She’s blinded by her own arrogance. I’m hoping to have another chapter done before the month is out.


  2. holy smokes! You would think after 100 years, Pam would know her Maker’s hot buttons a bit better. She’s as dumb as a wooden post –I’m surprised she hasn’t staked herself yet!

    Great update! Hope your muse has unpacked her bags and decides to stay awhile!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thanks for this update. ..
    Pam really doesn’t get It, doesn she!?
    She is so convinced she was doing Eric a favor spilling all that information to Queen Katherine!
    I do hope a month in a cage will help her.
    Now on to The Summit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.

      Nope, Pam doesn’t get it. She thinks she was doing the right thing, trying to strengthen her Maker’s Kingdom. In her tiny mind she was trying to help Eric. Of course the only person she was trying to help was herself, but she fails to see that.


  4. Wow, I just love how you torture Pam. But, something tells me we haven’t seen or heard the last of her. 😉 I can’t wait for more. I really enjoy all of your stories. I think this is the first time I’ve left a note here. It certainly won’t be the last. patsy

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  6. Hi! I love reading your stories!

    I’m glad Eric was able to find out about Pam’s betrayal in time. Now he can fix the damage she has done to his kindom. I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of tour story as it develops. Thank you for sharing it.

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  7. We usually get a very supportive and trustworthy vampire in Pamela, which is typically canon, but I am seeing a bit of the whiny, childish Pam which was brought to life in the show. I am intrigued by the extremely immature picture you paint of this Pam; can’t wait to see how “royally” she fucks herself in the future. Was only ever impressed by the humorous one-liners they gave to her on the show, but not by her selfishness when it came to Eric’s happiness being gained outside of the Maker-Child bond. Show Pam should have been put in a silver cell a few times, IMHO.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Perfect punishment. Unfortunately Pam doesn’t seem to have a clue what damage she’s done. This is beyond selfish – this is really stupid. Glad to see an update for this story.


  9. Glad Eric has a child who is loyal. Pam is such a twit. Glad she’s being punished for the summit time so Eric doesn’t have to deal with her……… although I wonder if Virginia will try to get her out.


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