Torn to Shreds Chapter Three

As Eric’s words washed over her, Freyda felt her anger returning. She knew there was a truth to what he said. His actions made her a laughing stock; she knew Eric hadn’t been happy when she made the contract with Appius – no one, regardless of their age, was happy to be under the control of another – but she foolishly believed she could temper Eric. She had also been counting on Appius’ help; between the two of them, she had been confident of her abilities to tame the Viking, or rather, exploit his reputation for her own gain. With Eric by her side, Freyda believed she could put in a stronger showing and maybe claim more power. What she not expected was for Appius to meet the true death and Eric to be so hostile leaving her with no way to control him.

Freyda cursed Appius for meeting the true death and leaving her without a way to control Eric. If he had still been there all it would have taken was a simple command for Eric to become the perfect husband and protector she was promised. Although some children will always find a way to disrespect their Maker, she realized as she turned to face her own child. As she stared at Marietta, she recalled the scene she walked in upon; she could still hear the sound of flesh slapping together as Eric pounded into her and Marietta’s cries for more.

“Mistress, please,” Marietta begged, seeing the murderous look in Freyda’s eyes.

Freyda let out a scream as she flew at her child; grabbing her by the hair, she yanked her to her feet and backhanded her, before throwing her across the room. Freyda watched with grim satisfaction as Marietta crashed into a glass display cabinet. Her whimpers of pain brought a smile to Freyda’s face as shards of glass cut into her child’s naked flesh. Leaping across the room, Freyda tackled Marietta to the floor. She pushed down hard on her back, grinding Marietta’s body into the glass; the smell of her child’s spilt blood was driving her crazy. Wrapping her hand into Marietta’s hair, Freyda pushed her child’s face down, rubbing her face on the glass-covered carpet, tearing it open.

Flipping her over, Freyda straddled Marietta’s waist, uncaring of the glass that cut into her knees. Picking up a large shard, she slid it over Marietta’s collarbone and down the valley between her breasts, before circling her right nipple. She watched the blood pouring from the wounds as she sliced her open. Bending forward, Freyda lapped at it, taking her child’s blood into her. Her fangs snapped down, and she scraped them over Marietta’s breast.

Wrapping her hand around the shard of glass, blood trickled as the glass tore her own hand open. Clutching it tightly, she raised it above her head. She watched as her blood dripped onto Marietta’s breast; her eyes fixed on the growing pool of blood.

“Mistress, please.”

“Are you begging, child?” Freyda sneered. “You do seem to be good at that. You begged my husband to fuck you like a dirty little whore.”

“It wasn’t like that, Mistress,” Marietta cried.

“But it was. Did you think you’d get away with it? That I wouldn’t find out?”

“Mistress, please. I was seduced by his charms.”

“Don’t lie to me!” Freyda shouted. Bringing the shard of glass down hard, she plunged into Marietta’s breast, twisting it, gouging at her flesh, trying to cause as much pain as possible.

“AHHH!” Marietta screamed.

Freyda dug it into Marietta’s chest, tearing her open, her blood coating her hands. Jumping off her, Freyda grabbed Marietta by the hair and dragged her to her feet. Marietta stumbled in her Maker’s hold as she was pulled across the room. Throwing her on the bed, Freyda climbed on after her and straddled her back; she rubbed Marietta face in the mess left behind from her and Eric’s coupling.

“You think you can fuck my husband in my bed and get away with it?” Freyda screamed.

“No!” Marietta cried.

Turning her over, Freyda pinned Marietta’s arms above her head and glared down at her hatefully. “I should end you for this you treacherous little whore.”

“Forgive me, please,” Marietta begged. “I was weak; I couldn’t resist.”

“Forgive you?” Freyda sneered.

“Please,” Marietta pleaded. “I will do anything you ask.”

“You will anyway,” Freyda replied. “But you have proven you can’t be trusted.”

“I can, I swear. I promise I won’t ever betray you.”

“You already have.”

“I will make it up to you. I will help you gain vengeance on Northman. We will make him pay.”

“Now, why would you wish to make Eric pay?” Freyda asked.

“He humiliated you, my Queen.”

“He’s been doing that for the last twelve years and that didn’t stop you spreading your legs for him like the cheap whore….” A cruel smile spread over Freyda’s face. “You thought he cared about you.”

“II…” Marietta stuttered, unable to deny it.

Mocking laughter filled the room as Freyda stared down at her child. “Poor deluded little Marietta,” she mocked. “You thought you were special. Did you think he’d make you his Queen one day? But instead you found out you were just the latest in a long line of whores. You meant nothing to him. Less than nothing. You were just a hole in which to shove his cock.”

“He fooled me,” Marietta cried, humiliation coloring her words.

“No, Marietta. You fooled yourself,” Freyda countered. “Northman feels nothing for you. You were nothing but a pawn to him, a body to fuck and a way to humiliate me. He used you. He disgraced you. He made you nothing more than a whore. Did you enjoy being his whore?”

“Mistress, please, stop,” Marietta pleaded. “I was foolish. I was seduced by his charm.”

“He can be charming,” Freyda mused, recalling the numerous times she had seen him charm a roomful of people. It always irked her to watch him work his charm, as he never directed it at her. “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t chain you in silver for the next eighty-eight years?” Freyda asked, turning her attention back to Marietta. “You touched something that is mine.”

“I was weak. Whenever I was in his presence, I was overcome by his charm, by his power. I didn’t want to betray you my Queen, but I was unable to resist him. He’she’s the devil, Mistress. He caught me in his web.”

The words did nothing to douse Freyda’s anger; she saw them for what they were: lies to try and soothe her wounded pride. She had to agree with Marietta on one thing though: Eric Northman was the devil. A dangerous glint entered her eyes as her lips curled into a cruel smile. She swore she would make Eric pay and her treacherous child would help her, and she knew just how to do that. A plan began to form in her head that would bring the Viking to his knees.

“You wish to help your Queen make Northman pay?” she asked as she sat up.


“You will do everything I ask?” Freyda asked, “Well, you’ll do everything I ask, regardless if you want to or not.”

“I will serve you faithfully, my Queen,” Marietta replied. “I won’t let you down again.”

“Maybe I won’t silver you after all,” Freyda mused. “If you prove to me your loyalty, I may forgive you.”

“I will do anything,” Marietta assured.

Climbing off her, Freyda stood at the bottom of the bed and stared at Marietta. “Find me the girl,” she ordered. “Find me Northman’s whore. Find her and I will overlook your treachery.”

“It will be my pleasure.”

Reaching forward, Freyda grabbed Marietta by the hair, yanked her off the bed and threw her to the floor before sitting down on the edge of it. She eyed her child with contempt as she cowered on the floor. She regretted turning her. She clearly had no loyalty or backbone. She should have stood by her Maker and Queen instead of whoring herself out to Eric.

Freyda could feel the fear in Marietta as she braced herself for what she was going to do to her. Deciding to play with her, “Crawl to me,” she ordered, loving the look of humiliation on Marietta’s face as she crawled on her hands and knees towards her. Leaning back on her elbows, Freyda spread her legs wide as she lifted her the skirt of her dress. “Now, show me how sorry you are. Please your Mistress.”

Freyda let her head fall back as Marietta went to work between her legs. Moans spilled from her lips, but only partly due to Marietta’s talented tongue. She would soon turn the tables on the Viking. Soon it would be his head buried between her thighs. Once she had her hands on his whore, Eric would bend to her will. If he wants to keep his precious human safe, he’d do as she said. Freyda’s moans grew louder as she thought of all that she’d make Eric do. She’d chain him to her bed and force him to fuck her whenever she saw fit. He would make her his Queen and if he refused, she’d torture Sookie in front of him. She’d chain him in silver and make him watch while she fucked the girl, and then she’d chain her up and make her watch while she fucked Eric. She’d whore his little slut out to anyone who wanted her, and make Eric watch as they defiled her body in any way they wanted. Freyda screamed as Marietta brought her to completion.

“Eric was right about one thing,” Freyda said as she sat up. “You’re talented with your tongue. I’ll have to put it to use more often. Now go and get cleaned upOh, Marietta…”

“Yes, Mistress,” Marietta said, pausing by the door.

“Don’t think for one second I have forgiven you for your betrayal. I may not chain you in silver and beat you like I originally planned, but you will be punished.”

“Mistress?” Marietta questioned.

“Seeing how you enjoyed whoring yourself out to Northman, I shall treat you as one. Every night you rise in my palace, you will come to my throne room straight away. Once there, you will remove all your clothing and crawl on your hands and knees to me, and then you will please your Queen in front of everyone. As your Maker, I command you.”

“Mistress,” Marietta whimpered.

“Also, until you find the girl, you’re not allowed any kind of release. You won’t allow anyone to touch you sexually, you won’t touch yourself, and you won’t touch anyone other than me unless I order otherwise. You will also drink nothing but synthetic. Now get out of my sight.”

Freyda could feel the hatred Marietta held for her through their Maker/child bond as she watched her scurry away. She made a note to tighten her control of her wayward child; she wouldn’t risk being betrayed by her again. She would use her Maker’s command to force obedience from her. She wouldn’t let Marietta’s silly feelings get in her way. She would get her revenge on them all, all those who laughed at her, those who mocked her, and those who disrespected her. She would make Eric and his bitch child kneel before her. She would have to play it smart as not to tip her hand. She knew Eric would be furious when he found out what she had done. He would react in a typical vampire fashion: with rage and violence, a violence he would direct towards Marietta. Freyda had no qualms about sacrificing her child. She would let Eric destroy Marietta before playing her hand and by the time she did it would be too late. The girl would be hers and Eric would have no choice but to accept her as his one true Queen.

It’s good to be Queen, Freyda thought as she stretched on her bed.


Four Months Later

“I want to know everything she knows,” Eric barked down the phone before disconnecting the call. “Fucking whore,” he swore, throwing his phone against the wall before stalking through his royal residence. His guards and donors had the good sense to get out of his way. In the eleven years he had been King, they had never seen him so angry, and none of them wanted to risk getting in his way and becoming a target of that anger.

Eric barged through the door to Pam’s room, uncaring of how he might find her. He could tell through their bond she was entertaining, but right then he didn’t care if she had her head buried between someone’s thighs or if they had their head buried between hers.

“I’ll be with you in one moment, Eric,” Pam drawled from between the legs of a shapely redhead.

“Now, Pam,” Eric growled.

“Really, Eric, I won’t be long. Surely you can wait; why don’t you get your cock sucked while you wait. Andrea here will do it. Won’t you, dear?”

“Yes, Master,” Andrea moaned, licking her lips.

Stalking forward, Eric grabbed Andrea by the arm and yanked her up. Dragging her to the door, he threw her out before slamming it shut. “When I say now, I mean now,” he growled.

“What crawled up your ass and died?” Pam asked as she turned and sat on the edge of the bed.

“I just heard from my spy at Freyda’s,” Eric replied pacing back and forth.

“What has the demented harpy done now?” Pam asked with a sigh. She wished Eric would find a way to kill her and be done with her once and for all. Having her be a part of their lives for the last twelve years had been eleven years too long. Pam found her amusing for about five minutes. Now she just found her pathetic and undeserving of her maker.

“She is looking for Sookie.”

“What?” Pam snarled jumping to her feet. “I’ll kill the bitch myself.”

Eric smiled at the anger in his child’s tone, it didn’t matter how many years passed, Pam was still as protective of Sookie as she ever was. His former bonded managed to burrow her way inside of Pam’s cold, dead heart – despite Pam’s best efforts to stop her.

“According to Christian, Freyda has had Marietta looking for Sookie for months…”

“And he’s only just telling us,” Pam interrupted.

“He has only just found out,” Eric replied, glaring at Pam for interrupting him. “He said Freyda has been more secretive in the last four months than usual, which is a surprise in itself, but she’s shown no signs that she was up to anything. Other than humiliating Marietta….”

“Because you fucked her,” Pam added helpfully.

“Christian only discovered what they were up to this evening as he overheard Marietta reporting to Freyda,” Eric continued ignoring Pam’s interruption. “She is finding it difficult to locate Sookie.”

“I’m not surprised. We couldn’t find her when we looked for her,” Pam remarked.

“Yes, it seems my Sookie is most skilled at hiding,” Eric said proudly.

“Compton is still pouting that he couldn’t find her,” Pam said smirking.

Eric smiled as he recalled the sour look on the younger vampires face when he returned to Louisiana after one of his searches proved fruitless, years ago. He had actually given up looking for her now.

“But I fear Sookie won’t be able to hide for much longer,” Eric said his smile slipping into a frown. “Freyda is determined to find her, and sooner or later she will succeed.”

“Why now?” Pam asked, “Why is Freyda looking for Sookie now? What caused her to search for her now? Why not ten years ago?”

“That might be my fault.”

“Why? What did you do?”

“During my last meeting with Freyda, things got a little heated…”

“When you fucked her child,” Pam snarked.

“Stop interrupting me and just listen,” Eric growled. “Things got heated after she walked in on me balls deep in Marietta. She demanded that I start treating her as my wife and Queen. She claimed I owed her, that if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be King. So I told her the truth about why I took de Castro’s head and throne.”

“You told her you did it for Sookie…” Pam paused as she thought about it, knowing her Maker like she did. She groaned as she realized just what he told Freyda. “You told her you wished you did it before you pledged to her, didn’t you? You told her you would have made Sookie your Queen.” She didn’t even need Eric to answer to know he had. “Oh, Eric. How could you be so stupid?”

“Watch your mouth, Pam. Although it was true what I said, I shouldn’t have said it,” Eric admitted. “But I didn’t think Freyda would be foolish enough to go after Sookie. She has shown no interest in her since we pledged.” But even as he said it, he realized how stupid he had been. In his desperate attempt to move on from Sookie he had blinded himself from the truth that others, like his crazed, humiliated wife, would want her. He never dealt with her loss, choosing to lose himself and his grief in nameless, faceless whores. His pain at losing her had hindered his ability to see the danger others posed for her. It felt like a kick in the gut as Eric realized he had failed Sookie; in his need to humiliate Freyda, he had placed her in danger.

“Because in Freyda’s twisted mind, she won. You left Sookie for her…”

“I did not leave Sookie for her. Appius forced me away,” Eric interrupted growling.

“That doesn’t matter to Freyda. She had you. You were hers: her husband. Yes, you’ve spent years humiliating her, but she overlooked that because she had you. But now you’ve told her given the realization that you would make another woman – and a human at that – Queen, when you won’t even let her in the same room when you’re making plans for your states.”

“Because I don’t trust her,” Eric defended.

“Neither do I,” Pam agreed, “and she has no business being part of the running of your states. But she has never accepted that. She thought because she was a Queen and your wife, it was her right to participate and you denied her repeatedly. Now you tell her you would allow a human to assist you in ruling your states. I think she’s finally realized how much you despise her.”

“Only just realized,” Eric scoffed. “I have made no secret how I feel about her.”

“Fucking her donors, pets, guards, and child is nothing compared to telling her she’ll be second to a human forever.”

“Second? She doesn’t even make the top hundred,” Eric said. “Compton rates higher than her.”

“You really do hate her,” Pam shuddered.

“She forced me to leave Sookie, and now she is hunting her. Hate is not a strong enough word.”

“What are you going to do?” Pam asked.

“Find her.”


“Find her, Pam. Use all our contacts, call in old favors, I don’t care how you find her. Just do it.”

“What of Freyda?” Pam questioned.

“I’ll take care of her. I won’t allow her to hurt Sookie in any way. Not anymore.”

“What about the contract?” Pam asked. “You told me you couldn’t have a relationship with Sookie due to it.”

“A relationship, Pam: a physical, sexual one. It doesn’t say I can’t contact her. Freyda can’t stop that,” Eric explained. “I will be damned if I do nothing while Freyda hunts Sookie.”


“Find her, Pam,” Eric ordered. “Find my wife.”


16 thoughts on “Torn to Shreds Chapter Three

  1. Finally Eric is getting his head out of his butt and his cock out of the whores long enough to see the big picture. He better start strategizing and get to Sookie first, or he’ll have more than 88 years with that vile Queen-Wife of his –he’ll suffer eternity if Fredya turns Sookie….


  2. Another thought. Since Desmond Catalaides is Sookie’s “sponsor” and she’s had some demon blood, is it possible for him to track Sookie? Would he even do it for Sookie. Was he the lawyer responsible for setting up Sookie’s accounts and false identity papers? Hmmmm…..


  3. I love this story and it is great to have you back .Eric needs Sookie in his life and he needs to get rid of that Bitch .
    I do hope you that we can see some light on some of your other stories you are so good I can not stop reading and rereading all of your stories .Thank you for making my day a lot better.Please keep up the great work.





  5. Wherever could Sookie have gone..she had to have help to cover her tracks so well. And finally Eric realizes that Freyda is psychotic enough to go after her since she is the only thing that would make Eric give in to her insane obsession. I am enjoying this so much, there are only a handful of stories written about what might happen if Eric can’t get out of that cursed contract Appius made. And I hope you will get back to your other stories at some point, they are all so good.


  6. Poor Sookie she has managed to stay hidden for all this time now all of a sudden they are after her again. Although I can’t imagine she has been living quietly somewhere hidden away, that just wouldn’t be like Sookie she is after all a trouble magnet. The only way she could have a quite life is to find somewhere with almost no Supes. Like Bon Temps before the Great Revelation.


  7. well damn, Freyda has sped up her assholery and looking for Sookie. Eric better pick up on his game.. i figure Sookie spoke with Mr C fr new paperwork but he is keeping her confidence. wonder if she went to his windy shithole to live… KY


  8. Freyda is just all kinds of nasty.

    Oh Eric you really just gave Freyda all the ammunition she needed. I hope Pam finds Sookie first. Also I assumed Eric never would have stopped looking for her.


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