Ride the Lightning: Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

Sookie groaned in frustration as she pushed another pile of papers to the side. Ever since she had learned of the vampire summit two and a half months earlier, Sookie had been immersing herself in research. She was as ready as she would ever be physically; she knew she could handle anything thrown at her, but that didn’t stop the nervous tension that was building in her as the nights ticked by and the summit grew closer. She had been waiting for the moment for so long; she swore she wasn’t going to fuck it all up by going in unprepared.

“You should be sleeping, little one,” Warlow said chidingly when he stepped into the meeting room. He knew Sookie was eager to get her revenge, but he didn’t want to see her hurting herself in the process. He hadn’t forgotten how she barely slept when he had first brought her to his home in Ireland, and on the rare nights she did, she would often wake screaming from a night terror. It had taken several months for Sookie to be able to get at least five hours of uninterrupted sleep a night, and a few more after that until she slept peacefully throughout the entire night. The last thing he wanted was for her to relapse. If he thought he could have gotten away with it, he would have hunted down every piece of filth who dared to touch his Dark Angel and slaughter them all.

“I’m too wired to sleep,” Sookie admitted, letting out a small huff as she tossed some more papers to the side. Turning her head so she could see Warlow more clearly, she gave him one of her warm smiles as she added, “I know you’re worried, but I’m not going back to that dark place. Doing this…” She waved her hand toward the pile of papers on the table, “is helping me focus. I don’t know how to explain it clearly, but while it’s frustrating as hell, it’s also keeping me grounded…”

Warlow nodded, understanding what she was trying to say. Researching everything regarding the summit was keeping Sookie’s mind busy and allowing her to take control of everything. He knew Sookie was aware that once they arrived in New York she would have to take a step back and let him lead for appearance’s sake. As much as they all hated it, Sookie would be under the guise of his assistant/pet once the summit began. It would give her the protection she needed against any vampires who thought to take her as their own. No one would ever again lay a hand on his Dark Angel against her will.

Warlow stroked a hand through Sookie’s tousled locks and smiled at her before turning his gaze to the papers. He had to admit she was certainly thorough in her research; she had even managed to attain blueprints for the hotel where the summit was being held. “What is all this?” He asked waving his hand at the four piles of pictures she had separated.

“That is my own personal little database,” Sookie answered, a genuine smile lighting up her face as they looked at the piles of pictures. “It’s my ‘who gets to live’, ‘who’s going to die’ database. That snivelling, little prick Compton created the vampire database for his bitch of a queen as you know to make her money, well; I’m using it as a hit list.” Pointing to the pile on the far left, she added, “The vampires in that pile are all on death row. Those are the ones who abused me, and then whored me out. Their death warrants have been signed and their executions are pending…”

Warlow fought back a growl when he picked up the pictures in the first pile. He knew from his conversations with Sookie the abuse she had suffered and some of them who had hurt her, but seeing their faces caused his protective instincts to rise up inside him. His Dark Angel had a good memory, and she remembered the faces of every single person who had hurt her, even though she wasn’t aware of all their names. The bastards might have thought they were being clever by concealing their true identities, but the fact that she couldn’t be glamoured meant fake names were pointless given that she knew their ugly faces.

As he shuffled through the pictures, Warlow sneered at some of the faces he recognized. He couldn’t say he was surprised to see some of them, even if Sookie hadn’t told him of their crimes he still would have suspected them. The likes of de Castro, Leclerq, some of the snivelling, little shits she called children, and Madden were well known for their cruelty, even more so ever since Nevada and Louisiana pledged to each other. Opportunely, the fact they were pledged would only assist Sookie and help turn suspicion away from others. It wouldn’t be hard to make it look as if they had killed each other in an attempt to seize the other’s territory.

Rising to her feet, Sookie took a step to her left, moved slightly in front of Warlow, and took the pictures out of his hand. She laid them out on the table and pointed to the picture of de Castro. “He was my second Master. I was sold to him by the bastards who first took me,” she said, revealing a little more of her past to Warlow. She knew he was aware of most of what she suffered, but there were some things she had only revealed to Neave, and other things she hadn’t told anyone. Warlow knew about most of the vampires who had abused her, but he didn’t know the full details. “He was the first one who tried to break me. The ones who first had me were only interested in my blood and fucking me. He enjoyed my pain; he loved trying to make me scream…” Moving to the next picture, Sookie tapped her nail on the smug-looking face of Victor Madden. “Madden loved encouraging his King. He would offer de Castro suggestions of what to do to me. It was Madden who broke my legs after I tried to escape…” Sookie clenched her hands into fists and tried to force down her rage while she remembered Madden laughing hysterically as he broke her legs. She would never forget the look of pure joy on his face when he did it, nor would she ever forget how after he did it he forced her broken legs open and raped her. She would never forget the pain she felt as they left her legs untreated for an entire night while Madden and de Castro raped her repeatedly. The pain had been so great that, at one point, she had passed out, but that hadn’t stopped them from taking what they wanted from her. “A quick death is too good for him,” she added darkly, wanting to make him suffer worse than de Castro.

Warlow could feel the need to hunt Madden down and rip him to pieces surface within him. He wanted to strip the skin off the oily vampire inch by inch, and then dunk him in liquid silver. “I should be able to arrange to have him kidnapped during the summit,” he offered, laying a gentle hand on her shoulder. He was pleased when Sookie didn’t flinch at his touch like she was prone to when talking about her past. “If you desire to make him suffer as he made you suffer, I can help you with that.”

“I do,” Sookie said firmly. Out of all the vampires who had hurt her, Madden was the one she wanted to suffer the most. Well, Madden and Sophie-Anne Leclerq. Those two were the worst of the worse. They were the real monsters. Moving her gaze to the pictures of the condemned again, Sookie picked up the glossy shot of the Queen of Louisiana. If there was one vampire she hated more than all the others, it was Sophie-Anne. Her hatred for the redhead surpassed even what she felt for Madden. While Madden was cruel, Sophie-Anne was sadistic. As long as she lived, Sookie knew she would never forget the sound of Sophie-Anne’s cackling laughter. “As much as I want her to suffer like she made me suffer, and die as painfully as possible, I want her dead more. I don’t want to live in a world where Sophie-Anne continues to exist…”

“Sookie…” Warlow said softly, sensing the pain inside her. He had given Sookie his blood several months after she had first come to stay with him in Ireland, and again just three months ago. He would never bond with Sookie; both because neither of them wanted it, and his bond with his wife would never allow it. However, while not having a full bond, Sookie and Warlow did have a blood tie that made it possible for him to feel her and sense her location if needed.

Sookie stared at the picture of Sophie-Anne, wishing she could erase every mention of the twisted Queen from existence. Through everything she had suffered, for all the tortures inflicted upon her, no one had come as close as Sophie-Anne to breaking Sookie. The redheaded bitch had taken great pleasure in trying to break the blonde, and she never cared who or what she had to use to do it. “De Castro gave me to Sophie-Anne as a wedding present,” Sookie said, her mind travelling back to New Orleans and the Queen’s court while she revealed more of her past to her most trusted friend. “The bitch welcomed me to her State by having me strip naked in her pool room, crawl to her, and eat her out in front of the vampires from both Louisiana and Nevada. She had her children fuck me from behind, one after the other while I was forced to please her repeatedly. Once they were all done, she made me sit by her feet with their cum dripping out of me for the rest of the night…” She took a deep breath as she recalled some of the torture she suffered in Louisiana. There were some things she hadn’t even told Neave, although the redheaded fairy wasn’t aware of that. Neave believed she knew all that had happened to Sookie.

“I wasn’t allowed to wear any clothes the first week I was at her palace,” she continued, her voice becoming detached as she revealed more. “She had me fitted for a collar, and that was all I was allowed to wear. Sophie-Anne would take hold of the leash and lead me around her compound completely naked for all to see…” That was one of Sophie-Anne more lenient treatments. The Queen was a big fan of public whippings, and Sookie was her favorite person to whip. “She would punish me for the most minimal of infractions, but instead of carrying out each punishment right away, she would let them build until they were many, and then the real fun would start…” Sookie trailed off as memories of Sophie-Anne’s games rose up in her mind.

Sensing the blonde’s emotions, Warlow carefully turned her around so she was facing him, and cupped her face in his large hands. It was times like these that he wished he could glamour her and take away her pain. He hated to see her hurting, but he knew before everything was said and done she would hurt again. He wanted to protect her, but he was smart enough to know he couldn’t. Pain was a part of life, and while Sookie had suffered worse than most, she had survived and was stronger for it. “You do not have to tell me if you don’t want to, mo aingeal dorcha,” he said gently stroking her cheek with his thumb. “You know no one will force you to do things you do not want to here.”

“I know,” Sookie replied softly, gifting him with a sweet smile. In the years she had been there, no one had ever tried to force themselves on her or demand she give them something of herself that she didn’t want to or couldn’t. Warlow and Neave had given her back control of her life, and she would be forever grateful to them. She trusted them even after learning that trust was not something to be given freely or without thought. They had never betrayed her trust, and now they were risking their own safety to help her gain her revenge.

“If speaking of your past causes you pain…”

“It’s not pain I feel when I think about it,” Sookie said, cutting him off. She made no attempt to move, finding strength and comfort in his embrace. “It’s anger I feel, hatred. It consumes me like you once warned me it would. They all took things from me that I will never get back. They took my innocence, and I don’t mean my virginity although they took that as well, but they took my ability to trust, to see the good in people. They changed the way I see things and people.” Sookie paused and took a deep breath. She held it in and counted to ten before slowly exhaling, the way Neave had taught her. The anger she felt for her abusers had never really diminished, she had just learned to channel and control it, but she knew she would never find peace until they all paid for their crimes.

Moving her hands to Warlow’s waist, Sookie rested them there, tilted her head back slightly, and stared up at her savior. She owed him more than she could ever repay, yet she knew he wouldn’t accept anything from her. In his eyes, there was no debt. He just did what any decent person would have done. It was a shame others didn’t see it the same way, if they had, she could have been rescued much sooner. Dropping her hands, Sookie turned around again and stared at the pictures she had laid out on the table. Ten years ago, she wouldn’t have thought she was capable of feeling the kind of hatred she felt for them, but back then she had been extremely naïve, shockingly so, considering she was a telepath. At least that was one thing she had managed to keep concealed. It had been a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. Not one of the bastards who abused her had ever discovered her gift.

“They all tried to break me,” Sookie said, picking up her story. “De Castro, Madden, Sophie-Anne, each one of them tried. De Castro tried to break me through my body. He would cut me, drain me almost to the point of death, rape me, beat me, but he never did. He failed to realize my mind was stronger than my body. The thing with de Castro was that he was possessive. In his mind I was his, and he wouldn’t let anyone else have me. At least not in the beginning, though he eventually shared me with Madden, but that was only after I tried to escape. Madden was rewarded for foiling my escape attempt. Even then Madden was never allowed to play with me on his own, de Castro always had to be there to witness or join in the fun…” Picking up the picture of de Castro, Sookie fought the urge to rip it to shreds and then set it on fire. While his possessiveness worked to her advantage during her time in Nevada, it prevented her being raped by all his vampires; it never protected her from the King. He still used her body whenever he wanted for his pleasure, and it never stopped Madden from giving him helpful suggestions…

“Your Majesty, if I might, perhaps your blood whore would prefer to be cut instead of bitten,” Victor said, his tone oily as he addressed his King. He sneered at Sookie as she kneeled before de Castro as ordered. 

“A fine suggestion, Victor,” Felipe replied, giving his second a nod of approval… 

Sookie cracked her neck while Victor’s slimy voice sounded in her head. Oh, how she hated the sound of it, she could always hear the insincerity in it, regardless of what he was saying. Closing her eyes, Sookie tried to force that memory away, it was one of her tamer ones, but it was one she hated. She would never forget the feel of Victor’s arm around her chest holding her in place while de Castro ran a sharp blade over her body. The bastard took extra care not to cut her until he passed her belly, and then he had cut her just above her sex, letting her blood trickle down between her legs before he had taken his meal, clearing her of her blood.

Warlow rubbed his hands down Sookie’s arm, offering her comfort. He had seen what de Castro and Madden had done to her in her mind, and the urge to hunt the bastards down to cut them into little pieces was hard to resist. The ancient vampire had done many unspeakable, evil things in his six thousand years as a vampire, he had hurt innocents and killed them, but most of the despicable things he had done had been at the behest of his twisted Maker. He wouldn’t lie and say everything he had done was because of her, but the majority was. She enjoyed torturing him by making him hurt innocents.

“Eventually de Castro got tired of me,” Sookie continued with a humorless chuckle. The King of Nevada was like a child in some ways, he found a new toy he preferred and he lost all interest in his previous favorite. “So he gave me to Sophie-Anne, and my life became even worse. It was that bitch who whored me out, for money, for favors, and sometimes just because it amused her. She enjoyed watching me get fucked. She isolated me from everyone, not physically, but mentally, emotionally. She encouraged the other donors to report me when I broke one of their rules, and she would reward them for it, meaning I couldn’t drop my guard around any of them. A few times she allowed the donors to dole out my punishment, not often though, because she usually let her vampires punish me. The bitch would make a game out of it…” Sookie dug her nails into her palms as she heard Sophie-Anne’s shrill voice in her head, announcing one of her games. “Her favorite game was the whipping raffle…”

Stepping to the side, Sookie moved away from Warlow and started to slowly circle the table. She couldn’t stay still; she needed to keep moving while the memories of being restrained rose up inside of her again. She never forgot and never would, but she had so many bad memories that sometimes some of them slipped into the back of her mind, and she was able to lose focus of them. However, whenever the memory of Sophie-Anne’s whipping raffle invaded her mind and took center stage, she needed to be in a constant state of motion.

Warlow watched as Sookie paced. Her mind was jumping all over the place and he worried that she was slipping back into a dark place. He hated to see her in any kind of distress. He wanted to see her laugh and smile. He wanted her to be happy, but he knew that would never really happen until she laid her ghosts to rest. More accurately, until she made her abusers actual ghosts.

“… She would have one of her vampires restrain me. She had a whipping post and she would have it brought into her ballroom, cause my punishments should always be in public,” Sookie continued, her tone rising slightly as anger crept into her voice. “She would have them bind by hands and then put a spreader bar between my legs so I wouldn’t squirm or try to avoid the whip…”

As he listened to her talk, Warlow could see one of her memories play out in her head. He felt disgusted when he heard Sophie-Anne’s voice in Sookie’s head instructing someone to remove Sookie’s clothing…


Four and a Half Years Earlier

“Diane, remove my pet’s dress,” Sophie-Anne ordered as she sat down on her throne and leaned back. “I don’t want anything getting in the way of her punishment.” The redhead smiled while she watched the dark-skinned vampire step up behind Sookie and rip the dress from her, exposing her body to the gaze of the vampires present. Sophie-Anne knew many of them wanted her pet, she could see the hungry look in their eyes, smell their arousal, but none of them would touch her in such a way that night.

Sookie forced herself to remain still and not react when she felt the dress ripped from her body. She was used to being naked in front of the vampires of the Court, so nudity no longer bothered her. They could look all they wanted, it was touching she had a problem with. She knew from experience she was about to be in for a world of pain, and she wouldn’t make it worse for herself by mouthing off and drawing more of Sophie-Anne’s ire. The bitch Queen would only increase her punishment if she did. Sookie had learned when to pick her battles.

“You are all here tonight to witness the punishment of my pet, Giselle,” Sophie-Anne said, using the name she had gifted Sookie when she had arrived at the palace years prior. “My pet broke many of the rules that are enforced here at my palace and disrespected me. As a punishment, I have sentenced her to forty lashes…” The Queen grinned when she heard murmurs of approval from some of her loyal subjects. They all wanted to see Sookie punished as well, and she was happy to give them want they wanted. “I am a giving and loving Queen. I reward those who deserve it just as I punish those who think they can break my rules…” 

Oh, for fucks sake, Sookie snorted silently. Do we have to go through this every fucking time? You say the same shit every fucking time. At times Sookie wasn’t sure what was worse, Sophie-Anne’s prattling or being whipped. They were both painful. Tell everyone you’ve put their names in a bowl and then pick out a couple of winners… 

“… Now, as a reward for all of your hard work and loyalty, I have placed your names in a glass bowl,” Sophie-Anne continued, repeating the speech she gave every month. Most of the people present knew her speech by heart, it never changed. They all pretended to hang on her every word while she explained the rules of her raffle before dipping her hand into the bowl and picking out the first winner. “William T. Compton,” she announced.  

Sookie grimaced when the name was called. He was the last vampire she wanted anywhere near her. The poor excuse for a vampire had been aching to get his hands on the blonde ever since she arrived at the palace, but his every attempt had been thwarted, much to Sookie’s delight. There was something about Bill that screamed psycho to the blonde. In a palace with many donors, Bill had an unhealthy fixation on Sookie, he practically stalked her. Winning Sophie-Anne’s raffle would assuredly put him in a good mood, which would not bode well for Sookie.

A huge smile spread across Bill’s face when Sophie-Anne called out his name. Finally! I can finally get my hands on the little cock tease. She thinks she can strut around her in her skimpy outfits, teasing me, and then denying me. No, I will make her sorry. He was just about to step forward and accept the whip when a voice carried over the room, stopping him.

“With all due respect, Your Majesty, I’m afraid my child will have to forfeit his prize,” Lorena said, stepping out of the crowd and moving to stand in front of Bill. She sent him a sharp rebuke through their bond, calling him to heel. There was no way in Hell she was allowing Bill to participate in one of Sophie-Anne’s sadistic games.

Bill’s eyes bored into the back of Lorena’s head as he listened to her refuse his prize. He was beyond furious that she dared interfere in his business. He didn’t care that she was his Maker, in his opinion she had no right to enforce her rules and beliefs on him. She might not have approved of what the Queen was doing, but Bill did. He was a firm supporter of Sophie-Anne and he approved of her treatment of Sookie. As far as he was concerned, the blonde bitch needed to learn her place. Her only role was to please those better than her with her blood and body. Bill wanted a taste, he wanted to lay the whip against her tanned skin and mark it.

“You would refuse a gift from your Queen and show me disrespect?” Sophie-Anne replied through clenched teeth. She glared at the dark-haired vampire who dared refuse the prize she had bestowed on her child. The Queen had rigged the raffle so Bill would win. He had been doing some good work for her of late and she wanted to reward him. “For what reason do you forfeit the prize your child has won?”

“I mean no disrespect, Your Majesty,” Lorena lied as she bowed her head, feigning respect for the childish Queen. The sooner she could get out of Sophie-Anne’s State the better; she absolutely hated the redheaded bitch, and thought her unworthy of being a Queen. “I forfeit the prize on the grounds that William is currently in the middle of his own punishment. My child broke one of the rules I enforce and showed me disrespect. I was forced to punish him for his actions, and he still had two weeks left on his sentence. I cannot allow him to think his tantrums and disrespect are to be condoned. I’m sure her Majesty can understand my reasons for denying him this prize. We wouldn’t want him to think he can do as he pleases, and show disrespect to those who hold a higher position than him.”

Sookie ducked her head the best she could and tried to hide a smile while she listened to Lorena maneuver the Queen into agreeing with her and voiding Bill’s win. She had to hand it to Compton’s Maker; she certainly knew how to play the game. Lorena had backed Sophie-Anne into a corner, giving her no choice but to agree with her. She would lose a great deal of support from the vampires who were Makers among her retinue if she didn’t. No Maker would support a monarch if they tried to interfere with their rights and duty as a Maker. Lorena 1, Sophie-Anne 0.

“Of course,” Sophie-Anne replied stiffly, hating that she had to back down. “I would never interfere with the sacred duty of a Maker. William’s prize is forfeited and it will be redrawn.”

“Her Majesty is a honorable and noble Queen,” Lorena said, forcing her words out. Without honor and childish was a more fitting description, but Lorena knew she couldn’t voice those words yet. “William, return to your room and wait there until I say otherwise,” she commanded, her tone firm. She didn’t bother to turn and face him as she spoke, showing him the disrespect he deserved. There was no way in Hell she would allow him to watch Sookie’s punishment. Lorena might not have been able to stop it from happening, but she could make sure her child didn’t derive any pleasure in witnessing it.  

Bill let out a huff before speeding out of the room as he was ordered. While he made his way back to his room, he swore he would make Lorena pay for her cruelty. It wasn’t fair that she had ruined his fun.

“Palomino,” Sophie-Anne announced suddenly, reading the name off the small slip of paper. She grinned as a blonde-haired vampire with tawny skin stepped forward and took the whip. “The first prize is now yours. You may lay the first twenty lashes on Giselle. You may whip her back, buttocks, and legs. Proceed.” 

“Thank you, My Queen,” Palomino said, bowing low before stepping up behind Sookie. She twisted her wrist, giving a few practice swipes before lifting the whip and laying it against Sookie’s back.

Sookie clenched her jaw when she felt the whip strike her back. Pain shot through her body, and it took everything she had to keep from crying out. She knew before her punishment was over she would be crying in pain, but she refused to give them the satisfaction of hearing it too soon. She would not let them break her.

Sophie-Anne was practically bouncing in her seat while she watched Palomino whip Sookie over and over. She loved the sound the whip made when it cracked against the blonde’s tanned skin. “Don’t forget to lay it against her ass as well,” she ordered, noticing her vampire was concentrating on Sookie’s back. She wanted to see her pet’s ass red and bruised. She didn’t want Sookie to be able to sit down without it hurting for at least a week.

Tears streamed down Sookie’s face when she felt the whip move lower, over her ass and down her legs. She could tell Palomino wasn’t hitting her as hard as she could, she was trying to go easy, but it still hurt like Hell. Small cries of pain were starting to spill from the telepath’s lips as the vampire neared the twentieth lash.

“I want a big finish, Palomino,” Sophie-Anne ordered when the vampire prepared to strike Sookie one last time. “Whip her harder!”

“AHHH!” Sookie screamed when the whip connected with her back for the twentieth time. White-hot pain seared through her body, and Sookie swore it felt as if her body was aflame. 

“Well done,” Sophie-Anne crooned, clapping her hands as Palomino handed the whip back to the Queen. “Turn her around,” she ordered while she dipped her hand into the bowl again and quickly pulled out another slip of paper. “Longshadow, you have won the second prize,” She handed him the whip and added, “You may lay the final twenty lashes on Giselle. You may whip her legs, stomach, and breasts.” 

“It will be an honor, My Queen,” Longshadow leered when he took the whip and bowed to his Queen. Turning to face Sookie, he grinned viciously and struck out with the whip, laying it across her upper body fiercely. The sound of her cries spurred him on and he lashed her repeatedly, making sure he whipped every inch of her upper body paying special attention to her breasts. The force of his strikes broke her skin and blood trickled down her body.

Sophie-Anne was almost giddy with excitement while she watched Longshadow whip Sookie like she wanted. The Queen wanted it to hurt, she wanted to hear the blonde’s cries of pain, and she wanted to see the marks the whip would leave all over Sookie’s body.

Unlike Palomino, Longshadow wasn’t going easy on her, he was making sure every single lash hurt, and Sookie screamed out in agony. Her voice becoming hoarse as the pain increased. She lost count of how many times he had whipped her, but she prayed it was almost over. She wasn’t sure she could take much more…

Sookie looked up at Warlow as she pushed the memory back. She could see the tension in his body, and she knew he had seen what she had suffered. Sometimes she really hated her telepathy. She hadn’t meant to drop her shields and show all of that to Warlow. “You saw all that?” She asked, even though she knew the answer.

“I did,” Warlow grit out. He had seen small snippets of Sookie’s past before. When he had first brought her to his home, she had been prone to nightmares and would often project those nightmares, and being a telepath like her, Warlow would pick them up although those nightmares were never fully-formed memories, but rather small snippets of many fused together. Warlow had tried to block Sookie when she suffered her nightmares, not because he didn’t want to see her past or help her come to terms with it, but because she was not willingly sharing them with him. At that point in time, there was no trust between them and Warlow didn’t want to take something from her without her permission. Seeing all that had given him the desire to hunt Sophie-Anne down and tear her limb from limb. A quick death was too good for her.

“After Longshadow finished whipping me, the bitch ordered someone to release me and return me to my room, which was unusual as my punishment rarely ended with the whipping,” Sookie said, revealing more of Sophie-Anne’s twisted games to her friend. “Normally, I would be left tied to the post for the rest of the night. Sophie-Anne would claim it was a warning to everyone else; she was letting them know what would happen to them if they disrespected or challenged her. Truthfully, the bitch just got off on seeing me restrained and beaten. She would often have one of her other pets eat her out while I was punished and throughout the night.”

Sookie let out a humorless laugh when she walked around the table again. “Of course, if she was in one of her more sadistic moods she would have me hurt worse. The fucking bitch would draw another name out of the bowl; she would call it a bonus prize. Five lashes! She would award a vampire the gift of whipping me five times between my legs…”

Looking down at the picture of Sophie-Anne again, Sookie snatched it up and rolled it into a ball, wishing she could do the same to the Queen. “I want her dead, Warlow. Finally dead, the True Death, and I want her to know it was me who sent her there. I want my face to be the last thing that fucking bitch sees. I want her to know that I am stronger than her, that I survived when she couldn’t.”

“Then that is what will happen,” Warlow assured her. Reaching for her hand, he pulled her to him, and rested his hands on her hips. “If that is what you want, I will make it happen. Sophie-Anne will know her True Death came at your hands. It will not be easy, the security The Viking has in place for the summit is impressive; he will have ears and eyes everywhere. However, I believe we will be able to distract him as well as get around the security surrounding the Queen of Louisiana…”

Sookie arched a brow when she saw the smirk on Warlow’s face and she realized he already had a plan in mind to distract the famous Viking of New York. She knew from speaking to both Warlow and Neave that they didn’t want any kind of physical altercation with the King of New York. They weren’t looking for a fight with him, they both held a great deal of respect for him, and didn’t want to cause him any trouble. Unfortunately, there would be some backlash for him when some of his fellow monarchs lost their lives at a summit held in his State. It would shine a light on him, and he would more than likely be investigated by the Council, but Warlow and Neave were both intent on making sure they found nothing. They wouldn’t set The Viking up to take the fall.

Sookie frowned when she thought about the Vampire Council; so far she hadn’t been able to find any information on them. There was no mention of them in Compton’s database, and there had been no sighting of them in over a decade. They ran the vampire world from behind closed doors, and few actually knew who sat on the Council. It was most troubling.

“What are the other piles?” Warlow asked, pulling her attention back to him and jerking his head toward the other three piles of pictures.

Sookie smiled at him before turning around and facing the table again. She leaned back against him while she pointed to the pile on the far end. “The vampires in that pile are completely innocent… at least they are when it comes to me. I’ve never met any of them,” She paid little attention to that pile. She knew from speaking to Warlow some of those vampires would be attending the summit or were rumored to be. “That pile…” she pointed to the pile of glossy shots to the left of the innocent list, “are vampires who tried to help or were kind to me. They didn’t approve of what de Castro or Sophie-Anne did. They couldn’t actually stop them, but they would help me where they could…” Reaching for the pile, Sookie flicked through the pictures until she found the picture for which she had been searching. “Lorena flat-out refused to feed from me or enjoy my sexual talents when Sophie-Anne offered me to her,” Sookie smiled at the picture of the woman who would treat her wounds after one of the Queen’s whipping parties. “Lorena would actually smuggle in things for me, pain killers, books to read, little things that Sophie-Anne would deprive me of if she ever found out. Lorena even commanded her child to never touch me…”

“Bill Compton!” Warlow snarled, recognizing the pathetic vampire from Sookie’s memory.

“Yeah. The jackass had a real hard on for me,” Sookie snorted. The blonde had never been as happy as when she heard that Lorena had laid a Maker’s command against Bill. Lorena had forced him to never abuse Sookie. “Lorena was always kind to me. I knew her for a few years, and in all that time, she never once laid a hand on me or took my blood.” Flipping through the pictures again, she stopped on the shot of a handsome looking vampire. “Rasul. He had both my blood and body, but it was by my choice. I enjoyed fucking him. He always made it pleasurable for me, and would only take my blood if I consented.”

Warlow nodded, he had heard Rasul was a honorable vampire. Although, hearing Sookie took some to her bed willingly was a surprise to him, and Warlow was relieved to know she had found some pleasure where she could. His Dark Angel deserved some light in the darkness. He watched as she flipped through the rest of the photos, noting the vampires who were kind to her. A look of shock flashed across his face when he saw the face of a vampire he never expected. “Him?” He questioned.

A sad smile curled Sookie’s lips as she looked at his picture. “Yes,” she said softly. “I don’t want to talk about him, just know he protected me more than anyone else, and he suffered greatly for it.”

Warlow wanted to ask more questions, but he knew better than to push Sookie. He knew she would tell him once she was ready and he would wait. “That is fine,” he said, his tone low. He squeezed Sookie’s hip reassuringly while she straightened the pictures and laid them back on the table. He could tell the memory of him brought her pain and he didn’t want to add to that. “What about that pile?” he asked, pointing to the final pile.

“Another list of the guilty,” Sookie replied, grateful that he was letting it go. She would explain everything he had done for her later, but she wasn’t ready yet. There would be plenty of time for that later. “They ain’t as guilty as de Castro, Sophie-Anne and Co., but they ain’t innocent either. The ones in that pile might have fed from me without my permission, or watched while I was fucked, or even fucked me themselves, but it wasn’t the same as when Sophie-Anne or the others did it. To them I was nothing but a donor, though I’m unsure if they knew I was being held against my will. I wasn’t exactly allowed to tell them. Ignorance was their crime, but it isn’t a good defense. They deserve to suffer, to pay for their crimes, but their crimes aren’t a capital offense.

Warlow chuckled as he listened to her explain. Trust his Dark Angel to have different levels of guilt for the crimes committed against her. She really was one of a kind. She would make a fine Queen of the Supernatural if she ever had the inclination to seize power. He was most eager to see what she would do once she gained her revenge on those who had wronged her. That would be many years away. She wouldn’t be able to get her revenge on everyone overnight. “What punishment would you lay against those then, mo aingeal dorcha?” he asked curiously.

“It depends on their crime,” Sookie replied thoughtfully. “If they fed off me, they should lose their fangs, if they touched me, they should lose their hands, and if they fucked me, they should lose their cocks. If I was forced to please them, they should lose their tongues.” Turning to face him, Sookie grinned up at him, a mischievous glint shining in her eyes. “It’s like the Bible says, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth… I can make a necklace out of their fangs.”

“I know a jeweler who can make earrings out of vampire fangs,” Warlow said with a smirk. He would love to see his Dark Angel adorned in the fangs of her abusers. Not only would she look great in them, it would work as a deterrent to any other foolish vampires who thought to harm her. “Before de Castro, Madden, Sophie-Anne, and the other bastards meet their True Deaths we will take their fangs…”

“Forget diamonds and pearls, I’m a fang kinda girl,” Sookie said joyously. She would happily wear them for all to see. No one would know whose fangs they were, but they would know they came from vampires. A rush of excitement spread through her at the thought of wearing Sophie-Anne’s fangs as earrings, and knowing the reason she wore them was because the redheaded bitch was finally dead. She could have a hundred different pairs, each one meaning a different thing.

Pushing herself against Warlow, Sookie rubbed herself against him as arousal pooled between her legs. “I want their fangs, Warlow,” she added. “All of them. No exceptions.” Her breathing sped up while she imagined yanking the fangs out of their mouths. She knew what fangs meant to a vampire, so she knew it would be a far more humiliating punishment than taking silver to them.

Warlow groaned as the scent of her arousal perfumed the air. The only thing that turned him on more was his wife. He felt his cock hardening and he bucked his hips, thrusting against her. Sliding his hands down her back, Warlow grabbed her ass and ground against her. He wanted her, he wanted to sink his cock into her wet heat, and by the way she was rubbing against him, he guessed she wanted the same.

Pushing herself up on her toes, Sookie threw her arms around Warlow’s shoulder and crashed her lips to his in a forceful kiss. Her body was aching for a release, and she knew he would be happy to give her one or five. He was always happy to fuck her like she wanted. They didn’t sleep together all the time, but on the occasions they did it was always pleasurable. He made it really good for her.

The first time anything had happened between them Sookie had felt guilty that she was betraying her friend Neave, even though the redheaded fairy had told Sookie she was okay with it. Neave had explained the relationship she had with her husband to Sookie. Neave helped her friend understand that she didn’t have a problem with her fucking Warlow. Neave had taken other lovers over the millennia she had been with Warlow. Jealousy wasn’t an emotion she felt although she could pretend she did extremely well. 

Warlow returned the kiss eagerly, sweeping his tongue into her mouth and tasting her. He could tell from the way she was kissing him that she wanted a hard, rough fucking. He could always tell what kind of a mood she was in from her kiss. Pushing her back a step, Warlow lifted her onto the table and reached for the neck of her thin nightdress. He yanked on the material and tore it from her body before exploring her nearly naked form with his hands. 

Sookie moaned into his mouth when she felt his large hands cup her breasts and rub his thumbs over her hard nipples. She loved the feeling of his hands on her and she arched her back, pushing her breasts further into his hands. “Please,” she gasped while she leaned back, bracing herself on her hands.

Breaking the kiss, Warlow smirked before trailing his lips over her jaw and down her body until he reached her breasts. He sucked a nipple into his mouth, tugging on it with his teeth, and flicking it with his tongue. The scent of her arousal grew stronger and he suspected she was absolutely dripping with want. Moving his hands to her waist, he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her simple black cotton panties and pulled them down. He released her breast and shot her a wink before dropping to his knees and burying his face between her tanned thighs.

“Oh fuck!” Sookie cried when she felt the first swipe of his tongue through her dripping sex. She dropped back on the table and fisted her hands in his brown hair as she threw her legs over his shoulders. Moans of pure pleasure spilled from her lips, and she begged and pleaded for more, needing to cum in the worst possible way.

Warlow groaned at her taste, she was tangy and sweet with just a little hint of Fae… Fucking delicious. The ancient vampire nibbled on her clit before pushing his tongue into her wet cunt, fucking her with it the way he knew she liked. He couldn’t help but grin when he felt her legs tighten around his head. He was grateful he didn’t have to breathe because if he did he would have definitely been having trouble.

Sookie arched her back off the table when she climaxed. A scream of ecstasy wrenched through her throat, and she was sure everyone in the mansion heard it. Sliding her legs off his shoulders, Sookie shot up and reached for Warlow’s jeans. She made short work of undoing and pushing them down. “Fuck me!” She demanded as she wrapped a leg around his waist.

Warlow growled at her forceful tone, and he dropped a hand to her leg and pulled her forward slightly while he reached between them. His cock felt like a lead weight between his legs, and he wrapped his hand around it and lined himself up. He crushed his lips to Sookie’s again while he thrust forward, entering her powerfully. He gave her a second to adjust to him before pulling back and thrusting into her again. There was nothing gentle about their coupling, their flesh slapping together while they bit and clawed at one another.

Sookie grabbed the back of his neck with one hand while she placed her other flat on the table. The blonde met him thrust for thrust, loving the feel of him inside her. She moaned out her pleasure, letting him know she was enjoying every second of their fucking.

Warlow dug his fingers into her leg as he drove into her over and over. Her moans of pleasure were spurring him on, and he was determined to make her cum again, wanting to hear her cry out at least one more time. “Fuck, Sookie!”

“Yes, fuck Sookie,” Sookie replied, her pleasure growing by the second. “Fuck me harder.”

Pushing her back so she was lying on the table again, Warlow trapped both her legs and pulled her toward him as he thrust forward. He fucked her just shy of vampire speed, giving it to her like she wanted.

Sookie threw her hands out, pushing the various piles of papers she had sorted out earlier off the table. So lost in the pleasure they were giving each other, neither of them noticed when one of the photos went flying under one of the drawers. If they had, they might have picked it up when they finished, and Warlow might have realized the trouble that particular vampire being included in the guilty pile would cause.


52 thoughts on “Ride the Lightning: Chapter Two

  1. it was am awesome chapter, Sookie able to get her revenge but i wonder whose picture went floating away. I am hoping it is not Eric, that would suck, i do hope he was one trying to help her all the time. Hmm i love the twist on Lorena since she was always a twisted bitch. KY

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  2. You made my day 🙂 And forced me to love you more 😉 Seriously talking I am really excited for this story, especially in good and bad vampire. Can’t wait to know who they are. And of course I’d like to know how Sookie was captured. So I’m hoping to see regular updates to all your stories 😉 Because this time without any sucked so much 😦

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  3. Wow lady — well done. And who would have guessed that Lorena….of all people….would be one of the “good guys”….. Now…who is the mystery vamp? Hmmmm…..you’ll really have to “amp up” your torture of those guilty after the rather graphic suffering Sookie portrayed. eye for eye? Pffft……..eye for life……
    Hmmm…just fangy earrings? With all those on her “hit list”, she can make a tiara, necklace, bracelet, etc. Wear them all at once –that would strive a thread of caution throughout all vamps who think to take on the Dark Angel.
    Stupendous update!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. An eye for an eye is just the start of what Sookie plans to do. A lot will suffer a lot worse, and by the time she’s finished she’ll have a full jewellery box of their fangs.


  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Andre was the nice vamp, as some of your characters are playing opposite to the usual. Pam, Russell or Godric could all be swapped around on the naughty/nice list.
    I can’t wait to find out. Thanks for all your time devoted to sharing with us.

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  5. Damn, that was an emotional roller coaster! Sookie certainly has a plan and am happy to see she is able to see differences in offenses. During to figure out who bad vampire is, as well as the extremely good one, the list is too long to contemplate without my head spinning. Cause Lorena is a kind vampire in the story! Yep, head is spinning, lol

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    • Thank you. I have to admit the different levels of guilty was one of my favourite things to write. I thought it would show that Sookie could differentiate between them and what they did. I didn’t want her to fall into the, “All vampires are monsters,” trap, which would have been easy given the circumstances.

      Lorena being one of the good guys was a shock to me as well, and I’m writing this. Lol. I just liked the idea of turning everything on its head.

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  6. Plotting vengeance is probably the only Sookie can function somewhat normally. I wonder who those two pictures were of. One who helped her so much and probably paid dearly for it. The other probably someone connected to the first one. This will be so interesting to find what she does.

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  7. Will Eric be on the Naughty or Nice list? How about Russell? Hmmm so many possibilities! Love the story and can not wait for more:) are you making this into a series or is it a one shot deal?

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  8. Revenge always has a very high price to pay and that you use the one vampire that helped Sookie, end in the pile of the guilty, is indicative of this. They say that when you look for revenge, have two graves prepared for when you’re finish.

    A surprise to see the good side of Lorena. Why does she is not finished with her child Bill being contrary to her ideas and teachings? It is beyond my reasoning.

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  9. Dang, I wonder who that vampires is. That’s some rough foreshadowing. It’s kind of cool to see characters that were enemies in other stories being friends in this one. I like Lorena. I think she would have been better off ending Bill though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Lorena would be better off ending Bill. Unfortunately, she does care a great deal for him, she loves him, not in a romantic sense, but he’s her child. How many of us love someone even knowing they’re bad and have done wrong? We are not blind to their faults, but we hold out the hope that they could change and be who we would like them to be.


  10. Justice will be so sweet for Sookie. I am always surprised to read a decent Lorena especially since Bill was thwarted in his pursuit of Sookie. Looking forward to more especially the bloodshed of her defilers and her new jewelry. 🙂

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  11. Your decision to upend the usual characters and change their behavior is quite unusual and thought provoking. Lorena as one of the good guys? Never would have considered that a possibility, but that is what creativity is all about isn’t it?

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  13. that was hot! revenge really is best when served cold. a well planned revenge has so many possibilities with very minimal mistakes. i am glad Sookie is taking this route. that’s smart thinking, right there. 😀

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    • Thank you. I can understand the mixed feelings. I was never a fan of his in the show, mainly because I thought they rushed the storyline, and gave him little development. It’s fun to play around with his character in this though.

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  14. The good vampire??? Is it someone we have heard of, or is it a new one.. I like a good Lorena, its different you never see that. I kinda like Sookie and Warlow…..I hope the good vampire is Godric!! Someone said Andre in one of there comments, that’s a good guess too. Either way I can’t wait till Sookie gets her revenge!!! Will this be a S/E HEA?

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    • Thank you. You do know who the good vampire is. It’s one of the book/show characters. I won’t say who it is, but I will say it wasn’t Godric. It’s fun writing a good Lorena for a change. Yes, this will eventually be an E/S HEA, but their relationship won’t be quick.


  15. I’m especially enjoying the fact you have turned characters we are familiar with all around. It makes for an interesting adventure since we can’t really have pre-conceived notions about how they will behave. It also makes it more difficult to make good guesses, which I like. I’m looking forward to your next update when hopefully more goodies will be revealed. BTW, just love that you’ve made Lorena a “good” vampire.


  16. This story is so unique! I love how you make some of the typical bad guys into good guys. I wonder who her good guy was, maybe it was Godric? I also wonder if that one guilty is Pam? That definitely spells trouble.


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