Lifting the Veil: Chapter Seventeen


LtVnChapter Seventeen

It was just a few minutes past sunset when Bill rose for the night. A twisted smile curled his lips while he lazed in his bed and thought about his master plan. In his own delusion mind, Bill believed he was a genius for having devised such a foolproof plan, and he gave himself a mental pat on the back. By now Sookie will be in chains in the old Thompson Crypt, most likely scared out of her wits, and just waiting for her hero to come and once again rescue her.

Bill chuckled as he pictured Sookie in the crypt. In his mind he could imagine it perfectly, Sookie lying naked on the cold and dirty hardened floor, her wrists bound together with a silver net folded in two lying over her stomach and bare breasts burning her skin. Bill swore he could almost smell the scent of fear rolling off her in waves, and see the broken look that he knew was most certain to be seen in her eyes. She would just be lying there, waiting for him to be her knight in shining armor as he had been countless times in the past.

Perhaps I’ll wait a little bit longer before going to her rescue. David can have some more fun with her first. Bill felt his cock growing hard while he imagined all the sick and twisted things David was doing to Sookie. He had told the young man to enjoy himself, knowing full well what he planned to do. Hell, Bill had pretty much told David to do it. It serves Sookie right for disrespecting me at Fangtasia! It’s all her fault! She spread her legs like a whore for Northman; it’s my right to punish her. She must learn her place. I am the Master in this relationship!

Bill grunted as he conjured up a host of images and slipped his hand into his thin pyjama bottoms, pulled his cock out, and began to stroke his cock. He regretted that he couldn’t witness Sookie’s punishment first hand, but he couldn’t risk the chance of her seeing him and realizing he was behind it. No, he would need to rely on his imagination. Fortunately for Bill, he had seen the real underbelly of the world throughout his years with Lorena, and he had an abundance of memories to help him along. Bill closed his eyes and let his memories run wild while he tugged on his cock. “Mmm, that’s it! Make the whore scream. Hurt her…”

“I can’t believe you ever got me off with that tiny thing…”

Bill’s eyes snapped open and he bolted upright in bed as the unmistakable voice of Sookie sounded throughout his room. His gaze darted around the room, searching for the telepath. A look of shock cast across his face when his gaze came to rest on the amused and unharmed form of his former pet. So lost and taken aback in his shock, Bill failed to realize his cock was still poking out of his pyjama bottoms. “Sookie!” He cried as he threw his legs over the side of the bed and climbed to his feet. He assumed a dismayed look while he eyed the ancient vampire, attempting to shame her in the ways he had managed to in the past. “It’s beyond discourteous to barge into someone’s home uninvited this way!”

“There seems to be a great deal of rudeness happening lately,” Sookie snorted while she perched on top of a dresser a few feet away from the door. “Young ‘uns today just don’t practice their manners… Or their intelligence.” It took all she had to keep from bursting into laughter while she stared at Bill. She hadn’t a clue as to how it was even possible for a vampire to be so out of touch with everything that was happening around them.

“What are you doing here?” Bill asked stiffly, attempting to discover all his plans and what, if anything, had come to fruition and, if she had discerned anything. Of course she doesn’t know anything. This is Sookie after all. She’s uneducated and simple.

“What am I doing here?” Sookie repeated, while toying with the former Confederate soldier, making him stew. One had no need to be telepathic to know Bill was guilty as sin. In fact, all she needed was to take a good look at him. I can’t believe I ever fell for his shit. “Well, that’s a funny story. You see, I was at home minding my own business when this man broke into my house…” Sookie didn’t tell Bill about her dream or how her mother had forced her to awaken just in time to avoid the silver net; she simply relayed the basic facts.

“I fail to see how this is funny,” Bill replied, silently cursing David for getting caught. That wasn’t part of the plan. He was supposed to kidnap Sookie, have his fun, wait until Bill arrived, and then die… Just like the Rattrays!

“What’s funny is… I can’t believe you’re so stupid to actually believe that it would work,” Sookie retorted as she hopped off the dresser and took a step toward Bill. “I mean, really, Bill, as plans go, the inanity of this particular one is yet again one for the books!”

“I don’t know…”

A vicious growl tore from Sookie’s throat, and, before Bill had a chance to proclaim his innocence and deny all involvement, she closed the short distance between them and wrapped her hand around his throat. “Do not lie to me, Bill!” She snarled, her fangs clicking down into place while she lifted Bill into the air by his throat. “I am not the same doe-eyed lovesick fool I was just a few days ago, the one who believed everything you said. I am the vampire your pathetic Maker warned you of in this Area!”

“I’m not…”

A red mist descended over Sookie’s vision at Bill’s pitiful denials. The need to hunt, to maim, to kill, had risen in her, and Sookie purred at the old, familiar feelings, delighting in them once again. It had been far too long since she last felt those exhilarating feelings, longer than she had been human. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you, Bill, lying is a deadly sin?” A sinister grin spread across the her face as she spoke, and Bill didn’t even have a chance to reply before Sookie yanked him forward, launching him across the room, and sending him crashing through the wall of his bedroom.

Sookie was on him before he hit the floor, and she lashed out, kicking him solidly in the stomach, sending him flying several feet down before his landing. “Tell the truth, Bill, and shame the Devil,” she added as she sauntered toward him. “I know him, by the way… Lucifer. I met him a long, long time ago…”

“Sookie…” Bill swore that last kick had broken his ribs and caused one of them to puncture his lung. He spat out a mouthful of blood and grunted in pain. He was more convinced than ever that Sookie was insane. Whatever Roman and The Authority had done to her had broken her mind and driven her into madness. This was the only explanation he would accept. “I would never…”

“Lie to you, betray you, arrange for you to be attacked, blah, blah, blah,” Sookie finished for him when she cut him off. She rolled her eyes at his predictability. When we were together, I could’ve found him balls deep inside some slut and he’d have still proclaimed his innocence… What’s worse is I’d have probably believed him. I was such a fucking idiot! “You need to find a new song, Bill, cause I don’t dance to that tune any longer.”

Vamping to him, Sookie leaned down, fisted her hand in Bill’s hair, and yanked him to his feet. “You know, for someone who was sent to procure me, you do seem to have a problem remembering I’m a telepath,” Sookie shook her head and shot Bill a look of disenchantment before throwing him down the stairs. “You didn’t even have the intelligence to glamour David to not remember it was you who hired him,” she continued while she slowly descended the stairs. “David’s dead, by the way, just in case you were wondering,” she informed him without inflection.

Sookie paused when she reached the bottom stair and stared at the pitiful-looking vampire. “Really, Bill, how have you survived this long being so stupid? Eric should have done us all a favor and staked you in that brothel in 1905…” Sookie grinned as she watched the look of surprise flash through Bill’s eyes. “Oh yes, I know all about that. I know about San Francisco and Chicago. I also know about the bloody swath you cut through New Mexico after you left Lorena… Though I’m sure you’ll blame her for that, just the same way you blame others for every crime you commit. It’s really rather pathetic; then so are you…”

Ignoring the pain coursing through his body, Bill leapt to his feet and growled at Sookie, her words incensing him. He refused to let a baby vampire treat him in such a way. He was the elder; he was The Master. In Bill’s mind, it was time Sookie learned her place. Balling his hand into a fist, Bill sped toward Sookie, intending to prove to her just who was boss. He swung wildly, aiming for her head with his full strength.

Sookie laughed as she swerved to the side, avoiding Bill’s erratic swing. It had been too long since she enjoyed a good fight, and, while the fight with Bill wasn’t good, it was amusing. Bringing her up knee, Sookie drove it as hard as she could into Bill’s stomach, causing him double over. “You know, calling you pathetic is a true insult to those who really are. You’re much, much worse than that. You’re a pitiful vampire, you were an inadequate King, and now that I have all my memories back, I can honestly say that you’re fucking awful when it comes to sex…”

“Bitch!” Bill snarled, dropping all pretense of being a Southern Gentleman. “I should have killed you that first night. You’re nothing but a dirty slattern…”

“Is that the best you’ve got?” Sookie snorted at the insult. “I’ve been called far worse by people more superior than you will ever call inferior. Come on, Bill, put some real creativity into it, and make it more entertaining!”

Sookie grinned at the expression of pure unadulterated hatred in Bill’s eyes. After spending the last few years of her human life in a haze and under his control, she now exulted in and loved the power she held over him. She never again would debase herself for someone so weak and pathetic.

“Hadley’s a better fuck than you,” Bill replied, throwing out the first thing that came to mind. He had no idea what would hurt this new Sookie. He didn’t know her.

Sookie threw her head back, laughing maniacally at Bill’s poor comeback. A week or two ago that might have hurt her, but no longer. She honestly didn’t care whether Bill thought whether or not she was a good fuck. Yet, it was obvious to her that he cared. “Eric is a thousand times the lover you are. His fingers are bigger than your cock. Oh, the things he can do with them. Mmm…” Sookie moaned exaggeratedly. “It makes me wet just thinking about it…”

3 – 2 – Sookie counted down in her head, anticipating Bill’s attack. 1…

“Ahhh!” Bill screamed as he leapt at Sookie, aiming for her throat. Being compared to Eric was the last straw to Bill. Since the moment he had met the Viking, he had been forced to stand in his shadow. Lorena, Sophie-Anne, and Nan might have all relied on Bill for help, yet he knew they all preferred Eric. They all thought Eric was the better vampire. In Bill’s mind, Eric was living the life that should have belonged to him.

Pathetic and predictable… Sookie while she used Bill’s own momentum against him and flipped him over. She slammed him down hard on the stairs, delighting in the sound of pain that was wrenched from his lips as she heard his bones crack.

“That wasn’t very nice now, was it, Bill?” Sookie chided, smiling down at him. She shook her head while she reached down and yanked him up before tossing him into the hallway. Strolling calmly to Bill, Sookie toed him with her foot, forcing him to roll over onto his back. “I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I love what you did with the house. It looks great,” she added as she lowered herself and straddled Bill’s hips. “Fit for a King you could say… Do you think Eric would like living here?”

Bill’s eyes narrowed while he glared up at Sookie. Hatred burned fiercely inside him, and, for the first time since Sophie-Anne told him he had to return to his hometown to procure a telepathic fairy, Bill let himself feel it. He never wanted to return to the place of his birth, but he had been indebted to the former Queen. “I should have ripped out your throat and, then fucked your dying body when I met you,” he snarled, allowing his true self shine through.

“Now there’s the real Bill!” Sookie cried jubilantly. “I knew it was just a matter of time before he showed his face. Tell me, Bill, do you want to see my true face?” Her voice was barely a whisper and a dark, dangerous look entered Sookie’s eyes.

Bill felt a tremor of real fear shiver through him while he stared into the eyes of the woman he always thought was his, and for the first time since she had walked into The Authority’s Headquarters, Bill realized this wasn’t the same Sookie he thought he knew. He could finally see the real power in her. “Sookie…” He croaked fearfully.

“Hush now, Bill, the time for talking is over,” Sookie replied, peering down at him thoughtfully. Lifting her finger, Sookie dragged it over his iStake, teasing and tormenting him. She had to hand it to her youngest child, the device really was amazing. Unfortunately, at the moment it was in the way. She smirked as she quickly disarmed it just as Molly had taught her. She was almost sorry to remove it from Bill; she would have loved to seen a full demonstration of the iStake, but she had other plans in mind for her troublesome ex.

“What?” Bill questioned, shocked that Sookie had disarmed the iStake and removed it. “How?”

“Question time is over, Bill,” Sookie informed him. “It’s play time now.” She ran her eyes over Bill’s chest, assessing him. She lifted her head and met Bill’s gaze as she placed her finger over his heart. “Scream for me, Bill,” she whispered darkly and pressed her knuckle hard against his chest.

Bill’s eyes widened in horror as he felt an uncomfortable pressure on his chest. He whimpered in pain when the pressure increased and struggled ineffectively against Sookie. “S…St…op…” he begged when the pain got worse.

“Why would I want to do that?” Sookie asked and pressed harder on his chest. She grinned wickedly as she felt his chest begin to cave, and she twisted her knuckle, thus increasing her strength, and pushing it through the flesh of Bill’s chest. Sookie moaned as blood flowed from Bill, coating her hand.

“AHHHH!” Bill screamed as white-hot pain flooded his body. He couldn’t believe it was Sookie who was causing him to hurt so badly. It was supposed to be the other way; he was supposed to be causing her pain.

“Bill?” Jessica’s voice sounded hesitantly as she peered over the banister at the top of the stairs. She had heard the commotion when she arisen and was fearful of what was happening.

“Bill’s busy right now, Jessica,” Sookie replied calmly, not bothering to look up from the flailing Bill. “Why don’t you come back later?”

“Sookie? What…” Jessica began when she started to descend the stairs. Her eyes widened in shock, and a gasp of horror spilled from her lips when she noticed Sookie straddling Bill’s waist and the blonde’s hand partially buried in her Maker’s chest. “Oh my God! What are you doing?”

“I’m torturing him,” Sookie replied as if it was obvious. “Now, run along and play while I finish…”

“No! Stop it!” Jessica cried while she raced down the stairs, intending to pull Sookie off of Bill.

Sookie jumped to her feet before Jessica reached her. She grabbed the baby vampire, and hurled her toward the front door, sending her crashing through. “Youngsters today have no manners,” she tutted while wiping her bloodstained hand on her white vest. “Doesn’t she know it’s rude to interrupt someone during a torture session?”

Sookie let out an unneeded breath and rolled her shoulders trying to alleviate some tension. She had been all primed and ready to unleash some violence on the very much-deserving Bill when Jessica showed up and ruined her fun. “Well, Plan A has been ruined, so I guess I’ll move onto Plan B,” Sookie said ominously.

“Sookie, please,” Bill pleaded, struggling to move. “You don’t have to…”

“Oh, but I want to,” Sookie interrupted. At that moment there was nothing she wanted more than to make Bill suffer. It was beyond time that Bill got a taste of his own medicine.

Sookie was just about to implement Plan B when she stilled. A tingling sensation spread through her body, and a smile lit up her face as she realized what she was feeling. They’re coming… A feeling of rapture welled up inside her as she felt her blood getting closer. She could feel them all in her blood as they grew closer. It wasn’t just her own children she could feel, she could feel the life force of all those who carried the Blood of Lilith, no matter how diluted.

As she basked in the feeling of her blood drawing nearer, a wonderful thought popped into her mind, and she grinned down at Bill. For the first time since she had taken over as the Head of the Line, it was having a gathering. Vampires were coming from the four corners of the Earth on her command, the least she could do was provide them with a gift.

“Sorry, Bill, change of plans,” Sookie pronounced before lifting her foot and bringing it down as hard as she could on his face, shattering his nose. She stomped on Bill’s head, cracking his skull, and knocking him unconscious. She knew he would heal and regain consciousness before long, but it would give her enough time to transport him somewhere until she would need him.

Reaching down, Sookie grabbed Bill’s arm and dragged him to the destroyed door. She snorted when she noticed Jessica was nowhere to be seen. Manners and loyalty, it seems she has neither.

Tightening her hand around Bill’s wrist, Sookie pulled him out of the house and down the porch steps. She took a second to survey the area before taking to the sky with Bill still clutched in her grip. “I think it’s time you met my family, Bill.”


39 thoughts on “Lifting the Veil: Chapter Seventeen

  1. I guess the only thing I fault Sookie for is that Bill still had all of his limbs and appendages….I hope you have some wonderful plans for those! I SO looked forward to this update –this is now my favorite story—hope we see more of it soon!

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  2. Grinning. I so love a good torture session.

    Sunday, Monday, Happy Days,
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days,
    Thursday, Friday, Happy Days,
    Saturday, what a day
    Bill is going to be dead

    These days are ours
    Happy and free. (Oh Happy Days)
    These days are ours
    Share them with me.(Oh Happy Days)

    Goodbye Bill, Hello freedom!
    ’cause nothing can measure up to Bill being gone
    Feels so right it can’t be wrong,
    Rockin’ and rollin’ all week long.

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  3. Yay! Go girl! Badass Sookie is da bomb! 😋
    Can’t wait for the family reunion. I wonder when Eric will find out shes his great-grandmaker! (Sookie made Roman made Godric made Eric) Wonder what he’ll think about that? Love, love, love this.

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  4. Awesome chapter. It’s almost like Bill’s been glamored. Surely he wasn’t that stupid as a human. He got a hint of her power and less than he deserved. I do think Sookie needs to corner Jessica and see if she is worth saving. Maybe tell her Bill’s history. I can hardly wait to meet the rest of Sookie’s family and have them introduced to Bill.

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  5. Love this kickass Sookie!
    What a refreshing and unique take on a vampire Sookie formerly hiding in plain sight as a human.
    And Compton deserves a painful, prolonged and grizzly end. It’s only fair.
    The family that slays together, stays together. 😉

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  6. *continues to hum Happy Days* Kittyinaz is a genius.
    Ah. Yay for Sookie having enough time to play!
    Hmm, Jessica on the loose. Ok, she’s a baby vamp, but that’s a loose end someone else can snaffle up. Someone like Russell.
    But methinks that Russell may get a surprise if All of her family get involved.

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  7. fantastic story. It flows very well. the plot thickens gradually and Sookie is not overbearing. good work. cheers. I hope you will update soon.:)) thank you.


  8. I love this Sookie, but she has to get rid of Bill already. I’d say he was breathing too much air, but he doesn’t breathe. He’s taking up too much space that could be used by a sentient creature.


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