Behind The Public Masks: Chapter One

Behind the Public Masks 1 Behind the Public Masks

The blaring sound of her cellphone ringing pulled Sookie from her slumber; she groaned as she rolled onto her side and reached blindly for the annoying piece of plastic. “This better be good,” she grunted, her voice hoarse from sleep as she answered the phone.

“Now that be no way to answer ya phone, hookah,” Lafayette mock-chided from the other end. “What would your Granddaddy say?”

Lifting her head, Sookie glanced at the alarm clock on her bedside cabinet and let out a groan as she noticed the time. It was a little after 9am and all Sookie wanted to do was sleep. “He’d probably say what is your foolish behind doinwakin‘ me up so early after knowin‘ I’ve been workin‘ all night,” Sookie retorted as she rolled onto her back. “Seriously, Lafayette, why’re you callin‘ me so early? I only got to bed ’bout a couple of hours ago.”

“Uh uh, Granddaddy Earl loves my fabulous ass,” Lafayette chuckled before his tone became more serious. “I didn’t plan to be callinya so early, Sook, but we got a call just before I was clockin‘ off. Some vampire big wig is hostin‘ a party at the end of the month and they want us to organize it. They had their secretary call and demand a meetin‘ for tonight in Illinois with all of the partners.”

Sookie let out a huff as she listened to Lafayette explain. “So this vampire told his or her day person last night to call us this mornin‘ and demand an appointment for tonight,” Sookie replied, breaking it all down into simple terms. “They couldn’t have called us themselves last night? No, you know what? It doesn’t matter,” she continued, answering her own question. “Call the secretaryday person, whatever the fuck they call themselves, back and tell them no. I’ve got a meetin‘ later today that I won’t miss and Jesus is in New Orleans and wouldn’t get back in time. If they want us to organize their event they can make, not demand, make an appointment; then they can come to us for the initial meetin‘.”

Lafayette chortled as he listened to Sookie lay down the law; he agreed with everything she was saying. He had been tempted to tell the secretary of the Queen of Illinois exactly what Sookie had just said himself, but he had thought it best to check with his partners first, or at least Sookie.

“Word for word, hookah,” he said, amusement clear in his voice. “I’m guessin‘ they’ll make an appointment… Unless they wanna hire that bunch of clowns at EEE.”

“Only idiots would use Quinn and his EEE clowns,” Sookie snorted. “Everyone knows we’re the best…”

“Except Quinn,” Lafayette interrupted, thinking about the arrogant owner of Extreme(ly) Elegant Events.

“Quinn’s too stupid to even dress himself properly,” Sookie retorted, thinking about the bizarre genie pants the weretiger wore.

Nots to undress himself, he don’t,” Lafayette purred. “He was quite talented at that.”

“I still can’t believe you slept with him,” Sookie replied, shuddering slightly in her bed as the images she had seen in Lafayette’s mind from nearly two years ago played over in her head. She didn’t care about what anyone did and wasn’t prejudiced in the slightest, but she really didn’t need his memories of a naked Quinn on all fours playing catcher to his pitcher. That was an image she would never get rid of as long as she lived.

“Now hookah, ya know I didn’t sleep with Quinn, I only fucked him,” Lafayette said with gusto. “Mmm, that man’s got a mouth on him like a Hoover…”

“Lafayette,” Sookie whined, cringing as more images played over in her mind. “Stop!”

“Well, it’s not like he didn’t enjoy it,” Lafayette continued, ignoring the plea and teasing his best friend. “The kitty-cat went to all the trouble of tryin‘ to seduce us so we wouldn’t rival his business… Well, it was yous he wanted to seduce, but yous wouldn’t bite; so I took one for the team and graciously allowed him to seduce me.”

Sookie laughed as she recalled Quinn’s master plan from almost two years ago. EEE had monopolized the market for years, but they had become both complacent and sloppy in their work. When Only at Night had come together and opened for business, Quinn had been furious. His fury had only grown stronger when Only at Night had snatched the contract for Russell Edgington and Bartlett Crowe’s, the Kings of Mississippi and Indiana, pledging ceremony from right under EEE’s nose. The pledging ceremony and after-party had gone off without a hitch, and both Mississippi and Indiana had sung their praises to all who would listen. The endorsement of both States had been a feather in the cap for Only at Night and before long they were inundated with requests from various Supernaturals who requested their services.

With his business under threat, Quinn had decided to check out the competition. His first impression of them hadn’t been a good one. He had wrongly assumed they were all humans, therefore; he could easily convince them to disappear from the Supernatural event-planning arena. Sookie and Jesus had quickly shown Quinn how first impressions weren’t always correct. While Sookie had never revealed her full abilities to him, she’d shown him enough proof she wasn’t someone who would be easily influenced or scared. Jesus, on the other hand, had scared the shit out of Quinn by showing him his daemon side.

Once Quinn realized that threats and intimidation weren’t going to work, he decided to change tactics and try the honey method. His attempts to seduce Sookie had failed miserably. The telepathic blonde let him know in no uncertain terms just how clearly uninterested in him she was now and for eternity. Lafayette, however, was more than happy to be seduced by the hulking weretiger. Quinn had foolishly believed he could seduce Lafayette into signing away his shares in Only at Night and convince him to get the other partners to do so as well. Lafayette had played along perfectly, pretending to fall for Quinn’s cheap words of flattery and smoldering looks, but what Quinn had been unaware of was that while he was seducing Lafayette, Lafayette was employing some underhanded tactics of his own. While Quinn was plotting to put them out of business, Lafayette was snooping around Quinn’s files and stealing many of EEE’s clients. By the time Quinn had realized that he was being played, Only at Night had stolen over forty percent of EEE’s business.

Ya know,” Lafayette continued, interrupting Sookie’s trip down memory lane. “I almost miss him.”

“I’m sure Jesus would love to hear that,” Sookie replied, thinking about their third partner and Lafayette’s boyfriend.

“Oh no, my boo knows I love him,” Lafayette said. “Just like I know he loves me, but, business is business; we knew that gettin‘ in. There’s no jealousy. Yous should know that better than anyone. After alls, yous bounced around on my sugar boos dick.”

“Oh God, Lafayette! Are ya ever gonna stop mentionin‘ that?” Sookie asked, feigning annoyance, but Lafayette could hear the amusement in her voice. “It was before you and Jesus were even together. It was just a one time… one weekend thing. We were both high on V and whatever else we’d gotten our hands on. It was over three years ago…”

Mmm-hmm, but yous still get all red whenever I mention it,” Lafayette replied teasingly. “I bet yous got a pretty pink blush all over yours silky, smooth flesh.”

“Lafayette!” Sookie cried, a blush spreading across her body just like Lafayette had guessed. Her weekend with Jesus had been a result of an argument with her Gran and Hadley. When they had opened the business Adele had pressured and bullied Sookie and Lafayette into giving Hadley a job as a receptionist. Hadley had only lasted a week before Sookie had fired her for incompetence. Hadley had wanted all the benefits of working for Only at Night, but she hadn’t wanted to do any of the work. She had been rude to the customers and other staff, turned up late, and left early. Hadley had been shocked when Sookie had called her into her office and fired her. In typical “woe is me” behavior, Hadley had gone running to Adele to tattle on her cousin, playing the innocent victim in it all.

Adele had been as equally as shocked when Sookie had refused to back down and rehire Hadley. It had led to a heated argument where Sookie had delivered a few home truths to both Hadley and Adele, and Adele had kicked Sookie out of the old farmhouse. Shocked couldn’t even begin to describe the hurt Sookie had felt when Adele had ordered her ungrateful granddaughter out of the house. Instead of stopping and pleading with her Gran to change her mind, Sookie had simply packed a bag, and told Adele she would be back to collect the rest of her belongings later, and then left.

At first she had tried Lafayette’s to see if she could stay with him for a few days while she got herself sorted, but she’d forgotten her best friend was out of town on business. So with nowhere else to go, she’d driven into Shreveport and planned to stay at the office instead. It was by chance that Jesus was still there, finishing up on some last minute paperwork.

Three years earlier

Sookie struggled with her bag as she stumbled through the front entrance of Only at Night’s offices. The tears that she had been fighting since she left the farmhouse finally overcame her and she descended into silent sobs as she crumbled to the floor. She couldn’t believe her Gran had taken Hadley’s side… Well, that was a lie. She could believe Adele had taken her cousin’s side, she always did. Hadley could do no wrong in their Gran’s eyes, whereas of late Sookie could do no right. What she couldn’t believe was that Adele had kicked her out of her home, just for firing Hadley from a job she didn’t even want.

Sookie, Lafayette, and Jesus had worked hard to get Only at Night off the ground; they had suffered countless setbacks before they were even ready to cut the ribbon and open the doors. Neither Adele nor Hadley had been of any help to them. Hadley had reacted with scorn when she had heard Sookie was opening a business of her own. Adele had questioned the wisdom and suggested that Sookie would be better off asking for her old job back at Merlotte’s, believing her youngest grandchild was better suited for a job as a waitress. The only member of her family who had both encouraged and been proud of Sookie was her older brother Jason.

“Sookie?” Jesus questioned softly as he rounded the corner and saw the crying woman. “What happened?” He added, rushing towards her and scooping her up off the floor. “Are you okay?” Jesus berated himself for asking such a stupid question, of course she wasn’t okay. She was crying on the floor. Nothing about that screamed okay. “Tell me what’s wrong?”
GranHadleyout…” Sookie hiccupped as tears streamed down her face.

“Has something happened to your Gran?” Jesus asked, trying to make sense of Sookie’s broken words. “Has she had another heart attack?” He prayed she hadn’t. He didn’t want to see any of them have to go through that again.

“No,” Sookie replied after taking a deep breath to calm her. “She’s fine.” Wiping away her tears with the back of her hand, Sookie shuddered out a breath before lifting her head and meeting Jesus’ worried gaze. “Gran kicked me out.”

Jesus stared at Sookie in disbelief, not believing the words he had just heard. He had to be mistaken; he couldn’t have heard what he thought he did. Sookie couldn’t have just told him that her Gran had kicked her out. That wasn’t possible, but as he stared at Sookie, he realized that was exactly what she had said.

“Why?” He asked, at a loss of what else to say. He couldn’t think of a single reason why Adele would kick Sookie out of the old farmhouse, especially considering Sookie paid the majority of the bills.

“Hadley!” Sookie spat; some of her fire returning as she thought about her deceitful and lazy little cousin.

“Hadley?” Jesus questioned, confusion coloring his tone. “How did Hadley…” He began before trailing off with a groan as he realized what had happened. “Fucking Hadley!” Looking at Sookie, Jesus shook his head before pulling her into his arms for a hug. He could see how broken up she was about it and he cursed Hadley’s name for the hundredth time that week. “She told your Gran that we fired her, didn’t she?”

“She told Gran that I fired her,” Sookie mumbled, wrapping her arms around Jesus’ waist and seeking his comfort. Next to Lafayette, Jesus was probably her closest friend. The two of them had met after Adele had suffered a heart attack a few years earlier. Jesus had been one of the nurses assigned to Adele’s care and he and Sookie had struck up a friendship. Jesus had known Sookie was different from the start, but instead of judging and fearing her for it, he had welcomed her and shown her that he was also different, and that there was no shame in being different.

“Adele kicked you out just for firing Hadley?!’ Jesus could barely contain his anger at the thought of Sookie being kicked out of her own home just for firing her lazy and incompetent cousin. He knew Adele had blinders on when it came to her eldest granddaughter, but he didn’t think she could be so cruel as to kick out her other granddaughter; not the granddaughter who had taken care of her and paid all her medical bills.

“Hadley lied her ass off as usual and told Gran I fired her ’cause I was jealous and some other crap,” Sookie sniffled. “Gran ordered me to rehire Hadley, and then strongly suggested I give Hadley a stake in the business. When I refused, Gran called me an ungrateful brat, told me I was getting too big for my boots, and then kicked me out.”

“The only one who’s ungrateful is Hadley,” Jesus snarled. Pulling back, Jesus smiled at Sookie, pleased to see some of the fire back in her eyes. “What’re you going to do now? Where are you staying?”

“I don’t know,” Sookie admitted with a shrug. “I went to Lafayette’s to see if I could stay with him, but I forgot he was outta town on a job. I was just gonna stay here instead.”

“I don’t think so. You can stay with me.” Seeing Sookie open her mouth to refuse, Jesus held up his hand, silencing her, “You’re staying with me!” He said firmly.

“Okay, fine,” Sookie acquiesced with a small smile. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Jesus replied as he picked up her bag and slung it over his shoulder. “Besides, Lafayette would kill me if I let you stay here or at a hotel.”

Sookie couldn’t help but laugh at his words, knowing just how true they were. Lafayette, for all his fun and games was very protective of her, and he disliked Hadley immensely. He would be furious when he found out what had happened.

“Come on, let’s go,” Jesus said.


An hour later found Sookie sitting on Jesus’ sofa with a glass of vodka in her hand. She had just finished telling Jesus about her argument with her Gran and Hadley and was feeling considerably lighter.

“I can’t believe Adele kicked you out of your home for firing Hadley from a job she didn’t want and was shit at,” Jesus said, dropping himself down beside Sookie on the sofa.

“It’s not really surprisin‘ though, is it?” Sookie replied, folding her legs under her. “Gran’s always taken Hadley’s side and put her first. Don’t you remember when she was in the hospital after her heart attack? I was workin‘ overtime to pay for everything and to make sure Gran was comfy; while all Hadley did was show up about four times a week and lay around the farmhouse and Gran still told her to go out and have some fun ‘because Sookie can take care of everything else.’ Gran has always coddled and spoiled Hadley.”

“It’s not fair on you or Jason though,” Jesus said, thinking about Sookie’s older brother who had taken care of Gran’s house and made all the necessary adjustments while she was in the hospital. Sookie had looked after Adele financially, Jason had taken care of her safety and living arrangements, while Hadley had shown up when someone reminded her, flirted with the doctors, gone out partying at night, and yet Adele still treated her like the golden grandchild.

“We’re used it by now,” Sookie replied dismissively, no longer allowing it to matter. There was a time it bothered her a great deal, when all she wanted was her Gran’s approval and acceptance as Hadley had but she knew that would never happen now. Hadley had Adele wrapped around her little finger and Sookie didn’t think that would ever change.

“You shouldn’t have to be used to it though,” Jesus argued, more upset about it than Sookie. “You and Jason do everything for your Gran and Hadley, and they treat you like this…”

“Not anymore,” Sookie said, interrupting his rant. Seeing Jesus’ confused look, Sookie smiled, “I’m not doin’ everything for them anymore. Gran kicked me out so I’m not gonna pay her mortgage or utilities any longer. It’s time her precious Hadley got a proper job and paid her own way. Let’s see how she likes that.”

“What about Jason?” Jesus asked. “Won’t he step in and help them out?”

“No,” Sookie replied with a shake of her head. “Jason’s been at me for ages to stop payin’ for everything. He don’t mind helpin’ out with the repairs and stuff, but he refuses to pay for Hadley to sit on her ass all day… which was what I was basically doin.’ He kept tellin’ me I should’ve moved out after Gran recovered from her heart attack.”

“He’s right,” Jesus said, not unkindly. “You almost made yourself sick takin’ care of everything after Adele’s heart attack.”

“I know,” Sookie admitted. “I just… I owed it to Gran to help her get better. She took me and Jason in after our parents were killed in that flood. She didn’t have to, but she did. Me and Jason weren’t the easiest kids to look after. Jason was gettin’ into trouble at school almost every day and I wasn’t doin’ much better…” Sookie let out a laugh as she recalled how out of control she and Jason were when they were younger. “It was lucky we weren’t expelled from school for some of the things we did.”

“I don’t mean to be harsh, Sookie, but I think you’ve paid your Gran back a hundred times over by now,” Jesus said. “Being grateful to her doesn’t mean you have to let her walk all over you and make you feel guilty because Hadley is a fuck-up.”

Sookie opened her mouth to reply when she froze. He’s right, she realized. She had let Adele basically walk all over her and make her feel less than she was because of the debt she thought she owed and the guilt of how she had behaved as a child. Both she and Jason had been little terrors, getting into fights and bunking off school, but most children did that at some point in their childhoods. Hadley had done a lot worse… She had actually had an affair with her married teacher when she was seventeen and gotten pregnant. Adele had blamed the teacher and made excuses for Hadley’s behavior, even going so far as paying for her eldest granddaughter to have an abortion… something she had judged and chastised Portia Bellefleur for doing when Jason had gotten her pregnant at fifteen. Sookie had allowed Adele to make her feel guilty for doing better than Hadley, but no more, Sookie swore. She was done feeling guilty for things that were never her fault. Hadley, as Jesus said, was a fuck-up! That wasn’t her fault. That was solely down to Hadley.

“You’re right!” Sookie replied, nodding her head. “I may not be the perfect fuckin’ granddaughter, but neither is fuckin’ Hadley! Hadley’s the fuck-up. I’m just… licitly-challenged,” she added with a smirk, thinking about some of her more morally questionable activities.

“Licitly-challenged?” Jesus repeated with a laugh. “That’s one way of putting it.”

“You know what Lafayette says… ‘It’s only a crime if you get caught,’” Sookie said, reciting one of Lafayette’s favorite sayings.

“It also doesn’t hurt that your brother is a cop and your sister-in-law is a lawyer,” Jesus replied.

“It certainly helps,” Sookie agreed, raising her glass in a mock toast as she added, “to Jason and Portia. I never thought them two would last, but I’m glad I was wrong. Portia hates Hadley more than Lafayette does.”

“The only people who don’t hate Hadley are your Gran…”

“And the men she’s fuckin!’” Sookie chuckled, finishing for him.

“So about a third of the men in Bon Temps?” Jesus snorted, raising his own glass to his lips and taking a sip.

You know,” Sookie started as she leaned forward to pour herself another drink, “Hadley fucked Gran’s priest…” Seeing Jesus’ shocked and curious look, Sookie nodded her head as she waved her glass around. “Yeah, she did. I saw it in their heads. Father Thomas dropped by the house to see Gran one day, but Gran was out. Hadley invited him in and…”

“Fucked him?!” Jesus exclaimed, the words coming out like a question. “Isn’t he in his sixties… and married?!”

“Sixty-four. He’s got a couple of kids and grandkids as well,” Sookie nodded. “Do you have any idea what it’s like to see your sixty-four year old married priest fuckin’ your twenty-eight year old cousin?”

“That’s not an image I want in my head, Sookie,” Jesus said with a shudder.

“She sucked off Bud Dearborn when she was eighteen,” Sookie told him before breaking down into a fit of giggles at the disgusted look on his face.

“Does she have a thing for geriatrics?” Jesus asked, reaching for the bottle of vodka and pouring himself another glass. “I’ve been with some older people myself…”

“How old?” Sookie asked, cutting him off.

“Late forties/early fifties,” Jesus answered truthfully. “None of them were pushing retirement age. What about you? What’s the oldest you’ve been with?”

“Six thousand…”

Sookie and Jesus stared at each other before bursting into laughter. The heavy atmosphere that had covered them like a blanket earlier disappearing as the alcohol loosened them up.

“Hey, he looked good for six thousand!” Sookie added before breaking down into a fit of giggles again.

“Hadley and Bud,” Jesus mused before shuddering as the visual of them popped into his head. “I didn’t need to know that.”

“You’re a nurse… Or you were one,” Sookie said, turning herself around on the sofa so she was facing him. “I’m sure you’ve seen worse than Bud Dearborn’s wrinkly old balls.”

“I have,” Jesus admitted, thinking of some of the things he had seen over the years working as a nurse. “But none of those things were being sucked by your cousin.” Jesus grimaced as another image of Hadley sucking Bud off entered his mind; try as he might, he couldn’t stop his mind from conjuring up one disturbing image after another.

“Fuck this,” he grunted as he stood up, crossed his living room, and pulled open the top drawer on his sideboard. Pulling out a joint and a small bag of pills, he turned to Sookie and smiled, “Feel like getting fucked up?”

“Fuck yeah!” Sookie cheered.


“I’m tellinya, he did,” Sookie laughed as she brought the joint to her lips and took a deep drag. “It was my senior year in high school and Michael Delaney asked me to the prom on a bet. Justin Tyler had bet him fifty bucks that he couldn’t ‘pop the cherry’ of that crazy Sookie Stackhouse…”

“You were a virgin in your senior year?” Jesus asked, cutting her off.

“No,” Sookie scoffed. “They just thought I was ’cause I wouldn’t put out for any of them. I lost it the summer before my senior year. Anyway, when I realized why Michael asked me to the prom, I told Jason…”

“And Jason stole his car and had it wrecked?!”

“He did,” Sookie said, nodding emphatically. “He said nobody fucks with his little sister and gets away with it.”

“Wasn’t he already a cop then?” Jesus asked.

“Yes,” Sookie laughed. “The law comes second to bein‘ a Stackhouse. Michael could never prove we were behind it. I had a school gym full of witnesses to say I didn’t do it, and Jason had his highly respected and law-studying wife to say he didn’t.”

“You Stackhouses are crazy,” Jesus said as he reached for the joint.

Adopting a serious look, Sookie stared at Jesus, “I do hear voices…” She managed to hold her laughter back for a second before letting it out.

Picking up a cushion, Jesus threw it at her playfully as he rolled his eyes. “Of course you hear voices, you’re a telepath.”

Catching the cushion, Sookie put it behind her before taking the joint off Jesus again. “If we weren’t crazy we wouldn’t have survived half the shit we’ve been through,” she said without shame. “It certainly helps bein’ in the business we are in. I’d have to be crazy to do half the shit we do.”

“True,” Jesus agreed, thinking about some of the things they did at Only at Night. They straddled the line between legal and illegal on a daily basis, and, if truth be told, they leaned over the line into illegal activities more often than not. That was often the case of being involved in the Supernatural world.

“And speaking of being crazy…” Jesus trailed off as a huge smile spread across his face. Leaning forward, he picked up the small bags of pills off the table and fished out two white pills and placed them on the table before standing up and walking over to the sideboard again and searching through it.

“What about bein’ crazy?” Sookie asked, leaning forward to try and get a better look at what he was doing.

Turning around to face her, Jesus held up a vial filled with blood, “Feel like being crazy now?”

“Is that V?” Sookie asked, stubbing the joint out in the ashtray.

Jesus nodded as he crossed the room and sat down beside her again. “I got it from Lafayette. You interested?”

Sookie eyed the vial of V before nodding her head. “I’ve never done V before,” she confessed as she watched Jesus drip the V onto the two pills and crush them into a fine red powder.

“Me neither,” Jesus admitted. “I was curious, so…” he trailed off, his sentence not needing finishing.

Sookie watched Jesus bend forward and snort one line of red powder before copying his actions. Sookie shook her head as her nose started to tingle and she fought the urge to sneeze.

“Now what?” she asked, not feeling any different.

“We wait.”

It didn’t take long for them to start to feel the effects of the V coursing through their bodies.

Rising to her feet, Sookie stumbled around the coffee table and started to spin around in circles. Her entire body hummed and she felt like she was dancing on air. Little beads of white light sparkled on her fingertips and Sookie laughed as she flicked them into the air.

“Fireworks!” she cried, her voice filled with joy as she shot white light towards the ceiling.

Sitting on the sofa, Jesus was mesmerized at Sookie’s light show. He could feel the magic in the air and it was calling out to his own magic. Like Sookie’s, his body hummed with energy, with the V ramping up their magic. It rolled over his body, making him very aware of the littlest of shifts.

Time ticked by unchecked as they lost themselves in the V. The troubles plaguing them just hours before became unimportant as they gave themselves over to the euphoric feelings the drug was causing in their bodies. Sookie danced to the music only she could hear; her head thrown back in joy as her hips swayed side to side. She could feel a heat spread through her body and a flush lit up her skin. She peeled off her cardigan and let it fall to the floor before trailing a hand down her sweaty body.

Jesus eyed Sookie hungrily, his body reacting as he watched her hand move over her own body. He wouldn’t lie and say he’d never noticed how hot she was before. Even Lafayette had made more than one reference to her ample cleavage, but she wasn’t really his type… and not just because he usually preferred cock. Yet right there and then, she was making his cock hard.

Feeling Jesus’ eyes on her, Sookie stopped dancing and turned to face him. She grinned as she saw the fire in his eyes; she raked her eyes over him, and they widened in surprise when they landed on his very obvious erection. She licked her lips as she felt her nipples become hard and panties become damp. She couldn’t remember the last time she had sex. She had been working so hard to get the business up and running she hadn’t had the time to have any fun.

Jesus could see the desire on Sookie’s face as he stared at her. His body was coiled for a good fuck, and, looking at Sookie, he could tell hers was as well. With his eyes on hers, Jesus slid his hand down his body and palmed his cock over his pants. He smirked as he heard Sookie let out a small moan. Gripping his zipper, he slowly lowered it, one tooth at a time, before unbuttoning his pants, reaching in and pulling out his cock. He grunted as he wrapped his hand around his hard cock and stroked himself.

Sookie whimpered as she watched Jesus stroke his cock. She could feel her own arousal dripping down her legs and she squeezed them together in an attempt to get a bit of friction. She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth as she fidgeted. Her body felt as if it was on fire and she needed something desperately to quench the flames. Looking at Jesus, Sookie realized exactly what she needed. She needed his cock.

Demanding her legs move, Sookie crossed the short distance between them and forced his legs apart before dropping to her knees. She grinned up at him before lowering her head and taking his cock into her warm and willing mouth.

Jesus groaned as he felt Sookie take him into her mouth. Her mouth felt like heaven and he bucked his hips, sending his cock deeper into it. He tangled his hand in her hair and guided her movements, telling her what he liked.

Sookie moaned around his cock, loving the feeling of it in her mouth. It wasn’t the biggest cock she had ever sucked, but what it lacked in length it certainly made up for in girth, and she couldn’t wait to see what it felt like in her tight, little pussy. Sookie used her years of experience to tease and torment Jesus. She scraped her teeth along the underside of his cock before hollowing her cheeks and sucking hard.

“Fuck!” Jesus cursed, his hips rising up off the sofa as he thrust into her mouth. As blowjobs went it would definitely be in the top three for him, and the best one he ever had from a woman. Tangling his other hand in her hair, Jesus held her head still as he thrust his hips faster.

Saliva dripped from Sookie’s lips as Jesus fucked her face. She moaned around his cock, loving the rough treatment, her panties becoming drenched by her own arousal.

Jesus’ grip on her hair became tighter as his hips began to jerk, his arousal growing harder by the second. He could feel his balls tighten and cock swell as he neared his release.

“Fuck… I’m gonna cum…” he said, warning Sookie, but making no move to loosen his grip on her hair.

Sookie moaned in reply, wanting… needing… to feel him cum in her mouth. Some women hated the taste of a man’s cum and refused to let them cum in their mouths, but not Sookie. She loved the taste and she loved to feel a man lose control in her mouth.

“Oh shit!” Jesus screamed as he came, shooting his seed into Sookie’s mouth. He held Sookie in place, making sure she got everything he had to offer before releasing his grip on her hair and letting her pull back.

Sookie licked her lips as she sat back on her ankles and stared up at him. The taste of him in her mouth was driving her crazy and she wanted more. She wanted to be fucked hard and fast until she came over and over.

Jesus groaned as he stared down at Sookie, her lips were all red and swollen from where they had been stretched around his cock, and if he had to guess, he would say the ones between her legs would be as well.

As he stared at her, Jesus felt his cock begin to stir again and looked down and grinned as he saw himself beginning to harden. “You have got to love vampire blood,” he said, knowing full well he didn’t normally have this kind of a rebound time.

“You do,” Sookie agreed, licking her lips again as her eyes dropped to his rapidly hardening cock. “I want that in me,” she moaned, as she cupped her breasts over her thin yellow sundress. “I wanna feel your thick, hard cock stretching my tight pussy as you fuck me hard…”

Jesus’ eyes darkened as he listened to Sookie’s words, the vision they created making him even harder. Shooting forward, he crushed his lips to hers in a quick but bruising kiss before forcing her to turn around and bending her over the coffee table. Dropping to his knees behind her, Jesus grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up. Hooking his fingers into the waistband of her panties, Jesus yanked them down roughly, exposing her swollen, wet sex to his eager gaze. He ran his tongue over his teeth as he rubbed a hand over her round, plump ass, his eyes drinking her in. She was quite a sight to behold, bent over his coffee table, her dress bunched around her waist and her panties stretched around her thighs.

“You want it hard?” he asked, as he squeezed her ass hard.

“I do,” Sookie purred, curling her fingers around the edge of the table as she thrust her ass in the air in invitation. “So hard…”

Dipping a hand between her legs, Jesus ran his fingers over her sex, checking her readiness. He rubbed two fingers over her clit, grinning as he felt her dripping over them. Wrapping a hand around his cock, he pulled his fingers away from her and gripped her hip tight as he teased the head of his cock over her dripping pussy before pressing it against her opening. He pushed the head of his cock inside her before moving his other hand to her hip and digging his fingers into the firm flesh.

Sookie mewled as she felt the head of his cock just sitting inside her sex. She tried to push herself back on him and take his cock into her fully, but his tight grip on her hips prevented her from moving.

Jesus smirked as he sensed her frustration. He was well aware of how impatient the blonde telepath could be and he figured it would transfer into her physical altercations as well. Looking down, Jesus groaned as he saw her pussy stretched around the head of his cock. “Hard…” he growled before tightening his grip on her hips and pulling her back onto his cock as he thrust forward, burying himself deep inside her in one hard thrust.

“Oh God!” Sookie screamed as Jesus entered her hard. The roughness of his first thrust sent shockwaves through her body and she arched her back while she gripped the table harder. Pain warred with pleasure as her body adjusted to his size and she loved it. She loved a bit of pain, it made her pleasure feel so much better.

Jesus grit his teeth as he felt her flutter around him. She felt so tight around his cock and it took all he had to hold himself still and not just start pounding into her. Dropping his eyes to where they were joined, Jesus panted out a breath as he saw her wrapped around his cock.

“Fuck… Fuck me!” Sookie demanded as she pushed herself back against him. She needed it so bad. She needed to be fucked.

Hearing her demand, Jesus pulled back slightly before thrusting forward and burying himself in her again.

“Harder!” Sookie moaned.

Loathe to deny her, Jesus gripped her hips hard again and thrust into her hard as he pulled her back onto him. Their flesh slapped together as he fucked her hard, his thrusts bordering on painful, making Sookie moan and plea for more.

Sookie thrust her hips back hard as he thrust forward. The feeling of Jesus’ cock stretching and fucking her hard felt like heaven to her. She had missed being fucked hard and fast and loved every second of feeling Jesus pound into her.

Uncurling her fingers from the edge of the table, Sookie snaked a hand underneath her to push it between her legs and rub her clit. She moaned as her pleasure increased and she knew it wouldn’t be too long before she came. It really had been too long since she had sex; her last time being a quickie in the bathroom of a club with a vampire six months earlier.

“Fuck… Yes!” she screamed as Jesus fucked her even harder.

In that moment, neither of them cared about anything but fucking and fucking hard. The V in their systems was fueling their behavior, lowering any inhibitions they might’ve had, and making everything physical.

Feeling her pussy start to tighten around him, Jesus thrust faster, wanting desperately to feel her cum on his cock. His body was brimming with energy and he swore it felt like it was all centered on his cock, the cock that he had buried deep inside Sookie’s faery pussy.

“Yes… Yes… Yes!” Sookie screamed as she convulsed, her pussy fluttering around Jesus’ thick cock. Her lips parted and she let out a deafening scream she was sure his neighbors heard as she came but she didn’t care.

Jesus grunted as he felt her cum, her pussy felt like a vise around his cock, and he couldn’t hold his own release back. He dug his fingers into her hips with a bruising force as he came with a shout of his own, spilling his warm seed into her still fluttering cunt.

Sookie moaned as she felt Jesus slip out of her as he fell back against the sofa. Small sparks of pleasure were still shooting through her body as she remained bent over the coffee table. She could feel his seed leaking out of her, and she shivered. She felt good, she felt fucked, but it still wasn’t enough. She wanted more, and from the feel of Jesus’ tongue swiping through her folds, cleaning up the mess he made, she guessed he felt the same.

For the next two days all Sookie and Jesus did was get high and fuck. They ignored the outside world as they did more drugs than what was safe… not that any drugs were safe. They pushed the limits of their own supernatural abilities in their drug and sex-fueled binge. They wrecked Jesus’ apartment as they fucked on every surface available, and it wasn’t until the early hours of Monday morning that they came down.

Sookie groaned as she slowly woke up. The morning sun was peering through the curtains in Jesus’ bedroom, lighting up the destroyed room and waking its inhabitants. Rolling onto her stomach, Sookie buried her head in the pillow and let out a whimper as she felt the bed move beside her.

“What time is it?” she mumbled, refusing to lift her head.

“Just after six,” Jesus answered, his voice croaky as he checked the time.

“I suppose we should get up and get ready for work,” Sookie moaned pitifully, lifting her head. Her eyes widened as she saw the damage they had done to Jesus’ bedroom. “Sorry ‘bout your room.”

“I can fix it,” Jesus assured her, rolling onto his back. “Providing I’m not thrown out for all the noise,” he added with a laugh before grimacing as pain shot through his head.

“Oh God! Your neighbors came round and complained, didn’t they?”

“They did,” Jesus replied, rubbing a hand over his face. “You told them to fuck off as you would scream as loud as you wanted while you were getting fucked.”

“Oh fuck! Jesus, I’m sorry,” Sookie said as she sat up. “I hope you don’t get kicked out ‘cause of me.”

“Wasn’t just you,” Jesus told her as he climbed out of the bed and reached for a pair of sweatpants. “I was making just as much noise.”

“That’s true, you were kinda loud,” Sookie teased as she reached for a discarded shirt and slipped it on before getting out of the bed.

Jesus laughed as he carefully made his way out of the bedroom. “Why don’t you take a shower while I clean up and make us some breakfast?” he called out over his shoulder.

“Sure you don’t mind?” Sookie asked even as she made her way to the bathroom.

“Of course not,” Jesus replied. “Feel like something greasy?”

“God, yes!” Sookie answered before slipping into the bathroom and closing the door.


“You there, Sook?” Lafayette asked, wondering if the call had disconnected as Sookie had been silent for a few minutes.

“Yeah, sorry,” Sookie replied, startled out of her trip down memory lane by Lafayette’s voice. “I was just…”

Thinkin’ about how good my sugar boo fucked ya?” Lafayette guessed with a laugh.

“Something like that,” Sookie admitted. It was a surprise how little Sookie and Jesus’ tumble affected everything. There was no awkwardness between them and no jealousy when either of them showed an interest in someone else. The two of them had simply put it behind them and moved on. Neither of them ever-wanted more than what they had, so when Jesus and Lafayette had started dating, Sookie was genuinely happy for them.

“I don’t blame ya,” Lafayette teased. “Ya ain’t been fucked that good in years.”

“Lafayette,” Sookie laughed, neither denying nor admitting it.

“Mmm-mmm, I know all your secrets Miss Thang,” Lafayette drawled, and Sookie swore she could almost see him snapping his fingers.

“You know most of them,” Sookie retorted. “A few I still have…”

“Or so you think,” Lafayette countered. “Now, as much as I’d love to sit and talk about who’s climbin’ between ya legs these days, I’m afraid we need to talk business,” he added, getting back to the reason he called. “I’ll call back Miss Queen of Illinois’s secretary and tell her meetin’ tonight is a big no-no. If they want the best, they’ll agree to makin’ another appointment and if not… then I guess they’ll have to use Mr. Clean… but that boy ain’t clean.”

“Okay, call me as soon as you hear back from them,” Sookie said with a yawn. “You probably won’t hear back from them one way or another until the vamps are awake tonight. I’ve got a meetin’ at six tonight and depending on how it goes, I might have another after it’s done, but let us know anyway.”

“Who yous meetin’ with?” Lafayette asked. He was sure he knew, it would’ve been in the books, but at that moment he couldn’t quite remember.

“Alcide Herveaux,” Sookie answered. “We are meetin’ at Merlotte’s so that should be fun,” she added sarcastically, thinking about her old boss and all round pain in the ass Sam Merlotte.

“Oh fuck, hookah. Well, try not to hit him again, it’s bad for business,” Lafayette said, but Sookie could hear the humor in his voice.

“No promises,” Sookie replied, recalling the time she punched Sam. “I’ll try to be good.”

“And if ya can’t be good, be careful.”

“I always am,” Sookie replied before yawning again. “Lafayette, I really need to get some sleep now,” she added almost apologetically.

“I hear ya, Sook,” Lafayette said. “Yous get some sleep, and I’ll call yous as soon as I hear anythin’.”

“Okay. Night, Lafayette.”

“Night, hookah, love yous,” Lafayette replied.

“Love yous, too,” Sookie said softly before hanging up and placing her phone back on the bedside cabinet. She groaned as she looked at the time and saw an hour had passed. If she was lucky she would get about five hours sleep before she would have to get up and start to get ready for her meeting with Alcide.

“I swear if this meetin’ is just an excuse for him to try and flirt with me again, I’m gonna hit him,” she promised before pulling the covers up over her and closing her eyes.


54 thoughts on “Behind The Public Masks: Chapter One

    • Thanks. You know, I got quite the shock when I saw that penname pop up in my comments. I thought I’d signed into the account my mistake, lol. It’s strange that for once you don’t know what comes next/haven’t read it.


  1. Before I start on this story, I just want to say that I am so happy to be reading your words again. You have a way of wording your stories that I just love, my imagination just goes wild making up AUs.

    Anyways, I love how this is starting out. A smarter & stronger Sookie, friends with Lala & Jesus, tight with Jason. In the outs with Hadley and Gran. I really like that you are not protraying Gran as a saint. I always have a problem with “Gran the saint”. Counting the days till your next update.


    • Thank you so much. Your lovely words brought a smile to my face when I was reading them. This Gran is definitely not a saint. I always like a smarter and stronger Sookie, and this one tops my list as favourites.


  2. Wow! You got this story off with a “shot”!! Hmmm….interesting way you portray Gran –not the sweet little old lady, she? Has a real blind spot when it comes to Hadley and that may be a bit issue later, I’ll bet…..
    Love the business Sookie, LaLa and Jesus have set up. Direct competition with Quinn, eh? That’ll create some sparks….
    Can’t wait until next Monday for more!


  3. Wow. What a difference!
    So Hadley, not surprised. Gran, different. .. It’s going to take a bit of time, but you have definitely painted a different Gran than I know, I’m sure I’ll grow to hate her. Unless she gets a Come To Jesus!

    Love Lafayette. Love that he’s guys don’t bow to every Vamp with any power. And Quinn? LMAO. Perfectly played lol.

    Jason and Portia. Nice, a surprise, I’m glad she has at least one supportive family member.

    And lastly. Sookie and Jesus. Very yummy. I have no urge to ask for more, but I think it shows a maturity to Sookie in her own sexuality. Glad they aren’t weird. And did I say it was yummy 😉


    • Thank you. The Sookie/Jesus hookup was definitely a one time thing. This Sookie is very comfortable when it comes to sex and her sexuality. She doesn’t let the opinions or thoughts of anyone else bother her.

      I couldn’t help myself with Quinn. Plus, it was a good way to show just how these guys are different. They aren’t afraid to roll around in the dirt and get dirty.

      As for Gran, well you’ll just have to wait and see 😀


      • I’m back 🙂
        You have a new chapter of the next story up, so I thought I’d go back to the beginning!

        Nice to see a sexually comfortable Sookie!

        And I forgot about this Gran! I’ve forgotten so much about this story it’s like reading a new one!

        I may not review every chapter, but I’ll try to pop in regularly 🙂

        So just quickly…
        Hadley – Boo!
        Gran – Gasp! Boo!
        Lafayette – giggle
        Lafayette & Quinn – ewww… smirk, high five!
        Sookie & Jesus – Wow. And lmao at neighbours.

        *click next*


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  5. oooh Sookie got some Demon action. U go girl. ROFL for playing Quinn.

    oh wow. Don’t think I’ve read a story where Gran has kicked her out. Hadley was always so pathetic. Wonder how long till they are begging her to come back or asking for $$. Glad Jason supported her though. LOVE the prom story. go Jason!!!

    LOVED the jesus flashback. Can’t wait for more


  6. Awesome new chapter. I don’t feel sorry for Hadley at all in this story. This is a question for the sequel, but will her son Hunter appear at all.


    • Honestly, the Sookie/Jesus thing took me by surprise as well… and I wrote it. It wasn’t planned, but it was a lot of fun. You’ll find out who the Illinois vampire is soon enough. I’ll just say they are known. The 6,000 year old vampire is Warlow. This Warlow is none evil, though.


  7. Wow, looks like this Sookie has had a different upbringing. She seems to have plenty of confidence in herself. Too bad Gran is the way she is. Makes me wonder just how much influence Hadley has over her.


  8. Wow! This is so unlike anything else, the potential for this story is huge! I like this Sookie, she’s comfortable in her own skin.


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